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When Yuuri started training in Russia, he got into a habit of making lunch for himself and Victor every day… Then he made lunch for Yurio whenever his Grandpa was too busy… Then Mila wanted some… Then Georgi got lunch so he didn’t feel left out… And now he makes it for Yakov too. Days Yuuri doesn’t turn up unexpectedly? The Russian skaters starve.


A messy little comic where Yuri takes a chance (finally)

Part 8 / Part 1

Hey. See you Next Level.

Summarize of the conference with Kubo and Yamamoto :)

Live drawing by Kubo during the conference *still squealing*

Kubo and Yamamoto were so much kind with the audience like, at the very beginning, they wanted to know if there were any other persons who came from other countries than France :)  and they were curious to know if we knew/watched ice skating. Tbh, during all the conference they kept recommending to keep interest to skating and professional skaters x)

That was actually so nice to see that they were truly devoted to their works, they mostly talked about french skaters and the influences it could give them for YOI, that was pretty interesting.

For example:    

Laurine Lecavelier skater was the kind to change costums between the performances of her program so Kubo & Yamamoto took this idea too.

They got inspiration of Brian Joubert for the design of the costum of Michele, and Guillaume Cizeron for Giacometti’s character.

And my favourite one, they talked about an anecdote with Philippe Candeloro, who during one of his performance went in the audience and said “I love you” to someone in the public ;))
(And now I have this headcanon about young Yuuri who came to watch Victor and Victor coming to him and whispering ILY to him//////////////)

Kubo also talked about couple performance. She said that when the two skaters are a couple in life too, their performance is even more touching and beautiful <3 (NOT A COINCIDENCE I’M SURE)

edit : I forgot a part too when she said that for duet who aren’t in couple, they could be as convincing and emotional sometimes ;)

Now about the movie, they said for the moment it’s still in project and they don’t have a scenario yet. They also said they would give their best and also they would make sure that it could also be released in cinema in France *crying*

It ended with some questions from the public.

One person asked if we will may have more skating moments for the girls (very important question indeed!!!!! *v*). They replied that even though the scenario of the movie isn’t written yet, they would like the idea.

An other important question was about the possibility to learn more about Victor and Kubo said YES FOR SURE \(; v ;)/ she couldn’t talk more about it either for now, but she hoped we will love what will come <333

And finally, a lot of cheerings and a “born to make history” with Kubo~

Such a nice moment with them and everyone :’) 

Soulmate au - in which Viktor is hurting, and Yuuri intentionally becomes the playboy.

At the tender age of 4, Viktor Nikiforov falls out of love with the notion of soulmates.

Because if soulmates were really as perfect as everyone liked to say they were, then his dad would be gentle and kind and loving, and his mother wouldn’t have to spend her night stifling her sobs, and crooning apologies into Viktor’s ear.

So when Viktor starts figure skating competitively, he pours his heart and soul into it. And when the sponsors start pouring in and he’s making a living, he asks his mother with lips trembling and eyes wide if they can just. Leave.

At 16, Viktor boldly displays his soulmark for all to see. It’s a lot bigger than most and absolutely gorgeous - a pair of pure white wings folded neatly on his back, so bright they seem to be glowing and so detailed they seem almost real. His costumes take full advantage of the mark, every twitch of his muscles, every arch of his back making it look as if they’re about to unfold any second now, every jump sending him soaring into the air.

But being so open about one’s soulmark leaves one open to manipulation.

It’s approximately three months after Viktor’s first JGPF gold that a fan approaches him outside his home rink, turning to show him her back.

Viktor looks at the tattoo of glowing white wings folded neatly across her back, smiles distantly at her, and says, “That’s nice.”

Then he turns and walks away, leaving her sputtering in confusion and anger.

After the first few fake soulmarks, people seem to realize that beyond the presentation factor, Viktor doesn’t actually seem to really care about his mark, or about finding his soulmate.

And so, at 12, Katsuki Yuri has no illusions about meeting Viktor, about showing him his soulmark and crying and laughing, about finally, finally, having someone that’s perfect for him, someone that will love him and cherish him no matter how messed up he is.

Yuuri is still very much in love with the notion of soulmates - he wants what his parents have. But if that’s not what Viktor then he supposes he’ll just have to prove to Viktor in another way that he deserves to be in his life.

Whether as a fellow skater, a friend, or even a lover. However Viktor will have him.

So he skates and he skates and he skates.

And at the age of 17, he’s at the top of the junior figure skating world.

He keeps his soulmark a careful secret though - not that he’s ashamed of it or anything. But it’s not the right time yet to let it show. 

Viktor has always loved surprises after all.

Phichit knows about it of course - he’d screamed the first time he’d seen it, and hadn’t once doubted it was real. Because as much of a super fan as Yuuri is, he’d never stoop to such a low as getting a fake soulmark tattoo of his favourite skater.

Yuuri is careful over the years, building a slow friendship with Viktor, seducing him sweetly with his quiet smiles and earnest dedication to his sport.

Yuuri is 21 when he finally decides it’s time.

He’s competed in the senior GPF three times by now, and medalled every time.

He knows he can get gold this year.

He tells Celestino about his plan and gets a resounding approval.

When he steps out onto the ice for his Free Skate at the Finals, there are murmurs of confusion sweeping across the stadium as the audience notices his change in costume.

A pretty blue thing inspired heavily by Viktor’s costume at the JGPF all those years ago.

The murmurs grow to fever pitch as he skates to the middle of the rink, and people start to notice.

The gorgeous white wings folded neatly across his back.

He takes up his starting pose. Smirks seductively in the vague direction he knows Viktor is watching from.

And he skates.

The cheers are deafening after his performance.

He doesn’t get to talk to Viktor until later.

They’re on the podium, Yuuri standing in the middle, beaming out at the line of cameras ahead of him.

He feels the ghost of fingers across the small of his back.

Then pale, slender fingers wrapping around his gold medal.

A gentle tug towards the silver medalist.

A chaste kiss on the lips.

The crowd is deafening.

A mischievous smile.

Fingers threading through silky silver locks.

Together at last.


Yuzuru’s reaction when someone compliments him that he is tall.(x)

But seriously, look at his face when that lady says he is tall!!! The smile on his face automatically dropped lol. And the interviewer is such a hardcore fangirl I can’t deal! She keeps repeating “kakkoi kakkoi”, saying he’s still cool and handsome!


Boyang Jin, “Spiderman” (x)



 “It’s only 106”

  「 106しか出てない 」

  “ It’s only 106 ”

  「 106しか出てない 」

   “ IT’S ONLY 106 ”

    「 106しか出てない 」

    “   IT’S   ~ONLY~   106   ”

―Yuzuru Hanyu’s off the record comment on his SP performance that marked the 3rd highest score in history.

Note: Short program scores above 100 points were achieved only 7 times, 6 of them by Hanyu himself: