keep your chin up love


Um, hi! I’m Steven! Steven Universe.

Sorry to interrupt your blogging, but I’ve got something super important to say! I promise it won’t take long, so just hear me out, okay? 

I just wanted to say… 

well done. 

I know sometimes life might be hard! Trust me, I know all about that, and.. sometimes, you might think you can’t get up in the morning, or you don’t feel like eating orr doing anything, but.. you’re still here. You’re fighting through the hard times, you’re still going, even though it’s super tough, and i’m so proud of you guys for that!

Sometimes, your own mind can tell you some pretty bad stuff, that you’re not special or important, but that’s not true. You’re totally important! You’re a human being! You’re unique in every way. No-one in the universe is like you, you’re the only you there’ll ever be, isn’t that cool? Don’t let other people get you down. 

If things are hard right now, it’s okay to take a break, you need to look after yourself. drink some water, take a nap, just take the world one step at a time. It’s not always going to be easy, but there’ll always be someone out there who cares, and.. well, I care, too! 

Take care of yourselves, okay? You guys are super important. You all make the Earth worth protecting!

I guess that’s it, really. Thanks for listening.

Bye! I love you!

It’s wrecking my heart and head thinking of what could possibly pry Jonghyun from his beloved Blue Night. Never missed a show if he could help it, all his friends said he left smiling to go to his radio. He said he never tired of it bc he loved it!!! He realized more of himself here, he was open and honest and safe at Blue Night, and he loved it so so dearly. He was always there, at his favorite hours, with us. As he takes this break, I cant imagine it is easy for his head and heart at all. I hope he takes this time to heal, and I’m so sorry that healing and rest require this kind of sacrifice for him. The tears in his voice… He’s worked so, so hard–for us and for himself. As BNR listeners and as SHAWOLs I know we will try to understand, support, and love him so that Blue Night can continue to be a safe space, even when it’s not him on the airwaves. ❤ That’s what our beloved JjongD deserves.


Here’s a little something for all of you suffering from art block right now. Keep your chin up and keep loving what you do. ♥

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Hello. I am the same anon who sent the "Fuck it!" post and honestly, I'm considering being a Clerith only to ease the pain of CloTi (my otp) not being canon. There's so much Clerith fan service nowadays in works such as Möbius that I believe that SE is foreshadowing the confirmation of Clerith in the remake/KH3. I even read essays written by @astoryofalove and (s)he used canonical evidence that are against CloTi. I'm sick of being bullied all the time by Cleriths and I even puked/cried about it!

I’m very sorry for overreacting, but I’m done with the arguments, the hate, and the rage associated with the LTD. I want Cleriths to stop being so rude to others who disagree with them and the same should be said to CloTis. Had SE been less ambiguous about CloTi/Clerith/Zerith, none of this shit would’ve happened. I want to like Clerith because it is a beautiful ship, but the fandom scares me so much that I began to hate it. Please help me because I don’t want to be picked on anymore. 😖

There’s no reason for you to pretend to like something you don’t. If you ever need someone to talk about Cloti, come to the inbox (or send a chat message) and we will get back to you! There’s plenty of Cloti media out there (fanmade and otherwise) for you to enjoy. I say stick to your fandom and don’t get into the debates, because they can get rather ugly sometimes. There’s a reason I have stopped debating. And it’s not because I don’t love Cloti. It’s because I just don’t care anymore. I love Cloti, I think Clerith is cute//ok and I’m happy for my friends that ship it if they get anything. But I pretty much refusse to argue anymore. I will give my two cents and opinion on things, but that’s about all.

Let me ask you this, why are you reading Clerith essays? You should be reading Cloti ones and reminding yourself how great your own ship is. ^^ To me, there’s just as much evidence for one ship as there is the other (when it comes to fanservice). If we’re looking at the original game alone and Advent Children + Dissidia, ofc I believe that Cloti was/is canon. 

However I also know that is just the way *I* interpret things, and that other people interpret it differently. There’s nothing wrong with that or pointing out which parts of the game made you feel that way. I’m sorry if anyone is actually bullying you, thats not cool 2 do.

But I think you really need to relax from debates and reading things that dont pertain to you ;-; Surround yourself with people in your fandom, and ship stuff that actually makes you happy. I’ve been done with the LTD for a long time now. I’ve been arguing about it since 1997 and there’s only so far you can go before you realize that you’re tired. 

I don’t ship Clerith romantically, I probably never will. But I don’t hate seeing it , nor will I be upset if it actually did become canon. I’ll always be rooting for Cloti though, and I will always be happy if SE throws it a bone outside of canon. I was so super stoked when the Cloti event was announced and once again it focused on their promise, one of my favorite aspects about the ship. That didn’t happen too long ago! So I’m sorry if you’re feeling like C/T stuff is nonexistent lately… but I really don’t think that’s the case. c:

Like I said before , if you need an ear or a reminder on why Cloti is great, the CT fandom is pretty open and willing! Just ask any of us tbh, im sure there’s plenty willing to remind you why it’s a great ship. And plenty of people that will make you feel happy in the ship.

It’s exceedingly easy to ignore other shippers. Just don’t give bullies the time of day, and stay away from the LTD if it’s too stressful for you. There are also many friendly people in the Clerith fandom too. As a multishipper and someone with friends in both ships, I can say that honestly. So if you’re really interested in Clerith because it appeals to you, you’ll be accepted for sure. It’s about respect really, and as long as you’re being respectful to each ship that you like Im sure things can be fine.

I too would love for the arguments to stop, but thats unrealistic! The FFVII fandom is kind of up there with the Bleach//Naruto fandoms when it comes to shipping wars. People can get personal… It can cause hurt feelings and spite. If more people just stepped down and apologized and agreed that their own views were acceptable things would be a lot nicer! But for big fandoms like these, some people will just not change.

Anyways, if you need a friend in fandom like I said before there are plenty of shippers who are nice, willing to talk about their ship, and will encourage and be there for you. This blog will definitely count as one for Cloti. ^^ So I hope you cheer up and feel better! Please join us for future Cloti events and remake in the future. Don’t be sad!!

The most beautiful thing about living with your boyfriend/girlfriend is the fact that you get to know each other in every perspective; While being sick, sleepy, mad, sad, drunk, happy, stressed, anxious, grumpy or just when he/she is being an annoying prick. And, what’s the beautiful part about all that? Well, still after all those different moody moments, fights and loads of tears you’ll still love him/her. And that’s what loves about; seeing the one you love, crawling over the floor, drunk after a night out with his/her friends. Tears in her/his eyes when he/she is stressed, sad, tired. Being there for the one you love, and always respect and show that you care when he/she needs it. It’s a constant fight, but it’s worth it. Some moments are amazing, and you don’t have to do anything - everything is perfect. Then, the next second it’s not - nothing’s working right, you’re fighting like crazy, yelling at each other. It seems like this is it, but no; it’s always gonna make its way through, and get perfect again. Love is all about not giving up, fighting for the one you love, and then, show it.

listen, if you can find one thing about yourself to be proud of, own that. be proud of that thing. you’re allowed to be confident in your abilities

First and foremost, I’d like to apologise for my inactivity. Secondly, today, 26 years ago on February 26th a little girl was born. Her name is Chaerin Lee. She has grown up to be a loud, sexy, outspoken woman who I admire and look up to. She taught me to never cower and always be myself no matter what. She taught me to never listen what other people’s opinions were of me and I am so glad to have been born during the time that she has been alive. She might be nine years older than me, but to me she’s like an older sister and I admire her so much for how far she has come. I’m in full support of her. Happy birthday CL, I love you. Continue to do what you’re doing, and keep your chin up always. I’ll meet you one day and hug you, my love. You deserve only the best and nothing but the best. ❤️
- J

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To be honest, I thought Illyrians had pointed ears too.... literally found out like two days ago that they didn't. I thought they were Fae cause ya'know, they live in PRYTHIAN with FAE. Keep your chin up! Keep drawing pointy ears! You do you! Love you and your stuff!

haha so many people imagine them with pointy ears :D I cant help it, they are on par with Rhys as far as i’m concerned! I’m also not a stickler for tiny details like that all of the time - art is fun and painting these characters is fun so it’s not always all about whats right and whats wrong! 

And thanks :) <3 

Imagine Woozi telling you that you should be more proud of yourself and your achievements, instead of criticizing and putting yourself down.

Shout out to all the littles who aren’t so “little.”

Shout out to all the littles whose little-outfits aren’t small or even medium.

Shout out to all the littles who can’t be picked up by their caregiver.

Shout out to all the littles who have ever been pulled out of littlespace by looking at their tummies or thighs.

Being little doesn’t mean size! Love to every little, keep your chin up cutie!! 💜💜💜

So I hit a breaking point and had an emotional breakdown on my way to work today. I called @energeticallyem (aka the bestest friend in the entire world) and she calmed me down so I didn’t walk into work bawling like a psychotic baby and then she posted this onto my Facebook and I’m just so thankful for her. I don’t know what I would do without her or how I even survived so long not knowing her beautiful face. So thank you Dean for always being there for me, I love you ❤️

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I just wanted you to know that you are an amazing and talented individual. And I sincerely hope you don't take what less than nice anons have to say to heart. You deserve to be happy and loved, and you my dear are so loved! So please keep your chin up my dear and keep being the lovely person you are. And don't forget how great of a writer and overall person you are!

Thank you so much for being so sweet and nice! I really appreciate you :*

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"the love you get is equal to the love you give" youre a constant positive influence on the community, one of the friendliest people one here, and an all around sweetheart. keep doing what your doing and before you know it, the pain you feel, whether it was yesterday, today, or tommorrow, will soon be replaced with the love and understanding you so easily hand out to everyone else. <3 keep your chin up, i love you

this is literally the sweetest thing i’ve ever read; what did i do to deserve this, you actual angel. i’m trying to be a good positive influence because there’s a sad lack of it and some people just need even one positive thing to get through the day, which i understand more than anyone. i have so much love to give and this community is so sweet, so good to me, and i want to give back. i hope you’re having a lovely day. thank you so much. i love you


Sorry for the negativity earlier y’all. I try to be a generally positive person, but sometimes life gets to you a little bit, ya know?

Anyway, I put the baby to bed, made myself an extra strong coffee and sat down to make a gigantic amount of to do lists. Then I pulled on my big girl panties, gave myself a stern talking to, and told myself to harden the fuck up. I feel much more organised now and know I can take whatever life throws at me this week, sick or not.

To the people that sent me messages, you are all so sweet, you have no idea how much that helped. I will answer them all as soon I can. But in the mean time, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Keep your chins up lovelies. Life can be a bitch sometimes. It doesn’t mean we have to be