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the one thing that every DAY6 fan has on their bucket list: 

to experience the chaos when DAY6 performs Freely (감자티)

Here we go, an update!

“Disturbing, these findings are.” Master Yoda’s ears droop slightly, as his clawed hand gently lays the datapad he held back on the table.

“That’s the least you can call it.” Mace massages his temples and breathes deeply and evenly. The sheer magnitude of the discovery is enough to stop one’s breath. “How have we missed this?”

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here’s what cas carries in dean’s his old dufflebag whenever he’s not home:

  • two ids: jimmy novak’s driver’s license (real) and an fbi badge (fake.)
  • a hooped keychain with a spare set of keys for the continental (now impounded), his truck, and the bunker’s front door.
  • an angel blade. whether it’s his or a spare, he doesn’t know anymore.
  • a few changes of clothes. in particular: two flannel shirts, three t-shirts, two pairs of jeans, a hoodie, and clean socks and boxers.
  • some money, usually tucked away in a side pocket but it always manages to get loose and end up on the bottom of the bag, mixed in with loose buttons and bottlecaps he’s found on the side of the road.
  • swirl mints and scrunched packets of raw sugar from biggersons.
  • a collection of postcards from various gas stations across the states. 
    • none of them are addressed, but each of them has a small confession on the back, such as: “i watched you rake leaves.”
  • a small vial tied to a piece of leather string. its insides swirl against the glass and glow blue-white in the dark.

(( tbh i dont agree with favourites or cliques either in roleplay

i’ll roleplay with literally anybody so long as you’re not a twat which i think is fair game, it’s just that im super busy and have like one hundred thousand other roleplay blogs so getting a starter out of me is like getting blood out of a stone 

but honestly, sup everyone hope youre good ))

i kind of want to play clemencia as a more tragedy fated character. somewhat more down-trodden and quiet. like a shakespearean protagonist at act 4 lmao.
—now that i think about it, she would probably retain nyx’s gift of being able to see glimpses into the future, as shown in her threads with arthur??
give me some permadeath threads with future sight and allow me to cook up some delic iously spicy angst

anonymous asked:

Mutsuki isn't trans. She's a girl pretending to be a boy. She literally says in this chapter about her being female.

Yeah I know.

Ishida doesn’t think trans people exist, they’re just people with a mental illness that makes them think they’re another gender until this dysphoria eventually causes them to collapse into insane rages.

And abused trans people???

Yeah, they’re clearly the worst ever.

That’s why he’s gonna kill Mutsuki off.





Halloween 2016


A messy little comic where Yuri takes a chance (finally)

Part 8 / Part 1

That’s all for now fam. Hope you liked my dumb little comic ❤︎


i legit teared up watching this