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Day 2: Favorite Downworlder Friendship:

Simon & Luke: Seriously, these two have been cool bros since before we learned that Luke is a werewolf and before Simon became a vampire. And even though they belong to separate groups who are sworn enemies, it doesn’t cause their friendship to end, which to mean makes it a beautiful, beautiful thing.

P.S: I love it when an older-younger friendship is done in shows. Like seriously, not all my friends are my age, and this so reflects real life for me. So score Luke and Simon!

shink130  asked:

I am so sorry for another ask!!! But umm... Whenever you do request can you do a fluffy where the reader is, curvatious, but has a light chubby tummy and Jacob comforts her? I have self confidence issues and body issues. But thank you!

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You’ll have to wait for when they open again, dearest, as I never harbor onto request ideas out of bounds of when they are open (merely for fairness), but I am certainly not opposed to the idea!

I’ve dated a lot of curvy women (and men) myself, and I can say that’s a lovely body type and to not be ashamed. Every person is beautiful with the right attitude and soul. ♥ I’ve had Jacob say countless times before that he isn’t shallow—even a scene about it in The Fall:

You flinched from the weight your stomach pressed upon you in that position, pulling from Jacob’s kiss to roll your teeth over your lower lip as if uncertain on how to proceed. “Are you sure you really want to do this right now?”

The leather attire upon Jacob rubbed together as he shrugged at your words. “Why not? Is something wrong?”

“For one thing, Jacob, I am huge and feel like a beached whale,” you admitted, wondering what he could find so attractive about that.

“To love you for your looks would be quite shallow of me, (Y/N),” Jacob explained, his fingers caressing your cheeks as if to settle your worried mind. “Besides, you are the weight you are because you are carrying my baby—I don’t think there’s really anything more beautiful about that fact than what it is.”

And baby fat does hang about for a bit, and stretch marks are involved after that process. The Reader will have body problems after that birth, but Jacob is hardly the one to focus on it as I’ve stressed before: he does want love. ♥

I never got ‘stay strong’ in particular. Like, you’re not a house brick. Stay weird, stay fluid and stay bendy, it’s far less stressful. 


R e n d !! 🔪 🔪

Yatogami and his Yukine ♡♡ 
I wanted to draw some meaningful/Japanesey things for the backgrounds aha. I hope it is fun figuring out what they mean ^^

 Watercolours on 200gsm


I was really sad during the last few days but now, after tonight, I’m just so happy, proud and relieved….. These four men, these four brave men I love so much, had the balls to keep this going and showed us they are here for us just like we are here for them, and it’s beautiful.

I already respected them so much that right now respect is an understatement…

Thank you is not even enough