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'Was this just like a game to you?' + 'get out of my sight' for iwaoi?

Tooru’s exhausted, heading home after his latest volleyball game. He can feel it seeping into his bones, and he’s longing for a hot shower and a nice long rest in bed.

He isn’t expecting to walk up the sidewalk to his apartment and see Hajime sitting on the stairs, hands pressed together, expression tight.

He’s happy to see his boyfriend, and a smile brightens his features.


“Was this just a game to you?” Hajime’s voice is low, and shaky. Tooru’s never heard him talk like this before, the hurt in his voice cutting through Tooru like a knife, completely cutting off what he wanted to say.

Tooru freezes, still in front of the steps. He drops his bag to his feet. All of the excitement he had felt about coming home, seeing Hajime, fizzles away, leaving acid in his stomach. No, no, of course not-

I saw your interview,” Hajime cuts in, closing his eyes, and inhaling sharply. He looks pained, and Tooru can see how hard he’s clenching his hands into fists. How hard he’s shaking. No, this isn’t right-

“No, I’m not involved with anyone,”  Hajime repeats, the exact lines from Tooru’s interview that had ended just hours prior. Tooru can feel the bile building up in his throat. This is wrong-

“No, Hajime-”

“Seriously?” He stands, voice raising. “I-I know that we talked about it, and decided that we’d keep all this quiet… for your career - a gay pro athlete would cause a stir… and you can’t do that, and I get it, I really get it, but…” He lets out a frustrated groan, covering his face with his hands. “But, fuck - you pretending, so easily-”

Tooru pales, “It wasn’t easy-”

“That we haven’t been together for the past five years? I… I didn’t expect it to hurt so badly.” Hajime sighs, and he sounds.. defeated.


And, god - Tooru caused that.

Tooru swallows, biting back tears. He takes a step closer, reaching desperately for Hajime - he needs to explain this, fix this, now. He touches his face, fingers pressing familiarly against his cheeks and jaw, but Hajime does… nothing.

He doesn’t lean into him. He doesn’t push him away. He just doesn’t react.

Somehow, that’s even worse.

Tooru drops his hands to his sides, fingernails digging into his palms. He feels blood pearl around each finger, and it only pushes him to press harder. They’d talked about this. Hajime had promised him, he’d told him it was okay - he’d lied. “Hajime, this isn’t fair, you said it was okay-

“For fuck’s sake, we can’t even share an apartment! We’re still visiting each other every other weekend like we’re still in college. I don’t even have a key to yours. I want to be with you, Tooru. I don’t want… this. Hiding. Being too scared to be seen together too much in public. Lying to the world..” Hajime’s voice breaks, and he closes his eyes. “I’m… tired, Tooru. Tired of never feeling like we’re going anywhere. Like I’m not enough. Like… we aren’t enough for you.”

“Hajime, no… I can’t… I don’t… Please, I love you…” Tooru pleads desperately, unable to even cry, he’s too shocked. His own skin is cold as ice; Hajime finally looks at him, and his gaze feels like a needle piercing his heart.

“I don’t know if that’s enough anymore.” Hajime takes a step back and his shoulders sag. “I… I can’t do this right now. I need you out of my sight.” He shakes his head, biting back tears. Tooru chokes on a sob; Hajime doesn’t cry. “Please.”

Tooru doesn’t move. He can’t. Hajime is everything - he’s the one who lifts him up, makes him strong, keeps him safe. He’s the one who talks Tooru off the ledge when everything else seems lost, he’s the one who goes above and beyond to help him, love him-

And Tooru just unknowingly dealt his finishing blow.

It feels like time is standing still. At least that way, Tooru doesn’t have to face it - the openness, the nothingness that he can already feel ebbing in, swirling around, threatening to swallow him up. It’d be easy, just to let himself be consumed by it.

But Tooru looks up, and Hajime is still watching him. Waiting for his reaction.

So he figures out how to move his limbs again. Feels the blood start to pump back into his system, leaving him dizzy. He turns, making room for Hajime, who walks down the stairs and out of Tooru’s life.

It isn’t until Tooru walks back into his apartment that he falls to the floor, and breaks.

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Can I get McCree, Lucio, Genji, Hanzo and Reinhardt with an S/O with long hair, but it unintentionally gets cut super short in the middle of a really rough fight? Like, someone accidentally cut it in the fray and crossfire, or their s/o had to cut it themselves to get free from an enemy's hold?

Went with headcanons for this one


  • More heartbroken than you.

  • He loved playing with your long hair, raking his hands through it, even brushing and braiding it when the mood struck him

  • He’s gotten used to carrying a spare hair tie around with him and will probably keep doing it for a while until the realisation sinks in that you’re not going to need it for a while

  • Lends you his hat when your hair starts getting into your eyes but is still too short to properly tie it back

  • If you want to keep it short you’ll probably break this man’s heart for good

  • May or may not keep one of your locks in a pendant


  • Can’t stop petting the short fuzz

  • Seriously, his hands are on you constantly for weeks. You’re eating cereal, he’s petting your head. You’re maintaining your weapons, he’s literally in your hair, you wake up at 3am to him still brushing through it

  • He says the short hair makes you look innocent and gets a little kick out of pretending to be the strong protector for a while

  • Comes up with a book’s worth of new hairstyles for you to try out. He absolutely has a favourite barber and will introduce you to him. Your head is now a canvas for modern art.

  • Depending on how disappointed you are over the loss he may or may not cut his own hair in solidarity. For weeks his twitter is full of pictures of you both captioned in one way or another with “twinsies! <3 <3 <3”

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Alley Talk

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Fandom: MCU, Daredevil

Characters: Matt Murdock

Pairing: Reader X Matt Murdock

Notes/Warnings: violence, injury

Word count: 1.630

Imagine: Imagine meeting Daredevil one night and helping him. You two end up talking and you tell him you have a crush on your colleague, Matt Murdock.  [x]

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Tickle Monster

Warnings: A bit of swearing and fluff

Request:I saw you were taking request and thought why the hell not. Jerome discovering the reader is super ticklish??? Like supper cute and dorky Jerome???

Originally posted by mystery2myself

“What happens if I win?” Jerome smiled.

“You won’t!” You smirked at him.

“Ready. Set. Go.” Jerome cackled out.

There the challenge began. See, earlier that day Jerome has bragged about you ‘not being able to ignore him’ to a few people. This of course didn’t actually offend you, but you acted like it did just to prove him wrong. The challenge: You weren’t allowed to talked or address Jerome for the rest of the day. Of course he was not about to let that happen.

Later that Day

So, you were just listening to music and cleaning up the kitchen from lunch that was incredibly awkward from all the silence. Jerome took this chance and ran with it. He slowly walked up behind you and gently breathed on the back of your neck. Not knowing who it was you jumped around and screamed.
Then slammed a hand over your mouth ‘You aren’t allowed to scold him.’ You though to yourself. Just to rub it in that he didn’t succeed, you puffed out you cheeks while holding your breath, and then shook your head.

“Damn.” Jerome whispered. “Gonna play tough are we?”

He walked away cackling, knowing that your heart was still pounding from him scaring you. You stood very still trying to catch your breath and keep strong. You couldn’t break.

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Prompt #42 “Sometimes, you fall for someone you didn’t expect but that doesn’t make it wrong”

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Written by Christina

Category: Angst with fluff. Just your usual fanfic stuff. 

Word Count: 2298

A/N: I had finals last week, so the stress was super high. Hope you all enjoy :) Feel free to message us with any feedback, requests, or comments. We love you all!

Loosely based off #42 fr this list 

Part 2 

You felt tears well in your eyes as you clenched your fists. An F. Again. And in your first class of the day! This math class was going to be the end of you. You pulled three all-nighters and spent every moment of spare time studying for the past week and a half preparing for this test. To fail was the worst feeling ever. Words couldn’t describe the anger, hurt, and disappointment that consumed every molecule of your being. You just wanted this class to end. You loathed it. The teacher sometimes tried to help you, but you were often pushed aside because “they were too busy at the moment”. You needed a tutor. And fast.

You glanced around the classroom, looking to see if anyone looked like they understood what was going on. The teacher was writing an example on the board for the class to complete. Some people were scribbling down the problem as the teacher wrote it. Some people sat back in their chairs and stared at the board, clearly lost. But there was one student with their hand raised. A boy. He sat two rows over and one seat back from you. The teacher turned around, saw the boy and called on him.

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“Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.” maybe?

I love this prompt so much omg. by @neglectedrainbow 

Jared’s hands are sweating. A lot. And maybe his entire body is, too, because what if this doesn’t work? There’s no way this is going to work. 

He continues to button and unbutton the top of his shirt, his fingers fumbling, clammy, and shaking. He exhales deeply, remembering Alana’s words of encouragement from earlier in the day. He can do this. This is fine.

Evan rounds the corner of the street, his backpack still slung around his shoulders as he slowly approaches Jared, his eyebrows furrowed. He looks around, probably wondering why in the world Jared is currently standing outside of his house, dressed in a neat blue suit and carrying a satchel on his shoulder.

Fidgeting with the straps on his bag, Evan walks over. “Jared? What’re you doing here?” Instantly, he freezes, “Not that I, like, don’t want to see you or whatever, I obviously do, just… Why?”

Jared exhales deeply, shakily motioning for Evan to put his things down. Luckily, Evan’s street is pretty much separated from the rest of society, full only with other homes holding very old people or very young people. So, thankfully, there’s no one else out on the street at four o’clock in the afternoon. They’re alone.

“Evan,” he says, and his voice wavers embarrassingly.

He clears his throat and starts over. “Evan.” He swallows. You got this, you got this. “This is the exact place where I first met you. I was like eight, I think, and you had just moved here. And your mom called up my mom and suggested that we all get together, and-and I saw you, for the first time ever, out here. And there was still a moving truck in your driveway and boxes all over your house. But I saw you, then, and I just thought…”

Jared shifts his weight from one foot to another. “Well, and I just thought, like, ‘Damn,’ to be honest. Because-because, well, I mean, because, what else would I have thought, really? You were this kid with these ridiculous green eyes who always wore these little blue sort-of button-down shirts and who just-”

He swallows again, wiping his palms on his pants nervously. “And I remember the first time I ever saw you smile, and I just thought… There’s nothing I wanted to do more, after that moment, than make you smile as much as I could, to see that smile over and over and over again.”

Jared crosses and uncrosses his arms. “I picked you up, right here, before our first date, and I’ll never forget that. You just talked and talked about all these trees and nature and I’d never seen you talk that much before.” The memories flood his mind, almost too much. “I-I could barely respond. Because the only thing that was going through my mind was…was how much I loved you. How much I love you.”

He finally looks up at Evan, having previously been too nervous to see the other boy’s reaction. But, Evan’s looking at him with those same beautiful green eyes, the edges of which are crinkled in the most dazzling smile Jared’s ever seen. It takes his breath away.

“And I, and I-I-” His words are tumbling over each other. He can’t focus, can’t take his eyes off of this beautiful person, this incredibly strong and amazing and absolutely stunning person. 

The love of his life. 

“Quit smiling at me,” he chuckles, trying to keep his heart from bursting. “I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that!”

Evan laughs, tossing his head back, and if that isn’t the most gorgeous sound that’s ever blessed this Earth. “Uh huh,” he replies, the words barely forming through his even wider grin.

Jared looks down, trying to stop the blush spreading hotly over his cheeks. “Well, I was wondering, if–you know how much I love you. So, I was wondering, I was curious, if maybe-if maybe…”

“Yeah?” Evan eggs him on, taking a step forward, gently grabbing one of Jared’s cold, shaky hands within his own, pressing a swift kiss to the back of Jared’s knuckles.

Jared stops breathing for just a moment, before coughing and trying to restart his sentence. “I was wondering if–I know this is probably really lame or whatever, but I was wondering if maybe you wanted to possibly go to prom with me?”

Immediately after the words leave Jared’s mouth, he’s being wrapped up into a gigantic hug. He thinks that Evan is saying something, but honestly his brain is too overwhelmed right now to comprehend any of it. 

Then, Evan’s kissing him softly, his hands resting gently on either side of Jared’s face, and the bag Jared was holding falls to the ground.

Slowly, Evan pulls back, resting his forehead against Jared’s, catching his breath, an uncontrollable smile spreading across his face. “Of course I’ll go with you. Of course I will.”

Jared pulls away for a second, kneeling down to grab the bag and handing it over to Evan. “I got-I got you some flowers, too.” He feels a bit like he just won the lottery. He can’t stop smiling.

Evan looks in the bag, and he seems to smile even more, a feat which Jared would’ve otherwise thought was impossible. “Meconopsis betonicifolia…” he whispers, his voice filled with awe.

Jared shrugs, like it was no big deal to find one of the most rare and complicated flowers known to humans: the blue Himalayan poppy. Evan sighs again, like he’s in a dream, “One of the only naturally blue things in the entire world.” He delicately places the flowers back into the bag, once again pressing a kiss to Jared’s lips, their hands intertwined. “Thank you.” 

He kisses Jared again, slowly, like honey. “I love you so much.”

Jared’s heart soars, because he’ll never get sick of those three little words, no matter how many times he hears them. “I love you too.”

Author Gothic
  • You wonder if the tapping of your fingers on the keyboard will ever not be soothing to you. As you are overcome and your fingers start to move on their own, quickening in pace, you realize that the answer is yes
  • The words seem to glide onto the page easliy. You discover that you’re not holding a pencil. The words keep appearing
  • Somewhere at the back of your mind, an idea bubbles up. You are struck with inspiration so strong it takes your breath away. All goes black, and when you awake there are thousands of words on Microsoft Word and the cursor blinks menacingly back at you.
  • In the middle of typing, your thoughts stop, the sentences not flowing. You gasp, a sharp, cut off sound. The only word in your head is “Wordblock”. You can’t speak, except to repeat it. All other words are nonexistant. Have they ever existed? There is nothing in your word document
  • You spill your heart onto a piece of paper, late one night. The next morning when you look at it, it’s covered in blood. You rub your chest where you’d had to put your heart back inside.
  • You’ve always thought in words instead of pictures. You look at a chair, you see the word chair. You get out of bed you see the words “Beware. They’re coming.”
  • You’re English teachers always loved you. You wonder if that’s why they’re all standing outside of your house tonight. Not blinking. Not moving.
  • You have a notebook full of poetry. “No! You can’t read that!” You say quickly to someone who has grabbed it. They can’t see that you write in blood. They can’t know whose blood it is. They can’t read the words. They can’t.

For this week’s #TarotToTheCourt we have the Queen of Swords.

I am the Queen of Swords and this is my advice to you:

i. Keep your head held high and tell it like it is. Assert your sharp tongue and quick wit without apology. Embrace your independence. Radiate with logic. Play by your own damn rules and lead the army.

ii. Stand up for yourself. Trust those instincts within and fight for what is right. Don’t be ashamed of your intellect. It’s okay to follow your head before your heart. Keep an open mind.

iii. Give yourself permission to be soft once in a while. The world will try to keep you cold but you can make the choice to not own all that bitterness. They will try to use what makes you strong and destroy you. Do not allow your honesty to overshadow your compassion. Show those that doubt you who the fuck is boss. 

Post Notes:
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Title: Queen Of Swords
Copyright: © Ivan Ambrose 2017
Challenge: Tarot To The Court by @rosaofswords
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I am sobbing. It didn’t really hit me until I sat down and actually thought about it. My heart is so fucking broken and there are no words that anyone could ever say to make this better.

So many people were there. It was probably the best night of so many peoples lives. You don’t go to a concert and expect this shit. You leave feeling happy that you just saw one of you idols, and spent hours in an arena with so many people who had the same love and respect for this person. You don’t expect it to end this way. People didn’t wake up this morning thinking this was going to happen. They were just excited to be seeing Ariana.

And how does Ariana feel?! Spending so many people’s LAST HOURS with them, not knowing that it’s their last hours. She must know it isn’t her fault, but oh my god there must be a sense of guilt there somewhere– which breaks my heart for her because this is in no way her fault.

If any of you that are reading this were there, or knew someone who was there, I’m so sorry. I’m so, so, so fucking sorry and there are no words to make any of this hurt less. If you were there, I want you to know that whatever it is you’re feeling, you have EVERY right. Anything you’re feeling is valid. Things are never going to be the same. And I’m always going to be here if you need to say anything.

I love you all. Keep your heads up. Be strong. Love one another. My heart is aching for you. The world is aching for you. But we’ll make it though, stronger than ever. Just like we always do.

Bad Girl Ch 10: Who Needs A Hug?

You guys asked for it!

“I have to call him,” I hold my hand out expectantly, Suho just stares at me, his lips in a firm line. My fingers run through my hair in frustration, “You honestly expect me to not talk to him? Are you kidding me? This whole thing is a mess, I have to talk this through with him and you have my phone so hand it over.”

“Baby,” Luhan comes up behind me and places a hand on my shoulder. “We just got you back, we don’t want you anywhere near that bastard.”

“That bastard is my fiancé until proven guilty and even if all of this was his fault that doesn’t mean I coming back. But beyond this whole mess I have other responsibilities, other people who will be worried about me,” I pause as my own words sink in. “I wonder if Jiyong told Jiho about all of this, he must be so worried, I need my phone now!”

“We need to talk,” Suho says sternly but I’m not afraid of him or little anymore, I don’t back down.

“If you don’t want to give me my phone give me any phone. I need to call Jiho and after that I need to call Jiyong to talk to him about some things.”

“Suho, just do it, she won’t give up,” Luhan sighs.

Suho hands over my phone, anger in his eyes, “Put it on speaker.”

I roll my eyes, “Fine.” I eagerly search through my phone for Jiho’s number and call him.

He answers on the second ring, “Oh my god pretty bird are you okay?”

“I’m fine Oppa, just a bit shaken up,” I admit, relaxation washes over me at the sound of his voice. I didn’t know I could miss his stability so much.

“Where are you? I’m coming to get you!”

“Like hell you are!” Suho roars making me jump away from him, right into Luhan’s arms.

The older glares daggers at him, “Suho you aren’t scaring anyone except for Jooyoung, stop it with that bull shit.”

“Is that them?” Jiho snarls.

“Oppa please stay calm,” I beg into the phone, “I need someone to be my rock right now because I can’t do this. I need you to be calm and level headed, I need you to be my voice of reason. You are always able to help me through so I need you to do that right now, please?”

He is quiet for a moment before humming a soft, “As you wish.”

“Thank you, I just wanted to tell you that I’m okay, well mostly,” My hand goes to rest on the bandage concealing the cut on my neck.

“How long are you going to be there?”

I look up at Suho and Luhan who are staring right back at me, waiting for my response as well. I shrug, “I need to talk to Jiyong before even thinking about tonight, tomorrow for sure, we still have to meet with Youngguk so I’ll message you where to pick me up before that. Is everything all set for tonight?”

“You are basically in your own hostage situation, stop thinking about other people. Hanbin and his guys will get the kid, you and I need to get you home safe, alright?”

“Okay Oppa, I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

He sighs, “I’ll be waiting, call if you need anything.”

“Of course.”

“I love you little sister,” He hums softly into the phone.

“Stop sounding so emotional you are hurting my heart,” I mimic back to him what he told me hours ago. A sad smile spreads on my face, how things have changed in such a short time, “I love you too Oppa, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I hang up and press my phone to my head for a moment, taking a few deep breaths to keep myself from crying. Be strong, you have to be strong. I can’t let them see that I’m weak, I will not let them make me small again.

“Who the hell was that?” Suho asks in a quiet, but still very upset, voice.

“Let’s wait until I call Jiyong to talk about things, I’d preferred to only get yelled at once by you today if that’s possible,” I snap back at him while I call Jiyong. I have to keep my brave face on.

“My love?” Jiyong answers hopefully.

I sigh, “Oppa.”

“Are you okay? Did they hurt you at all? There was a lot of commotion and than the line when dead, I had no idea what happened,” His voice is filled with panic. I begin to wonder if this sweet man could think of such a plan, fake my death and claim to the world that I’m a fake, could he really do that?

“I’m fine Oppa.”

“Thank God, what are they planning on doing now? Did those bastards let you go?”

“No, but you are on speaker so I would keep the trash talking to a minimum.”

He scoffs, “They wouldn’t dare hurt you.”

“But they could lock me back up and throw away the key.”

“I wouldn’t let them do that to you again.”

I take a deep breath and ask, “Oppa, could I ask you a few things? These things have been weighing a lot on my heart.”

“Of course my love, anything,” He answers eagerly.

I can barely get myself to say it, “Did you plan my kidnapping?”

“Of course not! I would never do anything to hurt you!”

“Is Jiho involved in this lie?” That seems harder to say than the first. I can’t imagine the horrible reality of Jiho being involved in this, the thought rips out my heart.

He is quiet for a moment, “He wasn’t really involved. He just doesn’t know all of it. I would like to explain that better but that would just give you more questions.”

“I really want to ask you why you lied to me. I want to know how this is connected to my kidnapping but I need to ask that to your face so I will wait.”

“How long?”

I flop to the floor on my butt and let out a heavy sigh, “I’m going to talk to these guys for awhile. We have a lot to talk about, and I told them until I know what is going on we are still engaged so please don’t worry about anything happening.”

“I trust you completely. When do you think you will be coming home?”

“I told Jiho that I would be going to my meeting tomorrow so I can come by after that so we can talk.”

“Does that mean you are sleeping there?”

“I have to talk to twelve men who were grieving over my death for a year, three of them tried to kill themselves because of it, I have a long night of talking a head of me.”

He sighs, there is a thunk and I imagine him resting his head on his desk, “I love you. I love you so much, don’t ever forget that. I will make lunch for us and we can sit down and talk, okay?”

“Okay Oppa, I’ll see you then,” I pause for a moment before I admit, “I love you too.” I hang up before he has the chance to talk me into coming home now, I know he could.

“You love him?” Suho echoes, both hurt and angry.

“I do love him, I wouldn’t be getting married to him if I didn’t love him,” I state as if it is obvious.

“What about us baby?” Luhan wonders, “Do you still love us?”

“Yes,” I sigh and begin running my hands through my hair, “Of course I love you. I’m just mad and confused… and… and I just don’t know what is going on.”

“Are you mad at us?”

“Of course I’m mad at you! But not because of this whole abandoning thing right now, I’m mad because of how all of you handled me being gone! Look at you guys, your younger brothers are a mess, why didn’t you take care of them?”

“We all had problems of our own Baby, but can I ask you something, since you still love us?”

I sigh, “What?”

“Can I hug you?” He chokes on his words as he opens his arms up to me. For a brief second I consider pushing him away and just storming out but I don’t, I can’t get myself to. I stare at him, taking in his thinner face and body, there are bags under his eyes and I can’t stop my heart from breaking. I step closer to him and wrap my arms around him, enjoying the familiar scent. “I’ve missed you so much,” His face is tucked into the crook of my neck, I can feel his tears making my skin sticky.

“Hush, Lulu, it’s okay now, I’m not dead, I’m right here,” I coo softly. I kiss the top of his head before pulling away. Suho is watching us with bloodshot eyes, he’s trying not to cry but failing. Tears start forming in my own eyes as I open my arms to him, “Come on Suho, I know you want one too.”

He doesn’t hesitate to basically tackle me to the ground, “I’m so sorry.” I lay there with my arms wrapped around his head, his weight resting on top of me, a position I’m not used to with him. He feels so small right now, so sad and weak.

“I forgive you, please stop crying,” My hand rubs his back in a soothing motion, trying to calm the normally strong man. Luhan joins us on the floor, he pulls my head into his lap and begins running his fingers through my hair as he stares down at me. We just lay there for a while enjoying the familiar feeling of each others company. I don’t know how much time has passed when someone knocks on the door. None of us respond.

“How are things going?” Kris asks as he opens the door.

“Pretty good, I guess,” I smile at him.

“Can I have a turn?” Kris comes closer and nudges Suho with his foot. I pat the younger on the back signaling him his turn is done.

Suho shakes his head and holds me tighter, “Can’t I just stay here forever?”

“There is going to be a line forming soon,” The giant whines. “I want more than five seconds with her.” Suho groans but rolls off me and glares up at the older.

“You have at most thirty seconds before someone else comes, you better hurry,” I open my arms up yet again. He eagerly joins us on the floor and takes the same position as Suho with his head on my chest. Only a moment passes before four more figures are in the door way. “Sorry, I guess it was only thirty seconds from when you walked in the door.”

He looks over his shoulder as his younger brothers before kicking the door closed. “I have twenty seconds left with you in peace.”

I chuckle but do nothing more.

“We have all night, right?” Luhan wonders.

I nod, “My meeting is at noon so Jiho will pick me up tomorrow morning around 10 since he’ll have a lot of questions himself.”

“Who is Jiho?” Suho asks.

I sigh, “Five more seconds then we can go back to the living room and I’ll explain everything that happened after I was kidnapped.”

“That’s too long,” Sehun whines from outside.

“Shut your mouth punk,” Kris growls.

I smack his back, “Don’t talk like that to your little brother. You were whining less than a minute ago.”

“Noona,” Sehun calls, “Noona.”

“I’m coming Sehunnie,” I roll Kris over so I’m on top before quickly jumping to my feet and rushing through the door, leaving the older boys dumbstruck on the floor. I pull the door open revealing Sehun, Kai, Tao, and Kyungsoo. “Lets go to the living room before the hugs start again.” I lead the group of boys back into the living room where Xiumin, Chanyeol, Chen, and Lay are all waiting. They jump to their feet at the sign of my return.  I can see the hesitance to approach me in their body language making me chuckle. I was the one who was kidnapped yet they are the ones afraid while I’ve never felt more powerful in their presence, “Who’s first?”

“Me!” Sehun picks me up and brings me to the couch. His body wraps around mine like a snake, holding me tight in his embrace.

“So everything is okay?” Chanyeol assures.

“Things aren’t okay,” I admit, “but we are going to figure it out. I am leaving tomorrow morning to talk to Jiyong but you guys have me until then to talk about everything.”

“Are you going to go back to him?” Chen squeaks.

“I need to talk to him before I decide anything fully.”

“What if it was all him?” Xiumin questions, “What if he planned all of this so he could have you all to himself? Will you come back to us?”

“I don’t know,” I snap but regret it a moment later when all of them basically deflate. “Look guys I’m sorry for snapping but you need to give me more than a few hours to deal with this news. My life was completely flipped upside down and I don’t know who I can trust right now.”

“You seem to trust that Jiho guy,” Suho points out.

“Your time is up,” Kai points out before pulling me out of the youngest’s grip and into his own.

“Who is Jiho?” The group says in a chorus.

“Jiho is my close friend and body guard. He’s like a big brother.”

Kris crinkles his nose in disgust, “Does he have anything to do with your kidnapping?”

“No!” I say firmly, both for myself and for them, “He would never do that to me. He was there when I got attacked, they knocked him out too. I trust him with my life, he is my guardian angel so leave him out of this.”

“Fine,” Kris holds his hands up in surrender.

“Let me go.”

“What do you say?”

I narrow my eyes at him, “Please.”



He pouts, “You said it to Suho hyung earlier and Baekhyun hyung too.”

“I already told you I am not your little girl,” I sneer.

“Stop saying that, you are her. You are my baby!” He actually yells holding me tighter but I force my way out of his embrace onto my feet.

“I am Kim Jooyoung,” I protest, “I am the white dragon of Korea, I am not some innocent little child.”

“White dragon?” Kyungsoo questions. “The black dragon’s new partner in crime? The person who has been involved in all of those gun and drug deals, that white dragon?”

I nod, “The one and only.”

“That is impossible,” Chanyeol tries to shake the idea out of his head. “I’ve heard the white dragon is brutal, he has ordered at least a dozen gangs to be either wiped out or taken over. He has a thousand foot soldiers and Jiyong’s own personal henchmen on call. You can’t be that person, I don’t believe it.”

I roll my eyes at him, “Why does it have to a he? I’ve changed a lot in this last year, more than I ever thought possible but here I am. The technical queen to one of the biggest mafia groups in Asia.”

“How could Jiyong let you into this world? Do you have any idea how dangerous this is for you?” Suho snaps. “This will not be continuing when you come home.”

“This is our problem, right here!” I snarl back, “You guys need to stop forcing me into a bubble. Who said I was coming back here? I don’t want to go anywhere where I can’t be who I want to be.”

“And this is who you want to be?” Kai gestures to all of me.

“Damn right.”

“You don’t honestly think this is a good life for you, do you?” Sehun is completely dumbfounded by me right now.

“We just want what is best for you,” Yixing tries with a calm voice, “We want to keep you safe from all of this.”

“Too late now. I am in this, I am actually running this. Now let me tell you guys something that you need to understand. If I do come back to this house, I’m not saying I’m going to, but if I do you can’t baby me all the time. You can’t keep me locked in this house or in an office. I will come and go as I please because I will not leave my work. I worked hard to get involved in this world and I’m not leaving because you want to keep me safe. If you can’t understand that tell me now so I don’t waste my time here tonight.”

The room is dead silent.

I chuckle dryly, “Is that really such a hard limit for you? You can’t give me my freedom? I’ll give you guys some time to think on things, I’m going to give Baekhyun the same speech. Even thought he just about killed me maybe he’s calmed down enough to know if he really love me or just my little side.” I turn and take a few steps toward the doorway when someone grabs my arm.

“I love you,” Xiumin confesses. “I love you when you are little, when you are big, when you are mad, when you are happy, I love you so much it hurts. I will give you anything you want, just please don’t leave me again.”

Of course it’s him. He stares at me with that cat like eyes and I find myself smiling. I let him pull me into his arms and almost crush me in a hug. My heart flutters, I close my eyes and rest my head on his shoulder.

“I love you too.”

“Whatever you want,” Luhan sighs coming forward, “I’ll give it.” He joins in on the hug, followed by the rest of the group until I’m drowning in their embrace.

“As nice of a moment this is, I need to talk to Baekhyun too,” I feel bad breaking up the love circle but I don’t feel fair leaving Baekhyun out.

“I can go get him,” Chanyeol quickly volunteers.

I shake my head, “I need to talk to him alone especially after the whole almost killing me thing.”

They part like the red sea for me, I shuffle around the familiar home, up the stairs and down the hall until I’m standing outside his room. I can’t hear anything from the outside but I still knock.

“Just leave me to die,” He grumbles from inside. I open the door anyway and close it behind me. Baekhyun is laying in the middle of the floor with his forehead resting against the wood. He lifts his head only to bring it back down to floor with a quiet thunk. “If you are going to kill me don’t make it fast, I deserve the most painful death imaginable.” His voice is scratchy and strained from crying so much. I can see that the floor is wet from tears.

My heart cracks, “No you don’t.”

His head snaps up to look at me, “Baby?”

I consider telling him not to use my nickname but the broken look in his eyes keeps the words off my lips, replacing them with ones I didn’t want to use, “Hi Daddy.”

“Don’t call me that!” He snaps before returning to the same position, the thunk becomes louder. “I hurt you, I don’t deserve to be your daddy. You should hate me.”

“I don’t hate you. In fact, I love you.”

He shakes his head, “You love Jiyong, you should love Jiyong. He would never hurt you like I did. He protected you for a whole year until I came in and fucked everything up for you. You should just hate me.”

“Stop saying that,” I snap.

“But it’s true!” He scream back, “I ruined everything for you, you would be happy and at home with him right now if it wasn’t for me. I destroy everything! I should just die!” He slams his head down hard on the wood making me jump.

“Baekhyun stop!” I rush over to him as he continues to smack his head again and again.

“I’m sorry baby,” He cries as he keeps going.

“You are hurting yourself stop! You are going to kill yourself!”

“I deserve it!”

Vampire Brendon fic Part 4 guys <3

urisistable submitted:

Part 1 here

Part 2 here

Part 3 here

You whimper as he takes you in his arms, moving you back to the wall as far away from the door as possible. He pulls you onto his lap, letting your head rest against his chest, as he strokes the blood soaked hair from your face. With all the strength you have left, you lift your head to look up at him. His brown eyes are soft again, pleading and full of remorse.

“Brendon… I trust you.”

Tears prick at his eyes as you close yours and go limp against him. You have no reason to put any faith in him whatsoever, but the fact that you do, after everything you’ve been through, gives him such a swell of courage, tamping down the soul-crushing guilt from before.

He wraps his arms so securely around you, cradling your whole body to himself. Quietly, he strokes your hair as you fall into an exhausted sleep.

Watching the younger nervous guard pace by, he whistles as quietly as he can, gaining his attention. “Hey you,” he breathes, testing the guard’s resilience. “She’s badly injured. Can we get some bandages in here or something?“ 

The pale young man steps up close, holding onto the bars and almost pressing his face between them. “I can’t really do that. Dad would be pissed. Besides, they’re thinking you’re gonna eat her or something so they want her to bleed out.” Realizing he may have possibly said too much, he shuffles quickly away.

Brendon arches an eyebrow. He just may have figured out how to escape. Before he can think too much longer on it, however, the young man returns with a long gun and pushes it between the bars.

“Whoh, whoh, what are you doing?” Brendon cries, turning his shoulder, protecting you from the weapon pointed at you.

“Dad says you’re talking too much,” the brainless young man answers back honestly. “He says you’re talking about… not… the right… things. So it’s ‘nite nite’ time.”

Before he has a second longer to protest, a dart flies across the short space and into his arm. Immediately he collapses to the floor and you sink down with him, still wrapped in his protective embrace.

Has it been minutes or hours since Brendon was struck with the tranquilizer dart laced with blood from the hunter’s latest kill? He’s not sure as he struggles to lift himself off of the cold floor, his head absolutely screaming in pain.

“Y/n?” he calls weakly, blinking hard in the near dark, realizing you’re no longer with him. His heart sinks into his stomach when he hears your soft whimper several cells away.

Dragging himself to the bars, he calls for you again. “Y/n? Baby? Where are you?”

“She’s a little busy,” a voice comes through the darkness, dragging a chair up to his cell. Brendon snarls recognizing the heavy footsteps of the sadistic bastard that started all of this in the first place. He sits in his chair and waits for Brendon to drag himself up the bars to face his captor. “I see that tranc dart has worked nicely,” he chuckles, smoothing his hands over his black coat. “All that poison really made you as weak as a kitten.”

Brendon pants, pulling himself up to sitting. He slumps against the bars. “How… long… are you going to continue this?”

Their captor grips the bars and shakes them hard, making them rattle. “As long as it takes, boy! Now you’re going to tell me where to find your family or I’m going to feed your pretty girlfriend to James.”

Brendon furrows his brow, trying to think… and then it hits him. James must be that starved, more animal than human creature he saw locked up down the hall. “You fucking son of a bitch! Let her go!”

The man in black chuckles again, pulling is chair back to the wall. “Oh hon, how’s James doing?”

The female captor’s voice echoes. “Oh not so good. He’s looking awful hungry. Come see the treat we’ve got for you, James!“ 

“No! FUCK! Stop!” he pleads, reaching through the bars at the sadistic fuck’s pant leg. “My family…”

Three of the captors come to the cell, standing over him. Brendon can hear James making unholy screeches and clawing sounds from his cell. There is no sound from you, however.

“We have a cabin up in Northwoods,” he breathes hard, dropping his head and all of his hair falls forward. “They’re getting ready to move south to their home in Marion.”

The leader nods to two of his associates and they run quickly to prepare. “What about y/n? I told you what you wanted.”

He laughs viciously. “Fuck off, you asshole.”

Brendon catches the hesitant eye of the youngest of the guards, who steps up when the others are gone. “Please!” he cries reaching through the bars, “Please don’t leave her in there with him!”

The young man reaches in his pocket and fishes out his keys, “I dunno. I mean if you want to go in after her, you can but… I think she’s dead, man. James, he sniffed and scratched and walked away.”

Scrambling to get onto his feet the second the door was unlocked, he stumbles down to James’ cell. The pale monster had backed into the shadowy corner, leaving your lifeless body curled up in a ball near the entrance. With one eye on the monster, Brendon reaches for you and drags you out and back to his cell.

With the door locked behind you again, Brendon uses every bit of strength left in him, still fighting the effects of the poison searing through him, to lift up your face.

“Why… did you tell them?” you whisper, making Brendon gasp.

“Oh my angel!” he sobs, kissing your lips with such relief. Lying down on the floor with you, he wraps you up in his arms as best as he can. You nuzzle into his shoulder, pawing your fingertips into his shirt.

“The monster, he cut open my leg… I guess there wasn’t enough of me to bother with?” Your voice is weak and strained, hoarse from screaming.

“I don’t know, baby, I don’t know.” He’s almost sobbing now, staring down at you, an uneven, messy and very deep cut on your thigh, if he doesn’t do something it’ll get infected, then you’ll have no chance.

“Brendon why did you tell them.” You manage to force yourself to speak and he hushes you.“I didn’t, well,” he drops his voice low, not wanting to be heard. “I stretched the truth, just a little, the cabin I told them about, it’s abandoned, we moved from it years ago and the house in Marion, it doesn’t even exist.” As he speaks he movies to slip his sweater off, taking off the t-shirt underneath too, slipping the sweater back on and tearing a strip of material off of it. “It won’t hold them off for very long, I have to get you out of here.” He reaches down, very gently touching the wound your your leg, wrapping the material he’d torn for his shirt around your thigh to cover it. “Gotta pull this tight, it’s gonna hurt, hold onto me.” He warns softly, letting you cuddle closer and grit your teeth, without warning he pulls the t-shirt into a tight not, his eyes apologetic when you whimper and yelp in pain. 

“I’m sorry baby.” He tries to console you, letting you cling to him and nuzzle into his chest. “I have to get you out of here. But… I don’t think I’m strong enough to fight, I haven’t had any blood in over a week.” He wants to be honest, time has lost all meaning in this place, there’s no daylight, god knows how long you’ve been here. You peek up at him, eyes heavy and weak, exhausted from pain and fear.

“Feed from me.” You say simply, he freezes up, shaking his head furiously.

“No, god no, I can’t do that, I might not be able to stop, I could really hurt you.” He keeps shaking his head, refusing but you rest a hand on his face.

“Brendon… please, listen, if you don’t feed so you’re strong enough to get us out of here, they’ll find out you lied, them we’re both dead. If you feed, you can get us out, take us somewhere safe. Get me help. I’d rather die trying than stay here any longer.” You’re almost crying and it breaks his heart. He can’t see you like this, he knows it’s true, if he doesn’t feed and get you safe, you’ll die anyway.“I’ll only take a little, enough for a little energy boost, I promise.” He sighs, resigned at the  fact that you’re right, he know this is the only way to get you out of here, he brushes the hair off your of neck gently, the only skin on you that isn’t overly bruised or scratched up.

“Just relax, this won’t feel as bad as you might think.” You nod wordlessly, feeling him press his lips gently against your neck.

“W-will it hurt?” You whisper and he shakes his head, kissing softly.

“Only at first, the pain goes away. Take a deep breath babe.” He whispers softly, hearing you draw in a deep, sharp breath, your heart pounding in your chest, emphasising the already prominent smell of your blood, his sharp teeth protruding as he suddenly sinks them into the side of your neck. It feels sharp, burning and painful and you let out a weak little cry, fingers curling on the material of his sweater, feeling his hand reaching up to stroke your cheek, trying to calm you. It shocks you how quickly the pain starts to melt away and all that’s left is a warm, tingling feeling where his lips are connected to your skin, moaning a little as he laps his tongue, getting the blood to flow so he can suck gently.

“B… I… Oh my god.” You find yourself moaning in response, gripping tighter onto his shirt, it feels… good, way too good, your body starting to lean into him, moaning and whimpering softly, then suddenly, its gone. He stops, and gently laps his tongue over the two perfect little holes on your shoulder, closing them over and holding you, letting your head drop down onto his shoulder as you wait for the slight dizziness to subside. When you eventually life your head before he lifts his head to look at you.

Your eyes widen a little, he looks wild, pupils huge and blown, mouth hanging open, the painted, white fangs protruding and blood speckled across his lips and down his mouth, something about the way he looks drives you totally wild, you feel like you have no control over yourself. You lean in, pressing your lips against him, you’re so tired but in this moment, you need him. He moans a little into the kiss, fingers toying in your hair, teasing it between them and moving his lips against yours, you can taste your own blood and it shouldn’t turn you on this much.

“Baby… I know you probably really want this right now and I do too, but we can’t, you’re too weak.” He strokes your face and watches your eyes drop a little, feeling embarrassed that you just jumped him like that.

“I… I’m sorry B… I don’t know what just came over me.” You hide your face in his shoulder and he chuckles and rubs your back.

“It’s the bite, I told you, it feels a lot better than you would think. It’s normal to get a little… worked up by it.” He smiles reassuringly, holding you close, his eyes dropping down to all the cuts and marks showing through his baggy clothes on you. “We gotta get you out of here, I don’t know how long I’ll gave energy, we should go soon, I’ll wait until they’re on their night guards, there’s usually only one down here.” He has a determined look on his face as you two wait, spending time quietly telling you the plan, which is for you to lay at the back of the cell and pretend you’re dead, he’ll convince one of the guards to come in and check on you and do what he has to do to get their keys. He forces you to promise that you’ll look away in case it’s not as simple as just knocking them out.

Once the night comes and the guards switch, Brendon stares on, it’s him, the guard that’s been torturing you, putting you through all these, most of the bruises and cuts and beatings have come from him.

“Babe… Promise me, you won’t look and you’ll cover your ears when he comes in, I don’t want you to see what I do that bastard.” He strokes your cheek and smiles solemnly when you nod at him reassuringly, leaning close to whisper, “lay down in the corner babe, with your back to us, just like we said.”

You do as he says, curling up in the corner of the room, you’re terrified, but focused, you know you need this to happen, this is the only way you’re not going to get out of here. Brendon whistles at the guard, standing close to the guard and allowing his eyes soften and look distressed.

“What?!” He snarls, not giving a shit at how distraught Brendon is making himself look.

“I think… I think she’s dead, she collapsed a few minutes ago, I don’t think she’s breathing, please, just check her?” He pleads, you hate the way his voice sounds when it’s so distraught like this.

“Fine, step aside. Do not move or I’ll shoot her in the damn head.” You hear the door being unlocked and heavy footsteps coming towards you and hold your breath, doing your best play dead impression. He gets closer, standing over you, a cold, rough hand gripping your shoulder and rolling you so you’re on your back, gripping your face. “Aww, looks like your little girlfriend bit the dust, huh Urie?”

“Don’t look.” Brendon warns, aimed at you, you screw your eyes shut as you hear him move, covering your ears as best you can, you hear a lot of shuffling and noises, then a loud, male voice yelling, the sound is so agonized and strangled, hearing the sound suddenly cut off, it sounds like someone’s gurgling and the sound is kind of sickening. Brendon’s hand touches your shoulder, him calling, telling you to open your eyes, when you do he’s covered in blood, eyes dark and manic.

“C’mon, don’t look at him, ok.” He takes your hand and pulls you up, helping you support your own weight, you take his warning and keep your eyes away from the blatantly dead body on the floor of the cell. You haven’t stood up since being thrown in the cell earlier in the day, and now you can truly appreciate how weak and in pain you are, you can barely walk. He’s cautious and alert, slowing guiding you both through the dimly lit, prison like building, you barely have the will power to pay attention to much of what you see, feeling yourself slowly weakening.

“Brendon… I can’t… I feel so tired.” You whisper, leaning heavily on him, he scoops you up in his arms to support your weight when you can’t hold it anymore. You don’t remember the rest of what happened and you pass out again, slumping in his arms, god knows how many times you’ve passed out in the past few days, but the silent, warm darkness of unconsciousness is actually kind of welcomed, at least then you don’t feel anything.

At this point, you’re not even sure if you have the strength to wake up again.

The Devil You Know Part 29

The Devil You Know Part 29

Warning: Cussing.

Chapter 54 Negan’s POV

“Daddy. Daddy.” Zoe said, running up to me. “Your home. What took you so long?”

“Been working overtime princess.” I said, picking her up and giving her a big hug. “Have you been being have yourself for fat Joe?” She nodded. “That’s good. Now where’s mommy at? Is she in the shower or something?”

“Nope.” Zoe said, shaking her head. “She’s in Carson’s office. With Danny and Travis.”

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Chamber of Secrets - Part 7

Originally posted by darlingpanslove

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: No Bucky in this one but shit’s about to hit the fan fam, also this one is a bit sad. I kept thinking about my brothers the entire time I’m writing this, I’m such a sap it’s gross. 

(The sentences in brackets are in Turkish)


Previous Part


The constant sound of cars honking, people shouting and the thumping sound of things being moved around served as a perfect background noise, masking the racket that was Sam Wilson.

“I’m pretty sure you’ve hit that spot.” Wanda hummed as she passed Sam, who was kneeling by the kitchen counter.

“It never hurts to be careful.” He muttered as he continued to scrub the handle of the refrigerator clean.

“Why are you doing this anyway?”

“I’m wiping off any traces of us ever being here. It’s easy being you, since you just flail your arms around and things would just come to you. My fingerprints are all over this place.” He explained with a huff of annoyance.

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Just breathe- Calum blurb

“Look at me-just breath, okay?”

The air seemed to stop once it reached your throat, collecting in your mouth and drying it out. Your chest was clenching around nothing but your heart. And you could swear, the world was crashing down around you.

There was not a lot you could do to stop your head from bowing down again. But warm hands cradled your face, strong and comforting, carefully lifting your head up.

 “Sweetheart, you have to keep your head up to get in enough air.”

 His voice was soothing and deep. Laced with concern and love.

 “C’mon look at me, can you do that?”

 You forced your eyes up and were instantly met with rich brown eyes. Relief flashed there, and he gave a small smile.

 “Okay, breath now. Slow and steady”

 A small sound of frustration fell from your lips, and you lifted up your head to look at the white blank of the roof. The air felt lighter and flowed more easily down to your starved lungs.

 “You are doing so good sweetheart”

 Calum spoke as you lowered your head again, to eye level with him. Suddenly you felt very aware of everything. The sound of the games going on in the other room. The brick wall you were leaning against. Calums hands that were now entwined with your own and resting in your lap.

Your heart was starting to calm down, but your chest was still clenching.

 “Is- is there any paper here?”

 You asked softly, while lowering your head. You felt ashamed and embarrassed, not only had you just stormed out of the room, but your face was covered in tears and snot, you were sure you looked like a train wreck.

 “Yeah, just give me a second.”

 Calum reluctantly let go of your hands and stood up, and all but jogged to the bathroom and back with paper.

After he handed you the paper you quickly wiped your nose and eyes, while feeling the hot skin of your face underneath your cold fingertips.

 “I’m sorry, this wasn’t supposed to happen.”

 Nothing but embarrassment in your voice, and it wasn’t hard for Calum to sense it.

 “You have nothing to be sorry for. Sometimes we just can’t help what triggers us.”

 His words were so comforting, it felt so safe. Just being around him. Not doing anything in special. And to be honest it scared you. Thinking that one day he would leave. One day he would walk out the door, and not come back. But he had reassured you several times that it wouldn’t happen. And you willed yourself to believe it a bit more every day.

 “Yeah, we go home? We don’t have to. I don’t want to take you away from your friends and all..”

 “Hey, of course we can go home. I see this stupid band every day anyways. I’ sure they can manage half a day without me.”

Dark Secrets - Part 4

Context: You are a Slytherin who enjoys long walks in the Forbidden Forest, keeping dark secrets, and falling for a guy you never thought you’d fall for.

Warnings: FLUFF lots of it. 

Part 3

You rolled over and felt someone touching your hair and quickly opened your eyes to see Draco sitting at the edge of his bed. Sunlight was shining in through the windows and he had most of the curtains drawn on his bed.

“Shush, it’s only me.” He said, giving you a gentle smile. “Did you sleep okay?”

You nodded; remembering that awful nightmare and what ensued after you woke up from it, a small smile splaying across your lips.

Draco leaned over and grabbed a glass of water for you to drink. “Breakfast is in a few if you wanted to go grab something to eat.”

You nodded and sat up, taking the water and gulping it down in haste, realizing just how thirsty you were. “Thank you.” You managed before handing him the now empty glass. “I’m actually famished. You sleep well?”

“Extremely, thanks to you.” He said looking down at his hands. He must have woken up with you still in his arms. You felt a blush rise to your cheeks before you swung your legs over the edge of the bed.

“I’ll see you at breakfast then.” You said before nodding to him curtly and exiting his room. Your heart was beating uncontrollably in your chest as you leaned against his door, trying desperately to control your body.

After taking a long hot shower and dressing quickly, you ran down to breakfast as fast as you could. Pansy was waiting for you as usual, with a spot open next to her. Draco wasn’t sitting in his usual spot. Instead, he had moved across from you.

“Good morning.” You said to Pansy as you sat down next to her. She nodded towards you, looking as if she spent the night out drinking. “You look like crap. What happened?” you nudged her side.

“Remind me to never drink fire whiskey again.” She said before gagging. You grimaced as you heard Draco let out a small chuckle.

“Oh, I’ll make sure you never forget.” He said. “Good thing we don’t have class today or Professor Snape would be all over you.”

You all let out a laugh, except Pansy, before you heard someone clearing their throat.

“And why would I need to scold you?” Snape was standing behind Pansy and we all watched as her eyes widened with horror.

“Nothing sir, it’s just a saying, like a joke among the students.” Crabbe belted before we could stop him.

Snape looked at all of you individually before stopping on you. “Ms. Y/L/N, I suggest you find a new lot of people to hang around. I would hate to see you fall behind in class.” And with that, he left. You felt your body relax, letting out a small laugh before filling your plate with food.

After breakfast, you grabbed your books from your room and headed to the library to study. Draco had sulked off somewhere and you had a feeling you knew where. Finding a quite place in the corner of the library, you opened your book and started studying, nose so far in you wouldn’t have known if someone was sitting in front of you or not.

After a few hours of studying in the library, you felt the need to take a break.

If there was anything on the dark mark, it would have to be in there and you knew it. Scanning the aisles of books, you noticed one that seemed as if it were calling out to you. You walked over to it, pulling it from its dusty home and running your fingers across its front cover.

Opening it up, you noticed the same markings that were on Draco’s arm. You tore out the page in the book, folding it and slipping it into your pocket.

After gathering your books and making your way back to the Slytherin common room, you noticed a commotion going on in front of the fire.

“What’s going on?” You asked Pansy who was standing on the outskirts.

“Something about Potter and the others. They’ve disappeared.” She shrugged, walking away. You noticed that Draco wasn’t there and figured he was still dealing with his mess.

You dropped your stuff off in your room and walked outside into the chilly air, making your way to where Hagrid had suggested, the black lake.

You walked towards it with your wand lighting the path to the dark water, watching creatures swam across in the distance under the moonlight. Letting the light die out of your wand, you sat there at the edge of the water, trying to keep up with the way the water moved.

“It’s really beautiful.” You heard a voice behind you and jumped. Turning around you saw Draco standing there, his hands in the pockets of his slacks.

“Why do you always sneak up on me at this time of night?” You asked him, staring him down. He looked really bad. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked paler than usual.

“I’m sorry.” He said. Again, shock resonated through you as you heard the words you never thought you would hear.

“Oh, Draco.” You said, walking up to him and touching his cheek. He tried to turn away from you but you only continued. “Are you okay? You look…sick.”

“I’m fine.” He said turning away, his voice cracking. After a moment, he turned his head slightly and looked at you. “I think you should stay away from me from now on. It’s not safe and I can’t bear seeing you in pain.”

You stood there with pain clenching your heart. “Draco,” You whispered.

“No, I mean it. I don’t want you or anyone getting hurt and the further you are away from me, the better this is for both of us.”

You couldn’t help yourself as you rushed over to him, angrily grabbing his arm and pulling him around to face you completely. “Tell that to my face. Look me straight in the eyes and tell me that you want me to leave.” Tears had started to fall down your face, the wind whipping across making them feel like icicles.

He too had tears in his eyes as he tried desperately to hold them back. You both stood there, waiting for the other to break the silence.

“Oh what the hell,” He said before he crashed his lips against yours, pulling you closer to him. His hands searched your face as yours wrapped around his neck. You both searched each other’s mouths with your tongues, breathing heavily when you got the chance. As he moved to catch his breath, you leaned your forehead against his, laughing slightly, tears still falling down your cheek. His thumb wiped them away, kissing you again briefly before pulling away, his arms still around you.

“This is going to be hard.” He said, sadness washing over his pale features, his hands tightening around your waist like he was afraid he was going to lose you.

You sighed, “I know, but I haven’t left your side yet so don’t abandon me either.” You said. “I can take care of myself.”

He smiled at you and kissed your forehead, bringing you closer to him.

“Hey what happened with Potter and his friends?” You asked him. He pulled away from you confused.

“What do you mean?”

“They disappeared; the whole common room was talking about it today.” You said, taking his hand in yours.

He looked at you confused still before his expression turned to fear. “Him.”

You knew he was talking about Voldemort with the way his body started to shake. Pulling him close to you again and wrapping your arms around him tightly, you held onto him while he shook until he calmed down enough to look into your eyes again.

“I don’t know if I can continue doing this. How am I supposed to be strong when I obviously can’t be?” His voice cracked as tears brimmed his still bloodshot eyes. You kissed him lightly before taking his hand and pulling him to the lake.

“Do you see that?” You asked him, pointing to your reflection in the water. He nodded. “That is what will keep you strong. I will never let you down, I will never let you go, I will never abandon you. Trust me. Lean on me when you’re not feeling strong enough. Let me help you in your time of need.” You looked up at him through your lashes, smiling. “We will get through this together, even if it means we both have to run away from here, I will do it to keep you safe and to protect you.”

He took you in his arms, holding you close to him. Your head rested on his chest and you heard the quickness of his heart. “Let’s do it now then. Let’s run away and never look back. I can’t bear the site of him using you against me if I don’t do what he wants me to.”

You shook your head. “If we could do that right now, I would. But you and I both know that he would stop at nothing to find us and then what? Your worst nightmare would come true.”

He looked into your Y/E/C eyes, nodding. “You’re right.”

“Just get through whatever he wants you to do. I know it’s not easy and trust me, seeing you like this isn’t easy for me, but until this is all over, let me be your escape.” You said, reaching up and cupping his cheek. He leaned against it, closing his eyes as he took in a deep breath. When he finally opened them, he seemed calmer, almost happier.

“Thank you.” He whispered before kissing you again. You felt your heart tighten as his lips gently moved across yours.

You both stood there for awhile afterwards, talking about nonsense things, getting to know one another better. He never let you an inch from him the whole time; always keeping you close, touching you in some form. Every now and then he would steal kisses from you, making sure that you were still there. He talked of his mother and the love for her showed through with each word that left his mouth, and his father, the amount of respect and unwavering loyalty he showed never faltered. He talked of his summers at home and the elegant and unnecessary balls his parents would throw every year at the manor. He asked you questions about your family, telling him that your father died when you were young but your mother was a strong witch with very close relatives. You lived in a large house, not quite the size of a manor but large enough that you had a few rooms that were unused. You talked of your cat and your mother’s crazy habits. You spoke of summer and the long and endless nights of causing trouble with your friends. Your mother didn’t care as long as you stayed top of the class.

It was a peaceful conversation between two people who had fallen in love. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him every time he spoke. He wanted to know more about you, be closer to you, to fall into the color of your eyes and get lost; and you wanted nothing more but to do the same. For some odd reason, you couldn’t see yourself without him. He was starting to take on a form in your life that was inexplicably impossible to replace.

Part 5

I tried to make sure that everything was correct, following the book wise. I started to think about re-watching certain parts of the movie to see if i got them right, but I think I did. I’ve had a pretty fantastic weekend so far. I hope you had one too. Happy monday!!!

Originally posted by nellaey

He gets the “de-aging,” or whatever they called it. The technology here is way too ahead to be anything but the future, but a spouse? A family? That can’t be true. Howard was right when he told Tony that no one would stick around.

Tony looks around the room, and scrunches down in his chair. They keep staring at him, why are they staring? Does he have something on his face?

“Are you alright?” The blond man, Clint, asks, and Tony gives a jerky nod.

“Sure, sure. Not every day you hear that you’re actually like forty years old and have a child even though you’re only sixteen, but yeah, I’m good. I’m great.”

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Drabble Request - Feels Like Losing

Ok this is so fun! Thank you for the request darling anon. I don’t even care that the song-lyric rule is out the window… I need this… Also I’m, like, not even editing these, so we’ll call it even.

Prompt: Angst drabble For Bucky and he and Y/N have/ had an argumentbefore a mission and it was more his fault and she gets hurt on the field and he’s just “I fucked up man” and you take the wheel lol

Warnings: aaaangst, descriptions of death, swearing


You’ve had this argument so many times before that it feels like a part of you now. It should hurt more than this, but it doesn’t and this is your normal. It’s always over something stupid. He brushes you off when you try to slip under his arm in front of Sam or Steve, or you laugh when he gets angry. And then he shuts down completely. He just wouldn’t talk to you. And you scream and cry, begging him to care enough to let you in, but he never does.

Wanda squeezes your hand gently as you step off the jet, she doesn’t need to look inside your head to see that you need it, it’s all over your face. You steel yourself up for the mission and take off into the field, as Steve commanded. It would be good to get your mind off of the argument. Or half an argument.

Except you couldn’t. Bucky ran past you without a word and you were too busy trying to keep your heart in place to notice the man creeping up behind you until he had already slipped a strong arm around your throat. You gasped when you felt a sharp pain in your side between your ribs and it burned with a searing hot agony when the man twisted the long jagged knife before he ripped it out of your lungs, letting you fall to the ground gasping for breath, gripping the sticky warmth spreading over your body.

Before you can even look up Bucky’s scooped you up in his strong arms, completely panicked but determined, running back to the jet. Wanda is holding off any gunfire. He’s holding your body tight against his chest on the ground of the jet but you can hardly focus, your fingers are so cold, and your throat is dry and there’s blood everywhere. 

“What the fuck were you thinking, Y/N?!” He asks, but he isn’t angry. His voice is breaking. Is he crying? “You can’t…” He stops himself, wiping a piece of hair off of your forehead, but his hand is warm and sticky. Blood.

“I was just… I was worried about you. You’re so reckless when you’re mad.” You huff out closing your eyes. You’re just so tired now, you think you’ll just rest for a minute.

“Hey, Y/N. Baby, you have to stay awake. Y/N! Hey!” You force yourself to open your eyelids slowly. It’s hard, every limb feels like it weighs a thousand pounds.

“I’m sorry. God, I’m so sorry. I can’t believe I walked away from you. I fucked up. I should have been right next to you.” He’s stroking your hair.

“S'ok.” You breathe, but your whole body hurts and you’re just… so tired. You know he’s holding you close, and this is all you had wanted, to be close to him, but somehow he feels further away than he ever has.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He’s whispering over and over, clutching your hand to his lips. He’s been so stupid, pushing you away when all you ever did was try to be close to him, to care for him. But he knows it’s too late. Right now he’s losing it all.

Last Breath- Gallaghers X Reader

A/N: Okay guys so this one is kinda sad, it was a request. I really like how this ended up so I hope you enjoy! (Btw huge shout out to @leafyimagine for helping decide how to kill the reader lmao)❤️

You and Debbie were walking to the Gallagher house from the store. You were messing around on the sidewalks, pushing each other off onto the grass every now and then, giggling like maniacs. She was basically the little sister you never had. You lifted your head up, still giggling as you checked how much further you had left to go. Less than a block.

“Do you ever just wonder?” Debbie started, looking off dramatically into the faint sunset in front of you.

“Wonder what Debs?” You laughed, slightly confused as to what she was trying to get at.

“Wonder how you got so ugly?” She turned her head smiling before letting out a loud ‘ooooooh’.

Your mouth fell open in fake shock. You stumbled a bit for dramatic affect before putting your hand over your heart. “Debbie how could you?” You gasped.

You both starting laughing, but we’re cute off by a gruff voice behind you, stopping you in your tracks.

“Give me all your money.” The man spoke in a hushed but strong voice. Fear struck through your body. Then you remembered. Debbie. You turned your head slightly so you could see her out of the corner or your eye. Your first priority was to keep her safe. You put your hands up slowly, turning around at an even slower pace.

“We don’t have any money.” You gulped, looking down to see a knife in his shaky hands. Taking note of the shaky hands you continued talking slowly. “C'mon man you don’t wanna do this.”

“Give. Me. Your. Money.” He spoke a little louder than last time, but still making sure he wasn’t heard by others.

“We don’t have any money.” You raised your voice lightly.

“I don’t believe you. Shut up keep your voice down” He lurched forward, pointing his knife at you, he turned his head to Debbie making you act out to get his attention.

“If I had money I would give it to you!” You spoke even louder.

“I said shut up!” He growled, thrusting his knife forward and into your stomach.

You let out an audible gasp followed by a choking noise. Immediately bringing your hands to your now bleeding stomachs. The mugger let out a barely audible ‘oh god’ before stumbling back and running away from you both. By now Debbie had turned around to see you slightly hunched over and holding your stomach.

“Y/n?” She sputtered out, waiting for you to turn around. You slowly turned your body to her so she could see your state. Blood. That’s all she could see, blood everywhere. Even starting to come out of your mouth. Tears instantly starting pouring from her eyes.

“Debbie,“you gasped for air.“Go get help.” You struggled out before collapsing into the ground.

Debbie turned around stumbling before making a run for it to the house. She made it there in record time. She burst through the front door, her body now wracking with sobs.

“Help!” She screamed into the house, causing everyone to come out of the kitchen in a panic. “Y/N, she was attached come on we need to go now! Get Kevs keys.” She sobbed out.

Everyone started rushing out of the door, Fiona sprinting to V and Kevs house, Lip, Ian, and Carl all following Debbie back to where you were. When they got to you they all starting yelling out to you. Getting closer they realized you were laying in a puddle of something dark. Blood. Your blood. And lots of it.

“Oh my god.” The boys said in unison, instantly kneeling down on either side of you. Lip put your head in his lap while Ian was applying pressure to your wound, covering himself in your blood. Surprisingly you were still conscious, struggling, but still conscious. Carl stayed back, comforting Debbie as sobs continued to shake her body.

“I-I can’t stop the bleeding. Where the hell is Fiona!” Ian screamed, his voice cracking violently as his own tears ran down his face.

“Get her in the truck!” Fiona yelled from the car in a panic. Both Lip and Ian lifted you up, careful not to shift you too much. Fiona instantly started driving to the nearest hospital as silent tears rolled off her cheeks.


They had gotten you to the hospital as fast as they could. Doctors and nurses immediately rushing to your aid trying to fix you in any way they could.

That was hours ago, and the large Gallagher family they had in the waiting room was beginning to grow impatient until the doctor had finally emerged from down the hallway.

“Are you Y/N’s family?” The older man asked, looking at the family in front of him.

“We’re the closest thing to it.” Fiona explained, her voice rough from all the crying.

“I understand this is a rough time for you, so I’m going to accept that. Y/N doesn’t have long. A lot of blood was lost, went into shock and can’t feel a lot anymore. Isn’t in any pain, if anything Y/N just feels numb. I suggest you say your goodbyes.” He gave a sad smile before continuing onto his next patient.

Fiona brought her hand to her mouth, shocked at the news of her best friends soon to be passing. Lip had silent tears streaming down his face as he put his arm around Fiona. Ian was sat down on a chair, shock practically written on his face. Carl was comforting Debbie as her sobs became progressively louder.

Fiona was the first one in the room, followed by the rest of the siblings; your family. You were visibly paler. You skin was lifeless along with your dry colorless lips.

“Oh, Y/N.” Fiona whispered, grabbing your hand lightly. “I’m gonna miss you and your terrible jokes.” She laughed, tears streaming down her face. Her sad smile quickly turning into a frown as realization set in. She was losing her best friend. The one she always went to when she needed help. Her sister. A soft wale escaped her lips before she bent down to kiss your forehead. Slowly backing away for the next sibling to say their goodbyes. She let your cold hand slip from hers.

Lip soon took over where Fiona left off. He also grabbed your hand just like his sister before him. “I’m gonna miss you so fucking much.” He cried out. “I swear to you Y/N I will find who did this to you.” He sniffled, before bringing your hand to his lips to give it a lingering kiss. Backing away like his sister did shortly before, he gave Ian his turn.

“I know we were never really that close, but I still thought of you as my sister.” Ian choked out. Having just as hard of a time as the rest of his siblings. “Even though we weren’t that close you still helped me through everything I needed help with. A-and I’m really gonna miss you.” He was stuttering by the end. Having a hard time making words in between his cries.

Next was Carl. He didn’t show his emotions often, but it was hard not to in this situation. He was crying just about as hard as Debbie was. Yours and Carl’s friendship was the best one he had. You just got him and he always appreciated that. He started his goodbyes silently.

“You’re the closest thing I had to a best friend.” He paused, letting out a shaky breath and leaning his head on your intertwined fingers. Not wanting you cry in front of anyone he let out a quick ‘I’m gonna miss you so fucking much.“ Sucking in a breath he got up to sit in the hallway.

Last was Debbie. She gave you a single glance and that was enough to make her let out a sob. Putting a hand over her mouth she continued to sit in the chair next to your bed. Images of you covered in blood filled her mind as she looked at your pale face. The faint beeping of your heart monitor bringing her back to reality.

“You were always the person to make me happy no matter the situation, and I’ll always remember you. Your smile. Your laugh. I’ll remember you as my sister. I-”

Debbie was cut off by the sound of your heart monitor. The line went flat. She shook her head in protest, starting to cry even harder.

“No! Bring her back! You can’t do this.” She screamed, Lip grabbed her and started pulling her away as her screams of ‘No’ began to become quieter.

“She’s in a better place Debs.” Lip tried to soothe, silent tears dripping off his chin and onto the floor. You were gone. Your life was taken by a man, who didn’t know what he was doing. A man who didn’t think of the consequences. The family slowly left the hospital. Still in shock of the events that had happened that night. The thought of you being gone sinking in. And they didn’t know how to handle it.

{Reaction} EXO as the Mafia.

Note: Ahh I love exo mafia concept! I hope you enjoy your reaction~ fighting  

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by fyeah-chanyeol

It’s no game when it comes down to what Chanyeol wants. If he wants something, he’s going to get it, end of story. He’s not used to a challenge, nor is he used to refusal. He’s an important man, and is known widely for his sinful work, he’s feared by a lot of dangerous people. He’s not the leader of EXO K’s mafia group, but he’s certainly not one to be underestimated either. He’s been known to assassinate people in very gruesome ways, and has been known to make some of the biggest drug deals to date. Like I said, he’s not a man to be messed with. But when he met you for the first time, that all changed. You were sweet, innocent, and had no knowledge of this underground mafia cooperation. So when Chanyeol came up to you with his smirking lips, he was taken aback when you refused him of a date. Since then, you’ve been the only one to challenge him mentally, the only one that he really wants but can’t have. You knew he was confident and cocky, and that’s what repelled you the most. He knows he’s attractive, and he knows that he can win over pretty much any girl that the wants, and that’s what you also disliked. But when you realise that deep down his feelings are much more complex, that’s when you really start falling. Beneath his dangerous exterior, he’s lonely, and with a crush becoming so strong on you, it’s impossible for him not to be heart broken.

Chanyeol: “Ya, {y/n}! I want to go on a date tomorrow.”

{y/n}: “Aish… fine.”

Chanyeol: “But I… wait- really? Okay great, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at seven, and you better be wearing something pretty. You’re in for a treat, Jagiya.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by wooyoung

Kyungsoo likes to keep his head away from his heart, especially when it comes to emotions and feelings. He hates the complexity of falling in love, especially with the industry he’s in. the last girl he had been interested in had really just been a spy for EXO M, it’s a good thing Kyungsoo’s always been good at keeping secrets and not trusting people too easily. His job is mainly assassinations, he’s good at it, undoubtedly. His long range shots are good, but nothing compares to his short range, he’s always much more lethal with a knife. He met you for the first time when he was hiding from the police, and since then you had seemed to be pulled into the industry without really consenting to it. You’d go with him on missions, mainly to be his escape, you’d wait in the car until the deed was done and then allow him to get away from the loud sirens and red and blue flashing lights. The reason you were doing this? Well, you’d fallen in love with a killer. He’s twisted, and ruthless, and a murderer, but to you, those aren’t his only attributes. Knowing Kyungsoo, you found out about his softer side, the kindness he doesn’t show anyone else. As you’re falling further and further, you don’t realise that he’s feeling exactly the same. But naturally, the chemistry between you does change, and things start to progress. It’s a slow procedure, but it’s getting there slowly but surely.

{y/n}: “I can’t believe we just did that in there” *Blushing, referring to the inappropriate activities you and Kyungsoo had just done inside what was about to be a crime scene. The two of you had just escaped before the police came flooding in.*

Kyungsoo: “That’s the life, babygirl.” *Places his hand on your thigh as you drive away. Is ready for a round two in the car tbh*

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by lifemindwalker88

Baekhyun may look like you’re average man, attractive and full of himself. But deep down, this man is much more complex being, and lives a very dangerous life selling drugs and making deals. Baekhyun has always been more of a lone wolf when it comes to his work, and even though he’s more than confident around others and constantly joking, he’s probably the most alone. People say that comedians are often the saddest people, and that’s something Baekhyun could relate to before he met you. He met you on a drug deal. He was selling to your then boyfriend, but couldn’t help but get involved after your boyfriend hit you. Needless to say, Baekhyun pounded the hell out of that bastard before making sure you were alright. Since then, your romance had blossomed, and Baekhyun will forever love you from that moment on.

Baekhyun: “I’m going out now, jagiya. I’ll be home soon.”

{y/n}: “Don’t be reckless…”

Baekhyun: “I won’t be, not when I know what’s waiting for me back home.” *kisses your cheek goodbye.*

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by angel-in-slow-motion

You had been in the industry yourself for quite some years now, that was how you had come to know Oh Sehun. Like you, he was the master of taking down enemies. You had never worked in coalition with EXO, but you had never given them a reason to hate you either. It wasn’t until your own gang was wiped out by EXO M that you had seeked help from EXO K. Ever since you stepped foot in their hide out, you had been instantly drawn to Sehun. Familiarity, you supposed. Either way, you told them how you wanted to plot against EXO M, and they didn’t need much persuading to agree. You and Sehun spent a lot of time in the shooting range, practicing shots and helping each other out with personal training and combat. You realised Sehun was in love with you when he finally brought up the topic.

{y/n}: *Shoots the target perfectly.*

Sehun: “God, I love you.”

{y/n}: “Hm?”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

The name ‘Lay’ is very well known amongst dangerous people. He’s known to be malicious, and there are people that have gone to see him, and never made it back out. Officially, his job is to get information out of people and steal their secrets. If they don’t tell him, there’s a high chance he’ll steal their life. You are a regular bartender, completely innocent. But that was before you had a run in with EXO K’s Oh Sehun. He came stumbling into your bar one night, drunk and off his mind. He told you a lot of information from his drunken state before rolling out again. Somehow, Yixing found out, and that’s when he came pounding on your front door. Except, he didn’t pound. No, Yixing is much more agile in his movements. He’s quiet and quick. Gets to the point. Somehow that makes him much scarier. But from the moment he met you, it was obvious he never had the intention to hurt you, in fact, he seemed almost interested. The way he scanned over your face and body, watching you as if you were a rare species in a zoo. You told him everything, fearing your life until you were knocked out cold. When you finally woke, you found yourself in a dark room, your surroundings foreign.

{y/n}: “W-where are we? Why did you take me? I told you everything I know…”

Yixing: “Yes, you did. Good girl. But now I’ve met you, I’m not sure I’m ready to let you walk away just yet.” *Presses a kiss to your cheek.*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by beastdw

You and Jongdae had been friends since childhood. You’d grown up loving each other, sticking by each others side through everything. Everything would be perfect if it didn’t come to the fact that you just grew up in the wrong place, by the wrong people. Your parents before you had been in the drug dealing industry, and you carried on their legacy. But like everything else, you did it together. You both joined EXO M in your activities and worked together in dealing drugs. You’ve both been close to getting in trouble a lot, but you always manage to pull through.

Jongdae: “You scared me, I thought you’d been caught.” *Brushes a piece of hair away from your face.*

{y/n}: “As if… you can’t get rid of me that easily Kim Jongdae.”

Jongdae: “Never leave me…” *Pulls you into a hug.*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by xiutiepie

You’ve seen Kim Minseok a few times in your life. Mainly in the coffee shop where you work. He comes in a lot and always orders the same. A coffee, black. He always seems to look devilish. Maybe it’s the constant smirk he wears, or the expensive leather jackets and the ripped jeans. He must be minted, because he strolls into the coffee shop wearing different designer clothing every time. You didn’t talk a lot to Minseok, it was usually small talk, he was extremely secretive about his life, and he seemed to be very good at discretely changing the question, and manipulating what information he gave out and received. By the end of the first month of Minseok coming in, he already knew about your arsehole of an ex boyfriend that kept trying to win you back after cheating, how your car had broken down and cost a hell of a lot of money to repair, and about how you absolutely hated your boss. Yet you knew next to nothing about him. He works (you don’t know where), he has a lot of friends (you don’t know who), and he has a lot of money (you don’t know how.) It’s all small details, a sneak peak. He seemed nice enough, though strangely secretive. But it all made sense when he finally revealed his mafia life with your head at gun point.

Minseok: “I don’t want you to leave me.”

{y/n}: “B-but I…”

Minseok: “You’re always saying that you hate your boring life. So why don’t you let me spice it up baby?” *Smirks at you and bites his lip in that irresistible way.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by czarnybilly

Tao is a previous member of EXO M. He used to work as Kris’ right hand man, since he was the strongest when it came to combat and fighting. But after a huge clash, Tao found him and Kris falling apart altogether. He didn’t have much in life left for him now he had been released of his duty of EXO M. He couldn’t complain too much, he was lucky to still have his life. The only thing he did take away with him was you. Without you, he might as well be dead.

Tao: “You’re my better half. Please don’t leave me.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Junmyeon has a very important job in the Mafia. Looking after the whole of EXO M. he’s a very smart man, very cunning, and isn’t denied of anything that he wants. That includes you. You’ve been working alongside Junmyeon since the gang started, and since then he has fallen in love with you, hopelessly. He’d always told you this, though you never really took him seriously until you tried to leave, that was when he really flipped out. That sadistic smile playing on his lips as he leant against the door, keeping it tightly shut behind him.

Junmyeon: “But Jagiya, you’re not going anywhere unless I’m coming.” *winks to make his comment more suggestive.*

Lu Han

Originally posted by derphans

Luhan is a prostitute and earns his masses amount of money in that way. He was previously a member of EXO M, but after falling out with Kris, he took his own way and left. You met Luhan at a club one night and ended up staying the night at his. After that it became a frequent string of meeting up and ‘having fun.’ But you weren’t going to stay like this for long, the platonic relationship started to bring feelings, and Luhan couldn’t stop himself from getting attached.

{y/n): “If this is just a one time thing, why are you still here?”

Luhan: “Because I don’t want to leave.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by sefuns

Jongin has the job of gathering information from people, so when he finds out that your brother has hand a run in with Kim Junmyeon over a money issue, he makes his way to your house instantly to sort out the unfinished business to get the money out of your brother, or something of value to take instead if he doesn’t have it. But when he arrived and saw you, a small smirk curled on his lips cruelly.

{your brother}: “Please, take whatever you want, just don’t kill me.”

Kai: “How about I take that beautiful sister of yours…” *smirks at you.*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by 21ml

The leader of EXO M has been to hell and back with his members. He’s lost three, which makes him incredibly vulnerable against EXO K. He’s on edge, getting snappy and very quickly frustrated. You’ve been with Kris for a long time, but seeing im like this is heartbreaking.

{y/n}: “I just don’t know if I can do this anymore…”

Kris: *Pulls you onto his knee so you’re straddling him.* “Ah Jagiya, you’re not going anywhere.”

justsomonewholovesmoshandspn  asked:

PLEASE!!!!!! Continue, the dave fic, i neeeeedddd mmmmmooooorrrrrrrrreeeeee. sorrry i lost myself there i just reallly need to read it!!!

Of course of course of course! I think this is pretty much the last one in the dreamscapers line, but I’d be happy to do more! I’m so happy you guys like it! I worked really hard on this fic and was so worried I didn’t sound nearly as creative as I thought I did. I hope you enjoy!

Read the last one here!

Marco and Star stood back to back as more and more dark shadows and figures were closing in on them. There was screaming coming from every angle, and harsh voices were coming from the ghastly figures that were closing in on them.

Useless, useless, useLESS, USELESS!

They chanted more horrible words and began to pull and prod at them. Marco looked up and saw Tom was floating above them, surrounded by dark clouds and swirling winds as his nightmare became more and more horrific. The dream monsters tugged at the kids and Star struggled. She lifted her wand before chanting a spell, shooting out emerald snakes at the shadows. As soon as they were hit Marco saw Tom cringe.

“Star stop!” He cried. Star lowered her wand and looked at him confused. “I think you’re hurting him! All of this, it’s all in his head, it’s all part of him. You attack them, and you hurt him.” He explained. Star looked out at the monsters that were still advancing towards them.

“Then what do we do!?” Star cried. Marco was quiet for a long while and then looked up, his face showed he had an idea, but at the same time he looked upset.

“Keep hitting him, I have a plan.” Marco spoke. Star fell back.

“But I’ll be hurting him, I’ll make this dream worse! This nightmare is what we’re trying to escape.” Star panicked. Marco nodded.

“I know!” He cried. “Star, Tom wouldn’t wake up before because he didn’t WANT to! His dream was his own little world, but now that it’s a nightmare, he might want to escape. I need to talk to him, just cover me and keep hitting those monsters.” He instructed. Star nodded and continued to fight as Marco ran over to be below where Tom was hovering.

The demon kept cringing every time Star casted a spell against those dream monsters. “Tom! Listen to me!” Marco yelled up. Tom looked down at him, his eyes were glowing a bright red and he hissed. He fell back and cried out when Star blasted the monsters again, the dream started to get worse as he became more scared. More monsters and winds and storms. Marco pushed his way forward. “Tom! Please listen to me!” He begged.

“What do you WANT!?” Tom screamed. Fire surrounded him and his eyes lit up brighter.

“To talk about it!” Marco yelled. “You have problems! And you have to talk to me instead of running away to this dream land!” He told the demon. “Dave hurts you! Your father hurts you! And it sucks and you’re in pain, and you’re sad and lonely!” Marco called to him. Tom covered his ears with his hands, but Marco kept going. “I know what you’re going through! You’ve told me, and I’ve seen it. I see you when you try and laugh these things off, but I can see that you want to cry, and I can see your face whenever you see how my parents treat me! You see them act loving and kind and you get confused! And jealous and… you feel like it’s your fault that your dad hits you.” Marco added.

“SHUT UP!” Tom screamed. “You had the chance to be there for me! But you abandoned me!” He hissed.

“No I didn’t!” Marco yelled back. “I can sit here and tell you that it was a lie, but who cares?” Marco asked. Tom fell back confused. “Even if I did break up with you, and I broke your heart, you are more than a relationship with me!” Marco assured. “I DO love you! And I NEVER would have hurt you! But if I did, you have no reason to shut down like this! You are strong, and worth so much more than you think! You don’t need me to function, you just think that you do! Because you’re insecure and I know why!” Marco continued. Tom was backing away. “You go through so much abuse day after day, and you have that voice in your head that keeps whispering and telling you that you’re better off dead. I know how much it hurts you.” He added. “You wanted to run away from those things, but you didn’t!” Marco yelled.

“No, I did.” Tom whispered. “I’m safe here!” He yelled back.

“No!” Marco called. He motioned over to the monsters attacking Star. “Those things are all your fears! And you went to the one place they CAN hurt you! Your anxiety and fear and insecurities aren’t real in the real world… but they are here, and they can hurt you here!” Marco continued. “Because they feel so much bigger and scarier in your head.”

Tom was quiet for a while until his eyes dimmed. “No matter where I go I’m trapped…” he whispered.

“No! You aren’t trapped in the real world! You have choices, and you have strength, and you have me!” Marco cried. “But here, you have everything you’re afraid of.” He added. Tom’s eyes widened and he took another step away.

“What… what if I go back… and you leave me again? What if you’re lying?” He asked. He lowered himself fully to be right across from his human.

“I’m not… that may not be enough to convince you… but I’m not.” Marco promised. Tom looked around at the world he made around him. He didn’t like it anymore. It was scary and stormy and there were monsters attacking his friends. Tom lowered himself to the floor and the monster let out a scream, they took off away from Star and began darting towards Tom and screaming some sort of garbled mess.

“Marco!” Tom cried in fear and reached out to Marco. But Marco didn’t do anything.

“It’s okay Tom, you can do this.” He promised. Star stepped next to him and tapped her and his tiara, the two were transported out of the dream and just like that; they were back in the living room of Marco’s home. Marco stepped to Tom’s side and held his hand. “Please, Tom, please. You don’t want to stay there, you know you belong here… with me.” He whispered. Marco held Tom closer and jumped when the demon’s eyes fluttered open.

“Marco?” Tom whispered. Marco lit up and tackled Tom with kisses and hugs, smothering him with love.

“Tommy! My Tommy! My dear sweet demon! Oh thank god!” He cried. Star jumped on the couch and hugged her two friend, she was crying as well as Marco.

“We thought we’d lost you!” She sobbed. Tom closed his eyes tightly and tears flooded out. He threw his arms around his human and sobbed.

“I’m sorry! Marco I’m so so sorry! I should have known! I should have known you never would have hurt me!” He cried.

“Shh, no Tom, it’s okay, you have nothing to be sorry for.” Marco hushed him and gave the demon a gentle kiss over his third eye. “It’s okay.” He assured. Marco held the demon close and looked up at Star. “Can we have a minute?” he asked. Star nodded, she wiped away her tears, gave Tom one last hug and walked out. “Tom… Dave said that you agreed to go under the sleep spell.” Marco reminded.

“I did… I begged actually.” Tom admitted. “I’m so embarrassed… but I thought you had left me. The-the things that Dave made you say I… I couldn’t take it.” Tom bit his lip and more tears fell down his face. Marco sighed and kissed them away.

“Oh Tom. Those things I told you, when I was in your dream, they were all true. You’re worth so much more than a relationship with me. If I were to ever leave you… you’re strong enough that you don’t just run away. You’re strong enough that, if we ever separate, you can keep going.” Marco promised. Tom opened his mouth to say something but Marco cut him off. “Tom please.” Marco repeated. “I love you, so much. But I can’t always be here. Promise me you’ll never give up.” Marco begged. Tom held Marco’s hand and closed his eyes.

“I promise. Never again.”