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Hermes of Seattle

(inspired in part by t-w-i-l’s post)

Hermes sitting atop the space needle, looking down on the streets below

and who doesn’t love touring the infinite number of coffee shops insisting they’re the new old school

or, you know, the endless number of starbucks around every single corner

watching the kids laughing with their duck callers running down the streets

walking past record shops and seeing the teens crowding their favorite rows

fondly watching the uni students passing from class to class during the day, crowding cheap bars at night and talking shit about their futures

rushing through pike’s market, carefully nudging a table every now and then to keep products from rolling off 

pushing past those with less than pleasant intentions when their hands get to close to what they have not paid for, because despite the fact that he is a god of thievery, he is also a friend of man and knows when someone can and cannot live without those next few dollars

watching the buskers in each corner and tipping his head down as he passes a few bucks to their hats and guitar cases

brushing past apollo in small cafes during open mic nights while a young kid brings words of passion they’d long hidden to the surface for the first time

laughing at the poor souls in their too-expensive suits, struggling with their umbrellas as they rush for the link rail on their way to work… the poor souls he totally does not trip up as they nearly reach the platform so they spill coffee on their designer brand dress shirt

walking past the Hermès store, pulling wallets and bills from a handful of clueless shoppers to feed the men and women hiding under bridges and sitting on street corners