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Headcannons: Cuddling With Them.


-Darry always loves cuddling in his chair.

-Especially right after he gets home from work.

-You’ll just sit in his lap and play with his hair while he reads the paper.

-And you’ll kiss his cheek and neck softly.


-His favorite time to cuddle with you is in the morning.

-He loves when the sun is just rising and is keeping the room warm.

-He loves to face you and hold your hand while your legs are tangled together under the covers.

-Your faces will be close to each other.

-And you’ll exchange gentle sleepy kisses with each other.


-Ponyboy loves to cuddle with you on the couch.

-He likes when you sit with your legs over his lap.

-He likes to run his hands up and down your legs.

-You wrap your warms around his neck.

-And rest your head on his shoulder.

-Usually there’s a blanket covering you two.

-And you you two will have conversations in soft whispering tones to each other.


-Two-Bit is a huge cuddler.

-He doesn’t care where or when just as long as he’s holding onto you.

-He can be very clingy.

-He really likes when you lay on your stomach with your head turned to face him.

-And he’ll be propped up on one arm looking down at you.

-While he gently runs his fingers over your back.

-When it tickles you and you smile or laugh he grins and leans down to kiss you.


-Dally pretends like he hates cuddling.

-He’ll whine at you to get off of him for the first few minutes.

-But you just like to lay on top of him.

-He’s usually shirtless and you like how warm he is.

-You’ll play with his hair.

-And kiss him on his lips, cheeks, chest, and pretty much anywhere you can reach.

-He’ll eventually stop complaining.

-And he’ll wrap his arms around your waist.

-Sometimes he’ll have one hand running through your hair.


-Steve loves cuddling at the drive-in.

-You two will sit in the back of his truck.

-He’ll bring a blanket.

-He loves when you sit between his legs with your back against his chest.

-He’ll wrap his arms around your waist.

-And you’ll rest his hands on his.

-And he’ll kiss your neck.


-Johnny loves to cuddle with you late at night.

-His favorite thing is being the big spoon for you.

-It makes him feel strong and protective of you.

-He’ll kiss the back of your neck gently.

-And you’ll keep whispering ‘I love you’ to him.

Falling asleep on Negan would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Awwww Negan :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original)

-Him being startled and letting out a warning groan when he feels the sudden weight of your head on his shoulder, only to realize it’s you and freezing in place before slapping his thigh to warn himself to be quiet

-Him suddenly chuckling and playful whispering, asking you if you’re really asleep or you’re just putting on an act to make him carry you up to bed

-Him not getting an answer apart from your light snore, making him conscious and wonder if you’re this tired because of him or something

-Him wrapping an arm around you as if trying to comfort you for something he had done

-Him growling at everyone else around to keep their voices down or ordering them to drive carefully as to not wake you up

-Him however bursting into laughter and alluding to you giving him oral, only to wake you up whenever you would fall into his lap

-Him giving you his scarf to keep yourself warm whenever it is cold or to cover your face whenever the sun shines too much

-Him not being able to resist putting a hand to your thigh and running his hand over it to feel you, only to stop momentarily whenever he feels you shift around

-Him making comments about how you’re such a baby to fall asleep on him and drool like this before wiping it off with his hand

-Him sometimes making sleep on his chest instead and just smelling the sweet scent of your hair to feel comfort

The Bangtan Boys react to you having a problem with your appearance...


You were trying to fit into a new, tight-fitting dress that you’d bought a little while earlier whilst Yoongi was lying on the bed, his back to you as you changed.

The dress had looked so stunning on the mannequin – why did it look so strange on you?

You shifted this way and that in the mirror in an attempt to find a flattering angle, but – from your perspective anyway – all of the wrong curves were being accentuated, the straps were permanently wonky and your legs looked out of place…

“I look awful in this dress,” you announced, and Yoongi took that as a hint to turn around. His brown eyes fell on you immediately, and he struggled to keep his usual cool facial expression as his mind registered how beautiful you looked. And then he remembered what you had said, and his mouth opened in shock.

“Awful?” he repeated, confused by the word. It wasn’t a word that he would ever have dreamed of associating with you. As you turned in the mirror, your face contemplative, he pulled a doubtful expression. “In what way?”.

“In every way,” you tried to explain, whilst Yoongi continued to stare at you in wonder. “It doesn’t look right on me, Yoongi”.

“Well, you’re wrong,” he stated matter-of-factly, his voice low.

“I’m wrong?” you asked, smiling despite yourself. He hummed in confirmation.

“Y/N – you’re my favourite person in the world. So please don’t offend me by insulting yourself”. You gave him a dumbfounded look, and he smirked at you.

“Yoongi,” you said, laughing.

“You look amazing. You always look amazing – in that dress… in everything”. You paused, your cheeks instantly flushing. Your eyes met, and he turned away shyly when he saw your loving smile. “Hurry up and get dressed already, Y/N”.


You and Hoseok had decided to go for a walk (Hoseok had decided to go for a walk) because it was a nice day and being locked up inside seemed like such a waste.

You’d now been walking for a while, and although you loved spending time with your amazing boyfriend… you were getting kind of tired, to say the least.

“Can we go back now, Hobi?” you asked sweetly, pouting involuntarily when he turned to look at you.

The sun was shining on him, which made him look even more handsome when he smiled at you.

“Are you getting tired, Jagi?” he asked, concerned enough to stop walking and turn back to get a better look at you. He had to crouch down a bit to see your face when you looked shamefully down at the ground, and he pulled your chin up with his finger, his brilliant smile warming your heart.

“How about I give you a piggyback-ride!”. It wasn’t exactly a question but more of an excited exclamation. Your heart seemed to halt. “I’ll carry you back home, Y/N. That way you don’t have to-“.

“I’m too heavy!” you insisted just as he was leaning down to begin. “I’ll probably break your back, Hobi”. You tried to sound jokey, but Hoseok could hear the self-doubt in your voice.

Standing up and wrapping his arms around your waist, he let out a little sigh.

“You,” he started, as if he didn’t know where to. “You are not ‘heavy’, Y/N”. He laughed at the word, but when he saw you were still serious, he made it his mission to make you smile.

He quickly kissed your lips, surprising you, and he tightened his grip around your waist so that you were practically hugging, which made you giggle finally.

“Y/N, you’re beautiful”. He hesitated, and you blushed at his honest tone. “We can just hold hands, if you’re really that worried”.


You and Namjoon were in his room, somewhat relaxing. Well, you were pretty relaxed – Namjoon was working on a new song whilst you curled up beside him, your oversized hoody and your boyfriend’s presence both keeping you warm.

His concentrating face was so beautiful that honestly, you’d been staring at it for a while now.

Sitting up to stretch, your eyes found your reflection in the mirror, and you made a disapproving sound when you saw your hair – in your opinion, it was spiralling out in all the wrong directions, rebelling against your supposed hairstyle.

“Ugh,” you said aloud, momentarily trying to tame it before giving up. “My hair looks a mess”.

“What do you mean?” Namjoon asked, stopping his work for a moment to stare at the same reflection. Your eyes met in the mirror and he smiled bashfully, his dimples showing as he looked back down at his work. “You look beautiful”.

“Um, but you have to say that,” you half-laughed, half-deadpanned. His compliments were frequent and never short of sweet, but today you just didn’t see what he was seeing. “It’s all weird and wrong – what happened to it?”.

Namjoon’s deep laugh sounded beside you.

“But I love it, baby”.

“You have to say that, too”. Groaning in frustration, you broke eye contact with the girl in the mirror and threw yourself back down beside him.

Namjoon could see that this was upsetting you, and he hated the thought of you being upset.

He put his work aside for a minute, slouching down to be at level with you and enveloping you into a hug. He kissed your cheek softly and you laughed as though he had told a very funny joke.

“Y/N,” he said, his voice so low it gave you tingles. “If you don’t like your hair, you can do something new to it. You can do whatever you want to it and I’ll still love you. No matter what you do, Y/N, I’ll still love you”.


You were relaxing outside with Jin since the weather was so nice today, sat in between his legs with his arms wrapped around your waist, giving you a sort of on-top-of-the-world kind of feeling.

“Ooh!” you randomly exclaimed, reaching for your phone as the idea struck you. “Let’s get a picture”.

He was so handsome and beautiful that you felt unmatched to him in all of the selcas you took together, but it was still fun to do.

“Are you sure you want to compete with this face, Y/N?” he joked, kissing your cheek as you readied your camera. “Last chance,” he sang, and you nudged him slightly as you giggled fondly.

“If we pull funny faces I’ll probably feel better,” you admitted, raising your phone up as you spoke… but then you saw it.

A spot – on the very centre of your nose.

“Oh, my god”. Jin was confused as you bought the camera closer to yourself to get a better look – it was so strikingly obvious against your skin. “Oh gosh it’s so ugly and gross!”.

“What are you talking about, Jagi?”.

You turned in his lap to show him your face, pointing accusingly at the spot that had ruined your moment completely. He had to squint to see what you were talking about, but as soon as he saw it… his loud and distinct laugh sounded immediately and didn’t stop for a while. You had no idea what was so funny, but Jin’s laugh always made you smile – at least a bit.

“It’s not funny, Seokjin – it’s quite serious”. He stopped laughing when he realised that you were still fussing over it – he could never understand when you got like this. From where he was sat… you looked like the most beautiful girl in the world, even with your smile set into a frown right now.

“Jagi”. He pulled you back in for a cuddle, sighing as he thought of something to say. “Ah, you really should have more confidence in yourself – if I think you look beautiful, you should know it’s true”. You finally managed a laugh, which made him feel very accomplished.

He placed a gentle kiss on your nose, which made you laugh even harder.

Beautiful,” he reminded you, raising an eyebrow. You blushed and looked away from his intense gaze. “Now – are we still taking a selfie? Or do you want to go get something to eat, because I know I do”.

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Starry, starry night

Kuroo Tetsurou X Reader

If y'all don’t know me well, you should know that I’m slightly biased when it comes to the love of my life, Kuroo Tetsurou. So here’s a fluffy reader-insert fic for him. I had a lot of fun writing this and I had so many emotions surging through me, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and felt that something was just missing? Maybe your stuffed bunny fell on the floor or maybe your blanket wasn’t covering your legs like how you want it to, whatever it was, it was how Kuroo was feeling. When he tried to pull you closer to him, it dawned on him that you weren’t there. He longed for your presence and your warmth, and he knew where you just were.

On a cold night during winter, when the snowflakes fell gently on the balcony of your shared house, The Captain wrapped his comforter around him and climbed up to the rooftop, bracing the cold weather. The coldness embraced him almost instantly, he breathed out, a white fog followed with it. His fingers felt stiff and his lips started to dry up, but it all disappeared when he saw you.

“Hey sleepyhead,” you greeted softly, aware of the loud bangs Kuroo made whenever he climbed up to keep you accompanied. A warm smiled spread across your face, remembering the first time he climbed up without you noticing, and how loud you screamed when you thought it was a burglar. Turns out it was just him, and now, you grew accustomed to it. Kuroo chuckled and huddled beside you.

You had a comforter cuddled around you and a cup of tea that had gone a little too cold by now. Kuroo shared his comforter with you, making sure you were all warm and cozy.

There was something about nights like these where the both of you don’t talk and just enjoy each other’s company. Like today, and many others, not much words was exchanged either. “You cold?” Kuroo asked, worried. You shook your head and smiled at him. He snaked an arm around your waist and pull you closer towards him, both of you emitting warmth for each to share.

It was 4 am, yet the two of you weren’t asleep like the majority was. Kuroo looked up into the sky, and the stars shined before him, as though as to keep the two of you accompanied too. It was unusually clear this night, unlike before, it was just a bunch of fat clouds clogging up the view, but this night, the stars were sprinkled generously across, and how they shined for you.

You were obviously in awe of the view, taking in everything that was laid out for you. But Kuroo, he was admiring you instead, the art that he was blessed with. He remembers the first time he saw you in this state, so captivated by the beauty of nature and on that day, Kuroo knew that he had truly fallen in love with you.

It could’ve been anything and everything that caught his heart, and he wasn’t going to argue with it. Kuroo always brushed off love like some type of lame joke and had always laughed at everyone that had gotten their heart broken before, till he experienced it himself, with the help of you.  It was your absolute kindness that had him all over you, always so giving and never asking for anything in return, and that’s what made him love you, so much.

He let out a breathy sigh, the snow melted on the comforter that covered the both of you, but you didn’t mind it. Instead, you so intrigued by the sky you haven’t realized that throughout this whole time, while you were embracing nature, Kuroo had been admiring you. That is until you turned and looked at him. You yelped, not prepared for the close proximity of his face to yours and he smiled a Cheshire cat’s smile.

You giggled, “stop it,” as you gently pushed him away. But Kuroo was the stubborn type, he always was, and he stayed at where he was, with your faces only inches apart from each other. You laughed and pushed him again, but he resisted. Given up, you decided to let him be.

“You know,” Kuroo began, “I really love you.” You had an unimpressed look on your face, “Yeah, I know that” you turned to look at him this time, “It’s old news,” you finished off. Kuroo acted hurt, he placed a hand on his chest and looked shocked, earning another giggle from you.

You looked up high above you, into the sky and smiled, snow falling on your face as it melted into water. Your eyes were closed and you were leaning against your boyfriend. This, was everything you wanted, to be happy. And everything moved ever so slowly, like a movie, when the main character finally realizes that, he’s deeply in love with the other protagonist, and he runs and runs and catches up with her, and they kiss. It felt just like that when everything you had once fought for was truly over.

You felt a kiss on your temple and looked at your bed-hair ridden boyfriend, “I love you,” you whispered. “Yeah, I think I know,” he teased, “Old news.” You jokingly swatted his arm lightly,“Don’t mock me!” Kuroo laughed and kissed your temple again, lovingly.

Out here in the cold winter night, you had fallen in love. And so did Kuroo. And so did the both of you, day by day, over and over. Kuroo had never felt more comfortable in a relationship, and he never felt any happier. There were thousands of emotions and thought running through his mind and he couldn’t find one to talk about of and he settled with just one.

“I love you,” he said, it was heartfelt, raw and just pure. It was love. “I love you too,” you said and kissed him. And on one winter’s night, you’ve found your soulmate.


This is an idea I came up with a week ago while I was watching a TV show. I apologize for two Newsies posts in a row, but, these are for my fellow fansies! Love you guys and this fandom so much.

I get to go see the show on my birthday (March 3), so get ready for a lot more posts after that!

The warm summer night wind tosses your hair softly around your shoulders as you walk down the street. The feel of the soft dirt road crunching comfortably under your boots and the familiar noise of New York City helps soothe you somewhat. Who you’re about to see will help calm you down too.

Work was hard today.

After graduating college last year, you got a job as the head photographer at The Sun. At least, that’s what you thought. Your job title is Head Photographer, but what you do has almost nothing to do with photography at all. Your boss never lets you out of the office to take pictures of the latest stories, but rather it’s your job to manage the men who go out every day, taking mediocre, uninteresting pictures. Of course, you would lose your job if you ever said that to their faces, though.

You pick up your pace when you realize how close you are to Jack’s usual selling spot. It’s about seven o'clock, but he should still be out; he’s usually one of the last ones to head back to the lodging house. Turning the corner, you see Jack standing in the middle of the market, pape held high as he hawks out today’s headline. Just as you thought.

He catches sight of you walking towards him and grins, sauntering over to meet you halfway. You both stop in front of each other, smiling in a way that onlookers know how in love you both are with each other for a good ten seconds before he asks: “Care for today’s pape, miss?”

“How about a walk?”

Jack smiles softly. “Anythin’ for the lady.” He stuffs his last paper in his bag before wrapping a strong arm around your waist. The two of you walk out of the noisy market place. “There’s somethin’ I’s been meanin’ ta show ya.”

You don’t respond, just shift closer to Jack for comfort as the two of you walk. He turns his head and looks down at you worriedly. “You alright, (y/n)?”

Sighing, you shake your head. “No.”

He stops walking and you stop with him, but don’t turn your head to face him. You keep your head down and feel his warm, calloused hands take yours. He steps in front of you and bends down slightly so he’s looking you in the eye. His concerned brown eyes ask you if you’re alright while his voice asks: “What happened?”

You shake your head. “It’s just not easy being head photographer when they won’t even let me do my job because I’m a woman.” Jack’s eyes flicker with realization and then understanding, but you continue on before he can reply: “I just don’t get why it should be any different.

“Even after I took that picture for Katherine’s story for your guys’ strike, I still get nothing.” You laugh exasperatedly. “She’s over there ruling the headlines of The World, while I’m stuck at the Sun watching as Jarvis and Lance–”


“–bring in mediocre, boring pictures everyday.”


“They expect to just show up with a camera and–”

“(y/n)!” Jack says loudly, cutting you off from your rant.

(e/c) eyes widening, you quickly look down at your intertwined hands. Jack and you have only been together for about two months (two months after the strike), that was completely out of line. “I’m so sorry, Jack. That was not ladylike at all.”

There’s silence between the two of you for a moment before Jack laughs. You look up at him slowly, and his amused eyes lock with your surprised ones. He lets go of your hands and wraps an arm around your shoulders as the two of you continue to walk again.

“(y/n), I don’t care if you’s ladylike or if ya ain’t,” he says, still grinning. “One of the best things about ya is that ya speak your mind.” He pauses. “And, you’s right about your job.”


He nods, and the two of you turn the corner, down the street the lodging house is on. “For sure. You worked twice as hard as those bums, you deserve to be out there doin’ the job of a real photographer.”

You look up at the sky, sighing in exasperation. “Then what should I do?”

Jack follows your gaze up and puffs out his bottom lip in thought, making you giggle. “Well,” he starts, stepping in front of you and taking your hands again, making you stop walking. “I say you take your own pictures for the stories and show them to your boss wit’ the pictures the men took. Let him decide whose is better, which will most definitely be yours.” He winks at you and you smile.

You nod and pull him in for a hug. He always knows what to say. “Thanks, Jack.”

After the two of you pull away from the embrace, Jack smiles softly down at you. “Anytime, (y/n). Now come on, I gots somethin’ ta show ya.”

Looking up, you notice that you’ve been standing in front of the Lodging House for the past five minutes. You follow Jack up the stone steps and he opens the door for you. Stepping over the threshold, you’re immediately met with the sound of shouting, chaotic newsboys.

The first thing you notice is a very angry looking Race chasing after a cackling Albert, who seems to have taken one of the older boy’s cigars. Again. “Give it back, ya punk!” Race yells.

Davey sits a wooden chair in the corner of the room, one hand holding the book he’s currently reading and the other holding an antsy, pouting Les in place so he doesn’t get caught up in the fight. Specs, Finch, Romeo, and some of the other boys are all watching the chase, yelling out their insults and/or encouragements for the two sides.

Crutchie’s the first to notice you enter from where he leans against the wall near the ladder. His trademark grin spreads across his whole face, making you feel even better about today. The way his eyes twinkle and his whole being just lights up when he smiles just makes everything better.

You take the couple of steps over to your best friend (and Jack’s brother), and join him in watching the brawl. “How are you?” he asks casually.

Shrugging, you press yourself closer to the wall briefly as Romeo comes flying past you. Albert passes the cigar to him, and Race’s face turns a whole new shade of red that you didn’t think was even humanly possible to accomplish. “I’m okay,” you reply.

All of a sudden, Romeo turns his back on Race for one second to say something to Specs, and Race tackles him to the ground. You wince at the huge thud that sounded when the two of them hit the floor, and the rest of the boys all yell even louder and jump in on opposite sides of the fight, insults flying everywhere as they wrestle.

“Race, get off, get off!”

“Rome, I’m gonna kick your skinny little–”

You notice Jack walk into the room out of the corner of your eye, and turn your head just in time to see his eyes narrow at the pile of newsies. “Hey!” He shouts. Just that one word from their leader is enough to still the boys. “What’s going on here, huh?”

Various versions of the situation all come flooding out of the boys’ mouths, and you smile. Jack, however, just crosses his arms and yells, “Quiet down!” They all immediately shut up, and Jack rolls his eyes, turning to look at where Davey still sits, reading a book. “Dave?”

Not even looking up, the brainiac responds: “Al took Race’s cigar, again, and after a chase, they all took sides and ended up in this position.”

“Thank you,” Jack says. He turns back to the rest of the boys, who are now standing up and glaring at each other. “Now, can’t you act civilized around a lady?”

“Your goil, you mean, Jackie?” Race butts in, and you roll your eyes slightly, trying to cover up your blush.

Jack rolls his eyes at Race. “Ah, shut up you. (y/n) and I will be upstairs on the roof. Crutchie’s in charge.” The boys roll their eyes and mumble to each other behind Jack’s back as he walks back over to you and takes your hand. After saying goodbye to Crutchie, the two of you begin to make your way up to the roof, with the sound of catcalls and protests trailing behind you.

“Ya see how the lights just kinda fade off into nothin’?”

Lifting your head off of Jack’s shoulder, you look at his face, beautifully lit by the moon that hangs peacefully over the city tonight, and the lights of the city beneath you. His eyebrows are cinched together as he ponders, looking off into the distance. Squeezing his hand, you look where he’s looking, and, for the first time, notice how the bright lights of the city do slowly fade off into the horizon. “Yeah, I see.”

Jack smiles dreamily, letting his head fall back a little bit, eyes never leaving the horizon. “That’s where I was going.”

“Was?” You ask.

He turns his head to look at you and grins, taking your other hand in his. “Was.” You snuggle back into his side, letting the comforting feel of your hands in his wash over you. “I had this dream, (y/n). Before the strike, I was goin’ ta Santa Fe. The most beautiful, most green city out west.”

“Crutchie once told me about Santa Fe,” you mumble into his shoulder, still not looking up. “What happened to it?”

His shoulders move up and down as he chuckles a little bit. “I found you.” You lift your head up and look at him with wide eyes. You certainly weren’t expecting that answer. He chuckles nervously and lifts your hands to his chest, and you blush.

“(y/n), from the moment you walked in the room, I realized I got a new dream. Love at first sight’s for suckers. At least, it used to be.” You giggle and his eyes brighten at the sound. “But, seriously. You had my heart the minute ya walked in. And (y/n)… You are my Santa Fe.”

Your heart swells with love. “I-”

He cuts you off by leaning in and kissing you passionately, letting your hands go so one of his can cradle your cheek, and the other can pull you closer to him by your waist. You weave one of your hands into his hair, feeling his gray cap slide off as you kiss, and your other hand wraps around his waist. The two of you are pressed so tightly together, you’re thankful you’re on a rooftop so only the stars and the moon can see you.

After a couple of minutes, you pull away from the kiss, breathless and blushing, and still stealing small ones from each other. He presses his forehead to yours and smiles softly. “I love you, (y/n). So much.”

Giggling, you peck his lips one more time. “I love you too.”

Am I No Good To You Now?

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Warning(s): Smut, very detailed sexual activity, also incest. 

Note:It is finally here you guys! It can be found on my Ao3!

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Requested by Anon: “ Actually yes!But I’m not creepy,I swear,I just have this Ivar sister in my head: YN is their half sister(yes,Aslaug and Harbard had one) ,but Ragnar accepted her as his own,so she grew up with her step brothers,and mostly Ivar. Because she got a few of her fathers “powers” she can take his pain away(no more pain Ivar,I still get chills with that) And he truly loves her!She cant harm another,which is why she became a healer and Ivar is ALWAYS with her ,he relies on her opinion for everything”

You are the sister to the sons of Aslaug, your mother and Ragnar, your surrogate father. When you were born, it was clear to everyone that you are not Ragnar’s child. Everyone knows who your father is, and your mother is ashamed of it. Your father, Harbard had conceived you with your mother before leaving. The only reason your mother really kept you around was for you are a girl, she had always wanted a daughter and you have your father’s powers. You have never met your real father, nor do you wish to meet him. Even though you are the child of his wife’s unloyalty, Ragnar treats you as his own. If you ask his sons, they will say that he loves you more than he will ever love them.

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(Request:A cute Rick one-shot with heaps of fluff? Maybe like waking up in the morning?)

Note: I really need to work on fluff with characters I know :( I hope you enjoy this though, let me know guys!

Warning: fluffy Rick


Originally posted by xneganslucillex

Rick ran his hand over your waist and pulled you close to him. You blinked a few times before your mind fully woke up from its slumber. Ricks chest was keeping your back warm and you rolled over in his arms to face him.

“Morning” you smiled at him.

“Morning, you sleep alright?” he asked, running his hand through your hair.

You nodded and he stared into your eyes for a couple of seconds before kissing you slowly, letting you feel the movements of his mouth against yours. He ran his hand up your bare back, sending a tingling sensation down your spine. You moved your kisses to his jawline and then you broke away, biting your lip as you looked at him.

“What’s that look for?” He asked, giving you a curious smile.

“Nothing.” You smiled back. “I just love the feel of you”

“Me too” he said as he propped himself up on one elbow and continued to kiss you passionately. You allowed his tongue entrance to your mouth and you let him be in control of the kiss, you weren’t in the teasing mood you usually were in. This time you didn’t want to play fight for control, he’s earned it.

After your heated kissing session, you sat up in bed and shrugged on an oversized top which came down to your midthigh.

“You hungry?” you asked, looking back at Rick who was licking his lips.

“Mhmm” was all he said as you went downstairs to prepare breakfast.

You were plating up the food when two hands came from behind you and wrapped around your waist, squeezing tight. You let out a small shout, but then laughed when you turned your head to see Rick.

“You scared me” you said, continuing to put the eggs on the plate. Rick gave you a few kisses on your neck before sitting down at the table.

“You don’t need to be scared with me around (y/n)” he said, eyeing up the food hungrily.
You placed the plates down and you both shared breakfast together. When you were finished, Rick carried you upstairs bridal style and gently threw you on the bed. You giggled as the both of you disappeared under the covers and started kissing. You felt like a teenager, you thought as you ran your fingers through Ricks curly hair.
You spent the rest of the morning in bed, kissing and then taking breaks to talk about everything and anything. Rick never wanted to lose you, so every moment you two spent together he treasured so dearly, especially mornings like these where you could both let your guard down and be yourselves.

Note: I hope you enjoyed reading!!

It was a cloudy Sunday night and you had just come home from work. You browsed the house to see if Harry was home and unfortunately he wasn’t. You just assumed he was having a late night at the studio once again. Taking care of yourself you put water to boil in preparation for you tea and changed into your grey silk pyjamas. walking upstairs drinking your tea, you sat down on Harry and yours shared bed opening the newest vogue magazine and looking through. 

Your heart fluttered at the door unlocking signalising that Harry’s home. You quickly put your tea aside and played down pretending to be sleeping. Around 5 minutes later you hear the clump of Harrys boots enter the room you smirked a bit but made sure to keep your acting face on.

 You then felt a warm presence and a wift of Harrys tom ford cologne swooped past you. “Love, I know your not sleeping,” Harry spoke and you could hear the chuckle in his voice. Seeing you didnt move he began peppering kisses all over your face. You erupted into giggles and turned around and gave a Harry a big kiss on his tender lips.

 Harry brought his hands to your shoulders and pulled the kiss apart. “I missed you” he whispered with sorrow in his eyes. You began to feel worried. “I missed you too baby.” you responded immediately and pulled him in for a nice hug. 

You saw that Harry didnt feel well. You weren’t sure if it was because of the album or his struggles with the guitar or writing, but you wanted to make him feel better. 

You pulled away from the hug and stared at his face, and then a frown grew upon your face. Harry looked even more worries “whats a matter?” he asked in panic. “Your skin looks dry Harry.” you spoke in a serious tone. Harry was relieved, he thought you were serious. He chuckled and  pulled you in for a kiss. You wiggled out of his grip and held him back. “Im serious.” you demanded before walking into your bathroom. 

Harry chuckled to himself. “Come on babe lets snuggle” he proposed but the idea of you two having a pamper night excited you so you buried yourself into your draws collecting everything you would need.

 “What are you even doing in there?” he asked. You just hummed in response. Harry shrugged it off and continued flicking through channels on the tv. 

Around 5 minutes later you came out with a tub full of everything you would need. Harry put his attention on you and his eyes grew wide. “Wow you weren’t joking” he spoke. Your smirked. Then the fun began.

Around an hour later you both had blue facemasks on as well as painted nails. Harry had chosen black and you had picked a ballerina pink. Both of you had towel wraps on your heads from the shower you two shared. To make everything even more cuter you guys even had your matching robes on. Harrys was black with H imprinted on it and yours was white with your initial on it. Now you and harry were eating strawberries whilst flicking though magazines. A caramel candle was burning whilst your two sat listening to French cafe music and held each other in your arms. 

Harry turned to you. “You know I love you angel” he smiled.

“You know I love you too Harry” you replied and he smiled and snuggled into you and whispered “my only angel.”

it was a perfect night.

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Can I please have Kise big-spooning his s/o during bedtime, if possible with bonus morning after :P

little-spoon life x

The bed was cold when you went to bed that night. Kise still wasn’t home and although you wanted to wait for him, it was getting late. Your eyes felt heavy as you curled into your own body to keep yourself warm. Before you knew it, you had drifted off into a light slumber under a plethora of blankets.

When Kise arrived home that night, he walked into your shared bedroom and melted as he saw your head peeking out from the mountain of blankets. He moved quickly and quietly to get into bed with you. He was careful to lift all the blankets to get to you. As soon as he saw the bed sheet, he gently scooted himself under the covers and moved his way towards your still body.

You could feel a cold hand move your body further into the bed and soon enough you were met with another warm body. Kise slid his arm underneath the crook between your neck and shoulders and nestled his face right next to yours as his other arm wrapped around your torso. After little adjustments, your body curved perfectly to fit into Kise’s and the steady breath you felt on your ears lulled you back to a deeper sleep.


Kise began to wake as he felt you moving in his arms. Your butt rubbing dangerously on him as you began to stir in the early morning. He tightened his grip on you to stop you from moving against him anymore but it was unsuccessful. All the blankets that were on the bed previously had been pushed off as the body heat between the two of you were sufficient enough to keep you both warm. You turned your body so you could face Kise. Ignoring the morning breath, you moved the wisps of hair from his eyes and kissed him several times. “Good morning.”

After a few seconds, Kise opens his eyes slowly and meets your eyes. He smiles, “Good morning,” he says before kissing you again. The arm he had under your neck brought you closer into him and he kissed you deeply. You threw one of your legs around him as he rolled onto his back while you ended up straddling him. You moved your hips against him gently as he caressed your thighs. “Someone’s energetic this morning.”

You responded to Kise’s tease with a light bite to his neck. He inhaled sharply before turning you two over again so he hovered above you.

“Two can play at this game.”

Mind of steel

WWE imagine
Pairing: Tye Dillinger x Reader
Requested by CertifiedLoserNixon on Wattpad
Word count: 1,700

A/N: I’ve wanted to write about Sanity for quite some time, so needless to say I was super happy when this was requested. Hope you’ll enjoy!!
All my WWE imagines are on Wattpad as well!

You took a look in the mirror as the hair stylist was finishing straightening your hair.

“Nervous?” she asked.
“A little,” you confessed.
“I’d be too, if I were in your shoes. But hey, at least you get to watch and support him from ringside!”
“Except I’m not allowed to openly cheer for him – or anyone, for that matter.”

You were working in NXT as a ring announcer, and the staff had insisted on having you announce tonight. But tonight, your boyfriend, the Perfect Ten Tye Dillinger, had a match – a steel cage match nonetheless – against the leader of Sanity Eric Young. You were totally looking forward to that. You knew it was going to be exciting, the whole feud had been a blast to watch after all. But of course, you were also incredibly nervous. While you trusted Tye completely on this, Sanity was not to be underestimated. Those guys were dangerous, especially Nikki Cross.

“And you’re all set, (Y/N)!” the hair stylist smiled.
“Thank you. Oh, wow! Someday, you’ll have to teach me how to make my hair look so good!”
“That’d be my pleasure!”

You smiled at her and exited the room, only to see Tye standing there, leaning against the wall – obviously waiting for you.

“There’s my favorite girl!”
“Hello to you too,” you chuckled.

He pulled you into his arms and leant forward to kiss your forehead and the tip of your nose.

“You look beautiful. Breathtakingly beautiful,” he smiled.
“Thank you,” you said, intertwining your fingers with his. “How are you feeling?”
“About tonight, you mean? Pretty good. Of course, you never know what to expect from Sanity, but hey! My girl is – technically – at ringside, and Roderick and Kassius have my back, in case Young decides to bring his little guard dogs. It should be fine.”

You nodded, a bit relieved – just a bit. At least, Sanity couldn’t play the number’s game.

“(Y/N), please report to gorilla position! (Y/N) to gorilla!”

You rolled your eyes.

“I gotta go. Be careful, OK?”
“I will. And (Y/N) …”
“I love you too!” you said, anticipating his next sentence.

He laughed and pressed a kiss on your lips before letting you go

* * * *

There it was. The match you dreaded and looked forward to at the same time. The cage had been set up, the ref was already inside waiting for the contestants, and you were at ringside, microphone in hand, concentrating on keeping your game face on. Tye’s music hit, and you felt a warm feeling bubble in your stomach as the crowd erupted into the usual Ten! chants.

“The following contest is a steel cage match!” you started announcing. “The only ways to win are by pinfall, submission, escaping through the door or over the steel cage with both feet hitting the floor.”

You had to take a deep breath to keep a calm voice.

“Making his way to the ring, from Niagara Falls, Canada; weighing in at 225 pounds; he is the Perfect Ten: Tye Dillinger!”

There was a hint of pride as you said those last few words. No one else – except Tye himself perhaps – would notice, but it was there. Tye briefly tested the cage before getting inside and starting his usual interaction with the crowd, throwing Ten’s around. Then, his eyes found yours, and he nodded slightly as if saying I got this. Your lips stretched into a small coin smirk, and you were thankful the camera wasn’t on you, as you found yourself blushing slightly. He still had that effect on you, even after months of dating him. Sanity’s music started to play and the whole stable came out on stage. As the first guttural laugh resounded throughout the arena, Eric Young turned around and gestured for his stablemates to leave. He seemed to play it fair – seemed being the keyword here, you did not buy it one second.

“Come on!” Tye yelled at Eric, urging him to get into the ring.

Once Young got into the ring, the two men started exchanging blows. At that point, your eyes started darting around the arena – you expected the rest of Sanity to come out any moment now. They were going to, you could feel it in your guts. Your eyes went back to the action in the ring just in time to see Eric Young gained the upper hand and throw Tye over the top rope and into the steel cage. You gritted your teeth, fighting the urge to shout encouragements to your boyfriend.

* * * *

Nearly ten minutes into the match, Tye had returned the favor and thrown Eric into the cage. Three times. Following with a series of kicks into the chest and a high kick to the head that left his opponent stunned. Damn, Tye was being serious about this, you thought as you saw blood trickle down from Young’s forehead. Your boyfriend proceeded to climb the cage, and you had to bit your lip to stop yourself from cheering out loud. But Eric Young stood back up and pulled him back down.

That’s when you felt it – the tip of a finger poking into your arm, while your name was whispered with each poke. You turned your head to see who was childish enough to be behind that, only to get pushed from your chair, landing stomach first on the floor. You looked back up to see a small figure will brown eyes and long brown hair and to hear a mad laugh. Of course, the one and only Nikki Cross.

“Wait a minute, is Nikki Cross targeting our ring announcer?” you heard Tom Phillips from the announce table.
“Get up (Y/N)! Come on!” Nikki shouted, her Glaswegian accent thicker than usual.

Before you could even get to your knees, she kicked you in the ribs. Twice.

“Hey Tye! Over here!” she called in a sing-song voice.

Tye looked towards her, and his eyes went wide at the sight before him – Nikki had grabbed a fistful of your hair to lift your face from the floor, while you struggled to get back up.

“No!” he yelled.
“Look at Tye’s face,” Percy Watson commented, “he takes the attack very personally!”

The Perfect Ten turned around to kick Eric in the midsection before rushing to the side of the cage.

“(Y/N)! Love, are you okay?”
“Don’t stop on my account, I can handle it!”

Cross dropped your hair, your face falling back into the floor, and she went to sit on the small of your back, straddling you.

“Get off her, Nikki!”
“Or what?” she taunted.

Meanwhile, Young had got back to his feet, and he grabbed Tye’s manbun to shove his face into the steel repeatedly before dragging him to the middle of the ring. Tye punched him to make him let go of the hair.

“I’d act wisely if I were you Dillinger,” the leader of Sanity warned.

Nikki laughed madly, and she went for the hair again – except you finally managed to roll to your side, knocking her off balance and sending her off your back. Hardly leaving you any break, she got back up, kicked you in the stomach and started throwing punches. But this time, you retaliated, sending her into the barricade. You finally got back to your feet, only to see Tye lying on the mat and Eric getting up.

“Tye, focus!” you shouted.

His eyes snapped open, and he grabbed Young’s ankle, preventing him for going any further, before finally standing up and hitting him with the Tye Breaker.

Next thing you knew, you laid flat on your back again, and a fist connected with your jaw. Nikki was back in action. You blinked a few time to shake out the daze and recompose yourself, when you heard the sounds of a huge fight next to you – Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe had come out to assist their stablemate, and Roderick, Kassius and Ruby Riot were busy trying to keep Sanity from interfering. You shot the three of them a thankful look. The massive Dain managed to put both men down and started climbing the cage, but Tye ran straight into him from inside, making him lose his grip on the steel structure.

“That’s it! Head in the game!”

It was too late to be professional now, Nikki had made it very personal the second she thought using you to get to your boyfriend was a good plan. Speak of the devil, Cross was struggling to get back on her feet, but you hit her right into the midsection, knocking the air out of her.

“That’s for using me against my man!”

You heard the crowd pop into a huge TEN!, bringing your attention back to the ring. Dain and Young were both lying on the mat, and Tye was sitting, his back leant against the rope, shaking. Your mind quickly put two and two together – a crossbody from the top of the cage, and he was riding off the adrenaline rush.

“Now Tye! Come one, baby, you got this!”

The Perfect Ten crawled out of the ring through the door, both feet hitting the ground, and locked the door once the ref had got out. The crowd erupted in cheers and you leaped in joy, looking around for your microphone and trying to keep a calm voice.

“Here is your winner,” you finally announced, “Tye Dillinger!”

Both the ref and Roderick were lifting Tye’s hands. Roderick went to hug his best friend briefly, while you laid your microphone on the table. You then rushed to your boyfriend, jumping onto his chest, as he closed his arms around your small frame.

“Are you alright, love?” he whispered.
“I’m good. And I’m super proud of you!”

He kissed your lips briefly before setting you down, and went on to jump around the ring to cheer with the crowd.

Soon, the Ten! Chants turned into a general Thank you, Tye! that reminded you this was his last appearance on NXT. A new wave of pride hit you. After what he had just accomplished tonight, he was going to be just fine on Smackdown Live. You could feel it.

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You've seen Wonder Woman right? Could you do some Klance headcanon with the dance scene in the village where Keith and Lance dance together as the snow starts falling around them and they kiss? (You can change it up of course like they are on another planet and it's possibly galra!keith and atlean!lance or whatever up to you).

 ((I’ll try my best! Imma add some of my brotp too and slight plot. also warning there is a very slight shallura thing but its basically invisible))

- so basically this is all canon verse right? (taking place somewhere in season two, after the blade of balmera kind of, allura is not in “i hate keith” mode)

- Team Voltron want to take a break but can’t really decide on what to pick

    * pidge wants forest planet, hunk wants ground stuff etc.

- then our boy Lance was like, “DUDE, SNOW PLANET AND ICE”

     * “Can we make snowmen??” “Yes of course Hunk.”

     * Allura and Coran are like “boi wtquiznak is snow”

     * “Oh yes, we had something like that on Altea, although it wasn’t white or cold, more like hard, warm, and yellow looking trapezoids that fell from the sky!” 

     * “…what…”

- they go to a planet called “Noelle” (get it? it mean Noel lmao) and Lance is super freaking excited because he is cuban boy and has never seen snow except for on TV

     * keith, pidge, and shiro are all “0_o?!” (hunk is in the background explaining what snow is)

      * whats weird is that for the rest of the day keith begins to stare at lance for some odd reason, always just in the corner of his eye with an unreadable expression

- once they landed, all of them were disappointed to see that there was no snow (the planet is covered with some trees that have no leaves or branches, also all the paladin wear jackets and warm jeans with the symbols and color of their normal paladin armor)

     * “It must be that this planets star is to close for precipitation” allura said

     * everyone is sad but all eager to explore the planet and its people

- shiro, coran, allura greet the peoples leaders and started to walk with them, leaving the rest of the paladins to do what they want (the people of this planet kind of look like Balamerain only more Golem looking)

    * “Don’t follow any strangers, don’t take any weird substances, don’t start any trouble, stay hydrated, spend your money wisely, and if you need help just call me okay?” “Yes space dad, Shiro.” “And make sure lance doesn’t loose his lion again.” “HEY!”

- pidge and hunk go off together to look at some interesting stone looking robots and check out some hot chocolate like drink

- this leaves keith and lance to explore because coran made sure that they could be in groups

      * lance is of course annoyed by this and keith was indifferent (although he totally thinking of the many ways they could bond)

       * “Why do I have to stick with you?” “You don’t. *walking away” “Hey get back here!”

- they walk into the town and many people greet them their, always cooing over how short and cute they were (b/c these ppl r tall)

        * one of them actually picks keith up and lance is dying of laughter, even though seconds after wards he gets picked up as well 

      * “well i knew chicks would try to pick me up but this isn’t what i had in mind.” “*jealous glare from keith*” “what you jealous?” “no…”

- they both actually have a good time with each other, even though they teased each other over interests (”You actually want to look at knives?” “What’s the big deal over skin care products?”)

- the day also features some blushing lance because, since these people wear armor literally all the time, they are interested in their squishy skin

      * some alien lift ups keith shirt, who just gets really confused and awkward like that time that Arusain hugged him him (”man, u r cuddly.” “thank you.”)

     * lance just turned around and chokes a little and helplessly stares at him for a while (he gets redder when keith actually starts to giggle for being poked in the stomach) and lowkey a little jealous

        * “lance you have been glaring at the ground for ten minutes, whats wrong?” “n-nothing shut up mullet!” “??!?!”

- soon the day is over and its almost time to go (the planets day is shorter than earths) and before they leave, the queens (yes plural) of Noelle in insist a party underneath the purple, cloudy sky

- so everyone begins dancing and stuff (still hasn’t snowed yet, tho it looks like it) and the hot chocolate, which actually tastes like cherries, is going around for free

      * lol so it turns out its alcoholic and shiro has to take care of a drunken coran and allura

      * “Heyyyy daddy, you wanna *hic* use t-that Galrrraaa hand fer somethin’ else?,?” “Princesssssss nuuuu.” “Shuushhh, orange face, daddy is mine.”

     * shiro is so embarrassed and pidge is taking blackmail pictures while lance and keith are having trouble breathing over it

     * “Shiro I don’t think you should be drinking that.” “hunk, my son, this is the only way i can stay sane” 

- cue the slow dance (which kind of sounds like this, play it when reading bruh, but the instruments are huge lamp looking things) its not really that slow but the aliens around them all act like it is sooo (this is all taking place in the middle of a town, like the one in wonder women, only without threes and humans of course)

- Lance taps Keith’s arm and when he turns to him, he immediately forgets what he was going to say and gets a little flustered 

          * “Do you– uhM…like…wanna move feet with me?” “* concerned voice* Lance, did you have anything to drink?” “Hhhhhh nevermind, j-just stop being so annoying god Keith.” 

- But before Lance can stalk away to sulk in his failure, two aliens push them to the center of the dance ring thing.

       * they both are stunned but before lance could make a joke, keith put his hand in lances, not looking at him. lances heart gave a jump and put his other hand in keiths hand so now they are holding hands (the red paladin is blushing so hard rn cause he did not accept this cute boy to do that)

      * since their both just holding hands they kind of sway for a while before keith becomes bold it up and starts to swing them around

- Lance laughs at Keith and spins as well, soon they’re just swirling in time with the music and kicking legs with the beat slowly (occasionally one tires to dip the other, which was a hilarious and sweet sight for hunk and pidge to see)

      * When Lance tries to dip Keith, it actually works and lance brags about it with a grin (”Ha told you I could do it!” “Whatever Lance, bring me up now.”) and keith is kind of loving it

     * When Keith tries to dip Lance, it works but lances face was in pure shock and fear, he wasn’t excepting it, (”Warn me next time jesus!) and keith just snorts and spins him back up to cradle (XD) him in his arms (”Shut up, you’re just a baby” he teases)

- And then suddenly, its starts to snow, but the snow is purple, but its snow. Lance and Keith stop dancing to look up at the sky, panting from dancing, the air was suddenly cold so it made puffs. (crowd is in awe and even allura and coran sober up a little to watching)

- Lance breathes out a gasp as it flutters around them and one their faces, and Keith sticks out his tongue to catch some. (its adorable, so lance does so as well) And now the Golem people and their queen are humming a tune like this only maybe lower pitched, their eyes and chest glowing purple now to match the snow (even the kid Noelles are doing it lol)

- It just keeps going over and over again and Keith and Lance are glancing around themselves and both look at each other and are about to say something with big grins, but they fade away in the background.

       * Lance gets distracted by the snow in Keith’s dark hair, his flushing red cheeks, and what really takes his breath away is his violent eyes that were glowing with the light surrounding them.

       * Keith gets distracted by the warmth he suddenly feels in Lance’s hands, the way the others face looked softer with snow danced across it, and what really takes his breath away is his blue eyes seemed to be soaking in the light around them just to put it there.

- As the tune starts over again and again, they moved a little closer (they swore later it was only because of the cold) and before they knew it, the noses brushed against each other, Lance gulped down some butterflies, Keith’s drew in a sharp inhale.

         * and that is literally all they did for a couple of moments, just brushing noses like they were giving each other Eskimo kisses while their hands were stuck between their bodies

- Keith and Lance were obviously getting nervous, so nervous that Keith actually began aggressively nuzzle Lance’s face in panic (the aliens around them were still humming, although they shot some confused looks to the pair, like, “what are they doing to their face parts?”) 

- Lance laughed nervously and breathlessly and finally spoke, “Hahahh, uhm, t-thank you?” to which Keith replies as natural as possible, “Just uhh, keeping your face warm?”

- The blue and red paladin stare at each other. Then they both make the decision to warm each other even more, they kiss.

       * Keith tilts he head and kisses deeper, while Lance kisses back lightly

      * They don’t exactly kiss more after the first one so much as smooch each others lips multiple times in little tingles and brushes

- They’re faces are so red when they stop for the first time and both let out breathes of laughter, the music has stopped and their is chatting going on around them. So they step back from each other. Lance laughed harder but Keith was the first one to speak again, “Did you like the snow?” he mumbled. In reply Lance said, “Yeah, its pretty cool.”

- They didn’t kiss or talk about the kiss for the rest of the night but stick close to each other and softly just joked around and teased one another

      * btw pidge, hunk, and shiro got so mad because pidge’s camera died before it culd capture them kissing, but they never tell keith and lance that they saw. at least they caught them dancing (the two blush everytime the mention it)

- At the end though, Keith turned to Lance and just stared at him, beaming. Lance beamed back, because now they had an unspoken secret between them. And they loved it.

        * side note: coran and allura got major hangovers, the paladin had to take care of them and make some kind of weird Altean medicine that lance dumped over keith’s head and laughed. keith promptly punched him in the face. don’t worry though, they both still are in major like/love territory 

((WELP I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THAT! This took me like two hours, also i lowkey never watched Wonder Woman and had to look up what you were talking about. i’m 99% sure this was the most fluffiest thing I have ever wrote))      

How you spend Christmas Eve with MONSTA X

A little festive something for all my followers? Love you guys, hope you enjoy your holiday no matter what you celebrate!! 

SHOWNU: probably spending it doing some last minute shopping together, going out to a shopping mall and buying extra gifts for one another, sometimes splitting up to buy bigger things. you two frantically try to hide the bags from each other when you meet up so the other person can’t see what their presents are. finally, the two of you go out for hot cocoa together to end the night. 

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

WONHO: the two of you spend the night inside, building a gingerbread house. getting into cute little tiffs over how to decorate it, who gets to decorate what, etc. the whole thing would probably end up looking like a right mess, and hoseok might take a bite out of a couple pieces, but you have such a good time that you can’t possibly be mad.

Originally posted by no-ass-namjoon

MINHYUK: ice skating! he wouldn’t want to just hang out in the house all day, so you’d probably end up trying something new and go ice skating! it’s really cute, you hold each others hands the whole time and sometimes he sneaks in a kiss on your cheek, but you both topple over so much that you’re relieved when you crawl into bed later and fall asleep instantly.

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

KIHYUN: baking cookies for sure. kihyun would suggest it and even prepare all the ingredients to present it to you, and asmuch as you try to convice him that he should make them and you should eat them, he wouldn’t rest until you’ve agreed to help. warning: this will lead to a messy kitchen and a messy couple. followed by messy kisses. and the cookies don’t come out that badly either!

Originally posted by kihqun

HYUNGWON: one hundred percent not into leaving the house, or even the couch. you guys find a channel playing cheesy christmas movies and make some hot chocolate, and probably popcorn and bam, that’s your night. watching classic christmas movies, tangled up in sleepy cuddles on the couch with your boyfriend and ten million blankets to stay warm. it’s adorable.

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JOOHEON: he’s so ready to party, for real. you’re both excited to dress up and socialize, showing each other off in front of all your friends. he’d definitely make a big show of kissing you under the mistletoe, and everyone in the room would swoon. back hugs the whole night, holding hands, quick cheek kisses. just constantly reminding everyone that yes, he can snatch someone great and beautiful like you.

Originally posted by snowyjyp

I.M: it would seem innocent enough to play in the snow with your boyfriend, making snowmen and snow angels and trying to build snow forts. and it would be for a little while, the red cold glow on your cheeks and nose, which changkyun keeps kissing to warm up. until there’s a snowball smashed onto your face and war is declared. still, a memorable battle with your boyfriend.

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Scenario for first meeting Revali? If that makes any sense¿?

It makes perfect sense Anon, don’t worry.
~Mod Sugar

First meeting scenario (Revali)

Shivering in your boots, you slowly made your way across the rickety bridges leading to Rito Village. A chill wind blew, whipping your scarf into your face. It was the only thing keeping you warm, after you’d ripped your winter coat on some rocks. After wrapping it around yourself once again, you continued on your way.

At that moment, you were regretting your decision to take this mission. You were meant to be going to collect the Rito champion for the King but half way to Rito Village, you got attacked. You were thrown from your horse, which had instantly bolted, and chased all the way to the mountains by a pack of bokoblins. It was only when you had climbed up a small cliff that they finally left you alone.

You could at last see the shimmering lights of Rito Village ahead of you. Sighing in relief, you quickened your pace only to have your scarf ripped from around your neck by a strong gust of wind. You reached out after it but it was too far away from the railing of the brige to grab. It started to fall and you resigned yourself to the thought of buying a new scarf once you found some rupees. Until, quite suddenly, something divebombed onto your scarf from the sky. A streak of black in the dark, it grabbed your scarf and flew underneath the bridge, swooping high up and landing safely in front of you. The black streak revealed itself to be a Rito.

“I believe this is yours.” He held your scarf proudly in front of him. Relieved and grateful, you took it and wrapped it securely around yourself. This time you made sure to keep a hand on it.
“Thank you so much. I’m not sure what I would have done if you hadn’t caught it, apart from be freezing cold.” The Rito seemed to glow from your praise.
“Well, no need to thank me. I was just doing what any kind person would do.” He bowed to you.
“I’m Revali, Champion of the Rito. Nice to meet you.” You gasped loudly, causing Revali to jerk his head up to look at you.
“I’ve been looking for you! The King sent me to collect you and take you to Hyrule Castle.” Ravali raised an eyebrow and looked over you.
“Really? You don’t seem like the type to work at the Castle.” Putting your hands on your hips, you stared at Revali indignantly.
“I’ll have you know that I was attacked! That’s the only reason why I ended up like this.”
“Well, you’re here now at least. We can leave in the morning, you look terrible. You need rest.” Revali sauntered off toward the village,leaving you to follow him.
“Gee, thanks!” You muttered before quickly following him into the Inn.

When people ask me what I want to do with my life:

I wish I lived in the 1800s so I could be married to some guy I don’t love and have a secret rendezvous with some woman. We would have this illegal affair where we do crazy shit like talk about our feelings and actually achieve orgasms. We send fancy, handwritten love poems (no email yet kiddos!) to each other sprayed in rose scented perfume. Then eventually after several years we accumulate a large sum of money and run away together. Then we change our identities and move to North America where we live in hiding and plant potatoes. Along the way we’ll obtain a friend named Mary (because one of those wont be hard to find when everyone named their kid the same fricking name), drink tea out of teacups because that sounds lit, and bake bread. We’ll wear matching dresses and those stupid looking adult size baby bonnets. Like you have not lived until you have tried these bonnets. I know people wore them for racist reasons but try them because they keep your face nice and warm and toasty (they are a death trap in the summer). We’ll swim in a babbling brook (nude because bathing suits didn’t exist and we’re lesbians, duh!) and adopt an anne Shirley to keep us entertained and she’ll write exquisite literature for us and do wacky things like make bets and break her ankle while falling off of a roof. The whole town will think we’re just bosom buddies who are both widows and we laugh at them behind our cottage door while we made plum pudding. When we die we get buried in a conjoined grave plot and historians will be like “oh look at what great friends they were” even though we literally ran away together, across the Pacific ocean for each other, live together for most of our lives, slept in the same bed, raised a daughter together, drank tea together everyday, wrote letters to each other confessing our love and probably died holding hands. Maybe I’m thinking about this too much?

love of his life [peter parker]

Request: @supers16 I sincerely apologize for the lack of material, I just have been so stressed out since I had so much school work and then I was on vacation. I hope you can forgive me!! Also sorry of this is kind of bad, I have to work myself back into the writing style.

warnings: none

word count: 2078

It was a windy day in December when you discovered the truth about Peter Parker.

    Snow littered the streets of Queens, the freezing white pellets swirled among the air above you head before drifting towards the ground. They landed upon the thin layer of ice beneath your feet, disappearing in the millions of other snowflakes that littered the floor. You smiled softly, turning your face to gaze upon the white sky. You laughed softly as the cold white flakes landed on your nose, tickling your skin.

Most people of the city despised this time of year: the icy streets caused difficulty when driving, the snow had to be shoveled out of the driveway every morning and the temperature often dropped beneath zero. However, you loved Winter. The purity of the snow and the sight of the Earth covered by a soft blanket of stainless white always seemed breathtaking. You loved to take walks in the cold, gloves and five layers of shirts already placed upon you figure. Even when you breathed and a small puff of white erupted from your lips, you still smiled happily.

Maybe the reason you loved Winter so much was because it was a metaphor for the way you felt: the soft, pure snow covering a chaotic Earth. It could symbolize the way you covered yourself with a mask every time you entered the world. Or possibly it illustrated the way you hide you identity underneath a costume and a hood every time you left to fight crime.

    Or it was probably just that school got canceled every other day.

    Stepping into Peter’s apartment and shaking the leftover snow from your shoulders, you smiled as you used your powers to heat up your body. A warming feeling flowed throughout your body, warming up your cold skin. It was difficult to keep the flames at bay, but you were able to control enough of your powers so that you did not burn the rest of your clothing.

    Stepping into the elevator, you pulled your backpack higher up on your shoulder and fiddled with the strings of your coat. You were happy that you were finally able to see your boyfriend again; it had been a week or so since the last time you had seen him. Since the buildings were snowed in, you were not able to escape your room in order to meet your loving boyfriend of a year. Smiling at the possibility, you shifted on your feet, pushing the weight from one side to the other. It took a few moments for you to calm down, the excitement rising to your cheeks. The skin turned pink, well - pinker than it had been due to the cold.

    When you stepped out of the machine, you maneuvered your way to Peter’s door, not bothering to knock on the dark wood. You had known Aunt May and Peter long enough to not have to wait outside his door.

    Stepping into the warm apartment, you shook off your snow-covered coat. Letting the hotter air seep into the colder areas of your body. You smiled as you turned around the face May, who stood in the kitchen, cooking something that you could not see.

    “Hey, May!” You exclaimed happily, “How have you been? Peter hasn’t been giving you trouble without me here, has he?”
    Aunt May turned at the sound of your chirpy voice, a smile glowing brightly on her face, “Hey! I’m great, thank you for asking. Peter has been a bit antsy this past week, and I probably could blame it on the lack of your presence.” A small smirk made its way onto her face as she spoke. Ever since she joined social media, she had discovered ‘shipping’ and would not stop telling you and Peter how much she ‘shipped’ the two of you together.

    Wade Wilson also had some input on said topic, although you never knew about said anti-hero sneaking into Peter’s apartment.

    You grinned at May, a blush overtaking your features as you began speaking, “Well I hope being here makes him a little less anxious.”

    May laughed brightly before making your way to Peter’s room, sliding your backpack off your shoulders as you did so. When you reached his door, you stopped in your tracks as voices were heard from the interior of his room. Slowing, you placed a hand on the wall to steady yourself and leaned closer to the door, hoping to make out some of the words echoing around his small room.

    “- and you haven’t told her about this yet?” An unfamiliar voice erupted from behind the thin wall.

    “No, she doesn’t know. I don’t think I can tell her because I know she will want to get involved and I can’t let her get hurt because of me.” The voice that spoke such words was Peter, but he seemed much more anxious than usual.

    You stepped closer to the door, trying to identify the second voice. It scared you to know that Peter was living a life behind your back. Was he cheating on you? Or was he involved in something that could threaten his life? It seemed pretty out-of-the-box, seeing as Peter was an innocent kid, he even dumpster dived in order to find the electronics he wanted. Just the thought of Peter being involved in something dangerous seemed illogical.

    However, there were mysterious signs that you had to factor into the equation. Peter often did come home late at night with colorful bruises on his body; you had to patch him up sometimes. He tried to blame it on bullies, but you knew that this was far worse than anything Flash could ever do.

    “You’re going to have to tell her at some point, kid,” the mysterious, unidentified voice muttered, “I mean, I’m even surprised you’ve kept this a secret for so long!”

    Your stomach sank at the words. How long had Peter been hiding this from you?

    “I know, I know! It’s just that keeping this under the rug is the only thing that reminds me that she is safe. There are so many guys out there that would love to get her hands on her because they know that she’s my weakness, but I can’t let that happen. Spider-Man can’t have weaknesses. It will only end up hurting her and I don’t want that. I know it sounds cliche, but I don’t know what I would do if she was hurt because of me. I mean out there, there are tons of people that get hurt all the time, some of them are even my friends, but not her. I can’t let her get hurt.”

    You pulled your hand away from the door at the revelation; Peter Parker was Spider-Man? The evidence did overlap in some areas that could have caused you to draw this conclusion, but you would have never believed it! After hearing it straight from Peter’s mouth, you did not know what to think.

    Of course, you had been keeping quite a similar secret from Peter as well.

    You had been using your power to save people too, just not as much as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. There was the occasional robbery or theft that needed to be taken care of, but you never went as far as masking yourself to save the city. That was Spider-Man’s job.

    Sinking back into the wall, you continued to listen to the pair’s conversation, “It sounds like you love her, kid.”

    “Yeah, I know it sounds dumb. I mean I am only seventeen, but she’s just different. I can’t think straight when I’m around her; everything just kind of fogs up and I stumble over my words - more than usual. She’s too pure and innocent for this kind of stuff, Tony. Gosh, she’s the love of my life,” Peter sighed.

    “I understand,” Tony Stark replied, “Just keep an eye out for her, alright. I have to go, but I’ll talk to you later, kid, alright?”

    You didn’t hear a reply, so you assumed that Peter had nodded his head. Your stomach and heart were feeling fuzzy, despite the revelation that your best friend and boyfriend was Spider-Man. After his speech about his love for you, heat had risen to your cheeks and you couldn’t keep the smile from your face. A warm feeling had risen in your body, and this time you couldn’t blame it on your fire manifestation; this was something different.  

    Raising a hand to knock on his door, you decided not to confront Peter on his abilities just yet.

    You had something different planned.

    The next night, you knew Peter would be out patrolling the city, monitoring the streets to make sure everyone was safe. This was the moment you had waited for, the moment you would confront Peter and reveal your powers as well.

    It was difficult to track him at first, seeing as he could swing around the city and you were stuck running on the concrete. However, once you heard the robbery taking place a block over, you knew exactly where to go. Pushing off your heels, you sprinted in the direction of the building. Your leggings pulled tight against your skin and you thanked yourself for deciding not to wear jeans.

    When you arrived at the building, you spotted four men holding stuffed bags. Their bodies were taught, obviously having packed on the muscle to pull this heist. You, however, were not intimidated.

    As soon as the flash of red and blue passed your eyesight, you were running towards the scene. Spider-Man had arrived on scene and was ready for a fight; so were you.

    “Hey guys!” Peter spoke, his voice muffled by the mask, “Nice masks, they really compliment the rest of your outfits. Except for you, big guy, you might want to rethink the red, it’s kind of my thing.”

    You giggle at your goof of a boyfriend before watching as he used the web-shooters on his wrists to capture the first two men. You did not interfere until you saw the fourth man draw a gun on Peter. Stepping forward, you raised your hands and let a burst of flame exit your fingertip, covering the gun-wielder’s hand. He screeched in pain, dropping the sleek gun, grabbing his hand as he groveled in pain.

    As Spider-Man took care of the last burglar, he turned to face you with surprise evident on his face.

    “Hey, babe,” You smiled giddily, laughing when Peter’s eyes narrowed in confusion.

    “What-” He muttered, “I’m so confused - that was you?”

    You smiled and raised you hands, letting little flames overtake the fingertips, shuddering as the warmth flowed through your frame.

    Peter nodded slightly, “How did you-”

    He was cut off when you interrupted his question, “I heard you and Tony talking yesterday.”

    If Peter had not been wearing the mask, you swore he would as red as the suit by this point.

    “So you heard-”

    “You bet I did,” You giggled, “But I think you’ll be happy to know that I feel the same way about you.”

    You took a step forward, placing your hands on the underside of the mask, pulling it up enough so that you could access his lips. You giggled as you placed your lips onto his, sighing as you felt the spark that appeared every time you touched him. You moved your lips slowly, coaxing Peter to fall from his stupor and kiss you back. Laughing when he finally did, Peter wrapped his arms around your waist, tugging you closer to his frame. A shiver ran down your spine as your body fit perfectly into his, like two puzzle pieces that were incomplete without each other. Peter sighed, raking one of his hands through your hair, eliciting a small moan from your mouth.

    When you finally pulled away, the both of you were giddy. Smiles present and blushes adorning both your cheeks, you leaned up to press a kiss to his flaming skin.

    “What do you say, Spider-Man, want to take the love of your life for a spin around the city?”

    Peter chuckled before grabbing you by the hips and hoisting you into the air and shooting a web into the sky, “Gladly.”

Abandoned Chapter 2

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A guard stood in front of the cell. Escorting out one of the prisoners. The shackles attached tightly, around his wrist and legs. Echoing down the dark hall, causing an uproar as the inmates watched him walked down the aisle. They screamed at him, reaching out to grab him. All he could do was smile sinisterly at them as he walked down the hall. Leading him into a room, away from all the uproar,

“Here you go. You have 5 minutes to change.” as the guard unlocked the handcuffs off. Before handing him, his spare change of clothes. He smilied sinisterly at him, snatching it out of his hands,

“Yes, Sir.” leading himself out of sight of the guard.

Quickly changing into his clothes, guards quickly swarming his every side, cautiously walking him over to the entrance. Once out, he smiled at his driver, while unbuttoning his collar. Taking a last glance back at the prison, before getting into the car. Once in the car, the driver didn’t hesitate to speed away, tossing him a manila envelope,

“Here sir. What you requested.” tossing the envelope back. Catching it, delicately, opening the envelope, pulling out a photo. Smiling to himself, before placing the photo back. Glaring at his driver, through the tiny mirror above him, making immediate eye contact with him,

“Hanbin looks so much like his mother.” laughing out loud, crumbling the envelope, shredding it into millions of pieces. Throwing the pieces out of the window, to be blown away by the wind.

“He’s the damn reason, I spend 17 years in that damn prison. Rotting in that hell hole. I’m going to kill him. I’ll finish off that damned bloodline, she created.” slamming his hands down on the seat. Vowing his vengeance. Hanbin was the only one left and he needed to be eliminated. Dreaming of the day, he could watch him shrivel in his grip, kill him with his gun, or even better, with his bare hands. Hanbin needed to die just like his mother.

“He’s no son of mine. She thought I wouldn’t find out about her little affair.” smiling to himself, looking out his window, preoccupied with the thought of being free.

“Where to sir?” the driver says, glancing back.

“Orphanage. I need to pay someone a little visit.” reaching into his pocket, pulling out a heart shaped pendant, that had, Kim Hanbin engraved in it. Twirling it around in his fingers, watching as it shined in the darkness.

“I will find you.

“Get off her. I said get off her Junhoe!” Chanwoo, throwing Junhoe aside. Standing himself in front of you. Shielding you in a way.

“Calm down Chanwoo. After all, she’s Hanbin’s whore, not yours. But who knows maybe, after their little incident, he’ll share his leftovers.“ chuckling under his breath, pulling out his gun on Chanwoo. Pointing it directly at his head, glancing back down at you.

"He won’t protect you forever. Neither will that guy who marked you. After all, you belong to us. Watch your back beautiful or you’ll end up like that bitch over there.” giving his sinister smile, pointing his gun, at your direction.

“Pew. Haha.” motioning a gun blast. Laughing insanely, tucking the gun back. Patting Chanwoo’s shoulders, before walking himself out of the garage. Hearing a lock, echo through the room. Look at Chanwoo’s head bowed down, before sitting himself over at a table, back facing you,

“He won’t bother you tonight. Your safe for tonight. Sleep on the couch, make yourself comfortable.”

“Where….” clearing out your throat.

“Where will you sleep?” unfolding the blanket, completely ignoring your wounds. Eyes concentrating on his physique, his broad shoulders, his feet completely reaching the ground on the stool.

“In one of the cars behind you.” his hands scrabbling through the drawers.

Laying yourself completely on the sofa. Covering yourself with the small blanket. Shivering, teeth chattering, as the room started to get cold, curling into a ball to keep warm. Then feeling something hitting your face. Noticing the clothes on the floor next to you.

“Change. Your noises are starting to bug me.” pointing at the clothes in front of you. His attitude shifting so suddenly with you.

“Thank you.” whispering under your breath. Pulling the silk robe off. Slipping into the pair of boxers, a t-shirt, and baggy sweat pants. Setting down the clothes on the floor, cuddling yourself back onto the couch. Looking around to find him. But nowhere in sight. Smiling to yourself, thinking of his generous actions.

Meanwhile in the house,

“What the fuck happened to your jaw bro.” Bobby teasing at Hanbin’s swollen jaw,

“Haha. Keep it up and I’ll do the fuckin same to you.” raising his up at him. Taking another shot of whiskey. Feeling the burning sensation in his throat. Making him choke on the last drops. His eyes gazing up at Chanwoo’s sudden appearance.

“Yah~  Come back over here.” yelling at the top of his lungs. Managing to catch Chanwoo’s attention. Walking himself back into Hanbin’s view. Hands in his pockets, the hoodie covering his face, acting suspicious.

“What Hanbin.” rolling his eyes at the sight of him.

“Did you take care of that police officer from Seoul?” adjusting his jaw as he talked.

Chanwoo’s deminer didn’t change, responding back emotionlessly,

“Yes. Now get off my damn balls for once.” digging into his pockets, fishing out a cigarette packet. His eyes fixated on Bobby’s, Hanbin’s, and Donghyuk’s stares. Lighting up a cigarette, noticing Junhoe’s sudden appearance.

“Not with your whore I see.” pouring himself a shot of whiskey.

“Hanbin’s. Not mine remember.” exhaling the smoke through his nose and mouth.

The shot glass, slamming harshly down on the counter. Making everyone’s eyes turn over to Junhoe. His hands tightening over the shot glass. The glass cracking in his hands. Hanbin’s eyes analyzing the two. Narrowing down their problem.

“Don’t tell me. Let me guess. It’s about that whore I brought in.” sarcastically letting out. Chanwoo looks up at him while putting out his cigarette on the counter. Smirking at Hanbin and Junhoe. Walking himself out of everybody’s view. Stopping midway to glance back at Hanbin,

“Take her out of my garage, first thing in the morning or find her corpse.” letting himself out. Slamming the front door behind him.

“Gessh. What’s up with him lately.” Donghyuk’s voice trailing off as he walks out of the kitchen. The two of them were just left behind. Standing in utter silence. Hanbin cleaned off the broken glass. Holding the ice bag close to his jaw. Seating himself next o Bobby. Pouring whiskey into each other’s shot glasses.

“Aissh.” Hanbin’s face crinkling as the whiskey burned his throat. Bobby nudging him to take another shot,

“I’m good bro.” Pushing the glass away, rubbing the ice pace around his jaw, feeling the coldness numb his face.

“Why did you buy her. You never bid that high before on a girl.” turning his gaze over to look at Hanbin.

“Mmm. I don’t know. There is just something special about her.” facing his attention over to Bobby, who was taking another shot.

“Feelings are a bitch.” chuckling under his breath.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” patting Bobby’s shoulders, exiting out of his view. Walking himself over to the garage. Slowly opening the door, peeking through the crack. Noticing a body on the couch. Letting his body slid through the small opening. Tip-toeing over to the couch. Peeking from behind, looking at her sound asleep. Smiling, while feeling at his jaw. Suddenly feeling, hands covering his mouth, flinching and fighting off the hands. Turning over to see Chanwoo, standing there with blood all over his shirt,

“What the hell Chanwoo. Almost had a heart attack.” placing his hand over his chest. Looking up to see Chanwoo, waving him over to the exit. Creeping over to him. Exiting out of the garage to notice a body lying outside. Reaching his foot to flip over the body.

“Aw. God damn it. Who did this?!? I just bought her too.” his hands covering his nose.

“Junhoe. She tried escaping through the windows.” Chanwoo answered under his breath, putting the body into a machine, to grind up the leftovers.

“Damn Junhoe. He owe’s me three grand for her.” yelling out his response, trying to overpower the machines noise. After 5 minutes, Chanwoo turns off the machine. Facing his attention over to Hanbin, who is leaning against the wall.

Cold water was splashed onto your face. Making you wake up immediately. Noticing, that you were longer in the garage, it was Hanbin’s room. He came into view, pushing back the wet hair, that covered your face.

“Evening boo. You slept in today. Let’s get you changed and join me downstairs.” smiling at you. Feeling his hands touch around your body. Trying to push him off, only to see your hands in handcuffs, connected to the bed again. Letting himself off the bed, walking behind you, digging for something in the closet. Shaking the handcuffs, hoping they would slide off. Suddenly feeling, the cold end of the gun, hearing it load.

“Don’t even think about it.” walking himself around. Feeling the gun, slide across your forehead.

“Now that I have your attention. Choose an outfit.” Throwing the outfits next to you. Glancing over at them, they were all skimpy, slutty, and revealing. His gun waving your attention to the outfits once more.

“I don’t have all day princess. Choose or I’ll choose for you.” pushing the gun deeper in your skull. Avoiding to answer, hoping the gun would just go off. His glare burned down your spine. Eyes becoming watery as you gazed up at him,

“No. Just kill me.” tears rolling down, lips shivering, as you answered him.

“Kill you? haha. No baby, I’ll let you suffer a bit more before I do that.” laughing through his respond. He reached down, taking the handcuffs off. His gun still pointed at you,

“Here, put this on.” picking up the outfit, ordering you to change in front of him. After changing into the skimpy outfit. Glancing at yourself, into the mirror, feeling naked and dirty. Hanbin’s hands grabbing a fistful of your ass,

“My slutty taxi driver.” grabbing your hand, taking you out of the room. The loud bass of the music below, strobe lights flashing, men and women flocked into one room.

“Go in front of me.” the gun pushing down on your spine. Nodding in approval, walking down the steps. Women were dressed in similar attire, some were bunnies, police officers, nurses or just nude. The women at the pool were naked, practically having sex with men. After reaching the last steps, and into the crowded area. Hanbin turned you over, landing a forceful kiss. Leading you to a corner. Junhoe was there. Too busy, sticking his tongue down a girl’s throat, squeezing her breast.

The rest of the guys, had girls in their laps, as they counted cash in front of them. Guns, drugs, and weird objects scattered on the large coffee table.

“Everybody meet…” turning himself over to you. Whispering into your ear,

“What’s your name?”



“Guy’s this is Jai.” pushing you forward, in the center for everybody to look at you. The girls rolled their eyes, whispering to each other, even trying to make remarks,

“Where did you get her Hanbin?” one of the girls directing her attention to him.

“Doesn’t matter where or who. Get your ass up from my spot. Go bring me some cash.” kicking the girl out of his seat. Seating the two of you, his hands wrapped around your waist. The music getting louder, as a clear shot glass came into view,

“Drink it.” looking over to see Junhoe, offering you the drink. His sinister smile unraveling under his lips. Refusing his drink, trying to ignore his presence, feeling Hanbin’s slide off your body. Watching as he walked over to a girl at the bar. Leaving you defenseless next to him. Feeling Junhoe’s hands suddenly on your thighs, squeezing them lightly, scooting himself closer. His lips close to your ear,

“He won’t protect you. Look at him, flirting with other girls. If you become mine, I’ll just be yours.” landing soft kisses on your neck. Making you flinch. Quickly picking up the glass, drinking it in one shot,

“Why do you want me Junhoe?” turning to face him. Looking into his eyes, feeling a bit attracted to him.

“Because a gem like you deserves a protector.” licking his lips, as he noticed your face coming in closer. Closing your eyes, letting your lips touch. Exchanging tounges, in each others mouths. Picking up one of your thighs into his lap, bring your body closer to his. Each kiss getting aggressive, hands cupping his face. Thinking about every means to survive in this place, Junhoe could maybe protect you. Opening your eyes, to see Chanwoo, staring at you two on the couch. Before disappearing into the crowd, stopping the makeout session with Junhoe.

“What’s wrong baby.” his eyes analyzing your face, hands feeling around your face.

“I need to use the restroom.” asking him where was the closest bathroom. Getting off the couch, glancing over to see Hanbin making out with a girl by the bar. Ignoring him, as you squeezed through the crowd of people.

“Ay cutie. See that girl walking over there.” pointing her slender fingers at Jai.

“Yeah, what about her.” placing his drink down, glancing back at her.

‘Well, she told me, that she wanted to pleasure you. She said for you to just follow her. She’s finding an unoccupied room for the two of you.“ smiling, watching as the guy, fixed himself, before walking after Jai.

"Stupid bitch. Teach you a lesson not to mess with, what’s not yours.”

Chanwoo glanced over at Junhoe, who was sitting next to Donghyuk. Picking himself up quickly off the stool. Carefully walking behind the guy. Following him down the isolated hall. Looking at Jai up head, suddenly bumping into Bobby,


Opening the door, revealing another bedroom,

“Aissh. I swear he said the one on the left.” closing the door, turning around to see a guy standing there. Glaring down at you, pressing his body closer, making you bump into the door.

“Sorry. But excuse me.” trying to move around him, but his hands stopping you.

“I know you want me.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Don’t lie. I’ll pleasure you so good my little flower. I’ll pay Hanbin after I’m done.”

Yelling at the top of your lungs hoping to grab someone’s attention.

“Chanwoo. Junhoe. Chanwoo. Junhooo.” being cut off as his hands cover your mouth. Pushing you into the room, slamming you down onto the bed, his backhand making contact with your face.

“Shut the fuck up! Nobody will hear you.” feeling him strip you, going in and out of consciousness, repeating their names under your breath,

“Chanwoo. Junhoe.”

“Baby.” her hands touching down at Junhoe’s pants. Slapping her hands off him.

“Knock it off.” ignoring her presence, looking through the crowd for Jai.

“Are you fuckin serious Junhoe?” angered at his sudden gesture, before admitting what she did,

“Your little slut. Is getting fucked by…….. Nam Taehyun” chuckling, before repeating herself. Making him more agitated by his name. Gripping her neck, closing her airway, watching her struggle in his grip,

“If she gets hurt, I’ll fuckin kill you.” loosening his grip. Watching as she grasped for air.

“Junhoe!” hearing Jai’s voice through the music.

“Jai.” before lunging off the couch, running and pushing through the crowd of people. Down the narrow hall, hearing screams coming from a room. Pushing the door open to see Jai, half naked in Chanwoo’s arms, meanwhile, Taehyun was knocked out cold on the floor.

Rushing over to Chanwoo, kneeling down, taking Jai out of his hands.

“What happened?” brushing her hair out of her face. Noticing she was knocked out cold. A red mark, left on her cheek, and a  bloody lip. Junhoe, pressed her body close to his, holding her tight. Feeling the warmth of someone he actually cared about.

“Did that bastard rape her?” looking back up at Chanwoo.

To Keep You Warm

Preface: You’re a member of the company and the nights out in the open tend to get cold, so cuddles are a must. Luckily for you there’s an affectionate young dwarf readily available.
Words: 1213
Pairing: Kili X Reader
Warnings: Fluff.

The night air nipped at your skin, making every hair stand on end as a wave of goosebumps flushed over you. The twitch in your foot was only confirming the fact that you weren’t simply being petty for missing a warm bed but that it was cold indeed, and that perhaps you would be a fool for not imagining you were elsewhere with goose down blankets and a mountain of pillows. But there were other matters at hand, and another mountain far more worthy of your attention. Summer was waning and Durin’s Day approached, and complaining about the temperature was not worth the squabble you would receive for it. Perhaps you’d get a smile and a comforting pat on the shoulder from Balin, most likely a nod of agreement from Bilbo, but that wasn’t worth the angry reminder from Thorin that the quest was far more important than a good night’s sleep. But from what you could tell, just about everyone else could catch a few hours or so while you were left shivering in the dark.

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Us and Them- Peter Maximoff (X-men) x Reader

A/N: Hey guys. So um, I re-opened the fic blog and bascially I find the lack of peter fics kinda sad bc let’s be honest we all love this ordered to-go-pronto cinnamon roll. Also feel free to submit prompts for Peter Maximoff like holy shit, that’d be cool. Anyway, going for a 1970s pre-DOFP vibe. All songs will be linked in the fic because that’s cool, haha it’s like where’s wally but with links. So yeah, enjoy :)

Also apologies for any inaccuracies about America, I’m an Aussie so… 

Tags: bit angsty, fluffy, friends-to-lovers, swear words (oooh!)

Words: 2,161

Us and Them

It always seemed to come down to this you supposed, the pair of you sitting upon the tattered sofa in his mother’s basement, the chunky multi-coloured knitted throw chucked about haphazardly on chilled shoulders and knotted hair. Your cold legs were crossed and devoid of the ridiculously high-cut boots you’d decided to wear that day in the name of fashion. Said boots were currently lying in an unceremonious heap of droplet-clinging tanned suede by Peter’s damp varsity jacket and discarded shirt.

Because, y’know; rain, hail, or shine you pitied the poor bastard who got in the way of you and your best friend’s sense of cathartic release-

God no, not in the sexual way. You had to work on shaking those thoughts out from your head. Just because you were clad in only your bra and underwear did not mean you were engaging in sexual activities with Peter “cutest guy with the cutest ass” Maximoff.

Even if you kinda wished you were…

Especially in that choice of underwear-


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Icy Inferno

Summary: Barry gets jealous when a new metahuman comes to town with his sights set on you.

“This is definitely the last time I am ever coming over to your apartment,” Sighed Barry. He was currently slumped against your kitchen island while you scurried around preparing a meal large enough to satiate Barry. On tonight’s menu was pasta with your special sauce that Barry couldn’t seem to get enough of.

At first, he attempted to help but after he accidentally bumped your hip and caused you to nick yourself with the knife, you’d forced him to sit down and out of the way.

“You practically invited yourself over for the night, Barry; don’t blame this on me,” you rebutted.

“Don’t get me wrong, y/n,” He groaned, running his fingers through his hair in an attempt to keep it away from his face. “I love spending time with you; you’re a blast. I just can’t handle your eighty degree apartment.” He dramatically fanned himself as if he was dying of a heat stroke though he hasn’t even broken a sweat.

You carefully turned to burner down to simmer, seeing as you weren’t in the mood to deal with a grumpy, hungry Barry if the food was burned because of your bickering, before you twirled around to face him. Let the fight begin.

“First of all,” You pointed the wooden spoon at him in the most menacing way possible. “You came here on your own. I was in no way forcing you at all to come here. Second, it’s only around seventy in here because that’s as low as I can have it without freezing my bones.” While the conclusion of that statement was a slight exaggeration, that’s what it felt like whenever the temperature dropped below seventy or so degrees.

Walking around the city in an overwhelmingly puffy and warm coat even in warm weather normally caught some strange looks but after nearly two years of this you began to get used to them. After spending the day wrapped up in blankets and coats, it was nice to finally be able to step into your warm house, slip into something less smothering and just relax.

You were blessed with the power of ice and water manipulation but it had its downsides seeing as it drastically lowered your internal body temperature and the team still has yet to find a way to fix this problem.

Barry was lucky enough to have a normal body temperature and didn’t quite understand your daily struggle of avoiding hypothermia.

“I’m just saying; we could always turn the heat down and just pile ourselves under a mound of blankets and cuddle together to keep you warm while we watch Friends.” His suggestion made your face heat up, causing you to duck down in order to hide from Barry’s observant stare. Cuddling with Barry was probably your favorite pastime and one sure fire way to get you to turn the heat down. He knew this and was perfectly content with using it to his advantage.

As if the world didn’t want that to happen, your phone vibrated with a new text message almost on cue.

From Cisco:

We have a visitor down at STAR Labs that I think you guys should come meet. Hurry here, ASAP.

Dinner would have to wait. “Duty calls,” you sighed, showing Barry the text message before he scooped you up and zoomed off to STAR Labs with precious cargo in his arms.

You entered the lab expecting to see destruction but, much to your surprise and relief, everything seemed fine, normal even.

“Cisco?” Barry called out after he set you safely back down onto the ground.

“In here!” His voice rang from the metahuman prison quarters.

You both trekked down there, still expecting to see something out of place but were once again surprised to see Cisco sitting on a picnic chair facing a new prisoner.

In the cell, a boy who you’d deduced to be a little older than you—meaning mid to late twenty's—splayed out on the floor as he tossed a ball against the wall, catching on rebound every time.

His light blond, unruly hair fell just past his chin with a slight wave to it. He was so caught up with his game of toss that he didn’t even notice your presence until Cisco spoke up again, his voice seeming to echo off the walls.

“This,” He announced, dramatically waving his arms at the captured boy. “Is Evan Callahan.”

You broke your gaze from the boy, Evan (who was now fully aware of his spectators and returning your stare without question), to glance at Barry.

He looked just as confused as you were but he was the one to make an attempt find some answers while you silently analyzed the situation. “And you know this how…?”

Cisco sent Evan a glare while he grinned wickedly in response. “Not only did he walk into the Cortex like he owned the place, he said he was looking for the person who was in charge of the metahuman task force before he pulled some FIRESTORM shit and nearly burned this building down.”

“It wouldn’t have burned down,” Evan chimed in, an arrogant grin still apparent on his face. His voice was much smoother than you would have expected since someone with such a carefree (more towards the point of being reckless) persona shouldn’t have such a fruity and appealing voice that could lure anyone in. “I was just trying to show you that I was the real deal. They’re a lot of fakes out there, ya know.”

“Anyways,” Cisco continued as if the prisoner behind him hadn’t said a word. “After I detained him, I locked him up in here for all of our safety.”

After that, you tuned the conversation out and focused on the man who was now skillfully playing with a small ball of fire now, seemingly back in his own little world as the fire consumed all of his attention. He seemed enthralled with fire, similar to how one would think a pyromaniac would be, but he didn’t seem at all dangerous with it.

Karma suddenly seemed to be a real, cruel thing seeing as this gorgeous boy had suddenly appeared but just so happened to have powers that could likely cancel yours out or even harm you. The first boy that has even remotely caught your interest after the whole Barry fiasco seems be the same one who could ruin you completely.

“I say we help him,” you said before your brain had even caught up to you and realized you had voiced that. All eyes turned to you, including Evan’s, as they waited for you to elaborate. “He came here for help, right?”

Cisco nodded, sending a weary glance towards Barry but you simply ignored it and continued before you lost your courage to stand up for the boy. It’s innocent until proven guilty and that boy hasn’t seemed to give you any evidence to hold against him. And you weren’t one to let an innocent person suffer for something they didn’t do—neither was Barry.

“Worst thing that happens is that he proves me wrong and he ends up back down here. But he does deserve a chance.” You held your ground as your eyes never left Barry’s as you spoke; making it clear that you weren’t going down without a fight.

They both still seemed apprehensive on the plan but you could practically sense that Evan wasn’t a villain. You could feel it deep down that he was here with a purpose that wasn’t motivated by malevolence. Call it intuition or just a gut feeling or maybe even a reckless proposal but you could tell that he just wanted some help.

Somehow, you had gotten your way and Evan was freed from the cell while Barry left to go get Caitlin so she could help run tests on Evan. (On her one day off and she gets dragged back to work and people wonder why she doesn’t have a social life).

Barry felt his blood boil after seeing you completely fixated upon Evan that he felt like volunteering to go get Cait, rather wait for he to get there on her own, was his only escape without it becoming suspicious that he felt a bit jealous.

Barry had always been a possessive person, especially when it came to you for some reason. He wanted to protect you from all the villains and trouble Central City had to offer but that just wasn’t possible anymore despite his best efforts. So when your powers slowly started to manifest (oddly enough just after the biggest snow storm in Central City’s history), Barry felt like this was some sort of sign from the universe telling him that you were meant to stick with him and protect the city like he was; he just never expected those innocent feelings to develop into something this strong.

He thought that, at first, he was mistaking the protective feelings he bared for the pride he felt whenever you two safely completed a mission. He thought the butterflies in his stomach when you walked into a room was just from the lightness that your presence carried.

He didn’t realize that just a simple thought of you was enough to bring a smile to his face. Or how, as Cisco dutifully pointed out, he more often than not seemed to relate things back to you. (“I need find some of those weird fruity muffins that y/n always has; she’s gotten me hooked on them.” , “Y/n would love this if she was here, I’ll have to tell her all about this later.” Or finally “Do you think I should get this? I know y/n’s been eyeing it for weeks now but doesn’t want to waste her own money on it… I think I’m gonna get it.”).

But Barry was usually the last person to catch onto any situation so he was surprised that when he came to sort out his emotions, you weren’t in the loop yet about it.

He thought he was being overly blunt about it but it all seemed to be going right over your head no matter how hard he tried. The gentle teasing, the extra amount of time he spends alone with you compared to the rest of the team, or even practically living with you at your house since you had a bigger bed and it took nearly nothing at all to convince you about a good cuddle.

He thought you knew that his feelings for you had changed but you were just playing hard to get in order to see how far he was willing to go. Boy was he wrong. You earnestly had no idea.

It almost seemed like you and Evan were fit like two halves of a whole even. He was fire, you were ice. Together you could be a deadly combination and Barry didn’t even want to willing think about the possibility of something forming between the two of you (The flashback of Killer Frost and FIRESTORM from world two still gave him chills to this very day). He couldn’t lose anyone else again—whether he ever really had you or not was debatable but he wasn’t going to let you go that was for sure.

It was now or never since he couldn’t risk you falling for someone else without at least getting his feelings off his chest first. Whether or not you picked him after that was a whole different story.

Evan was currently in the small medical room being poked and prodded at by Dr. Caitlin Snow while you and Cisco sat in the Cortex scanning for any meta activity but since the streets seemed to be pretty calm today it left you some time to play some spider solitaire to kill time.

Cisco was still uncertain of Evan, making his feelings very apparent with annoyed grumbles under his breath while Barry was nowhere to be found.

After he dropped Caitlin off at STAR Labs he claimed that he had business to take care of at his own lab and he quickly dashed off without another word.

It took Caitlin only thirty minutes to finish up the tests and release Evan back into the Cortex while she analyzed her findings.

Upon his entrance, Evan made the conscious decision to sit beside you rather than the only other open seat that was closer to Cisco, who wasn’t even attempting to hide his glare from Evan at this point.

“So do you guys work with the Flash or something?” Evan inquired, lifting his feet up to rest beside your computer so that he would recline in his swivel chair.

“Something like that,” You replied cryptically, not wanting anyone unnecessarily privy to Barry’s identity when there was no reason for them to be.

“So do you have powers like the Flash and I do or do you help him in another way?” Evan continued to question you but you didn’t really mind. His intentions were innocent and he was just curious. Besides, it was nice to have someone to talk to since Cisco had left the room only a minute after Evan re-entered, claiming he had to go down for his daily metahuman prisoner check.

“A little bit of both, I guess. I help him find some other metahumans that like to cause a ruckus but I’ll also join him out in the field if he needs help with a mission.” Though he doesn’t seem to let you join on extra dangerous missions since you can’t heal as quickly as he can.

Evan’s bad boy persona seemed to crumble around him as his excitement to mess with his powers took over. “So you have powers too then?! What can you do? Please tell me it’s something fun like a fireball.” On cue, he produced a fireball above his open palm and just allowed it to hover there as he looked to you with awaiting eyes for a response.

“Well,” You giggled at the irony. “I can’t exactly do that but I can do the opposite.” You held your hand out and focused on the ice that resided inside of you and concentrated on pushing it outwards. A perfectly round snowball suspended above your hand as a result.

As Evan watched in awe, much like a five year old watching fireworks, his fireball fizzled away with the loss of his attention since it was now completely focused on you. “No way, that’s absolutely astounding!”

You scoffed. Your ability was far from amazing considering that every day was a fight against hyperthermia no matter how hot it was outside. “It’s not as extraordinary as you’d think.”

Evan’s blonde hair fell forward as he jerked his feet off the table so that he could turn to face you but he was quick to push it back behind his ear. “I can’t think of any downside to something like that. It seems absolutely awesome. Don’t get me wrong, fire is amazing but it’s also extremely dangerous. I always have to be in complete control at all times in order to keep those around me safe. People love winter, snow and those cold days but they fear anything to do with fire.” He insisted. “One wrong move and I could set a whole building on fire all because I wasn’t focused on the power the fire has over me.”

You never looked at it that way. Barry wasn’t always too willing to bring you out into the field with him but when he did, he was usually the one to finish the job and save the day. You didn’t get the credit but you did get the rewarding feeling that came along with it, which you believed was better than receiving credit. Never once had you thought about the positives that could cancel out the negatives. But helping save the city could definitely be considered a positive.

All the snow days you had created for the school kids, the white Christmases you provided, or the scorching hot days made slightly better when you manipulated the air around you to become significantly cooler. Even helping out the old lady that lived across from you during winter by clearing her driveway for free seeing as a simple motion was enough to clean it. You were oblivious to all those small but meaningful things that, when examined, made your ability that much better and could even cancel out some negatives.

“That’s true,” you conceded. “But it’d be nice to go through one day without having to wear a sweatshirt and a hoodie on an eighty degree day just so that I can feel remotely comfortable.” You laughed, not expecting Evan to understand the inconvenience.

He pondered what you said and after a moment he spoke up. “I can help with that,” he said quietly as he rolled closer towards to, twisting to take your hands in his.

It took Barry longer than he had expected to clear his head. He had predicted it to take ten, fifteen minutes tops but he ended up wasting nearly forty five minutes before he wasn’t seeing red anymore.

Instead of running back to STAR Labs he leisurely strolled back in order to waste even more time. But no amount of time could have prepared him for what he was about to witness when he arrived.

“Here,” He heard Evan’s voice resonate through the Cortex, allowing Barry to clearly hear him in the hallway where he was out of sight. “Give me your hands and close your eyes.”

Now normally, Barry wouldn’t be envious of such a small gesture, especially since he usually shared a bed with you more often than not, but that Evan guy just irked him for some reason unbeknownst to him. Maybe it was because he was pretty attractive (though Barry would only ever admit that to himself and only himself) or maybe it was the way you two had looked at each other when he was in the cell that had established his instant dislike for the boy.

“Think of something you love, something that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Like seeing an elderly couple still madly in love, or those type of hugs where neither of you want to let go. The thing I’ve found that works best is thinking of the person you love the most. Your favorite thing about them or all the good times you had with them. Think about the warmth that just the thought of them can fill you with and ignore the chill that fills you now. Just think of how warm and fuzzy someone makes you feel and once you’ve got that, I’ll help you amplify it and that’ll warm you up. Okay?” Evan spoke smoothly, and even the sound of his voice seemed to piss Barry off all over again—completely canceling out his walk to calm down.

Evan instructions seemed easy enough but you wanted to pull back when you realized that Barry was the one who made you feel all fuzzy inside. It wasn’t just him, it was all the things did for you or knew about you. For example, he knew your Jitters or Big Belly Burger orders as well as his own, or how he knew that you had a habit of crying over fictional characters more than you’d ever admit but he would never make fun of you for it, he’d simply ask you who it was for and try his best to let you vent to him which would usually help. How it didn’t take too much convincing from you to get him to watch a new anime with you or how he was seemed to have radar for when you felt frozen to the bone and in need of a good, warm cuddle. It was like he had a sixth sense that was perfectly attuned to you.

But that was just you reading into things…

Why did he pine over Iris nearly his whole life if that were true? Why would he have dated Patty if any of those things you felt for him were reciprocated? Or why did he ditch your dinner date that one time to go bowling with Linda? You’d always be number two to his current love interest no matter how hard you tried. You were just reading into things too much and seeing signs that weren’t even there at this point.

What seemed to piss you off the most about the situation is that you actually felt warmth swell up inside of you while you thought about him. Unrequited love was a real bitch but, damn, did it feel good to have a normal body temperature.

As if on cue, Barry decided to make his presence known. He strode into the cortex with a glare on his face as he eyed you and Evan but you were oblivious since you couldn’t possibly comprehend anything beyond the new warmth that filled you to the brim, which Barry just happened to be the indirect cause of.

But when he obnoxiously cleared his throat, you were quick to turn around and send him a smile, your fingers still entwined with Evan’s. “Hi, Bare!”

Evan greeted him with an award winning smile that was completely lost upon Barry but that didn’t seem to faze him in anyway. At this point, you weren’t sure there was anything that could put Evan on edge. He, ironically, seemed to be perpetually cool headed.

“How did you know you wouldn’t burn her?” Barry demanded, not even bothering with a greeting nor attempting to hide the fact he had been eavesdropping. “How did you know that would work?” He blatantly glared at your connected hands before he scrutinized everything possibly wrong with Evan.

Evan shrugged lackadaisically as he eyed Barry without a single care in the world. “I have to do the opposite in order to keep myself from overheating or letting the fire take over so I knew that it would be a piece of cake just reversing my process to help a beautiful lady out.” Evan squeezed your hand gently as he sent you a flirtatious smile that brought a small blush to your cheeks. Despite Barry being the one to fill you with heat, that didn’t mean a cute boy smiling directly at you was unappreciated.

“Well,” Barry stated, reaching out for you to slip your hands into his rather than Evan’s. “We appreciate your help but Caitlin is looking for you, says she has to discuss the results with you before considering your options.” Barry’s arm slipped around your waist and you swore that, despite having disconnected your grasp with Evan, the heat only intensified when Barry pulled you close.

With a final, warm smile, Evan disappeared and without him tension filled the air.

“So,” Barry began awkwardly, still tense despite how he obviously tried to hide it. “How about we go back home and have that leftover Chinese from last night while we watch Friends or How I Met Your Mother?”

Before you even had a chance to object, he led you towards the elevator to begin the descent.

“Bare,” You sighed, pulling away slightly from his hold as you walked on the sidewalk but when the warmth slowly faded, you were quick to resume your spot tucked into his side. “Where’d you disappear to today? As soon as you brought Cait to the lab you left like a bat outta hell.”

It really was strange when you think about it since Barry was usually all for assisting metahumans who aren’t batshit crazy and actually wanted to find help. Yet when one seeks you all out, he disappears with a flimsy excuse.

Barry stiffened for a moment, weighing the outcome of his possible options (either admitting his feelings now, like he had promised himself he would before it was too late, or rather chickening out and waiting to see if he ever gains the courage for it another time), before he made his choice.

“Just needed to clear my head a bit. Things felt too stuffy today and I just needed some sort of escape.” With his free hand, he awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck, a surefire way to tell that he was lying.

That’s when you decided to make him face the chopping block in order to find out the truth. “Thought you had to run to your lab to catch up on some work or something?”

He paled for a moment when he realized his mistake but decided that he was going to try his best to untangle himself from this web. “I, uh,” he stumbled over his words, making it much more unbelievable than he had intended. “I did! It wasn’t as much as I expected so I took my time going back to STAR Labs.”

“Barry Allen,” you halted, releasing his hand as you stood right before you. “Are you jealous? This is exactly how you acted around Iris when she was with Eddie except the only person I could possibly think of to trigger this would be Evan but I still don’t understand why he could make you jealous.”

“I wasn’t jealous!” Barry quickly denied. “Just saw how he was looking at you and I got worried…” He stumbled over his words when he realized what he was about to finally admit to you.

“Worried how? I know neither you nor Cisco trusted him but it wouldn’t have been that hard for the Flash to detain him, ya know? If he did anything wrong the Flash would’ve swooped in to save the day like usual.” You were careful as to not refer to Barry as the Flash seeing as you didn’t want random citizens knowing about his alternate identity. When you saw a slight blush arise on his cheeks you decided to only further the teasing. “Aw, Barry were you worried about me? Thought he’d try and lure me in with his charm and looks? I’ll admit he was quite pretty but blonds aren’t my thing.”

He shrugged while awkwardly avoiding eye contact with you while he spoke again. “I dunno… Just care for you a lot and I got worried when I say him eying you up. You deserve the best and I don’t think that Evan qualifies as that.”

You gently began to tug him along seeing as it was getting late and you didn’t want to get stuck out at night since that’s when all the angry metas came out to play. “Oh yeah?” you smiled at him, attempting to ease his tensions. “How come?” You remembered all those times Cisco had said something about Barry liking you but you had always brushed it off a joke seeing as he always seemed to have his sights set on someone else. But now you were both single and a little prodding to see if he really likes you couldn’t hurt—especially when you could play it off as a joke still.

“Just seems like someone who wouldn’t treat you right. You need someone who will never take you for granted no matter what. Someone who’s always there for you… you know? He seems like the type of man who only keeps girls around as long as they keep him entertained, after that then he’d probably just toss them to the side for the next girl.”

You smiled at Barry’s chivalry and protectiveness and decided to try and ease his tension since he was being too serious and nervous. “Oh come on,” You elbowed him in the side in order to hear his quiet chuckle. “At least take me out on a date first before you go confessing your undying love for me.”

“Oh yeah?” Barry asked challengingly, completely leaving behind his nervous blabbering and now he become very serious and excited. “Let’s go! We’re going on a date right now.” He instantly began tugging you along behind him, forcing you to nearly jog in order to keep up with his long legs.

Your light laughter filled the air as he pulled you along the dimly lit sidewalks of Central City. You couldn’t believe he was actually serious about going on a date (considering you were just trying to lighten the mood when you insisted that, but you couldn’t seem to see a downside to it now) but the man tugging you along was dead set on going on a date tonight. “Barry, where do you plan on taking us at nearly eight o'clock at night? Everything’s closed!”

This fact didn’t at all cause him to falter in his steps as he simply kept tugging you along.

“Taking all that into consideration, I know that cooking dinner and watching a movie is always an option for us therefore what better for our first date?” Barry finally noticed your slight panting and made the conscious choice to slow down so you could walk beside him rather than behind him. He tends to forget that not everyone could run across the world without even breaking a sweat.

With your hands still wrapped tightly together, your body felt toasty warm for a change and you never wanted to let go and lose the feeling of warmth and giddiness Barry made you feel.

“Well if that’s your idea of a date then I’d have to say we’ve probably been on hundreds of dates together. Hell, I’ve even been on a few with Cisco then!” You laughed as Barry fumbled with his key (you had given him his own key to your apartment considering he was there just as often as you were) to the door before he finally led you inside and turned the heat back on the sauce.

You squealed as Barry swiftly turned around and lifted you to sit up on the island counter. He opened the pantry door and snagged the apron that you had hanging up in there before he slipped it on. Giggles escaped you since it was a classic 1950’s housewife apron and all he needed to complete the look was a pair of gloves.

With his hands on each side of you, he leaned extremely close as he whispered in your ear. “This one is about to be our first official date that I will make sure will be much more memorable than all the previous ones.”

A/n: I low key imagined Evan to be played by Austin Butler tbh, in case you had trouble picturing him ;)