• [NEW CC] The Sims 4 : Modern Sugar

8 recolours of  Msteaqueen Jonesi Bed Blanket for players only*.
5 Blankets foldings included – One shown here.-Not merged (keep the folding(s) you rather like)

8 recolours of Mio-Sims Simply’s Styling bedroom 12 pillows.


Credits :

TS4 Blankets Conversion :msteaqueen
TS4 Bed Pillows Conversion :mio-sims

Textures : and Pottery Barn for boys.


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*I only own this version.

Colour vivider than shown in game.


Take a Break
  • *Saitama's sitting watch TV while Genos cleans*
  • Genos:*Rattling starts coming from him while he's cleaning*
  • Saitama:Hm? *looks back*
  • Genos:*Keeps dropping clothes when folding the laundry, the rattling getting a bit louder*
  • Saitama:Genos? You alright?
  • Genos:*give a tired smile* I am fine, sensei. I will finish the chores so- *Blinks as Saitama takes the clothes out of his hands* Sensei?
  • Saitama:*Grabs a blanket and puts it around Genos before sitting down next to him. Put's his hand on the cyborg's head and gently scratches*
  • Genos:... *smiles and lays down with his head rested on Saitama's leg, the rattling slowing to a stop*
  • Saitama:*continues watching tv while petting Genos' head* You think we would be any good on one of these game shows?
  • Genos:*smiles and closes his eyes* I think so, sensei.
I sleep with shadows, the bed is an
ice berg, I drift alone across the arctic sea,
my bones are petals, they might fall off,
this heart is caged, starved; a forbidden
thing, and much like stone, it weighs me
down, proposal: a love that does not
corrode on the inside, proposal: a love,
that does not haunt, problem: your
tornado love; your exhaustive beast,
it killed my heart, now, with this dead
thing beating in my chest, they ask me
to fall, to dream of angels again.
Secret: I keep folding in on myself.
Reverse origami.
Question: Is this what it feels like to
be a collapsing star?
Confession: I still see you in the moon’s shadow. A midnight phantasm.
Certainity: Your indelible dents: everywhere.
Realization: You broke me. //
I am an untreated wound at best, I’m
afraid I have forgotten how to love, I’m
afraid I won’t be able to stay afloat when
sinking is all I’ve known. //
Fact: the bottom of the ocean is freezing.
—  WOUNDS | poetry confessions

It took me this long to realize why John was so angry in HLV at Bart’s when Bill Wiggins deduced his reason for bicycling to work. John was uncharacteristically angry with this boy for pointing out that his shirts were kept folded, ready to pack. But John hasn’t been cycling to work. He’s put on seven pounds, Sherlock says, and the cycling isn’t helping. That’s because he hasn’t been cycling at all. He keeps his shirts folded, ready to pack up and leave his married life behind. Ready at a moments notice, hoping something will happen that allows him to leave. He dreams of Sherlock taking him back to the battlefield. He sleeps next to Mary, her hand over his, over him, like she’s holding on. And then he startles himself awake and throws her off of him. His mind is waiting for Sherlock to tell him “the game is on” so he can throw his wife aside and jump to his beck and call. He keeps his shirts folded, ready to pack for 221b.

'Maze Runner' Filmmaker Wes Ball Signs First-Look Deal With Fox


At the same time, he ramps up his newly formed company, OddBall Entertainment, with partner Joe Hartwick, Jr. Among the projects in development: ‘In Search of Humans,’ being written by Matt Robinson ('Monster Trucks’).

Wes Ball, director of Fox’s YA franchise The Maze Runner, will now call the studio his home. The filmmaker has signed a three-year first-look deal with Fox and will set up his newly launched company OddBall Entertainment at the studio’s Century City headquarters. Ball will run the shingle with partner Joe Hartwick, Jr.

OddBall will focus on high-concept genre fare that is to be made in a financially responsible way.

Fox already has deals with such helmers as Ridley Scott, Shawn Levy and Paul Feig, all veterans, but with Ball, it gets a young filmmaker on the rise whom it can help grow and keep in the fold.

Ball made his breakthrough with Ruin, an online short that went viral in 2012. The eight-minute sci-fi effort got picked by the studio and soon after Ball was hired to direct Maze Runner, its adaptation of the James Dashner book. (…)

OddBall is meant to not only serve as a platform for Ball’s own directorial efforts, but Ball and Hartwick hope to attract similar-minded up-and-coming filmmakers to work on movies that are big in scope but told in budgetarily smart ways. 

There are two projects already in development: ‘In Search of Humans’ and ‘Fall of Gods’.

Ball is repped by APA, Gotham Group and Stone Meyer.

british-sam asked:

Anxiety, Impatience, Boredom, Disgust, exhaustion and mischief (this last one sound sooo like Loki >:) Please and thank you :3

There are so many! Lets do this 

Send me an emotion and I’ll describe how my Muse expresses it non-verbally.

Anxiety: If he’s sitting down he bounces his leg, he keeps folding his bottom lip between his teeth, his ears twitch a little, his tail curls and uncurls and he keeps twiddling his thumbs. 

Impatience: He keeps tapping his foot, looks around to find anything to pass the time, might pace or move around a lot, messes with his fingers, his tail keeps swishing back and forth, might end up hanging upside down somewhere while he’s waiting. 

Boredom: Moves around a lot, tries to find himself something to do, almost impossible to make him stay still. Usually leads to mischief.

Disgust: Top lip curls up a little, his nose scrunches up, eyebrows knitted, tries to get away from the thing that’s causing the discomfort. 

Exhaustion: Yawns a lot, a little more snippy than usual, kind of fidgety, tail unusually still or flicking almost lazily, is on a mission for coffee to get himself perked up. 

Mischief: Has a special glint in his eyes, if he’s not full on smirking the corner of his lip curls up slightly, constant snickering, if he’s looking at a person a lot when like this he’s plotting something, tail slightly up and flicking like a cats, the tiniest bit cheerier than usual (almost impossible to tell the difference but it’s there). 

“Mountains are giant, restful, absorbent. You can heave your spirit into a mountain and the mountain will keep it, folded, and not throw it back…“
(annie dillard.)

alphinaudofthescion asked:

☆~(ゝ。∂)= How the character greets people

It depends how well he knows them.

Usually he will greet people formally with a bow, or a smile and a nod if he knows them well enough and the situation suits. If he’s greeting someone he knows very well, he will sometimes place a hand on their shoulder or upper arm.

He doesn’t offer handshakes, preferring to keep his arms folded or clasped together at his back, but will accept an offered handshake if he is on good terms (or looking to be on good terms) with the other person.

Rumours of him being seen to be hugged by some of his Lalafell companions are greatly exaggerated

WF Jaune who lies and says his whole family has since died because he’s afraid of them getting pulled into his own mess. 

WF Jaune who misses his family so fucking much day by day and keeps a photograph folded in his pocket of a family picture, but his own face is scratched out. 

WF Jaune who just wants to return home but is so fucking afraid of disappointing everyone and then accidentally bringing them harm because he can’t just pick up and leave without a notice to return home, and he can’t keep from them what he’s done. 

WF Jaune who once he’s kicked out of Beacon never gets contact with his family again, doesn’t know how they’re doing, where they are, if everyone is okay, but just prays every day that they’re happy and healthy. 

@twilck cont. from here

He couldn’t help the smile beginning to form on his lips as he
saw Aayla. Kit couldn’t help how she seemed to calm and excite
him all at once when around her. His dark eyes watched as she
neared, keeping his hands folded within his sleeves. He couldn’t
deny her touch was a welcome comfort; almost like home. He leaned
into her touch slightly. No one else was around them. It was safe.

His smile turned into a playful grin at her kiss. His hands left his sleeves
and sought out one of hers, taking it into his hands.  He gently brushed his
thumbs against the back of her hand, locking his gaze with hers.

“It went well,” he told her. “Another victory for the Republic. And what of yours?”

writing is on hold for now til i can type with both hands. i went down in the barn and collapsed into myself in pain thanks to this nerve in my shoulder. i don’t like to admit when i’m down and out but i have to. i may talk into getting it looked over if i have more issues. doubt anything would change. i stretch, work it out when able and do try to rest it. idk anymore. i just can’t keep folding into myself like that. twice before twelve hours is enough.