keep tweeting the tweets are nice

before the finale airs on wednesday, i feel like this needs to be said: there is a difference between harassing rcg and voicing genuine concern

if nothing happens with macdennis, it is NOT okay to tweet them shit like “MACDENNIS IS REAL” “IM NEVER WATCHING SUNNY AGAIN YOU KILLED MY SHIP”……. please do not do that

however, always sunny does not exist in a vacuum. the show is watched by a diverse group of people and the possibility of someone finding it offensive or hurtful is very real. and the creators should not be closed off to that kind of criticism.

if you think something in the show was done incorrectly, there is a nice way to voice your concern. rcg have made it clear that they aim, as creators, not to be insensitive. send them a rational tweet explaining why you were offended. write a review. don’t harass them. save those kind of posts for tumblr.

especially after last night, we need to be mindful of what we’re saying directly to the creators - just keep in mind that that does NOT mean to stop tweeting them entirely. imagine if no one had complained about mac going back in the closet last season. there is a right way to go about this. that is all.

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Hulu and Netflix both have Tumblr accounts! Do you guys think it would be worth messaging or submitting asks to the accounts asking that they pick up Pitch?

Absolutely!!! Have at it Pitches!!!

@hulu @netflix please come thruuuuu

Midsummer Night's Dream Characters Represented by @dril Tweets
  • Helena: i help every body, im not racist, i keep myself nice, and when i ask for a single re-tweet in return i am told to fuck off, fuck myself, etc
  • Hermia: my followeres, who all hate me, and wish to kick my ass, are nobodys, and they lack the combat training to injure me, because theyre infant
  • Lysander: ive heard from a reliable source that people arre putting their lips on to my girl friends avatars and going "muah muah muah." cut it out
  • Demetrius: bbeing passively aggressively retweet trolled by half wits & their beautiful girl friends just makesme say "Not before ive had damn coffee."
  • Titania: i enjoy a bit of "Humour" every now and then, but people seriously need to sotp tying me to a chair and injecting me with unknown substances
  • Duke Theseus: me and SnakeMom1956 are in love and we are laughing at all of th e people who think that our flintstones themed wedding is a sham
  • Hippolyta: 12 year slave huh? sounds like my marriage. which I dont enjoy. to the degree that it is succinctly described by that particular movie title
  • Egeus: If U Ever Contact My Daughetr Again I Will Call My Lawyer And We'll Kick Your Tiny Weird Shaped Head Around The Court Room
  • Oberon: someone please get me in touch with the little boy who died & went to heaven. i want to astral project him into my ex-wifes castle for intel
  • Puck: if it werent for the sport of hockey, nobody would give a shit about pucks
  • Titania's fairies: my repulsive cohorts and I are searching the woods for tree sap so we can rub it all over our hands and improve our golf grip
  • Bottom: months ago i dreamt about people making their ass cracks longer with surgery. i woke up & immediately put "Crack length" in my drafts folder
  • Peter Quince: #TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter im going to piss all over your car. for being a Writer.
  • Starveling: "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's amore" nope. not true "When the world seems to shine like you'v" thats bullshit too
  • Snout: 1989: the fall of the berlin wall is celebrated, historically revered 2016: i tear down the sneeze guard at old country buffet and get Booed
  • Snug: half wit bumpkin here, looking for new snacks
Divulge // Grayson

Summary: Grayson and you are secretly dating and decide to announce it in the latest video but how will your protective older brother, Jc Caylen react to the news?

Characters: Grayson Dolan x Caylen!Reader, Ethan Dolan, Jc Caylen, and Kian Lawley.

Words: 3385

Disclaimer: I do not own any images used, songs or YouTube.

Warnings: Swearing, fluff and angry Jc Caylen

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: At the end.

A/N: This is a long ass one but I hope whoever requested this really enjoys and apparently the fics aren’t showing up in tags. I apologize for that.

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It was hard to date someone well-known on YouTube; you were doing so secretly for both your safety and not wanting to hurt his fans. Grayson was always going on about how they would be happy for him being in a relationship with someone that respects his dedication to his fans. It caused a rift between you guys until he finally saw how passionate you were to being kind to his fans given that you were a fan too. Ethan was one hundred percent standing behind your relationship especially since he shipped your relationship from the beginning.

“Do you want pancakes?” Grayson asked from beside you on the couch. You lived in LA like him but you didn’t live with him even though you were over a lot.

You lived close by them with your older brother and his roommate, having moved roughly around the same time as the twins. Your brother and his friend had a YouTube together with a following that came mainly from their time in O2L before they broke up. Jc Caylen was your brother and Kian Lawley had grown to be your older brother too.

“No.” You wrinkled your nose. Both Ethan and Grey were confused as you shared a love of pancakes like them.

“You love pancakes.” Ethan said staring at you.

“Not since Jc pranked me. He wiped off my whip cream and managed to trick me into believing that it was whip cream but it was toothpaste.”

Both Ethan and Grey blinked before laughing in sync imaging the sheer disgust you would have displayed. They were right because you had viciously smacked your brother once you got the awful taste out of your mouth. Jc was brilliant and hilarious pretty much everyday since you could remember.

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heyy I love your fics! I also wanted to ask what you think will happen in the leah book? personally i'm really hoping that she and abbey will get together because becky said it was a relationship 'the fans wanted' or something along those lines, or do you think that's completely unrealistic? again, well done on your fics they're seriously all adorable!

Hi!! Thank you so much omg! 

Leah book! Let’s start out with what we know so far (from twitter stalking):

  • Leah is the MC. She’s Bi. She has known since she was 11. 
  • Leah is a Slytherin. (I don’t know if this is relevant, but it goes on the list)
  • The book takes place in Senior Year and is a sequel to Simon.
  • Prom is going to be a thing. there are going to be promposals. Becky was told she had to “scale back the Simon and Bram promposal”. aka, my heart. 
  • Leah’s father disappeared with a 19 year old hottie, he could be a plot point (in Simon vs.)
  • there’s a kissing scene that someone (who i would assume to be Leah) says “Holy Shit, I’m so Happy.” - at least it sounds like a Leah thing to say. 
  • actual tweet: “draft 1 of the Leah book is basically 40k words of Simon Spier getting trolled by Leah, Abby, and Blue.”
  • Nick is a hot mess in this book.
  • It doesn’t look like Simon and Bram will break up in the book. tweet: “…you’ll see more of them being happy together in my third book!” 
  • Garrett will have a bigger role in Leah’s book, but she says not to get too attached to Garrett&Leah
  • Becky tweeted in a reply about Martin that Garrett and Nick are straight. (important, you’ll see why)

So, here are my thoughts. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and is just formed by reading Becky’s tweets. 

I think the book is going to start out with Leah and Garrett being in a relationship. I think Garrett likes Leah more than Leah likes Garrett, but being in a relationship while all of her other friends are in relationships is nice. And Garrett’s nice, and I do think that she likes him. But I don’t think they last. I think endgame Leah is with a girl. 

So from above, that tweet about Nick and Garrett being straight, i think its important because she doesn’t say that Abby is straight! So to actually answer your question I think that there is a good chance that Abby and Leah could happen. Nick is “a hot mess” in this book, which could mean he and Abby broke/break up. I think at the very least I think we’ll know that Leah has a crush on Abby, because I refuse to believe that Leah just had a crush on Nick and that’s why she didn’t like Abby. I definitely don’t think its unrealistic to think that’s what is being hinted at.

I think it would be really cool if Emoji was still a band. Like if they played shows around town with $5 cover charges and they really are just SO COOL at school. I think Anna and Morgan are also going to be bigger characters, and probably Taylor as well. Which means so many awesome female characters! 

I also think it would be really nice to have some Nick/Leah/Simon friendship time, to see them patch things up better and go back to being bffs, because I feel like we missed out on that. 

Man, I’m so excited for the senior year lunch table. 

I think whether or not Leah and Abby happen (I mean, it could be Leah/Taylor too!) the book is going to be awesome. Leah is such a great character and I’m super excited to see more of what’s going on in her head. Plus, the Simon and Bram together will be freaking adorable. 

so Richard Epcar is seriously throwing my emotions for a loop right now. this tweet of his last week got some attention

particularly when someone responded to it with “TERRA” and a gif of Terranort, which Richard retweeted with no other response. a lot of people on reddit assumed he was working on an upcoming KH3 trailer or even KH3 itself, but being the biased rebel and hopeless dreamer that I am, I tweeted at him with

just for the heck of it, not really expecting anything to come of it but because I WILL KEEP MY DREAM ALIVE.

I check twitter this morning and find that Richard just favorited my freakin tweet.

before thinking too much of it, I scanned the rest of the comments to see if maybe he’s just a nice guy who favorites EVERY reply he gets just to say he’s listening to his fans – but the only other tweets he favorited were those suggesting Ansem and Terranort. Not the ones suggesting KH3. Or Streetfighter. Or Injustice. Or any other role. Just Ansem, Terranort, and my own suggesting Terra DLC.


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req here! could i get a small drabble where bastion catches you talking to ganymede?

~Sure thing, Anon. I tried my best. Bastion is a lot harder than I thought he’d be. I hope you like it!

The hillside at the edge of the base was one of your favorite places to sit and watch the sunset. Usually, Zenyatta accompanied you and together you’d sit and talk in soft voices about existential things and life itself. It was calming especially after all the hectic work you had to do during the day. 

But Zenyatta had other matters to deal with today so here you were alone. It was nice sitting in silence but you missed your friend. Watching the sunset wasn’t as fun alone. 

The sky mixed soft browns and reds around you. A soft tweeting caught your attention and you looked up into the tree you sat under. 

You smiled. “Hey Ganymede, where’s Bastion?” You asked. Ganymede chirped at you before fluttering over and setting down on your leg. It wasn’t often that you found Ganymede without Bastion. You reached out, running a hand over the bird’s head. He leaned into the touch. 

“Did you come to watch the sunset with me?” you asked. 

Ganymede tweeted again and turned his head toward the sunset. You continued to stroke his feathers. The motion was soothing as the darkness crept in around you. 

“It must be nice being a bird.” You said, “You never have to worry about missions or keeping people safe. Just food, shelter, and water.” 

Ganymede’s tweet sounded a little smug. 

You kept talking but none of what you said really mattered. You told him about your day and all the various things everyone got up to. Junkrat had played more than one prank today and Soldier 76 had not been happy. The words filled the silence and occasionally Ganymede tweeted back. 

A beeping came from behind you and you jumped. Ganymede tweeted his complaints. 

“Hey Bastion,” You said as the omnic approached. Bastion came to your side and beeped happily. You moved a little to show Ganymede still sitting in your lap. “Look who I found. I figured you’d eventually come for him so we’ve been sitting here waiting for you. He’s such a pretty bird.” Ganymede flew onto your shoulder and rubbed his head against your cheek. 

Bastion settled onto the ground with a clunk and Ganymede moved from you to him. With a gentle hand, Bastion stroked his head. You looked on with a smile, the sunset momentarily forgotten. Bastion looked up at you and patted your hair. 

The three of you sat together until the sun was swallowed by the horizon line and the moon took its place. Beside you, Bastion started to hum a soft tune you’d never heard before. The sound floated away on the breeze and the sun set watching turned to star gazing. It was nice to have company. 

(Requests are open!!)

I’ve been seeing some posts about Malec break-up coming up most likely in season 3, so here’s a thing:

It’s pretty obvious they’d have to come up with a brand new reason for their break-up - in the show, Magnus and Alec are so different from their book version. They actually talk about their problems. Show!Magnus isn’t as closed off about his past as book!Magnus. Show!Alec isn’t jealous of Magnus’ past lovers and he knows he can’t trust Camille. Their relationship is healthy. Why ruin this?
I think if we really try to reach out to Shadowhunters writers we can actually prevent the break-up. Let’s tweet them and explain (very politely) how break-up is gonna ruin everything they’ve built so far. They can make quite a history with a healthy, interracial LGBT+ couple being strong enough to overcome everything without some kind of break-up on the way.
I get it, they need something to keep us on the edge, but this isn’t it. Let them know we really don’t want that to happen. They can give us all the angst they want, but they need to stay away from break-up as far as possible.

So please, go and tweet (once again - very nicely) Todd, Darren, Zoe, Michael, Matt - anyone from the team, and let them know that. Let’s keep it doing as long as someone responds.

+ as far as I know, the show has rights up to book 4, therefore, technically they don’t have rights for break-up thing, but just in case it’d be good to prevent it.

Soooo, The Disturbance In the Force....

Apologies if I ramble or forget anything, but I’ve been battling a migraine today. Earlier, I was alerted to Bernadette tweeting Cait telling her Flutist Kim had talked to her, wanted to apologize to Cait and asking Cait to unblock Kim. Yeah hell to the no on that one. So, I Tweeted Bern reminding her that Kim is still one of the most hypocritical Extreme Shippers who acts nice to the cast on the outside, yet talks crap about their significant others behind their backs and on sock accounts, e.g. the self-admitted, Outlanderlover_ on Twitter, Outlanderlover2013 on IG. I won’t go into details of my DM conversation with Bern because we agreed to keep those private. But I will share my OPINION of what I think is happening with ES making nice now. 

I think that Kim, Nipuna, Jess, Julia, Lauren and other Extreme Shippers suddenly gaining a “conscience” is the direct result of the fan events coming up in September: the NYC event, as well as the MPC gathering in Scotland, and Kim’s charity concert there. The last time Kim went to Scotland and tried to do charity concerts, the cast, crew and drivers were warned about her, and so she was thwarted. Kim’s concerts were a failure and she was kept away from the studio, cast and crew. Kim doesn’t want this trip to be another bust, so she and the Extreme Shippers are going to try to make nice so that they are well received at the fan events and don’t waste time and money traveling where they’re not wanted. Kim is the only ES I know who is going to the NYC event, but many other ES are going to the MPC gathering in Scotland. They don’t want to be ostracized. Since they all plot together in their private FB and Twitter chat groups, what I think happened is they decided on a plan to clean up Extreme Shippers’ image in the fandom in order to not get banned from the events. 

Yesterday, Jess, Julia and Lauren made a public statement that they reached out to the ES who was behind bs_no on IG and asked her to delete the account because the trifecta is “so against hate.” (Yeah, except there have been sock hate accounts and hate accounts run by KNOWN shippers for 3 years and not a peep out of any ES until now). Why now? Because September is coming up fast. Also yesterday,  Nipuna deletes not only bs_no on IG, but on the same day she deletes her Twitter hate account Sassyfraser1743. Damage control. They are all in this together. Then Julia Tweets asking to contact the person behind the IG hate account Jumpingmc because she wants “to talk to them about something.” Yesterday’s actions are part of ES trying to “prove” that they are serious about cracking down on harassment by making public statements about having talked to Extreme Shippers asking them to take down their bully accounts. Then ‘lo and behold, today, Kim Tweets Bernadette asking if they could talk. Bernadette agrees, and after that Bernadette Tweets Cait saying all is good with Kim, and asking Cait to unblock Kim. Why did Kim do this? Well, it would be sort of difficult for Kim to face Cait at the small venue for the NYC event if Cait still has her blocked and hates her. The next part involves going over the last hurdle–ES reaching out to Annabella to show how contrite they are so that she will put in a good word with the drivers, and then by extension, the cast and the crew in order to get closer to the cast while in NYC and Scotland. Luckily, Annabella is way too smart to fall for this and can see their ulterior motives a mile away.

Sounds farfetched? Not for Extreme Shippers. You know that’s exactly the reason for sudden 180.

So, I no longer think the ES are being apologetic now and/or gaining a conscience because they found out something BIG about Sam and Mackenzie…nope–of course it had to be something as self-serving as wanting to get in good with the right people and clean up their image in the nick of time, so that they can have a successful stalking expedition come September. 

Same as it ever was, same as it ever will be? I believe some people can change, but not certain Extreme Shippers. I don’t believe they will ever change…but I am willing to wait and see. If ES can consistently show that they aren’t bullying and hating on the people in Sam and Cait’s lives on their Twitter, Tumblr or IG accounts, and if all hate sock accounts disappear, then they will be SHOWING with their ACTIONS that they have changed and truly want peace (and ES please don’t say you can’t control all hate accounts–if you reached out some, you can reach out to all of them). If all of that happens, then NST won’t have anything to call out. If ES stop being hateful, NST can stop calling out the hate. Pretty simple, really. Until then, there will never be peace in the fandom, but it won’t be because of the NST. 

great comet characters as dril tweets
  • Pierre: 12 year slave huh? sounds like my marriage. which I dont enjoy. to the degree that it is succinctly described by that particular movie title
  • Natasha: beginning to despise my friends and loved ones for pushing valuable branded content off of my feed as I struggle to comprehend this world
  • Sonya: THIngs other people like: being bastards, being Uniformly tasteless THINGS I Like: Being reasonably kind, and trying to help, when i can
  • Marya: i regret being tasked the emotional burden of maintaining the final bastion of morality and Nice manners in this endless ocean of human SHIT
  • Anatole: every now and then I like to treat myself to a bit of “Lying under oath”
  • Helene: cornering a janitor for 50 minutes to tell him how i was once involved in a polyamourious relationship w/ the guy who said "lee roy jenkins"
  • Dolokhov: i feel like getting shot would;nt be that bad if you knew how to properly "body spin " away from the bullet or slap it away with your hand
  • Mary: i help every body, im not racist, i keep myself nice, and when i ask for a single re-tweet in return i am told to fuck off, fuck myself, etc
  • Bolkonsky: the doctor reveals my blood pressure is 420 over 69. i hoot & holler outta the building while a bunch of losers try to tell me that im dying
  • Balaga: “jail isnt real,” I assure myself as I close my eyes and ram the hallmark gift shop with my shitty bronco
#2 You get in a car crash and lose your memory part 2

Read part one here

AN: Wow! Part one has been up less than 24 hours and it already has 100 notes. I can’t honestly thank you all enough. My only problem is I hope part two lives up to expectations. I’ll try my best not to disappoint but I can’t guarantee another 100 note worth preference. But I’ll try here you go :)

“Y/n,” he stuttered “It’s me, please say you remember me.” You looked at him closely and tried with all your might to remember but nothing, not even a spark of a clue of who this boy could be. “Come one, you have got to remember.” He said sounding desperate. You looked away not being able to look at him in the face knowing that you were the cause of his heart broken expression.  You herd him sigh and the sound of him sitting back down. A few minutes of silence was interrupted when you could hear someone humming, looking back you noticed it was the boy. Although he was humming you could tell you had a very nice voice closing your eyes you let the humming be the only thing you were aware of. You felt his name come into your head, “Calum?” you said more as a question then a statement, “Y/n! You remember me!” he said standing back up, “Not really, sorry, just your name, but I think you humming made your name pop into my head”  “Then I shall continue humming and singing until you fully remember me, how does that sound?” “That’s fine with me”


Ashton : You agreed to allow your so called boyfriend into the room with you. At first it was awkward. Awkward for you as this boy who was apparently your boyfriend was really attractive, even with his own cuts and scratches, you had been informed he had been in the same crash, this must be a trick, how did someone like you get someone like him? Awkward for him as his girlfriend doesn’t remember him. “So you don’t remember me?” he asked awkwardly. “No, and to be honest I think this is trick, why would you want to be my boyfriend?” “It’s not a trick! And I ask my self the same question everyday… but opposite… why would you want to be my girlfriend? You are perfect and it seems I am going to convince you” “What makes you think you can convince me?” “I’ve done it before, now y/n will you allow me to take up the following missions, one to get your memory back and two, be an amazing boyfriend who convinces his girlfriend they are perfect?” “Yes. I’d love to see how you are going to convince me, I’m not sure you can” “I love a challenge,”


Michael: Soon after the encounter you were put into therapy where you were given simple tasks to do to get your memory back. The thing was you had no memories but you could remember most things. For example you couldn’t tell anyone who your school best friend was but you could tell people what the capital of France was. You had information with out context. Slowly your memories were coming back, but in order, first you got your childhood memories then your school memories. Although Michael wanted to by your side constantly during the process everyone could see it was breaking his heart. His family and friends convinced him to go on tour with the others, due to the speed you were recovering it would take a while for you to remember him. However, they were wrong. It was about 10 days into the tour when your memories of him came back. You needed to be with him right away. You traveled with out telling anyone but his management who swore their secrecy; they said he needed cheering up. You went to his hotel room where he answered the door when you knocked, “Hello you, it’s been a while since I’ve seen my brother” you said making fun of yourself, at first he thought you were serious but when he saw you burst into laughter he realized. “You aren’t funny Y/n” “I am! You should have seen your face!” he didn’t respond, he just wrapped his arms around you and held you tightly.


Luke: As soon as he could, Luke was by your side. “How long have we been together?” you asked him, “About 8 months” he replied, “I wish I could remember those 8 months, maybe more! They can’t pin point when my memories stop” “I have an idea” he said walking off then returning with a laptop, “You tweet constantly everyday; you say it’s like your mini diary. The fans love it as it keeps them up to date when ever you are with me” “That’s good! Maybe I secretly knew I would lose my memory!” You both sat there going through your twitter looking at each tweet and each photo but 8 months worth of tweets when you tweet everyday is a large amount of tweets. “Luke we don’t have to do this you know, I’m sure you have better things to do with your life” “We do have to do this and I don’t, my main priority is getting your memory back I don’t care how long it takes. Then again sooner rather then later would be nice.” After a few hours you found a tweet you remembered, you managed to find out you had lost a year and a half of memories. You knew with work you could get that year and a half back. If not, you always had you mini twitter diary to look back over. You can tell yourself and Luke had a great time together from the pictures, you couldn’t wait to make new memories with him.


AN: Personally I’m not 100% satisfied with this but it’s not for me to decide. Again I tried to get them as different as possible which was quite hard.
Sorry it took me so long to write this! I started this morning and stuff happened. So it’s taken me hours to finally finish.

I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any requests just let me know! Hopefully I’ll have it written faster then I wrote this! 

Mixed Messages (Part 2)

A/N: IT’S J-HIZZLE BACK IN THE HOUSE WITH ANOTHER FIC. I apologize for the long wait for the second part of this. Tbh I have a test I should be studying for, but I made a promise this would be up today. SO HERE IT IS.

Word Count: 2, 182

Your POV

“Shit.” I mumbled to myself, scrolling through Twitter. 

Once the video went up last night, there were endless comments and tweets. Most of them hate against me. Most of them were saying I was attacking Dan, which I didn’t understand because I got his permission to make this film. Also, it said so in the description. I felt terrible because people were choosing sides of the breakup. Whose fault it was, that I was the bad guy, that Dan messed everything up, etc.  

I felt tears build up in my eyes. This was not a way to wake up. I sat in bed, scrolling through the tweets, and comments, deciding if I should answer some (Keep in mind they were some really nice feedback). I finally decided to answer a few of the ones I saw often. I replied with a screenshot of the description saying I got Dan’s permission to make, and post this film to a tweet saying something along the lines of, “You didn’t get his permission to make this. Why are you attacking him? I thought the breakup was mutual.”

After 10 minutes of replying to people, I put down my phone, and went about my day. I made myself breakfast and coffee, then watched TV for half an hour. I needed the break away from all the social media. I wasn’t expecting such negative feedback to a film that I was proud of. I contemplated whether or not I should call Dan, but figured it was for the best. I walked back to my bedroom, and turned on my phone. Just like when I woke up, there were a thousand notifications on the home screen. 

“I fucked up didn’t I?” I mumbled while trying to find Dan’s contact. I pressed call, and held the phone up to my ear. There was lots of ringing before I heard his voice. 

“Hey, did you see what’s going on?” He asked. 

“Of course I did, Dan.” I sighed. 

“Everything’s going to be okay. I can post a tweet saying you got permission from me.” Dan was speaking so gently, and tried to be calm. He could probably tell that I was freaking out. 

“I guess that could work. But there are so many questions.” I sat on my bed, then grabbed my laptop to check all the comments again. 

“This is a massive shit storm.” Dan chuckled. 

“Dan this isn’t funny, how are we going to calm everyon- THERE’S A FUCKING NEWS ARTICLE ABOUT THIS ALREADY. HOW DID THEY MAKE THIS OVER NIGHT?” My eyes shifted back and forth to skin over the article. "People are saying we’ve been faking the breakup, and we’re secretly still together.” I sighed.

“I wish.” I heard Dan mumble over the phone. 

“Nice try Howell, I heard that.” Even though I tried to sound stern, the heat rose to my cheeks. God damn, I still love him to death. I’ve tried to convince myself it’s for the best (which it is), but I have trouble believing it sometimes. 

“Okay look. Come over to my flat in 15 minutes, and we’ll make a Q&A video for your channel, addressing people’s comments and questions.” Dan suggested. 

“Okay I guess that sounds good." 

"Alright, see you soon. Lov- bye.” Dan hung up before I could reply.

I quickly through on an outfit that was comfy, but also looked cute at the same time. I did pretty simple makeup then I was out the door, hauling a taxi to my ex’s flat.

Ever since this morning I’ve felt like crying. I’m surprised I haven’t had a complete breakdown yet. I’m trying to keep it together, but it’s getting harder as my phone gets more notifications. I mute my phone, then silently look out the window the rest of the drive.  

I run up the billion stairs to Dan and Phil’s flat, and knock on the door rapidly. I tapped my foot while waiting for someone to answer the door. 

“Y/N!” Phil excitedly yelled, and pulled me into a warm hug. 

“Hi Phil.” I said quietly. 

“Dan told me what happened.” He gave me a sympathetic smile. “He’s in his room setting up.” Phil moved away from the door and let me in. I took off my shoes, and set down my bag then I walked to Dan’s room and saw him sitting on his bed, staring at his phone. I knocked and he jumped, looking over to the door then greeting me with his beautiful smile. 

“Hey.” He got up and gave me a long embrace. I promised myself I wouldn’t do this, but I could NOT help it. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pressed my face into his chest. 

“Why do I have to fuck up everything?” I asked. My voice was muffled, but he could still hear. 

“You didn’t fuck up anything. People just took it out of context.” He rested his chin on the top of my head and held me tighter. 

“Dan,” I pulled away from the hug to look into his eyes. He looked disappointed but I had to do it. “Can we just film the video and get this over with?" 

He stared at me with sadness in his eyes, but walked around his bed and sat down. He patted the area next to him and I sat down. He turned on the camera, and that’s when the video began. 

"Hi guys! So I posted a film last night that was the story of why, and how Dan and I broke up.” I sighed at the last part, and looked over to Dan who was staring at me. I tilted my head towards the camera so he could talk, but he must have blanked out. “Dan.” I smiled at him, and he finally snapped back to reality. 

“Sorry, um. We wanted to give some answers to the questions, and comments everybody has been saying." 

I reached over to Dan’s phone because I left mine in my bag at their front door. 

"Oh, why can’t we use your phone?” Dan asked. He seemed nervous about something. 

“I left mine at the front of the door and I’m too lazy to get it,” I laughed. “What? Are you hiding something?” I teased him and he mumbled no. I turned on his phone and saw that his lock screen was a picture of us. We bought matching onesies for Halloween last year for Spooky Week on Dan and Phil’s gaming channel. People kept requesting for me to make an appearance so we finally gave in. After trying on the onesies Phil took a picture of us. My arm was around Dan’s waist, while his rested on my shoulder. His face was turned away from the camera since he was kissing my cheek, and I had a huge smile on my face.

I turned to Dan and furrowed my eyebrows. “Why is this still your lock screen?” I held the phone up for him to see and he looked down. 

“Can we talk about it later?” He looked back up into my eyes and I was in a trance. I couldn’t say no, but I also wanted to know what it was about. 

“Fine.” I sighed. “I’ll cut that out." 

"So, what’s the first question, Y/N?” Dan asked, rubbing his hands together. 

“The most popular question, is ‘Did you get Dan’s permission to make this?’ That’s an easy answer. Of course I did. I asked him many months in advance and he was all up for the idea. People were choosing sides and I wanted to clear the air with what actually happened. It was a mutual breakup." 

"Yeah, we didn’t want to break up, but at the rate we were going, we might have killed each other one night.” Dan laughed, and I giggled at his remark. 

“Don’t give away my plans.” I chuckled.  

Dan took the phone out of my hand and yelled, “NEXT QUESTION.”

“What the fuck Dan! Bursting my ear drums, jesus christ.” I laughed, nudging him with my arm.

We answered plenty of questions before we finally got to the one we were dreading to answer. 

“And the last question,” I stated. “Are you guys together again?" 

"Okay, I can’t speak for Y/N but I still love her. A shit ton. It hurts being a part but all the fighting that we did, it would have hurt us even more in the end. I wish we were together, but we agreed to take a long break this time. I miss almost everything about her, it’s almost unhealthy and just not right, ” Dan chuckled. I stared at him in awe. I knew we missed each other but I had no idea he really missed me that much. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, and I kept waffling on about everything and I completely blanked out. “Y/N? I know I talked a lot but I’m done now.” He gave me a warm smile and nodded his head, signaling for my turn to speak. 

I turned to the camera and spoke to it, “Sorry. It’s safe to say we both still love each other. But this is what’s needed for both of us to heal. Maybe in the future we’ll be back together, but we’ll always be good friends. No matter what happens.”  I looked over to Dan again, and smiled at him. “Anyway, to anyone who took this video out of context, this is an answer to all your questions." 

Dan leaned over to the camera and turned it off. I let out a huge sigh and flopped back onto his bed.
 "Fuck that was hard.”

 "That’s what she said.“ Dan joined me on the bed again, laughing. 

"Shut up. Now tell me what that lock screen was about.” I got up and stared into his eyes. He was quiet for a bit, but he finally answered.

 "I’m sorry. I know you said this is for the best, and we both need this break, but I can't…not be with you. You know? These past months have been hard as fuck. I want to get back together. I know you’ll say no, but I want you to know that’s what I think.“ His eyes got glossy by the end of his "speech”.

  I stared into his eyes in shock, I didn’t want to hurt him, but I also didn’t want to hurt myself by going back into a relationship where every night ended in yelling. “Look, I know I’m a tough person to date. I don’t express my emotions, or just anything as much as I should. I promise I’ll try to communicate with you more.” A tear rolled down his cheek. He quickly wiped it away and got up. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything. I’ll be back.” He walked out of his room to god knows where.

 I sat on his bed, running over what he just said, and trying to process what just happened. I didn’t even notice I was crying until I felt something warm fall down my cheek, and onto my lap. After 5 minutes of Dan’s disappearance, I got up and went looking for him. 

“Dan?” I yelled. I walked around their flat for a bit until I heard sniffling coming from inside their office. “Dan?” I opened the office and saw him sitting on the sofa with his head in his hands. What am I doing? He’s hurting so much, and seeing him hurting is making me hurt. God dammit what do I do? I thought to myself. 

“Why am I like this?” Dan mumbled, knowing I would hear. I sat next to him. Sitting with my hands awkwardly placed in my lap and staring straight ahead. When I finally gained the courage to look at him, I almost broke down. I wrapped my arms around his torso and nuzzled my head in his neck.

“I feel the same way Dan. But we really do need this break. Okay?” Dan nodded his head, but I knew he didn’t want to agree with me. “I’m going to go home, then edit and post this video. Then after, we can go out for coffee, dinner, whatever you want. And we’ll talk." 

Dan finally lifted his head up from his hands, and looked down at me. "Yeah, I guess that’s a part of the relationship we needed to fix. We didn’t talk to each other about how we felt.” He chuckled. I nodded, my head still resting on his shoulder. I lifted my head and stared into his eyes, then kissed his cheek before getting up and heading out. 

When I finally arrived home, I edited the video. I waited for it to upload, and waited for the feedback. There was still some negative feedback, but most of them ended up being positive, and some even apologized. All in all, my film ended up being a hit. It explained everything to the fans. But now, it’s time to figure out what’s going to do with my personal life, not my online persona.

A/N: Honestly, I didn’t know how to end it. So…I just ended it on a point where you can think whatever you want. Maybe the reader and Dan did work things out, and are together again. Maybe they decided it’s best to take a long break and see what they need. It’s all up to the imagination. (People could say that’s lazy writing but tbh I love having an ending I can make by myself.)

Daddy!Ashton (not smut)

I can totally see Ashton doing this once he’s a father! Lol! -L

You walked into your bedroom, seeing Ashton lying on the bed with his laptop in front of you. “What are you doing?”

He glanced over his shoulder, a smile on his face when he realized that it was you. “Oh, just doing a twitcam.” Then, he yawned, his mouth turning into a big O. Going back to the laptop, he said, “I’ve been up all night with the baby.”

You chuckled, going to pick up your infant son. Using baby talk, you whispered as you rested him against your shoulder, “Did you keep Daddy up all night?”

He cooed and nestled in the crook of your neck. Then, Ashton motioned for you to sit next to him, “Come on! Be in the twitcam! Show the world our beautiful baby boy!”

You smiled, loving the fact that Ashton was already so proud of his son. So, you did as Ashton asked, then started reading some of the comments and tweets that were displayed under the mirrored image of your small family. One caught your eye and addressed it as you bounced your baby. “Yes, it is really nice to have Ash home. I don’t remember who tweeted that, but yeah.”

Ashton chuckled, “The rest of the lads have started calling me Dad since Y/S/N was born. It was a little weird at first, but now I think I’m used to it. Especially since the small one will be saying it soon.”

Another one caught your eye, since it was about the baby. “No, he hasn’t said his first word yet, but I’m hoping that it’s Mommy.”

“No, it’ll be Daddy. Uncle Luke and Uncle Michael have agreed to say Daddy around him so it’ll for sure be his first word.” Ashton explained, turning around to tell you how it was going to be.

Why I think the grumps are great

in the vein of my grumpversary, I wanted to talk about why I think the grumps are awesome people and the reasons why I love them so much.

Arin: Always there for his friends. Like holy shit he almost almost helped NSP  get out of debt. Buys really nice equipment, for the crew. He built a company for himself and his friends. He sacrifices his free time to make sure the company is staying afloat. Always supports artists, animators, and musicians like nobody’s business. Struggles with focusing on things but has enough discipline to really create amazing things. Grew up broke but made a career for himself. Taught himself how to animate. Loves the heck out of Suzy and supports her channels! Really fucking sweet and funny.

This Tweet: 

Dan: Really nice and open. Always answers things very genuinely. Tries to stay positive, even when going through bad times. Loves everyone super hard. Really thoughtful and apologizes when he makes mistakes. Once surprised Arin with his favorite soda. Can form complex harmonies even though he can’t read music. Struggled with depression and OCD but fought through it. Was broke for a very long time but managed to become successful doing what he loved. Works really fucking hard like damn Dan please take a break! Is growing his hair out to donate! Big goofball and super funny. Is a sexy widdle baby Always makes sure everyone is okay and happy during stressful games! 

This video: (x)

Ross, Barry, Suzy, and Brian under the cut :D

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Not Meant To Be Pt 2

Feat Monsta X

I apologize for posting this late. Oh and this part is just about how they were after the wedding and how their life is. There will be a next part~

And again, I didn’t proof read so sorry for any typos, grammar errors, etc.

Pt. 1



5 Years later

Seung Ah and I’s first born was already five years old. His name is Seung Min. We got that name because we mixed our name. We had a 3 year old daughter named Mina. I was happy, Seung Ah is really sweet and she takes good care of us and I was touched but I miss Y/n and there’s nothing I can do now.

I knew that she went to our wedding and she cried. At that time I wanted to run after her but I had to control myself. The members still had her contact and they’d sometimes talk when we’re not busy, though, there’s something they’re not telling me but I shrugged it off and tell myself to focus on my family and my career. 

The fans grew to love Seung Ah after seeing how caring she is towards our family. Some though, couldn’t get over Y/n so they kept tweeting to her ‘I miss you eonni’ and other stuff and she’d always reply with ‘We can talk if you want :)’. She’s so nice. I knew that because I stalked her for a year but stopped when her acc was deactivated. Her last tweet(/s cause twt only has 140 characters) was ‘To everyone I talked to or would still like to keep in touch, I would be moving to another acc~ Just dm me if you want to cause that acc will be private~ Oh, and please don’t spread my tweets~’ I wonder why.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when my loving wife, told me that dinner’s ready. I quickly went downstairs and sat at my seat. I looked at them and smiled.


I was on my way to the club, where I was going to meet my bestfriends, So Chun and Yeon Mi. My phone started ringing and i smiled to myself. I answered the call.

“Yah, Yah, Yah. How come you didn’t tell me that you were going to a club? Do you want to die early?!” You chuckled at how silly he was being.

“Relax, I’m not gonna cheat on you or something. I just wanna hang out with my bestfriends. Is that wrong?” I innocently asked as I heard him sigh.

“Okay but I’ll pick you up” I grinned.

“Yaay! Pick me up at 12 bye! love you!” I could that he was smiling.

“You better or else I’ll be upset!” He’s so childish. I chuckled and ended the call.

I checked my wrist watch and saw that it was 7pm. I looked up and I was just in time. I entered the club and saw my friends at a table. I walked over to them and they greeted me. We talked and talked and then we decided to drink. I was drunk. I looked at my clock again ‘Oh It’s 12:04 am’ Then I passed out.

I was awoken when I felt someone struggling. I opened my eyes and saw Wonho (AKA THIS LIL ADJNDIUHNC). He was struggling to carry me aww. He must be tired and I still made him pick me up.

“I love you” 

“I love you too. Now just rest while I carry you back” I looked around and frowned. It would take us 10 minutes.

“No, no. It’s okay. I can walk. You must be tired, plus it would be faster” He looked at me and just nodded, knowing that I’m stubborn. I started to walk with his help. “Oh, wait. Where are Chunnie and Yeonnie?” (nickname for so chun and yeon mi)

“Ahh. Minhyuk (So Chun’s bf) and Kihyun (Yeon mi’s bf) picked them up” I nodded, feeling myself get more and more tired. He stopped walking and I looked at him confusedly. “Just hop on, I know you’re sleepy just rest” I just nodded because I really am tired.

“Ahhh when you become my wife don’t make me carry you! You’re heavy!” I was too sleepy to listen but ‘I love you’ came out of my mouth involuntarily.

Days after Jimin’s wedding, I’d always go drink. One day, while I was on my way to the club, I bumped into Wonho. He was my high school crush. He never notived me though. I moved to another university for college and I didn’t see him after. We became friends and he confessed to me one day so I told him that I thought he never noticed me but stupid me, always believing on my negative side. So that’s how I found someone that made my heart melt other than Jimin.

I decided to make a private twitter account since I didn’t want any article about me and wonho. I picked those who I’ll accept as a follower, making sure they can be trusted.


Months later

“Yeobo~ I’ll just go to our dorm okay?” Seung Ah chuckled.

“Of course you can. Why are you still asking me?”

“I just don’t want to worry you” I said as I back hugged her. She turned around and cupped my cheeks.

“Aigoo. Just go! But be back for dinner” I nodded and went to the dorm.

As I was about to enter the living room. I saw them all gathered with seriousness.

“Should we tell Jimin hyung?” 

“Tell me what?” They look at me in shock.

“Oh- uh- tell you.. that Jungkook loves you! And uh-.. You got jams!” Namjoon hyung said and they all nodded. I chuckled and looked at them confusedly.

“Y-yeah! I love you hyung!” Jungkook hugged me but all I could do is look at them weirdly while putting on my ‘wtf’ smile.


“I’m just gonna take a shower” Jungkook said. The others said stuff like ‘I’m gonna eat’, ‘I’m gonna go out’ and etc. Eh. I’ll just go to sleep then. I walked inside our room (roommates with jungkook and taehyung). Sht. I forgot my comfy clothes. Ahh, I’ll just borrow from jungkook.

“Yah Jungkook-ah” I knocked on the bathroom door. He’s singing ‘Bang Bang Bang’ but stopped when he heard me.


“Can I borrow some clothes?” I just earned a hum from him. I opened the closet door and picked some clothes so I could change and sleep. I was about to close it but I saw an envelope. It was hidden in a pile of clothes. I picked it up from curiosity. I regretted picking it up. It was an invitation.

‘To: Bangtansonyeondan (These dorks kekekeke)

      You are invited to Y/F/N and Shin Hoseok’s Wedding! 

 PS: Please don’t tell Jimin’ I could feel my heart break. I put the envelope back and changed. I pretended to sleep but all I could think about was Y/n. She moved on but why did she not want them to tell me? Does she hate me that much?

“Uhh hyung? You okay?” Jungkook asked when he noticed me crying. I didn’t even notice my tears fell.

“Hmm? Oh- uh.. Jungkook, can I ask you something?” 

“Yeah, sure. What is it hyung?” 

“Is there something I should know?.. like, about Y/n?” Jungkook froze.

“Uh.. Uhm h-hyung.. What a-are you t-talking about? Why would w-we hide someth-thing from you?” 

“You know.. Like she’s going to get… married?”

“Hyung..” He looked down. “You saw it didn’t you?” I sighed then nodded. I, then, started to sob.

“I.. I thought.. It’s just.. I-I love her so much and- and.. it was all my fault. I never should’ve ch-cheated on her” I bawled myself. Jungkook walked over to me.

“Yah hyung.. It’s not your fault-”

“It is! Urgh!” 

“Hyung.. I-if you want.. You can go to the wedding..” I looked at him. “Uhm y-you know.. Secretly?” Come to think about it, it’s actually a pretty good idea.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I mean, you can put on make up or stuff so that no one will notice you” I nodded.

~Wedding Day~

The venue was crowded but I found a place where no one will notice me. She was so happy. I miss her smile.

I watched as they both say ‘I do’ and a pang of pain struck my heart. She must’ve felt this too. I started to cry but quickly wiped them so that my make-up won’t get ruined. I stayed until the party. She went to my members and hugged them. I wish she could hug me too. She was still hyper af and I chuckled at that thought.

She jumped and jumped excitedly. Cute as always. It was time for her to throw the bouquet and she hopped on her husband and pointed on the stage. I decided to go home. I couldn’t take it anymore so I went back to the dorms.


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“We’d Be Pretty Cute” (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

Originally posted by 5secondsofsummerdaily

Summary: YouTuber!Luke and YouTuber!Y/N haven’t met but they’re heavily shipped by fans.

Requested: Yes

Warnings: There’s literally just one swear word so yeah

A/N: This took so long but I hope you liked it (I wrote this super fast and haven’t proof read it). YouTuber!5sos is pretty awesome ngl

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Request: Ok so yn goes to a Gerard Way show and is waiting outside for like hours during which Gerard tweets “This room has good energy” (which he actually did tweet a few days ago) and then during the show Gerard (wearing his usual black suit and pink tie and stuff) keeps looking/making eye contact and then in between songs he talks to the crowd about how he feels a special presence tonight and then after the show security finds yn and says to go to the tour bus out back so then after a bit of hesitating outside the bus yn knocks and Gerard opens the door and yn is all in shock n stuff and G is super friendly and nice and cute and great (like “come sit closer to me don’t be shy”) then a LOT of dirty smut ensues and then afterwards Gerard says how he feels as though yn is really special and how he feels they should keep in close touch and then he gives her his number the end and please don’t specify age or anything

I scrolled mindlessly through social media as I leaned against the building. Today was finally the day I would get to see Gerard Way live. I never got to see My Chemical Romance play, so I was excited to get the chance to get tickets for his solo tour. 

I refreshed Gerard’s Twitter page, curious if he would post anything about tonight’s show. A picture popped up, him at the airport with a group of fans surrounding him, holding up welcome signs. I favorited it, feeling a pang of jealousy towards the girls that were able to greet him at the airport. 

A few hours later and the line behind me was beginning to grow, hoards of fans stretching all the way down the street. I was thankful I got here early, there was only a few people in front of me so I was confident I would end up in the front row.  Butterflies erupted in my stomach thinking about being that close to him. 

My phone buzzed angrily in my pocket, breaking me out of my trance. I unlocked it and slid down the notification bar, smiling when I saw it was from Gerard tweeting.

This room has good energy.

Despite how simple it was, the tweet still made me smile, happy to know he had a good feeling about the show tonight. 

It felt like forever until it hit 7:30, all the energy returning back to the crowd as security opened the doors. People were pushing and shoving like crazy as we flooded through the doors, sprinting towards the front barricades. I secured a spot in the front near the center, holding onto the barricade so no one could squeeze in front of me. 

The opening act came and went, they were good but you could tell the crowd just wanted to see Gerard already. The lights dimmed suddenly, earning a few eager screams and cheers in the audience. The chants got even louder when everyone could see the outline of Gerard as he entered the stage. 

A spotlight turned on, illuminating the man in the black suit and pink tie. The crowd went nuts. I could make out the shy smile and faint blush on his cheeks from where I was standing. 

“This song’s called Millions.”

Compared to most concerts I’ve been to, Gerard’s was very relaxed and mellow. sure, their were a few over eager fans who were trying to shoulder their way to the front, but most people simply listened to the music. No mosh pits were a relief to me. Being swarmed by people and trying to avoid getting stomped on was not my idea of how I wanted to spend a concert.

I noticed multiple times throughout the night that Gerard was looking at me. Not around me or just glancing towards this side of the crowd, but directly at me. I dismissed it, deciding that I was being stupid and that there was no way in hell he would be able to spot me individually in this crowd.

Then again, the venue wasn’t that large and the barricades were fairly close to the stage. Maybe he could see me.

Gerard walked towards the back of the stage as he finished another song, picking up his water that he kept near the drum kit and taking a large drink. He returned to the crowd, going on a mini rant about body positivity and mental illness. 

“So yeah, just find someone to talk to, you’re not weird or crazy, just need a little help. Thank you guys for coming out tonight. You’ve all been so sweet.”

The crowd roared in response, a few people shouting “We love you!”

“So, so sweet. Very good vibes from you guys. In fact, I feel a special presence tonight!” 

Boom. More eye contact. I gulped, not daring to break the contact. He smiled, making it feel like it was more towards me then the crowd. Then he winked, making my knees buckle slightly. 

“This next song is called Drugstore Perfume.”

When the concert was done, Gerard thanked the crowd again for showing up and wished everyone a safe ride home. People began to hurry out of the venue, hoping to beat any traffic in the parking lot. I took a few minutes to gt one last picture, a bad idea that led me stuck in the back of the crowd. Before I could walk through the door, I felt a hard grip on my forearm.

“Where you in the front row on the left side?” It was a security guard, the same who stood right next to me on the other side of the barricade.

“Yeah…why?” I asked anxiously. I knew some venues were strict on pictures and I hoped they weren’t gonna hassle me over it.

“Mr. Way wants you to meet him at his bus,” he said bluntly. I could tell by the casual way he said it, this wasn’t his first time delivering messages from rock stars to fans.

“Why?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“I don’t know, his manager just sent me to find you.”

“Oh okay,” I stammered in response.

“Follow me, you’ll need an escort to get back there.” I simply nodded, following him through the back door and out into the parking lot. “There it is,” he instructed, nodding his head towards the bus a few feet in front of us.

“Thank you,” I said meekly as he walked back into the venue. I did a few laps around the bus, not sure what to do. I wasn’t stupid, I knew why singers called a fan back to their bus or hotel. I never thought Gerard was the groupie type. Maybe it was a new habit for him after his divorce. After another lap, I made up my mind. This was Gerard Way we we’re talking about. My idol ever since I first heard My Chemical Romance. I couldn’t pass this opportunity up, because I would regret it for the rest of my life.

Fuck it.

I knocked on the door, all my doubts flooding back when I heard the door unlock from the other side. The door swung open and there he was. He still had is suit and tie on it, the collar of his button up was damp from sweat and the water he splashed on his face in between songs. His hair was tousled in all directions and some strands clung tightly on his forehead. His face looked a little flushed and tired, but he still wore a happy smile on his face. 


“Hi,” I responded shyly, brushing some hair out of my face. 

“Please come in,” he said kindly, stepping aside to let me through. I walked in and awkwardly sat down on the couch, trying to come up with something to say. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Uh sure, do you have water?”

He nodded, opening up the mini fridge and tossing me a bottled water. He sat down on the other side of the couch, close enough to make my heart race but far away enough to give us both some space. 

“What’s your name?”


“It’s great to meet you, Y/N. I’m Gerard,” he smiled, offering me his hand.

“I know,” I blurted out, making us both chuckle as we shook hands. 

“Your hands are so soft,” I thought out load, internally cringing at how creepy that sounded. But he didn’t seem to pick up on it, smiling a little brighter and looking down at his hands.

“Thank you! I’ve started using lotion again lately so i’m glad it’s paying off,” he chuckled. 

Both of us began to loosen up, getting more comfortable and talking about our lives. Gerard talked briefly about his old band, why they broke up and how he was relieved that they were all on good terms even if they don’t see each other as much. His eyes lightened when he talked about Bandit, excitedly talking about her interest, how she already loves to draw, and even admitted he got teary eyed when he dropped her off on her first day of school. 

“She sounds amazing,” I smiled, watching him with amusement.

“She is. I never thought I would have kids, especially one as amazing as her. You can sit closer to me, don’t be shy,” he said comfortingly, gesturing to the space right next to him. I gulped slightly but obliged, scooting closer until our sides were touching.”You’re really pretty,” he said suddenly, his arm draping over my shoulders.

“You’re just sayin’ that,” I laughed, trying to the nerves inside me spiking and the butterflies in y stomach. 

“No really! I mean it. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve seen on this tour. And I’ve been all over the globe.” He was slowly leaning in, his lips inching closer and closer to mine. I filled the space in between us, lunging forward a little too eagerly and bumping our noses in the process.

He giggled, rubbing his nose with his palm before brushing our lips together again. His lips were as soft as his hands, which were now snaking up my waist to the hem of my shirt.

“So beautiful,” he purred into my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I moved one hand to the back of his head, pushing him back down to my mouth, while the other ran up and down his chest. My fingers curled around his signature pink tie, undoing the loose knot and pulling it off his neck. He shrugged off his jacket, tossing it onto the floor, along with my shirt that he peeled off me.

He pulls lightly on the hair on the nape of my neck, my head falling back as he claims my jaw with his lips and tongue, tracing intricate patters on the sensitive skin.

“A little eager?” I ask him breathlessly as I feel him rut against me, my eyes rolling back when his teeth tug at the sensitive skin of my throat.

“You have no idea,” he growls, chest heaving and breathing constricted.

“I beg to differ.” I melt against his chest, tugging on his neck as I leaned back on the couch, my lips incapable of leaving his after getting a taste of him. He felt like the breath of fresh air I’ve been trying to inhale for three years. I honestly lost hope in ever meeting my idol, let alone hooking up with him in his tour bus. Life is strange.

He hovered over me, stripping us both bare to our bones. It felt natural to me, the weight of his body on top of mine as his hands explored the curves of my waist, his lips tasting the sweat beading on my skin, his eyes staring into mine, as if he’s never seen anything so beautiful in his life, or ever will again.

I trailed my fingertips down his arms, his muscles lightly defined. Hot puffs of air caressed my cheek as his breathing picked up amidst haphazard kisses left along my jaw, his movements rushed and so fucking desperate. My heart swells as he tries to tell me how much he wants me, needs me, his words escaping as unintelligible pleas permanently tattooing themselves into my skin.

“I’ want you so bad. ever since I spotted you in the crowd, I wanted you,” he growls with sudden clarity, his hard on leaving hot smears of precum dangerously close to your sex, “You’re so gorgeous babe.”

I dug my nails into his broad shoulders as he continued his sweet talk, adding promises of next time when we’ll have more time, how hot I would like riding him or how he bets I taste delicious.

He groaned as he pulled my hips flush against his sinfully hard length and he’s much larger than I considered possible, sliding teasingly along my slit as if to prove his point.

“How you’re already so wet for me, so ready for me to just take you,” he murmurs upon coating his cock in my slick slowly, taking far too much pleasure in how twitchy I was becoming underneath him, all because of him.

He arches himself back slightly, ghosting his palm between our sticky bodies before running his hand over his swollen tip drenched in my juices, my lips parting in mild shock when he slips his fingers in his pink mouth and sucks them clean, savoring the flavour. 

“You taste so fucking good, baby. So sweet.”

I whined, actually whining when Gerard hovers over me as he bites his bottom lip with an unholy grin and ruts his cock forcefully against my sensitive clit with shallow thrusts of his practiced hips.

“I can’t…shit. I need-.”

He finally gives in to my please and pushes the head of his cock through my throbbing entrance. He hisses, falling into the crook of my neck while he inches his way inside of me.

“I’ve,.. fuck,” Gerard moans as I latch onto his damp hair and cradle his head against me, wrapping my legs around his waist and pushing him into me until i’m at his base. “Sh-Shit, oh my god.”

“I know, f-feels so good,” I moan into his cheek, my hands trembling where they cling to his sweaty back.

“So tight,” he whispers upon bringing his face level with mine, forehead resting on my temple while lips plant sloppy kiss on whatever skin he can get a hold of. He adjusts the angle of his hips and grinds against your clit in tight circles.

I can tell he’s nearly there when his thrusts start to come in faster, sloppier motions, the temperature rising exponentially on his pale skin and all around me as he rushes to capture my mouth with his. His teeth graze my worn lips, his brows furrowing and hands fisting the cushions with incredible force as I feel the flood of his come coat my walls again and again.

I follow behind him, moaning into his mouth as my orgasm takes over and violently shakes through my body. His body collapses on top of my, his head falling onto my sweaty chest. My fingers weave through his hair, our chest rises and falling in unison.

“I’m sorry…I didn’t mean for that to happen,” he confesses. “The original plan was to ask you out, go on a few dates before we do anything. I guess I just got carried away,” he chuckled. I kissed the top of his head in reassurance, my rapid breathing forbidding me to speak.

“I don’t want to sound weird but…you’re special Y/N. I can tell, I knew as soon as our eyes met tonight. I don’t want this to be a one time thing. Can we keep in touch?”

I nodded my head eagerly, causing a grin to form on his face. He sat up slowly, stretching his arms. He reached forward and grabbed his sketchbook, tearing out a page before scribbling onto it.

“Here’s my number, give me a call soon.”

“I will,” I promised, giving his lips one last peck before beginning the hunt for my clothes.

I Miss Caspar

So I got the idea of writing this fic because while Caspar was away in L.A all we kept seeing is how much he missed Joe, not the other way around. Obviously, Joe missed him but since he isn’t good at explaining or I mean, expressing his feelings, that’s why he didn’t do it as much. (Except on YouNow) I think this came out better than I planned. 

Note: This ended up being a kinda smut…I don’t know how I got to that point but I mean, who am I to complain??? Am I RIGHT??

Title: I Miss Caspar

Summary: Joe keeps denying he misses Caspar until one day he admits the truth.

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Ruth calling out management pretending that Loki was the “new” Payzer dog that Danielle and Liam bought together. Of course, we already knew that, but it’s nice of Ruth to confirm it for us.

anonymous asked:

I actually like to imagine that Steve and Tony are pretty serious about and really good at keeping their relationship secret (because so much of their lives aren't private) - and the public and media don't find out until YEARS into their relationship

one of their favorite hobbies is laughing at all the gossip rags saying that tony is dating soandso and that steve was seen having coffee with natasha which obviously means they’re getting married!

the way the media actually finds out is about 5 years after they start dating… by virtue of a tweet from the official stark industries twitter

it’s a picture of steve asleep, laying on his stomach, shirtless. his mouth is open, face a little squashed by the pillow, his hair is a mess and there’s a nice little lovebite on the side of his neck.

but it’s the ring on his left hand, curled and resting on the pillow next to his face, that’s the focus of the picture. 

the tweet itself says: “I’m keeping my name. Rogers’ Industries just doesn’t have the same ring to it. -TS”