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Honestly him saying he would wrap her up in the scarf forever as long as she wanted was better than any kiss can't wait to see how the english dub switches those lines up though

i hooked my computer up to the tv yesterday and i saw the whole episode again and i almost actually shed like a full fucking tear but then mod pineapple skype messaged me in the middle of the scene and there went the mood. but honestly it was so beautiful regardless of whether you ship it or not.

like, this changes their whole dynamic. like most people’s complaints about them (ie mikasa being to clingy eren being too disregarding of her) won’t have as much ground to stand on because they just. back off. they respect each other more, i guess you could say. 

personally i can’t stand the english dub, but i might just catch snippets of it just to rewatch the ch 50 scene again……

Recent Kiho Prompts

(I’ve received so many of them in the past few days [sorry i havent been replying because i had an exam] .I thought it would be a great idea to add them to one post to keep them all in one place, you guys are so amazing at making me feel so happy by reading these amazing prompts I can’t thank enough and i feel very special reading them XD) 

I bet Kihyun wears Wonho’s clothes all the time even if he has a closet full of his own. He loves Wonho’s large shirts swallowing him and the older man’s scent clinging onto him. It makes him feel safe and protected but of course he prefers being in Wonho’s arms. “I was looking for that shirt,” Wonho says against Kihyun’s neck and Kihyun giggles, knowing he’s caught red handed but he wasn’t really trying to hide the fact that he loves wearing Wonho’s clothes.

“he perfers being in wonho’s arms” but imagine wonho going you look really great in my clothes you would look greater in.. ok nvm

I bet Kihyun would wake Wonho up by jabbing a finger against his ribs and Wonho would lurch up awake immediately. Then he’ll chase Kihyun around the house, Kihyun’s squeals and giggles resounding around every corner. Then finally Wonho wraps his arms around Kihyun’s waist and lifts him off his feet, spins him around before embracing him. “I caught my baby,” Wonho would attack Kihyun’s neck with rapid kisses and Kihyun would just laugh, melting in his lover’s arms.

‘I CAUGHT MY BABY’ SHUT THE HELL UP THIS IS THE REAL SHIT why would u fluff it too much my poor heart

I bet Kihyun loves being piggy backed by Wonho but when he tries to piggy back him, he fails miserably.


I bet when they’re about to kiss, everything in place and so perfect, eyes fluttering close; Wonho would ruin the moment by biting Kihyun’s nose and Kihyun would yelp. “Babe!” he’s punch Wonho’s chest playfully before leaning to nip at Wonho’s earlobe. “Ow! okay okay!” Wonho chuckles before resuming their intimate moment.


I bet Wonho backhugs Kihyun while he’s cooking and plant kisses down his neck. Kihyun would turn his head from time to time so Wonho could kiss his lips before turning back to cutting vegetables. “Can I have a bite?” Wonho would say and Kihyun would fed him over his shoulder. “Why are you extra clingy today?” Kihyun asks and Wonho would shrugged. “I missed my baby..” and Kihyun would roll his eyes at his cheesiness but not without turning his head to nuzzle his nose against Wonho’s cheek.


I bet when Kihyun is crying, Wonho would pull him on his lap and kiss his cheek, nose and eyelids before pulling him in for an embrace. “If my baby cries then the sun won’t shine so please stop crying,” he’d rock Kihyun from side to side until the sobbing fades into hiccups. “Y–You’re too cheesy,” Kihyun would complain, rubbing his eyes. “I’m your cheesy,” Wonho says as he sticks out his tongue at Kihyun and Kihyun would smile fondly. “Yes, yes you are,”

it’s so rare to see kihyun cry though he’s always the most non crying member in mx but u know he love to act strong outside be he’s very fragile on the inside so this make me feel so soft

I bet when Kihyun is bored, he’d start pawing at Wonho’s side and whine. “Wonho,” he’d nudge his shoulder with his nose. “Wonho, I’m bored.” Wonho would just hum and turn his head to peck at Kihyun’s forehead causing the younger male to fall back down on his butt. Wonho would continue tapping away in his laptop that is until Kihyun practically draped himself over Wonho’s lap, whining louder. “Wonho, I’m bored!!” and finally, Wonho sighs and picks Kihyun up to the bedroom. “30 minutes.” he says.

someone needs attention WONHO CAN’T YOU FRICKING SEE??? :D

I bet when Wonho is mad at Kihyun, the younger male would coo at him and caress his cheek. “Is my baby bunny mad?” and Wonho would turn his head away, puffing his cheeks in annoyance. “Go away, Kihyun.” but Kihyun crawls on his lap and pecks under his eye. “You’re such an adorable bunny,” he would pinch Wonho’s cheeks and pucker his lips at him. Wonho would furrow his eyebrows. “Bunny, don’t be mad. I said I was sorry~” and of course Wonho can’t stay mad at Kihyun forever so he smiles fondly.

‘baby bunny’ what a nick name for a meaty 24 year old man, bruh i disagree with wonho saying ‘go away kihyun’ THAT AIN’T EVER HAPPENING hehe

:c my only jeans just ripped at the back of my thigh & I’ve already had to replace my boots & pay my phone bill & sign language course fees this fortnight so I either have to hope I can stitch it up enough to last another six days, or dip into savings again.

  • The dad, walking into the hearth room in the middle of the night to see me hunched over something on one of the armchairs: What are you doing up this late? You usually can't stay up this late.
  • Me, slowly closing the bag: I'm eating my sister's rice cakes because she never notices how many are left.

Hanson covered Sign of the Times 

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Things will be ok. Just deal with them the best you can.

thanx b. yeah, that’s how it goes, generally. i’m not bad at that - i’ve had my practice, to be sure - and the world keeps on going, time keeps on ticking, but i always just wind up feeling like i should be doing more. i’m guessing part of it is that Tumblr (and the internet at large) skews so, so young, so what i see outside of IRL tends to be well-meaning but so intense, and then i feel bad for not keeping up. dunno. am Too Old For This Shit, etc

i’m not in a bad place rn, i’m just in my regular place and feeling slightly bad for that not being good enough, if that makes any sense.