keep your claws away



Rating: Moon made me do it. No moogle necessary.

Walking into school one Monday morning, Adrien was surprised to discover everyone was a buzz with gossip. His brain was mostly taken up by his physics homework and he still needed to get to the library before class to fact check his biology homework so a lot of the gossip didn’t register.

“Did you hear? Jagged Stone wrote a song about her!”

“I heard he invited her on stage.”

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OG photo with Haruna who’s going to be soon OG too. Hahaha it’s probably like…

Mariko: Hey let’s take a photo of just us OG!
Yuko: EHHHH But nyan nyan will not be in the photo…
Tomochin: what? U can keep your paws off her for a minute?!
Yuko: Hey hey! I graduated and now we have less time together. I don’t see you keeping your claws away from Tomo~mi whenever you meet her…
Mariko: Nyaro~ /wraps hand around waist/ join in the photo too?
Nyan: Mou…but I’ve yet to graduate…
Mariko: Nah, I’ll just name it “members I meet often” then.
Yuko: DEAL. Now photo!
/photo snapped/
Mariko: Because Nyaro likes me more!
Yuko: She cried more when I graduated!
Mariko: that’s bullshit! She cried more tears for my graduation than yours!
Tomochin: Haruna~ let’s go get a drink and leave this two to their fight~

…and the fight for Nyannyan continues after graduation…

She's Back (requested)

Liam stepped out onto the field, adjusting his helmet slightly. The team was just beginning to warm up, and he joined a shooting drill. As he played, he put his body on autopilot, letting his muscles move on their own as he let his mind wander. He couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that he’d seen her in the stands. At first, he thought it was just his imagination, a hallucination coming to him to haunt him. But as she caught his eye and nodded with a tiny smile, he knew that she was really there, that she was actually watching him play tonight. It threw his head into dozens of flashbacks to when she would come to his games to watch him play. Afterwards, he would always run to the bleachers to give her a kiss, and if the team had won, they’d go out for ice cream. That had been the happiest he’d ever been in his life. However, it had all come to a screeching halt the day it became known that Liam was no longer allowed to attend school. She had completely stopped everything; no kisses, no calls, no texts. She wouldn’t even make eye contact with him. It tossed Liam back into a darker place in his mind, his intermittent explosive disorder coming back with a vengeance. He hadn’t realized how much that girl had done for him until she was gone, and seeing her again for the first time since moving put his mind into a frenzy that he wasn’t sure how to deal with. That girl was in the front row of the bleachers. That girl was you.

Of course you felt horrible about what you’d done to the poor boy. You knew that you were one of the very few things that made him happy, that kept him out of trouble. But you just couldn’t deal with the fact that he had such a temper sometimes, and getting kicked out was a last straw for you. You’d maintained a safe distance, but it was also to protect you. You knew he’d have to move, go to a different school. This was a hard pill to swallow, knowing the one who’d meant so much to you was leaving. You felt as if cutting everything off would make it easier on you when he left, so that’s what you had done. Little did you know, it hurt Liam more than anything ever had. You had come back to see him tonight because you needed to; it was becoming too much to not see him.

And so you watched, sitting quietly on the bleachers. Your eyes stayed on Liam the entire game, even if it meant missing other wonderful plays. Occasionally, you would see him glance your way, and the thing that hurt the most was the fact that you would see the shadow of a smile beginning to appear, but immediately evaporate when he remembered that this wasn’t you anymore, it wasn’t the relationship that you had before. It was heartbreaking to see; you would see the crestfallen eyes through his helmet from across the field.

As for Liam, he wasn’t having a good game. He was too focused on who was watching, too focused on wondering why you were there and debating whether he should approach you afterwards or not. His head was a mess, the game certainly not a priority. All of the stress was beginning to take its toll, however, and the thoughts of you combined with suddenly being tackled and knocked to the ground sent him into the struggle of keeping himself controlled. It was hard to do anyway, due to his disorder, but now, being what he was, it was almost impossible. He could feel the heat rising in his chest, and the familiar pressure in his fingertips that meant his claws were coming soon. He knew he had to get off the field, so he ran to the sidelines, yelling at Coach quickly.

“I need off, I need- get another- I have to go…” He tore his helmet off, tossing it on the ground as he sprinted past the bench, on his way to the locker rooms.

Liam ignored the few stares he got, but luckily most of the audience’s eyes were on the game. Except for you, of course. You turned your head, staring at him as he disappeared into the building, and a split second decision made you jump off of the bleachers and hurry after him. Meanwhile, he stumbled into the locker room, crashing into a few lockers as he sat down heavily on the bench. He pressed his fists to his eyes, tensing just about every muscle in his body as he tried to keep the side of him that no one should ever have to see at bay. His shoulders heaved as he panted.

“Liam?” You called, stepping into the dimly lighted room.

He immediately shot to his feet, glancing around quickly. “Get out!” He warned. “Leave, go, dammit get out of here!” He backed away into the corner with the showers, hiding behind the walls.

“Look, I know you don’t necessarily want to see me right now, but can we at least talk about-”

“Leave!” He roared, but it was too late.

You had peeked around the wall and seen him, eyes glowing and fangs out, clenching his fists in an attempt to keep his claws away. Your eyes widened and you instinctively took a few steps back, feeling the cool metal of the lockers on the skin of your shoulders. You weren’t processing what you were seeing, but you didn’t have to try for very long, as it was gone as quickly as it had started. His shoulders slumped forward and he stumbled slightly, exhausted with the effort. His eyes had gone back to the normal blue, his fangs gone and claws untraceable. As he looked up at you with frightened but weary eyes, the realization suddenly came to him, hitting him like a ton of bricks.

You were his anchor. And he had a lot of explaining to do.