keep together

The Signs as Choir Members
  • Aries:the one who puts everyone in their place when they're acting out and also is surprisingly talented.
  • Taurus:the naturally talented and lovable one who is really good at blending with the rest of the choir.
  • Gemini:the one who joined for their friends but stayed because they ended up really loving it.
  • Cancer:the one who tries really hard, gets super into the emotional songs, and everyone admires.
  • Leo:the one who is really talented and everyone loves, but causes so much drama in the community.
  • Virgo:the quiet one who tries super hard, learns tons of music theory and ends up improving a bunch.
  • Libra:the really super talented one who has too much energy for everyone but is also BFFs with everyone.
  • Scorpio:the amazingly talented one who everyone admires, who is pretty aloof but keeps the choir together.
  • Sagittarius:the one who keeps the morale up in the choir and goofs around sometimes but tries hard too.
  • Capricorn:the one who loves studying music theory and history and is also super good at blending.
  • Aquarius:the one who enjoys the interesting, unique, challenging music and is a really good soloist.
  • Pisces:the extremely naturally talented one who loves everyone and goes around giving hugs to friends.

I still need to flail. I was expecting a good finale, but I was in no way prepared for just how amazing it turned out to be.

Everything, from Dolarhyde, to every interaction Will & Hannibal had, to the bluff talk (omg the bluff talk I was having to restrain myself from smacking my husband’s arm repeatedly at that), to the plans they seemed to clearly be making that were at odds with the surface reading of the way they were speaking to each other, to that whole final scene with Will, Hannibal & Dolarhyde and their last little bit of dialogue together.

I keep saying I’ll never be over it, and I mean it. To see a show that has been so beautiful, such a work of art from day one maintain that level of quality, and to see a slash ship treated with so much respect and love and care is just overwhelming.

also i think it’s interesting that they chose to have maria there instead of chris when they were initially pushing tsubachris but i can kinda see why honestly? it would have played out completely differently if it had been anyone but maria, because of how maria is

plus chris bonding with heelie wheelie and hot topic is important and im glad they keep getting screentime together

What I got out of Jet Black Heart

Ok so when I first listened to the chorus of jet back heart the first thing that went through my mind was that it was about the band. All of them, some more than others, already have vulnerable hearts and there’s a hurricane (all the shit they get on twitter and other social media) underneath them trying to tear them apart and the music that they write (with the poison pen) gets so many criticisms but the chemicals moving between them (the boys) is what keeps them going. So basically no matter how much shit they get the bond that keeps 5sos together is what keeps them going. 

“And sometimes you try way too hard to keep it together so your hand shakes and loses its grip on everything and it all just crashes and burns. You know, you can try all you want but some things are just meant to fall apart.” -what the fuck why can’t I breathe, 6:22 PM

Hermione suffered from anxiety the worst of the group. Sometimes the world would just seem too much and she’d just have to stop.

Harry didn’t get out of bed for days at a time. He skipped most of the celebration parties.

Ron was the best at keeping things together. He would just wrap his arms around Hermione. He would lay toast next to Harry’s bedside table. He helped his mum in the kitchen. But Ron didn’t sleep much, he had deep purple bags under his eyes.

Neville stayed at the hospital with his parents and always had his wand clutched in his hand.

Ginny ran. She ran every day for two or three hours. She was thin, she barely ate. She would curl around Harry in the middle of the night and they would cry together.

George was nothing. George had the store closed. He rarely made it to dinner at the Burrow. Ron would sometimes pick him up and side along apparate him back home.

Luna was beautiful. She would smile and laugh. Luna had seen too much sadness in her life and she decided to see the happiness in the world. Luna traveled. Luna met Rolf. Luna traveled with Rolf. Luna found someone else as happy as her.

Hattie and Doug get a little desperate once their bake-sale fails to garner enough money, and together they hatch the idea of asking Gav’ for the remaining §4497. Being the good guy that he is, Gav’ agrees to give his eldest son the money, roughly 4 years of hard-earned pizza savings.

Hattie gets a little choked up at the beautiful father-son moment. Its almost too much for her.

Hattie: [Fans away tears] Keep it together, Hattie!

ladies and gentlemen, a Krabby Patty Love Poem

you are as sweet as a sesame seed bun
you are the one and only Krabby Patty
nobody has perfected what you have become
your secret formula shrouded in mystery
is it the succulent patty that holds it together
or the crisp lettuce and tomato serenade?
the onions that well up the tears of our measure
or the pickles in their cooked marinade
what are the buns that keep you together?
moist and delicious they perfect your picture
the one and only, a unique composure
how can i desire any other mixture?
your secret is safe forever by fate
and i’ll never ask you of it
so we travel on with you on my plate
the Krabby Patty that i’m in love with.

I haven’t forgiven anyone who abused me. I know it’s in the past, and to think that it would mean the last incident was a long time ago, but it was only last year when I had my brother beat me up while I was in between my parents who did nothing. I’ve taken this for so many years and I don’t think I’m able to forgive anyone because I can barely keep myself together now and they fucking tell me it’s okay?
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ireallydontwannadothis asked:

why does sonic have those bandages around his hands is what im wondering

it keeps his body together so it doesn’t break apart and form a blackhole from running too fast idk man it’s dumb tho


IDK I don’t consider myself a Sonic fan but holy shit they don’t deserve that

                                                       reaching the starlight and silver fields

1. wonder (jai wolf remix) adventure club ft. the kite string tangle // 2. magic (ft. brady and nile rodgers) mystery skulls // 3.sparkle (sour cream mix) steven universe // 4. freaky me, freaky you cherub // 5. sleepyhead passion pit // 6. keep it together mystery skulls // 7. always (wave racer remix) panama // 8. kindercut sebastian // 9. kangaroo court capital cities // 10. the mother we share chvches // 11. the future mystery skulls // 12. odd look kavinsky // 13. you found me sublab & azaleh // 14. embody sebastian