I blame @fairytalefix, @laura-p-g and @hezzer19 for suggesting that Mal could be a shy baby dragon. 

I totally didn’t did need to write fic where Mal agrees to help Henry with a spell to find Emma and gets de-aged down to a hatchling for a month. For reasons. (I’m not sure what reasons). 

Regina looks after a shy baby dragon. 

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Keep calm and rock on…. .
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Major shoutout to retail workers in malls

Yesterday their was an active shooter in the mall my best friend worked at. Nobody was injured, but the mall was under lockdown for 4 or 5 hours. By all accounts it was the retail workers and manage red keeping everyone safe until police arrived, locking customers in storage, giving kids crayons and toys, and trying to keep customers safe and calm. Y'all rock. ( crossgates mall, Albany, if anybody wants to know more)