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when things seem bad, you just need to keep going and turn the page :))

The 1 Thing Your Scenes MUST HAVE

Sully is a good representation of how I want people to react when enthralled by a story I’ve written:

But more often than not, I get a reaction more like this:

Or at least, I did. I couldn’t understand why my writing produced these less-than-stellar responses. I had meticulously worded every sentence. I’d made sure there were exciting parts. I had parceled out backstory, setting, and exposition so the reader could understand what the heck was going on. So why did eyes glaze over while reading my book? Why did MY eyes glaze over while reading my own work? 

The problem, I finally found out, was that my scenes didn’t turn. 

I was cramming all that exposition in right out of the gate, so the reader knew absolutely everything … which meant there wasn’t anything to find out. The scenes were just tiny chronicles where the main character set out to do something and accomplished it with flying colors. Nothing ever happened that surprised him. And consequently, nothing ever happened to surprise the reader.  

I wasn’t withholding information, and revealing it methodically. 

I wasn’t letting the story spin in new directions. It was always chugging along the straightforward track where I’d dropped my reader.

I wasn’t letting my scenes TURN.

To illustrate what I mean, here’s an example of a great scene with a great turn from a wonderful movie: Beauty and the Beast

*Opening music that makes me want to cry from how beautiful it is*

Beat 1:

“Once upon a time, in a faraway land a young prince lived in a shining castle…” (Action: Apparently the world takes action to make sure this prince lives a cushy existence.)

“Although he had everything his heart desired, the prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind.” (Reaction: And he acts like a brat anyway.)

Beat 2:

“But then, one winter’s night, and old beggar woman came to the castle and offered a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold.” (Action)

“Repulsed by her haggard appearance, the prince sneered at the gift, and turned the old woman away.” (Reaction)

Beat 3:

“But she warned him, not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.” (Action)

“And when he dismissed her again …” (Reaction)

Beat 4:

“The old woman’s ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress.” (Action)

“The prince tried to apologize …” (Reaction) 

Beat 5:

“But it was too late, for she had seen that there was no love in his heart. And as punishment, she transformed him into a hideous beast and placed a powerful spell on the castle, and all who lived there.” (Action)

“Ashamed of his monstrous form, the beast concealed himself inside his castle, with a magic mirror as his only window to the outside world.” (Reaction)

Beat 6:

“The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose, that would bloom until his 21st year. If he could learn to love another, and earn their love in return, by the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time.” (Action)

“As the years passed, he fell into despair, and lost all hope.”  (Reaction)

“For who could ever learn to love a beast?”

Turn: The 6th beat is the turn. The story has spun in a new direction, the direction the WHOLE STORY will motor towards. 

Revelation: There’s the big one of the scene turn, but I love how every action and reaction in this prologue feels like a revelation. Each one feels like it could be a scene on it’s own, but it’s told in a just few words, with beautiful imagery. There’s no fluff in this, nothing unnecessary, everything is perfectly needed. (Sorry, I just really love this opening. I can remember sitting in my little wicker rocking chair when I was four watching this in awe. This movie is one of the reasons I’m story obsessed.)

NOW let’s remove all curiosity and surprise from this scene. 

We’ll take away the atmosphere of “all is not as it seems”, the “seeking and learning significant information” feeling, the sense that we’re climbing to something significant. Instead of withholding and revealing snippets of information, after gradual beat-by-beat escalation of curiosity, we’ll dump all information right away. We’ll take this beautiful scene, and make it distinctly not a scene by removing all traces of a turn.

So! The purpose of this “section” of story is to communicate necessary information. What info? The guy used to be a terrible prince. Someone cursed him to be a beast. His castle and the people who live there are also cursed. He’s got a rose that will bloom until he’s 21. He’s supposed to fall in love with someone and get that person to love him back.  Or he’s going to be a beast forevermore. So, let’s give it a whirl.

Let’s say it opens up on Lumiere and the Beast. They’re just hanging out in the West Wing, the Beast watching the rose sparkle, Lumiere extinguishing and reigniting his left candle/hand for something to do.

LUMIERE: “So Master, it’s been years since you were turned into a beast and the castle staff was turned into objects.”

BEAST: “Yup.”

L: “I wish you hadn’t have upset that enchantress, and been a bit kinder.”

B: “Me too. Don’t know how.”

L: “Now our only hope to return to our human forms, is if you fall in love and get that person to fall in love with you.”

B: *Noncommittal grunt*

L: “Better happen soon, before that last petal on the magical rose falls. When you turn 21, it’s going to fall. And if you haven’t learned to love by then, well, we’re stuck.”

B: “I’m aware." 

L: "Yup.”

B: “Yup.”

Well, that was extraordinarily awful. 

So what about these scenes is different? (Besides one being a work of art and the other being agony in text form.) 

– One withholds information and reveals it slowly, turning the story at the end. 

– One is just an info dump. 

So how can a turn be accomplished?  There are four types of turns: 

– Surprise

– Amplified Curiosity 

– New Insight

– Spin in New Direction

A SURPRISE turn is the difference between what the character expects and what actually happens, surprising them, surprising the reader/audience that is enthralled by your story. A CURIOSITY turn is when a new mystery is presented to the reader, increasing their drive to find out what happens next. An INSIGHT one is when a scene ends by solving a mystery, answering a question that the audience has been wondering about. And a SPIN is just that, a turn that jolts the story into a new unexpected direction.

And how do they work in a scene? 

The turn happens at the end. It’s the point of the scene. Everything’s leading to it. Think of it as the period punctuation mark on the end of the sentence that is your scene. But really your reader is anticipating that turn throughout the scene.
It’s this anticipation and “gradual illumination” that’s crucial to a story turn. This is the wonderful curious feeling that keeps us turning pages. That sense that “all is not as it seems, and if I keep reading I’ll find out the truth.” which is so intoxicating. And this is accomplished with beats, the exchanges of action and reaction, each acting like a escalation on a roller coaster, each increasing anticipation for the drop. 

Turns and revelation anticipation are rather magical when you think about it. They really are (as Robert McKee says) the substance of story. (Or they’re magical to me. I said I was obsessed. Blame this movie!) 

Now I’m going to go watch Beauty and the Beast again.


Title: Hallelujah 
Pairing: Tyler/Reader
Rating: Mature
Warnings: CHURCHBOY TYLER. Dirty talk, daddy kink, shyness, needy!Tyler, fluffy shit, all sorts of fun I hope you’re gonna like.
A/N: You guys have been begging for this, so I worked it up as best as I could. I really hope you all like it, because it was fun to write.

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Anonymous asked:

I’ve recently started planning a book about a town filled with supernatural happenings however as I’ve started to plan it I’ve realised it feels more like a TV show, where every episode the characters fix a problem, only for a different problem to come along next. Some of the problems are linked to the plot while others are subplots. Do you think this type of plot could be conveyed through writing, or should I change my plan so it works better in book format?

Ideally, a story should involve three things: 

1) A character who wants something and goes after it.

2) An antagonistic person/creature/force (or multiple) that throws obstacles into the character’s way, making it harder for them to reach their goal.

3) The character attempting to overcome each obstacle, sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing.

This dynamic of desired goal and the character’s struggle to reach it–that’s story. That’s what keeps people turning the pages or turning on the TV.

When, for whatever reason, you subdivide a story into chapters, parts (I, II, III, etc.), books in a series, episodes in a season, seasons in a series, or acts in a play, it is necessary for these parts to be able to stand on their own to some degree. Each of those parts needs to sort of tell its own story–one that builds toward the overall story, or the “story arc.” 

Here’s a graphic I did to show what that looks like in a book series:

In the graphic, “series arc” really means “story arc.”

So, my point to explaining all of this is what your story is doing–the character fixes a problem only for a new one to come along–that is the natural flow of a story. That’s the character struggling toward a goal, hitting obstacles, overcoming them, and moving on only to reach the next obstacle.

What you need to do, if you haven’t already, is figure out what your story arc is. What is the end goal this character is trying to reach? And, how do all of these little problems they’re overcoming help them take another important step toward reaching that main goal?

When you organize your story into goals, obstacles, sub-arcs, and the story arc, you’ll see a structure emerge that makes it feel less like your character is just fixing random problems before another one comes along. Giving your character an overall purpose will help give meaning to those individual problems and the overcoming of them. My post How to Give Your Story a Purpose goes into this in a bit more detail. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

It starts again in the morning. Don’t hope for a message. It’s not there.

Take the next step, turn the page, move on with your life.

Forget about him. That was yesterday, the day before, last week, two months ago.

Get up. Pull your hair back because he liked it when it was down.

This might prove that you’re over him. You aren’t.

Mascara. Eyeliner. Lipstick. Put everything on.

He liked you with as little makeup as possible.

This might prove that you’re over him. You aren’t.

Dress up. He liked you in your sweats because that’s when you were most at ease.

Earrings. Necklace. Paint your nails.

He preferred you plain and simple.

This might prove that you’re over him. You aren’t.

Everything you do reminds you of him.

At the end of the day the eyeliner is gone because you still cry over him.

You lay in your sweats because that’s what he liked.

You check your phone over and over again, is it him?

It’s not.

You crave him but you’re not even a taste on his palette.

Go to sleep. It is the only way to stop thinking.

Wake up and try again, turn the page.

Keep on turning the page, do not turn back. Move on.

5 things that lead to happiness

i was tagged a while ago by @headgirlstudy @studieswithbeth and @moonshinestudies aah sorry this is so late ;; but ty for tagging me!!

1. figuring out what works in fencing and scoring the winning touche

2. reading books that keep you turning pages

3. waking up early and gazing out the window, knowing it’s going to be a productive day

4. scrolling through cute pics of doggos and cats on tumblr and looking through my activity to read the cute messages ppl leave on my posts <3

5. talking and fangirling w/my friends

i tag @eggystudy @jiyeonstudies @julstudies @studygreystudy @stawbeestudy

Keep the pages turning with these four suspense novels by Sharon Sala

Ah yes, the fast-paced suspense/thriller to get your heart pounding and the pages turning late into the night. If you’re fans of all the latest and past thrillers out there (*cough cough* Girl of the Train, The Woman in Cabin 10), you’ll probably want to check out these four novels from New York Times Bestselling author Sharon Sala.

If you haven’t heard of her, here are some brief stats: She’s a five-time winner of the National Reader’s Choice Award, a five-time winner of the Colorado Romance Writer’s Award of Excellence, winner of the Heart of Excellence Award, as well as winner of the Booksellers Best Award. In 2011 she was named RWA’s recipient of the Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award. Her books are New York Times, USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly bestsellers.

Phew! If that doesn’t pique your interest in checking out some of her books, I don’t know what will. Four of her best suspense novels are now $1.99 on Kindle through March 31 (see below). Happy reading, friends!


What is the one reason to live when there is no good reason to live? China Brown learns that the only real answer is love. Despite the hardships of her life, and the present predicament of being the only witness to a high stakes murder, China finds all that she had been dreaming of.


Finally, Laurel Scanlon knows why she has the gift of seeing things that others don’t. When she meets her soul mate, they figure out together how to heal the restless spirits all around, including the search for a missing four-year-old girl.


Redemption is a beautiful thing. When Sarah Whitman learns from the sheriff that the murder of her father, so long ago, may not have been a murder at all, she has no choice but to avenge his once respected, and then reviled, name.


Gabriel Donner sees himself as many things, but a serial killer is not one of them. His recurring dreams, in which he is a murderer, lead him to hide because he knows more than an innocent man should. There is one person who can help, and she just may be more than he dreamed.



Now, these books aren’t necessarily ‘ghost/ghoul’ scary, but they’re intense thrillers that keep the pages turning and the heart pounding.  

1) THE YOUNG ELITES by Marie Lu: After a horrible plague, some children were left behind with strange markings and even stranger abilities.

2) THE CELLAR by Natasha Preston: Four girls are kept prisoner in the cellar of a man who is determined to make them all one happy, obedient family.

3) SLASHER GIRLS AND MONSTER BOYS by various YA authors: This collection of horrifying short stories ranges from retellings to serial killers.

4) ENDGAME: THE CALLING by James Frey: The world’s population all descended from certain original bloodlines, but their creator only lets the most superior bloodline survive- kind of like a gory 39 Clues meets The Hunger Games.

5) SIX OF CROWS by Leigh Bardugo: Six criminals undertake the most dangerous heist possible.

6) THE FIFTH WAVE by Rick Yancey: After the end of the world, Cassie doesn’t know how to tell the aliens and surviving humans apart.

10 Reasons Why You Should Read The Deadly Nightshade

1) A 19-year-old Hispanic protagonist. Unfortunately, it is incredibly rare to see a POC heroine in YA fiction. Well not here! Nightshade is a dark-skinned, curly-haired Puerto Rican who is lethal with a pair of katanas.

2) Diverse characters. The Deadly Nightshade features characters with a wide array of ethnicities, sexualities, and beliefs. The majority of the main characters are POCs.

3) A YA/New Adult book without the cliché and overdone romance subplot. I don’t know about you, but those cheesy love triangles you often find in post-apocalyptic and dystopian YA make me nauseous. This novel features a solely platonic relationship between the protagonist and her companion, and while there are a few minor romances between some characters, they act as important aspects of the plot.

4) Meaningful inter-character relationships. This is a novel focused almost entirely on the strength and importance of human connections in the face of adversity. Each relationship between characters is essential to their growth and development throughout the book, and they are sure to stay with you long after you’re done reading.

5) Set in post-apocalyptic America. Set in the year 2084, The Deadly Nightshade features a world where the majority of the population has been wiped out by warfare and disease—a world where gangs run rampant and terrorize the remaining survivors, a world where civilization is all but non-existent and bloodying one’s hands is essentially inevitable.

6) No “Chosen One” trope. Unlike many YA protagonists, Nightshade is not chosen from birth to reconstruct society or gifted with some supernatural power. She is an average girl who, through intense training over many years, becomes a deadly product of the chaotic environment in which she lives in order to survive.

7) Extensive character growth/dynamism. The Deadly Nightshade not only follows Nightshade’s transition from helpless child to deadly survivor, but it also chronicles her emotional growth and re-humanization as she fosters life-altering connections with other characters.

8) The protagonist isn’t necessarily a good person. Nightshade is by no means a righteous, good-hearted heroine, and she’s well aware of it. She’s got a blood-stained history, and she’s willing to do almost anything to ensure her own survival, even if it means bloodying her katanas more times than she cares to count.

9) The villain isn’t necessarily a bad person. The novel’s antagonist can’t really be considered a flat out evil guy. After all, he is seeking revenge for the death of somebody he loved by Nightshade’s blade.

10) Plenty of action sequences to keep you entertained. If you’re an action-lover, this book has a multitude of teeth-gritting fight scenes that are sure to keep you turning the page! Did I mention the protagonist wields katanas?

Order The Deadly Nightshade on Amazon in paperback or eBook form today! I guarantee there’s nothing else like it.

Resolve to Read These 7 Timeless Classics You May Have Missed

Still looking for the perfect New Year’s resolution? Just in time for the 40th Anniversary Special Edition of ROLL OF THUNDER, HEAR MY CRY, we suggest making 2016 the year you FINALLY read these 7 timeless classics that no one should miss: 

1. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor

It’s been 40 years since the story of Cassie Logan’s transformative year at the height of the Depression hit shelves. Don’t miss the 40th Anniversary Special Edition, which includes cover art by Caldecott Honor winner Kadir Nelson and an introduction by Jacqueline Woodson!

2. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

Widely considered the original YA, Ponyboy’s tale still resonates with its powerful portrait of the bonds and boundaries of friendship.

3. The BFG by Roald Dahl

Catch up on Sophie’s adventure with the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) before the movie hits theaters in July! Watch the trailer for The BFG movie here.

4. My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George

When Sam Gribley runs away from his family’s crowded New York City apartment to live in the mountains, his year alone will change his life forever.

5. The Puffin in Bloom Collection 

Four classic stories are given new life in these gorgeous editions designed by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.!

6. Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene

The summer Patty turns 12, she forms a friendship that jeopardizes her family, friends and freedom – but it’s a risk she has to take.

7. The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin

This Newbery Medal winner is a medley of illusions, aliases, and subterfuge guaranteed to keep you turning pages to figure out Sam Westing’s game.

Review: Two on a Tower by Thomas Hardy

Two on a Tower was written by Thomas Hardy and published in 1882. The novel follows a love story between an older woman and a younger man. Their story is set against a backdrop of astronomy and stellar space. Their relationship is a struggle because of class, age difference etc. This is a story with the vastness of the universe brilliantly juxtaposed with seemingly small, heart wrenching human affairs.

I quite liked the story in Two on a Tower, especially the first half. I really liked the beginning of the relationship between Lady Constantine and Swithin. There was also a lot of astronomy in the beginning and talk of the universe, which I really liked. The second half was good too, but that’s when events took a turn for the worse. It was interesting the whole way through and I will say that for 19th century novels I feel like Thomas Hardy can really keep you page turning compared to others authors of the time. The second half had an absurdity in some of the events that happened that made it less enjoyable. It almost felt like Hardy intended it to be that way however, which is interesting.

Two on a Tower was set in 19th century England in the fictional county of Wessex that Hardy loves to use for his novels. I liked the setting. For the most part the novel only took place between Lady Constantine’s Manor and the astronomical observation tower on her property where most of the romance takes place. I liked this because it really showed the smallness of their little universe juxtaposed with the vastness of the actual universe.

Lady Constantine was an interesting character. I felt so bad for her at the beginning as the victim of a bad marriage with a jealous husband. I understood why she fell for Swithin and I liked some of her altruism later on. Some of her decisions though at a certain part of her relationship with Swithin were kind of frustrating. I understood that because of their class difference and age difference their relationship was not ok by societal standards, but I feel she still could have acted differently. Swithin was an ok character. He was an astronomer, which was really cool. He had such a naiveness and youthfulness around him at first, which made sense. Even as his feelings blossom you can still see his naiveness, which was a bit annoying, yet showed an interesting aspect in his relationship with Lady Constantine. One of the reasons standing in the way of their relationship was the fact that Lady Constantine could interfere with Swithin’s career as an astronomer. This was mostly brought up by Lady Constantine and I felt added an interesting dynamic that showed her great love and selflessness while it showed Swithin’s unconscious selfishness.

Did I Like It?:
Yes I did! This was my second Thomas Hardy novel, the first being Tess of the D’Ubervilles, and I am really liking his work! Of course Tess of the D’Ubervilles was my favorite of the two novels and is more well known. Two on a Tower was interesting in it’s own right though, even while it is not a perfect novel.

Do I Recommend It?:
Yes! If you have never read a Hardy novel, I wouldn’t start with this one though. Start with Tess of the D’Ubervilles. If you are already a Hardy fan than check this out !


Subject 17 - Memo 4
Desmond Miles
Subject 17 - Memo 4

So, this will be a short one dad… uh, something to remember me by if things go South; if I don’t make it out of the Temple today. I’ve tried to be optimistic about all this, but I- I just can’t. I think spending all this time in Connor’s memories has made me anxious. I mean his story is painful in so many way. Still he never lost hope, even when his faith in others eroded.

I can only believe that we are doing is the right thing, that I can stop this disaster…I know this… I mean the technology is there, waiting for us to use it. I’m the first piece of the puzzle. Something in my genes, or my memories, some final piece of code to switch the whole thing on… that’s why I’m here. That’s why they’ve brought me here.

Only, um… I- I don’t know what I’ll have to give up in return. My sanity? My life? It’s impossible to say. I do know this… our battle with the Templars will not be over. Whatever is inside that temple is not an ending. It’s just another chapter in this- this endless story. And it’ll be your job… and mom’s, and- and Shaun’s and Rebecca’s to keep turning the pages.

You know I- I keeping thinking about something Orson Welles once said… something like If you… if you want a happy ending, it all depends on where you stop telling your story. So maybe… maybe that’s the answer. Maybe that’s how people keep marching forward.

If you something goes wrong in there, Dad… something happens to ME… when you tell my story years from now… please tell them the one about how I lost my way, and then I found it again, just in time to save the world. And- and- just… end it there. That will keep everyone smiling.

Goodbye Dad. Say hello to mom. Tell her I love her, okay? Tell her I- I love you both… I love you both.

“This is the End.”

A short story based off the end of tonight’s Iron Gods session with my friends.

There’s a moment in every persons life when they need to look at what’s going on around them and acknowledge that there is no next page. For some, it comes after many chapters full of adventures and joy, ending in a quiet bed among loved ones. For others, it comes abrupt and unexpected, cutting the promise of greatness short in a sudden and terrible climax.
And yet for a few, it comes. It comes and there is no way to escape it as every turned page paints a bleak picture and the back cover quickly approaching as words of struggle and tribulation fill the parchment.

Sometimes the end comes even though you do everything you can to keep that page from turning. 

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anonymous asked:

This might be slightly stupid thing to ask, but how do you get interested in reading again? I used to read so many books when I was younger but now after school/work, I'm so tired that I'd rather watch TV than read.

Hey lovely, this isn’t stupid at all, I think its happening to most readers today and I definitely find this problem! I have a lot of thoughts on why this is, but long story short it’s because of a) book elitism and b) instant gratification due to the development of television, internet etc and its harder to both make the commitment and maintain interest in books (I even find it hard to finish a two hour long movie most nights). But, as our attention spans are becoming shorter its even more important to keep reading, and last year I finally decided to get out of my reading rut and committed to reading 52 books throughout the year (which isn’t that much to some people, but was more than I had read over the previous few years). Some things that helped me:

  1. Good Reads
    I don’t understand how anyone who reads doesn’t use Good Reads already, but it is amazing for organising your reading. You search for books you want to read, have read or are currently reading and “shelve” them accordingly so you can find them better. I use this to look at reviews, see what my GR’s friends have been reading/recommending, and search different genres or categories to find things I may be interested in.  

  2. Set A Goal
    Though you can do this by yourself and keep a number in mind, I’d recommend using Good Reads’ Reading Challenge as it shows how many books behind/in front you are and the percentage you have finished for the year (displayed on a progress bar). At the end, it will also give you an overview of your year of reading, showing how many pages you read, the longest and shortest books, your average rating, your favourites and other cool things. Actually visualising your progress can really, really help and keep you motivated to stay on top of your goal (it got me to read around 15 books in december to finish my 52). For some people this may only make reading stressful which is NOT good (so if thats the case don’t do it), but if you like planning definitely set your goal now!

  3. Social Media
    Blogging about literature that I loved or wanted to read on Tumblr also really helped motivate me, especially when people started asking me about books. If you want more readers to follow/talk to you, try making edits or posts for your fandoms and initiate conversations. Also make sure you follow people who blog about literature so it comes on your dash more frequently and keeps you interested! If instagram or youtube fits you better, try looking at people who discuss books on there too.

  4. Environment and Different Mediums
    If you get distracted when reading, try to create a space or situation strictly for books. This could be a room in your house, lying on the end of your bed, sitting in a beanbag with a cup of tea — just something you recognise as a place for reading. Make sure you keep your laptop and phone away so you don’t get distracted! You can also try downloading books onto your phone or computer so when you’re away from home and need entertainment you might pick it up and get invested (this has helped me start reading several times after becoming bored at the hairdressers or on the bus, even though I prefer physical books).

  5. Re-Read Your Favourite Books
    This is the absolute most important thing when getting back into reading. Never feel pressured to read classics, memoirs or best sellers if they simply don’t interest you! The best thing you can do is pick up one of your favourite books so you know you will finish it quickly, because it will make you want to keep turning pages. It’s even better if there is a series you love, as that gets you back in the habit of picking up another book straight away (reading Harry Potter always helps me). Similarly, don’t be afraid to put a book down if you don’t enjoy it - there is no shame in moving on if it’s just going to make you dislike reading again and lose interest.  Never feel ashamed of reading something others don’t like or approve of, if you don’t enjoying reading then there is no point at all.

  6. Bonus; do whatever else motivates you
    It doesn’t matter if what you enjoy/get motivated by is what other people call superficial or whatever else. If a pretty book cover makes you want to pick it up then buy books with pretty covers! If taking pictures for #bookstagram helps to motivate you than do it!!! Just rediscover the excitement of reading again, the feeling of staying up all night to finish a good book, rushing to the local store because you can’t wait for a new instalment. Reading should always be enjoyable, so make sure you are reading for you and not just because you feel like you should. 
ink on a page

A/N: This is a S3 AU drabble where Clarke never left. She discovers that Bellamy is even more of a book nerd than she thought, and that she’s surprisingly attracted to it. This is pure fluff, friends. It’s also pretty short, but I have a long AU coming up for you in a few days! Stick with me!

She figures out Bellamy loves books the second time they visit the supply depot. After they shake off the memories of their first time there, they’re lucid enough to actually search the place. 

When they stumble across boxes of books and magazines, Bellamy’s eyes practically light up. “These aren’t just books, princess,” he says, exasperated, though she notes fondly that the nickname has lost a lot of its venom since they first landed on the ground, “this is history.”

Clarke snorts, “Okay, nerd.”

“Look at all this, Clarke. The entire history of the human race all right here for the taking.”

“Of course, how could I not see the value in ‘10 tricks to seduce your man’,” she quotes, reading a nearly disintegrated cover of Marie Claire

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So, as many of you may know, I reached 1,000 followers not so long ago. *does the happy dance*

Since I’m broke as… um, well, a broke person, I’m doing a follow forever and I’m literally posting all the people I follow, so embrace yourselves, follow forever is coming. :)




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Sorry for the long post. :)

And, you know, stay awesome! :)