keep rangers out

The reason why I stayed up so long is because when my mom and I go to see Beauty and the Beast I can fall asleep :/….


Hunted for their exotic skin, illegitimate medicinal purposes, and sometimes only for target practice, giraffes are silently disappearing. San Diego Zoo Global is working with local communities to employ anti-poaching rangers and keep giraffe out of harm’s way. Our team of rangers and conservation ambassadors are using high-tech tools and specialized tactics to track giraffes, combat illegal poaching, and nurse innocent orphans back to health. See how you can help the watchtowers of the savanna:

During one session, our party’s ranger decided to get wildly drunk. While the rest of us thought this was stupid, we just let her do her thing anyway. So while she was drinking, I spoke to the owner of the bar and learned that people had been going missing just outside of town, so of course, we go to investigate.

We found a small cave and just as I was about to suggest sneaking up in case of guards, the drunk ranger decided it was a good time to practice playing her instrument.

The grass whistle.

Why she picked it, I don’t know, but she did. She’s more proficient in playing the grass whistle than using her bow. And because of that she played so loudly that the two guards outside of the cave found us.

After fighting them we decided to recuperate since we had taken some pretty heavy damage.

I left to go to the bathroom and when I came back, the ranger was vomiting because she ate some random berries. Needless to say, no one was very happy with her choices.

When we were preparing to enter the cave, our warrior paused to ask if we should check for traps as the ranger charged ahead. This did indeed trigger a trap, but did it hit her? No. Instead, I was the one shot with the fireball.

I was now extremely close to death, so it was up to our warrior to keep the drunkard ranger out of trouble and find me a doctor. She carried me back to town, then began yelling for help.

The human townspeople were then greeted by a large troll wielding a mallet and yelling loudly with a shapeshifter fading back and forth between forms on her back, while a heavily inebriated elf puked in their herb gardens.

After they were able to heal me we left and haven’t returned since, and the ranger is now forbidden from consuming anything without first consulting another player, and the grass whistle has been banned entirely.