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Cause of death:
Tom Holland
- smiling
- laughing
- acting
- dancing
- singing
- talking
- cuddling
- interacting with fans
- posting on instagram
- tweeting
- being adorable
- looking good
- being sweet
- being all boyfriend material
- not knowing that I exist

When I log into tumblr I see a variety of amazing people all trying to find their way to health. I see people who want to lose 200+ pounds and those who want to lose 15. I see some people trying out intermittent fasting to keep their binge eating in check, while other people like to eat multiple small meals a day. I see people who feel ketosis helps keep them satisfied while burning their body’s fat and at the same time people who can’t feel full without some carbs. I see vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores. I see people eating clean and people just casually trying to cut calories. I see people trying to drink more water, simply move more, and eat out less. I see people wanting to run marathons and people who just want to walk a few more steps. I see people preparing for weight loss surgery. I see people using food to fight disease whether that be diabetes, auto-immune diseases, or PCOS. I see people trying to do their best in a world that wants to make being healthy complicated, monetized, and practically impossible.

Do I agree with everyone’s diet? No way! But most of the time I don’t even follow my own guidelines enough to feel comfortable policing anyone else. Everyday I try to be better. I allow myself to learn and I move forward so I can grow into better, stronger, and healthier person. I try to do what works for me and I respect that you know what works for you.

Every single person I follow is unique and different and I respect your journey to find what works for you. We don’t need to tear down each other down when were all simply taking our own path to the same destination. There is no one size fits all answer to health and everyone’s experiences are valid.

how the moon signs feel
  • aries: they feel in explosions, eruptions; their heart is a fuse, and once it's lit, there's no going back. they think with their heart, rather than just feeling, and they use it as fuel, use it as a weapon.
  • taurus: their heart is a mountain, tremendous in size and impossible to move; it's framed by grass meadows and a gentle breeze. they feel in crystal outcroppings and veins made of minerals, in stalagmites and stalactites that take millions of years to build.
  • gemini: their heart is a desert at nighttime, bitterly and bitingly cold. sometimes, they feel in fireworks that explode upon a clear sky full of stars, and sometimes, the only thing they feel is the chilling wind blowing around them without rest. they feel in duality; either everything, or nothing at all.
  • cancer: they feel in waves that wash up on the shore during high tide, and all too often, those waves completely swamp them, making them feel like they're drowning. no one can reach them now.
  • leo: they have a heart made of gold, and they feel in spontaneous waves of passion, like paint splattering onto a perfectly blank canvas. they feel in the form of art; they are art, residing high up on the pedestal they have made for themselves.
  • virgo: everything is white; everything is pure. in their heart, everything is orderly, and everything has a place. when they feel, they disrupt that very order; they feel in earthquakes, shattering the windows and knocking over the memories they took so much time to arrange.
  • libra: purpose is essential. much like virgo, a libra moon's heart must maintain a state of equilibrium at all times. a libra moon's feeling can be personified as a tipping of the scales; feeling must have purpose to balance itself on the other side, or else equilibrium will be shattered.
  • scorpio: their hearts are a calm and cloudy sky above a pacific sea, and their emotions are like monsoons, completely wreaking havoc until there is nothing left to destroy within themselves. they feel in storms, in lightning and unforgiving gales.
  • sagittarius: their heart is free, and they often have to chain it down to keep themselves in check. when a sagittarius moon feels, their heart swells, and the chains holding back their heart break. they feel in uncontrolled pulses, pulses that run throughout their entire body and make their bones itch for freedom.
  • capricorn: their feelings take shape in the form of a slow burn, and their heart is the candle wick that keeps them burning. their feelings are steady and controlled; sometimes, if they aren't careful, the flame grows too great to control, and they burn themselves out.
  • aquarius: logic is key. in a way the opposite of aries moons, who think with their hearts, aquarius moons feel with their mind. they feel in neural synapses, neon blue sparks of electricity coursing across a circuit board to deliver information. their heart is insulated, and they've installed the necessary software to protect themselves.
  • pisces: a pisces moon is surrounded by fragments of dreams, fragments of things that could be and could've been. they spend more time in the fantasy world they've created for themselves than in the real world. they completely surround themselves in their emotions, and they feel in waterfalls.
Taking a couple days of rest!

Hello guys~ I’m going to take a couple days off from drawing for this au because hoo boi did I do a lot these past 2 weeks :’-) I’ll still be here to talk! Also I think I’m going to make a side blog for my other AUs cause I don’t want this one to get crowded with irrelevant content so i might head over there for the next couple days just to refresh my creative juices (I haven’t made one yet but just a heads up!)

I’ll come back in full force and finally get through that jinkook/ot7 when I’ve hit refresh on life.

As always, thank you so much for all of your support. It keeps me up at night sometimes how loved I feel agdhsjsh you guys are the REALEST :’) 💖

Illyrian Sunbathing

So in ACOWAR we got a few lovely scenes about Illyrian wings, but imagine:

Cassian is outside stretching his wings and since they need to be well taken care of he applies oils or lotions on them to keep them from getting burned to a crisp in the sunlight.

And so he offhandedly makes a remark about not being able to reach part of his wings in the back so Nesta steps forward (not realizing just how sensitive wings are to touch) and just rubs in the oils for Cassian.

This leaves Cassian completely stunned to feel her warm hands massaging his wings and cauldron boil him, but it makes him so hot and bothered to the point even his face is flushed by the time she is done.

Taken [Chapter 10]


Pairing: Suho x Reader

Warnings: Language; may have triggering situations including sexual situations, abuse, violence, etc.

Summary: You were just a normal girl. You were just trying to get by. Until a rather unfortunate relationship brought you to the hands of Suho, the leader of the greatest mafia in the country.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10
Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 15

The first time he came, he already caught your attention.

He was incredibly handsome, so it wasn’t strange that he made an impression on you and the rest of the employees. He always seemed to have a gentle smile on his face, and emits a calm and comforting aura. He always came around sundown, when the rays of the dying sun comes pouring in through the bakery windows. It always made him seem like he glowed warmly.

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Choosing (Peter Parker x Reader) Hogwarts AU

Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Part four of the Improper series

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

You allowed your body to rock from side to side, following the trains movements. Peter sat opposite of you on the Hogwarts Express, rambling on about something you don’t care about. It was sad, but these days you and him didn’t seem to have the same interests anymore, and that was becoming painfully obvious. If you listened for even a second, you would have heard Liz Allan’s name, or the words “beautiful” or “amazing”. As you found out, Liz had visited Peter in the Hospital Wing on one of the days you couldn’t come. Liz had no problem with Inigo, she was older, popular, untouchable. As a result, Peter was now in love with her. You ruffled the fur on Bear’s head and she barked, licking your hand. Thank god the Magical Menagerie found there are breeds of dogs that stay puppies forever, or Bear would be found by the caretaker and confiscated. Those are the kinds of thoughts that floated around in your head as Peter kept talking.

“-and she smiled at me and said ‘see you later’! What does that even mean?” Peter gushes. He opened his mouth to continue but stopped when he saw you weren’t paying attention. “…And you spaced out. Really?”

You blew a noisy raspberry at him. “I get it Peter, you’re whipped.” You tease, enjoying the cute defensive expression he wore. As soon as you thought that, you mentally choked. What. I thought I got rid of that lovey dovey shit in the first year! You could almost imagine your subconscious shrugging apologetically. Peter toyed with the cord of an Extendable Ear, wrapping it around his finger. His mood seemed to worsen the longer he looked at it and his gaze went from the toy to you a couple of times before he spoke.

“Hey, um… Can-can I ask you a question?” Peter stutters, suddenly very interested in his Extendable Ear.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I read your post about Russian names, and I'm sorry if you've already answered this, but you didn't really talk about how a student, or someone young, would address Yakov and Lilia (Otabek addressing Yakov, for instance, or one of Lilia's students addressing Lilia). So could you please explain how one of Yakov or Lilia's students might address them, directly or when talking about them to someone else, and how they would be addressed by people who are the same age as them but not friends?

Hi!  Luckily this is pretty straightforward. Students address their teachers as their First Name + Patronym as a show of respect, so in school and to their coaches. Otabek would address Yakov as Yakov [Patronym] and the same with one of Lilia’s students to Lilia. This rule applies for both when they are talking directly to their coach and talking about them to someone else. I have a guide post on patronyms here if you need references on how to deal with this. Don’t ask me why even Yuri P. calls Yakov by just his first name; maybe this just unlocks the backstory to why he’s called the Russian Punk.

As a side note, teachers call their students by their diminutives, but not by their colloquial diminutives or pet names really. Yakov and Lilia should be calling Yuri Yura/some other diminutive of Yuri more often.

As for how other people their age address Yakov/Lilia, that still depends. First Name + Patronym is pretty standard and considering how old they are (Yakov’s 70), that’s probably pretty much how they’re always addressed by non-friends. They might be called by just their first name among colleagues, but seriously they’re pretty old and referring to colleagues by just the first name is more recent than them. So, stick with First Name + Patronym honestly.


Teachers/Coaches:  First Name + Patronym
Students:  Diminutive
Non-friends for Old People™:  First Name + Patronym

Be More Chill Camp Counselor AU

The drama squad needs summer jobs when Brooke tells them about her uncle’s camp in need of teenage counselors. They sign up thinking it’s an easy job, what’s the worst the kids could to do? Spill glue on them? They arrive at the camp with Brooke’s uncle missing and a note telling them they’re on their own.
As the kids arrive only now do the teenagers realize the deep shit they’re in. By the end of the first day half of the camp is on fire with Jake and Christine missing and the rest of the teens are about to be thrown in the lake by the children. Christine and Jake arrive in a canoe, filled with candy that they promise to only give to the good kids at the end of the summer.
The rest of the season is spent trying to keep the kids from finding the candy since it’s the only thing keeping them from burning the camp to the ground. Rich is not helping having proclaimed himself the children’s king and is the only one able to negotiate between the two groups.

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(Completely self-indulgent) Thesival + Credence ot3 prompt: Credence, so starved of love, doesn't want to choose between either of them, and resolves to bring them both into his life

this is the perfect arrangenment and the only ot3 I need

Warm. Soft. Safe. Credence dived into the sensation, slowly emerging from the edge of consciousness.

Percival’s chest was flat against his back, his arms never loosening the tight embrace as if he feared Credence might run away when they were all asleep, no matter how many times Credence reassured him with vows and goodnight kisses. The imprisonment made Percival weary and more often than not he would wake up in the middle of the night panting, visions he didn’t want to share with any of them shattering his peace. On morning like this, dreamless and peaceful, Credence dared to hope it could all pass. Maybe, just maybe, Percival was getting better at last.

Theseus left him more place to move, but Credence suspected it wasn’t entirely Theseus’ concern with his comfort that made the man keep his distance. With a history like his, Theseus had every right to be afraid of losing them, Credence thought, observing as the man’s lips slightly parted, slow breaths ghosting over his skin as moved a bit closer, bringing Theseus’ palm to his lips to kiss it, to let him know they were no longer at war.

In the daylight, out in the world, they were perfectly opposite, mirroring each other in a twisted way, Percival never wording his affection when Theseus was almost delightfully possessive, jealous of Credence every time when they went out for a walk and strangers were trying to steal his glance.

It was almost too easy, loving the two of them, Credence thought with fondness as Theseus stirred in his sleep, a small grimace appearing on his handsome face. It was even easier to let himself be loved.

The Witchy Lifestyle: Litha

“The Sun is our lord and father: Bright face at the gate of day, comfort of home, cattle, and crop; Lord of the Morning, Lord of the Day. Lifting our hearts, we sing his praise - dance in his healing rays…” ~ “Reel around the Sun,” Riverdance

Here we stand on the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The sun seems as if it were standing still in the sky, pausing before sliding back down beyond the horizon. This is a time of bonfires, celebration, and feasts. It is a time of banishing harmful spirits and praying for bountiful harvests during the remainder of the year.

Litha is a holiday that hearkens back to ancient Germanic cultures, celebrated today most often by Anglo-Saxon and Germanic re-constructionists and pagans who follow beliefs linked to Germanic practice. It is also a prominent holiday in Christian belief, known as St. John’s Day.

This sabbat would be difficult to trace back to any specific, single point. In part this is due to the fact that midsummer held a significant role to many cultures, and also in part due to the fact that even today, it is celebrated in many different ways. As such, much of what I’ll be describing here tends to be a bit of a generalization. Not every culture engaged in large bonfires, and not every culture even placed nearly so much significance on midsummer (the Celts, for instance, may have acknowledged midsummer, but didn’t celebrate it to the same extent as their four other fire festivals - Samhain, Beltane, Lughnassadh, and Imbolc).

The Wheel of the Year

In the Wiccan story for the wheel of the year, the God as the Oak King is at the height of his virility and power. The Goddess is pregnant, and the Oak King offers his bounties. Though a time of life and celebration, it is also a silent acknowledgement that the Oak King will surrender to the Holly King. After all, now that the year is at the longest the day will get, it will only begin to shorten as the autumn and winter days approach.

Celebrating the Sun

Today, Litha (a name carried over from the Germanic, derived from a text describing months and times of the year - this day being part of “late Litha”) is celebrated by Wiccans and neo-pagans both as an acknowledgement of the turning of the Wheel and also as a way of giving thanks for the bounty brought by the year thus far.

Like Beltane, bonfires are a frequent sight for Litha, symbolizing the power of the sun at its height. Celebrants would wake early so as to construct the fires and watch the rising of the sun, and would keep them burning from sunrise to sunset. In order to cast away negativity and evil spirits, torches built from the bonfires would be carried around the home, representing the light of the sun being cast on all sides of the house. The ashes would be used to bless livestock (much like the Beltane ashes), and the cooled coals and embers would be mixed into the soil of fields so as to bless the crop and encourage strong growth in the months to come.

Feasting is common, as it is on many holidays. Traditionally, dishes with fruits, grains, and honey would be consumed - all goods that are readily accessible during the summer.

Traditionally, oak holds a special role in the pagan aspects of Litha. A tree found throughout the northern hemisphere, it is often respected as a guardian and sometimes even as a spiritual passage into other worlds. Its wood, when burned in a Litha fire, was a potent form of blessing and protection. Aromatic herbs added to the fire would further serve to empower these blessings, and would help add more of that sacred energy to the ashes for the fields and livestock.

Celebrating Today…

In my personal practice, Litha is not that prominent of a sabbat. However, I do occasionally celebrate it, and do so by creating a small fire either in the form of a candle or in the form of a camp/bonfire if celebrating with the coven. I usually give my thanks for the blessings I have received throughout the year, and ask for blessings during the waning light.

If I celebrate with the coven, food is nearly always present. Traditional fare is usually brought to the table, along with wine or whiskey (or if I have it, mead).

This year, contemplate the role the sun has in your life. What kinds of blessings have you received this season, and how might you give thanks for them? And what do you hope to accomplish as the light wanes?

Have a Blessed Litha! )O(

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For the ways to say I love you, could I request 14 for Jeddy? :)

Can I have this dance?

It had been almost a month now, James thought. Two and a half weeks since they’d spoken. Since they’d snuck out after hours. Since he’d even received one of those blinding smiles he loved so much. Loves. He still loves them, even if they’ve stopped coming.

A whole month. Frankly, James isn’t sure how he’s survived this long. How does one survive when ever day feels like the end of the world?

He supposed it helped that summer had arrived. He wasn’t forced to gaze longingly over breakfast, or bump into in the hallways or stare at in class. It was a change in setting. A change in setting in which he could be alone with his… nothing. No sound except maybe his wiz-radio playing softly in the background. It seemed to be the only thing he could stand these days.

James pressed his face deeper into his pillow, letting the soft song, a new one he thinks, wash over him in waves, barely registering he’s there. He stares at the wall because his eyes have nothing better to do. He can’t close them. Closing them gives free reign to his mind and he can’t have that. Not with unlimited images of him available to its disposal. So he stares and he half listens but, mostly, his heart hurts. And he lets it hurt.

Because what else is there to do?

He’d tried. He’d tried so hard and it had be so, excruciatingly wonderful for so long and then… what? Had Teddy changed his mind? No, he hadn’t said that. He’d been scared.

James closes his eyes tightly, unable to keep them open against the burn from lack of moisture, and suddenly he’s there again. He’s back in the library, he’s back watching Teddy’s conflicted face. He’s suddenly walking out again, hoping desperately that Teddy would follow him. But he hadn’t.

Teddy had been scared of something they could have stopped fearing years ago. Because they were older now. Yes, it had been unsteady at first but, in the end, over time, they’d had the room they needed. They’d been able to grow he and he into them and it was perfect. James hadn’t known happiness like that existed and then Teddy-

The hiding. The sneaking around, the worry. James sat up suddenly, pushing his face into his hands, feeling the sudden urge to move, to shake off this horrible, horrible ache. God, something had happened to Teddy and James didn’t know what. Something had happened to them. James didn’t know.

He wanted to cry, but all his body would reward him with was a painful lump in his throat that seemed to be his constant companion these days. He dug his thumbs into his temples, desperate for relief, for feeling, for anything but this.

The soft snick of his door opening made his head jerk upwards. He’d told his dad to stay away for now, that he would be fine, it was fine it was all fine-

James let a small noise out, surprised more than anything, longing more than that.

Teddy stood frozen, only just visible through the opening, hand poised on the handle. He looked lean and rumpled and tall and like summer. Only his hair had gone dark. James frowned at him. He’d never seen Teddy with dark hair. Always blonde accompanied by some streak of color. The chestnut strands he saw now arose dread and a small spark of hope within his chest.

Maybe he misses you too.

Teddy’s mouth was slightly open, as if he was surprised to find James in his own bedroom. His eyes flitted away from James then back once and he cleared his throat, “Um. Hi. Hello.”

James just stared at him, not trusting himself to speak.

Teddy let out a shaky breath, teeth worrying over his lip for a moment, “Right. I’d like- I’d like to come in, if I could.”

It was James’ turn to open and close his mouth a few times. He cleared his throat, desperate to rid it of the threat of emotion, and pulled his knees to his chest, looking away, “Fine.”

He heard Teddy let out a breath and him step in, closing the door. From the corner of his eye, James saw him lean his forehead against it momentarily.

Teddy hesitated, hands stuffing into his pockets, then un-stuffing, then leaning down to pick up a stray sock and dropping it into the hamper before, finally, sitting directly across from James.

“Please look at me.”

“Why should I?”

“Because I need you to.”

Teddy’s voice was honest and soft and James couldn’t help but find the eyes that he knew would match the sentiment.

James felt his resolve crumbling under that gaze. “Well?” He choked out.

James pressed his lips together, brows pulling low over his eyes, “Would it be acceptable for me to simply tell you I’m a stupid fuck up of a boyfriend?”

“No.” James swallowed, “Well, yes.”

Teddy didn’t hesitate, “I’m a stupid fuck up of a boyfriend.”

James looked down to his hands, “Oh, is that all?”

“No.” Teddy’s hands were over his before James could flinch away and, honestly, he wasn’t sure he would’ve had the strength to anyhow, “James.”

James raised his eyes again, momentarily watching Teddy’s throat work around his nervous swallow before finding his eyes again. His skin looked paler against his hair.

“James, I…”

James closed his eyes. If Teddy said his name like that one more time…

There were a few beats of silence, and then, “Isn’t this your favorite?”

James opened one eye, then the other, and was about to ask Teddy what the hell he was on about when he listened, actually listened, to the radio that he’d nearly forgotten was there.

And yes. James felt butterflies roll in his stomach, fluttering against his ribs. Yes, this was his favorite. It was a slow, minimal song. Guitar and not much else.

Teddy didn’t need confirmation. He hadn’t even really needed to ask. James knew this. Instead of inquiring a further answer, Teddy stood, offering his hand out to James who looked at it, then looked at him incredulously.

“What, is that tradition over too?”

James’ eyes hardened, “If you recall, I never wanted anything to be over.”

Teddy sighed harshly, “I’m trying to make it up to you. Please, I don’t know how to do this, you know I’m shit with words, I-“ Teddy closed his eyes briefly, letting his hand drop, “I feel like your a thousand miles away and I can’t- I can’t stand-“ He huffed again and held out his open palm, “Please.”

James rolled his eyes, standing with his fists clenched at his sides. “Oh, so you’ll dance with me, alone, in my bedroom, but you won’t even look at me at school? I’m sure that’s healthy.“


“Real upstanding model of a relationship-“

His breath was knocked out of him as he was suddenly pulled forward by the waist, hips pressing to Teddy’s, warm palms on his cheeks and a persistent, heavenly mouth over his.

James let himself be kissed for a few moments, too surprised to do much. He didn’t know what to think. Teddy was here, kissing him, rather desperately might he add, and he didn’t know quite what to make of it. Was all forgiven? Did Teddy expect this to make things better?

“T.” James said against Teddy’s lips, “Teddy.” He needed to pull away, they needed to talk about this, although his hands unconsciously made their own way to wind through Teddy’s hair.

Teddy kissed him for a last moment, a hard, closed mouth press, before he let off, both boys huffing out a shaky breath.

“I’d dance with you anywhere.” Teddy breathed.

James looked up at him, “What?”

Teddy’s fingers trailed over his cheeks, palm cupping the back of his neck, “I’d dance with you anywhere. I’d kiss you anywhere. Anywhere, James. It took me not having the option to kiss you at all for me to realize, and for that I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” His thumb stroked over the soft hairs at the back of James’ neck and James felt like he was entranced, like he couldn’t move, like he’d never be able to stop looking at this boy before him ever again. He wasn’t sure he ever wanted to stop anyhow. Teddy shook his head a little, “I’m sorry. But I do know now. Anywhere, James. I’ll be with you anywhere and I’ll be bloody proud to be. Fuck, I’ll stand up on the Gryffindor table, in front of the entire school, and say ‘Can I have this dance’ if that’s what you want-“

“Jesus,” James let out a laugh, or maybe it was a cry, “Jesus, shut up.” He wound his fingers tighter in Teddy’s hair and kissed him, kissed him like he wasn’t able to before, and like he might never stop kissing him.

“I really will-“ Teddy said between kisses, “Anything. Anything, James-“

“Shut up.” James said over the lump in his throat, laughing, crying, and kissing Teddy senseless, “God, you fucking—God, I love you.”

Teddy just kissed him again, his own ‘I love you’ in each touch.


Pairing:  Frank Castle/Reader (She/Her)

Category: Fluff

Words: 1410

Warnings: Mention of violence, Frank is mentioned to be pretty badly injured, but then again it’s Frank so of course he is

Prompts: “It’s two sugars, right?”

Summary:  Frank hasn’t had the chance to be truly domestic in quite some time.

A/N: Since this is based off of a prompt I am ignoring the fact that in Daredevil he seemed to drink his coffee black.

Masterlist & Request Rules


Originally posted by calif0rnia-lovers

             Frank isn’t exactly used to being able to sleep late anymore. When he was still in the Marines he was on a very strict schedule that forced him to wake up early every morning, and then of course there was his kids, who he often used to wake up to jumping on his bed in the early hours of the day. And well, nowadays, it wasn’t like a one-man war on the mob offered much time to get some shut eye. But this morning was clearly different. No alarm had gone off to get him up before the sun even had the chance to rise and somehow, having a warm body in bed next to him the night before had kept away any of the nightmares that would often wake him up in a cold sweat. So, when he wakes to the smell of coffee it’s already mid-morning.

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Honestly I would love to see more exploration of the Jack/Maddie/Vlad friendship before Vlad’s accident. Like you bet I want to see what Ghost Hunting Trio 1.0 was up to in college. Jack, overly enthusiastic and spacey but so damn brilliant and likable. Maddie, also a genius, who looks so relaxed and sweet and is really ready to kick anyone’s ass 25/8. And Vlad, another smartie who is awkward and shy and stupidly fond of his friends while also trying to keep them from burning down the college.

Bronn: Hey, look! It’s the Dothraki!

Jaime: We can totally handle them.

Bronn: Shouldn’t we go back to Kings Landing?

Jaime: No.

*Sees Daenerys riding on Drogon’s back heading towards them*


Jaime: OH SHIT! I was NOT prepared for that!

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(I can't remember if I sent this to you before but it's worth sending again because it's good) Kravitz asks Angus to teach him how to make macarons to surprise Taako. He keeps burning them but eventually makes a batch that's intact, albeit lumpy. They keep at it for days to get them absolutely perfect, and finally he presents Taako with a small box wrapped with an extravagant bow, with a dozen flawless little skull shaped macarons inside and Taako cries because he loves Kravitz so much.

gosh….. god bless.. krav would of course tell taako that angus helped and taako would say that he loves the both of them, thinking angus isnt around, but plot twist angus has his ear pressed against the door because he wanted to know how taako reacted and he also starts crying, theyre all crying someone get these boys some tissues


(So. I did this drabble for the @reaper76summerevent​.
One of the themes was camping and I just sort of…went with it. I’ve never written anything Reaper76 related, so we’ll see how this goes.)


A sharp crackle from the burning branch broke through the silence and Jack stared into the glowing blaze of the campfire. Even though some humidity still clung in the air, the evening was cool and there was a gentle breeze that occasionally crept through the shielding row of tulip poplar trees surrounding the clearing. To the left of him sat the remnants of last year’s campfire, now only a filled rocky pit with a mud patch beside it from where a sitting stump had been. When he’d arrived and seen the foliage had overgrown in the past few seasons, Jack had moved the log to the new pit. He rocked it idly on its edge as he sat upon it, poking at the embers with a stick to keep them burning.

This was tradition. Every year, the great celebratory weekend of Independence Day, he found himself at this campsite. It sat far out it at the edges of the Indiana fields, secluded enough that the resonating echoes of fireworks and other ostentatious pyrotechnics would never reach it. Every year, for the last…who even knows how long? This was his safe place on this holiday.

It hadn’t started this way. Originally, it had been a get-away of more festive sorts – coolers of amber beer bottles, nylon pop-up tents and charcoal grills piled high with burgers. Once upon a time, this had actually been a place for camping and relaxation, rather than escape. Back when…

The sound of dried grass crunching under a heavy boot invaded Jack’s nostalgia, but he didn’t even blink. He didn’t reach for his weapon or prepare himself for defense. No… This was also tradition.  

The dark figure drifted up beside him, soundless aside from the initial misstep, and even that was probably intentional, to announce his arrival to the other man. An act of courtesy.

The duo sat in a hush for quite some time before Jack finally spoke. “I wasn’t sure if you were coming.”

“Have I ever not?”

He bobbed his head in acknowledgment to the almost ethereal voice. It was true. No matter what, the two always found their way back here, every year. No matter the disagreements or tense feelings, this was their routine. There was an understanding that lingered in this place, one that went far deeper than any battle or loyalties. One year they had sat in complete silence, neither one saying a word until a whispered goodbye. As the quiet surrounded them, Jack wondered if this would be another one of those years.

But, Jack didn’t want silence, this year.  The edges of his lips curled to the faintest of smiles and he looked over at Gabriel. There was no mask covering his face, but his hood was up, shadowing his features from the glow of the firelight.  “Do you remember when we used to come here, after SEP?”

The other’s head turned to him, but only slightly. At first, Jack thought he wouldn’t respond, but he slowly nodded. “Of course I do.”

Jack focused his attention up to the sky now, eyes following the patterns of the diamond-specked stars above them. It was a clear night, not a cloud to be seen. “God, I miss that.”

“Idiot,” Gabriel muttered, but was there no malice in the statement.

Jack chuckled quietly and stood to grab another log, tossing it on the campfire. “Maybe I am. At least that much never changed.”

There was a quiet sound that might have been a laugh from Gabriel, but it was impossible to tell.

“But yeah, I miss it,” Jack admitted. “Getting piss ass drunk in the middle of the woods, lounging by a fire and falling asleep when the sun starts to come up. I miss…a lot.”

An uneasy tension started to fill the air and Jack almost regretted saying anything. Gabriel stood, though, slowly making his way to where Jack remained, looking into the fire. “Not here.”

Jack’s brow furrow as he looked to him. “What?”

“Not here,” Gabriel repeated. “This isn’t the place for bad memories.”

“Gabe.” Jack offered him a smile. “They aren’t bad memories. Just because I miss it…”

Gabriel shook his head and moved to sit down on the ground. His hand reached to Jack’s pulling him down as well. “Let’s just not focus on that. Enjoy this for now.”

Something stirred in Jack’s chest as he seated himself beside the other man. This part…this was not tradition. He wouldn’t object, however. “Gabe…”

Something of a weary sigh slipped from Gabriel’s direction as an arm slid around the other’s shoulders. Jack melted into it without resistance and rested his head on his past partner’s shoulder. Even as his eyes closed, he murmured quietly. “This is only going to make it harder.”

“Probably,” Gabe mused, fingertips tracing little patterns along Jack’s shoulder. “Let’s just enjoy it for the night, though. Can you do that?”

“Yeah.” Jack smiled, closing his eyes. “Until next year.”

“Until next year,” Gabe agreed, his voice somehow soft.

His hand found the other’s as their fingers laced and they sat by the fire. They lapsed into silence again, but this time it was different. There was a bond rekindled; one that would be severed on the field as soon as they found themselves face to face again. Then a year would pass and the cycle would begin anew.

For now, though… This would do.    

NCT Reaction (older members) - “They catch you using their razor to shave your legs”

Note: This has a bit of sweet & spice mix(I couldn’t miss some drops of naughtiness of course!!!), I hope you’ll like it! Thank you for the idea anon, I had fun writing this! Also I looked closely at their faces and I seriously wondered if they ever use a razor? Like they have a baby soft skin (well I came across a Kun zoomed-in pic and I saw some unshaven missed spots…it was cute and funny)…But ok, maybe they use it once in a while, just their facial hair might now grow that fast :) 

Taeil: What is this? Are you…using my razor to shave your legs?? Did you ask for permission at least?” he looks taken aback at the picture of you leaning on the sink with one leg stretched till the edge of the bathtub using his razor but his mind already starts making plans…”Can I touch them when you are finished? I miss some skin feeling…I’ll wait on the bed. Ah, and I hope you’ll forget your clothes here…It’ll be more fun for me to see if the rest looks smooth too!” His awkward yet devilish smile hints you clearly at what’s going to happen next..

With Taeil you won’t have the chance to run away because he’s eager to see how smooth your skin has become and if you won’t leave the bathroom without clothes, be ready to see him getting all mad(in a good and bad way=D)!


Honey can I come in…I’m in a hurry and I need to prepare for an interview…” he can’t wait any longer for you since he has to take a shower and prepare to go out, but then he opens the bathroom door just to face you shaving your legs… with his razor of course…”Wait, is that mine?Are you…” he starts stuttering “You’ve been…using that before too?

His mind has gone blank thinking how many times he used it and now you are using it on your legs…he can’t find words to describe the feeling, it’s dirty yet hot and he needs to do something about you…”What about then joining me for a shower, I’ll consider it as repaying me for lending you my stuff??!” You can’t refuse him, unless you want him to cancel his schedule and imprison you the whole day at home!

Taeyong: He enters the bathroom just to see you shaving your legs gracefully using none other than his razor…his precious razor that cost him a fortune, because it gives him a baby skin like and he’s been using just once! Just once but now you are using it on your legs?? “Honey, you better throw that down, that’s dirty!!! Can’t you buy some new ones for you??” he is starting again with his nagging, but you’ll answer him back you want to have a baby skin like his face…

I told you many times not to re-use the thing I use!!” he looks mad while he pulls back his hair and approaches you whispering “Guess I’ll have to teach you some new rules…” Then last thing you could remember was that he took his razor from you and threw it away in the trash bin, while with another hand he wiped your legs with a hot towel..carefully inspecting if you did a good job and kissing the small spots where you cut yourself…the rest is just what you imagined to happen…

Johnny: He just came home from his practice and in a need to hurry up and shower he enter the bathroom without notice just to watch you doing something he’s never seen before…at least not in you! At first he gets surprised seeing you half naked but then he spots you holding his razor …

Babe, is that…mine?? F*ck, don’t tell me…you use that on your…on your…elsewhere too??” he lets out a small curse while suddenly imagining things maybe he shouldn’t but…he makes you flutter at the sudden slap he gives you on your rear.
Sorry, that’s  because you’ve always been a bad kid. Should daddy teach you how to behave once for all and not to play with his personal things?” At least now he has someone to help him wash while he’ll keep his hands busy with exploring how good his job his razor did on your body…Body evaluation time by daddy Johnny is about to start in 3, 2,…


He is always open-minded and knows a lot about these things, maybe more than you, even if he is 100% manly guy. “I thought you were doing laser hair removal, what are you doing with my razor? Is that what you used all this time to look so soft? Oh my god, what am I going to do with you?” You thought he was going to get angry but instead he came with an idea…

What about me doing the rest? Like…I want to see it closer and I promise I won’t hurt you, I use this on my face and you know I never cut myself, I am a master in shaving!” Whatever he’s thinking right now, let him do it! Yuta Sensei knows how to handle this…

Kun: What the heck are you doing??” he bursts into a laughter because the whole situation looks funny..your legs full of foam and your eyes doubling their size looking at him catching you surprised. You weren’t expecting him coming home so soon…”Well I am sorry for scaring you but wait a second, you are using my razor…Omg! Don’t tell me you used it on other places because I am going to check it right now!” Because you’re unable to answer him…he’s going to step forward.

Ok, take that old shirt off and let me inspect the rest, unless you want me to tie you later in your sleep…you know what happens when I get mad? Hurry up sweetie!” Whatever you’ll do, he’ll go mad anyways and by that…you know what it means…

Doyoung: He feels embarrassed as you face him with a “What are you looking at?” mad expression and he just shuts the door because he doesn’t want to get killed, even if you are the one who should be killed right now for using his razor. But he won’t leave the things as you want and he’ll come back. “Let me help you with that, this is sharper than those special one for women (he knows the difference, wow!), you sure don’t know how to use it..” ~

This is a chance for him to grab your inner tight strongly with the excuse of holding you and doing his job…but well, his hand might be travelling a bit to up for this kind of thing and his tongue licking off those dry thirsty lips make him look like he’s not gonna last for too long…Do not get surprised if you’ll come out of the bathroom with half of one leg shaved, because he is in a hurry to give you a punishment for touching his personal belonging without asking him and you can finish shaving your legs later…

Ten: First of all facing you only wearing your underwear makes him feel hot and sweaty, but then he clearly spots his razor in your hand and he can’t leave you alone without an explanation… “Just what are you doing with that? Are you…shaving with my razor?? Do you know I use that on my face? I hate you so much…now how the heck am I gonna shave? I don’t have any razors left..

He’ll get out of the bathroom, but as soon as he’ll hear you stepping into the shower he’ll come back…to join you of course. “Ok, look babe, the deal is you need to do something for causing me this much “emotional damage”…how about you do that thing you know the best? Maybe I’ll forgive you…”  That thing you know the best, well, even he doesn’t know about it but he’s about to find it out…

Jaehyun: He sees the bathroom door cracked open and takes a glance to see why the light is still on, as he clearly remembered letting you rest on your bed and turning off all the lights not too long ago…but then he sees a very sexy picture of you wearing only your panties and doing something…he needs to see closer because he can’t decipher from this distance.
Who said you can do this nasty dirty stuff in my bathroom with my razor?? I don’t recall giving you permission…” he laughs at your startled expression but his teasing won’t stop here…

I remember letting you sleep a while ago baby…wait a second, don’t tell me, are you preparing me something??Ok…I’ll wait for you, I’ll start counting, if you won’t come out in 5 minutes I’m going to take one piece of cloth for every minute delay and of course I’m not going to forgive you for messing with my stuff!” Let the dirty game begin…

WinWin: Oh my god, what is she doing?” he murmurs to himself while he sees you in all splendor stretching your legs as you’re sitting on the toilet lid…”Ahm, ahm…excuse me darling but I think you are using something that’s mine and I would like you to buy another one for me after you finish your time making yourself beautiful…Of course, if you don’t want to waste money, you know that cost me a fortune cause I brought it from a Chinese specialized store, what about you repaying me with something else…you know…my hands are impatient…should I touch your legs first to see if it worth buying that razor?

Si Cheng knows his playful ways to get advantage of this situations and how can you resist him looking like this, waiting for something he might’ve desired for so long??