keep staring baby

LOOK WHAT THE FABULOUS hattedhedgehog DREW FOR ME (drawing reproduced with her permission)! Everybody, go and follow and commission her, do it now <3.


“I’m sorry.” Dwalin said quietly. “But I’d do it again and again, for your sake.”

They had spoken against their king, had made fun of him and his line. Even if they were deep in their cups, Dwalin would never let that slide, no matter how many times Thorin would tell him to leave it alone. His One shook his head and leaned closer, gently bringing their foreheads together whilst keeping a hold on the bandage he was wrapping around Dwalin’s bruised fingers and knuckles.

“I know.” he answered, his voice rough. “I wish you wouldn’t.”

au where a tony from another universe bursts into avengers tower while they’re watching a movie and he’s bloody and bruised and his suit is all banged up but what the avengers keep staring at is the baby in his hands who looks startlingly like steve except he has dark eyes, and other tony is gasping and in pain and he’s babbling, nearly begging the avengers to take care of his baby so steve steps up to take charge of the situation and takes the baby from him and when he asks when other tony will be back, he just smiles sadly at them and he says “i have to get to steve” and the avengers just know that he’s not coming back, that he’s probably gonna be killed by whatever put him in that state, and when he goes back through his portal the avengers are all left staring at the crying baby