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In kindergarten,
they teach you
how to count to 100
and recite the alphabet.
In high school,
you learn
how your life is defined
by these numbers
and letters.
How an A brings you honor,
how a C grants you a lecture.
How a 4.0 is just average now,
how even a 5.0 won’t guarantee you anything.
And in the halls,
we learn
how 100 followers is lame,
how 12 friends is not enough,
how people rate us from 0-10.
The same numbers and letters
that brought us so much joy
in kindergarten
only seek to destroy us now.
—  “Numbers and Letters,” an original poem by me

“Bad girl and geek, A good person to you.”     

by ermione

I couldn’t keep this headcanon for myself, so enjoy!

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Note : In the  second pic, Annie was trying to smoke for the first time when she got caught.

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Alex Aiono Gif Pack

Under the cut are 235 gifs of the ridiculously cute Alex Aiono all made by me. Alex is ¼ Maori, ¼ Samoan and ½ White (source) so please keep that in mind when using him as a faceclaim. Please don’t repost these gifs or claim them as your own and make sure to like or reblog if you’re found this helpful! Thanks!

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