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Heads up if you’re involved in your local DIY community, time to up your security!
Especially for folks who throw house shows or who use combined living/working spaces to host events, doubly so for people whose spaces are in a legal grey area.
Get better at keeping your doors manned, pull your addresses off listings/make people RSVP for locations, monitor who’s at your events/keep an eye peeled on their social media, and consider going dark for a bit if you’re attracting unwanted attention.

took a break from emote requests to do some christmas sweaters! happy christmas everyone! i hope to do some more of these with other overwatch characters, so keep your eyes peeled <3

Cipher Hunt 2: The Sequel

Codemageddon, as we know of it, appears to be starting this summer! The summer of 2017! Who’s ready for the hype? This post is a summary of what we know.

Rumor has it that Jason Ritter is on the project, but Alex Hirsch isn’t.

There are several twitters linked to the project, that seem to be important: official, Ford, Stan, Dipper, Mabel

The twitters have produced some gems like this,

and this

So it’s worth a follow. We do not know what role they will be playing in the hunt.

There will be clues outside of the United States, in the British Isles and Australia.

The event is being called Codemageddon.

That’s all I know for now, folks! Keep your eyes peeled for more!

"I'll catch you, I promise"

Not a request, just one I’ve been working on throughout the day. First of the requests coming tonight, so keep your eyes peeled.
Hogwarts AU
You weaved in and out of the trees of the forbidden forest, tirelessly trying to keep up with Newt’s pace. Who knew Hufflepuffs were so quick?!

You had, for some reason, agreed to helping Newt, your best friend of 2 years, find this creature. A moke? You couldn’t remember, it was all rapid fire explanation before you willingly accepted. It’s so dull in those common rooms, you would so much rather be doing anything but sitting by the fire with schoolwork. Well, that actually doesn’t seem to bad at the moment.
You began to panic as you watched Newt’s image start to disappear in the distance of the forest.

“Newt!” You yell in a hushed whisper, but it was no use. If you were louder, you’d draw attention to yourself. Newt was on a mission, and Newt was going to follow through with that mission by any means necessary.

You were dodging every vine and strange creature that happened to stumble your way, basically ignoring everything worth stopping and studying just to keep up with your friend. Your stupid…stupid…very cute friend.

You were jumping over this small creek when you felt a searing pain in your calf, followed by something ominously warm trickling down to your foot. You let out a cry and clutched your leg.

“Damnit” you sighed under your breath, stopping to take a look at the damage.
It wasn’t too serious, not enough to need stitches, but if it wasn’t disinfected soon, you would get very sick.

“Dammit Newt, come back!” You stomped your foot on the uneven ground, immediately regretting it as your leg gave out, and you tumbled onto the forest floor.

You repositioned your leg to look at it once more, and you audibly gasped. Needless to say, it wasn’t a pretty sight. Some dirt had found its way into the gash and was burning like crazy. You felt a wave of nausea as you tried to stand up again.

You took a step. It was painful, yet tolerable.
Now wasn’t about the Moke, it was just finding Newt and going home so you could chew him out about leaving you stranded in the forest.

You strolled through at an infuriatingly slow pace, cursing the fact that before you even get back the the common room, you’ll probably be busted and expelled. What a delight to think about.

An hour or so seemed to have passed, because you started to feel a little light headed from the exhaustion. Maybe you could live here from now on, it didn’t seem like that bad of a place to stay?

As you were just about to consider putting a down payment on that hole in the tree, you heard something ominously close with large, slow footprints.

Great, you think. Just great. You didn’t have time to deal with another centaur yelling at you for trespassing.

But just as you looked up, you locked eyes with a 12 foot troll, looking confused, and dangerously curious. He carried a stick the size of your entire body, which could probably also crush your entire body if he tried.

“(Y/N)…don’t move” you heard that all too familiar voice.
“Newt? Newt I’m going to kill you” you resisted the urge to look around for him.

“Understandable. But first, we’re going to focus on you not getting killed. Don’t look now but I’m at the bottom of this small crevice right behind Tully”

“You gave him a name?”
“I give them all names, (Y/N), don’t be ridiculous. The point is, you need to slide between his legs, and jump down into the crevice. I’ll catch you. Can you do that for me?” Your eyes widen at his ridiculous

“No, absolutely not, there has to be another way”

“(Y/N) please…please he won’t stay well behaved forever. Either you do as I say, or…” he trailed off, not letting himself think like that.
“You said you’d catch me, right? You won’t let me fall?”

“Oh course I’ll catch you, I promise”
You stay silent for a second, before the troll’s hand twitched, and it all became way to real.
You threw away your sound logic, and broke into a sprint straight for the troll’s legs. He wasn’t quite fast enough to detect what was happening, so you went right through his legs, making a run for the crevice. It was a lot steeper than you imagined. You squeezed your eyes shut, and leapt from the safety of the ground.
You were falling at an alarmingly quick pace, for a maybe a little too long.

But eventually you came to a stop, and you were safety in the arms of your friend.
He was smiling wildly at you, but as quick as his smile came, it left, and the footsteps of the troll were directly overhead.

He pulled you close into an embrace, as he pushed the two of you against the wall, trying not to make any noise. You felt a blush creep into your cheeks, but tried to dismiss any thoughts before they came.

It felt like hours before the footsteps faded, and you two were locked in silence.
You pulled away ever so slightly, trying to catch his eye.

“Wow that was…” you trailed off, adrenaline still pumping through your veins.

“Amazing? Electrifying?” He was absolutely full of excitement, and all your potential anger evaporated.

“Yes” you said, smiling wildly at him.
“Absolutely amazing”

“Then let’s run along before he comes back” he said, and began to wander down the path, holding you hand closely behind him.
Slowly but surely, the pain in your leg stared to resurface until you were pathetically limping behind Newt.

And then, the pain just became too much.
“Hey…uh, Newt. How about we take a rest for a bit ok?” You fumble, trying to smile through the burning sensation in your leg. His face twisted in confusion and concern, obviously seeing through your facade.

“Why? Is everything ok?”
You bite your lip, not wanting to worry him with your injury. It was minor anyway. You can get it looked at later.

“Yes, I’m just a little tired. Sorry” you avoided his eye contact, knowing he’d see through your lie. He still didn’t seem at all convinced, so he halted and held out his arm, stopping you from proceeding to walk.

“No no, something’s wrong, you’re not looking at me” You fidget awkwardly, trying to make yourself smaller under his gaze.
“My leg is just bothering me a little bit”
“Well, let me see…I may have something to help”

You reluctantly shifted, showing your horror movie of a leg to him.
His face immediately paled and he gasped.
“(Y/N)…you should have told me”

Your face flushed with embarrassment.
“I didn’t want to be a burden” he shook his head and looked up at you in disbelief, and the two of you just froze, lost in each other’s gaze.
“Your safety will never be a burden” he muttered, obviously lost at what to say next.

You looked away sharply, breaking the trance, and for a split second, he almost looked disappointed.

“Well we better get you to the nurse for your leg, or we have to cut it off” your eyes go wide, but he chuckled a little bit in response.

“I’m joking. Now, can you walk?”
“Of course I can…just a little inadequately. It’s getting dark, I’ll manage”
“No need, I’ll carry you” you let out a laugh you didn’t know you were holding in.
“What?” His face twisted with hurt from your sudden outburst.

“I’m sorry it’s just, you’re a wee little thing”
“I can be strong if I want to be.”
“What if we go splitsies, you’ll carry me half the way, and then I’ll carry you”

“Very funny” he smiled at you, but it eventually fell, leaving a serious tension in the air.
“Let me help you”
You glare at him playfully, then ruffle his hair, which you know he hates. He frantically tries to pat his wild curls back down.

“Fine, but just this once”
He beams at you, then jumps up and mimics some sort of wild animal doing a dance, as if excited to get some action.

You stand there, not knowing whether to laugh or be absolutely terrified.

“Hop on” he finally says, and you can’t help yourself from breaking into a mad grin.
“Wow Newt, you are one fantastic beast”
He looks back at you with some kind of expression you had never seen before. The look in his eyes was something of wonder and passion.

“And as are you.”

Did you see, did you see?? WE HAVE A COVER! 😁 Are you as infinitely more excited as we are, now?
Planning this ACOWAR box is so much fun and we have some great things in store.
It’ll go up for pre-order by the end of this month, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


Received my adorable SasuSaku charm (a double-sided charm featuring Boruto SasuSaku on one side and Pre-Shippuden SasuSaku on the other) from @kirakurapon / @chibikizumi in the mail today!

It came with 2 beautiful SasuSaku polaroid pictures, and I have to admit – when I turned the envelope to the other side (where it says, “Please do not bend”), I had a good laugh because I did not expect there to be a cute drawing to accompany the reminder!

If you missed out on the first round of pre-orders, fear not! @kirakurapon / @chibikizumi is planning to open a second batch, so keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement! ^ ^