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my whole life has just.. passed me by so fucking fast. like. eighteen years of living is stuck in my head and half of that shit doesn’t even seem real anymore? i remember staring at the puddles on the street while walking home from preschool with my brother, and hitting myself in the face with one of those kiddie chairs and getting a bloody nose, and how my brother would make my lunch, eggs cut up into neat squares, ketchup, slice of toast. and my crib, i remember my crib, sitting their listening to the rain curled up in my loony tunes blanket and staring at the soft glow of the bedroom lamp, which was the only think that was turned on. I remember the first night i slept in my own bed, and watching the antique roadshow because nothing else was on, and the last day of kindergarten, where i got a boy to sign my yearbook by pretending to be a car and making him laugh. and i remember writing a dumb Narnia rip off in the first grade where all i did was just inserted me and my classmates in the story, and i begged the teacher to let me read it to the class, but i got embarrassed halfway through and changed all the names because i didn’t want people to think i was weird for writing about them. but my teacher put the book, which was really just printer paper stapled together with crude drawings, in our mini library, and a boy read it immediately after and came up to me later to tell me it was really cool that i wrote him into the story. and i remember making a diorama on the Kookaburra, cutting pictures of trees and flowers out of magazines while my mom knitted, pulling out moss from my backyard and gluing it onto the cardboard box. i was really proud of that diorama.

i made a bug hospital under a big pine tree in my backyard, tried to nurse dying moths back to health and take care of wounded spiders. ate strawberry popsicles on blankets in my backyard with my friend. i remember the first time i was able to ride a bike without falling, how good it felt. i remember my mom’s cookies, and the way she always ended up burning the breaded chicken she made. i remember trying to part my hair all the way to the side, how it was perpetually over one eye for the entirety of my 5th grade year. i remember writing music lyrics on my wrists and having a guy mistake it for my own poetry. i remember standing in department store’s makeup isles and smearing as much of their ‘try me!’ black eye shadow across my lids as i could. i remember buying bright red, dappled aquamarine, deep blue pants and pairing them with rainbow polka-dot rain boots, and calling that fashion. i remember the halls of my elementary school, the halls of my middle school, the way the doors looked, the way the carpet felt. 

i remember being that person, i remember living those moments, but it just all just seems so far away, at the same time? it’s frustrating to remember, and yet, not have those memories completely in my grasp. those times are gone. they’re gone and they’re not coming back. and.. i’m happy with where i’m at now. i’m in a better state than i ever was. but at the same time, i can’t help but feel like time has been taken from me. and it has, obviously, but part of me just wants those moments back.

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I couldn't find anything but I'm super invested so may I ask if you ever like fully explained the whole lost lance au?

It’s explained in like chunks over asks and throughout the tag

but here’s the QUICK summary: 

During the final battle of the Galra war Lance goes missing and after weeks of searching for him he’s presumed dead. three years into the future Keith happens to find him again on a random ocean planet but Lance has forgotten everything about his past (including life before voltron and even his name.) 

I’ve noticed a reoccurring theme in my friends explanations of their characters


N’s version of Mr. Chu 😄💕

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is it the house outside of which louis was papped getting starbucks delivered?

yep. also the same one where the syco posse (+ doctor with otoscope) rocked up. it’s a stunt house par excellence, right by the main road with no private main entrance. *chants* ditch it! ditch it! ditch it!

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Could you recommend some nice red/rose aesthetic blogs?😊

@partynextyou @rohsie @softestswan @the0ffice @redroseclub @girlrose @slkskin @roseyvelvet @cupidcore @roseprimer @roseyblush AND MANY MORE THESE R JUST SOME I SAW ON MY DASH!!

also if anyone has any recommendations for any good red/pink blogs PLS PLS PLS LET ME KNOW ALL OF THE PINK/RED IS GOING FROM MY DASH!!!! IF U A RED/PINK BLOG LIKE THIS POST !!!!!!!! 🌹🌹🌹


I still don’t think I’ve recovered from this yet

got7 is truly my ult bias group and I want to give these boys only the best in the world, but I’m gonna vote for monsta x in the upcoming shows because got7 already have 4 wins with this comeback alone and monsta x don’t have a single one yet…at all…
 they deserve this so much and their music is honestly so good and I feel like it would make got7 happy to see them win too… remember when jackson said he hopes monsta x gets their first win soon?! so do I 

thanks my dears

When you’ve been bit by the writing bug, but don’t have time to write

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oh my god Fuck?? fuck. i feel like crying?? but im scared to say why on here fjdjdjdj


A messy little comic where Yuri takes a chance (finally)

Part 8 / Part 1

That’s all for now fam. Hope you liked my dumb little comic ❤︎