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Wonho x Reader

Warnings: SMUT. Face riding, slight spanking, dirty talk,

Word Count: 3,035

Summary:  You’re new in the neighbourhood, and decide to be a good person and go introduce yourself to your neighbours. Turns out that was a bad idea.

A/N: This is my fic. I’m re-posting onto my sideblog.

Being the new girl was tough. It was tough in high school, it was tough at a new job, and it’s still tough on moving day. You had just moved downtown into a cute apartment on the 10th floor of a pretty nice building. You loved being so close to everything, and the view you had made the hassle of moving up here worth it. You were still unfamiliar with your neighbours and neighbourhood, having only moved in a week ago. You took the opportunity a rare day off gave you to walk around and explore, as well as introduce yourself (finally). Baking wasn’t your strongest skill, but you tried, and made some cookies to take to your neighbours. You were glad you had taken this chance to introduce yourself, as everyone you met seemed friendly and kind.

Until you met 10A.

10A was the guy that resided in the apartment next to yours; he was relatively quiet, so you didn’t know what to expect. You knocked on the door and waited for the owner to open it, and when he did, you regretted doing this ‘introducing-yourself-to-your-neighbours-to-be-nice’ bullshit in the first place.

He was beautiful, and he was in nothing but a towel. His milky white skin still glistening with water even in the harsh lighting of the hallway, his damp bleach blond hair that begged to be touched, wide brown eyes that made him look both cute and sexy, and plump, pouty pink lips that made you want to bite them until they bruised, his toned chest and stomach that made you want a peek under that towel, he was too much at once and you were quickly becoming a flustered mess. Your eyes travelled back up only to see him staring back at you, eyebrow raised, head cocked to the side, and a smirk plastered on his face.

“You gonna tell me what you’re here for or are you gonna just keep staring, baby?” he smirked. You rolled your eyes, your earlier lust filled thoughts were shattered by the conceited remark.

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@BAP_Youngjae: 좋아너라서딱좋아뚫어져라계속봐도더좋아😊#베이비

I like you(.) I like you just because it’s you(.) I like you even more as I keep staring at you 😊#baby

trans by transforbap ; take out with full credit.

im not tried.. but am i not tired enough to go in game????

Reader in labor HC with Sincerely Three!

I’ve never done HC’s before so I apologize if this is crap but this is my first ever request!!! SO lets get started

Lets start with the meme boy Jared

- ok so jared n u have been together since ur senior year of high school

- you now live together in a cute little apartment

- I feel like jared would be the funny guy in an office job so that’s what he does

- he works in an office and you don’t work right now because YOURE REALLY PREGNANT

- As the days get closer to ur due date, Jared is like ’ hhhh maybe I should stay home with you today babe what if u go into labor AND IM NOT HERE’

- u make him go anyways

- but one day this actually happens n you go into labor while Jared is at work lke 30 minutes away so you call his mom first to have her come get you

- she rushes you to the hospital and once youre there, you finally call Jared and are like ‘ so uh remember how I kept telling you I wasn’t going to go into labor while u were at work? Sike, got u.”


- ‘waIT WHAT?!’ he screams so loudly his mom can faintly hear it across the room like this boy has a loud voice anyway but holy hell when he yells

- ‘ I TOLD YOU I FUCKING TOLD YOU DIDNT I FUCKING TELL YOU’ Jared screamed and you could basically hear him running out of the office until he gets stopped by the lady at the front desk 

- ‘no i have to leave my partner is pushing a CHILD out right now. well Brenda i don’t care if ur son fell and broke his arm, my child is being BIRTHED.’

- even though he was 30 minutes away, he got to u in record time

- he basically kicked the door open and jumped into the room

- he is def doing a super man pose and winks at you

- you threaten to throw him out of the room before hes even sat down

- fast forward a little bit n your contractions have gotten pretty bad and youre laying on your side with your eyes closed, your hand gripping on the side of the bed so hard jared think you might break it

- ‘ babe ur joking to she hulk the bed and I CANNOT AFFORD THAT’

- you flip him off but go back to aggressively squeezing the bed until this contraction passed for a few moments and you were able to release the bed


- ‘youll break  my hand are you crazy I NEED THIS HAND TO DEFEAT ZOMBIES’

- you grab his hand anyways and squeeze it even harder than you had been the bed jut out of spite


- u look up at him with these deadly eyes and he instantly shuts up and is just like ‘ i love u (y/n) ‘

- a few hours later and it was time to push so u make sure that Jared’s hand is laced with yours and you squeeze it every time

- hes trying to say encouraging words but its more like ‘wow babe - ow - you’re doing so - fucking ow - wonderful - god my hand is going numb - just keep going babe!!!’

- about an hour later the doctor places a baby boy on your stomach and Jared literally fucking cheers

- the doctor has jared cut the chord and after that they take your son off to clean him up n stuff but the whole time jared sits by your side with that big goofy smile on his face as he tells you that he loves you


- Connor and u were sitting at home when you went into labor bc it was late at night

- ur watching some movie and u glanced up at connor and are like ‘ hhh either i just peed myself or my water just broke’

- the boy literally JUMPS up from where he was sitting and glances at you before he grabs your hands and pulls you up

-he tells you to go out to the ca so you do that while he gathers the bags that you two had spent the time making up in the previous weeks

-he walks outie trying to be as calm as he can but once he gets in the car he just glances over at you and says ‘holy fuck’ before he starts off towards the hospital

-at this point your contractions aren’t close together but when they do hit they fucking hurt like nothing you have ever experienced before so when the first big one hits you groan in pain and COnnor looks over at you all worried and is lik e

- ‘is everything ok, goddammit I’m going as fast as i can without being pulled over but all this fuCKING traffic is making it hard to get FUCKING anywhere.’

- you put your hand on his leg and are just like ‘connor stfu its fine i was having a contraction buts its passed right now so its fine ok’

- he eventually gets you to the hospital and you get into the bed with all the chords attached to your stomach

- i feel like connor has been super nervous for this because hes so scared that hes gonna be a bad dad that when he sits down next to you he just kind of like shuts down and starts to completely doubt himself

- but ofc you know whats going on so you just grab his hand and tell him its all gonna be ok bc obviously neither f you have any real idea how to be a parent yet and youll figure it out together

- he looks at you with those super pretty eyes and u just smile at him

- he loves u so much and he feels so lucky to have someone  like you who makes him feel like this is all going to be ok instead of the way his father had been making him feel by like teling him hes gonna be a bad dad

- a few hours later and its finally time to push and Connor lets you hold his hand the entire time and hes just completely ignoring the fact that youre basically breaking his hand and he just keeps telling u how great youre doing

- ‘youre doing great (y/n), squeeze my hand all you want. Take all the fucking anger out on my hand its fine’

- the doctor puts a little girl on your chest and you tear up as u look at her

- and so does connor because ike ffuck he has a daughter and someone who is going to love him and that he already loves so much?? like he didn’t think he could love anything this much other than u until he saw his daughter

- the doctor has connor cut the chord and he does it really slowly before the little girl is taken away to get cleaned up.

- connor sits down beside of you and he rubs your hair out of your face and kisses your forehead gently

- that boy loves u and his little family so much and he swears that he is going be ten times better than his family ever was to him


- SO LIKE- Evan and you go over to Heidi’s every Tuesday for taco Tuesday and game night right??- so you guys are sitting there eating and playing uno when suddenly you have this weird pain in your stomach and it’s not at all like when the baby kick so you just kind of pause and it’s your turn so Heidi and Evan both give you a confused look- ’ uh (y/n) are you ok?’

- you just nod your head and shrug your shoulders b are like ya just a pain but it’s gone now- so you start playing again- Until the pain comes back and it’s worst that before so you once again take a deep breath and just sit there for a moment and this is when evan starts like getting really nervous and yoy can tell because his starting to pull on the corner of his cards- Heidi asks you if you’re sure you’re ok and you just nod your head

- until ur water breaks and ur just sitting a small puddle of water in your seat-u don’t wanna freak out evan so u ask him to go get you a drink from the kitchen and once he leaves, u whisper to Heidi that u think ur water broke- AND SHE LIKE SQUEALS- Evan comes back in when he hears the squeal and is like ???? what??? -AND HEIDI IS LIKE “(Y/N) THINKS THEIR WATER BROKE”

-and evan drops the glass of water he had in his hands and it goes everywhere and u snicker- ‘now Evans water has broken’ and Evans eyes go wider than before- ‘this is uh no times for jokes!! we gotta go!!’ Evan says and you nod your head and get up-Heidi drives u to the hospital and drops you and evan off before she goes back to the your and Evans house to get the bags you had packed

- the doctor gets you all situated and checks you and is like ???- had u waited any longer to come in yoy might have been having the baby at home because you were like 8cm

- ur like ??? I barely feel anything what the fuck-the doctor shrugs and chuckled

-evan is sitting by your bed and he’s obviously an anxious mess- his leg is bouncing and his face is all red and his fidgeting with the bed sheets- bc like what if the baby doesn’t end up liking him and what if he’s a bad dad and messes up when it comes to taking care of the baby and goodness the boy is just a mess

- but u just smile at him and place hand on his and just whisper calming words to him- Heidi shows up with the bags you had packed and she just smiles at the scene of her son and the person he loves all lovey dovey and about to be parents-the doctor comes in like 20 minutes later and tells u that it’s time to push so you get all situated-evan grabs your hand and is squeezing it WAY tighter than you’re squeezing his and you can’t help but laugh

-it takes like 3-5 pushes and the doctor puts a little girl on your stomach and asks evan if he wants to cut the chord and he nods-but when the doctor puts the scissors in his hands and they’re shaking like crazy and he takes one step into doing it before- he passes out-like he drops to the floor and you burst out laughing because you knew he was nervous but not that nervous

-Heidi laughs and helps evan up and he cuts the chord with her help and he just keeps staring at the baby and he just can’t comprehend that he made that- he just loves you and his baby so much snd he’s so excited to be a dad now

LOOK WHAT THE FABULOUS hattedhedgehog DREW FOR ME (drawing reproduced with her permission)! Everybody, go and follow and commission her, do it now <3.


“I’m sorry.” Dwalin said quietly. “But I’d do it again and again, for your sake.”

They had spoken against their king, had made fun of him and his line. Even if they were deep in their cups, Dwalin would never let that slide, no matter how many times Thorin would tell him to leave it alone. His One shook his head and leaned closer, gently bringing their foreheads together whilst keeping a hold on the bandage he was wrapping around Dwalin’s bruised fingers and knuckles.

“I know.” he answered, his voice rough. “I wish you wouldn’t.”

au where a tony from another universe bursts into avengers tower while they’re watching a movie and he’s bloody and bruised and his suit is all banged up but what the avengers keep staring at is the baby in his hands who looks startlingly like steve except he has dark eyes, and other tony is gasping and in pain and he’s babbling, nearly begging the avengers to take care of his baby so steve steps up to take charge of the situation and takes the baby from him and when he asks when other tony will be back, he just smiles sadly at them and he says “i have to get to steve” and the avengers just know that he’s not coming back, that he’s probably gonna be killed by whatever put him in that state, and when he goes back through his portal the avengers are all left staring at the crying baby

anonymous asked:

Can you please do a SITS HC where MC hears the guy she's dating say that he doesn't love her and she overheard then she leaves them before telling them she was pregnant? I'm having lots of SITS feels right now. Is that bad? 😅 anyways if you can't write it it's okay..

I will use the same prologue for all and concentrate on the after event (which took place 4 months later) situation for each guy. Hope Anon is okay with it.

You hold the pregnancy result in your hand and walking nervously toward his room. You wonder how he feels about it. Will he loves kids or he does not want to have kids? The questions keep popping inside your mind, making you very nervous. When you reached his room, you realized that it is half open and the rest of the guys are all inside. You were thinking that they might be discussing about work, so you decide to come back later, but you heard something.

“Yes, I don’t love her.” Your guy said.

The rest of the guy encourage him to settle early. Does the her mean you? You can’t help but feeling hurt upon hearing that. You ran back to your room in tears. After crying for hours, you took out your bag and start packing. You have decide to leave him since there is no point in staying any longer. However, you decide to keep the baby since it is too cruel to remove it. The baby is innocent. That night, you left secretly without saying goodbye.

Kyohei Rikudoh
You are not sure where to stay after you left the house. Finally with Rina help, you manage to find a small apartment to stay in. You manage to get a job to write scripts for small play. Life is manageable for you and your future baby. One day, Rina came over and show you an article. Kyohei had place an articles looking for you. He even requests anyone who know the details to contact him. Thinking that he might just wants you to be a ghost writer, you asked Rina not to disclose anything to him.

One night, you came home seeing Kyohei waiting for you at your doorstep. Rina has informed him after all as she feel that you are still can’t forget about him. Given no choice, you let him into the house. The moment he steps in, he embraces you from behind.

“Why did you leave so suddenly? You know how much it hurt me? Please go home with me and let me take care of you and the baby.” Kyohei whispers into your ear as he places his hands on your baby bump.

“If you feel that you need to take responsibility, you don’t have to. You don’t love me anyway, just like what you said that night to those guys.” You said and pushed him away but he end up tightens his hold.

“That night? That was not you. I am talking about a singer expressing her love to me.” Kyohei turns you around to face him. Finally realized the truth, you can’t help but sob.

“Do you realize how much I miss you these few months. Can you please promise me to stay together with me? I need you.” Kyohei mutters and embraces you. You nod your head and embrace him back.

Iori Enjo
After moving out, you found a small unit just big enough for yourself. You also manage to find a job in writing script for small play. The income definitely can ease the financial burden when the baby is born. Life is peaceful when he suddenly show up at your door step one day. You try to close the door but he use his foot to prevent you from closing the door and eventually force himself into your house. When he realized your baby bump, he got a shock.

“Why did you leave without a word? Why did you keep the pregnancy from me? I am the father of the child and I have the right to know. What am I to you?” Iori rebuked as he grips hold of your arms.

“Then what am I do you? You do not love me at all.” You rebuked back in tears.

“What give you that idea? If I do not love you, why would I search high and low for you.” Iori sighed.

“You said so yourself to the rest of the guys on that night.” You muttered.

“That night? You got it all wrong. There was a fan expressed her love to me. Of course I do not love her.” Iori sighs and embraces you.

“Please don’t make me so worry. Please trust me that I can protect you.” Iori whispers as he tightens his hold on you. You can’t contain yourself anymore and embraces him back.

Kota Igarashi
You submitted a script for competition and surprisingly won the first prize. The director decides to film it into a movie and asks you to come over for discussion. Given that you are pregnant, this is a good a opportunity and you can earn some money for the baby. However, you never expect to bump into Kota there as well. It seems like he was chosen as the main actor for the movie. You try to avoid eyes contact with him during the discussion, but you got a feeling that Kota keeps staring at your baby bump in your tummy.

“Wait for me.” Kota grabs you immediately after the discussion. “I been searching for you this whole time. Why did you leave suddenly that night? Why didn’t you tell me that you are pregnant with my child?” Kota continue with his numerous questions.

“This child is not your.” You lied.

“You are not good at laying. Please come home with me.” Kota pleaded and tighten his grips at your arms.

“You don’t have to force yourself. You never love me at all. Just like what you told the guys that night. I don’t need your sympathy.” You cried out.

“That night? Oh you heard the conversation on that night you left? I am not talking about you. There was an actress expressed her love to me. I told the guys that I never love her. You day dreaming monster. How can you just jump to such conclusion.” Kota explains and embraces you.

“Can I believe you?” You asked in tears.

“I can leave my world to prove to you. Please don’t ever leave me again.” Kota whispers as he tighten his hold on you and you embrace him back.

Nagito Aoshima
You found a job in a teaching school, teaching students how to write scripts. Life is simple but you still can’t forget Nagito. You also wonder if the child will look like him more or you. One day you saw an articles saying that Nagito meet into an accident and his life is in danger. You got panicked and asked Rina to help find out the venue of the hospital. Once you got the information, you rushed to the hospital but was told that is no such patient in their list.

Given no choice, you turn to left but was surprise to find Nagito standing in front of you. When he saw your baby bump, he got a shocked. Then he slowly walked over to you and lead you out of the hospital.

“I am sorry for laying. I can’t find you anywhere. So I have to come out with such idea.” Nagito mutters and embraces you once both of you are alone.

“Why you have to look for me when you don’t love me anymore? You say so that night.” You sobbed as you embrace him back. You are so glad that he is alright.

“That night? You got it wrong. I was talking about an actress who expressed her love to me. There is no way I don’t love you when I already seen you as my family. Please don’t jump to conclusion anymore.” Nagito explained and tighten his holds.

“I will always take care of you and our baby. Please come home with me?” Nagito pleads after a while. You simply nod your head in agreement.

Takashi Ninagawa
You manage to find an apartment and a job as a script writer to support yourself. Thing has been quite smooth although life is simple. However, that is sufficient for you and your future baby. You been very careful not to cross their path and it has always successful until today. You meet Kyohei in the corridor. He told you that Takashi been shutting himself in his room since you left. He begs you to go meet him and talks to him. You try to reject but Kyohei eventually manage to persuade you.

After you arrive, everyone left the house to leave both of you alone. You walk toward his room and knock on the door.

“I said to leave me alone.” Takashi shouted.

“If that is what you wanted.” You replied from outside. However, the door immediately fly open. The moment Takashi saw you, he pulls you and embraces you. That is when he feel the baby bump at your tummy and his eyes go wide.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Why did you suddenly disappear from my life?” Takashi asked painfully.

“I see no reason to stay since you never love me. That what you said on that night.” You pushed him away but he grabs hold on you.

“That night? No, that was not you I am talking. A singer express her love to me and of course I have no feeling to her.” Takashi explains and hugs you even tighten.

You felt so stupid for causing the mess. You feel even hurt to see Takashi looks so run down.

“I am no good without you. Please come back to me and never leave me again.” Takashi looks into your eyes and pleads. You nodded your head and embrace him back.

hariumi-deactivated20151116  asked:

Can you do Exo's faces when they're looking their babies for the first time? :3


- ————————————————————————————————————————-

1.Xiumin: *so emotioned he’s almost crying*

2. Luhan: *dazzled by his baby* Who is daddy’s little princess? Who is daddy’s little princess?  

3. Kris aka Cherry’s husband: “Ma cute babeh is mah style” *bbuings bbuings for his newborn child*

4.Suho (ft a blurry Tao by his side): What do you mean by saying that I won’t be able to stay with my baby 24/7? *overwhelmed by his motherly feelings*

5.Lay: Wait… I didn’t know that he had already been born *flustered*

6.Baekhyun: C’mere babyyyyyy, give daddy a huug *runs to baby*

7.Chen: Guess who’s a daddy now, huh?

8.Chanyeol: *jumps of happiness*

9.D.O.: Wait, is that…? *was so not prepared for this*

10.Tao (ft Baozi): OH MY GOSH I’M A DAD NOW!* so emotioned that he hugs Xiuminnie*

11.Kai aka Kim’s future hubby: …. *so dazzled that he just keeps staring at your baby and you*

12.Sehun:  MY BABY OMG *completely shocked fetus*

Hope you enjoyed it \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

~Admin N