keep up the flame

  • *221B*
  • Molly: *playing with baby Rosie; wearing the deerstalker*
  • Rosamund: *giggling*
  • Sherlock: *feigning annoyance* Do you have to wear that stupid thing?
  • Molly: *shrugs* She loves it.
  • MP Mary: *watching over Rosie; smirking* She's not the only one.
  • Sherlock: *ignores her* I-I don't want her getting attached.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes; tickles her goddaughter* Is Uncle Sherlock being a grumpy pants?
  • Rosamund: *squeals happily; kicking her legs*
  • MP Janine: *sitting on the sofa* She does look good, though.
  • MP Irene: *nods* Even I didn't look that good.
  • MP Jim: *peering dramatically out of the window; sighs* I would've.
  • Molly: *nudges his leg* Well?
  • Sherlock: *shakes his head* Hmm? *looks up*
  • Molly: *still wearing the hat; frowns* I was going to order takeaway. You want anything?
  • Sherlock: *staring; nods slowly*
  • Molly: *nods; goes to the laptop*
  • Sherlock: *blinks*
  • Sherlock: *stands* I need some air *marches out of the flat*
  • Molly: ...okay *shrugs*
Choices universe 👑🔥

If the crown and the flame is a tv show/game franchise in the rest of the choices books and Kenna and Dom along with the rest of the characters are just actors, I wonder what their real names are, what they’re really like in person, what their lives are like? We saw a little bit of this in the freshman. I recon ot would be cool to see a spin off book to see what it’s like behind the scenes of tcatf and what the characters lives are like outside tcatf! :)

Emo Band Tour

Alright everyone this is you’re emo band tour guide speaking, so now we are going through the all time low fandom losing their shit over the set list for the tour screaming about circles and such while others are crying about concert tickets . Oh, now we’re coming up on the fall out boy fandom which is very divided right now with some in the corner injecting purple into their veins while others are holding some old albums crying. Okay this tour is off to a great start, let roll right into the Panic! At the disco fandom were everyone is chanting ‘daddy’ at Broadway and poking Ryan Ross with a stick telling him to do something. And now we are heading into what’s left of the tøp fandom, please keep away from the flames. If you look up you should see the eye of “fucking fuck what the fuck is happing” and the posters of Josh dun that haven’t been touched by the melting fan girls. Okay now to end this tour we well go through the MCR section..

Well have a nice day everyone this will conclude the tour.

Kirishima’s mysterious upbringing

Chapter 139 came out, and it had to give this splendid panel of Kirishima getting angry about the cowardice of their opponent.

I’ve been thinking about Kirishima’s attitude since some times, and wondering how come he was so uptight about manliness, and what manliness was exactly for him. A lot of great theories have already been written here about his hypothetical past and involvement with villains, like this one by red-riot so maybe I’m not bringing anything new at all, but it’s still fun to think about so why not make an other theory anyway. If you don’t agree in the end, you can still take this post as an appreciation post about Kirishima. It’s also what it is, kinda.

Okay so here is what I’m wondering about, what if Kirishima was raised by yakuzas? Here are the reasons why. 

1. Yakuzas in My Hero Academia 

To begin with, yakuzas in MHA are pretty much extinct, thanks to heroes’ massive rise in society. There are a few who escaped the fate of being arrested during the dismantling of their organizations, and they’re currently living by keeping low profile. If they’re not doing anything, it’s because All for One was keeping control of what was happening in this dark side of society. Here’s what Overhaul is saying about them.

If elders respected All for One, then it means they could have tried to stir things up, but they didn’t. Their downfall didn’t represented their ruin, but only their withdrawal from society. They’re still here, and some are waiting for the occasion to rise again. Therefore, yakuzas probably are what they have always been, and the existence of a young leader such as Overhaul just proves they’re still on the roll. If yakuzas still stick to their traditional organisation, business and values, then Kirishima could very well come from that kinda family.

Kirishima’s involvement in the new arc can invalidate my theory. But after all, yakuzas are keeping a low profile in society. Maybe his family wasn’t involved in fights for power because they’re already wealthy enough and satisfied with their status. Maybe Kirishima either rejected his family or was rejected by it and he’s not informed of what’s going on with them, be it its choice or not. With such a background, a lot of scenarios are possible. 

2. About his previous appearance

Following what I said, his previous appearance, his low self-esteem and his trouble finding worth in who he is can support this theory. If he was raised by yakuzas, then, there are a great deal of things that could have happened so Kirishima ended up so down on himself. Maybe the heavy burden of being raised in that sorta environment ended up being too much for him. It’s possible either Kirishima or his family was disappointed because of his “limited” Quirk, causing him to be down on himself for it, thinking he’s after all not good enough to live up to his and his family’s expectations. You can’t be that down on yourself unless you’ve contemplated your insecurities for so long you’re convinced you’re nothing special after all. 

Given his previous kinda dark appearance, he must have decided to keep a low profile for a reason or another. Maybe he wants to redeem himself by entering UA and that’s why his appearance changed so much. Maybe he’s trying to find a path for himself and stick to values that his family didn’t recognized in him but he appropriated anyway. There are a great deal of possibilities once you imagine he may come from that kind of strict and demanding environment. 

3. Kirishima’s wealthy background 

For the technical and more canonically aspect now, remember that suspicious behavior Kirishima had when he brought up his night vision googles during Bakugou’s rescue operation. Midoriya stated it was really expensive, and how a young man such as Kirishima can enter in possession of expensive stuff like that? His entire room in the dorms is also full of enhancing material, which must be just as expensive. And when Midoriya asked how he came to acquire them, he purposely avoided the question. So at least, we can say Kirishima has a wealthy background, unless he’s doing some shady activities himself to get money, but I don’t really stick with this idea. It seems too natural for Kirishima for him to not being used to it. So I do think his family is wealthy, and what would stop him from saying where the money is coming from? Yakuzas aren’t the kind of family you can really talk about. Speaking of unusual things Kirishima seems in fact accustomed to, there are some that also lead to think he’s coming from that kind of social environment. Things such as villain’s behavior, handling responsibilities and questioning authority; things he shouldn’t be as comfortable with as he is for a 15 years old unless he grew up with it.

4. His attitude towards villainous behavior

I really like Kirishima and Bakugou’s relationship because they have great chemistry and, as Midoriya puts it, they’ve built each other as equals through time and hardships. And now, to do that with someone as complex and self-centered as Bakugou, you really need to be comfortable enough to see through his problematic attitude and grasp the best in him to begin with. Bonding with Bakugou was tough, as he must be treated with a lot of caution given he’s quick to feel threatened by others as his mental health’s state is frail. But then, just look how easy it was for Kirishima to befriend him. He’s not intimidated by Bakugou, and act naturally respectfully with him since the beginning, providing comfort to Bakugou and making him feel safe enough to don’t act rude and eventually, making him rely on him. Kirishima is someone who’s very honest and genuine, but the way he acts comfortable around Bakugou, and that villain he’s ready to provide comfort and share his story with also shows he’s used to be around people with unusual and violent behaviors. It’s like he already knows how to handle all kind of people from classmates to teachers, pro heroes and villains. He’s often taking the lead and trying to act while thinking of everyone’s sake. Kirishima gives great importance to the group, and naturally always thinks about their cohesion as this core that must stick together. Even when he’s reflecting about his Quirk, what he asks is how he can keep up with everyone else.

The fact that he wants to keep up is probably due to the fact he was already left behind before because he couldn’t meet other expectations. Once more, it’s like this attitude is something not only natural to him, but also something that was cultivated during his upbringing.

5. Kirishima and the sense of responsibility

Kirishima is also incredibly responsible for someone of his age. It first appeared quite early, at USJ when he realized he was in Number 13′s way and wanted to take responsibility for his acts.

Not only he’s kind and considerate, but he’s also ready to take responsibility for others’ behaviors too and call them out when they’re crossing the line. There are a lot, lot of examples where Kirishima interferes in situations that are worsening in front of him even if he’s not involved to begin with.

Once again, he’s thinking of him and others as a group who must stay united, and he’s acting as a leader who’s trying to keep everyone together. In chapter 139, the way he flames up and shouts “A real man would never push all the responsibility on his henchman and escape!!” really makes you wonder. He takes it quite personally, as he’s the only one to react with strong emotions like that, and I think that consideration for “henchmen”, people you are responsible for as a leader, is something he maybe acquired by growing up in an environment that promotes that kind of behavior, as the heir of a family that watches over a whole clan, such as the yakuzas. It was slightly occurring to me before, and now I can’t help but find it suspicious how he’s taking personally the way a leader behaves with their henchmen, and how carefully Hori makes sure to show it so we can’t ignore it.

6. What being manly means to him

Last but not least, Kirishima accords great importance to a manly behavior. Now that word he’s always using is interesting. He doesn’t use “manly” in a way to oppose gender and prone masculinity, but more to scoop up different values and embody them as a whole he’s considering the most honorable behavior. All of these values he’s defending and trying to incarnate really make me thinks of those yakuzas have. Being true to your words (and furthermore pledges), being trustworthy and loyal, respecting hierarchy, knowing your place but also how to deal with authority… Authority is something Kirishima also seems comfortable with. He’s very kind, respectful and thoughtful, he’ll even apologize for others’ behavior, but he’ll trespass rules it if he judges it needs to be done. He wasn’t really worried to break the law when he suggested to go and rescue Bakugou. After that, he only felt guilty when Aizawa pointed out he felt betrayed and it would take time for his trust to be restored; that’s when he feels the more guilty, because breaking that trust is worse than breaking the law. 

Even if he respects authority, he’s ready to question it and act based on his own will because sometimes, there are more important things, such as rescuing and protecting people you care about. Midoriya and Todoroki also did it when they fought Stain, but it happened because of Iida’s wrath. Kirishima deliberately choose to do it. The fact that the whole class was opposed to the idea emphasizes how Kirishima’s decision was unexpected for someone of the hero course. And again, the way he gets angry about the so-called loyalty of the leader that’s escaping just demonstrates his perception of what being manly, being a leader means and the importance he’s giving to it. It means to be trustworthy, inspiring, reliable, considerate towards members of your group and ready to fight to protect them and keep everyone together. Everything Kirishima embodies as a manly behavior really makes me think about yakuzas values and traditional organisation as a family you’re responsible for and must protect. 

Well, there are a lot of thought provoking elements about Kirishima’s attitude, and I find his involvement in this new arc quite fishy. I can be totally wrong, but I still think this attitude and the lack of information about his past hide something important and related to villains, even if it’s not yakuzas. Well, at least it would still make an interesting plot for a fanfic I guess.

Witchy Lifestyle: Safe Practice (Pt. I)

There’s a topic that I don’t often see floating around the web in regards to witchcraft. Amid all of the encouragements and inspiration, talk of gods and spirits, and beautiful aesthetic, we don’t often see much of the more unsafe parts of being a witch…

Now before I go any further, I am not trying to make it seem like being a witch is a bad thing. That would be awfully hypocritical, coming from a witch who’s been practicing for a little over half his life. Rather, I want to address something that everyone who practices or wishes to practice should know: witchcraft is not inherently “safe.” This is in regards to the more mundane aspects and the spiritual aspects. I’ll address some of what I can, as well as give some recommendations for safe practice.

And don’t fear! Even if you’re brand new to witchcraft, you can still practice. As always, what I’m recommending is to educate yourself as much as possible and to explore with confidence and humility.

Mundane: Burning Shit

Fire safety may seem like a no-brainer. But there are those out there who neglect fire safety for the sake of a spell or rite. Under no circumstances should you ever neglect proper fire safety. Just like in D&D, the gods aren’t going to save you from stupid.

1) Ventilation: Whether it’s incense, offerings, or a candle, always burn in a well-ventilated area. This prevents smoke and ash buildup in an area, and also voids “hot spots.” The flame will be able to breathe without spreading, and there’s less risk of catching something else aflame. If your flame is open (such as on a taper candle) keep hair and loose clothing tied up or well away from the flame, and avoid placing it near walls or curtains.

2) Containers: Always burn the substance in a heat-proof container. Using a heat-proof container prevents melting, scorching, or spreading flame. Plastic is unwise because if scorched or burnt, it can release harmful chemicals (not to mention melts and makes a horrible mess). Glass is advisable if it is tempered and designed to be heat proof. (If it is not, you risk cracking - or worse, shattering - the glass). Other safe substances (be sure to read labels and warnings!) may include ceramic, terra cotta, cast iron, and brass.

3) Substance: One of the biggest peeves I have when it comes to reading about DIY incense or burnt offerings and such is when such herbs as mugwort or rose petals are included. ALWAYS do your research before burning plants. Some (such as rose petals) will simply smell horrible. Others have toxic chemicals that, when released during burning, can cause symptoms ranging from burns or rashes to inflammation of the respiratory tract, neurological damage, or even death depending upon the plant being burnt. To an extent, many of these can be avoided simply by burning in a well ventilated area. Others should only be smoked/burnt in moderation (such as mugwort, which can be a neurotoxin in doses that are too high and too frequent). 

4) Supervision: Many spells call for allowing a candle to completely burn down. While practical for quick-burning candles (such as birthday candles), it’s hard to remain in a room for hours on end, waiting for that seven-day candle to burn down. Some traditions aren’t too finicky about burning down the candle. But for those that are, be sure that you are ALWAYS around and aware of the candle flame so as to prevent accidents. Keep water or an extinguisher on hand (just in case) and if the worst happens, do not hesitate to call an emergency line.

Mundane: Consumption of Herbs/Substances

Let’s face it. In witchcraft, there is a lot of eating and drinking. Many of us include a “cakes and ale” or “communion” in our rites. Still others of us have an emphasis on cooking, or on making herbal teas and infusions. And, of course, there are plenty of witches out there (myself included) who may partake in the smoking of or eating of different types of herbs (such as tobacco or cannabis).

One of the best things anyone can do if they see a spell or recipe calling for a substance they’re unfamiliar with is to research that substance. Learn as much as possible: its preparation, health benefits and side effects, history, et cetera. This has a couple of positive benefits. First, you become knowledgeable about what you are eating or smoking. Second, you avoid consuming something that may be toxic.

Take elderberry, for example. Many people have it growing right in their backyards. But it’s dangerous to use it without the proper knowledge. The berries can cause stomach upsets if unripe, and the wood should never be burnt or ingested for any reason (this includes making whistles and the like) while still wet and green because it is toxic. Furthermore, if you’re unsure of the distinction between elder and water hemlock, you run the risk of consuming the hemlock - the whole of the plant being extremely toxic and deadly.

So always be sure to know what you are putting in your body. Even something which seems safe enough may have unexpected or dangerous side effects (if you suffer from anxiety, for example, you should be careful of what strains of cannabis you smoke or eat, because some strains can trigger panic attacks and heightened anxiety).

If you are working a spell for health or healing which calls for certain herbs, be sure to look into what medications you’re taking to avoid any harmful combinations. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU USE MAGIC OR HERBALISM AS A REPLACEMENT FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT. Magic and alternative medicines are meant to be supplements rather than replacements. To neglect your physical condition is dangerous, and your physician should always be addressed if you’re feeling ill.

Smoking anything should be done with caution, and should only be done legally. This means learning local ordinance and laws regarding the substance and acquiring the proper permits if necessary. Some places put age restrictions on substances such as cannabis and tobacco. Others have it outlawed completely (as in the case of cannabis depending on where you live). In addition, smoking anything can be harmful to health due to tar and ash entering the lungs.


Do your research, and be careful, please.

Mundane/Spiritual: Sex and Body Fluids

This is something that (luckily) many witches are very careful to warn about. In large part, this is due to the fact that the community is largely built of strong and empowered women or feminists. But when new to witchcraft, it is still important to address.

The use of body fluids in magic (i.e. blood, menstrual discharge, semen, saliva, et cetera) can make a spell particularly powerful and bound to the witch working it. However, body fluids are a great way of transmitting diseases, as well. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU SHARE OR EXCHANGE BODY FLUIDS WITH OTHER PEOPLE. This includes if they’ve been dried out. So if you’re putting together a spell sachet, for example, don’t feed or anoint it with blood, saliva, semen, et cetera. Instead, perhaps add a strand of hair or a fingernail clipping if a taglock is completely necessary.

And when working with body fluids, be sure that you know what kind of magic you’re using, how it works, and why. Offering any body fluids to a deity or spirit is something that should be done cautiously and only with a spirit with which you’ve developed a strong and beneficial relationship.

Sex magic is not uncommon. While some shy away from the topic, it’s important to understand that magic has various ways of being worked. Intense emotion or some sort of trigger to set intent is often used. This can be done through meditation, but it can also be done through achieving orgasm.

Some covens or couples will also make use of sex to reflect fertility aspects of their deities.

Whether straight or LGBTQ+, always practice safe sex. This includes the use of condoms and contraceptives, engaging in physical acts only with those you trust completely, in a legal manner (including age and location), and while completely clear of mind (no drugs, alcohol, et cetera).

To Be Continued…

There is more to go over. But as I’ve said, let this article not deter you from practicing witchcraft. Part of practicing witchcraft is being sensible, safe, and educated about what you’re doing. Always be well prepared!

Blessed Be! )O(

A lesson in frustration Pt 1

A/N after being encouraged by the wonderful  @ladymatt to write another follow up and then giving me a great prompt as well i came up with this. Please feel free to let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy it definately 18 plus on this one.people.

Magnus stirred, stretching his arms above his head, eyes still closed. He smiled when he felt a familiar touch on his chest. Then before he can get his eyes open, warm lips join his own.

A few perfect minutes later, he slowly raises his eyelids, looking directly into the big hazel eyes of Alec.

“That has to be the best way ever to wake up. Good morning, beautiful boy.” He purred. His hand going to cup Alec’ cheek.

“I know a better way still” Alec whispered, and moved his body to rest directly on Magnus.

He attacked his mouth once more, the kiss leaving no doubt as to his intentions. Magnus wrapped his arms around his back, slowly moving them up and down the soft skin, feeling the strong muscle beneath.

“alexander, have you forgotten something?” he asked him, between kisses.

“nope, nothing” He’d worked his way down Magnus’ jaw to the spot below his ear he knew drove him crazy. When he reached it Magnus took in a sharp breath.

“So no memory of last night or yesterday?” Alec stilled where he was nuzzling his neck and with a groan, rolled off him, an arm covering his face.

“Boy, you sure know how to kill the mood” he said.

“I actually think your mother has that market covered. We should keep our hands to ourselves, it’s just for one more day, she’ll be going tonight.”

Alec cringed inwardly just thinking about his mother catching them red handed and red faced yesterday. What was worse was thinking about last night and the show Maryse had put on after having one too many of Magnus’ cocktails. Wait till he told Izzy about that.

He needed a distraction from his thoughts and there was only one thing he knew that would do it. He rolled back over towards Magnus, holding his face in one hand, kissing him once more. Magnus could feel himself drifting off with his own desires but the thought of Maryse Lightwood walking in on them again was too hard to ignore. He put a hand on Alec’ chest and pulled away, Alec’ mouth chasing his. But he laid  finger softly over his lips full and pink from their kisses.

“No, my darling, you have to wait till tonight. Your mother has already seen way too much of me as it is. I’m not risking a repeat performance” Magnus rolled to the side of the bed, swung his legs out and stood up. He heard Alec making disappointed noises behind him.

“she’s right about one thing. You do have a nice  butt” He said, leaning on his elbow smiling back at him.

Magnus felt his lips curve but he wasn’t giving him the satisfaction in knowing it. Instead, he turned to give him a frown.

“Behave yourself, Alexander. Surely you can manage that for one day?”

Alec growled and turned his face into the pillow, biting it. Magnus grabbed various items of clothing from his massive walk in robe and headed for the bathroom. He had just entered the doorway when he turned back to see Alec starting to follow him in.

“No, Alec, not going to happen. Behave yourself and get dressed” and he shut the door, the last thing he saw was his boyfriend making sad puppy dog eyes at him.

By the time Magnus had made it out to the kitchen, Alec had made the coffee and was toasting bagels. Maryse wasn’t there yet but he could hear her in the main bathroom.

Alec handed him a cup as he stood at the counter, buttering his breakfast. Alec took a furtive glance out into the living room to see if his mother was coming and seeing the room was empty, he put down his own cup and walked up behind Magnus, wrapping his arms around to circle his waist and nuzzling his neck. He took in deep lung fulls of the warlock’s exotic scent and pulled him back against his body. Magnus close his eyes, leaning his head back against his chest, a soft hum escaping him. He reached up behind him, finding Alec’ soft dark hair and tangled his finger in it, lost for the moment in the feeling of Alec’ touch. A door closing, however, brought him back to his senses with a start.

“Alexander, no” he said softly, trying to release himself from his arms. Alec had other ideas however. Magnus had just picked up his coffee mug when he felt a hand cupping the front of his trousers, squeezing gently.

“ You smell so good, I want to lick every inch of you” a breathy whisper filled his ear. Magnus gave a gasp and then a moan, feeling the crotch of his trousers getting tighter by the minute and from the firm bulge nudging him from behind Alec was similarly effected. All of a sudden, the sound of high heels on floorboards signalled Maryse’s arrival. He startled, the coffee mug and its contents falling to the floor with a loud crash. Maryse came to the door way.

“Oh, is everything alright? Here, I’ll help you clean that up” she said and went to bend over to start picking up the shattered remains of the cup but she only got half way before she winced, her fingers going to her temples. Someone had a hangover this morning.

“It‘s fine, Maryse. I can have it done in a second, are you feeling alright?” Magnus asked her, knowing full well she wasn’t.

“I seem to have a bit of a headache, this morning. I think those cocktails of yours might have been a bit strong.” Magnus had the terrible feeling that he was going to laugh but managed to keep it to himself. He clicked his fingers, bringing up the blue flame and after waving it over the mess on the floor, he send drifts of magic in Maryse’s direction. He saw her face brighten as the headache disappeared.

“thank you Magnus, that’s much better. Now, Alec, can you get me a coffee please?” Alec had been standing behind Magnus, trying to hide his tented jeans. He was just wondering how he was going to give his mother the coffee without embarrassing himself when he heard Magnus click his fingers once more, producing a fresh cup of hot coffee. Maryse stepped forward, taking it from him with a smile. She walked out of the kitchen towards the living room.

Magnus felt Alec’ body relax behind him and he turned to face him.

“Now do you see why I said you had to behave?” he said softly, so they wouldn’t be overheard. He looked down to the front of Alec’ jeans and smiled.

“try thinking about something else, or you’re never going to get out of here” He smirked up at him.

“Like what?”

“how about Penelope?” Magnus said, cheekily.

“ ha ha very funny. Why aren’t you the same?” Alec asked.

“who says I’m not Alexander” and he adjusted the front of his trousers.” but I was smart enough to wear a loose shirt” He gave a playful slap on his chest, and walked off.


What I read in July 2017.

July was a big reading month for me. I read so much, and it was great. I also read Wires and Nerve Volume 1 and Heartless by Marissa Meyer, and Keeping the Castle by Patrice Kindl (not pictured here). 

Reviews: Wires and Nerve, Volume 1 by Marissa Meyer, Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh, The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon, and Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

Currently reading: Lord of Shadows and Summer Days and Summer Nights

First ref sheet for the AU yay~

My hand is dead right now, so this is all I’ll be able to do today xD

It was a ride because since I didn’t know how to draw dogs (at least a semi realistic dog), I had to begin with that. Then I had to learn how to draw the skeleton of a dog and THEN the blaster form. Finally I had to decide what clothes they should wear, but it was surprisingly the easiest part. The clothes will be clearer when I do the ref for their other form, but welp at least they can be seen here more or less. 

(As always, TrioBlasterSets AU by @antarestyl ad @namekian-maoh <3)

The Joker x Reader - “The Wedding Ring”

Your husband’s untimely death left you broken to pieces and incapable of opening your heart to anybody else. That’s why your father can’t understand how The Joker got under your skin since he believes The King of Gotham is the last person worthy of your affection. And you finally ask yourself the same thing because J really crossed the line: he got rid of your wedding ring, the only token of your lost love you swore you won’t part with.

Today 10:35am

“Stop yelling at me!” you frown and The Joker gets in your face, enraged.

“Why are you still wearing the wedding ring, hm? Your husband is dead!” J keeps on going, pissed one of his deals went up in flames and he is taking it out on you. You’ve been fighting for the last twenty minutes: both fired up, shouting mean things back and forth.

You take a deep breath, biting on your cheek.

“Shut up…” you mumble, upset his insensitivity is hurting so much.

“He’s been fucking dead for years!” J continues, ignoring your request and shoves you against the rail of the balcony. “Take it off !!!” he commands, forcefully grabbing your hand and trying to get to your ring.

You push him away, attempting to run but he grabs your waist, slamming you on the couch and gets on top of you while you struggle to flee.

“What are you doing? Let go !” you wiggle under his weight and whimper when one of his knees firmly get in between your legs, making it impossible to get up. “Stop it !” you pull on his jacket, screaming when he pins your hands above your head, slowly sliding your wedding ring off your finger.

“Piece of shit trinket !” The Joker huffs, so mad he can’t even think at this point; the fact that you are fighting back doesn’t help. “You can’t keep this! I’m sick of seeing it all the time!” he shouts in your ear and you try to bite him. “Feisty, aren’t we?” he growls and pushes himself more into you, leaving you breathless for a few seconds. J takes advantage of your lowered resistance and snatches the treasure, getting up in a hurry.

“Please don’t take my ring !” you beg, starting to cry when he glares at you with madness in his eyes. “Please give it back,” the sorrowful plea just brings a huge grin on his face. You get off the couch too, walking towards him with shaky legs, terrified of what he might do.

“You want it back?” he pants, grinding his teeth.

You nod a yes, watching in horror when J suddenly turns towards the city, throwing the wedding ring off the balcony as far as he can.

“You can’t have it back!”

You gasp, unable to move.

“My…my ring…” you mutter, shocked. “Why did you do that for?…” you gulp and more tears roll down your cheeks even if you can’t cry at this point.

The Joker doesn’t answer; he enjoys his little triumph but the demented smile freezes on his lips when he sees the look in your eyes.

“Why did you do that for?…” you repeat, sniffling, completely at a lack of words. You stare at each other for a few seconds before you turn around and leave.

He doesn’t stop you.


1 month ago

“Just look at his mug!” your father points at the laptop screen, bothered by your persistence in dating The Clown Prince of Crime.  “He looks completely gone with the wind!” your dad concludes, logged into the FBI Most Wanted website. That’s how he likes to refer to J’s amazing personality: either “gone with the wind” or “not all at home”.

You sigh, underlining the obvious:

“Dad, your picture is right next to his…”

“So?! That doesn’t count!! I’m your father!” Jase fumes, irritated.

Known as The Godfather, the mobster is the leader of New York and Chicago gangs. He visits Gotham very often with business and will stay at the penthouse for a few days (at your insistence, of course).  You’ve been with The Joker for about a year and Jase’s opinion is unchanged: he doesn’t like your boyfriend and the feeling is reciprocal. But they have black market deals to honor so here you are: déjà vu situation and nothing to do but try to avoid conflict.

“Hello Padre,” J walks in the living room, home at last after being away all day. You father hates the nickname given by the blue eyed pest so he mutters through his clenched jaw:

“Clown,” comes out instead of a formal acknowledgement.

“I’m glad you made it safe and sound Padre,” he smirks and rushes to kiss you, just to piss off your parent, aware there is nothing he can do about it. J purrs, holding your waist with one hand and groping your butt with the other while you pinch his arm, breaking the kiss.

“Seriously baby…” you whisper and Jase rolls his eyes, scoffing.

He can’t stand The Joker and that feeling of wanting to blow his brains out is becoming unbearable.

Your dad noticed something was going on at a meeting where The Joker said something random and you were the only one that laughed like crazy.

“So flippin’ funny,” you kept on cracking up in the background and J was surprised someone got the reference to that obscure movie he was sure nobody saw. He didn’t tell it as a joke but you got the pun regardless. A lot of people talking in the same time and yet he still heard you talking to yourself, giggling from time to time:

“Hehehe, that was hilarious !” When you finally looked up from your cellphone and decided to pay attention to the negotiations, you noticed he was gazing your way. You bit on your lower lip when J discretely winked and it meant he wanted you to wait after the gathering was done. You’ve been secretly seeing him for a couple of months, you father didn’t know at that point.

The meeting ended and your dad was waiting in the limo, not understanding why you stayed behind. Jase went back inside the hideout and almost had a stroke at the young age of 63 when he discovered the two of you making out behind some ammo boxes. He wished to drag you out of there, but you were a grown woman, not a little girl anymore and he had no say in your choice. Even if your choice was the dammed green haired Clown he could never tolerate.

His heart ached at the thought that The Joker got under your skin, completely clueless on how to handle a relationship, especially after he was the first one you showed real interest in since your husband’s death. The King of New York and Chicago was respected and feared, yet nothing scared him more than his only child being hurt again after she’s been through hell.

You married Nate when you were both 22; your father liked him so much he was planning to make the young man a full partner and leader over the south-west branch in Chicago. After celebrating one year of marriage, a routine health checkup revealed he had a quite advanced stage of leukemia. Nothing was spared in order to make him better, but despite all the efforts, the disease progressed alarmingly fast and he died within a few months.

At 24 you were already a widow, broken and lost without the soulmate you didn’t spend more than a day apart from before. You grew up together and always knew he was the one; and now Nate was gone forever. Jase watched you wither and fade under the tremendous grief of your loss, incapable of helping a daughter that seemed to die a little bit more inside with each passing week.

And nevertheless, here you are, offering whatever is left of your affection to a person that doesn’t deserve it. Why do you even like The Joker? He’s so different than Nate, can’t even compare the two of them. Your father can’t understand and it irks him to see your feelings wasted in such a hasty manner.  

“Say Padre,” J lets you go and your parent’s murderous intent intensifies, “my Queen won’t be home tonight and I can’t sleep without her. If you have insomnia, I’ll keep you company,” that eerie grin makes Jase snort.

“I think I’m good, Clown. I’m tired enough to sleep through the night,” the proposal is elegantly rejected. Your father truly has class.

Can’t sleep without her; what a bunch of crap! your dad thinks, wanting to punch J’s lights out.

Unfortunately, insomnia sneaks up on him and there he is, still awake at 1 in the morning. Maybe some cold water will help. As soon as Jase takes the corner towards the kitchen, he sees The Joker on the couch in the living room, rubbing his eyes and watching TV.

3:11am and still awake, tossing and turning. Another trip to the kitchen. The Joker is still surfing the channels.

Interesting, The Godfather puckers his lips, intrigued.

4:27am  Ughh, insomnia sucks ! Another trip to get tea and J is there, waiting for you, not being able to doze off.

5:32am   This time, Jase waits on purpose and checks on your boyfriend. He’s awake.

6:42am   Your father peaks his head from behind the wall and realizes you’re on the couch with The Joker, sleeping in his arms. It seems he’s squeezing the life out of you and you wince, uncomfortable, trying to move a bit.

“No…no…” he mumbles and nozzles in your hair, clenching to you like it’s the last thing he’ll ever do.

Would you look at that, the mobster scoffs, this pretentious jerk might have something going for himself.

The next day J leaves first, wanting to organize some things at the main hideout and you and your father will soon follow for an important meeting involving money laundering.

“You want coffee daddy?” you smile, opening the cupboard on top of the sink. ”I have your favorite: raspberry flavored.”

Jase is 63, but his heart still trembles when you call him daddy; reminds him of the good old days.

“Sure, kiddo. Hey, are you ok?” he asks while you cough, then start wheezing.

“Yeah, don’t worry, I’m fine; just my asthma,” you get an inhaler out of a drawer next to the stove and inhale two puffs, calming down.

“I’m glad you keep those in handy,” the relived parent sighs.

“Oh, you have no idea, dad ! J has them stashed all over the place. I mean, I told him it’s not a big deal and it only hits at certain moments, but he freaked out. He makes all of our men carry mini-inhalers in their pockets, this way I don’t have to; it’s kind of embarrassing actually. And he ordered everyone to have at least two inhalers in each car!”

Bullshit, Jase reckons in his mind, passing his fingers through his perfectly styled grey hair.

“Where are you going, daddy?“ you inquire, confused. “Coffee is almost done,” 

“I forgot something in my car, Y/N. I’ll be back in a sec.”

Your father takes the elevator to the underground parking that shelters about 50 cars for the moment. He begins to open random ones and yeap: not a single glove compartment is missing inhalers.

I’ll be damned, he squints his eyes, heading towards a large group of henchmen waiting to depart when you’re ready.

“Sir!” they all strengthen their backs, saluting the honored leader.

“My daughter needs an inhaler,” he tests the waters and sure enough everyone is digging in their pockets, taking out the required item.

“Here you go, sir!”

“Want us to take one to her?” several want to know, ready to fulfill the request.

“Nope, I’ll take it,” he grabs a random inhaler from somebody and places it in his jacket.

Hm, the insolent asshole may have something going for himself, Jase concludes, annoyed.

Later in the evening, your dad enters the laundry room at the penthouse, searching for one of his guns: he’s backtracking on his steps, can’t remember where he left it.

You let out a scream and Jase gets out in a hurry, closing the door behind:

“I didn’t see anything!”

The Joker has you naked on the washing machine and he’s only wearing a purple, unbuttoned shirt.

“Oh my God, I thought you locked the door!” you scold him, traumatized your father walked on the two of you in such a compromising situation.

J laughs, keeping your legs around his waist.

“Oops, I guess I didn’t. I was too horny to care,” and he kisses you again like nothing happened.

“Get off me!” you push him away and hop off the washing machine, upset. “So fucking embarrassing…” you mumble and yank his shirt, covering yourself with it.

“Hey, where are you going?!” he flares his arms around when you storm out, slamming the door. “Great !” The Joker grumbles, looking around for something to wear but there’s nothing: everything is in the washing machine, except his shirt…which you took. “This will do,” he concludes, unfolding some paper towels and wrapping a layer around his mid-section.

“Hey Pumpkin!” J shouts when he finally emerges from the laundry room. You already have a pair of jeans and a t-shirt on, jiggling the car keys in one hand. “What’s going on?”

“You !!!!!!” he gets shout at. “Learn how to lock a door when we have guests!!!”


“And you !!!!!!” the anger turns towards your dad that nonchalantly pretends to read the newspaper. “Learn how to knock!!”

“It’s the laundry room, kiddo,” he has the nerve to reply.

“I don’t care, dad !!!!!!!” you raise your voice more, stomping towards the stairs since you don’t have the patience to wait for the elevator.

“Such a temper!” your boyfriend growls, pissed, standing in the middle of the living room with a flimsy paper attire.

“Her mom was like that…” Jase comments under his breath.

“You don’t say Padre ! Care to expand on the subject?” The Joker wants to find out the gossip because your dad never makes personal remarks.

“No,” the super short answer doesn’t discourage The King of Gotham.

“I have a bottle of 30 years old whiskey in my office. I’ll share if you share,” the bribing kicks in, J being aware how much your dad likes fine quality scotch.

Jase takes a deep breath, contemplating the offer for once.

“Put some clothes on Clown and I’ll think about it.”

– Your father returns to the penthouse around 10pm. After kind of - sort of chitchatting with The Joker for a while, he had to leave for some of his own business that required immediate attention.

The mobster heads towards his bedroom, but the music coming from the living room makes him turn around so he can take a look. He quietly watches in the shadows while you slowly dance with The Joker. You seem grouchy (probably still mad from the earlier incident) and he’s whispering something in your ear that makes you smile wider and wider.

“Really?” you chuckle and J wickedly smirks.

“I swear on my honor!”

“That’s not good then,” you burry your face in his neck, laughing and he spanks you, aggravated.

“Cut it out, woman!”

Jase feels bad about spying and goes to take a shower. He decides that if you are still there when he comes out, he will ask what he wanted to ask since his arrival: your dad wants you back to New York for a while.

His daughter is still there after he’s done, but he can’t interrupt. You are sitting on your favorite recliner and The Joker is on the floor, comfortable on pillows, trapped between your legs. You two are watching a movie and you play with his hair, caressing it, combing it and even braid a few strands that you undo when you’re done. J purrs, enjoying being spoiled and you massage his shoulders too. From time to time he takes your hands and kisses them, resting his head on your knees.

Would you look at that, Jase thinks, the arrogant prick might have something going for himself.


Today 11:30pm

Your father was wrong: The Joker doesn’t have anything going for himself ; he never did and never will. The Prince of Crime brings only misery and suffering to those around him. No redeeming qualities, no remorse to show for his despicable actions.

J enters the house you own about 40 miles away from Gotham, wanting to continue the fight from earlier this morning. He has the key and once inside he’s being loud on purpose; surprisingly, you didn’t show up to confront him yet.

“Y/N, where are you?!”

He stumbles on something in the darkness and the glass rolls over, clattering when it hits the marble coffee table. J turns on the lamp besides him and he sees you on the floor in your bath robe, fast asleep with two empty wine bottles by you, the third one unopened. There are pictures with you and Nate scattered all around your body and your boyfriend is not pleased to notice that you ripped a few photos that you two have together. He shivers, getting goose bumps: it’s very cold inside because you got drunk and cried yourself to sleep before closing the sliding door leading to the patio.

The Joker kneels by you, touching your fingers: you’re frozen and don’t even know it. He doesn’t really want to, but he lifts you up, planning to take you to one of the bedrooms upstairs when the black TV screen with only one red word in the middle: “Replay?” gets his attention.

What were you watching?

The remote is on the couch and he takes a sit, still holding you in his arms and presses play”.

“Me and my lovely wife took refuge under this table,” Nate shows up on the big screen with a very young bride by his side.

“So many people, we need a break,” you sneaker and adjust your white veil. Nate is holding the camera, pecking your temple as soon as you’re done.

The Joker glares at the TV with his mouth opened: he had no idea you had this in your possession.

“This is for our future children,” the groom winks and you elbow him. “They need to see how beautiful their mom is on her wedding day. I mean, look at her: have you ever seen a more gorgeous creature?”

You blush and turn his face towards you, softly kissing him:

“You always say the sweetest stuff…”

“And I mean it,” he kisses you one more time. “I loved your mother since I was 7: I pulled on her ponytail and she hit me in the face with her lunch box. Perfect display of affection, right honey?”
“ Yes,” you laugh, being so happy you can’t stay still.

“This is the perfect opportunity for me to have your mom promise something to me. If I have it on camera, she can’t take it back.”

You look at him, wondering what he’s playing at. The groom becomes serious:

“Y/N, I want you to promise me you’ll never take your ring off.”
“I don’t plan to,” you interrupt but Nate continues.

“I want you to promise me anyway. You know why?”
You nod a no, nervously tracing his tie.

“Because I’m lucky I got an angel to marry me and the world needs to see she’s mine.”

You gasp, your eyes getting teary.

“You say such sweet things…” it’s all you can mumble, emotional at his confession.

“I mean every single one, but you still have to promise.”

“I promise,” you sniffle and he kisses you again.

“Awesome,” your husband smiles. “Now we can live until we’re 85 like we planned and then we can take our relationship to the next level.”

“You’re so funny,” you laugh again, wiping your eyes.

“Where are those kids?” you father’s voice is heard in the background and you shush each other.

“Hahaha, he’s looking for us,” you cover your mouth, accomplice with the handsome groom.

“I guess we have to go,” Nate smacks his lips. “Another kiss for the camera,” he leans over and you are more than excited to fulfill his wish.

The screen goes black, the word  ”Replay?” standing out once more.

It takes a few good moments for J to recollect but he finally gets up and the sudden movement wakes you up a little bit.

“Nate,” you groan in pain, “did you come for me?”

“U-hum,” J answers for some reason.

“I waited for years…why are you so late?” the slurry speech makes it hard for The Joker to understand the question but he can still make out what you’re saying.

“I’ve been busy…” he lifts you higher in his arms, careful not to trip on the stairs.

“I’ve missed you so much,” you whimper and cling to his coat, comforted by his warmth.

J is silent and steps inside the first bedroom to his left, carefully laying you in bed.

“Don’t leave…” you implore when he tries to go.

The Joker feels so strange; not sure what to do but he lays by you and your arms go around his neck, tightly holding him.

“My ring is gone…” you breathe on his neck, heartbroken. “I hate him…”

“Don’t hate him…everybody else does…” J exhales, starting to move his fingers up and down your thighs.

“I hope he burns in hell,” you search for his lips in the darkness and kiss him, believing it’s Nate. You taste like wine and he savors the flavor.

“He already is and has been for a long time…” the response makes you snuggle to his chest.

“That’s good…”

“U-hum,” J pecks your forehead and you relax, falling asleep.


“What are you doing here?!” J hears and scoots over towards you while you back out, having such a migraine from the hangover. You barely opened your eyes and him being there makes you mad.

“Don’t do that to our pictures; it’s rude,” he furrows his inexistent eyebrows and places the photos on your pillow. He spent the morning scotch taping the images you torn apart last night.

“You took my ring,” your voice breaks and he takes your hand while you punch his shoulder, wanting to elude his grasp. “Go away! I hate you!”

“Stop it!!” The Joker threatens and slides the wedding ring on your finger.

You stare at it, stunned.

“M-my ring… You found it?!”

“I didn’t. I had it the whole time. I tossed one of my rings off the balcony, not yours,” he admits, not liking the vulnerability of his actions.  “You’re my woman, nobody else’s,” the unexpected disclosure makes you get on your elbow, straining to focus since the terrible headache makes everything spin. “How can I compete with a dead guy, hm?”

It’s so weird and unsettling to hear that coming from him, almost nerve wrecking.

A broken King with a broken Queen.

And nothing to hold the pieces together.

You slide towards him, hesitant.

“After…after my husband died, it took three years for me to go on a date. Things progressively improved a bit, but not too much. Before Nate passed, he was the only man in my life,” and you stop, uncomfortable sharing such intimate details. But you want The Joker to know:

“Every time I kissed someone, it felt like cheating. I only had 4 boyfriends in the last 10 years and every time I slept with them, I felt so guilty afterwards. I can’t explain that dreadful feeling, but it was horrible,” you study his reaction but there’s none. The blue eyes got darker though. “The point is, baby…” and his heart beats faster when you call him that,”… it doesn’t feel like cheating when I’m with you. I don’t feel guilty after we have sex. Do you know how good it is to be able to enjoy my boyfriend without that burden?… I only…”

You don’t get to finish because J cuts you off:

“Sooo, basically what you’re trying to say is that I’m a stud and a very satisfying lover.”


“Jesus, Princess, you don’t have to go through so many loops and chew my ears out with fancy talk just to say you want to have more sex; it’s obvious,” the smug grin returns on his face. “I get it: you were deprived of fun stuff for a long time and then I showed up, willing to take on the challenge. But you know, for having a handful of boyfriends, you sure seem experienced enough. Which arises the question: are you lying to me?” and he rambles on and on until you smile, aware of his strategy.

He has more wisdom and self-praise coming your way and doesn’t give up until you laugh with all your heart listening to such aberrations. At one point you find yourself in his arms, smitten with all that nonsense that keeps on coming out of his mouth.

Just a broken Queen and her broken King.

And maybe something to hold a few pieces together.

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‘anything you want’ (bellamy blake au, part ii)


Prompt: You and Bellamy hooked up while you were O’s roommate in college. He disappeared the next day. It’s now five years later and you hadn’t spoken to him since, but you’d be forced to today. Lincoln proposed to Octavia last year, and it was now time for the wedding festivities and last minute planning to begin. You were Octavia’s Maid of Honor and Bellamy was Lincoln’s Best Man. You’d managed to avoid him for the most part, but you couldn’t do so anymore. You had to face him. You’d dated others and did your best to forget Bellamy, but a heartache like that sticks with you. And to make things a thousand times better, Octavia still doesn’t know you and her brother hooked up. Well, here goes nothing.

Pairing: Lincoln x Octavia, the gang

Warnings: language probably, slight angst

A/N: there will be another part! xoxoxox thank u all for patiently waiting for this! i love bellamy and i promise this will be more upbeat and i will include more of the gang in the next part! <3 (GIFS NOT MINE)

“O,” you groan as Octavia pulls you in the door and drags you through the foyer. “I swear, if I didn’t love you I wouldn’t come to your wedding, let alone be your maid of honor.”

“But you do love me and you are my best friend and you’ve done nothing but plan my wedding for the past year, so–”

“Well I’ve also been working full-time and taking night classes, but–”

“You know what I mean! You’ve worked your ass off for my wedding, and I won’t have you miss it because of some feud with my brother,” she walks you to the parlour and sighs as you stop and pull your hand away from hers only to cross your arms over your chest. “Babe come on, I promise I’ll do my best to keep you and Bellamy as far away from each other as possible.”

“O, he’s a part of the wedding, there’s nothing you can do to guarantee I won’t see him,” you sigh and uncross your arms, giving your best friend a soft smile. “It’ll be–oof!”

“Watch it,” you hear that gruff voice that you’ve learned to hate as Bellamy rams into you, walking away unapologetically.

“Excuse me? That was your fault, you stupid piece of–”

“Okay, guys come on,” Octavia chuckles nervously and Lincoln walks over, trying his best to get in between you and Bellamy.

“My fault? Maybe if you weren’t standing in my way, I wouldn’t have bumped into your fat ass,” Bellamy scoffs as everyone around you grows silent, waiting for you to respond.

“Listen, baby, I know you’ve missed my fat ass, but if you keep bumping into me I will kick your skinny ass,” you glare and walk past him, nudging his shoulder as you make your way to the group in the parlour.

“Ow owwww,” Murphy whoops and high fives you as you sit between him and Raven. “Epic.”  

“I really don’t want this wedding to be a disaster, but come on,” Raven laughs and rests her head on your shoulder. “It’ll be hard to keep this wedding from going up in flames when Bellamy’s the best man and you’re the maid of honor. If I ever get married, please promise you won’t let me make the same mistake.” You laugh and kiss the top of your head, slightly terrified of the next few weeks.

“Hey, I’m good,” you hold your hands up in surrender as Clarke walks over and hands you a drink.

“Come on, you two got into an argument like thirty seconds after you walked in through the front door. Are we sure this isn’t just some sexual tension we’ve got going on? Maybe you two need to y’know,” Clarke wiggles her eyebrows and smirks, Bellamy having gotten that last part of her interrogation.

“Please, Bellamy and I will sleep together when hell freezes over, Griffin,” you grit out and down the entirety of your drink before leaning back and staring at the ceiling. “Is there any way I can be maid of honor without doing any more of the work?”

“As if,” Octavia plops down on the couch across from yours, resting her head on Lincoln’s chest. “Babe you and Bellamy have to get along in order for this to work. I mean if you snap at each other over small things like that-” she makes a gesture to remind you of your earlier dispute “then how are you going to agree on when to hold the bridal showers, the bachelor/bachelorette parties, anything?”

“I’ve worked my ass off this past year, O. You know you and Lincoln mean more to me than anything. Do you really have such little faith in me?”

“Of course we do,” Bellamy scoffs, leaning against the kitchen counter like he had that same day, years ago. “That’s why I’m here,” he smirks and makes his way over to Lincoln and Octavia. “I’m here to help clean up all your messes, your mistakes. You’ve been working your ass off this year? So have I. I double and triple check everything you do because we all know how terrible your judgement is. I’m here to continue doing that. After all, we do expect you to make at least 10 mistakes before we even get started on anything.”

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Bellamy smiles at you, the silence growing as he finishes his little monologue. You’d be lying if you said his words didn’t completely dagger your soul, the only feeling worse being the fact that Octavia and Lincoln didn’t say anything. You clench your jaw and stand, making your way over to Bellamy with a tight-lipped, candy sweet smile on your face. You stop less than a foot away from him, raising your hand to cup his face and for a moment, his face falters and you revel at the fact. You lean over and brush your lips against his earlobes, whispering (lying) that your only lapse of judgement was when you slept with him. You pull back and smile when you see the torn look in his eyes and his clenched jaw, trying your best to keep your beating heart at bay, trying your best not to cheer him up. Your friends watch you two in awe and you turn to them, smiling.

“So, what’s on the schedule for today?”

Bite Me

SNS Summer Week Day 1 ( Teeth) 

Author:  (Ao3 )

Paring: Sasuke x Naruto

Rating: Explicit 

The first time it happens, they’re in the midst of a heated tickle fight, Naruto pinned under Sasuke as the former thrashes around trying to free himself from his boyfriend’s merciless fingers.

In an attempt to escape, Naruto jerks forward and bites into an offending arm that Sasuke is using to hold him down as his other arm roams across Naruto’s stomach and thighs, wiggling fingers looking for the most sensitive spots to attack.

It isn’t a particularly hard bite, doesn’t really hurt, but it catches Sasuke off guard, allowing Naruto the time he needs to roll off the bed and assume a defensive stance a few feet away.  

“Hah! Bastard!” Naruto’s waiting for Sasuke to leap up and come after him, but his boyfriend is still sitting on the bed, staring at his own arm.

It wasn’t pain that caught Sasuke off guard, nor was he particularly surprised at being bitten, but what was entirely unexpected was the wave of arousal that rolled through his body. Watching Naruto’s bright white teeth sinking into Sasuke’s own fair skin, feeling the pressure on his flesh as it’s being indented, pointy canines pressing in harder than the rest of the teeth, slightly painful but fully arousing.

He stares at the reddening marks on his arm now, the light indentations by the teeth quickly disappearing. He runs his fingers softly over them, wishing the marks would stay.

Wait what the hell.  

Suddenly Naruto’s sitting in front of him, holding Sasuke’s arm and observing the bite mark he’s made.

“What’s wrong. Does it hurt?”

Sasuke doesn’t know what’s wrong. Too embarrassed and confused by his own thoughts, he jerks his arm away.

“You bit me, idiot.” He can feel his face and neck burning. You bit me and it turned me on. He’s only been dating Naruto for a month now, still getting used to their relationship, the transition from just best friends to best friends as well as boyfriends. Though, in all honestly, he’s probably always loved the blond more than platonically.

“You started it!”

“Yeah? I’m gonna end it now too.” He lunges towards Naruto, ready to effectively tickle the life out of the other boy but misses as Naruto shoots up and bolts out of the room, laughing hysterically.

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Day 18 - Drunk

Finally I finish this <3 Felys’ story has basically 0 romance in it (at least the part I plan to draw), but it was really fun to do nonetheless.

I was very insecure about how Grillby would react, so I went for the one I found the funniest, that “Crash” is from the glass he was cleaning.

Fellby by @antarestyl and @namekian-maoh !

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