keep the angels away


Word Count: 1583

Genre: Yandere!Taehyung

|| He’s not crazy, he says. He’s fine, he says. Kim Taehyung tells himself the craziest things while he watches her from afar. He’ll do anything to keep her, anything to keep other men away from his precious angel. After all, he’ll always be with her.

Jimin Ver. | Tae Ver. 

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i’m crying because cas went from this big, bad warrior from heaven who thought the apocalypse would be better for everyone because they would be in heaven instead on earth and only did what he was told to this fallen angel who rebelled against heaven for humanity and these two men who he has only known for a few years out of millions. a fallen angel who did all he could to keep monsters away from dean in purgatory and gave up an entire army of angels for that man.
cas went from this warrior from heaven to a fallen angel in love with humanity and im crying.


10x20 “Angel Heart”
“I will keep fighting. I will keep swinging. Until I’ve got nothing left.“

Angelfamily Dinner Conversations
  • Genesis: Dads, can I go wreak havoc on earth?
  • DeBlanc: yes of course
  • Fiore: NO YOU CANNOT
  • DeBlanc: ................Fiore
  • Fiore: Yeah alright, but ONLY A LITTLE HAVOC

I’ll say this again, and I’ll quite possibly have to say it sometime in the future.

Pharmercy is not problematic. There is absolutely nothing in canon that makes it problematic. Literally the only thing that people use to prove it to be problematic is the 5 year age difference and their Headcanon that Angela was a caregiver or something to Fareeha (which is NOT canon at all by the way).

A 5 year age difference between two consenting adult women in their 30’s is not “creepy” and it’s not “pedophilia”.

However, I get that some people have different thoughts regarding this and as such, feel uncomfortable about the ship. I get it, really I do.

Just please keep it out of the tag.

Rhys and Angel were just on their way to get some groceries in the evening when some dubious dudes grabbed Angel.
Rhys of course immediately gets in between and tells them off.
Obviously that didn’t work out too well, since they didn’t hesitate to get violent.
‘He’s just a robot after all’
Keeping them as far away from Angel as possible, Rhys tells her to immediately run away. He tries to somehow get out of it but that obviously doesn’t work all too well.

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whenwearesilenced  asked:

YOUUUUUU!!! I AM HERE TO YELL!! This was an awfully emotional rollercoaster of a chapter! You make me very anxious about what can possibly happen in the next 8 chapters, I mean with your amount of words A LOT OF SHIT CAN STILL GO DOWN. And MAGNUS - I understand him, ok - BUT HE SHOULD STICK HIS HEAD OUT OF HIS ASS. My babies are both in pain :((( Max was amazing, Simon is really really cool. I wish that Victor doesn't get anywhere near the Angels, and the Angels team is AMAZING OC! LOVE YOU, <3!

dude. we still got a lot of shit to go down in 8 chapters. and uggghhh, let’s keep victor far away from the entire crew, not just the angels 😠

come yell at me anytime!!!! ♡ xx


Gabriel had spent so many years on earth among the humans, he had lost count of exactly how many. Keeping hidden away from the rest of his angel brothers and sisters, keeping up a guise of a trickster causing mischief. And never in his long existence did he think that he would fall in love, hell he didn’t even know that archangels could feel such a powerful emotion. But it happened, when he met you.  

He first saw you while causing some mischief on a college campus where you attended class, and where he first met the Winchesters as well. You weren’t a hunter though, just a kind sweet person who would greet him daily while he posed as a janitor. Of course you later found out what he was and at first he frightened you. He had killed someone for fun, you’d both exchanged heated words at the time and he came to realize that his fun wasn’t so fun anymore, if it made someone like you unhappy.

So he changed his ways, for the most part at least, he still made sure to play around with his two favorite hunters from time to time. But he always promised you that no one would ever really get hurt in his games anymore and so you were happy. You had your own powerful angel by your side who wanted nothing more than to be as far away from heaven and as close to you as possible.

But your relationship with the mischievous angel was never easy, he would often disappear for months at a time in order to keep under the radar of other angels. The only thing that either of you had to keep you company during this time was a copy of the only photo you’d ever taken together. You always kept yours in the pocket of your jeans, and Gabriel made sure his was close to his heart in a small locket you had given him.

He held that small keep sake close now, as he faced a brother he never expected to see again. Lucifer stood before him, smug as always, and you watched from a distance in dismay, the Winchester brothers trying to get you as far away from the scene as possible. He looked at you one last time and gave you his signature smirk and eyebrow raise.

“Wait for me to come home,” he said to you simply, before facing his brother again.

Sam and Dean finally managed to drag you away, and Gabriel continues to clutch that photo as you held onto yours while some place far away, as Lucifer ran him through. But you would wait for your troublemaker, you’d always wait.

Fallen Angel (Open Starter)

It had been about a year since she had fallen from heaven. Her wings had blackened and grew smaller, and she had become visible to the humans. Luckily, it was easy to hide the wings, pressing them against her back and always wearing sweaters to hide any signs of them. She stayed out in the streets, accompanied with her stray cat, Aslan, trying to keep away from the angels who wanted to lock her up and the demons that wanted to convert her.

me first starting oso: jesus that karamatsu guy is so embarrassing. i literally don’t understand how this tool got so popular so fast.

me now a fully converted karamatsu girl: my angel, you are the light that keeps the darkness away, my raison d'être, all that is pure and good in this world, my-

Goodbye Angel, Heaven Awaits

Woke up to such a sad and tragic tidings and i’m still trembling from the shock that followed this half expected news. It came like a blinding rush of pain, Jules, as i struggle to find words that can properly convey the emotions hence it’s almost impossible right now. Perhaps not now, maybe later, maybe never. 

Now that hope is dead, fly away angel, heaven awaits. Love will keep you alive with us, your memories will never fade, there’s a place in the heart that’ll never be filled coz that space will always be for you. 

In Memory of Jules Bianchi, Rest in Peace Sweet one. (the battle that started on 5 Oct 2014 duly ended today 18 July 2015) Dear God please give us strength for we mourn for this beautiful soul today, and it’s hard, so very very hard.. we fought for so long.. so long.. to endure this pain..

3 Aug 1989 - 18 July 2015

Ugh okay but having a baby with Ashton, he’d constantly be coming up behind you, wrapping his arms around your stomach, even before there was a bump. He’d be the one who was always willing to rub your feet, or the small of your back as you got farther along, the stress of the extra weight making you sore. You’d wake up on more than one occasion to his quiet whispers against your growing stomach, especially after you found out you were having a little girl. He’d constantly promise to be the best daddy he could to his little angel, and to keep her away from Uncle Michael’s son, because even though he was only a month old, he was bound to be trouble. He’d surprise you one day with a completely redone nursery, full of pale yellow walls, and a dark brown crib with sheets dotted with pink. The two of you would get into silly arguments over names, and Ashton would suggest something ridiculous like Sunshine at the same time as your baby kicked, and claim it was a sign. He’d pull you into his lap, even when your belly was big enough to block the view of your feet, telling you constantly how beautiful you looked, and how much he loved you, and then proceed to kiss you and the bump under your shirt, whispering his love to your unborn daughter. When your daughter who you’d decided to name Lily finally arrived, Ashton was quick to become the world’s greatest dad, always changing diapers and feeding Lily, who had his eyes and dimples. Your favorite thing in the world was walking into a room and finding your little family huddled together on the couch, or in bed, Lily’s tiny fingers clamped tightly around one of Ashton’s, and no matter how many times you saw them looking at each other, the amount of love between them brought tears to your eyes.