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“You don’t have to keep coming back here, you know,” you chuckled as you looked up at Gally, who was staring out at the rain. “Your injuries have all healed.”

“I-I know.” Gally admitted, turning back to you. You looked up at him, a quizzical expression on your face as you put your medical supplies back into the cupboards. “I just… like spending time with you.”

“Yeah, I hear that a lot.” you snickered, turning back around to close the cupboards. As the only girl in the Glade, you got a lot of attention that you didn’t necessarily want. 

“No, I don’t mean it like that.” Gally sighed, and you looked over your shoulder. “I… I just think you’re really nice, and I can’t stop thinking about you-”

Before he could finish he sentence, he impulsively grabbed your arm and pulled you towards him into a kiss. He could feel you freeze up, before you finally relaxed, your hands reaching up to caress his face.



Runner AU

I’m so excited to finally get to share this AU with you guys!!

This au all happens in a world where the governtment is super corrupted. Everything is controlled by the most powerful corporations and the richest of people. Got money, then you have the power. 

Technology is rather advanced and nearly all info is stored as data. However, it’s nearly impossible for rebels to hack into the systems and gather information and proof to fight the system. That’s why there is runners. Runners use parkour to get all over the city, fast and unnoticed, and break into corporations to personally get to the data and information that can help the rebellion. 

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hey, so, a while back i posted about writing an au where Mary is alive (which you can find here if you’re interested)

and while I haven’t really had the time to flesh out this idea completely, i still wrote something bc i couldn’t stop thinking about it, so. here is that.

tw abuse


As the figure in front of him took shape, Neil felt his breath catch in his throat.

“Mom?” The word was barely a whisper, the sound escaping his lips before he realized he was speaking. The room was dim and her hair was different from when he had last seen her, but he’d recognize those eyes anywhere, colored contacts be dammed. A chill traveled up his spine– he was looking at a ghost. “I thought you were dead,” he gasped out, stumbling forward, allowing himself a moment to be relieved, to breathe. He wrapped his arms around her middle and breathed her in, surprised at how warm her skin felt against his. She smelled like sweat and shampoo, probably stolen from a shitty hotel in the middle of nowhere. It was familiar in a way that made him ache. He thought briefly about her injuries from months ago, about if it hurt her when he squeezed her tight, and considered pulling away. Her arms came up and gripped him just as strongly, anchoring him in place.

“Abram,” she breathed, and felt like his chest would burst at the sound of her voice. “Oh Nathaniel,” her hands card through his hair once, twice, before her grip became painful. She pulled away from him, holding him by his hair so she could look into his eyes. “Baby, what have you done?”

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How does one of the greatest shows go to the worst show ever? By completely disregarding its audience. You cannot disregard your audience when it comes to a television show. God knows why AMC and the show runners keep Scott Gimple (easy to control maybe), but they fire Frank Darabont (who wrote and directed The Shawshank Redemption, IMDb’s top rated film) and fire Glen Mazzara. Do you think the show runners are listening to their fans right now (or ever)? Hell no. SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE.

Connected (Thomas/Newt)

part three to caught in the middle.

part one:

part two:

some of you are asking, Teresa doesn’t exist in this version.

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I woke up to the sun shining right in my eyes. I felt the heat from another body close by. I tried to turn around but realized there was a arm wrapped around me. I remembered Newt coming down in the pit last night. I removed his arm stirring him awake.

“everything alright love?” Newt asked standing up.

“yeah fine, can I be out of here? I’m sorry for hitting you.” I said looking down at my feet.

Newt looked at me for a second. I hoped he wasn’t going to bring up last night. I was really emotional and told him I loved him. It wasn’t a total lie I did love him, but I would be lying to myself If I said I didn’t think about Thomas too. I was so confused. 

“yeah lets go.” He sighed and opened the gate hopping out of the pit.

He extended his hand down. I grabbed it and he yanked me out with ease. I walked over to the hole beside me seeing Thomas still sleeping. I opened the gate and hopped down in the hole. Thomas jolted awake surprised at my presence.

“you wanna come out, or spend another night in the pit.” I said laughing.

“get me out of here.” He said standing up.

I could feel an awkward tension as Newt pulled me out of the pit and then we helped Thomas out.

“thanks.” Thomas muttered with a cold look on his face.

“you’re welcome.” Newt quietly said.

Thankfully Minho came running over, breaking the awkward tension.

“you quit too?” Minho asked me crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“what?” I asked slightly confused.

“all the other runners quit this morning, they don’t even want to go back in the maze since Thomas killed the griever.” Minho said looking at me and Thomas.

“what if there is something there? we should go check it out, Thomas you coming?” I said fixing my jacket.

“yeah.” Thomas said lacing up his boots.

“y/n you’re not going out in the maze again.” Newt said grabbing my arm.

“It’s my job Newt.” I said pulling his arm off of me.

“well it’s my job to keep people alive and you’re not going.” Newt said standing in front of me.

“I’m not a child and you can’t make me stay. come on guys.” I said gesturing for Minho and Thomas to follow me.

I get Newt wanting to protect me but we couldn’t stay in the glade forever. If there was a clue with the dead griever, we were going to find it. We sprinted as fast as we could to the opening of the maze. We turned a bunch of corners until we got to where we needed to be.

“oh god that’s disgusting.” I said looking at the griever smashed between the two walls.

“hey do you guys see that.” Thomas said pointing to a little blinking light.

“you mean besides a griever pancake.” Minho said holding his nose.

I was trying not to think of the smell. I got a little closer to the blinking light when suddenly the grievers leg moved back. I was instantly pulled back by my arm by Thomas.

“I thought that thing was dead.” Thomas said not letting go of my arm.

“maybe it was a reflex.” Minho shrugged.

“yeah you hope.” I said rolling my eyes at him.

“look let’s just try and pull this out.” Thomas said walking up to the griever.

We grabbed it’s leg and started to pull. At first nothing happened so we pulled harder. Finally the leg became disconnected from the body sending guts on us.

“oh god i’m going to be sick.” I heaved shaking the griever guts off of me.

Minho walked over to a little sack on the ground. He picked it up examining that the blinking light was coming from inside of there.

“oh Minho you’re not going to.” I said making a disgusted face.

Minho made the same disgusted face. He reached in to the sack and pulled out this device that had the letters wcked printed on it. It was beeping and had a glowing number 7 on it.

“what is that thing?” Thomas asked getting closer to Minho.

“look can we figure this out at the glade cause I don’t want to meet this guys friends.” I said looking around slightly paranoid.

I’ll have to admit going back into the maze frightened me a little bit.

“she’s right let’s go.” Minho said.

He started to lead the way back followed by Thomas but something caught my eye. There was writing under the ivy. I got my knife out and started to cut at the ivy. When I finally got it cut off enough that I could see it, I saw the words

World in Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department

I scratched my head looking at the words. What in the world did that mean.

“what are you doing? Are you crazy do I have to save you again?” Thomas said grabbing my arm.

I flinched back a little bit. I hadn’t known Thomas that long but he’s never spoken to me like that.

“excuse me?” I scoffed ripping my arm from his grasp.

“you heard me.” He glared.

“I didn’t ask you to save me in the first place.” I said crossing my arms over my chest.

“yeah well I did.” He said turning around.

I could feel a tear run down my cheek.

“well if you regret saving me that much than you should of never done it.” I said pushing past him and jogging away.

I could hear Thomas sprinting to catch up with me. The tears fell down my cheeks making it hard to run. Thomas caught me by the arms turning me around so I was facing him.

“let me go.” I growled trying to get away from him.

“that isn’t what I meant, I’m sorry. I would never regret saving you.” Thomas said resting his forehead against mine.

Before I could process my own actions my lips were on his kissing him. He was surprised at first but kissed me back. We were interrupted again by someone clearing their throat. This time it was Minho.

“don’t mean to interrupt this love fest but we need to get back.” Minho said scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.

I chuckled seeing Minho’s face so red.

“awe Minho don’t worry I love you too.” I joked punching his shoulder and running away from him.

We ran through the doors only to be met with a pissed off Newt and Gally.

“homestead now.” Newt said crossing his arms.

I snickered to myself noticing Gally’s black eye. We walked in the homestead me, Minho and Thomas facing Newt and Gally.

“we found this.” Minho said handing the device to Newt.

Newt examined the device running his fingers over it lightly.

“W.C.K.E.D. these are the letters that come printed with our supplies.” Newt said handing the device back to Minho.

I could literally hear the gears in my head grinding trying to make a connection.

“we think whoever put us here made the grievers.” Thomas said to Newt.

I didn’t have time to notice Thomas and Newt slightly glaring at each other.

“world in catastrophe killzone experiment department.” I said more to myself than the boys.

“what are you talking about love?” Newt asked coming closer to me.

I was staring at the floor connecting all the little pieces in my head.

“y/n? what’s wrong talk to me.” Thomas said grabbing my hand.

I’m glad I didn’t see the dirty look Newt gave Thomas.

“world in catastrophe killzone experiment department.” I said again.

“love you’re scaring me, tell us what your thinking.” Newt said pushing Thomas aside and grabbing my face.

“World in Catastrophe Killzone Experiment Department, W.C.K.E.D.” I said looking at the boys confused faces.

“we don’t get it y/n?” Minho said now.

“It’s not a game, and they didn’t put us here to punish us, it’s a test. Don’t you guys see it’s one big experiment, and we’re the lab rats. I think that thing could be our way out though.” I said sitting down.

All this thinking made my brain hurt.

“Newt you’ve got to be kidding me, you’re seriously listening to them. Thomas broke the rules, he went into the maze twice now and now you want to go along with something they found?” Gally said.

I’m surprised he hasn’t spoke up until now. I rolled my eyes balling my fists.

“It could be a clue Gally.” Thomas spoke up.

“Gally is right, you did break the rules. Another night in the pit, no food. Also we can’t have non-runners keep running out into the maze whenever they feel like so starting tomorrow, you’re a runner.” Newt said looking down on the floor.

I perked up when Newt announced Thomas as a runner.

“this is ridiculous and you know it.” Gally said pushing past Newt and out the door.

“thanks Newt.” Thomas said a softer look going on his face.

Newt gave Thomas a nod. All of a sudden a blaring sound echoed through the glade. It was the box. It was coming back up.

“what’s that?” Thomas asked confused.

“It’s the box it’s coming back up.” I said running out beside Newt.

“It shouldn’t be.” Minho mumbled.

We all surrounded the box as Gally and Newt lifted the lid. Newt hopped in and was quiet for a second.

“what is it Newt?” A coupled gladers shouted.

“it’s just three viles and a note.” Newt said hopping back out of the box.

“what does the note say?” I asked.

Newt gave me a sad look and stayed silent. I ran over and grabbed the note out of his hand. There was a picture of me and one of Thomas. It said

this is the last time you’ll see this box ever. Just remember Thomas and Y/N wicked is good.

“Thomas.” I breathed.

A part of me always felt Thomas and I were connected, but it may be on a deeper level than I once thought.



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hello, do you know if the network and show runners can keep the tv show going after they covered all the books they have rights to? can they extend tv show story with their own creative storyline? they made Alec as Head of the Institute which is different than the book story but that's more like an alternate version rather than creating whole new story. Alec was the acting head for short period of time in the book.

Yeah they can do whatever they want whenever they want; when producers buy the rights to a series, all it means is they have the right to use the copyrighted material if they choose to do so. But if they want to tear it up, that’s their prerogative. The show could really benefit from starting more plots from scratch so I hope as the series matures, they’re able to grow bolder in their choices bc the majority of the plotlines in the books are extremely clumsy, esp. where character relationships and dynamics are concerned.

Malec, for example, really benefited from their relationship being rebuilt for the show; the way they met, got together, fell in love, it was all done entirely different and thus they feel very, very organic. There’s actually very little of this relationship that’s reminiscent of its book counterpart – the only thing I can think of is that in both book and show, they met at a party and 1x06 had a variant of Alec lending Magnus his strength (but with the positive change of Alec not being extremely callous bc in the books he didn’t even notice Magnus was fading until Magnus said something). That’s about it. Clary x Jace on the other hand are most closely aligned with the book plotline and they’ve suffered greatly for that as a result. It’s clunky and feels shoved in for the sake of pleasing fans rather than a relationship that grew out of the natural flow of the story.

When the effin movie is not out and I have come up with a fic… Whaaaat?!

Is it- is this normal? I don’t think so, nope but- but it’s the author and fangirl in me just going crazy and yeah there comes that. Yet another one to obsess over, alright this job is really tiring to be honest… but also looots of fun.