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@ Mikayuu/Yuumika/YuuMikaYuu fic writers: please don’t ever stop writing your fiction for these two. Some days, your fanfics are my only motivation to get out of bed. You guys are amazing authors, and I don’t know how to thank you for blessing us with your beautiful stories of these two dorks falling in love. The soul-deep, earth-shattering bond these two have is present in every story, and it’s why I love them so much. Give me all your silly ideas and hcs, all your weird or completely cliche aus. I want it all. Forever. I love them so much, and I love you guys for sharing. Thank you.

(Also @ myself: you should probably stop sleeping on your own ideas. You can be wonderful, too.)


tokugawa ieyasu x mc (unnamed)

a/n: another request!!! again i’ve never played ieyasu, properly so this might be a bit vague at times. the little i know about him is through tumblr spoilers (i’m too lazy to avoid them), so i tried my best to capture what i could of his character. this one is for @bakers97 who requested “forehead kiss.”

To say that he has difficulties being honest would be the understatement of the century. Anyone who said as much would certainly earn a laugh from her, knowing him as she does.

It isn’t only honesty, either. He tends to lack softness and kindness and generally all concern for those around him, and she can’t blame him. He has suffered more heartache in his years than she can dare to imagine, and she still wakes crying when she dreams about her father. But, just because she does not blame him does not mean she is not disappointed — in a way, she is. Not with him, necessarily, but not with herself, either; the best she can explain it is that she is disappointed in fate for dealing him such an uneven, heavy hand, and forced him to bear it so long alone that it has become a shell on his back which he retreats into, spitting venom to keep his would-be enemies at bay.

She pities him, a bit, but more than that she loves him, and it is that which drives her to show him all the light in the world he has refused to see for so long.

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To All Fanfic Writers

I spoke to someone today, and told her, during our conversation, that I wrote fanfics for Arrow. She looked at me for a moment before scrunching her face and asked me in a very patronizing tone, “Why?” 

Her reaction made me pause.  

Patronizing tone aside, that one word held so many questions. Why was I writing something for a fandom when I could be writing something else? Why was I writing about characters that have already been written about? Why was I even writing? 

In the moment it took me to answer these questions to myself, I realized how many people there are in our lives who frown upon one writing fanfiction and “wasting our time”. Mind you, I’m not saying all the people are that way, but there are many who do not stop in cutting you down and this, for me, is the reason I am writing this right now. 

Why do we write? 

For me, personally, I write because I love words. I love creating universes with characters that I know, putting them in situations unlike in the canon and seeing how they react. I love to take those characters and make them my own, making myself fall in love with them in the process, each one different from the other yet similar at the core. I write because there are people like me who love this fandom and love to read what I have written. I write because I have a story to share. 

My writing takes time and sweat and emotions and everything. But it is worthwhile. The people who read and give me all the support make it worthwhile. 

I don’t know what your reasons are to write, my fellow writers. But don’t let anyone ever cut you down for it, even if you don’t have all the answers. 

Be proud. Each and every one of you. 

Whether you write long fanfics or short, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you write and you make an effort. What matters is that you put in a part of your life into it. What matters is that you tell stories. You are a part of something bigger. 

So, keep writing. Keep writing because you love it and there are people who love you for it. Keep writing for yourself and for them. Don’t stop. 

It takes a lot of courage to put a piece of yourself out there. And each and everyone of you should be commended on doing that. There will always be people who would not understand that fanfiction is not a gum under their shoe. Let them be. They don’t matter. 

You matter. Your writing matters. 

You owe it to yourself. You deserve it.

Be proud of being a fanfiction writer. 

a pretty tough week for bellarkers! cheer up, guys! i was wrecked too, but i see all the writers keep writing new amazing fanfics, artists keep making awesome arts, bloggers keep writing wonderful metas, the lovely gifs still pours, it’s not just all about the tv show or the casts anymore to me, there’s YOU guys, i’m in this ship for US, whatever happens tomorrow or next season, good or bad, we’ll be okay.

Donald Malarkey Headcannons

Originally posted by queennymeria

Anon:  Hi! I’m a huge fan of your blog - keep up the amazing and inspiring work! I’m writing a Band of Brothers fanfic right now (FOC/Malarkey) - I’ve encountered some major writer’s block and could use a boost. Would you mind scribing a “Dating” Donald Malarkey (plus friends) blurb?

As A Significant Other:

  • He loves bringing you flowers
  • Like, he’s the kind of guy who brings flowers on the first date
  • And every date after that.
  • He takes you out on quiet dates
  • Like an old cafe that barely anyone knows about
  • Or to a cute, small town movie theater
  • Or out to a beach that barely anyone knows about.
  • He was kind of shy about kissing you when you first started dating
  • But the kisses between the two of you are incredibly sweet
  • And he’ll peck your lips and pull away before coming back in to kiss you more
  • And you can usually feel him smiling as he kisses you.
  • A lot of your relationship can be described through differing tones of laughter
  • You two are just a very happy-go-lucky couple
  • That spends so much time around each other
  • And you two are the couple that really looks like you’re meant to be together.

As A Best Friend:

  • The pranks the two of you pull are intense
  • Because you are the classic immature best friends
  • Who should not be messed with.
  • You met when you were babies
  • And your mothers originally tried to set the two of you up to be married
  • But despite knowing each other since you came out of the womb
  • You two never developed romantic feelings for each other
  • But on occasion, you’ll go out on friend dates
  • And you both have a ton of fun.
  • He will literally drop everything if you let him know you need him
  • And one time he ran out of a test because he found out you just went through a breakup
  • And you’ll do the same for him.
  • You both join a branch of the military during the war
  • And you try to keep in contact with each other
  • But you get worried as his letters become shorter and less of them are being sent
  • So when the war ends and you two find each other
  • You decide to never leave one another’s side.

@writemyanchor replied to your post “ur not watching bc captain swan is gone?”

And like I said I am so glad you’re not leaving the cs fandom because of this @xemmaloveskillianx We need writers like you here to write amazing fanfics that keep our beautiful ship alive ❤️

writemyanchor replied to your post “ur not watching bc captain swan is gone?”

Agreed one hundred percent! I completely understand the upset. Like I mentioned before, it is kinda lame that the non Hook is FAKE. What’s the point then? At this point the writers have nowhere to go and are just fucking around with an already complicated af outline for a show.

I mean, I get what they were trying to accomplish. But last year A & J were going on and on about how he was fake and the people in the Wish!Realm weren’t real and now all of a sudden they are because they didn’t know what to do? 

I’m still undecided as to whether or not I’m staying in the fandom, tbh. I have the con this upcoming weekend and I think after that I’ll be making my decision, but I do promise that if inspiration hits, I’ll write. It just won’t be on here. 

Hey, I used to write for other fandoms and never even joined something like this, I can do it again. :D

aurelig  asked:

Do you get upset by people shipping you with Leo?

Not at all! I love it! Cause I love Leo. And he loves me. Keep doing it. It’s amazing. Write ALL the fanfic. Ship the heck out of us!

Happy Fanfic Authors Appreciation Day!

So I have this pattern, where, if I get into a fandom and end up writing for it, I devour other people’s fics initially, but the more I write, the less I read. Sometimes I’ll stay a lurker and read like mad and write nothing or only a fic or two, but if I dive in head first and become a writer, I will always eventually start reading less, because I get too obsessed with writing my own things. 

So to all of those amazing writers out there whose work I read and left kudos on and commented on…and now it seems like I’ve disappeared, you are appreciated, you are awesome, and if for any reason someone ever really hopes I’ll read one of their fics, please let me know, send it my way, because I love my fandoms and the people in them, sometimes I’m just busy and distracted and miss things. 

Alot of us are, right? We might have some good streaks of remembering to leave kudos, and comments, even bookmarking (I NEVER bookmark, yes, I know I suck), and then also really bad times where we don’t do any of those things even if we LOVE something. 

So to all of those unsung heroes I neglected to give praise to even though your work touched me, I’m sorry, you are amazing, keep writing!

And as a fanfic writer, to all my amazing fans who have taken the time today to comment on fics, message me personally, send me an anonymous ask…WOW. THANK YOU. Whether you are someone who reads my work quietly and never says a word, or comments on everything I post, you are appreciated too and I thank you for taking the time to read my works. I write for me, but I write for you as well. 

I will miss someone, so please recognize that it’s just poor memory, not poor impact from you, but I will try to tag as many of the awesome writers I know and appreciate so much for what they contribute!

@lisellevelvet @phynali @pheuthe @daughterofscotland @grimm-fairy @ereri-yaoi-lover @amber-flicker @ladyofpride @ladyorpheus @kashinoha @dragdragdragon @wolvesofinnistrad @redcharade @likes-to-icicle @notsalony @xxxneweyesxxx @kipsiih @pretzel-log1c @buffyscribbles @brightdreamer @veganpunkers @mockingbird-22 @coldflashtrash (yes, you count, and we will all stand by that forever!)

And to all of you I love on AO3 but don’t also know on Tumblr…thank you. 

Thank you so much!

This year has been hard for me, really. Too many things I had to deal, my family issues, my thesis. I also arguing a lot with my close friends, more than I’ve ever been. I couldn’t accomplish most of my goal for this year. Moreover, people around me just keep spread toxic things, dramas, hate speeches and awful comments, especially in social medias. My mood swings and insomnia were getting worst, made me got depressed more. I was feeling so down, at lowest level I’ve ever felt until this second that it was hard for me to breathe and think clearly.

But, it’s not always the bad things that happened, right? I also got good things in this year, too. I met new people that brought a fresh breeze, both in real life and here in tumblr. Little by little, I could breathe and think clearly again. Now, I want to thank to all who brings some happiness on my shitty life this year. I will make this undercut because it will be a looooooong post, to save your dash ^^

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But in all honesty, Lucaya shippers give me life. People are always shitting on our ship for not being getting as much attention, but we stand tall and keep living our lives, some writing poetry, some writing fanfics, some making amazing videos that truly portrays lucaya’s relationship, some are hilarious as hell, some keep encouraging others, some are brilliant at responding to haters, and some love making edits and gifs that save us all. I am thankful for this part of the fandom. You guys are wonderful and full of life. 

@Fanfic writers
  • Those who write quick one-shots
  • Those who write 50k or 75k or 100k or more word chapter fics
  • Those who write for one fandom
  • Those who write for many fandoms
  • Those who have just started to write
  • Those who have been writing for years
  • Those who are insecure about their writing skill
  • Those who are confedent in their writing skill
  • Those who have posted a lot of fics
  • Those who have posted one or two fics
  • Those who get a lot of comments
  • Those who get no comments
  • Those who get undeserved hate comments
  • Those who feel ignored

to all of the fic writers: you’re an invaluable part of your fandom and you deserve so much more recognition than you get. Keep writing, your work is amazing