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Voltron Aesthetic: Ancient Rome AU

Gladiators seek to best all; It is the only way to survive in the arena.

Allura, daughter of the late Senator Alfor, serves as the presiding Domina over the House of Altea. Meanwhile her uncle Coran is head of their family’s Ludus, a trainer and trader for both the house gladiators and those leased by other families into his care. The reputation of their ludus is largely attributed to Shiro, who was once renowned as the undefeated and still hailed as The Champion despite no longer being active in the arena. His glory days ended after the loss of his arm to Zarkon, a fellow gladiator who belonged to the House of Galra. None the less he is now the Doctore to Altea’s gladiators, all respect him and fear the crack of his whip. Any wounds and injuries are tended to by the house Medicus, fondly called Pidge due to their keen eyes and small, pidgeon like stature. Their true name has been all but forgotten now. If not in their infirmary chances are they can be found out in the gardens or marketplace apothecary. Meals for the entire household, including the ludus, are prepared by the Archimagirus, Hunk, and a a small team of other house slaves. The Numidian had originally been purchased to fight in the arena, however his skills were found to be better use in the kitchen. Due to his affable personality he has developed close bonds with the entire household and does not tolerate any stealing of rations from the younger recruits. The House’s new rising champion is Lance, a Hispanian boy who had been within the ludus walls for nearly six years. His title as the Son of Neptune is a nod to his Retiarius fighting style, however it had stemmned from when he was first brought to Rome; the story goes that he was disciplined by being dragged behind his slave ship for a full day with few respites, yet didn’t drown nor fall prey to sharks. The truth is far more simple - he had been a pearl diver in his seaside village and was accustomed to holding his breath for extended periods. He is the self-declared rival of the last notable member of the ludus, a spitfire from the far East hailing from the same region as their Doctore. Keith’s title was born from his performances in the arena from where he would always emerge bathed in blood, both from his own fresh clawmarks and that spilled from whatever beast he had faced off. Unlike the others, he is not an Altea gladiator, he belongs to the House of Galra. His House is one notorious for producing skilled bestiarii such as himself and he had originially been sent to Coran’s ludus for the sole purpose of keeping an eye on his sire’s defeated rival…Not that the others need to know that particular detail.

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I request "So are you guys dating, or?" for BbRae! XD

YOU GOT IT. I’m kind of hyped about YJ S3, and I’m looking forward to some more BB character development, so, I’ve had this idea in my head for a while! A potential ‘what if’ situation. :) I hope it’s okay! For obvious reasons, he’s aged up here. 

“You came,” she breathed, her expression more of relief than anything else.

It was the first time in a long time that he’d seen her act not so indifferent; she was genuine in her pleasure with seeing him again. It gave him hope, made him feel a glimmer of that exhilirating anticipation, that he was something more to her. Especially when she looked at him like that

Beast Boy morphed back into his human shape and dusted off his uniform. Sparing her a small smile, and spending a few moments to appreciate her uncanny beauty, he finally found his voice. “And you’re not actually evil.”

Smooth. Real smooth.

It was a miracle neither Bart or Jaime had been there to hear that one. 

Suddenly, her eyes were like purple steel. She crossed the room towards him, closing the distance in a few strides, and her hands came up to clutch at his shoulders. He tried to ignore the way his heart pounded in his chest at her unexpected nearness. “Gar, you can’t be here. You have to go. Now.” 

The seriousness in her tone had returned, but the way her brows furrowed, and her bottom lip jutted out, told him that she was just worried about his well-being. 

He shook his head in protest. “I can’t just leave you here, Rae. Not when I know the truth. Come on, we have to go tell the others what’s really going on.” He grabbed hold of her hand firmly, not waiting for her consent, and tugged her after him.

Raven broke free of his grasp immediately after giving him quite a bit of resistance. “No! I can’t!” She cried out.

He stilled, watching her back away reluctantly, like it was the last thing she wanted to do. “Beast Boy, I can’t go with you.” Her voice softened, and she averted her gaze to the ground.

“Why not?” Even to his own ears, he sounded desperate.

[the rest is under the cut!]

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Built-in ending | Newt Scamander x reader part 2

For the past three months you had been travelling the world, looking for magical creatures everywhere. But it just didn’t feel the same without Newt. You wanted to hate him but you couldn’t. Everything reminded you of him, even a mother holding her child. You remembered how he used to refer to himself as the mommy of beasts, and how he used to call you the ‘second mommy’. You missed him no matter what he did to you.
You were walking down the streets of London when you heard your name being called. You turned around to see Newt standing there. He unsurely walked towards you. “H-how have you been?” You just stared at him, not knowing whether you should run away or jump into his arms. Who are you kidding? He’s probably in a happy relationship with Tina now. “Fine.” He frowns at your short answer. “Y/n? Can we please go somewhere we can talk?” You nodded as you began walking.

After walking for about ten minutes you arrived at a small appartment. 'Probably his and Tina’s appartment, I wonder when she moved to London with him.’ You thought. He opened the door, stepping aside so you could enter. Inside it was cold and empty. His beloved case stood in a corner of the room. “What’s this place?” You asked, turning towards him. “I moved here after you… when we…” He looked away, tears brimming his eyes. An oh left your lips as you averted your gaze out of the window. “So what did you want to talk about?” “About us.” Your breath caught in your throat. “There is no us, Newt. Not anymore.” “I know but please just listen to me.” He begged. “Fine, you have five minutes.”

“Look, I know I messed up and I know you probably hate me but… but” The sound of his voice cracking broke your heart. But you couldn’t give in. How could you ever trust him again? You kept quiet as he went on. “But please just take m-me back. I don’t know what to do without you. I was so stupid for doing what I did. I’m so, so sorry, please give me another chance.” You didn’t know what to say. Your brain told you to get the hell out of here, but your heart told you to give in. “Newt… I don’t know. When I saw you with Tina that day it felt like a piece of me just got up and left. You were that piece. When I saw you with her I wasn’t angry with you, because how could I be? I’ll never be as pretty or as smart as Tina. I was angry with myself, for not being good enough for you.” By now you were full on sobbing.

Newt hesitantly walked towards you and slowly wrapped his arms around you. He waited a bit to see if you’d push him away before he pulled you into his chest, your tears instantly ruining his shirt. “You’re right you’ll never be as smart or as pretty as Tina.” You couldn’t believe what he just said. You tried to get away from him, but his grip on you only got tighter as he went on. “Because you are a beautiful genius. She could never compare to you. I’m so sorry for making you feel this way, but I promise if you just give me one more chance I’ll tell you how much I love you every day. I will do anything you want. To live without you, only that would be torture. A day alone, only that would be death. I swear if you give me one more chance I promise I’ll be the Gomez to your Mortisha.” (Let’s pretend this reference can happen)

“Dammit, Newt. How am I suposed to walk away when you pull the Addams family into this.” You laughed as you raised your head to look him in the eyes. “So what do you say?” He asked nervously. “Alright, I’ll give you one more chance. On one condition.” “Anything.” “Keep your promises.” You smiled as you reached up to connect your lips. Right now, at this moment, you couldn’t be happier. The feeling of his slightly chapped lips against your soft ones made butterflies errupt in your stomach. You were finally back where you belonged. For six months you had been looking for fantastic beasts, but the only fantastic beast that you needed was Newt.

vanillanormative  asked:

In the hypothetical case I were to have hypothetically found a dragon egg and it were to hatch and I can't reach their hypothetical mother, what should I do? Hypothetically

Hypothetically speaking, I would suggest losing any attachment you have to any belongings that aren’t fireproof.  

Do try your best to get in touch with the local officials to have your dragon relocated to a proper place- until then,  maybe keep it away from family pets.  It’s bound to be hungry.  

Idea for a weird Captain America/Hercules-ish AU where Bucky is Meg and Steve is Hercules. (Sorta.)

(ohmygod, this grew bigger than it was supposed to be, I don’t even know what happened.)

Steve is a demi-god, whose mother was a mortal woman seduced by some horny, inconsiderate god from Mount Olympus. But he’s more mortal than god, and he’s weak and sickly and always so close to death. And all he wants to do is find where he belongs, because he doesn’t fit in with the mortals around him who ridicule his weak state, and who laugh at his many attempts to be just and kind and heroic.

His only friend is Bucky, who protects him from local bullies and beasts/monsters that roam the wilderness (because there’s a lot out there that may find skinny little Steve as a tasty, light meal.) Bucky and Steve are pretty inseparable, and a little bit in love, and while young Steve dreams of becoming a soldier so he can protect other people and stop bullies and finally belong somewhere, Bucky just dreams of a comfortable, simple life where he can keep Steve safe and sound and with him.

But one day, sometime in winter, the cold is too much for Steve to handle, and he weakens so much that he’s this close to dying, and Bucky doesn’t know what to do.

He realizes that the only thing he can do is sell his soul to the Red Skull/Hydra Hades, who promises health and vitality for the dying boy, in exchange for one thing…

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The Feels, and Reminders

My dear sweet brother who knew there were cats who periodically would climb under his trailer and have kittens and such things, set up a live trap there. (For those of you who don’t know, a live trap will not hurt an animal in any way, it will only trap them in a cage.) He had planned on taking such cats to the Humane Society or keep them to get them spayed/neutered. He heard loud yowling yesterday evening(June/9/14), so he went to check the trap, and sure enough, there was this adorable (yet very skinny) black and white male cat. After feeding him until he wouldn’t eat any more, my brother sent me a picture of the tiny beast, and I searched craigslist over this morning. I knew he had to belong to someone, as he was too sweet to be a feral cat. Craigslist is where I found the little sweet-heart’s mommy who had been searching for him for two weeks! There were tears, thank-yous, and smiles when she immediately came and picked the little dude up. 

Most of the tears of joy were from my brother’s cat, who was glad to know her new housemate was only temporary, and she didn’t need to grow accustomed to him!

Just remember these points everyone:

  1. Remember to check your live traps.
  2. If you come across an abnormally friendly animal, please search craigslist, or local newspapers, as you may have found someone’s little dude/dudette who is winning in a game of hide and seek. Those winners of hide and seek should be caught, and forced to be found by their owners.
  3. If you indeed have been the one losing the game of hide and seek with your animal, it isn’t always too late. I only saw the post because the woman re-posted her lost cat ad. I never would have thought before then to continue looking two weeks back. So, keep posting pictures of them, and get word out! 
  4. If you haven’t, it’s likely a good idea to microchip your cat/dog. Some people who cannot contact you, and cannot keep your animal, but have found them, will hand them over to the Humane Society, who generally check for a microchip.