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So let’s talk about Derek Hale for a minute.

Derek Hale, who’s consistently and constantly overlooked and underappreciated.

Derek, who is canonically a middle child. And lets pretend that the whole family was what we’ve seen: just Talia, Peter, Laura, Derek, and Cora (I dearly love to imagine that Papa Hale was a loving and amazing father and husband, but for the sake of argument). So then Derek is not only a middle child–and probably a classic middle child, at that–but the only boy in the family, as well. So he’s not a leader, like Laura (probably intentionally distances himself from those aspects of his personality, because all he hears when he tries is “not as good as your sister), but Cora still gets all the attention. And Talia’s a busy woman, she’s trying to not only raise a family and train Laura to be an alpha and probably to work, she’s also trying to keep Beacon Hills from going up in flames. And she loves and cares about all of her children, but maybe she just has more in common with her girls, more to talk about. Maybe it’s easier to take five minutes to do Cora’s hair in the morning than it is to watch a full basketball game with Derek.

So no wonder that Derek latches onto Peter–he’s desperate for a male role model, and Peter’s older and cooler. 

Derek, the Christmas baby, who suffers through years of Santa Claus wrapping paper and sharing his special day with his sisters and everybody else in America. When he tells people it’s his birthday, they don’t say “Happy Birthday,” they wrinkle their nose and say, “I’m sorry, that must suck,” and what is he supposed to do, say, “Yeah, it does”?

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Part One -


It’s been a long time since you’ve seen your friends; too long. You thought you were going crazy being locked up with no one except Lucifer to keep you company, but eventually, you found a release. The same thing that brought you here ended up being the only thing keeping you in your right mind. The flames felt like a part of you now and it was a part of you that you fell in love with. You became obsessed.

“Glad to see you’re making progress.” Lucifer commented as he walked past you. You sat on the floor, legs cross and fire blooming from your palms. You could move it however you liked, make it as large or as small as you wanted, and fuel it to become more and more aggressive. You were a walking flame thrower.

“I don’t think it’s me that’s making the progress..” You uttered. “I think the fire is the one that’s getting used to me.”

“Either way..” Lucifer sat down across from you, grabbing your hands and looking close at the flames. “You’re becoming magnificent, (Y/n).”


You weren’t yourself. That was evident now, but you didn’t care. You’d never felt so strong, so powerful. You were ready, but for what? You weren’t quite sure, but you knew you had a job to do.

Lucifer grabbed you by the hand and smiled at you and that’s when you realized that he would lead you exactly where you needed to be.

“I’m red” she said.

“What do you mean?” He replied tilting his head in confusion.

“I’m red from the bruises and the scars. There’s that fire of misfortune still burning inside of me and it refuses to burn out. Someday I thought my skin would go back to its natural color, but flames keep crashing into it. I’m burning up and if I don’t pour water on myself soon I can only expect the worst.”

He gave her the softest eyes and put his lingering hand on her shoulder. “You’re not red because of your terrible past. You’re red because of that tough fire inside of you that refuses to disappear. You’re red because you’re strong, not because you’re hurt.”

“So you don’t think I’m the mess that I think I am?” she said surprised.

“Of course not, you are fire. The good fire.” He said with that sweet little smirk of his, giving her a long tight hug.

“Really, is that how you see me?”

“That’s how I’ve always seen you.”

—  t.j. // Excerpts from a book I might write someday #10

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kim or one of the other writers confirmed that before the actual coalition there were pockets of alliances. so L only brought ALL of them together, there were always different coalitions throughout their history it just didn't include everyone until her.

Thanks for the info! It makes sense, and I feel like I might have known that already? I think it came up the last time I spiraled down this path lol. But it also means that the clans each had their own leadership systems. Even alliances are just that, associations formed between groups for mutual benefit, each with their own leaders. So when and how did all of the clans suddenly decided the flame dictated their one true ruler above even their clan rulers? Canon says Lxa. She was the first to bring all of the clans together. One leader ruling by the Mandate of Heaven. Authority through religion. But that’s what keeps tripping me up, and prompted my post. Because if the flame system is that new across the clans for selecting their leader, then there’s no way it’s consistent between them and the coalition is far more unstable than even seasons 2 and 3 showed.

Even if one coalition always had that system, and more clans were integrated into that system as they joined, all of them were never under that system until Lxa. Who was just over 20 years old, and became commander as a teen. So we’re looking at maybe a decade at most, depending on how long it took her to get all of the clans together. Which she was able to do because of war.

It was a wartime coalition. Lxa was able to bring the clans together because of the Mountain Men. The threat of the Mountain Men was enough that she was able to bring the clans together with herself as warlord, and even then didn’t have the full backing of the ambassadors and their clans. Lxa needed the Mountain Men to the extent that she manipulated Clarke into allowing hundreds of her own people to die at TonDC, and betrayed her allies and her people’s honor and culture of blood must have blood at the battle of Mount Weather. All of which makes sense to me for a character who believed herself to have a Mandate from Heaven to rule. Her power was just. But that’s also when it get’s confusing, when the flame is added. And it’s a significant part of the story right now with Roan and Gaia, and Roan is all that’s keeping the grounders from finally wiping out the Sky People so I need to know these things.

If it was season 1 I would shrug and accept it as flawed worldbuilding. But the writers have been much much more careful in their crafting of the world of The 100 since then. So I could be wrong, but I think all of this will be relevant this season. The history of the coalition and the clans that is.

(Would you believe I wasn’t interested in this part of the story at all until after season 3? Not even during. This was my hiatus obsession and the last three episodes have only fueled it.)

Valentine’s Day & shame.

Audrey here.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and our friend Joy Williams posted a line of Rumi’s that stopped me in my tracks. “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
When we experience heartbreak or rejection of any sort, be it romantic or otherwise, it can be all too easy to start viewing ourselves as nothing more than collateral damage of our broken relationships. When love dies or breaks down or goes up in flames, it can be really hard to keep a grip on objectivity about ourselves. It seems like most of us go in one of three directions; some of us keep our chins up and press on, refusing to deal with and heal from our very real grief. Some of us, on the other hand, might start identifying as fundamentally broken or worthless, because we feel unchosen, unseen, or unloved. Some of us do both, our emotional health imploding silently as we walk around with our chins raised as high as possible. “I’m unlovable,” says our subconscious mind, “and I will never let anyone see that I feel that way.” The problem is, that never actually works. People see it, or feel it. We can’t make ourselves islands, no matter what we do.

Most of us aren’t ever shown how to heal well—how to admit our failures in a relationship and grow, but still avoid the pitfalls of shame. Shame says ‘you’re not beautiful’ or 'you’re worthless’ — too much of the time, we begin to agree. Most of us just feel powerless and unlovable…we feel like collateral damage of those who may have hurt us, or of relationships that simply didn’t last.
So it’s good to ask ourselves this question honestly—‘collateral damage—is that all I am?’ 

If we go down deep enough, if we sort through the rubble and refuse from whatever has broken our hearts, I think we will find the answer to be ‘no.’
You are worthy of love. Don’t let shame or heartbreak tell you otherwise.

If you need an anthem for this process we are happy to oblige. :)

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That's the only thing about Adventure Time, how they keep piling some stunt that ends with Finn with no girl. PB was his first love, but then reality ensues and we remember she's older than him, but wait she regresses to 13 years old, but goes back to adult age so that she could keep her kingdom. Then Finn finds Flame Princess, but he ends up blowing it big time. Now his only potential love interests are now Huntress Wizard abd maybe Marceline. Along a few others.

I’ve really never shipped Finn and Marceline, but yeah I agree with everything else. I dunno, maybe the point is that they’re trying to say that love is weird and fleeting and it doesnt always work out. Which is kind of a cool message for a show like Adventure Time to be pushing, but still, it’d be nice if he ended up with someone before its all over with. 

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               Wesley snickered using his hand to cover up the tiny sounds he made as he watched her attempt to get a fire started, he wanted to help her but instead decided to see if she can own up to what she said about being capable of doing it herself. Only meeting her a moments ago and he already enjoys her company. She’s talkative but he doesn’t mind it keeps him happy even though he does respond back the way she wants him to. 

                    ‘… If I don’t help her we’ll end up freezing. ‘

              Wes walked closer to her kneeling down to take a hold of her hands placing them back on her lap, he started to ignite the fire the small flame quickly building up enough heat to keep them both warm. The cold wind stung his skin his arms and fingers feeling numb he gave all of his warm clothing to her, he griped his arms rubbing them to keep warm; he was practically was hovering over the fire.


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Last balloon shot for a little while, I promise. It was so incredibly quiet up there, besides when the balloon operator had the flames on to keep us up. You could really feel the world waking up beneath you: birds chirping from far below, the infrequent toy car winding on a lone road, the shadows shrinking as the sun rose. The other balloons floated silently around us, just far enough away to seem a vaguely unreal.

@yay-gays sent in: Okay but growing on the avatar headcannons like kageyama being a fire bender and every time his emotions get out of control someone gets hurt and that’s why his old team doesn’t like him and when he gets to kurasano he’s practiced so much to keep his temper under control and tHEN THIS LITTLE AIRBENDING ASSHOLE COMES IN. And he can do everything that he wants cause he won’t hurt anyone, and it makes kages so mad and his temper flares, and the flames are heading towards hinata, but then they just stop and disperse. And kageyama is so confused, until he realizes hinata used the air to make a wall. Hinata was able to keep up with his flames And stop them in their tracks. And he realizes that he doesn’t have to be afraid of hurting hinata, he can be himself, he doesn’t have to hold back his emotions near this person. And he’s just so happy that he doesn’t even realize he’s crying until someone else asks if he’s okay.

kageyama hates hinata so much and hinata just takes this immediate liking to kageyama which makes him hate him more??? and he wont leave kageyama alone which is bad cause the thing hinata does best is make kageyama feel and that’s bad. he can still remember his old team how much they hated him, how he was basically socially kicked out after he accidentally burnt kindaichi so he cant feel anymore but this asshole is dragging it out of him. hinata just constantly wants to practice with kageyama, begging him over and over until kageyama just snaps and starts yelling and his fire roars up with his voice and everyone in the room stops dead because they’ve heard of this. heard what kageyama can do. 

but hinata doesn’t even flinch. he puts off the flames, a smile still on his face and everyone is staring and kageyama can’t move because where did the fire go? and hinata just continues on with “see? that was so cool and powerful! i wanna practice with you, you’d make a great partner-” and kageyama just whispers “you stopped it?” and hinatas like “yeah? of course i did, but come on-” 

and the realization that hinata can stop his fire, that he cant hurt hinata, hits him like a ton of bricks. so he nods numbly that he’ll practice with hinata, and hinata just goes bouncing off to the training room, and kageyama just stands there and the tears come slowly before he’s full on sobbing and suga walks over asking if he’s okay and he just sobs harder because he’s so happy

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Imagine Steve (+friends) as characters in Supernatural

“Why is it always ghosts?” Clint mutters under his breath while he and Steve stare down the ghost of a famous hotel in New York. The job was a little more high profile than they were comfortable with, but Fury had asked that they do it as a favor for a friend of his (after calling them both idjits no less than three times).

The apparition rushes at them, leaving chills down to their bones as she passes through them, and disappears into room 448. “Follow her, I’ll do the salt and burn,” Steve orders, choosing to ignore the question for the time being. It was rhetorical, anyway.

Steve makes his way to the basement, where they have it on good authority the woman’s bones are, and Clint spends the minutes that follow cussing Steve out from several floors above the blonde man. He manages to keep the ghost occupied, but only barely, until she goes up in flames finally.

Steve catches up to him, finally answering that rhetorical question from earlier. “I’ll take the ghosts. At least we know what they’re going to do. It’s people who worry me.”

Clint, begrudgingly, agrees.

“Can we go get pie? All this hunting and I’m starving.”