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Rye: “…But, I need….help…………………….now…..Dragons are suffering….”

MOD NOTE: (Chapter 1, Part 10 of ?) Keep those questions coming.

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“Princess Blueblood longs to @askprincessblueblood

So I removed Mr Klotz from today’s mailing list (he was only going to be included today anyway just for the merch topic) but it’s great to see that our emails are getting through to Disney. 

“Admire your spirit though” This is such a great thing to hear. Let’s see if we can get the execs to feel the same! Keep those emails for the execs coming! 

(Also a note for the topic on the 16th August. It will be a fanart submission. So if you don’t have one already (It’s fine to email them old works) then I just want to give you all a fair warning so you can start early if you want to participate!)