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Building a Revolution

Overthrowing a powerful government in the name of the people is a popular plot.  It certainly has a great appeal.

However, before you get all excited about writing a story where the angered people scramble together an army and launch themselves against the government, you might want to take a step back and figure out how they got there in the first place.  A revolution isn’t built around one big event: there are things that lead up to it, and there are smaller frustrations that may go unnoticed, but because it’s a part of everyday life, it’s a constant reminder.  They might not be the things people point to when identifying what started the revolution, but they certainly kept the wood for the fire warm.

At what point did the government begin to ruffle feathers?
It’s going to start out small.  It will be annoying, but dismissed as bearable.  It may cause a bit of an obstacle, but nothing that people can’t work around.  Perhaps the government won’t let working class or its colonies to use the official currency.  Perhaps items of higher quality were held for only certain people the government deemed worthy. 

When did the government start adding to the little things?
For one reason or another, the government starts putting restrictions or laws on more things. They’re still able to work around them, but people will talk to each other about their frustration over it.  It’s also important to remember that the government will have a reason for it.  Maybe the new law/restriction is more cost effective,  Maybe it’s intended for protection.  Some examples might be that the colonies/citizens are limited to government approved materials.  Or they’re banned from traveling to a certain place, and that place happens to be on the fastest path to another colony/town.

What started sparking outrage?
Perhaps the government overspent on something, or they went to war and are now low on funds, so they introduce a tax on an item that’s considered an everyday luxury.  Or perhaps a ban is introduced and it affects something that everyone normally gets, but not necessarily a need.  There’s still not enough to pick up arms and fight, and the people might at this point lobby with the government to reconsider some of its strategies. 

When did it start picking up speed?
Perhaps the first tax isn’t bringing in enough funds.  Or the government feels the people aren’t paying as much as they should.  So another tax is introduced.  Or perhaps the ban isn’t that effective and so another ban is introduced to keep people from finding loopholes.  Maybe the government has to ban certain imports.  Anger with the government is increasing at this point.  The citizens/colonists may understand why the government is doing it, but they know they’re getting the raw deal.  Attempts to get the government’s attention become more aggressive, but there isn’t harming of other people.

How does the government respond?
So the government responds to the people’s cries of outrage, but not in the way they expected.  Another tax and/or ban is introduced, or even a new law.  Perhaps citizens/colonists are forced to use a material they are opposed to.  Perhaps the government realizes that if it doesn’t do something, it’s going to lose control over its citizens/colonies.  The militia/police force is increased to keep an eye for rebellious acts.  Arrests are made daily, and the people might be released if nothing is found.  Perhaps the government starts forbidding certain things to be said in the media, so people are forced to rely on word of mouth, and must do so carefully because of the increase in arrests.  Perhaps at this time, the idea of revolting is mentioned while others insist on trying to be diplomatic.

When does the physical conflict happen?
Perhaps there was a scuffle with the police force.  Either the citizens/colonists attacked first, or the police/militia acted aggressively.  Perhaps there was a massacre of some kind.  Maybe there were incidents that didn’t result in injury or death, but it came close to it.  Perhaps the government or citizens/colonists made a precautionary move that made the other party highly uncomfortable.  As the incidents, whether of violent or nonviolent nature, increase in number, the intensity also increases.  Influential people of the citizens/colonists begin to suggest a revolution, or to declare independence.  The government begins to realize they’re losing control unless they take more drastic measures.

When does the idea of a revolution actually become a threat?
Revolting or declaring independence becomes something that many people agree with.  The government perhaps realizes this and so starts making laws or regulations to keep it from happening.  Weaponry might become illegal for citizens/colonists so they won’t have anything to fight with if/when a revolution actually happens.  Curfews might be enforced.  Those outspoken about the government might be tailed.  The influential people work hard on a new government or system to replace the oppressive government.  Perhaps they just plan to outright revolt instead of declaring independence.  But either way, the citizens/colonists are only one word from the government away from declaring war.

It may seem like a lot to work on, but there are events leading up to the revolution that will resound with some people more than others.  Or there are events that will become a bitter memory that will help give some depth to each individual character.

Some things to consider when building the revolution:
It is not as black and white as it may seem.  Both sides are going to be guilty of doing something wrong; it’s just going to be more obvious in the government.  There are going to be people among the citizens/colonists who side with government and they’re not necessarily going to be bad guys.  When creating the conflict, keep in mind why people would choose one side over the other.
Stages will overlap.  A revolution isn’t going to be cleanly cut as posted above.  There are several times when a “stage” will mix with another “stage”, while others may blend right into the next one.  Timelining the process and placing each event can be extremely helpful as you try to keep events straight.
The revolters are most likely going to be the underdog.  They may have experienced people on their side, but if the revolution is going to made up of average citizens/colonists, they’re going to be at a disadvantage.  The government is going to be in control of an army and other resources.  The revolters are going to have to work to achieve their goals.

I find it scary how sex plays a big part in today’s society and how sex brings a lot of pressure in teenager’s lives. I constantly see girls stressing on wether they should have sex or not with their boyfriend when they’ve only been dating each other for two weeks. It’s not right that one of the first things you worry about in the beginning of a relationship is wether you should have sex or not. I constantly see couples being criticised, made fun of just because they haven’t engaged themselves in anything sexual yet. I see girls who feel the need to ask themselves “should I have sex with him in order to keep him?” It’s completely revolting. All this pressure that are being held on teenagers all because of sex. What’s even funnier is that society make it seem like relationships aren’t acceptable if the couple is not sexually active or that you can’t be accepted if you’re not sexually active enough. Meanwhile, we shade people who happen to be sexually active. Make up your damn mind.

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Hi there! I was just wondering if you've ever seen the movie V for Vendetta? If so, how do you think Mycroft would react in such a tyrannical political environment (and/or an environment following mass civil revolt)? Keep up the great work, I love following your blog :)

Thank you and while I have yet to see the movie in its entirety (power outage/parents of the host came in and forbid it/the DVD was scratched up/etc.) but I think I can the general gist of it.


For Mycroft being a minor government in that particular setting would be far more stressful and dangerous especially for his smoke and mirror tricks he uses to keep his siblings safe.

While he understands that change needs to come quickly he wouldn’t be able to do anything that would show his hand (and thus get him kicked out of power to actually do something legally like pass laws) so protesting/rioting wouldn’t be in the cards.

He might fund some of those protests through many laundered accounts but he needs to be VERY careful about it.

Mycroft would lose more hair because there’s no doubt that Sherlock is following/investigating/starting/leading these things so it makes it even tougher to protect his baby brother.

Then there’ s the fear that he will be killed in an attack to bum of the “bad” politicians. Like the French revolution it is doubtful that the general public will be able to distinguish the good from the bad leaving Mycroft’s head on the chopping block.

He would have to have a constant ear and eye on the public without giving away there motives which once again, is going to kill him inside with the pressure of it all.

10/10 would never wish that on Mycroft because he does not deserve that kind of stress.


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Scenario: P.O scenario where he seems to hate you and mocks you every time and when you happen to be alone in the dance practice room, he lets out a real dumb comment, which lets your eyes tear up and that’s when he finally confesses his love for you.
A/N: So this was particularly hard for me to write, mostly because I have such a hard time trying to make P.O mean. It was so unbelievably hard and so I did what I could. I hope you still enjoy this, nonnie.
Genre: Pyo Jihoon x Reader

Disclaimer: As always, the gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

The first time you’d met P.O you’d been hit by an odd mixture of emotions. The most blatant was how strikingly handsome he was. His voice was rich like whiskey and carried through the room; commanding the attention of those around him. The second was as obvious as the first.

At his foundation he was eccentric; his movements giddy and playful with a smile that felt like pure sunshine. A sweetness that reminded you of an innocence that only children purely carried.

It was the first time you’d been cast in a Broadway role as a lead, and you’d wanted to impress the director, cast, and crew. The minute you’d met your leading man it seemed all air of coolness was taken from you. You felt like a bumbling idiot as you struggled to gain some composure.

How would it look to everyone if you were already a smitten mess and you’d only just met? Fifteen minutes in and you already knew it was too late. P.O was making his way over to make casual introductions when you felt the panic fumble around in your mind; spilling out in an uncontrollable heap from your mouth. He was smiling so wide his eyes were just small slits.

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Christianity Glorifies Poverty

The whole religion is geared towards brainwashing working class people in to accepting their position as working class and to keep them from revolting, and also brainwashing women in to being obedient and subservient prudes (except when having sex with their husbands on demand, of course).

Christianity praises people for being meek, for being poor, saying the poor will get their reward after they die when they go to the imaginary place called Heaven. So if you’re poor, don’t revolt! Don’t even try to get rich yourself! Instead just rest assured that some day you’re going to have all of God’s Kingdom, whatever the fuck that means (because imagination is more powerful when shit is vague).

Honestly, I had a trust fund at one point in my life. But I was so brainwashed by Christianity, that when I was in an abusive relationship, I thought of my money as “our” money and spent it all on my abuser because that is what Jesus would do, right? How selfish could I be that I wouldn’t keep buying the only man who would ever love me anything he wanted? 

He might have beat and raped me, but I also believed that he was the only man who would ever put up with my crazy ass. 

Now that I am free of him (two and a half years), I have been starting up from nothing in my late twenties.

Women, the advice I have for you is to never make the mistake that I did. Never spend money on a man. Do not invest your money, your time, and your energy in to a man. You can put that time and money and energy in to yourself and improve your own life, move up, you are not a bad person for being ambitious and having dreams and goals of your own.

You are allowed to be selfish and self centered because you only get one life.

How to Keep Your Population Docile

Or: why Katniss, Peeta, and Gale know how to make all the things

Some people may have noticed in Let Me Fly that Katniss, Peeta, Gale, and Mrs. Everdeen seemed to have a lot of esoteric knowledge.  Like how to make soap, or candles, or furniture, or preserve food, etc.  Skills that aren’t as prevalent today.  This was deliberate and it was also based on the books.  

In The Hunger Games, Katniss discusses items that she trades for as “lard or shoelaces or wool.”  

Note that last one.  Wool.  Not cloth or thread or yarn or string.  Wool.  As in, the fleece from a sheep.  To make wool into anything useful, you have to wash it, card it, dye it, and spin it, not necessarily in that order.  

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Hey, I've got something for you. Check this out: imgur(.)com/a/CrtGX (Works without the brackets.) It's from an on-set insider (agent of an actress). He tried to warn us back in September (!) but of course no one believed him. Pay close attention to the entry from October 13. All these months back this insider already KNEW that Jason would probably try to trick us into watching till the end. This tells you everything. Also that even THIS guy saw it coming. The baiting was a LONG. PLANNED. MOVE.

Well this made my blood boil again. Jason and the network were planning this all along. We knew that already but every time we get more confirmation I get even more upset. The lengths that they went to keep us watching are revolting. 

Kesher as May RPlenty

*we return to our story after a few months have passed. Life continued on the island as it always has, peaceful and tranquil. Although recently, Lotan has received some news that the neighboring island is on the verge of civil war, and he has to go there to keep any kind of revolt from happening. This means that he and his advisors must set sail in order to keep peace on the other island and their own. We find ourselves with Kesher, Ariel, and Brady as they all work on packing Kesher’s clothes for his journey ahead*
K: Ariel, will you grab me my red shirt please?
Ari: *sadly walks over to the closet and finds Kesher’s red shirt. She doesn’t want to give it to him* I don’t want you to go daddy.
K: I know sweetie, you’ve already told me that. I have to. I promise I’ll be back very soon. You won’t even know I’m gone. *gently pets her hair and takes the shirt*
Ari: *doesn’t make her feel any better* it already feels like you’re gone…
K: oh… Ari… *hugs her tightly*

Penjelasan Sanad Hadits

Imam Ahmad menerimanya dari Sulaiman bin Dawud ath-Thuyalisi dari Dawud bin Ibrahim al-Wasithi dari Habib bin Salim dari an-Nu‘man bin Basyir. Ia berkata:

Kami sedang duduk di masjid bersama Rasulullah shalallahu ‘alaihi wassalam  Basyir adalah orang yang hati-hati dalm berbicara. Lalu datang Abu Tsa‘labah al-Khusyani. Ia berkata, “Wahai Basyir bin Saad, apakah engkau hapal hadis Rasulullah saw. tentang para pemimpin?”

Hudzaifah berkata, “Aku hapal khutbah beliau.”

Lalu Abu Tsa‘labah duduk dan Hudzaifah berkata, “Rasululah shalallahu 'alaihi wassalam bersabda: (sesuai dengan matan hadis di atas).”

Al-Bazzar menerimanya dari al-Walid bin Amru bin Sikin dari Ya‘qub bin Ishaq al-Hadhrami dari Ibrahim bin Dawud dari Habib bin Salim dari an-Nu‘man bin Basyir. Ia bercerita bahwa ia sedang di masjid bersama bapaknya, Basyir bin Saad. Lalu datang Abu Tsa‘labah al-Khusyani. Kemudian terjadilah dialog seperti di atas.

Al-Haytsami berkomentar, "Imam Ahmad meriwayatkannya dalam Tarjamah an-Nu‘mân, juga al-Bazzar secara persis, ath-Thabrani secara sebagiannya di dalam al-Awsath, dan para perawinya tsiqah. Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali juga menukil riwayat Ahmad ini.

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Ikarishipping + wedding please! I love your fics :)

Paul sat in his dressing room, fiddling with his tie. He wanted to look presentable. Despite not liking the idea of a wedding with so many people and so many social obligations and traditions. It was all so tiresome to him. This was all a formality. He knew his feelings. She knew her feelings. They told each other enough times for them to both know it. Why was this all necessary?

Of course, he came back to the same answer he always did. The same answer that had led him to say yes to her request for the event he was now a main player in.

She wanted this. She had always wanted this.

She had always wanted a big wedding, with all her friends, family, acquaintances, rivals, competitors, and all manner of people he really didn’t care about. It was her dream since childhood, only dwarfed by her dream to become a Top Coordinator.

As much as this annoyed him, he wouldn’t deny her this. It wouldn’t be… loving of him.

As the word ‘love’ crept into his mind, his hands stilled and the job of finishing his tie was left unfinished. It was so odd to him. He never cared for the concept, and he never thought it would have any real meaning for him outside the familial connection to Reggie he shared. And even then, it was formed out of a connection by blood. That made sense.

Falling in love with Dawn. That was different in every conceivable way.

Yet it happened. Now he stood, his hands shaking for the first time in years. Nerves.

He hated nerves. He prided himself as being strong in both mind and body, in all aspects of his life. Now, the idea of going through a pointless ceremony to rededicate everything he had already declared for her was giving him nerves.

He grunted angrily and forced his hands to go back to work, finishing the tie with less finesse that he deemed acceptable.

It was only a half an hour later that he stood on the altar. The faces of hundreds of people gazed at him. Some happy, some content, some less so. He regarded only a few. His brother stood at his side, the only person he would ever consider to be best man. He declared no other groomsman. He considered Ketchum for another, but thought better of it. It would seem an invitation for unnecessary conversation. He knew he would have enough of that today. Best to minimize it. At the very least, he sat on the bride’s side of the audience, and he was one of the few faces he gave any consideration amongst the sea that had gathered before him.

He fought with his nerves. He was almost angry with himself for it. He knew his brother could see it too, which didn’t help matters, but at least Reggie knew better than to confront him about it. His silent support was appreciated, at the very least. He fixated on a wall of the church in which they gathered, using a single point to focus on while he tried to keep the minor revolt his hands were having at bay.

But all that dropped away when he saw her.

The music heralded her entrance, and he snapped to attention. He looked on her for the first time that day, and he and his body couldn’t help to forget their mutual problem.

Dawn was absolutely radiant. He’d seen the dress before she put it on in days prior to the wedding, and he’d wanted to scoff at the absurdity (and the price) of it. But as the dress smoothed down her body, flaring out as it reached to the floor around her, glittering in the morning light that streamed through the painted glass windows, he couldn’t help but realize he’d been wrong about all this.

As annoying as all the conversations, the nerves, the cost, the pomp, the traditions all were: Dawn made it worth it in every single way. She looked like she was living in heaven, her every dream coming true as she walked down the aisle.

Smiles didn’t come easy to Paul, but on that day, he couldn’t help but give her the greatest one she’d ever seen.

I’m not very religious but man this makes you think. I try to stay level headed when reading everything before I just run and agree with something but this is so true and you can’t deny it. Even if you believe in God you can’t refute the fact that it was used and still is being used against us. I think what keeps us from revolting is

1. Some of us still hold on to the illusion of equality or don’t realize how much systemic racism affects our everyday lives.

2. Fear. Just the fear to speak. Because you think you’ll be seen as crazy, racist, or evil. Fear of being sabotaged or the back lash you’ll experience for speaking up for yourself.

3. You see yourself as powerless. As someone no one will listen to anyway. There is strength in numbers and if we all come together and educate each other and have healthy debates with one another we’ll become one big voice. And eventually will not be able to be ignored.

Don’t ever think that the incidents and blatant examples of racism don’t affect you. You are most likely already a product of systemic racism but if you let acts of violence continue it’s only a matter of time before it’s you or your loved ones. Do your best to spread love and knowledge to your POC. We owe it to each other. We’re all we have. Let’s empower and uplift each other or at least try.

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Have you heard about Eric garners death ? How do you weigh on it all ?

Absolutely revolting. Everybody keeps saying how police officers need body cams, yet this proves that will not solve anything. Cops should not be, yet are, above the law. The cop who killed him on camera was not indicted, yet the man who recorded his murder was indicted. The murder of the innocent by cops, who in turn face absolutely no repercussions, proves that the law shields them, and they feel they can do whatever they please knowing they will NOT be indicted. It’s sickening.

Just a Moment: Jungkook Angst

Ohmygod guys!!! I can’t believe there’s 200 of you!!! I know it’s not a huge number but I’m still grateful for every single one of you! Here’s a little piece I wrote in celebration. Finally writing a long, angsty scenario for my bias anywayyyy please enjoy this and look forward for our proper follower celebration! lots of love — Admin M

It was one of those nights where you got dragged to something you didn’t exactly want to be at. Sure a crowded party or bar was fun but only on the nights you actually felt like going to one. Being able to let go of some stress and hide away in a crowd was a secret love of your’s. But tonight you just weren’t in the mood. And the douchebag that kept flirting with you wasn’t making the situation any better.

Tonight’s party was a birthday celebration for Jungkook’s friend. You knew a fair amount of people there but there were still names and faces that were unfamiliar. You knew that you could trust most of these people or else they wouldn’t have been invited. So, you put on your best brave face for Jungkook who had begged you to just show up and be his “date”. You couldn’t deny your best friend of that. Though the guy who wouldn’t take no for an answer wasn’t improving your mood or night.

“So, can I get you a refill?” Your unwanted suitor pointed towards your now empty glass.

“Actually I was going to just take a break from drinking for now.” You walked away to find a spot to ditch the glass. Jungkook had left you alone a few minutes ago to get you a new drink so hopefully this creep wasn’t watching too closely. On your way to the bar, a very bubbly Taehyung grabbed your arm and pulled you to the dance floor.

“Aw c’mon Taehyung,” you tried your best to sound as serious as possible and failed, “I’m not nearly drunk enough for this.”

His shoved his drink into your empty hand, “Drink up and dance!”

Downing the burning drink as fast as you were able to, you slowly started to dance. You were tipsy and felt slightly less awkward than usual about dancing in front of so many people. Though if you kept drinking these strong drinks, soon these people would see your moves that were restricted to your private, “cleaning the house dance parties”. Taehyung grabbed your hands in his and helped to guide your dance moves. Feeling relaxed in his presence, you let your body take control. Swaying your hips and moving more on beat you started to actually have fun.

“Hey aren’t you supposed to be my date?” Jungkook’s said, making you jump. Turning around you stared up into Jungkook’s warm, brown eyes. You saw he had two drinks in his hands. You reached to grab one but he pulled it high above you. “Are you sure you can handle another drink.”

“Yes stupid, I know my limits. I’m fine! I promise.” After reassuring him that your next drink would be a glass of water he finally gave you your drink. Sipping on the drink slowly you started to dance again. Careful not to spill your drink soon you, Jungkook and Taehyung were lost in the song. At some point you decided that all your friends needed to see this moment. You took the most ridiculous selfie without the two of them noticing and added it to your snapchat story.

Feeling a little warm, Jungkook offered to get you all glasses of water. When he left you pulled Tae into a hug and took loads of selfies with him and onto your story they went. Taehyung laughed as he flipped through them all. Lost in the moment, you almost didn’t notice that someone was standing close behind you now. You were about to turn and start taking photos with who you thought was Jungkook. Before you could, two arms snaked around your waist and pulled you into him.

Lips were brushing against your ear as you heard, “I couldn’t help myself, watching you dance just now…I just had to join in.” It was the creep from before. You tried your best to push his arms off of you. You didn’t expect it to be so easy though. It was like you had gained extra muscle mass in the last 5 seconds. In reality, Jungkook was pulling him off of you.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He shouted at the guy’s face. “Get the fuck off of her.” Taehyung grabbed you and pulled you away to keep you safe. Feeling revolted that this guy got so close to you, you shrunk into Taehyung’s arms and started to cry. You didn’t feel safe, but Taehyung was somewhat reassuring.

There was more shouting as the creep tried to say that you consented to that but Jungkook wasn’t believing a single word. He looked ready to punch the guy straight in the face before he saw that you were visibly upset. Jungkook quickly took you from Tae’s arms and pulled you away from the dance floor. Many concerned on lookers stood aside to let you out and thankfully they didn’t let that man follow.

Jungkook brought you two to a secluded corner of the bar. He tried to let go of you but you clung to him.

“No please, just…” you sniffled in an attempt to compose yourself, “Just stay here like this for a moment.

“Anything for you.” Jungkook replied gently. You cried for a few minutes longer but found Jungkook’s steady breathing very soothing. Soon you were felt ready to hold a real conversation again.

“Thank you Jungkook,” you pulled away to look into his eyes, “I owe you so much.”

“You owe me nothing Y/N. I’m just glad you’re safe now.”

“Can we just, like, sit out here for a few more minutes? I’m not quite ready to be surrounded by people.”

“Of course,” Jungkook plopped down on an empty bar stool, “Take all the time you need.”

You sat down next to him and unlocked your phone. Opening snapchat, you starting checking for any runny mascara or eyeliner that would need touching up. You absentmindedly fixed your make up as needed. Jungkook cleared his throat and it brought you back into reality. You looked up at him ready to declare that it was party time. You were surprised to see him standing up.

“Eager to get back I see,” You commented cautiously.

“Yeah well I was going to get Taehyung to come sit with you. I figured that’d be fine.” He said without looking at you. Before you could comment he left you there. It made you feel like crying again to see him slip away into the crowd. How could Jungkook go from understanding best friend in one minute to dismissive jerk the next? You stood up and walked over to the bartender.

“I’d like a vodka soda please,” You said handing him cash. The man quickly poured you a drink. You drank it in a few big gulps. “A refill would be nice.”

After you finished that drink you had one more before joining the crowded dance floor once again. You were hurt, embarrassed, and bitter; it was not a pretty combo. You quickly found your friends and snaked your way into the middle of them. You avoided looking at Jungkook and focused on having what you thought would be fun.

“Yooooonnnggiii” You pulled him close to you, “Let’s dance, shall we?”

Laughing he shook his head, “No way Y/N, I can’t keep up with you.”

“Leaving a girl to dance on her own, not very elegant of you.” You pouted.

You didn’t feel like fighting; you were definitely feeling this song though. You started dancing on your own. Occasionally you’d wink at one of your friends and laugh. You noticed a fair amount of people watching you dance. In the moment you let it go and hoped it was because you looked good dancing. Finally you got the courage to jokingly rope Jin into dancing with you. You guided his hands to your hips. You looked up at him with a smile and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Y/N, this isn’t a good idea.” Jin pulled away. Feeling even more humiliated for being rejected yet again you played it off and feigned needing a glass of water. You walked away from everyone with tears threatening to form. There was a hallway that led to the bathrooms and that was your goal. You knew that past the bathrooms there was a little sitting area that the bartenders would use for breaks. Sitting down on the couch, you buried your head into your hands.

“Y/N?” Jungkook’s voice called down the hallway. You’d been away for about 10 minutes now and he was starting to worry.

You didn’t want to face him. Not like this. You stayed as still as possible and tried not to sniffle as he approached. Sure enough, his head peaked around the corner and found you. He took in the sight of you. Jungkook’s eyes that were typically so welcoming and soft had turned dark and serious. Jungkook silently joined you on the couch and waited for you to speak.

“What could you possibly want?” You mumbled at last.

“For you to talk to me.” Jungkook spoke slowly. “What is with you tonight?”

“What’s up with me? What the hell is up with you?” You were upset and your voice grew louder as a result.

“Honestly, I just want to take you home Y/N.” Jungkook stayed calm as he answered.

“I get it.” You stood quickly, “I’m an embarrassment to be with. Fine, take me home.”

As you turned to lead him down the hall, he grabbed your arm and forced you to face him.

“No, Y/N.” Jungkook’s voice shook as he spoke, “I want to take you back home with me.”

You let his words sink in. Things weren’t adding up in your mind. None of tonight made sense to you. You couldn’t respond until Jungkook explained himself. He motioned for the two of you to sit back down.

“Y/N, I’m sorry I acted pissed at you. I wasn’t mad at you at all I swear.” Jungkook began, “In all honesty, this whole night I’ve been insanely jealous. First that guy was all over you. I saw him watch you and approach you several times. Each time I was read to beat the shit out of him for even daring to think he could get with you. And every time you when you would walk away from him, I could breathe again. When that jackass finally touched you, I lost it. I had to protect you. But then just when I got you alone and could keep you safe…I saw all those pictures of you and Taehyung. I couldn’t handle it.”

Jungkook paused with a sigh. You took the chance to process what he was saying before asking, “I must be missing something. You were jealous of Taehyung? What’s there to be jealous of?”

Jungkook pulled up snapchat to flip through the photos with you. “You guys were practically on top of each other. And here you kissed his cheek. I just I knew then that-”

“No, you didn’t know anything.” You were starting to get upset again. “I was drunk and took a few photos with a friend. Period. Full stop. Nothing else. Jungkook please just listen to me. I need you to be straightforward with me. Did you get jealous of Taehyung because you like me? Because that’s the only solution I can think of that explains this. But even that doesn’t make sense.”

“Yes, Y/N. That’s exactly why.” Jungkook leaned his forehead against your shoulder. You could feel him shaking a little. Your heart was pounding in your chest. “Y/N, the way you move, talk, even the way you look at me…it’s surreal. When we’re together I feel like I can be a better person. That you can help me be the person I want to be. But then those moments when I can see you treat others the way you treat me…I know then that I’m no one special to you. That what I feel is one sided.”

“That’s not true.” You took his face in your hands and made him look at you, “Jungkook you mean the absolute world to me. Sure our friends are like family to me but you? You’re like air. Tonight’s a good example of that. When Tae comforted me as you fought with that creep I felt numb. When you held me and waited patiently for me to calm down? God I was melting at your touch.”

You couldn’t help but smile at the thought. But then you remembered what happened after that moment. “But then you left me Jungkook. And it made me feel like utter shit.”

“That’s why you were all over our friend’s tonight then?” Jungkook asked, “To get back at me? Because if so, it worked. Watching you dance for them and with them was hell. Do you know how much I wished for that to be me?”

“I’m sorry. That was unbelievably petty of me.” Jungkook’s hand brushed your hair out of your face and behind your ear. Your face flushed as you moved closer to him. Your lips grazed his. You exhaled as he inhaled.

You whispered against his lips, “Can you ever forgive me?”

“I already have,” Jungkook replied before kissing you.

The kiss was rather innocent. Slowly your lips moved with his. Kissing Jungkook was everything you could’ve imagined and more. Suddenly you grew more needy. Thinking about how you could’ve been kissing him long ago, you felt like you had to make up for lost time. Though you felt like no matter how close you were with him, it wasn’t close enough. One hand cupped his chin while the other grasped his hair. Jungkook slowly pulled you onto his lap. His strong arms held you close to him; he was just as needy. One hand ran down your back and his other caressed your thigh.

“You’re so beautiful,” Jungkook murmured before kissing your neck. You sighed, burying your face into his neck.

“Aw for christ’s sake,” a gruff voice spoke suddenly, “I can’t go one break without catching a drunk couple here.”

Face bright red, you apologized profusely and dragged Jungkook off the couch. You walked briskly to the end of the hall where Jungkook pushed your back up against the wall. His forehead rested against your’s as he spoke.

“Well that’s definitely not how I imagined my confession to you would be.”

“Hmm, I never thought I’d be lucky enough to kiss you. Even if it was in a weird, dirty bar room.” You teased lightly.

“It’s definitely a moment I’ll never forget.” Jungkook leaned in closer.

“Should we maybe go find a more comfortable place to, uh, finish talking?” You whispered against his lips.

“I thought you’d never ask.”