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Heya Night! I'm curious, do you have stuff you don't share or post? Or do you tend to post everything you do? :O

well if it’s a commission, that depends based on the content of it & the commissioners desire! as for other art… hmmm most outright animations i finish i do post, but i’ve got quite a few still pixel images that i haven’t, whether because they were self-indulgent or i didn’t feel like they were up to whatever passes for snuff in my shitpost-oriented brain =v=

i also sketch & thumbnail things, though those never make it to post for obvious reasons - and i’ve been trying to develop more dynamics in style, though that’s easier to experiment with outside of animation if i’m just sketching more loosely, so that ends up in SAI annnnd still doesn’t make it.

ah, i guess, a couple examples from earlier as i was trying to loosen up posture and stuff so took a detour to sketch these~?

been trying different styles for drawing the bros in it =v=;;; stuff that doesn’t translate to pixels well but is fun as something to explore! albeit still in desperate need of… looking like less of a mess. there’s a reason i don’t post these XD

sans & pap shenanigans are always my favorite, fight me

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(( just a lil’ reminder to ya guys ))

(( posting here will be a bit more slower than your usual, our school has this very big project which also counts as our FINALS Exam for the semester. so please be patient and reminder again that i hav a life outside of my mugson’s this blog so please do understand that my priorities on my studies come first. Thnx for understanding my peeps and fellow Mugman fans >:’) ))


My day in a nutshell


“Do you have an appointment today?”


“Oh no! How about tomorrow?!”


“Oooh, but…” *launches into 25 minute story on why Fluffy MUST be groomed today that has no relation to Thanksgiving being two days away whatsoever*

We tell them fine, just to get them to shut up and because the dog sounds easy enough. They get there are like noon and we have 20+ dogs ahead of them, so we tell them to expect it to be 6:00.

“Yes, yes, of course! That’s fine! I totally understand! No problem at all!”

*phone rings at 2:30*

“Is my dog done yet?”










We tell you EVERY TIME…





I’m sorry guys but I don’t think I’ll be able to get a fic out this week.
Its just been really stressful the last couple of days. First my senior dog completely tore a ligament in her leg when she got too excited from me coming home after spending all day out with friends and she’s too old and small for my vet to preform surgery on like he would’ve if she were a larger dog. And since Sunday, I’ve been dog sitting for my aunt until Wednesday. So I’ve been watching three dogs, two senior dogs (one of which needs extraaaa care) and my own lowkey jealous doggo.
And I thought I only needed to prepare for one not at home thanksgiving at my sister’s apartment, but now we’re also going to spend Friday with my dad’s closer half of the family.
Then I’m also trying to get everything situated for my betta fish before I actually pick one up.
Ugh I’m just so sorry. Its just been kinda overwhelming recently trying to get so many fics done on time. I hope none of you mind that I need to take a break from writing this week

Me: maternity leave is a basic human right that new parents need to be given if they want
My mother: so I’ll be working from home till like next October lol
Me:…. i cHNGED My mnnnind

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Is Gwen going to be Mike and have the running gag of being covered up by the logo or a barcode? (Kind of a half joke too since it's how the fandom treats her)

I’m not making the AU an exact copy of the movie, but….that’s really fucking funny and also kind of tragic. She deserves so much better.

Player Two


Alright, I know what you’re thinking…

“wOW Ray made an original post,,,? Bet it’s shit lmao”

And you’d be right.


(A few month’s after the Squip incident. One might say the SQUIPcident. (Or not. That’s pretty bad. It’s almost 1am. I’ve been writing for three hours. Sorry.))


“Why did you come back?”

At that, Michael gave Jeremy a startled look. The dim pink-gold light from Michael’s rock lamp cast strange shadows on Jeremy’s face. Hazy fog filled the basement, making his already blurry vision even worse. Michael had taken his glasses off forever ago, the heat of the room fogging them up and making them useless. Smoke curled out of Jeremy’s mouth, his hair unkempt and curlier than ever. It bounced ever so slightly as he leaned back to look at the ceiling, breathing slowly as his eyes closed, allowing him to shut out Michael’s searching stare.

“What do you mean?”

Jeremy sighed, frustration evident on his face as he drew in a shaky breath, pushing himself further into his beanbag. “You know what I mean.”

There was a pause as Michael considered his next words. Jeremy nervously let another mouthful of smoke escape, watching it rise in the hot air to join the cloud wrapping around the two of them.

“I came back for you. And because… I’m selfish.”

Now it was Jeremy’s turn to look confused, and as he finally turned his attention to him, Michael wished he could take the second part back. Jeremy’s gaze was steady and his eyes were so bright in the dim light that it hurt Michael to look at him, and in a moment of weakness, he turned away.

Jeremy continued to stare, waiting for him to say more.

“We rely on each other. Y’know, best friends and all.” Michael laughed anxiously. “What would you do without your Player One?” The unsaid words in his mouth tasted sour, burning a hole in his throat. It wasn’t enough, and it was bullshit, and they both knew it.

“Yeah,” Jeremy grumbled, frowning as he handed the blunt to Michael.

Michael gazed at it in his hand; the hot embers ebbing away, the smoke furling around his fingers, the thin paper fragile in his tight grasp. He looked around until he found his makeshift ashtray, leaning forward to put it out. He could feel Jeremy following his movements, watching Michael as he tucked his head between his knees, observing him as he sighed. Michael ran his fingers through his hair, pulling at it until it stuck up straight. Without warning, he let out a laugh, startling Jeremy behind him.

“When did we start lying to each other?” He asked, his mind a mile behind his mouth. By the time he’d registered what he’d said, Jeremy was chuckling with him. Both let their laughter ebb away to silence before Jeremy let out a hushed answer, his tone somber.

“I’m not sure.”

The silence stretched on for a moment longer, heavy on their backs. Michael shifted to look at Jeremy over his shoulder, still hunched over with his elbows on his knees. A look of desperation and something unfamiliar was plastered on Jeremy’s face, and it surprised Michael, turning his expression to one of confusion.

“What aren’t you telling me?”

Michael felt his face fall, and he swallowed, spit thick in his throat. His heart ached and his stomach curled as he turned to face Jeremy in his beanbag, shifting closer until their knees touched.

“So much,” Michael replied. Hesitant, he reached forward, slow and unsure, watching Jeremy’s reaction. Jeremy stared at Michael’s hand, waiting, until he finally met Michael halfway, pushing his hand up slightly to entwine their fingers: Michael’s dry and callused, Jeremy’s clammy and warm.

“Is this okay?” Michael asked nervously. Jeremy nodded, studying their grip. After a while, he looked up to meet Michael’s gaze, and leaned forward ever so slightly, his eyes staring intently into Michael’s, and his heart wrenched once more.

Michael opened his mouth to speak, then closed it again.

“I’m scared,” he whispered. Jeremy’s gaze softened, and and his eyes flicked downward so quickly Michael wasn’t even sure it happened. A look of determination crossed Jeremy’s face.

“Well, I’m not,” he said, leaning in. Michael knew it was the weed talking, knew Jeremy would never be so ballsy otherwise, knew neither of them would have the guts to do this without it, knew that this may ruin things forever. What if Jeremy took everything back in the morning? What if he pulled a ‘no homo’ and that was it?

What if? What if, what if, what if-

And then their lips brushed, and Jeremy’s breath hit his face, and before he knew what was happening the last of the distance disappeared and their mouths met. Michael forgot everything, and his eyes shut, and it was just him and Jeremy and nothing else. The kiss was wet, and hot, and tasted gross, like pot; but Michael loved it regardless. He felt Jeremy’s eyelashes hit his face as his eyes closed to match Michael’s. He reached up with his free hand to hold Jeremy’s face, and it shook slightly as he gently cupped his jaw, guiding Jeremy to a better angle, one where their noses weren’t scrunched together. He shivered slightly as Jeremy’s free hand found it’s way to Michael’s hip, moving him closer still as he balled the fabric of Michael’s jacket into his fist.

It lasted only a few seconds, yet it felt like an eternity before they broke apart, Michael immediately looking down to their clasped hands, overwhelmed. They breathed heavily for a few moments before Jeremy reached for Michael’s face, forcing him to look up. They locked eyes and stared at each other until a giggle escaped Jeremy’s lips, and it was so endearing and so incredibly Jeremy that Michael couldn’t help but smile and laugh with him.

“We’re idiots,” Jeremy said, letting out a few more chuckles.

“Yeah, but I think we’ll manage,” Michael retorted, grinning.

As Jeremy beamed at him, Michael knew that he didn’t have to worry about ‘what if’s’.

His Player Two would always be there.

this job interview has been in process for like… a month or longer now. And finally we get a solid date and time (today at 9am) and I’m all dressed and ready at my computer (it’s over google hangout) and he never sends the hangout request. He put me down on the wrong day (tomorrow). Wonder what will go wrong tomorrow too

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Instead of talking about sofwald and how much you hate it, reblogging shit and looking through the tags to mock people who ship it, why don't you just... not? it's literally such a waste of time to be such a bully. How can you function in proper society being such a bitter/angry/hateful person? If you spend your online time ranting about a ship, you have severe problems. seriously? I don't even ship it, and I don't get the dedication to hating it ya'll have.

my first anon hate! i kneeew it was gonna be one of you silly sofiawalds. ;D

1. anti-sofwald posts are like 0.001% of my blog
2. it’s a homophobic ship
3. there’s literally a post in the tag wishing death on anti-sofwalds
4. thou art an unstoppable hate machine, sayeth the anon sending faceless hate
5. just block me my dude

Day 35 of Weightlifting-Korra Fitness!

SUPER hard day. It’s just…the most amazing, rewarding-


I decided to try something new today (many new something’s!). For one, my sets have now permanently increased to 4, with the last being a power rep set (my weights are increased, and I do 5 extra reps). In addition, I’m also doing isometric holds now- I’ll hold the weight mid-lift, and count for 5 sec, 5 reps. However, I’m also doing ANOTHER power rep- this time, it’s isometric. I’m holding the weight mid-lift, but I’m doing it for TEN seconds, just to burn it up. :)

So, here goes.

4 sets of Bicep Curls. My left hand’s significantly weaker, so I used a 10, while my right is a 15. Did sets with right, left, then both hands lifting. My isometric holds were 15 lbs w/ left hand, and 20 lbs with right hand. My ULTIMATE power rep was…isometric holds with the 25 lb, which I’ve NEVER attempted to hold. It. Was. CRAZY.

But I LOVED it.

4 sets of Seated Shoulder Press- 15 lbs. Tried a 20, but nah. Also, new mindset: No matter what happens, I have to get to 8 reps. HAVE to. Even though I do sets of 10 reps, 8 is my goal, then I blaze through the rest.

4 sets of Shoulder Extensions- surprised myself again by lifting 15’s (wah!) Before, I’d lifted 10’s, but whoa!

These ones were difficult. I found myself in the toughest position here, and honestly…it took a LOT of grit to power on. I’d have to close my eyes, grit my teeth, and force myself to just HOLD on, just for one more rep, then I’d do five more, and my hands could barely hold the weight. But- what would Korra do? :)

Then, 4 sets of Lying Barbell Presses- 40 lbs (also a new record! :D)

Lastly, the toughie: Standing Barbell Front-Lifts. Did 40 lbs for 4 sets (new one) + power rep w/ 50 lbs (holy shit!). Then…I did a couple reps where I held he weight for 5 sec, and then the ULTIMATE power rep for 10 sec.

HOLY SHIT. So basically recap: I upped my barbells to 10 lbs higher, my dumbbells to 5 lbs higher, and I’m just…BLAZING through the power reps with heavier-than-I-can-hold weights.

End result: I’m just…really amazed at myself, since every exercise here, an achievement happened. It’s an amazing feeling to surprise yourself with how strong you are, I am also LOVING the progress I’m making, and it’s just…really, really gratifying. :)

Victory pic! :)