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Meg here for TUTOR TUESDAY! Just a quick beginning look at colors and some color theory! I’ve had a few recommendation for color palette stuff, so I hope this is a start! Paul has done some on color as well! If you have any recommendations send ‘em in here or my personal! Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next week!

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(from the donut thing) powdered, cruller, and jelly filled? ❤️

Powdered: Favourite weather?

Definitely stormy weather, the rain is always so calming.. and the sun is obstructed by clouds so I can go outside as long as I wish to!”

Cruller: What are you craving RIGHT NOW?


David’s blood

Jelly filled: Would you ever want a pet?

Actually! I already have a pet! Her name is Bella and she’s a crow..”

I think.”

I honestly cannot tell the difference between a Raven, a Crow, and a Blackbird and it’s been frustrating me recently so I just call her a crow.”

since it’s been One Thousand Years since i’ve uploaded a fic (tsnm will be updated soon i promise), here’s a reminder of some of my oneshots, for all your multishipping needs!


Hey friends!

Meg here for today’s TUTOR TUES-WEEK! Today we’re taking a look at eyebrows/eyebrow placement! I’ve covered more about expressions here! If you have any tutorials you’d like to see send ‘em in here or my personal! Have fun, keep practicing, and I’ll see you soon!

rfa walk in on mc touching herself

anon: How about the rfa walking in on MC just playing with her boobs. Not goofy more NSFW-y?


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he just wanted to get the game controller from your room.

♆ spread out on the bed was you, your shirt pooled around your ribcage, and your fingers lifting it up further to expose your breasts – nipples hardened and under your fingers.

♆ you sighed and bit your lip, eyes closed, and head rolling to the side. you took a handful of one of your breasts and grippe yourself hard, before licking the tip of your finger and running it over your nipple. whimpering, your other hand moved towards your waistband.

♆ poor boy was shOOK

♆ he made a move to walk away, but tripped and ended up slamming the door against the wall. you jumped.

♆ your eyes opened to see him standing in the doorway with a face flushed red, and you both froze. you couldn’t even move your shirt down to cover yourself. you just stared.

♆ “m-m-mc! i’m so s-sorry! i sh-should’ve knocked, i–” whether he was about to walk in or move further out, you didn’t know, but he lost his balance as he moved and stumbled to the foot of the bed. your body, all hot and panting and sweaty, right in front of him, ohhh god, maybe his face wasn’t the only place blood was rushing to.

♆ “u-uh, n-no it’s okay,” you stammered, still not pulling down your shirt. “i should’ve… locked the door…”

♆ yoosung paused. he tried his best not to, but he couldn’t stop looking at your naked chest. he just wanted to… god, how was he thinking about you like this?

♆ “c-could you…” he ran his hands along the end of the bed, his fingers running up your leg. “could you let me do to you… what you were doing to yourself?

♆ if you weren’t blushing before, you definitely were then.

♆ you bit your lip, swallowing your embarrassment, and nodded.

♆ finding his way around the bed, he licked his lips, inhaling before running his fingers over your stomach. you shivered, and kept your hands to your sides, giving him full access to touch you how he wanted. his eyes flickered to yours, before he gently cupped you between your thighs. his two fingers met your wetness through your leggings. you panted. the act was innocent enough, but it made you want to melt.

♆ “you’re so wet,” he said softly. “w-what were you doing that made you feel this good?”

♆ your cheeks flared up. “my breasts… are really sensitive…”

♆ yoosung gazed down your body, before climbing over you, his knee between your legs and cautiously rubbing circles into your clit over your clothes. you gasped, gripping a handful of the shoulder on his blue hoodie, and feeling his chest brush yours. your bucked your hips up.

♆ “you’re… so responsive, today.” his eyes trailed down to your naked breasts. his hand moved up your belly. “c-can i…?”

♆ “mh– yes, please.“

♆ in all the nights he made love to you, he was sure that you had never sounded as desperate as you did then.

♆ sliding his fingers over your ribcage, he took your breasts in his hands, his palms sliding over your nipples before his fingers caught them, too. his knee circled your clit a little harder, making you wrap your legs around him.

♆ leaning over, his mouth hovered over your right nipple, before ravishing it with his tongue. he sucked on your sensitive bud and flicked his tongue over it, gradually freeing one of his hands to reach underneath your pants to really feel how wet you were. he parted from your breast, his lips wet, and looked up at you, his fingers running up and down your opening.

♆ “y-you’re soaking,” he murmured against your chest, before his teeth carefully met your skin. you whimpered, and he took the tender area left behind in his mouth, tongue slack, and licking back up to your nipple. he pulled away with a lewd sound, and you felt his saliva in the wake of his mouth.

♆ his mouth moved towards your ear. “i hope you don’t mind, but i really want to f-fuck you.”


♄ in short, jaehee had a very long day at work.

♄ a very long, and a very frustrating day at work, where she was pretty sure all she had done was either figure out how to finish all the tasks jumin had given her, or how to stop herself from sitting in the staff room and crying over a mug of coffee.

she was so very, very frustrated.

♄ she just wanted to come home, and have you to herself. she wanted to run her hands all over you and take comfort against your naked skin and your kisses.

♄ so when she walked in on you in the bath, your hand grasping at your own breasts, with your finger pumping in and out of yourself, she didn’t spend a minute standing back. you gasped, however, sitting up quickly.

♄ “j-j-jaehee!” you fumbled for the shower gel and poured some into your hand. “i-i-i was just… trying to lather mys-self.”

♄ she said nothing, and exhaled, unbuttoning her shirt, dropping her skirt and underwear, and unhooking her bra.

♄ “a-ah, the bath is really hot, i can… i can make it colder for– mph!”

♄ jaehee cut you off with a kiss, parting your lips and giving herself entrance to your mouth. it was messy and it was hot, and she climbed into the bath in front of you and pressed you against he side of the tub, her legs on either side of you. she ran her tongue over the rim of your mouth, kissing your jaw and descending down your neck. water splashed on the bathroom floor as you both moved, and you gripped the back of her neck.

“i want you so badly,” she murmured as she found your breasts in her hands. “i need you.”

♄ “take me,” you murmured. you swore you wanted her as much as she wanted you, but she begged to differ. she wanted you more.

♄ pulling away, she looked down your body, watching you bite your lip while she toyed at your nipples. “is this what you like?” she asked, and you nodded.

♄ humming, she lifted you a little higher above the water, and wrapped her lips around your nipple. whimpering, you tugged at the back of her short hair, looking down to meet her gaze. she hollowed her cheeks and sucked your nipple, steadying your breast with her hand and pulling away, keeping her tongue lapping up at your hardening bud. breathless, you grappled at the lip of the tub, arching your chest into her mouth. she cupped the small of your back, her own breasts pressed against your stomach, and nibbled over your skin.

♄ “i’ve been… waiting… to touch you… all day…” she said between breaths against your chest, before bringing you up so you sat on the edge of the tub. kneeling in front of you in the water, she parted your legs, her fingers teasing your entrance as she took your hand and traced her tongue over your fingers. “touch me,” she said finally, and placed your hand on her chest.

♄ gathering your confidence, you tugged her up, your teeth catching onto her nipple before your tongue darted up to soothe it. she took in a sharp breath and slid her fingers inside you, pumping in quickly. her other hand kept your thighs parted, while you flicked your tongue over her breast before sucking hard. she bit her lip and moaned loud, slamming her fingers in and curling them to touch your g-spot. your whine vibrated against her chest, and she bit her lip, bending down once again and taking her fingers out.

♄ licking her lips, she stared at your dripping centre.

♄ “i want to hear you cum, mc,” she said, and dipped her head between your thighs.


♀jumin opened the door to his penthouse and set his briefcase on the floor, switching on the lights.

♀he definitely didn’t expect to see you on the couch, shorts hanging off your ankle as you straddled a pillow, your shirt in a heap behind you as you ground yourself against the fabric, your fingers tugging and playing with your nipples.

♀of course, it was a very pleasant surprise, which he responded to with a smile and a stir in his stomach which he felt rush to a place a little lower. you didn’t seem to hear him, so he shut the door, and approached you from behind.

♀he grasped your hips, making you jump, and he caught your mouth in a kiss as you went to turn around.

♀heat flushed your face. he just caught you getting yourself off. you were so embarrassed, but he was kissing you in that way that you really liked where his tongue just– oh.

♀he stopped kissing you for a moment, and whispered in your ear, “i’m home now, baby, why not use me instead of that pillow?”

♀he turned you around and lifted your hips up, his eyes trailing down your naked body. your nipples were perked up as your hands slowly moved away from them, but what caught his attention was how wet you were.

♀a small circle of wetness stained the pillowcase, and he tutted, rubbing your clit with his thumb almost casually. “look at what a mess you made,” he said.

♀"i-i’m sorry, jumin.“ your voice was a whimper, and you tried moving your hips further against his hand.

♀"don’t apologise, princess,“ he said. “i’ll just have to clean you up.”

♀he cupped your heat with his whole hand as he sat down on the sofa, pulling you onto his lap. your legs were on either side of his thigh, and he bounced it to gather friction underneath you. catching your breath, you felt him dip his head lower, his mouth against your breast, and his hand holding it against his tongue.

♀"you’re sensitive here, aren’t you?“ he asked teasingly, sucking your nipple.

♀you moaned an affirmative, and he chuckled, his tongue tracing your bud.

♀"i know you are. i’ve seen you touching yourself here whenever i fuck you… mm…” the rest of his words were lost against your skin.

♀sighing, you ran your hands through his hair, tugging him closer yo you and relishing the way his tongue circled your sensitive skin.

♀grabbing your hips, he moved you over his thigh.

♀he mumbled against your chest, “cum all over me. i can show you i’m better than some pillow.”


☿ it’d been a while since saeyoung checked the cameras.

☿ he was engrossed in his work, his head wrapped around the dark screen brimmed with coding. a half eaten bag of chips sat beside him, along with a can of dr. pepper that had long gone flat.

☿ when he finished up one more line of code, he sighed, reclining back in his chair and sipping his drink, despite it’s lack of taste. his gaze shifted to the camera screen, and he nearly dropped his can.

☿ your legs were spread out as you sat on the bed, his hoodie slouching off your shoulder, unzipped, and your left hand teasing your breast, your right circling your clit, which he could see on full display from the way you sat.

wait. were you… doing this on purpose?

☿ you threw your head back after a moan, not before making eye contact with the camera and bucking your hips up.

you were doing this on purpose.

☿ at first, saeyoung was afraid he was intervening, and nearly switched off the monitor, until he watched you slowly pull off his hoodie all the way, and kneel up, taking both your breasts in your hands and running your fingers over your nipples. you smiled at the camera, and his palm rubbed into the crotch of his pants.

☿ his gaze didn’t stir from the monitor as he picked up his phone, scrolling to your contact and calling you. he watched you pick up after two rings, your phone right beside you.

☿ “were you just waiting for me to find you playing with yourself?” he said immediately into the microphone, watching your face flush and your fingers moving up to your mouth, your tongue darting out to suck on them before you moved your hand back to your breast. “dirty little slut. what are you thinking about?”

☿ biting your lip, you whimpered into your phone, closing your eyes. you wanted to see him. you wanted to see him so badly.

☿ “i asked you a question. answer me when i speak to you,” he demanded.

☿ saeyoung freed his member from his pants and held himself in his hand, his thumb pressing into the head of his cock as you said, “i’m thinking of you, saeyoung.”

☿ “yeah? that’s what i thought.” he stared at the monitor as you ran your hand down your stomach, your fingers finding your wetness and pushing into your core. he groaned, pumping himself. “what do you want me to do to you, hm? you want me to taste that pretty little pussy of yours? you want to cum all over my face?”

☿ his obscene words hitched something in your stomach. “s-saeyoung! a-ah…”

☿ exhaling, he released himself from his grip, clutching the phone even tighter to his ear.

☿ “don’t you dare move,” he said. “i’m coming upstairs, and i want you all to myself when i’m there.”


♂you were in his dressing room.

♂of course, you hadn’t exactly read the performance plan properly and thought his show ended later than it actually did, and watching him from the screens stirred something that you really wanted to keep down until he finished.

♂at one point, you couldn’t exactly hold back.

♂you shut the door, tugged off your shirt, and lay back in the chair in front of a coffee table, your hand travelling up your skirt and your fingers pulling at your nipples.

♂five minutes later, zen had pushed open the door with bubbling excitement.

♂"hey, mc, did you see the finale? i got a standing ova– oh.“

♂your legs were spread open, your fingers occupying your core as you grabbed at your breast, nipples shiny with the saliva you had on your fingers.

♂you gasped, afraid for a split second one of zen’s colleagues had walked in, and covered yourself with the blanket resting next to you.

♂you relaxed when you saw him, and lay back, staring at him in the doorway.

♂"i-i need you,“ you said between breaths, and that was all he had to hear.

♂zen unzipped the front of his costume and shrugged himself out of it, approaching your sofa and leaning over your body, his mouth trained against your neck.

♂"what if it was someone else opening that door, hm? you look so good, what if someone else saw?”

♂"ah… i’m sorry, zenny…“

♂he hummed and kissed down your chest, his tongue teasing your nipple. he ran it over your bud and took your breast into his mouth, leaving hickeys around your cleavage and a wet trail from all his kisses. he thrust two fingers into you, and gazed up, your nipple still under his lips.

♂"i guess i’ll have to perform something special for you, tonight,” he said, while spreading your legs even wider and unbuckling his belt.


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It’s Meg for this week’s TUTOR TUESDAY! Today we take a little look at hopefully some exercises that will help with drawing horns! So go draw some peeps with horns, my dudes. If you have any recs send ‘em in here or my personal. Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next week!

Quiet || Peter Parker x Reader ||

Characters: Peter Parker x Fem!Avenger!Reader

Fandom: MCU/Spiderman

Request: Hella yeah bless MY FIRST PETER ONE BuT @rafeadderall ur a gem I lov u [can i request a peter parker x reader where the reader is like super shy and reserved in his class or whatever and then he sees her again but on team cap lol? if u can? love u xoxoxoxox] (Requests are always open guys! Send Em through!)

Prompt: You typically keep to yourself at school, however, you have a secret that no one knows about you. You’re different, Just like Peter Parker was different. You both discover each other’s identity during the epic showdown between Team Ironman and Team Captain America. 

Tags: @rafeadderall (if you want to be tagged to get a notification when I post message me!)

Word Count: 2,902

Spoilers: Na, unless you haven’t seen Civil War then

A/N: Yes so my first Peter Parker Imagine, god bless Spider-Man: Homecoming it was such a great movie!!! This however is based off of Civil War so no spoilers unless you haven’t seen Civil War!


Y/N sat quietly in her seat in the incredibly silent classroom. The only sounds were the ever so subtle scratching sounds of pen on paper as the other kids in the classroom attempted to nail their Spanish quiz. Of course, Y/N and one other student had already finished the quiz in record timing. That other student being Peter Parker. Both the two were in the top five percent of students who excelled well in any given task. 

They were also the only two students of the entire school to have secrets. Y/N since she was born was incredibly gifted, gifted with enhanced superhuman abilities and given that she was born with that she was able to hide it, hide it a lot better than Peter could despite him doing a well enough job keeping his Spiderman life a secret. Numerous occasions he was almost caught being Spiderman not just by Y/N but others too, like his friend Ned and Aunt May but somehow he still kept his identity well hidden. 

Peter liked Y/N not necessarily in a romantic way, but he appreciated her wits and intellect. He was nice to her but he wouldn’t go as far to say he had a crush on her, sure she was cute and all but it may have been because she was so quiet and to herself that tarnished that idea from Peters mind. Y/N felt mutually the same toward him, appreciating his dedication and smarts. 

The two locked eyes while waiting for everyone else to finish, offering each other a smile before averting their attention elsewhere. It wasn’t long until the others finished and the room was no longer silent and the students were off to their next class. Chemistry. Today’s Chemistry class was a lot different from the others, this time Mrs Cobwell had assigned projects to the class in pairs.

As luck would have it, both Peter and Y/N were paired and were just as awkward as they were when waving to the other down the hall. Now seated next to each other one would have to initiate conversation eventually seeing as both weren’t extroverted enough for that. Peter gulped and opened his mouth to speak. 

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Reaction to a Girl Trying to Get Between You and Him. . .

A/N cute request Anon. Also I got a message saying you guys would like an easier way to send in requests, so I will be changing my theme to make it easier for you all.

Kai ~

Masterlist: here


He would continue to be the gentleman that he is. However, he would find this very frustrating more on your part, because he wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea. He would most likely pull the hoe girl aside and speak to her about how unacceptable her actions are (queue disappointed mama, Suho). He would make it clear to her that he is not the least bit interested and that she should give up and find a man who can give her what she wants. Afterward he would make sure you don’t have the wrong idea about their relationship, or lack thereof, and that the only girl he looks at, or wants, is you.

Suho: “You know you’re the only one I want right?”

Y/N: “Yes I know.”

Suho *hugs you tight*: “I love you Jagi…”

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He would not give a flying cow. That hoe girl could try flirting, talking, looking sexy, playing damsel in distress and he still wouldn’t give her the time of day. He has you, and that’s enough for him. If she were to still not take the very obvious hint that he couldn’t care less about her, he would call her out. He doesn’t care if it’s in front of other people and it embarrasses her more than she already embarrassed herself. He would be doing it for you because even someone like you has their limits in how disrespectful someone is towards your boyfriend and your relationship. So he would call her out and tell her to cut it out before things get worse.

Hoe Girl: “Kyungsoo, what do you say to going out sometime? I know this really nice Italian restaurant. Hmm?”

D.O.: (his response is the gif, no words needed)

(that eye roll tho, and sorry for using the same gif twice)

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Channie would be uncomfortable. He wouldn’t like the idea and feeling of a girl that isn’t you giving him affection. He would, however, continue being a nice guy and simply try to be friends with her. However, as time continues, and the hoe girl continues to flirt with him and try to get between you two he would continue to grow more aggravated. He would eventually pull her aside to talk to her about how uncomfortable he feels and how dedicated he is to you. He would then probably realize how much he loves you and would–after talking to the hoe girl–show his affection for you by playing you a song, cuddle with you until morning or take you out to your favorite cafe and buy you your favorite beverage and sweet.

(Chanyeol getting flustered when the hoe girl wont quit her ridiculous antics)

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Xiumin would be very mature about this. The first sign of the hoe girl acting out and Xiumin would shut that shit down right away, in a civilized and mature manner. However, at the first sign of her talking you down and trying to convince you that you are not good enough for Xiumin, he would snap and pull her aside and talk to her. It would look somewhat like a parent scolding their child for bullying at school. However if one were to hear what he was saying to her, it would harsh. If the hoe girl didn’t stop, he would become more aggressive in his attempt to stop. This would mean him calling her out in front of others in the hope that she would realize that what she is doing is embarrassing and tactless.

Xiumin: “Look, honestly, I wouldn’t care about what you were trying to do. But when you say something to Y/N, and you’re rude about it. I care. And I’m pissed. You can do whatever you want around me, but the next time you say something other than ‘Hi’ to Y/N, I’m not going to be too kind about telling you to shut up. Get it?”

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Let’s be honest. He wouldn’t notice. You would need to handle the situation. However, if he were to notice, he would be too shy to ask her to stop, and would just work on reassuring you that he’s not interested in her and that you’re the only one he loves and has eyes for. He would treat you with more love than he usually does, and when she’s around, he would keep you by his side as a way to send her a message (kindly) that he’s already happily taken.

(ermergahd, he’s a sweetheart, lookit him! lil cinnamon roll ~~)

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Lmao, for some reason I laugh when I think of Chen in a situation like this. But, anyway~ Chen would find this hilarious and outrageous. He would wonder if he really was amazing enough to get himself in this situation. It would be an enlightening moment for our little dude Chen. He would most likely just make the hoe girl feel really awkward and uncomfortable about the whole situation because he would be smirking (trying to hold back his laughter) while she attempted (and failed) to flirt with him. He would tell you about the events so he could share the laugh with you. He wouldn’t think of it as a threat, but more as an interesting occurrence each day he goes to work. However, eventually he would just feel bad for the hoe girl and tell her she should give up and move on ‘cause he can’t give her what she wants.

Chen: “Look, I’m sorry, I’ve found this entertaining, but I’m afraid I’m leading you on. And that’s not my intention. I have a girlfriend who I gladly want to stay with. So whatever kind of things you have in mind, they’re not happening, you should find someone else.”

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Kai would be another cutie that keeps this whole situation civil. He’s a sweetheart, and he would be worried about you. He wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea, or think that he’s cheating on you. He would tell you immediately, but assure you that he’s handling it. He would tell you that if there are any rumors, not to believe them, because you’re the only one. He would make sure that you know before anything gets out or the rumors start, trust and honesty being a big part of your relationship.

Kai: “No matter what you hear, know that they aren’t true. You know you’re the only one right? I love you with all my heart.”

Y/N: “I know. I love you too Kai.”

(ignore the subs)

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Baekhyun would just be friendly with her in hopes of either her becoming a friend, or her realizing that there isn’t a chance and she’ll give up. However if she were to do anything towards you, he would become serious instantly and tell her she needs to stop. If you were to complain to him about her getting close to him, he would simply laugh it off and ask in a teasing manner if someone is jealous. However, if it seems like you’re really loosing your patience with her and even him, he would quit playing and have a serious talk with her and tell her she needs to stop because it’s making his jagi worried and sad.

Baekhyun: “Look, it’s been fun and all, but i think it’s time you find another guy to like. I’m not available and hopefully wont be anytime soon, but if you don’t leave me alone that might change, and I don’t want that. You’re making my Jagi sad, so do you think you could find another guy? I really love my Jagi and don’t want her to be sad anymore.”

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Luhan would simply tell her repeatedly that she needs to stop. It would probably take about a week before she finally got on his nerves and he snapped at her. Meaning he pulled her aside and told her sternly that she needed to find a new hobby because whatever she is hoping for with him wasn’t going to happen. If that doesn’t work, he would blatantly ignore her, hoping she would go away on her own.

Luhan In His Mind: (What is this girls problem???)

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We all know this boy is gunna be sassy as shit. Give that hoe girl a flip of his hand and be on his way. He don’t got time for that shit. He’s muthafuckin’ Zitao bitches.

Originally posted by shinylightblue


Another sassy fucker. He would just be smug about the whole shit. Probably thinking about ten times a day “Of course, I’m Oh Sehun after all.” But seriously, he would be kind about it at first, but it is Oh Sehun, and we know he has his limits. If she were to continue bothering him, he would eventually tell her to stop. Even though he’s a littler fucker, he wouldn’t want to hurt you like that, and wouldn’t want to lose you because of some persistent hoe girl. Believe it or not, despite his ridiculous remarks and sassy attitude, he does love you with all his heart and soul. He’s gonna tell that bitch to get lost. Then take you out to bubble tea. And of course the next day you would be in his arms and holding his hand in front of her to settle your worries and tell the girl he’s not interested, cause he’s Oh Sehun after all (lmao i’m sorry i had to).

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I can see him telling her off in front of people, that’s how little he would care. He would make sure she got the message that no, he’s not interested, and yes, she better back the fuck off. He’s got you, and with that being said, he would make sure all misunderstandings, if there are any, with you are cleared up before the end of the night. He would bring you to work the next day to flaunt you off in front of her like Sehun, just to make sure she knows, it ain’t gunna happen, and you know that he loves you and only you.

Kris In His Mind: (Is this girl foreal???)

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A/N I worked hard guys. I went back and fourth between hw and this, for about two hours. Yep. Hope you like! Keep sending in the requests. I love ‘em!

Kai ~

after dr:ae
  • Hiroko Hagakure made such a good job at finding the Captives that she is given a Future Foundation suit and a hacking gun. Komaru teaches her how to use it.
  • Yasuhiro is an intermediate for Towa and the rest of the world; he brings medicine, weapons, clothes, cosmetics, manga, anything. he’s goofy and likes to hang around Toko, Takaaki and Kanon. His mom smother him with hugs each time he comes back and he earns the title “Ultimate Mama’s Boy”.
  • the Captives are not imprisoned anymore and free to go anywhere Towa City. They still call themselves ‘Captives’ since they can’t leave it, their electronic bracelets still working. thanks to Komaru, they decide to help future foundation but refuse to be part of it yet. most of them don’t trust the organisation completely, Kanon Nakajima for example.
  • Haiji Towa is escorted outside Towa City and is completely under the care of Future Foundation. he is completely traumatized and unresponsive. as much as Komaru hates to think that, it might be better if he’s not in Towa anymore. maybe he did more bad than good. 
  • she inherits his red motorcycle though (who was mysteriously unharmed) and rides it everywhere. it’s faster and she has a blast. Touko rides at the back reluctantly. soon it becomes a symbol for adults and kids alike, but then she decides to give it to Takemichi Yukimaru. he is very loyal to her afterwards and goes off to any errands and patrollings she gives him. the Captives like to hear about his time in the Crazy Diamonds.
  • one day Fujiko Yamada encounters Genocider Syo and they both become buddies. when Komaru comes to pick Syo up, they’re drooling and keep slapping each other’s back while saying “fujoshi sisterhood”. she gains paper, ink and pens and continue tara ☆ spa, the quality not slighted in one bit, “as expected of a master of manga!” Komaru says in awe.
  • after going through Towa City’s archives, they write a list of kids born into the town. a good hundred are missing. they manage to keep the monokuma children in a big school that the Captives have transformed into a big and comfy sorta-hospital, kept secret from the adults and guarded by Kenshiro. their only concern is that kids don’t eat. they’re slowly thinning out and it stresses everyone. Komaru sends a request for medical equipment and the kids are fed through tubes. it’s not the best solution but it’s the only one they have as of right now. the medical equipment is also a benefit to Kenshiro whose health slowly deteriorates. 
  • one day Hiroko brings out grand bois chéri ludenberg and the kids croon after the cat who hiss and tries to escape these creepy masked children but it’s no use, ultimately, his tummy is gonna get rubbed.
  • when Komaru meets Ayaka Haneyama, she is completely starstruck. she shakes her hand with both hands and stutters throughout her whole introduction. Ayaka decides to help at towa hills, where she puts a news radio show up diffused throughout the whole town. she is a very good talker and she is the main host of a talk show whose catchphrase is “it’s not kasu, it’s ayakasu!” who becomes super popular amongst adults. they request song covers and small idle chat with guests, like Toko Fukawa the popular author.
  • Takaaki Ishimaru created a small police force with adults, including Hiroko and Yasuhiro Hagakure, Komaru, Toko and Kanon. he has a few contacts outside, like Yui samidare, who soon enters Towa City as a resource help. they target the Remnants of Despair. they find a lot of clues and even manage to take down the mysterious masked bodyguard swordswoman and the son of the Kuzuryuu family.
  • Fuhito Kirigiri’s status is unknown. Hiroko swears she found him, but they have yet to find a sign of life from him. Yui Samidare makes a detective vow to find him.
  • at the request of his master, the butler Pennyworth helps out too. he is mostly wandering in the town, helping whoever needs help. most often he crosses Komaru and Toko’s path. his gaze is stern but he chats a lot and offers them tea. surprisingly enough, he befriends Toko quite easily since both have something in common: they adore master Byakuya.
  • the cleaning of the town is not easy. rubble and debris everywhere, corpses every two meters, monokumas hiding in every corner… but they manage. in all the confusion, Komaru decides to properly bury Taichi Fujisaki and to raise a shrine for Yuta, at the end of the broken bridge. she stares a long time at the water. she wishes he was still there. she thinks he’d been friends with everyone.

  • at some point, Toko decides to write. it’s not easy finding paper, and a great rivalry between her and Fujiko arises, both accusing the other of wasting it. she writes and writes, from day to night on off days, she doesn’t come in broad daylight for at least five days. when she does, though, pale and sweaty, she gives Komaru a huge manuscript and mumbles that it’s “the first draft, but it’s ok enough for someone so low like Komaru”. it’s tedious for her to read and full of kanji Komaru has to check in a dictionary but she finds herself enraptured in her writing. she finds herself with no words left of praise to offer toko, mesmerized by how well she wrote the story. their story. the story of Towa City, and most importantly, of two girls who had nothing in common at first, but became best friends by pushing each other up. komaru smiles. it’s everything toko never thought she’d need but it’s enough. more than enough.
  • the tension between them is so palpable that adults groan whenever they enter a room together. Hiroko smirks and ask casually, “so you two share a bed, huh?” Komaru is so oblivious it hurts. “well of course, she’s scared in the dark and all, that’s what friends do for each other, no?”
  • (they start dating each other a year after that “in secret”, Toko insists, but it’s no use since everyone knew already. “you sure took your sweet time,” Hiroko teases.)