keep sending me photos guys these are fun

Fun Celebration!

OKAY okay, so!

I’ve been thinking of tiny ways to celebrate you guys and one thing I’ve seen going around (specifically over on @reidbyers blog) where people are making cover photos/aesthetics for stories or other writers. I love doing little edits, so to celebrate my followers, that’s what I want to do!

Here’s what you need to do if you want one:

  • Reblog this post (this is my personal preference, it’ll be easier to keep track of who I’ve done). 
  • Tag me or send me a fic/one-shot you’d like a cover/aesthetic for. 
  • Give me examples of what you want (a specific color pallet, a certain phrase, whether or not you want the title on there somewhere, etc. I can give more examples if you need it).

That’s pretty much it! This is just something fun I want to do since I reached my next milestone. Think of this as a thank you!

To give you a taste of what you’ll get should you decide you want one, here is a couple of mine for my own stories:

These are just examples, I can make it however you’d like!  If you think mine are just total shit and rather see someone else do it, head over to Jen’s blog and look at this post for a probably much better option than mine, but I have fun making these and would really like to help anyone who wants it out!

xx Ashley

a-white-t-shirt  asked:

I love the way the mods create the stories that are submitted with the character heads on photos. Even a confession that is entirely heartfelt can still make me giggle due to the imagery they create. One example that I remember was Bucks angry/confused face on the body of a buisness man. I had to physically step away because I was just laughing for so long.

Thank you SOOOOOOO much!!!! I can assure you with 10000000% certainty that every mod in this blog works really hard to bring you fun pictures with the confessions you guys send every day, so we can’t appreciate more the feedback ❤️

We hope we can keep giving you all good laughs and fun times in this blog for a lot more time to come 😍😍😍😍

Also probably the confession you mean is this one? Hope that’s it!

-Yui 🐦


I am starting a little challenge for myself to sketch/draw something once a day.
And I need you guys to help out!!

I would like you guys to tweet me a photo of anything you would like me to sketch and I’ll post it on twitter and instagram!
I will ONLY be accepting photos via twitter!!
(so please don’t send to my tumblr ;A;)

This will be done DAILY (until I give up LOL) so even if I don’t draw your submission today, you can try again the next day.
Just mention me on twitter or #maddox-rider + #ADoodleADay and I will check!