keep things in proportion people

It bothers me how people keep blowing this gay Genos thing out of proportions.

I get it, “Ha ha, Genos is really obsessed with Saitama’s approval, he practically has a crush on him.” But people legitimately believe in their heads that Genos is fawning over Saitama romantically and I feel like it delegitimizes their relationship as a student/teacher and as close friends.

Genos holds a great respect for Saitama that practically no one else, besides Mumen Rider, can understand. Genos knows that Saitama is not only spectacular for his godly strength, but for his wisdom. Despite One Punch Man being very much an every man, holding no delusions of grandeur and being very down to earth while still having a selfish and egotistical side to him, Saitama is a very smart person that has a lot of good advice, even if he doesn’t know it himself. Genos understands this despite the superficial simplicity of Saitama and is one of the best characters because he understands it.

And to take all the development and all the moments that this series gives us and simply reduce it to “He is so gay for him” and “Omg my gay cyborg husband” is very disheartening and, I personally feel, is insulting to their true relationship.

You can ship it if you want, I don’t care, but I want people to recognize the nature of their relationship and why it really is brilliant.