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Emma, I am so confused with all these houses. I know the $10m house has the meditation tea house and that is on the market. But is this one, the one that x17 is talking about, the stunt house that he was renting? The one that D would post pictures from? This isn't the one he was seen at recently (the doctor/lawyer pic) that is right on the street. He still has that one? My little brain can't keep up! Thank you!

The $10 million dollar house that might belong to Louis and Harry, or Liam, or whoever, is on the market. The house x17 is talking about is the one on the street that Louis was papped outside of, Clifford was papped outside of, the lawyer and doctor were papped outside of, and so on. It’s the house he bought in October (before that, he was renting Paul McKenna house). Danielle took photos at the rental and at the house he bought in October (more the rental than the other house, but still). So according to x17, the house he bought in October is the one that’s being sold.

*stumbles onto the internet* hello I played Zelda all day again lol (after completing some minor homework so I don’t feel COMPLETELY awful about it because by now I’m VERY aware this game will suck me in for long periods of time ^^;;; )

For today, I managed to find more memories (the one around the horse statue, and the one with the frog… both very cute :’D ) so now I have…2 more to go? Wowie. There are other missing memories I know, but for the pictures in Zelda’s camera, I’m almost done!

I also found Zelda’s horse!! He’s beauuutiful and with awesome stats, but WHAT A PAIN TO CATCH, GOSH. I named him Teruki! …yes, from MP100…it’s fitting, leave me alone :P I even got his mane cut short when he started being nice lololol he’s a really good horse~ Hopefully I can upload a picture soon!

Lessee I also completed recovering the ENTIRE Hyrule map! Doesn’t stop me from getting lost chasing after things (today…it was a dragon again. Very lost but I got a scale from it. So.) but it certainly helps X’D

I also managed to defeat my first Lynell!! :’’’D It was painful and took forever but I did it *falls over* thank you @nebulousneko and friends for the tips, they really helped!!

Oh, and I finished the Divine Beast Vah Rudania (the…lizard one…that for SOME reason I thought was an octopus in the trailers???? oops)!! What interesting mechanics for that dungeon, I really enjoyed myself there~ It was a tough but good challenge X’D I did have some trouble figuring out how to beat the boss tho O.o;;;; 

ALSO YUNOBO IS ADORABLE, why aren’t more people talking about him??? A precious Goron child with anxiety but trying his best, 10/10 would adopt :’D

I See You (Betty's Version)
I See You (Betty's Version)

Okay it’s almost 1 am but I just had to put this together. When inspiration strikes I can’t say no! Basically, I decided to write a song from Betty’s point of view for Jughead. Please give it a listen - I’d really really appreciate the support! I’m considering writing a version from Jughead’s point of view (the two parts would form a duet). Lyrics below the cut!

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your mobility aids aren’t ugly and they don’t make your appearance any less attractive.

  • Voldemort: The Boy who Lived... come to die
  • Harry: Die?😉🔥 Only quitters let death catch up!😤🏃🏻 Chosen One⚡️👐🏻 Rip Dumbledore💙😭 Keep fighting!😵 Gryffindor quidditch 🔱❤️ Captain😅😅 The Prophet is for Pussies 😤😤 Merlin #1✌🏻👐🏻 Friends💛

Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Broken Promises’

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i’m sorry for all the blood i left on your lips / for loving you into ruin.
Never Underestimate the pain of a person, because in all honesty, everyone is struggling. Some people are better at hiding it than others.
—  Will Smith

Chirrut didn’t say “look to the force and you will always find strength” or “look to the force and you will always find peace” or even “look to the force and you will always find a way”, no, they CHOSE TO HAVE CHIRRUT SAY “LOOK TO THE FORCE AND YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND ME”



also please consider that Chirrut said it just as much for himself as for Baze’s benefit, he said it because he NEEDED Baze to find him in the force because Chirrut couldn’t stand being parted from him either

  • YOI Fandom: *Posts and reblogs amazing fanart*
  • SNK Fandom: *frantically checking the tags*
  • SNK Fandom: "Is that Levi or Otabek?"
  • SNK Fandom: "Is that Armin being fabulous or Yuri Plisetski?"
  • SNK Fandom: "... Again... Is this Levi being hype or Jean-Jacques Leroy?"
  • SNK Fandom: "... Is that... Armin and Lev- Wait... No, no it's Otabek and Yurio."

A tale of two lovers, bonded together from youth.

You all wanted it, you all requested it, and so you shall receive.


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