keep your eye on the pie

Asexuality Gothic

You go to a bakery you order pie. The baker gives you cake. You start to tell the baker they made a mistake that you don’t even like cake, then you realize, you love cake. You do not enjoy its flavor or consistency but you love it. You have always loved cake.

A is not for allies. There are no allies. This is war and we intend to win.

You are walking down the street, you think you see yourself in the distance. Weird. You continue walking down the street. Throughout the day you keep seeing yourself out the corner of your eye. Then you realize. They are your clones. The ignorant jokers are right you do reproduce asexually.

You tell someone you are asexual. They say that when you’re older you’ll see. Little do they know that you will never get older. Not since you met the man at the crossroads.

You visit AVEN. You know it is meant for you. But who are you? You are white, cis and nuerotypical, at least that’s what they tell you you are.

“Sex is part of human nature” says a pompous voice attached to an asshole you call “Steve”. “Steve” does not consider that you are not human at all. But it would be too late for “Steve” any ways . “Steve” never had a chance.

You realize that there is so little representation in fiction. But the old dove hunting you in the night knows that you are fiction and the real world wishes you had more asexual representation.

You log into Tumblr. You get a message. Asexuality doesn’t exist. You laugh it off but feel a tingling sensation of impending doom all over. You go to the mirror and do not see a reflection. Your family pictures no longer include you, you do not exist.

No Sad Faces on Christmas

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With a cup of eggnog in one hand, Harry stood a good distance away from the Christmas merriment. Far enough that he couldn’t be wrangled into helping decorate the tree but close enough to keep an eye on Wally and Jesse. The two had been inseparable since Jesse and his return to Earth-1. He was starting to rethink his decision to spend the holidays with Team Flash. 

“Happy to be back?” you asked around a mouthful of pumpkin pie as you ambled over to Harry’s side. You were dressed in a really loud sweater that read ‘Happy Elfin Holiday’ with plastic reindeer ears perched atop your head. The picture of Christmas cheer compared to the grumpy gills you now stood beside. 

Harry’s blue gaze flicked towards you as he took in your outrageous outfit. A small smile formed at the corner of his lips at your close proximity and he almost choked on his eggnog after having read the phrase on your sweater. Really, it took all his strength not to laugh out loud. “Oh yes,” he coughed as he glanced back at his daughter who was still sitting extremely close to the West boy,” so happy…NOT.”

Confused, you followed his gaze, Ohhh…so that’s why he’s such a grouch. “You so owe me one,” you muttered as you stalked towards the couple leaving a very perplexed Harry behind. You hadn’t bought him a Christmas present this year but you figured what you were about to do would definitely make up for that.

“Hey guys,” you smiled sweetly at the Speedsters, “mind if I join you?” Jesse nodded and patted the space beside her. “Great!” You stepped forward and did the unthinkable: you squeezed yourself between the two.  “Now that’s more like it,” you turned to look at a fuming Jesse, “You know…you really should save room for Jesus.” 

From across the room, you could’ve sworn you heard a bark of laughter coming from the Grinch as Jesse left the lab in a huff. Merry Christmas Harry, you mouthed as he met your gaze and gave you a rare smile. Oh yes—totally worth it.


This is the gift I was talking about. I wanted to write something for you since you make so many Tumblr users imagines come true. I hope you like it and I hope you have a great holiday! Merry Christmas! 

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About Damn Time

Requested By: @trinityjadec

Drabble Prompts: “Oh my god! You’re in love with her!” AND “Why don’t they just kiss already?”

Pairing: Cas x reader


Cas watched you as you gracefully moved around the kitchen, messing around with Dean as you went to put a pie in the oven.

“Dean! If you don’t leave my freaking pie alone, I will be forced to fight you,” you warned playfully, keeping the pie out of Dean’s reach as he tried to grab it from you.

Dean snorted, trying to get to it and sighing as you put it in the oven and shut the door. “Sweetheart, you know you’d lose.”

Cas smiled to himself as he watched you scoff, his eyes glued to the way your eyes lit up when you smiled. He outwardly let out a dreamy sigh, and Sam scoffed.

“Dude,” he caught Cas’ attention, giving him a knowing look. “You’re being really obvious.”

Cas furrowed his brow in confusion. “Obvious about what?”

Sam rolled his eyes, chuckling. “Oh my god, you’re in love with her!”


Sam gave him an annoyed “really?”  look, at which Cas sighed.

“It doesn’t matter how I feel. She doesn’t see me that way.”

“Oh please,” Sam waved him off. “She’s head over heels for you.”


“Hey Dean!” Sam called out to his brother, catching his and your attention. “I gotta talk to you about…that hunt,” he lied, giving Dean a look.

Dean smirked and nodded, walking out of the room with Sam. “Sure thing, Sammy.”

You watched with a confused expression as they left, but shrugged, checking on the pie. You turned around a moment later and squealed upon seeing Cas standing directly behind you, startling you.

“Shit, Cas!” you laughed breathlessly, placing your hand over your racing heart. “I forgot you were still in here.”

Cas’ shoulders sagged a bit as he frowned, looking down at the ground. “I apologize.”

There was an awkward silence as you screamed at yourself in your head. Say something, you idiot! You never get a moment alone with Cas! you yelled at yourself in your mind. You were hopelessly in love with Cas, and you just about panicked every time he was near. You never knew what to say.

“What kind of pie are you baking?” he asked.

“Oh, uh, it’s apple. Dean asked me to make some,” you replied, giving him a shy smile.

Cas nodded and gave you a polite smile before his eyes locked on the corner of your mouth, making your face heat up. “You, um, you have some flour right there,” he commented, lifting his hand and brushing the flour off of the corner of your mouth with his thumb, his eyes locked on yours as you subconsciously licked your lips.

“Why don’t they just kiss already?” Dean grumbled as he and Sam watched the two of you from the hallway.

The two of you leaned in slowly, your lips just about to touch when the timer went off, startling you both away from each other.

“Oh for crying out loud!” Dean shouted from the hallway as you shut the timer off. “Just kiss already!”

Yours and Cas’ cheeks burned crimson as you smiled shyly at each other. “You heard the man,” you said, placing your hand on the back of his neck. “Kiss me already.”

Cas grinned, placing his hands on your waist and kissing you passionately, earning cheers from the boys.

Sam grinned, clapping for the two of you.

“It’s about damn time.”

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Dean threw three more packages of Morton’s salt into the cart, hesitated for a moment, then grabbed another. You approached him, the pie he requested you grab in hand. He didn’t look up as he spoke to you.

“Look, I think Sam and I have got this vengeful spirit covered. Why don’t you head back to the bunker and help Castiel figure out that whole tablet issue.”

You narrowed your eyes, catching his subtle attempt at trying to keep you away from the fight.

“You’re only four minutes older than me, Dean, so you can stop treating me like a child. If I stay couped up in that bunker for one more minute my head is going to explode.”

Dean finally looked up at you, but his eyes flicked to the pie in your hands. Annoyance flashed over his features.

“You already are insane. I asked for apple, not raspberry.”

Sam rolled his eyes as the two of you launched into bickering. You shoved at Dean’s shoulder and he did the same to you. 

“Would you two quit it? We’re in a store,” Sam scolded. You and Dean hardly heard him. He sighed and then raised the volume of his voice, this time not talking to you or your twin, but to the other store patrons.

“Two children up for adoption. Both potty trained and only slightly smarter than they look!” 

You shot him a dirty look, forgetting about your annoying twin, but Sam kept booming out his fake advert all the way to checkout. He even leaned over to tell the cashier that he would pay someone to take “the two troublemakers” off his hands. You sent a sharp elbow into his side, grabbed the groceries and hurried out of the store with both brothers in tow.

Jungkook Scenario: Play for Keeps.

Request: Can i request a scenario where u’re jk’s gf n after u went public u got hurt n bullied by sasaengs (bruised etc) but didnt tell jk about it but the other members know n one day he saw it himself u got bullied n fluff ending please! 

Genre: Drama / Romance

Warning: Bullying - harrasing .

Even when your iced coffee was already running down, drenching and staining your pretty white sweater and pink pants, even when it was freezing your skin you still couldn’t believe it.

You breathed deeply, trying to react properly. Your eyes were glued to your apple pie now ugly and smashed on the floor of the little cafe, the tray and the empty vase of iced coffee were lying not so far away from it.

Four girls were laughing after one of them pushed your tray for all its contents to fall over you.

– Ups! – one of them said – I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there… all tiny and pathetic–

Of course you knew she was lying and that she had seen you more than well before pushing your tray and making you spill your coffee on purpose.

– What’s your problem? – you asked, trying to keep calm even though you were positively burning inside.

The girl who was talking before walked closer to you, her whole face changed to something more wicked and menacing, her words tinted with undeniable rage.

–My problem? – she spat. –My problem it’s a girl like you who thinks she’s good enough to take my idol away from me–

You backed off because that girl was practically breathing in your face. Now you knew what was all this about, she had to be talking about Jungkook and the fact that the whole nation now knew about your relationship after an official announce at the start of the week.

That only served to get you even more enraged, the possessive tone she had used to talk about your boyfriend as if he was some kind of object even when she had absolutely no rights to was still scorching your ears. You steeled yourself, your hands becoming fist at the sides of your body.

–He’s not yours to keep, you psycho–

You saw her going red in a matter of seconds, she moved as if she was going for you but a security guard approached you asking if everything was alright. You were breathing heavily but managed to nod and remembered that now your actions could also affect Jungkook and the least you wanted was to create a scandal because of some crazy fan, so you kept yourself together and walked away from the girls who were still burning holes on you with their eyes with all the dignity you were capable of.

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Dating Dean Winchester Would Include

-him being overprotective about everything
-him sticking up for you, always
-being best friends with Sam
-being a hard core destiel shipper (you get to see it up close & personal)
-often arguing because Dean wants to break up (because he is scared if you stay together you’ll get hurt, but by the end of the argument he realizes he would be lost without you)
-car sex. Lots of car sex.
-steamy shower sex
-his constant jokes
-Sam being completely grossed out by your relationship
-you helping him out with his hunt wounds
-late nights filled with pay per view, beer, and burgers
-him whispering how much he loves you in your ear
-when he’s on his way back from a hunt and he talks to Sam about how much he can’t wait to see you
-him singing his rock music to you obnoxiously in the car, while you’re laughing but also yelling at him to keep his eyes on the road
-the sex. Need I say more?
-Sam making fun of him because he does whatever you say
-him, being the super tough guy around you but when you’re around he’s super sweet and caring
-your parents loving him
-he loves your family
-Dean getting super jealous when any guy, or even the ghost facers flirt with you.
-wearing his leather jackets and shirts.
-you being the only person he talks about his feelings to

Log Date Zine Artist List

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Hey everyone, my co founder and I have spent the week compiling the following list of artist’s, and we couldn’t be more absolutely mind boggled at the turn out, we received a little under 200 sign ups, WOW! We’d like to extend a big thank you to every artist that applied! Those accepted, keep an eye on your emails for further instructions, and the templates we’ll be providing, as they’ll be sent off to you throughout today, and into this weekend at the latest! So, without further ado, here are the Clods! Ahem, artist’s accepted into the Zine!


  • heavenseveneleven
  • 808lhr
  • acynosure
  • amaet
  • amphibizzy
  • angeban
  • batchdraws
  • blueskycreations
  • blushmallet
  • bpderse
  • butterflyblossom
  • calonarang
  • cartoonistgirlsarts
  • castypha
  • ciggsandtea
  • colorprisma
  • dandybound
  • dark-tarou
  • dement09
  • dolly-button (Co-founder)
  • drawbauchery
  • gray-dragon-adoxography
  • herbal-milktea
  • jevinski
  • justautumn
  • kelpyk
  • kibbles-bits
  • kkdraws (Ask Peridot Gem!)
  • kotaroukenji
  • kyosplosion
  • kyterjingles
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  • oo-magicalchan-oo
  • partyperidot
  • peachydeer
  • peridoowop
  • rnn-draws
  • ronnok-archmage
  • sabercosmos
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  • sketchabee
  • soupery
  • tashiecake
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  • under-snoteleks
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  • yorkscoffee
  • ze-pie 

The only way Mashkov could know that Bitty is a good cook is if sometimes Bitty packs a goddamn lunch for Jack. And Jack shares it with his teammates like the good soul he is. (Also because bitty tends to pack way too much like “Bits i know it’s my favorite but i can’t eat 12 apple mini pies in one sitting”)

So one of these days he gives a dessert to Tater or something and his eyes just light up. 

“Your girlfriend make this?”


And then this starts Tater trying to bargain his way into having a dinner double date with his Girlfriend and Jack’s. 

“Zimmboni if I beat you in race then i come over”
“Zimmboni you look tense. I massage and then we eat girlfriend’s pie after”

And then after a while Jack politely tells Tater that it probably isn’t possible because “they don’t live in providence”

Ever since then I swear to god Tater keeps a fucking calendar countdown to when the offseason is in his locker and Jack swears that he will have him and Bitty over at the same time. 

Jack keeps his word and Tater is the first person on the team he comes out to. After that, they have dinner double dates quite often. Jack likes Tater’s wife because they both enjoy history, and Bitty likes Tater and they speak russian together while making pie crusts. 

Happy (Very Special) Pi Day!

Today is Pi Day, and a very special one at that. Because it’s 2015, today’s date bears the first five digits of pi! At 9:26 AM, we’ll have 8 digits. Fifty-three seconds in, we’ll have the first 10 digits! 

The gif above demonstrates the uniqueness of this year’s Pi Day. It’s a snippet from “Keep your eyes to the skies this Pi Day, a video by MIT bloggers

Eat lots of pie, and memorize lots of pi! :D 


Requested by @janaespecter14

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“What should we have for dinner?”  You asked, feeling Sam’s arms wrap around you as you dug around in the fridge.  His chin came to rest on your shoulder, arms squeezing you tightly.

“Whatever you feel like cooking.”  He shrugged, pressing a kiss to your neck.  You rolled your eyes, pulling out steak that you had bought earlier in the day and spinning out of Sam’s grasp to set about starting dinner.  He took up a spot next to you on the counter, helping you start dinner for the two of you.  You smiled as you cooked, loving how normal this lifestyle had come to both of you.  Sure it was what others would consider ‘mundane’, but to you the normalcy of the ‘apple pie’ life was just what you had needed.  You loved it.

Fluffy. A Matt Brown story.

It was so hard watching Matt with her. You had never told him how you felt about him so it wasn’t his fault, but they could have gone anywhere else on their date. Why did they have to show up at this restaurant at this time? You closed your eyes for a few seconds to block out the sight of her laughing up at him and running her fingers through the full gray curls of his hair.

“What will you have?” The server interrupted and your eyes snapped open just in time to see her lean in and give Matt a quick hug. You flinched and turned your attention to the server who was looking at you with an impatient frown.

“Just coffee and a slice of pie.” You really didn’t want to eat anything but your heart was pounding and your knees were weak so you didn’t trust yourself to stand up and walk out of there. But that’s what you really wanted to do. You wanted to stand up walk away and keep walking until you were in another town so you would never have to see Matt Brown ever again.

Every time you saw him in town, you wanted to run up to him and tell him you thought he was so beautiful and that you loved him and you would love him forever. But every time you saw him in town, you smiled stupidly at him and ran the other way. Looking into his blue eyes and seeing his beautiful curls, your mind would be overwhelmed and the words would stick in your throat. He probably thought you were an idiot and you couldn’t blame him for being attracted to someone else. Someone who didn’t grin and run every time she saw him. Sighing heavily, you barely lifted your head and mumbled your thanks when the server appeared with your pie and coffee. There was no way you could force anything past the lump of sadness in your throat.

You tried to keep your head down and you even managed to take a sip of the hot, strong coffee. But you couldn’t keep your eyes off of Matt even if it meant you had to see her touching him or smiling into his eyes. The image of a moth drawn to a flame made you cough out a bitter laugh because you knew that Matt was a man who burned so bright that you felt if he ever did touch you, you really would burst into flames.

Looking longingly at the back of Matt’s head a few tables away, it took you a few seconds to notice there was something different about the scene. He was alone. You glanced around the restaurant, a slight hope rising in your chest that maybe she had walked out on him, but your heart ached with disappointment as you caught sight of her back as she headed for the ladies room. Another heavy sigh escaped your lips. You lifted the cup of coffee to your mouth again and your hand froze as Matt slowly pushed himself out of his chair and began turning in your direction. He seemed to be looking for someone. He must have known where she went. What was he looking for? As you tried to figure out what was going on in his mind, Matt turned completely around and saw you. His blue eyes sparkled and the smile that lit up his face caused you to drop the coffee cup in surprise.

“Hey. Sorry! I didn’t mean to startle you like that.” Matt moved to your table and grabbed up a pile of napkins to help you sop up the spilled coffee.
“Not your fault,” You began. “Well…yes it was.” You joked and you were stunned as you heard yourself laugh.
Matt crushed all the sodden napkins into a ball and stuffed them into the empty coffee cup. He dropped into the chair across from you and looked intently into your eyes, causing you to blink rapidly to hold his gaze.
“Yes, it was my fault. But I need to ask you something real quick.” His smile wavered a bit.
“Sure. Fine. Ask away.” You folded your hands on the table to stop them from shaking. He was so close and so handsome.

Matt hesitated and reached up nervously to run a hand through his wild curls. “I know you don’t know me. But I’ve seen you several times in town and…” You watched, amazed as Matt’s hand reached across the table toward yours. The pinky of one hand was wrapped in a splint and he saw you looking at it and he quickly switched hands and laid his other hand on top of yours. You were relived and a little surprised that you didn’t burst into flames at his touch.

“Do you think I should cut my hair?” Matt barked out a short laugh and then simply looked at you, smiling.
“I’m sorry. What?” You looked at his long fluffy curls that you just wanted to grab and bury your face in. You loved the wild curls and you hoped he would never cut his hair, but the question was so out of the blue and so…odd.
“I don’t know what to say.” You tilted your head at him and asked the only one that came to your mind. “What does your date think about your hair?”

Matt’s confused look took you by surprise. “What date?” He looked over his shoulder right as the girl walked out of the ladies room and as he nodded his chin at her, his eyes suddenly opened wide and a loud crazy laugh burst out of his mouth.
“HA! That’s my sister Birdy!” He practically yelled in your face, laughing loudly. “Birdy! Come here!” He shouted over his shoulder at his sister. You wanted to die of embarrassment but you didn’t want to move because his hand was still on yours and you wanted to keep it there forever.

His sister walked over to the table, her smile so much like his. Without thinking, you opened your folded hands, capturing his between them.
“Did you tell him he should get a haircut?” She gave the back of his head a little smack.
“No.” You laughed. “I hadn’t answered him yet. But honestly?” You smiled into his face. “I love the long curls.”

“YES!” Matt screamed and grabbed your face in his hands, giving you a wet open-mouthed kiss. Your eyes widened in surprise and you watched as Birdy shook her head sadly.
“You’ll be sorry.” She joked.
“You’re just a sore loser.” Matt threw back at her.
Laughing, Birdy zipped up her vest and turned toward the door. “Are you coming, Matt?”
“I’ll meet you there. I think I’ll stay for a cup of coffee.” He leaned across the table toward you. “If that’s ok?”

“That would be great.” You smiled. Birdy caught your eye and made a scissoring motion with her fingers and then pressed her hands together as if praying. “Make him cut his hair…” her actions pleaded.

You laughed but made no promises.

i’m so done with the “dark and dreary” angsty batman

i want the ironic jokes, dorky “why, bruce?” batdad, who gives you the squinty eyes when he’s done with your shit.

i want the batman who stops by the diner for pie with superman and as bruce and as clark they shoot the breeze, and reveal that they are cheesy dorks, but clark is the cheesier and dorkier one.

i want a slightly more serious version than the super cafe shorts by “how it should’ve ended” on youtube

maybe that batman would seem more likely if they stop making him this tragic loner

yes he’s a tragic loner

but he’s a tragic loner DAD who keeps adopting kids who look a lot like he did as a kid, and trains them to fight as his sidekick and gives them weapons they’re too young to have, and have alfred be his motherly self and making the best quips ever and knowing everything.

i want the batman who’s on his third or fourth robin to be the star of a live action film.

i want dick and jason, and babs (as ORACLE), steph, cass, tim, and damien LIVE ACTION

if they made a film called The Batfam i would already be so ready to see it. just the title would tell you “this is different than all the other batman movies”

start with a movie that shows everyone working together, THEN go off and do origin stories and solo whatevers. just because the film Batman & Robin was horrendous doesn’t mean a robin can’t make the story and bruce that much more entertaining. i mean, just watch young justice, or even batman beyond. old cranky bruce is still more entertaining than any cinematic bruce.

like. there’s so much drama and comedy there, and by having youngsters around him all the time it would lend itself to a very different screenplay than these that only show him as a rich loner billionaire. we already have tony stark. and bruce sure as hell aint tony. tony is more interesting because he’s funny by himself.

give us the bruce that is very different than tony.

all i could think was “iron bat” seeing the suped up costume for batman vs superman

how about a “batman” movie with the plot of tim drake becoming the new robin? like, that’s a movie plot if ever. kid being such a good detective he figures out the bat detective’s identity? then becoming the next robin.

teams, even if it’s just two heroes is easily more dynamic than the loner hero because BANTER. you got them yelling whatever at their opponents, AND at each other. or quiet dorky conversations on a stakeout or patrol. they’re not talking to themselves all the time or giving you voiceovers with their thoughts. there’s more than one person so they talk to EACH OTHER.

but sadly this batman only lives in animation. i have no idea what actor would be suited to this batman i want. definitely not anyone who’s played him before. someone with that dark seriousness, but able to really pull off dry humor with a certain caring an warmth.

peter and the starcatcher sentence meme
  • "When I was a boy, I wished I could fly."
  • "What? Girls dream."
  • "Nothing is forever. That's the rule. Everything ends."
  • "And so our story begins."
  • "Orphans! Most useless creatures on earth."
  • "I hate, I hate, I hate grown-ups!"
  • "Can you keep a secret?"
  • "Dodo: a fat, clumsy bird, hence the Latin name, Didus ineptus."
  • "Your eyes're green as the sea... and your hair's wavy, too."
  • "Left me widowed at fort--er, thirty."
  • "He fed me worms!"
  • "I'm the leader!"
  • "If you're so smart, how come you're stuck on this dirt-bucket?"
  • "We have important things to do."
  • "Do you write poems about pie?"
  • "Ever notice, ______, the more you claim leadership the more it eludes you?"
  • "Oh snap!"
  • "Oh, for the wings, for the wings of a dove..."
  • "Life is meant to be horrible!"
  • "The thing we did...against impossible odds."
  • "Parrots have taken over your ship? Well, what genius brought parrots--?"
  • "PIRATES! We've been taken over by pirates!"
  • "When you say sand, do you mean the utterly worthless granular material one associates with the water's edge?"
  • "So, bedtime stories? Not a big priority, okay?"
  • "D'ya want some tea?"
  • "How do you eat this?"
  • "LASAGNA!"
  • "Sticky pudding. It's so good...."
  • "We're foreigners--that's what we're for!"
  • "You abused the concept of the theatre collective--it was too much for me."
  • "'What kiss', she says."
  • "My bloomers have stood up to stronger wind than this!"
Right, Honey?

Dean x Reader

The countless aisle of brightly colored labels with slogans you had heard many times before on TV were almost numbing as you looked for the few items you needed. To be honest, you really didn’t need anything, but after being in the car for more than 12 hours with two men, you were willing to pretend to need some super personal “lady items” for a few minutes. Your eye caught sight of your favorite snack and you contemplated getting it.  Well Dean had asked for pie, so if he was getting his favorite food why shouldn’t you. You picked up the food, and tossed in your little hand basket before strolling around towards the bakery.

As you looked about for a pecan pie a dreadful, yet familiar voice broke through the numb peace reigning in your head.

“Y/N, is that you?!” the voice called out. You didn’t turn around, hoping she would just assume that it wasn’t you and keep walking. However, you had never been that lucky.

“Y/N,” she called again, standing directly in front of you. There was no hiding. You looked up at the mac eyeshadow enhanced eyes, on the perfectly contoured face of your cousin, Michelle.

“Hi, Michelle. It’s been a while,” you sighed, realizing this was going to be exceedingly unpleasant quickly.

“It has! Everyone thought you were dead! From the looks of it, I wouldn’t be too quick to put off that rumor.”

“Oh, Michelle, you’re so funny,” you spoke dryly, with a faked smile.

“You know, last week, I was out on my yacht, and my mother said she heard that you let all of your money go down the drain.”

“Oh you were on a yacht, I thought the point was to keep the sea harpies out of the boat. But what would I know about boating.”

“What indeed,” she sneered, “you should see my home. Some of us know how to invest wisely.”

“Still trying to find happiness in Benjamin Franklin’s eyes I see. I’m sure he’ll be around when you’re old and alone.”

“I don’t need any of that. I managed to make something of my life.”

The gloves were off, and things were about to get personal. Michelle’s carefully filled in eyebrows pushed together to form as much of a frown as Botox would allow. However before she could say anything, her gaze shifted to a point just past you. Before you could look back to see what she was staring at, a hand touched your lower back.

“Everything alright,” a heavenly familiar voice asked.  You looked up at Dean and felt a light bulb go off in your head.

“Yeah, babe, everything’s great. I just ran into my cousin, Michelle. We were having a chat,” you explained, making careful eye contact with Dean that read ‘Please just play along.’ He gave you a confused glance but played along never the less. He looked to Michelle and smiled, offering her a short nod.

“Well who is this?” Michelle asked, looking Dean over with an almost predatory glare. Dean shifted uncomfortably on his feet under her gaze.

“My husband, Dean, Dean Winchester.” You lied. The words just spilled out of your mouth. Michelle was just so smug about everything all the time. While she might have been rich, she had never found someone who would love her. You couldn’t even blame her suitors for deciding the money wasn’t worth it. She was just a terrible person, and it was because life had always been served to her on a silver platter.

“Husband?!” Michelle exclaimed. Dean and gave you a slow confused glare.

“Yeah, we’ve been married for a year now.”

“Oh please! You could barely charm a toothless fool. There is no way he is your husband,” she laughed.

At that blatant bit of disrespect, Dean through an arm around you and pulled you close, “I am her husband, and trust me, my baby is plenty charming.”

Michelle gave you both a surprised look, and under her concealer and foundation you were sure you could see her face turn red, “Well, Nana’s holding dinner at her house tonight. You should come and let the family meet your husband.”

“Oh I-”

“Oh yes you have to come Nana will be so pleased to see you.”

“O-okay,” you stuttered.

“Good. I’ll tell everyone you’re coming.” she resolved before continuing through the store without so much as a good bye.

“God, she’s a bitch,” Dean complained.

“I’m sorry, I dragged you into a lie, she just makes me so angry!” you growled.

“It’s all good. We’re going to that dinner, and we’re gonna give her hell.”

“You’re just in it for the food,” you grumbled, smiling up at him a little bit.  He gave you a big grin in return and winked before turning the both of you around to head to check out. Dean made sure to tell Sam what happened the moment the two of you got back to the motel. Sam found the entire thing hilarious, but you were already in war mode. If you were going to survive an entire evening with your haughty family, you needed to get Dean ready. That meant shopping, and going over house rules and manners.

“Dean I need your shirt and pants size,” you called as you went into the boys’ room.
Dean gave you a funny look, “Why?”

“I need to find you something to wear for dinner tonight.”

“Figured I’d just take out the FBI suit-”

“Dean, my family is on the fucking Forbes’ list. They will know a cheap suit when they see one,” you sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose, “Why am I even asking you, come on. We’ll get you measured.”

Going to high end shops with Dean was no field day. He complained about being confined in a “monkey suit” to no end. However, you knew he was pleased, he liked being pampered. It was one of his guilty pleasures that he thought no one knew about. You picked out the suit and you were simply taken aback by how absolutely stunning he looked in a suit. This was going to be good.

Aftter hours of making yourself look like the perfect women you are, you emerged from the bathroom of the hotel room you’d rented just for the night to greet Dean. His mouth fell open a bit at the sight of you. While on the road he only ever saw you in jeans and an old tee. This was entirely different and the dress you wore did wonders.

“Okay, um I think we are ready to go,” you quipped. Sam came walking through the double suite, and gave you the same bemused expression Dean was giving you. Immediately, you felt self conscious.

“Is there something wrong with me?” you asked frantically hurrying back to the bathroom mirror.

“No! No,” Sam exclaimed, “You… you look gorgeous.”

Slowly you stepped out of the bathroom with a sheepish smile, “Thanks, Sammy. Well, while you’re here feel free to order room service and watch all of the pay per view you’d like.”

“Thanks. So why did we have to move hotels.”

“The other one was too cheap. If Michelle found out I was there she’d tell the entire family, and I don’t want to deal with that. Enjoy the fancy soaps, and the comfy beds,” you encouraged before checking your phone for the time. If you didn’t leave right at that moment, you were going to be late. You hurried over to Dean and took his hand, towing him out of the door. As you drove in the freshly cleaned and polished Impala you gave Dean his story.

“We have been married for one year, dated for three, accounts for all the time I’ve been away from the family. You are a mechanical engineer, with a modest salary. I am a nurse, and we live in a little suburb upstate.”

“Why do you care so much about what these people think?” He questioned

“I dunno,” you sighed, “It’s really just Michelle, she’s been a smug asshole since the day she was born. Mom enjoyed the modest simple things in life, so we didn’t get extravagant unnecessary things, and Michelle always made fun of me for having less. Listen, Dean, you’re a pretty good guy, and if anything you’ll get some good food from all of this. Leave my family to me.”

“Whatever you say, honey,” he smiled.

Dean let you out of the car at the door while he parked. The door opened the moment you stepped on the big porch. Michelle was there with a big smile, ushering you in quickly.

“Y/N’s here every one!” she called, “Y/N where’s your husband? We’re all dying to meet him!”

“If only you all would just die,” you grumbled under your breath. You were quickly swallowed up in the chaos of questions and hugs from family members, all of them saying the same thing to as the last. “You look stunning” “You could lose some weight?” “We thought you were dead!” it all went around until you met your grandmother’s kindly face. She pulled you into an honestly pleased hug and kissed your forehead.

“There’s my favorite,” she murmured in your ear, making you smile.

“What about Michelle?” you grinned.

“Don’t get me started on that brainless wench,” she scowled.

“Nana,” you laughed. The two of you caught up with each other in a secluded part of the living room next to the fire place. As far as your family went the only one you ever missed was your Nana. She was honestly a good woman, her living children were just questionable people. 

“Michelle told me you were married.”

You felt a little bad about lying to your grandmother, but you nodded. Holding out your hand to show off the diamond ring you bought at the mall.

“Where is he?”

You craned your neck around and looked for Dean among your family. At first you began to fear that he had changed his mind, decided all of this wasn’t worth it. Before your fears could get the better of you, you saw him and your heart skipped a beat.

He was just walking out of the kitchen with a bottle of expensive whiskey and glass. His eyes caught yours, and he set the bottle on the table and continued over with his glass. As your nana saw him she let out a low whistle.

“Damn, he’s one fine piece of man. Does he have a brother?” she asked wagging her eyebrows. You laughed at her question and nodded.

“He has a younger brother.”

Dean came over and met your grandmother, getting a taste of her quick wit, and sly humor. The woman was really just an older version of you. That realization made Dean smile, especially as he saw the happiness the woman gave you. He couldn’t imagine why you’d traded all of this for a life on the road with a target on your back. Dinner was soon served, and Dean learned that when you said he’ get good food out of the deal, you hadn’t been joking.

“So, Y/N, when can we expect kids from the two of you,” Michelle asked with a vindictive smile.

“Uh…” you drawled.

“We want to be sure this world is safe for a child, before we bring one end. So whenever the time is right.” Dean answered smoothly, taking your hand that rested on top of the table. You recognized that he was rather good at this charade.

“So how did you two meet?” Michelle further drilled, looking for a weak spot in your lie. In truth, she had found it. You had not discussed your meeting.

“Well,” Dean began, and he looked at you with soft tender eyes, “I was passing through Montana on business and I found her with her nose buried deep in a text book about local native american tribes,” this was no tribe, this was truly how you had met, “There was this supposed sacred ground in the forest near by and well we were both looking for it. I worked up the courage to talk to her, and we went out for coffee. We wound up going to the sacred ground together, and we haven’t lef each other’s side since.”

“How romantic,” your grandmother sighed.

“Let’s get a kiss from the lovely new couple!” Michelle cheered.

You shook your head “no” but the rest of the family simply joined in with cheering. Dean put a finger under your chin to make you look at him, before her pressed his lips down on yours. You felt butterflies batter at the walls of your stomach… What the hell did that mean?!

Dinner passed with minimal upset. Your family seemed widely accepting of Dean.I was a relief that no one put that much scrutiny on him or you. Michelle threw silent glares at you every now and again, but over all that dinner was fine. There was even pie for dessert. 

As you drove back to the hotel you and Dean laughed about the events of the night.

“Why did you ever leave?” Dean asked.

“Well after mom died… well I just didn’t fit in. My mom lived a more modest life, and the family really disowned her for dating someone they thought was below her… so yeah… I just didn’t feel like I could go to them. You know?”

“Yeah… well I had being your husband. For pie like that, I’ll actually marry you,” he chuckled.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for being my husband for the night.”

“No problem, honey,” he grinned.

Bitty is taking a pie out of the over while he talks to Dex about a camping trip his family took over the summer. Dex is nodding along, but Bitty can tell something is up.

“What wrong? You keep doing something weird with your face.” Bitty asks, and earns a faint blush from Dex.

“Sorry. I just never expected you to do things like camping.” He replies, eyeing the pie.

Bitty raises an eyebrow at Dex. “And what is that supposed to mean?” He can’t help if it comes out a little bitchy.

Dex glances up. “Well, I mean, overall you tend to like more feminine things. Like baking.” He gestures at the pie.

“So just because a boy likes baking means he has to purge himself of any “masculine” activities?” Though Bitty’s tone would say otherwise, he’s really just messing with Dex now.

“No, Bitty, that’s not what I meant-” Bitty cuts him off, loudly.

“Oh my stars! I’m just a little lady. My fragile constitution cannot handle the fearsome outdoors!” Bitty greatly stresses his accent as he speaks. There’s a loud thud upstairs and a growing rumbling sound.

“You know that’s not what I meant, Bitty.”

“Who’s Bitty? My name is Annabelle van der Graaf, and… y'all… I just fall to pieces when the sun shines on my haird.”

As Bitty finishes speaking Holster crashes into the room with a giant smile on his face. “PAWNEE RANGERS!” He shouts, and Bitty nods, smiling back at him. 

Dex is very lost.

We're Just Friends Part 1

Plot: Set in the late 30s/early 40s. You,Steve and Bucky have been best friends since you were kids but recently y/n been developing feeling that are more than friendship for Bucky. 100% FLUFF. Will be a series

Authors note: ik it’s very short but it’ll probably get longer if people are interested idk. Hope yall like it

Steve rolled over and wacked his hand straight across your cheek. “Jesus Steve!” you yelped, viciously rubbing your now red face. Much to your dismay Steve continued to keep his eyes closed and snore contently. Turning on your side only caused further annoyance as you were faced with a chuckling Bucky who must of been awakened instead.

“Shut your pie hole Barnes, why don’t you sleep in the middle next time and see how you like it” you snapped which only encouraged Buckys smile.

It was December 30th and it had been a tradition for you Steve and Bucky to have a sleep over for the days leading up to New years. It was something you had been doing since you were kids as your parents were good friends.Now you were beginning to doubt the tradition as it was clear to see the double bed was no longer big enough for the three of you.

“Sorry Y/N I just think you look cute when your angry” Bucky smirked. You added that to the list of why these sleepovers weren’t a good idea. Of course you and Bucky were best friends but you couldn’t help but see him differently these past couple of years and situations like this were not helpful in suppressing those feelings.

“Bucky shut up and go to sleep we’ve got my moms new years party tomorrow.” You told him, thankful that your blushing was hidden by the darkness. You felt him shuffle into the pillow as Steve let out a small snore on your other side.

“Sorry doll, I’m just excited for my new years Kiss is all” His voice was now in a whisper but the flirtatious undertones were still evident to your ear. As much as kissing Bucky sounded good to you, like really good. It was clear he was teasing, he did it all the time and it was just his way and you knew it.

“I’m sure Steves excited too. I see the way you guys look at eachother” you nudged Bucky’s chest with your elbow playfully as he chuckled.


“Yeah” you replied with a yawn

“Shut up”

With a giggle you turned back on you side to face Steve once more who was now drooling onto the pillow.

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Little Huntress: Dean x Reader

Little Huntress: Dean x Reader

You’ve been going to the same diner almost everyday for awhile now. You keep hoping that you’ll see him again. The really hot guy who only ordered a piece of pie and coffee. It’s been a few weeks since you saw him and yet you keep going back to the diner. You didn’t have the chance to talk to him before and on the off chance you’ll see him again, you’ll make sure not to waste it.

As you sit there enjoying your pie with your eyes locked on the door, your phone rings. Your brow furrows a little because it’s not a number you recognize. Only certain people have this number so it must be someone you know, or its a wrong number. Either way, you answer it. “Y/N’s crematorium, you kill em, we grill em.” You smirked a bit at the people giving you looks in the diner, then turned you attention back to the caller, who had gone silent. “Hello?” You said into the phone. An unfamiliar voice replied, “Is this the…god this sounds ridiculous, the Little Huntress?” That name certainly caught you attention since only Bobby ever called you that. “Yeah, that’s me. What’s the problem?” You paid your bill and walked out of the diner as the voice on the other end explained how Bobby thought you might be able to help on a case involving a monster that you’ve dealt with before that’s not really native to the area. “Give me the address, I’m on my way.” Duty called. You’d have to put the chance meeting with the pie guy on the back burner. There was work to be done.


Pretty late the next day, you find yourself in Nevada pulling into some hotel with a witty name involving a cactus. The No Vacancy sign was lit but you weren’t worried about that. If the hunter you were there to help wasn’t going to let you crash in their room oh well. It’s not like you’ve never slept in you car before.

Anyway, you go to the room number you were previously given by the hunter, Dean something, and knocked. There wasn’t an answer so you knocked again, a little louder this time. Finally some really tall guy, with longish hair opened the door. It was obvious that you had just woken him up. “Who are you?” he asked. “Y/N. The little Huntress. You Dean?” you replied. The tall guy yawned, “Ah, and no. I’m Sam. Dean’s my brother, come on in.” You walked inside when Sam moved to let you in.

There were research books all over the table with various translations and all that jazz. Wow they really had no idea what they were dealing with. At least not enough to kill it. You set your bag down when a voice from the bathroom called out, “Who the hell was at the door?” You replied, “Y/N’s crematorium.” The source of the voice, Dean, came out of the bathroom as he wiped off his face with a towel. Getting a clear view when he tossed the towel to the side made you freeze for a moment….it was the hot pie guy from the diner.

You realized you were staring when he asked, “What’s the problem?” You cleared your throat, “Nothing. Should we cover things now or in the morning?” The brothers replied in unison, “Morning.” The hot pie guy, Dean, plopped back on the bed and Sam said, “You can take my bed.” You shook your head, “No thanks. I’m good.” You plucked a pillow off the bed and went into the bathroom. After climbing into the tub, you put the pillow under your head and soon fell asleep. You could fall asleep just about anywhere.

Dean was awake enough to witness this and looked at Sam, who was too tired to formulate an opinion. Dean just shook his head a bit in a amusement then the brothers went to sleep.


Dean had forgotten that you were sleeping in the tub and had started his morning routine. Dean hadn’t gotten very far when you said, “Keep it in your pants pie guy. I’m in here.” Dean jumped just about fifty feet when you said that as you opened the curtain.

As Dean zipped up his fly he said, “Pie guy?” You just shrugged with a smile as you walked out of the bathroom with the pillow under your arm to leave Dean to do his business.

You tossed the pillow on one of the beds and sat at the table with Sam who was going over the books. “You’re wasting your time with all those books.” You said to Sam who looked at you with a raised brow. “Care to explain?” he asked. You pulled your bag closer and pulled out and old leather book. “The only one you need is this. My family has been doing this going back generations. Each kill was documented in here with all the information and whatnot. The creature you’re hunting is in here. Those other books are hogwash.” When you were done speaking, Sam tried to take the book from you to see it and you pulled it back. “No touchy. I’m along for this hunt, not just to drop off my family’s legacy and run.” Sam was going to say something to refuse but Dean emerged and said, “Don’t bother Sam. I have a feeling she’s going to get her way one way or another.” You smiled as you said, “Aww you know me so well already. This is going to be fun.”


A few hours later that included explanations of what they were dealing with, Sam went on a food run. That left you and Dean alone. It was your plan to break the silence first but Dean beat you to it by saying, “So, how did you know I liked pie?” Okay, Dean knew that was a lame thing to say but it was a question he wanted to ask. So, he asked it.

You weren’t surprised by the question, not really. Of course you didn’t think he’d remember you, why would he? You were just sitting in a corner, reading a book, while eating breakfast when you first saw him at the diner. You planned on talking to him but duty called you away and you didn’t get the chance then. You really didn’t think that these would be the circumstances in which you’d see him again.

When you realized that you haven’t answered yet, you said, “A few weeks ago we were at the same diner. I noticed you ordered a piece of pie.” After saying this, you shrugged a little and went back to doing…. Whatever to make it look like you were doing something.

Dean thought for a moment and then it looked like a light bulb went off in his head, “I thought you looked familiar. I remember you.” After Dean said this, it caught your attention and you eyes turned back to him as you asked in surprise, “What?” Dean chuckled, “Yeah, you were in the back corner with a book. After my pie I was going to strike up a conversation but then you ran out of there like bat out of hell.” Dean smiled as he looked at you, “I knew you looked familiar.” This new information made you smile to no end.

You and Dean continued to talk, and flirt. Especially flirt, the whole time Sam was gone and even when he came back with the food. Seeing the two of you go at it like you’ve been dating forever made Sam raise his brow, “I was gone for what? A half an hour and you two are already an item? Damn you guys move fast.” This comment from Sam made both you and Dean throw bits of food at Sam and laugh in the process.


The laughter didn’t last for too long because there was work to be done. The three of you pulled up to the warehouse and gathered up your things. “Stay close.” Dean said to your protectively. You looked at him and said, “I’m the one who’s killed these things before so you’re the one that should stay close to me.” You smirked as you grabbed your weapon and started walking into the warehouse. Dean watched you as you walked away and grinned, “No argument here.” Sam rolled his eyes at what Dean said then they entered the warehouse.


The three of you found the creatures and now that the correct information and weapons were in play, they weren’t that hard to take down. A few bumps and bruises, maybe a scratch or two, but overall an easy hunt.

After you pulled your weapon out of the last creature you wiped your brow with a smile, “I’m not sure which hunting makes me more of, hungry or horny.” Dean’s attention turned from Sam, to you after you said that and replied, “Did you steal that line from that Buffy show?” You grinned, “Maybe, but it still applies.” Sam, just knowing where this was going, turned around and headed out of the warehouse. Dean have a brief wave in Sam’s direction to let him know he noticed, then he went right over to you. “Which one do you want to take care of first?” He asked as he put his hands on your hips and pulled you closer to him. You bit your lip in thought then replied, “Both, at the same time. If you know what I mean.” You wiggled your eyebrows playfully at Dean who got exactly what you were talking about. He replied, “I can definitely arrange that.” With a smile he leaned down and kissed your lips. You returned the kiss and knew that this was just the beginning of something amazing…