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SO! I decided to do one of these too! I’m going on a 4 day weekend after thursday so please send some of these into my askbox! I’ll be finishing up the pallette requests and starting these during my small break!
Also feel free to reblog and play with these too! If you use these for reference without asks please tag me for credit!

Anyone else remember the cypher pt 3 Killer lyrics where Yoongi says “Whether you’re a guy or a girl, i’ll make you come.” 

And then on a Japanese interview he said “ I don’t have an ideal type and it’s not limited to a girl”? 

These are the memories i love keeping :) 

Credits to Pic owner, pic is not mine!!!!


In regards to the Normal Ending, I like to think they had to start their life in moderation and Jumin being the guy who loves lavishing MC with pretty and expensive things just needs to chill tf out.

MC probably had to keep tabs on his credit card like STAHP JUMIN I DON’T NEED THAT

Jumin Normal Ending is my fav ending tbh. I love it so much. I want to make an empire of stories out of it.

It’s ‘n’ times, but I have to repeat...

This is not the first time I mention this problem. I did many times before on tumblr - about repost my artwork/comic.
I love One Piece, Zoro, Sanji, I draw artwork for them, even comic, casually share it free. What I hope in return is that people got the very simple but basic attitude - REPOST/DO TRANSLATION WITH CREDIT.

Aside tumblr, I accept people to repost my artworks, in fact I’m too tired and overwhelm by many times I was report back, heard from my friends that my works being repost here and there. So AT LEAST!! AT LEAST WHEN YOU DO REPOST, CREDIT them to me with LINK!!
It’s not 1 or 2 artworks, it’s a whole 10 or even 20 pages comic, or many artworks. If you can do the translation from English to some other language, which mean your English ability is enough to access to me. I can’t understand any reason that people not even send me a message, just a simple message to ask for repost or translation. 

Do you know how hurt it is when you see a comment under your artwork being repost at nowhere “I love this art, I saw it somewhere before but don’t know where or whose…!”

It’s re-posted to the edge that people do not know who draw it, who make it, right in front of your eyes, the one who draw the art.

I did make a post at my facebook page too, so if you guys can help me share this, please do! I want to draw more and more comic for share but everytime this problem happen to me, I nearly run out of power to draw and share it.

Ben: happy 19th birthday Malek
Malek: thank you.. why are you here.. didn’t you have detention for egging someone’s car
Ben: wow. Here I am wishing you a happy birthday because you’re the oldest out of everyone
Ben: and you criticise me for skipping detention
Malek: you can’t do that. Go back to school
Ben: wow. I even told Kells to bake you a cake.
Ben: go do your taxes then, old man

*watches Yuri!! On Ice*

*sees the cute girl working at the ice rink*

There she is. There’s the love interest. Honestly, what did I expe-

*sees she’s happily married with 3 kids*

*sees no immediate female romance option for Yuri*

…Well then. You have my attention.

His hands were bruised from beating on the wall. It was dark like the cabinet where he hid to escape his father. His belly hurt like knives, throat cracked dry. He was alone. I pushed through and held his hand. It was all I could do.
He said, “Thank you.”

Thank you.

Hipster Dave just for the sake of it.

+) Bros, I luv yall and I’m really happy that people appreciate my work, but please ask beforehand and CREDIT ME if you’re planning on using my art!

(also, that rule applies to every single artist out there, not just me.)