I don’t often put Kardashians up. No. Not even Kourtney (my very favorite) Kardishian. I ran across an image showing her and her slightly more famous Sister, Kim(‘Ye) shopping for wedding dresses a while back. Kim was wearing Animal Print (which I also never post) and I had to look for these images of Kourtney in her Short Suits… Especially in the Grey.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Kourtney Kardashian - Two Kids in and Killing It.

I don’t really ‘follow’ (m)any Women’s / Girls Fashion Blogs / Tumblrs, &c. However, I do keep an eye out for a number of the ladies in that world. Stevie Dance is one of them. Really like her style… and what she’s done with it. Making a living. Traveling the world. Having that which she covets. and she will be drop-dead stunning when she’s all the way there.

This particular Dress just kills me… This is for my Keep'er, to keep her, she’s a keeper.