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Do Wonders Never Cease?

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Knight in shining armor - Dean Winchester x Reader (Knight/Princess AU) - Part 5

Title: Knight in shining armor

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 3,459

Warnings: Nudity

Original imagine: AU. Imagine being a princess and falling in love with one of your father’s knights, Dean Winchester, although you are forbidden to.

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A hand covered your mouth and a dagger was placed over your throat.

Your eyes widened and your breath hitched on your throat. Maybe you should have followed Dean after all and not staid here all by your own.

It was common to hear about thieves attacking passers by in the woods. Most times the victim ended up dead and that was actually a thought that scared you to no end.

“Don’t say a word. Or else I won’t hesitate to cut this beautiful throat of yours open” the man’s voice whispered to your ear and you had to keep yourself from scrunching up your nose at the terrible smell that came from him to you. Obviously he’d been drinking. A lot.

When he saw you give him a small nod he slowly removed his hand from your mouth, but kept the dagger there “Good” he slurred and you whimpered slightly when he pressed he knife closer to your neck.

“I’m just going to take your money and if you are a good girl we could have some fun as well” he said laughing.

“I-I don’t have any money. P-Please just let me go” you said with a small whimper.

He let out what could only be described as an irritated growl and grabbing you by your shoulders he turned you and slammed you into a tree, your back aching from the collision. He kept the knife on your neck and eyed you up and down.

“Well, look at that. Princess (Y/f/n) (Y/l/n). Well, isn’t this my lucky day” he smirked at you and you bit your lip to keep the tears in. This could mean no good for sure.

“Pl-please just let me go. I-I won’t say anything. I promise. J-Just let me go. I don’t have any money with me” you said in a shaky voice, tears welling up in your eyes.

“Now why would I need any money. You, my dear princess and your innocence-” he started saying, dragging his knife over your neck and jawline without cutting “-Are much more worth it.” he smirked evilly and your eyes widened.

“No!” you all-but-shouted, the tears that had welled up in your eyes started to run.

“Come on sweetheart, I won’t bite. Hard” he laughed on his own, gripping at your waist painfully tight and making you scream in pain.

“No, no!” you tried to fight him off but in vain.

You shut your eyes tightly as you tried to fight him back, pushing him with all your strength and as if by a miracle you felt the weight lift off of you.

Your eyes snapped open when you realized what was going on.

“Take your hands off her!” Dean roared, attacking the thief.

He grabbed him by the hem of his shirt and immediately collided his fist with his face in a rather painful - as it seemed - punch. And then another. And another. And another. Whether it be a punch to the face or Dean hitting him with his knee on the stomach, the thief was certainly being violently beaten up. Dean grabbed him by the hem of his shirt again and slammed him to the truck of a tree, giving him another violent punch.

The thief fell limp on the ground but Dean kept beating him nonetheless. With each punch uttering a few words “Don’t you dare touch my princess ever again.” his words filled with venom as he hissed some of them.

“Dean” you said softly “Dean, no it’s ok. It’s ok now. It’s over. Stop.” you said trying to calm him down, running to his side and taking hold of his bleeding hands to stop him.

He was fuming, literally, as he looked down at the unconscious man anger boiling in him. When he turned his head to look at you, though, his gaze immediately softened.

“It’s ok” you whispered, forcing a small smile on your face.

“Oh (Y/n)” he breathed out in a quick move he had you wrapped in his arms.

You hesitated for a while but hugged him back, wrapping your own arms around him. You let out a shaky breath but felt a smile form on your lips when you felt his grip tighten on you. You buried your face even deeper in his chest and breathed in his soothing scent. His arms were wrapped securely around you while his one hand rubbed your head comfortingly. A sense of comfort and safety washed over you and you couldn’t help but smile more at that.

“I’m sorry” he mumbled and you pulled just slightly back to look at him.

“What?” you asked with a frown.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t here with you to protect you in the first place. I’m sorry I didn’t come earlier. I’m sorry I left you. Damn it. I shouldn’t have left you for even a second to begin with.” he groaned the last part but you shook your head at his words.

“No, no Dean. Don’t. Don’t blame yourself. It is not your fault” you tried to reason with him.

“Like hell it is. Damn it, it’s my job to protect you and I just fucking left you all alone here” he grumbled, angry with himself.

“It is your job and you did well on that. Dean, please. I am fine. Thanks to you” you whispered and buried your face once again in his chest.

With a small sigh he wrapped his arms around you more tightly and kissed the top of your head. You stayed for a good while like that but when he heard a sob come from you he immediately pulled away to look down at you.

“Sorry. It’s- it’s just that I’m still a little bit shaken” you said with a forced laugh and he only frowned more.

“It’s ok. It’s ok.” he murmured, wiping away the tears on your cheeks “I’m here. I won’t leave you again. Ever again.”

“I know” you whispered, resting your forehead against his.

He didn’t say anything more, just like you didn’t. You just gazed back at each other in silence, Dean cupping your face and rubbing his thumb over your cheek. Your eyes were roaming his face and before you could realize it you found yourself gazing at his lips, subconsciously licking your own. When you realized you had been staring at them for a good while you immediately averted them to look up in his eyes only to catch him staring at yours and biting his own. Once he caught your eyes, his widened slightly but he did not say anything.

He only stood frozen in his place as he saw you lean in. Your breath mixing with his, your face slightly red, surely burning hot as you inched yourself more and more close to him. The distance between you was significantly becoming less, and your lips were just inches apart. You were hesitant but when you saw Dean was not about to pull away from you all hesitation left you. On the contrary he seemed to be leaning in as well, fact that made a small smile itch on your lips. You leaned in closer to him, wanting even more to press your lips to his, to taste him, to-

“My princess!” a voice exclaimed from behind you and both you and Dean jumped, putting some significant distance between you.

“What- what happened?!” one of the soldiers asked frantically, as they all ran towards you and Dean. Obviously they had heard all the noise from before.

“A thief. He threatened the princess” Dean grumbled, offering you a hand as he got up “Take him. We will get him to the castle where the king will decide of his punishment” he said firmly.

“Be quick. The princess and I are going to be waiting for you by the lake” he added, and while still holding your hand he made his way with you towards the lake.

Some time completely alone for the two of you was much needed right now. But you obviously were not going to get that.

“Wait! I am coming with you in case something happens again” one of the soldiers quickly came by your side.

You let out a small giggle at the visibly irritated look on Dean’s face. He mumbled something under his breath and turned to look at you when you squeezed his hand. He looked at you with a small frown but his eyebrows raised when he saw you wink at him.


As much as you wanted it you didn’t get the opportunity to spend lots of time alone with Dean. Neither that day nor the next couple days. Sure you got the chance to see hm often, every day for that matter and you could not be more happy about that. You were also glad that you got the chance to talk to him for a little while alone.

Just like when you had went on the stroll into the woods you had gotten to know Dean more. Even if the talks were quick and did not last long you always found yourself laughing more than any other time. You loved hearing to his lame jokes which quite frankly you thought were funny but above all you loved hearing to his stories. Adventures he’s been in ever since he was young. The pranks he played on his brother (and vice versa) along with the pranks he would play on others here in the castle. Most of the time your father being the victim of Dean’s doings.

What you loved more about your talks was how open he was with you and how he trusted you with everything. Telling you things that you were sure he had not dared to say to anybody else. Those talks were the ones that you loved the most. Because those talks were the ones that gave you a true idea of who Dean Winchester actually was. Most times he would be like ‘no chick-flick moments’ which quite frankly you had a hard time grasping but you could see how all of that was simply a facade for him to hide how he actually felt. How he missed his parents, his brother most of all, how he wanted to visit them so much but his position here required his presence all the time.

There were moments when you could clearly see how broken he looked on the inside. He had seen so much death from a young age and you could see that he blamed himself for his friends’ death whenever he talked about how they had died on a war. You could see how he was beating himself up for not having managed to save them and every time you tried to reassure him that it was not his fault.

You had to admit that you hated the fact that whenever you were alone with Dean and the conversation drifted to the two of you someone had to interrupt. Whether it was some other knight asking to talk with Dean, your mother wanting to talk with you about the preparations for your birthday ball or Anna along with your maids telling you that it was time for you to do something.

No matter how many times you had come to the point of being just inches apart from each other someone seemed to be there to ruin the moment. And honestly it was becoming frustrating. Dean seemed to be bothered as well but it looked as if he thought that that was for the best anyway, which you couldn’t really understand. Sure he was a good few years older than you, probably in his early thirties - you hadn’t really asked him openly, but that was not what really mattered to you. Your father was actually ten years older than your mother but none of them cared and nobody else raised any objections. Not when both of them seemed so happy and in love with each other. It happened frequently after all with the royal families. Princesses could be married to older and even younger princes as long as they were from royal bloodlines.

But you actually thought that his problem was that he was just a knight and you his princess. He had said it once after all.

“I am merely your servant, my princess. It is… wrong” his words echoed in your mind even in the silence of your room.

A knock on the door snapped you from your thoughts and straightening your back you spoke “Come in”

You got up as the door opened and turned your back to them.

“You asked for me, princess” Dean’s rough voice was heard behind you as he closed the door.

Damn formalities you thought exasperated.

“I thought it was (Y/n), not princess” you looked at him over your shoulder.

“My apologies” he said looking down at his feet. Fact that only made you more angry.

Dean never said 'my apologies’. Never. He was not this formal with you. Not when it was just you and him anyway.

You groaned “Will you just stop with that. It’s (Y/n), Dean. Ok? Simple as that.” you let out a sad sigh “Please”

He looked at you for a good while before nodding “Sorry. You wanted me anything?” he asked with a small Dean-smirk.

“Yes” you nodded with a smile of your own as soon as you saw him loosen up.

You walked towards him and turned your back to him “Untie it” you said.

“Wh-what?” he stuttered.

You looked at him over you shoulder “Untie the strings. I want to change in something more comfortable” you said with a small smirk.

“That’s- that’s what you called me for?” he asked, swallowing the lump in his throat.

“No. I wanted to talk with you but I just don’t feel really comfortable in this dress.” you shrugged.

“But-” he swallowed again “-What if someone comes in and-” you cut him off before he could say more.

“Nobody will. I told Anna and the rest of the maids that I’m going to sleep early and they should not come in to help me with the dress or anything else. And my parents won’t come either… We’re alone” you ended up saying in a whisper.

“O-ok” his voice sounded rough and husky.

Silence surrounded you as Dean moved your hair out of the way and over your shoulder so that he had better view on the strings of the dress (you had no corset on). He slowly started untying, the dress becoming all the more loose around your form. He pulled the straps away and soon the dress was loose enough for you to take off. In fact it would have fallen if it wasn’t for you holding it.

No sound could be heard as Dean pulled away the final strings. No sound other than his breathing that had suddenly become really slow and heavy. You looked over your shoulder to see Dean looking down at you and your bare back, a hand tentatively extended as if he wanted to touch you, as he breathed heavily. His mouth was half open as his eyes roamed your back, a look of awe in his face as if he was looking at something he had never seen before. He surely was captivated by the sight in front of him.

You bit your lip and turned your head away from him, closing your eyes as a smiled formed on your lips. Dean’s hand finally coming in contact with your bare back sent pleasant shivers down your spine and you could barely help yourself from letting out a small moan. You just put up with a deep breath.

And you could barely keep yourself from taking in a shaky sigh as he ran his hand down your back, his fingers brushing over your spine making goosebumps spread all over your skin. You bit your lips as his rough hand traveled all over the skin of your back making you wonder how it would be to feel them elsewhere.

Just like Dean could not stop but think how it would be to see and touch more of you. How it would be to-

“The white one” you mumbled and Dean seemed to snap from his daze and his trail of thoughts that was about to get a turn for a whole different direction than appropriate.

“The white one there” you motioned to a white dress hanging there along with many others at the open wardrobe.

“Y-yeah. Sure” his voice was more rough than before and you had to bite your lip to keep the smirk off your face.

He seemed to be taking some extra time, searching for your dress although it was pretty obvious which one you wanted. There was just one white dress among the others. But as it seemed Dean was taking his time for another reason. His heavy breathing proved to the fact that he was trying to calm himself down and that he was trying to control himself more as (as you imagined) all sorts of thoughts ran at the moment through his mind. He ran a hand through his hair, clearly frustrated but not because he could not find the dress you wanted.

That was for sure.

Biting your lip and smirking you made your way towards him “This one” your voice was low as you said that, reaching for the dress he supposedly couldn’t find.

“Yeah I uh-” he abruptly stopped himself when he turned his head to look at you, his eyes only widening.

You had dropped your previous dress a while ago and now stood half-naked next to him. But Dean averted his eyes quickly from your figure, a blush creeping up his neck. A deep on at that.

“Princess you’re…” he started but trailed off.

He swallowed hard, trying his hardest not to stare. For too long at least.

“Yeah. What, haven’t you seen a naked woman before?” you raised a playful eyebrow at him

You tried to be confident but at the same time could not help a blush that rose in your cheeks, anyway. You subtly tried to cover yourself a little bit, still trying to provoke him though. You saw that no matter how hard he was trying he couldn’t help himself but look at you from head to toes, licking his lip subconsciously as he took every little detail in.

“Y-yes. B-But you’re the princess a-and it’s- it’s not right. I-I’m not- I mean I’m just a knight a-and-” he started stuttering and you had to keep yourself from giggling.

First him blushing and now stuttering. This was priceless.

“Well, I certainly don’t mind” you shrugged and smirked at him.

“What, do you?” you raised a playful eyebrow at him and you saw his eyes slightly widen. He swallowed hard, opening and closing his mouth like a fish out of water.

You giggled slightly and bit your lip, winking at him.

You threw the dress over your head and wore it “Some help?” you asked again turning your bare back to him so that he could button it up for you.

“Yeah” his voice was lower than before and definitely huskier. He started buttoning up the back of your dress, this time his hands coming in contact with your back more than plenty of times. Brushing over your skin as he button up the dress, sending occasional jolts of electricity through your body. He soon finished his job and you turned to look at him

“Thank you Dean. I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’ve done so much for me that I cannot even begin with. I don’t know… What can I do for you?” you tried to say as innocently and yet seductively you could. You cupped Dean’s cheek and looked up at him with adoring eyes. Something that was not really hard when it came to this man (considering the feelings you had developed for him over the course of time).

He swallowed hard as you pressed yourself closer to him “N-Nothing princess- I mean (Y/n). I-” he started stuttering but you cut him off.

“A reward maybe. Yes, yes a reward. You deserve it.” your voice was low, barely above a whisper and 100% seductive.

“Princess please. Don’t.” his voice was extremely low and you could see the inner battle in his eyes. He wanted this but was afraid of the consequences.

So were you… but you didn’t care anymore.

“Oh but I have to Dean. To thank you. For everything” you whispered and without any more words you leaned forward, bringing him closer as well, and closed the remaining distance between you. Pressing your lips to his.

Part 6

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Hey! Percabeth prompt if you're up for it: "I got stood up on a date and it sucks but the cute bartender is making me feel better"? Thanks for reading, love your blog and your writing x

  • Annabeth who bartends at night to help pay her way through school because her family’s money comes with strings 
  • Percy sitting at his table for two hours waiting for his date and incessantly checking his phone– Annabeth watches him the whole time, and she just keeps thinking “poor bastard” 
  • Percy finally gives up and sits at the bar, asks for the bluest drink she can make 
  • “are you serious?” 
  • “It’s a comfort thing” 
  • she looks at him, her interest piqued, “alright then” 
  • they talk casually as Percy sips on his drink and Annabeth doesn’t miss how he kind of winces every time he drinks but he’s also very clearly determined to finish the drink 
  • Annabeth’s shift is over at 12, so she grabs her tips and gives Percy one last glance 
  • before she can think about it she’s sitting on the stool next to him, asking if he’d like to go to see her friend’s band play at a bar a couple blocks away 
  • Percy smiles wide and his eyes light up, “I’d like that” 
  • before they part ways at almost 3am, Annabeth writes her number on Percy’s hand and says they should do it again some time
  • in the morning Percy takes a shower and replays the night in his head, wondering how he could have gotten so lucky– which is when he sees the black smudge on his hand and is swiftly reminded of exactly what kind of luck Percy Jackson really has 
  • he tries calling the restaurant but they won’t tell him when she works next for security reasons 
  • “Nice to see a company with some security protocol,” Grover offers, which only earns him a glare from Percy 
  • “I mean yes I agree but in this moment it’s just… not helpful” 
  • three days have gone by and Annabeth can’t figure out why she’s having such a hard time shaking off the disappointment of not having heard from Percy 
  • sure it was a hit to her very large ego, but she also prided herself on having a remarkably quick rebound time which was letting her down currently 
  • she was caught up in her thoughts as she walked into work and it took her coworker 3 “Hello’s” to finally get her attention 
  • “There’s a guy at the end of the bar waiting for you.” 
  • “Wait, what?” 
  • her coworker seems surprise that she doesn’t know what’s going on- “No one told you? He’s been here the last three nights looking for you. Ryan threatened to kick his ass, but he’s really cute so I figured I’d wait to see what you wanted.” 
  • Annabeth peaked around the corner and spotted a blue drink sitting at the end of the bar, and when the crowd shifted, she saw those green eyes that had been burned into her memory 
  • “Judging from your smile, I made the right call,” her coworker teased 
  • Annabeth walked to the end of the bar, “Can I get you anything else, sir?” 
  • Percy sat up straight, his face looking guilty and embarrassed as he offered his phone, “I’m an idiot and took a shower before I had written your number down. So I thought this time we’d try directly into the phone. If you’re still interested in… hanging out… that is..” 
  • she takes the phone and makes no attempts to hide her joy, “Oh I’m definitely interested.” 
  • as he leaves, he smiles at the name she had given herself– “Hottest Bartender Ever” – and adds it to his favorites contact list 

After a hot shower, you pull on the T-shirt Abby gave you and some black yoga pants. You comb out your hair with the comb on the counter and look at yourself in the mirror. Your shirt says 12 Nations School of Medicine.

That shower was really nice. Every since moving in with the Blakes, you have gotten used to the rain showers with the nice water pressure and continually running hot water.

The shirt smells nice and you put it over your nose for a second before stepping out of the bathroom. You definitely smell a lot less like sewage. You wander toward the back of the house and find Abby sitting in a pool lounger, drinking some kind of juice out of a glass. There’s another glass of juice on the table next to her.

You plop down on the chair next to the table and lay back in the chair. “Thanks for the shower.”

“It was really the very least I could do,” Abby smiles at you. “The pizza will be here in fifteen minutes.”

“We have some time,” you decide to tease her because you like the way she smiles when you do, “Do you have anything else for me to fix? Or some more dirty water to spray on me?”

She laughs quietly and looks over at you, “I guess I’ll have to include some hazard pay huh?”

“Oh you don’t have to pay me,” you immediately wave her off. Something about taking money from her doesn’t feel right to you. You’re enjoying yourself actually. It’s a nice break from the nerds you go to school with and the ridiculously adventurous Blakes that you live with.

“C'mon, Raven,” she reaches over and touches your arm, “I would feel bad if I didn’t give you something for all the trouble I’ve put you through.”

You look down at the hand on your arm. You look at the manicured fingernails and her soft skin. You want to put your hand on top of hers and keep it on your arm, but she withdraws it before you can. You take a deep breath and pick up the juice. You take a drink. “I think lunch makes up for it.”

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(English caption below)

“Cứ sống thoải mái nên tiền nong quan trọng gì! Tao làm xe ôm với đưa thư cho nhà nước, cứ hôm nào nhiều tiền là tao lại cho người xung quanh, gặp ai vui là lại cho. Mấy anh em ở hàng nước là tao cho hết rồi đấy, thừa thì lại đánh con đề con lô, chỉ để lại mấy trăm xăng xe mai đi xe ôm tiếp cho nó vui, tội chó gì để nhiều tiền trong người cho nó hư thân haha.”

“Live your life, money is no big deal! I’m a motorcycle taxi driver and a government’s courier. Whenever I make good money, I’d give it away to others around me. Those guys at the drink stall? I gave each and every one of them! If I had some left, I’d just put it in lotto and save a few hundred (thousand dongs) for petrol. Why should I keep so much money? It’d just corrupt me” *laughs*