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So theres this AU thats been plaguing my mind. Hear me out. I want to get this AU out of my system

The Shimada bros, separated. Genji being taken care by another family who knows the clan who stole baby genji away.

The people who stole baby Genji had a promise to mama shimada that to take her child away from the clan, out of trouble or the influence of the clan

Hanzo knows that he had a lil bro but didnt know where he was.

The clan is worried that the missing Shimada would end up in the hands of the enemy and might know the secrets of the Shimada bloodline(controlling the dragons) using DNA and such.

Thats about it for now. Feel free to use the idea


Wow, a lot of people seem to like my sketches. Since I doubt I’ll ever really clean these fellas up, I guess I can just put em up for viewing. Sorry for the image spam folks but thank you all kindly for the nice comments! 

This was back when I first got into the series. Started with Tales. Done in-between breaks from my Final Year Animation Project in school. Woot!

this is four right? scrap or keep working on??

Chat watches Ladybug’s hands in fascination as she moves them almost subconsciously. It’s a repetitive pattern, but it doesn’t have the same meaning for him that it does for her. “What are you doing?” he asks when it’s been almost fifteen minutes, and really, everyone should be impressed that he even lasted this long. Curiosity killed the cat and all that. Killed the Chat. Either or.

“Knitting,” Ladybug replies automatically.

Chat frowns and looks back to her hands. Nope, no yarn or needles have magically appeared in her hands since he last checked. “You’re…”

“I’m pretending to knit,” she snaps. She closes her eyes and spreads her fingers apart, taking a deep breath. She caught him a little off guard, but he decides to wait for her to say something first. He doesn’t want to make anything worse.

“I knit when I’m stressed,” she says slowly before opening her eyes. “And I can’t knit because we’re on patrol so I’m pretending to knit.”

Chat nods slowly. That makes sense. A sort of fidget. A way to keep herself distracted. A constant, rhythmic motion that she can do without even thinking. “You knit?”

Ladybug turns to look at him. “Yes?”

He holds up his hands. “I just didn’t think you would knit. I don’t think about people knitting unless they’re like…grandmothers in rocking chairs.”

“Well you can add me to the list.” Chat notices her fingers are twitching, like she needs to go back to fake knitting.

“Do you have a rocking chair?” he asks.

She rolls her eyes. “No, I do not have a rocking chair. I have a desk chair. I spin while I knit, I do not rock.”

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I’ve been feeling so crafty lately! I used the neckline cutout from the leather backplate I made to practice beveling and dying the leather before committing to the whole piece. I’ve also had a set of leather letter stamps in my tool bag for a while that I was eager to play with. I had no intention of keeping this scrap piece and honestly half assed the stamping and dying. But in the end it actually turned out to be really cute and I grew super fond of it, but had no idea what to use it for. Then the idea struck me to turn it into a belt pouch (you can never have enough belt pouches!) 

 I made the pouch out of a purple brocade and lined it with blue wool, then attached the leather piece by punching holes along the top and hand sewing it together. I’ve added a button and tassel for aesthetics and eventually will add another tie to keep the pouch closed, but nothing can fall out anyway because it’s so deep. I’m actually so pleased with how this turned out, and I feel pretty cutesy having something matching with John.

P.S. Happy New Year lovelies!

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Why do you covet what you cannot have? Who would cage a bird that hates being caged?

Taurus: The things man was not meant to know, the mad calculus of the world is, in reality, insufferably dull.

Gemini: There is nothing worse than someone doing you better than you. You are impossible to recreate, let it be so.

Cancer: Beneath the pavement lies a vast network of ant tunnels. The supercolony moves like blood. It is unknown to you.

Leo: Loneliness is a shield. A big heavy one.

Virgo: Be a tire swing, not a fishhook.

Libra: The stars and I love our tiny world. We hope one day you might have one of your own.

Scorpio: You have weaved together alien physics in its entirety, only to forget it upon waking.

Ophiuchus: Keep it all, every scrap every stray thought you are a precious resource.

Sagittarius: A calm sky does not mean the storm will not return.

Capricorn: A shirt is only as stained as the sensibility of the wearer. For one, filth. The other, fashion.

Aquarius: If someone opens their home to you. Treat it with respect. You understand.

Pisces: Breakfast can make all the difference in the world.

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pairing: Dorian/Bull
rating: G

Dorian keeps things, sometimes

This scrap of cloth has very little purpose, and Dorian feels foolish whenever he wraps it around his wrist or uses it to mark his place in a book. It’s not dangerous, not in the same way it would be in Tevinter, but it is foolish, in that he’s utterly terrified of anyone discovering what it is and what it means.

To the casual observer, he hopes, it would look like trash. If anyone recognized it, there’d surely be questions. A strip of green fabric, sweat-stained and threadworn. There’s even spots of blood along one end. It’s a silly little thing, barely even a trinket.


a few people now have asked me about the secret to keeping the tiny bits of dust and lint off your work and the secret is:

60% of my time is spent picking out those little pieces of dust off with a pin or a razor. 

it helps to wipe down the surface you’re going to use/all tools with 70% rubbing alcohol and to keep scrap clay nearby to roll between your hands before you touch anything you’re working on. if your piece is smooth you can use a q-tip and more rubbing alcohol to clean it when you’re done (though it might smear the colours and if you use too much it will dissolve a bit of it)

if you see lint get it off your piece asap before it gets worked into it, working with a good bright light helps. darker clay hides the dust better than white or translucent if you don’t want to bother…

also try touching your pieces as little as possible, i stick my flat ones to a small square of wax paper so i can pick it up work on it without touching it with my fingers like so:

hey! i’m writing two more fics rn but i don’t feel good about either of them so i’m going to give you a lil piece of each so you can decide whether i should scrap them, keep them, or focus on them!

#1: canon divergence

“You think there’s something going on with me and Emma? I was talking about Abe!” Enoch defends, unsure why, because he was ruining his only cover in this situation where he’s, y’know, gay for an American prick from the future.

“Sorry, man, I just thought. Guess it’s you and Olive then?” Jake grins, trying to relieve some of the tension he created in the small kitchen space.

“It’s me and nobody as a matter of fact, so leave your fucking nose out of it unless you want to fucking date me, yeah?” Enoch spits. He hopes the rage and Scottish accent alleviates the fact that he basically outed himself.

#2: messin w the loop

“Yes, but there’s nothing to do on this island except, I don’t know, fuck in the ruins of the house.” Enoch replies, his voice casual. Jake furrows his eyebrows and leans down to look Enoch in the eye.

“That’s oddly specific.”

“I guess it’s a fantasy of mine.”

Jake kisses behind Enoch’s ear and as far down his neck as he can before he reaches his collar.

“Let’s fucking do it then.”

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Oh, a storm is threat’nin my very life today

If I don’t get some shelter, oh yeah, I’m gonna fade away...

When someone pretends to circle your friends
You’ll find it’s betrayal before it all ends
A bittersweet chain that’ll always remain
So don’t let illusions get the better of you
Clannad – A Bridge 

The possession pt1 -Snoke possesses a tortured Hux.

I’ve been sat on this for a while as it’s meant to have a second part and I wasn’t sure if to scrap or keep it. I wasn’t confident it made a jot of sense sequentially without the second part. Also used refs a bit too heavily. But in the end decided to post because I liked the idea and do hope to draw something more for it. Oh Snoke’s powers are a bit snake-y because my sister jokingly called him Voldemort as soon as we left the cinema, so for her I gave Snoke snake-y force powers.


Just a compilation of everyone’s favourite creepy guy, Shade. The bottom sketches are the oldest so they look the sketchiest. (What am I talking about). Anyway, this guy needs more love. emmodii yo buddy.

Still finishing two more ask draws! :’D I keep scrapping them cos they don’t look good enough…