keep up the flame

  • *221B*
  • Molly: *playing with baby Rosie; wearing the deerstalker*
  • Rosamund: *giggling*
  • Sherlock: *feigning annoyance* Do you have to wear that stupid thing?
  • Molly: *shrugs* She loves it.
  • MP Mary: *watching over Rosie; smirking* She's not the only one.
  • Sherlock: *ignores her* I-I don't want her getting attached.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes; tickles her goddaughter* Is Uncle Sherlock being a grumpy pants?
  • Rosamund: *squeals happily; kicking her legs*
  • MP Janine: *sitting on the sofa* She does look good, though.
  • MP Irene: *nods* Even I didn't look that good.
  • MP Jim: *peering dramatically out of the window; sighs* I would've.
  • Molly: *nudges his leg* Well?
  • Sherlock: *shakes his head* Hmm? *looks up*
  • Molly: *still wearing the hat; frowns* I was going to order takeaway. You want anything?
  • Sherlock: *staring; nods slowly*
  • Molly: *nods; goes to the laptop*
  • Sherlock: *blinks*
  • Sherlock: *stands* I need some air *marches out of the flat*
  • Molly: ...okay *shrugs*
Choices universe 👑🔥

If the crown and the flame is a tv show/game franchise in the rest of the choices books and Kenna and Dom along with the rest of the characters are just actors, I wonder what their real names are, what they’re really like in person, what their lives are like? We saw a little bit of this in the freshman. I recon ot would be cool to see a spin off book to see what it’s like behind the scenes of tcatf and what the characters lives are like outside tcatf! :)

Kirishima’s mysterious upbringing

Chapter 139 came out, and it had to give this splendid panel of Kirishima getting angry about the cowardice of their opponent.

I’ve been thinking about Kirishima’s attitude since some times, and wondering how come he was so uptight about manliness, and what manliness was exactly for him. A lot of great theories have already been written here about his hypothetical past and involvement with villains, like this one by red-riot so maybe I’m not bringing anything new at all, but it’s still fun to think about so why not make an other theory anyway. If you don’t agree in the end, you can still take this post as an appreciation post about Kirishima. It’s also what it is, kinda.

Okay so here is what I’m wondering about, what if Kirishima was raised by yakuzas? Here are the reasons why. 

1. Yakuzas in My Hero Academia 

To begin with, yakuzas in MHA are pretty much extinct, thanks to heroes’ massive rise in society. There are a few who escaped the fate of being arrested during the dismantling of their organizations, and they’re currently living by keeping low profile. If they’re not doing anything, it’s because All for One was keeping control of what was happening in this dark side of society. Here’s what Overhaul is saying about them.

If elders respected All for One, then it means they could have tried to stir things up, but they didn’t. Their downfall didn’t represented their ruin, but only their withdrawal from society. They’re still here, and some are waiting for the occasion to rise again. Therefore, yakuzas probably are what they have always been, and the existence of a young leader such as Overhaul just proves they’re still on the roll. If yakuzas still stick to their traditional organisation, business and values, then Kirishima could very well come from that kinda family.

Kirishima’s involvement in the new arc can invalidate my theory. But after all, yakuzas are keeping a low profile in society. Maybe his family wasn’t involved in fights for power because they’re already wealthy enough and satisfied with their status. Maybe Kirishima either rejected his family or was rejected by it and he’s not informed of what’s going on with them, be it its choice or not. With such a background, a lot of scenarios are possible. 

2. About his previous appearance

Following what I said, his previous appearance, his low self-esteem and his trouble finding worth in who he is can support this theory. If he was raised by yakuzas, then, there are a great deal of things that could have happened so Kirishima ended up so down on himself. Maybe the heavy burden of being raised in that sorta environment ended up being too much for him. It’s possible either Kirishima or his family was disappointed because of his “limited” Quirk, causing him to be down on himself for it, thinking he’s after all not good enough to live up to his and his family’s expectations. You can’t be that down on yourself unless you’ve contemplated your insecurities for so long you’re convinced you’re nothing special after all. 

Given his previous kinda dark appearance, he must have decided to keep a low profile for a reason or another. Maybe he wants to redeem himself by entering UA and that’s why his appearance changed so much. Maybe he’s trying to find a path for himself and stick to values that his family didn’t recognized in him but he appropriated anyway. There are a great deal of possibilities once you imagine he may come from that kind of strict and demanding environment. 

3. Kirishima’s wealthy background 

For the technical and more canonically aspect now, remember that suspicious behavior Kirishima had when he brought up his night vision googles during Bakugou’s rescue operation. Midoriya stated it was really expensive, and how a young man such as Kirishima can enter in possession of expensive stuff like that? His entire room in the dorms is also full of enhancing material, which must be just as expensive. And when Midoriya asked how he came to acquire them, he purposely avoided the question. So at least, we can say Kirishima has a wealthy background, unless he’s doing some shady activities himself to get money, but I don’t really stick with this idea. It seems too natural for Kirishima for him to not being used to it. So I do think his family is wealthy, and what would stop him from saying where the money is coming from? Yakuzas aren’t the kind of family you can really talk about. Speaking of unusual things Kirishima seems in fact accustomed to, there are some that also lead to think he’s coming from that kind of social environment. Things such as villain’s behavior, handling responsibilities and questioning authority; things he shouldn’t be as comfortable with as he is for a 15 years old unless he grew up with it.

4. His attitude towards villainous behavior

I really like Kirishima and Bakugou’s relationship because they have great chemistry and, as Midoriya puts it, they’ve built each other as equals through time and hardships. And now, to do that with someone as complex and self-centered as Bakugou, you really need to be comfortable enough to see through his problematic attitude and grasp the best in him to begin with. Bonding with Bakugou was tough, as he must be treated with a lot of caution given he’s quick to feel threatened by others as his mental health’s state is frail. But then, just look how easy it was for Kirishima to befriend him. He’s not intimidated by Bakugou, and act naturally respectfully with him since the beginning, providing comfort to Bakugou and making him feel safe enough to don’t act rude and eventually, making him rely on him. Kirishima is someone who’s very honest and genuine, but the way he acts comfortable around Bakugou, and that villain he’s ready to provide comfort and share his story with also shows he’s used to be around people with unusual and violent behaviors. It’s like he already knows how to handle all kind of people from classmates to teachers, pro heroes and villains. He’s often taking the lead and trying to act while thinking of everyone’s sake. Kirishima gives great importance to the group, and naturally always thinks about their cohesion as this core that must stick together. Even when he’s reflecting about his Quirk, what he asks is how he can keep up with everyone else.

The fact that he wants to keep up is probably due to the fact he was already left behind before because he couldn’t meet other expectations. Once more, it’s like this attitude is something not only natural to him, but also something that was cultivated during his upbringing.

5. Kirishima and the sense of responsibility

Kirishima is also incredibly responsible for someone of his age. It first appeared quite early, at USJ when he realized he was in Number 13′s way and wanted to take responsibility for his acts.

Not only he’s kind and considerate, but he’s also ready to take responsibility for others’ behaviors too and call them out when they’re crossing the line. There are a lot, lot of examples where Kirishima interferes in situations that are worsening in front of him even if he’s not involved to begin with.

Once again, he’s thinking of him and others as a group who must stay united, and he’s acting as a leader who’s trying to keep everyone together. In chapter 139, the way he flames up and shouts “A real man would never push all the responsibility on his henchman and escape!!” really makes you wonder. He takes it quite personally, as he’s the only one to react with strong emotions like that, and I think that consideration for “henchmen”, people you are responsible for as a leader, is something he maybe acquired by growing up in an environment that promotes that kind of behavior, as the heir of a family that watches over a whole clan, such as the yakuzas. It was slightly occurring to me before, and now I can’t help but find it suspicious how he’s taking personally the way a leader behaves with their henchmen, and how carefully Hori makes sure to show it so we can’t ignore it.

6. What being manly means to him

Last but not least, Kirishima accords great importance to a manly behavior. Now that word he’s always using is interesting. He doesn’t use “manly” in a way to oppose gender and prone masculinity, but more to scoop up different values and embody them as a whole he’s considering the most honorable behavior. All of these values he’s defending and trying to incarnate really make me thinks of those yakuzas have. Being true to your words (and furthermore pledges), being trustworthy and loyal, respecting hierarchy, knowing your place but also how to deal with authority… Authority is something Kirishima also seems comfortable with. He’s very kind, respectful and thoughtful, he’ll even apologize for others’ behavior, but he’ll trespass rules it if he judges it needs to be done. He wasn’t really worried to break the law when he suggested to go and rescue Bakugou. After that, he only felt guilty when Aizawa pointed out he felt betrayed and it would take time for his trust to be restored; that’s when he feels the more guilty, because breaking that trust is worse than breaking the law. 

Even if he respects authority, he’s ready to question it and act based on his own will because sometimes, there are more important things, such as rescuing and protecting people you care about. Midoriya and Todoroki also did it when they fought Stain, but it happened because of Iida’s wrath. Kirishima deliberately choose to do it. The fact that the whole class was opposed to the idea emphasizes how Kirishima’s decision was unexpected for someone of the hero course. And again, the way he gets angry about the so-called loyalty of the leader that’s escaping just demonstrates his perception of what being manly, being a leader means and the importance he’s giving to it. It means to be trustworthy, inspiring, reliable, considerate towards members of your group and ready to fight to protect them and keep everyone together. Everything Kirishima embodies as a manly behavior really makes me think about yakuzas values and traditional organisation as a family you’re responsible for and must protect. 

Well, there are a lot of thought provoking elements about Kirishima’s attitude, and I find his involvement in this new arc quite fishy. I can be totally wrong, but I still think this attitude and the lack of information about his past hide something important and related to villains, even if it’s not yakuzas. Well, at least it would still make an interesting plot for a fanfic I guess.

A lesson in frustration Pt 1

A/N after being encouraged by the wonderful  @ladymatt to write another follow up and then giving me a great prompt as well i came up with this. Please feel free to let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy it definately 18 plus on this one.people.

Magnus stirred, stretching his arms above his head, eyes still closed. He smiled when he felt a familiar touch on his chest. Then before he can get his eyes open, warm lips join his own.

A few perfect minutes later, he slowly raises his eyelids, looking directly into the big hazel eyes of Alec.

“That has to be the best way ever to wake up. Good morning, beautiful boy.” He purred. His hand going to cup Alec’ cheek.

“I know a better way still” Alec whispered, and moved his body to rest directly on Magnus.

He attacked his mouth once more, the kiss leaving no doubt as to his intentions. Magnus wrapped his arms around his back, slowly moving them up and down the soft skin, feeling the strong muscle beneath.

“alexander, have you forgotten something?” he asked him, between kisses.

“nope, nothing” He’d worked his way down Magnus’ jaw to the spot below his ear he knew drove him crazy. When he reached it Magnus took in a sharp breath.

“So no memory of last night or yesterday?” Alec stilled where he was nuzzling his neck and with a groan, rolled off him, an arm covering his face.

“Boy, you sure know how to kill the mood” he said.

“I actually think your mother has that market covered. We should keep our hands to ourselves, it’s just for one more day, she’ll be going tonight.”

Alec cringed inwardly just thinking about his mother catching them red handed and red faced yesterday. What was worse was thinking about last night and the show Maryse had put on after having one too many of Magnus’ cocktails. Wait till he told Izzy about that.

He needed a distraction from his thoughts and there was only one thing he knew that would do it. He rolled back over towards Magnus, holding his face in one hand, kissing him once more. Magnus could feel himself drifting off with his own desires but the thought of Maryse Lightwood walking in on them again was too hard to ignore. He put a hand on Alec’ chest and pulled away, Alec’ mouth chasing his. But he laid  finger softly over his lips full and pink from their kisses.

“No, my darling, you have to wait till tonight. Your mother has already seen way too much of me as it is. I’m not risking a repeat performance” Magnus rolled to the side of the bed, swung his legs out and stood up. He heard Alec making disappointed noises behind him.

“she’s right about one thing. You do have a nice  butt” He said, leaning on his elbow smiling back at him.

Magnus felt his lips curve but he wasn’t giving him the satisfaction in knowing it. Instead, he turned to give him a frown.

“Behave yourself, Alexander. Surely you can manage that for one day?”

Alec growled and turned his face into the pillow, biting it. Magnus grabbed various items of clothing from his massive walk in robe and headed for the bathroom. He had just entered the doorway when he turned back to see Alec starting to follow him in.

“No, Alec, not going to happen. Behave yourself and get dressed” and he shut the door, the last thing he saw was his boyfriend making sad puppy dog eyes at him.

By the time Magnus had made it out to the kitchen, Alec had made the coffee and was toasting bagels. Maryse wasn’t there yet but he could hear her in the main bathroom.

Alec handed him a cup as he stood at the counter, buttering his breakfast. Alec took a furtive glance out into the living room to see if his mother was coming and seeing the room was empty, he put down his own cup and walked up behind Magnus, wrapping his arms around to circle his waist and nuzzling his neck. He took in deep lung fulls of the warlock’s exotic scent and pulled him back against his body. Magnus close his eyes, leaning his head back against his chest, a soft hum escaping him. He reached up behind him, finding Alec’ soft dark hair and tangled his finger in it, lost for the moment in the feeling of Alec’ touch. A door closing, however, brought him back to his senses with a start.

“Alexander, no” he said softly, trying to release himself from his arms. Alec had other ideas however. Magnus had just picked up his coffee mug when he felt a hand cupping the front of his trousers, squeezing gently.

“ You smell so good, I want to lick every inch of you” a breathy whisper filled his ear. Magnus gave a gasp and then a moan, feeling the crotch of his trousers getting tighter by the minute and from the firm bulge nudging him from behind Alec was similarly effected. All of a sudden, the sound of high heels on floorboards signalled Maryse’s arrival. He startled, the coffee mug and its contents falling to the floor with a loud crash. Maryse came to the door way.

“Oh, is everything alright? Here, I’ll help you clean that up” she said and went to bend over to start picking up the shattered remains of the cup but she only got half way before she winced, her fingers going to her temples. Someone had a hangover this morning.

“It‘s fine, Maryse. I can have it done in a second, are you feeling alright?” Magnus asked her, knowing full well she wasn’t.

“I seem to have a bit of a headache, this morning. I think those cocktails of yours might have been a bit strong.” Magnus had the terrible feeling that he was going to laugh but managed to keep it to himself. He clicked his fingers, bringing up the blue flame and after waving it over the mess on the floor, he send drifts of magic in Maryse’s direction. He saw her face brighten as the headache disappeared.

“thank you Magnus, that’s much better. Now, Alec, can you get me a coffee please?” Alec had been standing behind Magnus, trying to hide his tented jeans. He was just wondering how he was going to give his mother the coffee without embarrassing himself when he heard Magnus click his fingers once more, producing a fresh cup of hot coffee. Maryse stepped forward, taking it from him with a smile. She walked out of the kitchen towards the living room.

Magnus felt Alec’ body relax behind him and he turned to face him.

“Now do you see why I said you had to behave?” he said softly, so they wouldn’t be overheard. He looked down to the front of Alec’ jeans and smiled.

“try thinking about something else, or you’re never going to get out of here” He smirked up at him.

“Like what?”

“how about Penelope?” Magnus said, cheekily.

“ ha ha very funny. Why aren’t you the same?” Alec asked.

“who says I’m not Alexander” and he adjusted the front of his trousers.” but I was smart enough to wear a loose shirt” He gave a playful slap on his chest, and walked off.

Fic Update

Summary:  A Hook/Emma angel/demon AU. They hide in plain sight, the servants of heaven and hell. The angels and the demons, who can save your soul or damn it. They stand on opposite sides, they are the bringers of light and the agents of darkness, they are enemies in an eternal war, but what happens when an angel and a demon are inexplicably drawn to each other?

Read this chapter on here or on AO3 here

                                               Part Nineteen

Saint Luke’s was lit up against the night sky like a Christmas tree, the bright red EMERGENCY sign followed by an equal sided cross that was the universally recognized symbol of first aid across the Western world were both clearly visible from across the wide street as Emma parked her Bug in a miraculously open spot behind a van emblazoned on the side with the logo of a local news channel. Two more news vans were parked a little further down the block and white floodlights pierced the darkness, each coming from atop a TV camera aimed at the hospital. Emma stood next to her old yellow car for a moment and watched, taking in the stone-faced security guards who had come outside to hold the clamouring reporters at bay just outside of the entrance to the ER. They were like a flock of vultures, swooping down to pick apart the latest juicy carcass that had crossed their path until there was nothing left but the bones.

“-unconfirmed reports that Caroline Spencer, wife of longtime city councilman and mayoral hopeful Albert Spencer, was brought here to Saint Luke’s by ambulance from the Prince Hotel approximately an hour ago. A source has told us that Mrs. Spencer was found in a suite at the hotel in considerable distress and hotel security called 911. It is not known if Albert Spencer was with his wife at the time or the exact nature of her medical emergency, hospital representatives are refusing to confirm if she even is, in fact, a patient, citing confidentiality laws. We’ll remain on scene as this story continues to unfold, now back to you in the studio.”

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Bite Me

SNS Summer Week Day 1 ( Teeth) 

Author:  (Ao3 )

Paring: Sasuke x Naruto

Rating: Explicit 

The first time it happens, they’re in the midst of a heated tickle fight, Naruto pinned under Sasuke as the former thrashes around trying to free himself from his boyfriend’s merciless fingers.

In an attempt to escape, Naruto jerks forward and bites into an offending arm that Sasuke is using to hold him down as his other arm roams across Naruto’s stomach and thighs, wiggling fingers looking for the most sensitive spots to attack.

It isn’t a particularly hard bite, doesn’t really hurt, but it catches Sasuke off guard, allowing Naruto the time he needs to roll off the bed and assume a defensive stance a few feet away.  

“Hah! Bastard!” Naruto’s waiting for Sasuke to leap up and come after him, but his boyfriend is still sitting on the bed, staring at his own arm.

It wasn’t pain that caught Sasuke off guard, nor was he particularly surprised at being bitten, but what was entirely unexpected was the wave of arousal that rolled through his body. Watching Naruto’s bright white teeth sinking into Sasuke’s own fair skin, feeling the pressure on his flesh as it’s being indented, pointy canines pressing in harder than the rest of the teeth, slightly painful but fully arousing.

He stares at the reddening marks on his arm now, the light indentations by the teeth quickly disappearing. He runs his fingers softly over them, wishing the marks would stay.

Wait what the hell.  

Suddenly Naruto’s sitting in front of him, holding Sasuke’s arm and observing the bite mark he’s made.

“What’s wrong. Does it hurt?”

Sasuke doesn’t know what’s wrong. Too embarrassed and confused by his own thoughts, he jerks his arm away.

“You bit me, idiot.” He can feel his face and neck burning. You bit me and it turned me on. He’s only been dating Naruto for a month now, still getting used to their relationship, the transition from just best friends to best friends as well as boyfriends. Though, in all honestly, he’s probably always loved the blond more than platonically.

“You started it!”

“Yeah? I’m gonna end it now too.” He lunges towards Naruto, ready to effectively tickle the life out of the other boy but misses as Naruto shoots up and bolts out of the room, laughing hysterically.

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Rock Band AU
  • Their band name is The Last Glaives
  • you’re assigned to film the backstage documentary, so you get to see the real them while they’re touring
  • Noctis is the main vocalist, he writes the music and is the most popular member of the band
  • Prompto is the backup vocalist + plays the Bass
  • “Because nobody notices if u make mistakes on the Bass!”
  • he and Noct are always in interviews together because Noct is bad at public speaking and Prompto is AWESOME at it
  • they’re always memeing on their official profiles, it’s how the idea of the band started in the first place
  • the band first went viral because Prompto accidentally posted a backstage snapchat story publicly where his prank backfired and the black chocobo pecked him in the crotch
  • he’s always embarrassed about it, but it launched them into fame overnight so all is good!
  • Nyx is on the Guitar, a solo musician who uses a discontinued vintage model which he named Galahd, the gorgeous instrument is always with him in every publicity photo and is as famous as he is
  • “I’m a temporary member since the band changes guitarists every tour, are you sure you should be filming me?”
  • Gladio plays the drums and is the only one who can keep up with the messy way Noct writes the parts
  • sometimes dyes his mohawk flame red so when he whips his head around during his solos it looks like a phoenix coming alive onstage
  • “I just love pounding on the drums, you know? You don’t get to let loose and be yourself in a normal day job.”
  • Ignis used to be the permanent Guitarist but a terrible car accident injured his playing arm and left him with a face full of scars, he stopped playing on stage after that.
  • right now he’s focusing on being the manager of the group’s activities
  • He deals with the businessy side of the band, taking care of contracts and sponsorships, and the complicated reports to the agency about their activities and progress.
  • He’s the persistent voice in Noctis’ ear when it’s time to stop procrastinating and to start writing on that new song or album
  • “Sometimes I have to help him find inspiration in other works, or by showing him how happy he makes his fans with every new piece. Other times, it is straight up bullying him to put down that video game and get in the studio.”
  • Prompto’s favorite part is when the fans go crazy at the sight of him, the screaming and flustered chaos before a song is what gives him life
  • Noct’s favorite part is the singing, especially when the audience have memorized the lyrics and are singing it with him
  • Ignis is surprisingly popular considering he only showed up for a few early songs, he blames “the cliche character traits” he falls into with the glasses and suit
  • he’s not aware that he’s really attractive even outside the character trope and even with the scars on his face, he just can’t see it!
  • no pun intended
  • at first Gladio seems under appreciated musically, because nobody notices the importance of the drums in a live performance, but he’s okay with it
  • “it’s just fun to play a gig with my buddies and get it right every single time!”
  • he’s super popular on fanblogs though, so who cares what snobby magazines think!
  • Nyx is relatively older than the rest of them and actually belongs to a different agency, but the group has no permanent guitarist and his schedule was open
  • their music is always upbeat and intense and he liked it, but he was never one to stick with any one band for too long
  • The running theme of their music is the need to bring back the light to a gloomy world, and they’re the warriors who would do it if it cost them their lives
  • the fans don’t realize it, but Noct actually has a chronic illness that flares up one time while you’re filming and you catch the whole ordeal on tape
  • it starts off like a panic attack where he can’t breathe, which makes it difficult to actually sing his lines and they end up having an unscheduled intermission
  • but it continues to escalate to the point where he can’t hold himself upright without assistance, his knees buckle from under him and his headaches get really bad
  • you film Ignis trying to convince him to cancel the rest of the night’s show but he wouldn’t disappoint the fans like that, and pushes through with sheer willpower
  • Prompto is crying and worried for his friend’s life, even though “It happened before but it’s still hella scary!”
  • Gladio slaps Noct on the back in encouragement and helps him back to the stage to finish the night
  • “Noct’s stubborn, so I might as well support his dumb decisions. at least this way i’ll be there to catch him before he falls.” 
  • Nyx is concerned but entertained by the whole fiasco since nobody actually died “it’s like that time I toured with Libertus and he fell off stage but insisted on finishing the concert with his leg in a fresh cast.”
  • at the end of the show you ask Ignis if you should cut this part out of the documentary, and he considers your words for a while.
  • eventually he tells you to keep it in, the fans need to see how hard they’re is working for the world’s happiness
  • it started off as just another job but now you’re really in love with all these boys and their music is bomb!
  • somehow Noct gets you into filming a documentary about his fiance’s career: “The Heavenly Oracle”, an opera prodigy and her pianist brother.

where peter takes a paparazzi gig replacing eddie brock and has to trail johnny storm. somehow it’s worse than j jonah jameson asking for more photographs of spiderman. johnny storm is amazed that some punk photographer seems to have an uncanny ability to keep up with johnny, even when he deliberately flames on to ditch all the paps, and pretty cute - no one else could take a decent pic of him - and somehow this parker guy always gets his best side and always deletes the embarrassing ones. and surprisingly helps johnny get rid of the paps who are taking pics of his niece and nephew. 

“pete, this is ridiculous. you’re the worst paparizzo i’ve ever met. this is even worse than that time you had to photograph me”

“mj, let’s not talk about this”

“oh sure, let’s talk about how you’ve managed to web the tmz crew that was trailing storm and his family”

“hey, they were on a family picnic. they have a right to privacy”

“sure tiger, then explain why your last memory card was just shots of johnny storm’s hands? you can’t even tell it’s him.”

“i may be fired next week.”

“huh, i hear the daily globe is hiring.”

like nothing you’ve ever seen before [KHR]

A.N - For the Fandom Bingo spot 4-4; Soulmates AU.


“Wake him up and I’ll fucking kill you, scum.”

It’s Xanxus’ voice that brings him out of sleep. It’s clear the man’s trying to be quiet; he’s not raising his voice, but the murderous intent aimed at whoever is near the bed is enough to make Tsuna twitch beneath his hand at the very least and stir.

He knows its Xanxus’ hand laid against the back of his neck, thumb stroking intimately up and down the column of his throat in a soothing motion, because Reborn’s using his ribcage as as pillow. Tsuna can already tell by the shift in breathing he’s awake too, but he’s not making it known. Probably waiting to let Xanxus handle whoever is standing nearby.

It’s the sound of wood tapping floor that gives it away. “I was unaware you and Tsunayoshi had sorted your differences so quickly.”

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somewhere in outer space―

a/n: au after 4x07/ or that time I wrote a klopeley roadtrip fic. also a bit of a longer fic than I usually prefer but still readable. enjoy!


Marcel runs away because he decides the pressures of being king are overwhelming, and losing his daughter and his good friend Cami was just too much for him. Not to mention the fact that his entire life is falling apart, and the people who used to be his family kind of hate him right now.

(And he’s not sure where he’s going, except that he keeps going).

Hayley takes it upon herself to track him down.

She drags Klaus along, mostly because well he’s his father…sort of. Or like his brother-in-law, after the whole Davina and Kol fiasco. Unless he looks at it from the perspective of Marcel and Rebekah’s relationship.

Yeah, they’re are all over the place, he knows. 

And it’s not help that Hope insists on accompanying them as well.

“Sweetheart,” the original hybrid softly says, with a hand on his daughter’s shoulder. “You should stay with your Uncle Elijah and Auntie Freya, you’ll be much safer,” he reassures her.

Then, she pulls her infamous pout.

“But I wanna find my friend,” Hope argues. “And you need a witch on your side, don’t you?” she attempts to convince him and, although she made a valiant effort, Hayley just had to intervene.

“Hope,” the she-wolf firmly says. “Listen to your dad,” Hayley orders.

Klaus can’t say he doesn’t feel a weird tingle whenever she refers to him as Hope’s ‘dad’. Even though that is his role, just hearing Hayler say it made him lose his trail of thought.

“No,” Hope grunts. “Marcel is my only friend, I’m not going to stay behind while he could be in danger,” she exclaims, dragging her tiny suitcase with her and her stuffed wolf.

Klaus releases a fond laugh. “She’s stubborn,” he says, remembering all those times Hayley insisted on accompanying him on his rather dangerous missions. “I wonder where she got that from,” he smirks.

“Very funny,” Hayley rolls her eyes as all three of them hop into the family jeep.


Hope is restless during the trip. She sings along to the radio with her mother and they blast Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’ almost one-hundred and forty-three times before Klaus finally presses a button and turns on The Beatles. He doesn’t mean to be an old fart but honestly, this was so much more soothing. And it put Hope right to sleep.

(Hayley pretends she doesn’t notice him humming along the lyrics to ‘Michelle’ and almost dozes off to the sound of his voice).

(Hours turn into days and she tries her best to stay away while Klaus is driving.

Hayley knows he doesn’t sleep at night, if not for his terrifying dreams about Marcel’s dungeon, it’s surely also because he’s worried about his son. Some crazy part of her thinks that maybe it would bring him some comfort to know that she’s there with him. That, if he stares out into the darkness long enough, he’ll be relieved to see those same tired eyes looking back at him).

And they inevitably get lost.

Klaus is bull-headed and hates asking for help. While Hayley spends too much time checking her Instagram and not paying attention to the road. Her excuse is that she’s keeping track of Marcel’s pictures for clues but, so far, all he had uploaded was an old photograph of Cami and Davina.

With no location indicated either.

“You followed the map wrong,” Hayley sends Klaus a dark glare as he rolls his eyes.

“I didn’t,” he replies, sounding a bit high-pitched. “It’s not my fault Marcel keeps changing locations,” he supposes that’s the answer, since every time they asked Freya to track him down, she claimed he had some other witch put up a barrier spell.

“Or maybe you’re just no good at following directions,” Hayley sneers, with a tone that sounded a tad annoyed.

“I’ve lived for over a thousand years,” he reminds her. “I know how to navigate using just the stars, you really think I’m likely to get us lost?” the original hybrid explains, as he’s headed in a straight line to somewhere and nowhere.

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Hiya! I really love your headcanons! Do you have any for espeon and/or the chandelure line?

Boy yes I do!! :D


* Although their psychic powers can be powerful, it can get tired very quickly if it uses too much of it’s power in a short amount of time.

* They’re the kind of pokemon to follow their trainer wherever they go. They do this for two reasons: first, to make sure their trainer doesn’t get into any danger. Second, they just enjoy the company of their trainer and want to spend time with them.

* They’ll wrap their tail around their trainer as a sign of affection to others. They can use this physical connection to feel what their trainer is feeling.


* They can’t help themselves on what living creature they take the life force from. They need this force to keep their flame lit or else it’ll die. Because of this, trainers will keep their Litwicks in their poke balls most of the time.

* Some trainers will keep a huge pile of flowers and plants that the Litwick can use to fuel it’s fire. The Litwicks are happy to know that their trainers are willing to do this just to spend time with them.

* They feel like warm wax and sometimes when they move around they’ll leave a trail of wax behind them. The wax smells like ashes.


* They are able to feel when something or someone is close to death. Sometimes they’ll disappear for a couple of hours only to return with a brighter flame. It’s unfortunate but it’s best to let the Lampent do this so that it’s flame won’t go out.

* The light it gives off is very eerie and somewhat dim. Some people will use a few of these Lampents to spook up a haunted house.

* It keeps it’s flame shielded off from anything being able to touch it. Touching this flame will leave a permanent burn and leaves someone with the same effects of poison.


* They are able to control their flames: how much damage they do and how hot they are. Because of this, their trainers, and only their trainers, can touch their flames without being harmed.

* Chandelures are pretty gentle and mild-mannered. They don’t mean to hurt anyone, they’re only doing it so that they can live. Unfortunately other people don’t see this, especially superstitious people. They believe Chandelures to be omens of death and will chase them away.

* Chandelures are always willing to help out their trainer in any way they can. They’ll always provide their light for their trainers, no matter what the reason for it is.


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Last balloon shot for a little while, I promise. It was so incredibly quiet up there, besides when the balloon operator had the flames on to keep us up. You could really feel the world waking up beneath you: birds chirping from far below, the infrequent toy car winding on a lone road, the shadows shrinking as the sun rose. The other balloons floated silently around us, just far enough away to seem vaguely unreal.

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I'll drown in my tears, forever, because Erwin is precious and this manga don't make him justice.

Amen to that.  You know, much as Erwin’s death tore me apart, I was prepared to accept it if his sacrifice meant something.  Erwin gave everything, everything, he paid the ultimate price, but his death has just been passed over as if he never mattered at all.  I’ve always believed that Levi would keep Erwin’s memory alive, but we seem to have been robbed even of that. But, and I’ve just said this in another comment, if Erwin was the “Flame of Hope”, then it’s up to the Eruri fandom to keep the flame alive.