keep you heart strong

You’re going to need a person in your life who makes you smile even when you’re mad. Who knows your heart like the back of her hand and calls you out on your bullshit. Who says, “screw him,” and “I love you,” and, “you got this,” and really means it. Late nights of long phone calls and laughing until your ribs hurt. You need a person who sees you for what you can be, what you will be, and never lets you be any less. A weirdo, preferably. Who yells your name across street just to embarrass you. Who holds you when he breaks your heart and keeps you strong when he comes crawling back. Who tells the truth when she talks about life and makes you feel a little less alone. A person who is beyond words, beyond thanks, beyond what you could have asked for. Find this person. Trust me. You’re going to need her.
—  a thank you to my best friend, who is all of this and more

His shirt is an actual shirt I own and got cuz it was something he’d wear! XD My husband and I started working out seriously, so I’m going to be drawing a lot more of Rhos and Trin doing work-outs together… :3 GIT READY! Don’t worry though, I ain’t gettin’ rid of that ‘lil belly pudge - no matter how hard he works out! I googled something like “workout outfits” and most of the photos were of girls doing this selfie pose so I just had to do this.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, stay healthy and happy! <3


SPN FanFic

~It’s hard to live apart while he’s at work, but this is the life you both signed up for~

Jensen x Reader

1,612 Words (including lyrics)

Warnings: Bit o’angst. Touch of smut. Romantically sad? 

A/N: Based on the song “Faithfully” by Journey. Hope you enjoy. Thanks to @taste-of-dean for the read over. 

Highway run

Into the midnight sun.

Wheels go ‘round and ‘round

You’re on my mind.

Another season. Months away from home, going weeks at a time without your touch. It was hard, but it was the life you’d both chosen.

Another con. Another weekend where he could be home with you, but you insisted he go. The fans kept him going, kept him coming back for more, but he longed to see you.

The phone calls weren’t enough. The texts, the quick little messages helped him get through the day, but at night, he would reach across the vacant bed, fingers closing around the empty place where you should be. On the darkest nights, those nights when it seemed too hard to be gone, he would call you, laying the phone on his pillow just to listen to your voice as he fell asleep. You’d tell him of your day, silly things the kids had done, anything really. He wanted to know everything he was missing, needed to know you were alright. It broke your heart to hear the sadness in his voice as he whispered to you, promising everything was OK, that he’d be home soon. The miles between you stung like so many needles in your heart, but you stayed strong, keeping up a smile so he wouldn’t hear how much you were hurting too. You soothed him with your voice since your arms couldn’t reach that far.

“I love you Y/N/N,” he’d sigh as his eyes finally drifted closed.

“Love you more.”

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You're my sun, my moon, and my stars. You're my galaxy upon yonder, and the beautiful reflection in a moonlight sonata. I want you in my arms, now and forever. If I could write you a million poems to show you how much you mean to me. Although there is distance, I am always with you. I love you with all of my heart. You're what keeps this heart strong and moving forward. I sing and write for you alone, you're my muse, and my music. You're the light in my life. To the moon and back, I love you.

🌈Happy Pride Month to all my LGBTQA+ followers!! 🌈You’re all valid and loved, have a safe and fun pride month 🌈❤️💛💚💙💜🌈

♡ 170522 | gilmebaby’s Instagram Update
  gilmebaby: 3년전쯤이던가..
곡가,사가로 앨범참여했을때 봤었던 뉴이스트!
너무들 착하고 이쁘고 열심히해서
늘 잘되길 기도했었는데 시작이야 어찌됐든
국프들이 너희 매력을 이렇게나 알아주니 참으로 다행🙌🏻매우뿌듯😸하늘에감사🙏🏼힘껏응원💪🏻
뉴동이들 화이팅이닷!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
넷다 11명 안에 들길 기원해보아🤙🏻
앞으로도 심장박살 많이내고 다니길 바라👍🏻 

Translation: About 3 years ago…
I chronicled the time I saw NU’EST when I participated in their Album!
They were really nice, pretty, and worked really hard so I prayed for them to have good luck and success, but it’s just the beginning. Anyways, I’m glad that everyone is seeing your charms on Produce 101 🙌🏻 I’m very proud 😸 and thankful to Heaven 🙏🏼 I’ll support you vigorously!
NueDong* fighting!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Strive to make it into the final 11 🤙🏻
And I hope you keep your hearts strong 👍🏻

*NueDong (뉴동) is the name K-fans of the 4 NU’EST members have been calling themselves. It is purely related to Produce 101, and is to show they support all of the NU’EST members on the show. 

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man I love that strong eyebrow game you keep doing that

bless ur heart anon for giving kito the confidence to embrace his strong brows 


like an ep where leggy wants to learn how to be “strong in the real way” and all her friends try to teach her what they think it means to be “strong” one-on-one with her, and it shows that they each have different understandings of what “strength” can be, and while teaching her they end up letting out some of their own insecurities about their weaknesses while trying to help their newby friend

doc teaches her about being a strong leader, the ability to persevere through all scenarios, and insists that errors or sign of weakness in you could be fatal to your team, so you cant mess up

navy teaches her about keeping a strong heart, teaching her to roll with the punches, to endure the cruelty and verbal abuse of their superiors, and to always give them more than what the expect from you, letting your hurt show is weakness and they’ll eat you alive

army teaches her the importance of a ruby’s physical strength, its what they were made for, it ensures the safety of your team, without it you are nothing, your thoughts and feelings mean nothing to anyone, your physical strength shows them you’re worth existing and for others not to mess with you

eyeball teaches her the strength of survival, that no matter what happens you must fight to survive, even if it pains your heart and sickens your mind and breaks your body, you have to do what it takes to see tomorrow and live to fight another day, if not for you but for those who you could lose and have, your glory in living for them will keep you going

and leggy can see all her friends are actually struggling just like she is with the concept of “strength”, she worries for them because of these conflicting and very personal ideas, so she tells them all that she believes there is no one “real way” to be strong, that there are so many ways to be strong, and that none of em top the strength of her love for all her friends (im corny and gay shu t u p)

Shift [4/End]

“But he never loved me in the end – his heart was for another”. - Lang Leav


Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

You tried to make it work. You poured yourself into the relationship, staying up nights brainstorming ideas on how to keep him interested. It killed you to watch him detract from you a little more every day.

Weeks had gone by since he told you about the run in with the woman from his past. It was nothing, he reassured you. She had broken his heart years ago but he was with you now; it was you he loved. You clung to those words for dear life, praying that they were true but something deep down told you otherwise.

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the dark™ squad // challenge 1 // favorite male villain » maven calore

“That’s something you should know about us Silvers. We’re always alone. In here, and here,” he says pointing between his head and his heart. “It keeps you strong.”