keep young and carry on

i wish coran got more development in voltron honestly, bc i know all of his goofy jokes and gags can be fun, but he’s quite literally the oldest and it’d be good to explore his feelings abt the paladins and about allura? like he remembers the heydays of voltron, when the paladins were all seasoned warriors and now suddenly they’re all just a bunch of kids (except for shiro but he’s still hardly experienced), and it’d be good to see coran being protective of them, and upset that kids this young have to carry that burden

and yeah, keep him as the jokester most of the time, that part of his personality is fine bc he’s probably trying VERY hard to keep those kids grounded in their youth, trying to keep them from growing up TOO fast even in the middle of a war, but don’t let that be the end all be all of his personality


The Electric Sons - Keep Young & Carry On

(everyone needs to watch this)

Hear me out: Voltron time travel episode

Like, the team (or half the team) getting thrown waaaay back in time to the heyday of the previous Paladins.

Allura is like “Oh shoot, I was like six this year. I can’t be Allura right now.” And she disguises herself as “Romelle” (Allura’s cousin from the old series).

All the Altaen Paladins keep thinking the humans are Altaens who have had their ears shortened and they’re like “Omg who did this to you, you poor babies”. The Red Paladin is a little unfriendly, but the rest are very good natured and accept the cover story of “intergalactic refugees” pretty easily.

Pidge’s feet have barely touched the floor since they arrived. The Yellow Paladin (a young King Alfor) keeps carrying her on his shoulders and insisting that she meet his daughter Allura at some point.

Of course then Zarkon has to show up. Shiro’s panic attack is somewhat curtailed by the fact that Young Zarkon is nothing like the Zarkon he knows.
For one thing, he’s a huge nerd, making pop culture references that only the Retro Paladins understand, and giving nicknames to all the Lions.

“I am the Black Paladin, Zarkon! And this is my Lion, Boots. She is awful.”

Think Shiro with an almost Sokka sense of humor.

And the Paladins want to hate him. They know what he becomes, they know where it’s all going, but he’s so laid-back and friendly that they don’t know what to do.

It’s Hunk who has the uncomfortable realization that Young Zarkon is as much a Space Dad as Shiro is. Nobody really likes the idea. But then Zarkon does something utterly ridiculous while teasing the Green Paladin about their crush, and Shiro…laughs. He laughs like they haven’t seen in most of the time they’ve known him.
“Quiznak,” They think, “Now we really can’t hate him.”

Allura and Lance are both determined to change the past, to end Zarkon’s reign of terror before it begins. Hunk and Pidge are on the side of “You’ll create a paradox” and “You can’t change the past. We have to learn from it.”
Keith is more of the opinion that if they see things going south, they can always take Zarkon out before he gains too much power. The others are just a little freaked out by this, but Shiro reluctantly sides with Keith.

Eventually, Coran figures out how to get back to the future present day. Lance in an effort to be helpful, tells Zarkon before they leave, “Word to the wise: avoid Kerberos like the plague, dude.”

Zarkon and Alfor are like “O….kay…?” And agree that the refugees are odd birds.

But Zarkon remembers the name Kerberos. 10,000 years later he sends a patrol to the icy moon and discovers three primitive scientists, the same species as…something. He can’t quite remember, but they look familiar.

I shift in my chair, settling my satchel on my lap. “No sex, Draco. I mean it. If I’m going to do this for Kingsley, you can’t be distracting me.”

“But I’m terribly good at it.” Draco leans forward. “And you’ve never complained.” I just look at him, and he sighs. “Fine,” he says, pushing himself to his feet. “It’s not as if I asked you to drop your trousers anyway. The question is more whether or not you can keep them done up yourself.”


Just a little analysis ^^ this is completely my personal opinion~

It has been a year and I didn’t see someone talking about this:

“Don’t tell me…”

Do you know how much of him does this sentence says?


  • He works as a hacker = he handles important information
  • V trusts him enough to tell him almost everything
  • He had to kept secrets like the bomb at Rika’s apartment
  • He was the one that got Saeran and him out of their mother’s house

Since he was a young he was used to carry responsibility, to keep secrets, to handle delicate information.

He’s strong but we forget he’s still young, at that time he was 18, he was a child! Yet he’s an agent at a hell dangerous agency doing missions.

He was forced to be an adult, he had to be mature, he had to be strong, he had to deal with everything life putted in front of him since he has memory.

But he doesn’t want to know

You could think that’s coward or childish, because he prefers ignorance.

When I saw this I was so confused, he looks like someone who wants to know everything.

I was wrong, he never wanted to know. Nobody asked if he wanted to be an agent, if he wanted to keep secret information.

He didn’t ask for it.

What I saw in this sentence was a young man, who is just tired of knowing, so tired he just prefers to believe everything was going to be right.

He needs to rest a little.

He needs to be ignorant at least once in his life.


Dean & Mary | 12x01 Keep Calm and Carry On [x]

  • baby: E...E...E
  • mom: what is it
  • baby: Every single one of you, except for Kyoya, all of your characters are lukewarm.
  • Each of you needs to have some sort of dark side.
  • You understand?
  • Girls are vulnerable to handsome young men who are troubled.
  • If you keep carrying on like this, it's only a matter of time before the girls get tired of you and stop coming all together.
  • Are you trying to ruin my precious Kyoya's business?
  • As your manager, it's my duty to change your character backgrounds.
  • Let's start with you!
  • If all you are is cute, inside and out, then you're no different to a baby.
  • Therefore, from now on, you are the baby-faced thug.
  • And Mori senpai, you're his childhood-friend, the flunky.
  • The twins will be basketball players enslaved in their own world.
  • Haruhi, you're an honor student who's constantly being bullied.
  • And as for you, Tamaki, you're the school idol who's admired for your good looks but you actually have an inferiority complex you're hiding from the world.
  • The lonely prince.
  • And Kyoya, you're perfect just the way you are now.
  • So I want you to stay as kind and affectionate as ever, 'kay?