keep your fingers crossed for the inspiration to hold

yo, Honeykids

remember that like seventeen times when I mentioned writing the whole Dean is bi as my MA dissertation?

It’s finished.

154 pages of  see and this is what queerbainting and bisexual erasure is; here. here is my poor boy. my baby Dean. he’s so hurt and he likes girls and boys and also he is very in love and sort of a demon right now. I blame John Winchester and society

thanks all y'all for supporting me and for being so witty in the first place that you opened my eyes to the show, my baby Dean, and film studies in the first place

so um

maybe we’re all dingo ate my baby crazy but um

the spnfamily is more inspiring than thousands of years of human culture development is sometimes

I also would like to thank Misha Collins, cause, ya know, he keeps us going when everything else is trying to hold us down so I guess thank for being as braves as  his contract only lets him, which means a lot