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I’m honestly so fucking mad about the DUP deal. How fucking dare they. How dare they underfund our public services, cut benefits, and take money out of the hands of the poorest people in this country because ‘theres no magic money tree’, yet there’s a spare 1.5billion lying around for the DUP deal if it means they can hold onto power over a public they’ve repeatedly failed

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The kiddos going to the zoo

oh god that could go so many ways

Chara instantly makes friends with all the noisy birds in cages like “I understand your plight. You really should learn to keep all that rage on the inside, though, it’s much more productive to let all your hatred out through your actions.”

Asriel gets snippy and uncomfortable around the goat enclosure, because on the one hand he knows they’re not sapient, but on the other they still LOOK an awful lot like boss monsters, all while running around naked and screaming and pooping everywhere, and they fall right into the uncanny valley for him. Frisk tries to tell him that monkeys and apes are the human equivalent and that you get used to seeing weird non-sapient animal versions of your own species, but he’s not sure he believes them. Animal goats are not friends, in his opinion.

When not trying to convince goat bro to be friends with the animal goats, Frisk spends all of their time looking at the hyenas. No one else seems to like hyenas, so Frisk makes it their mission to try to befriend them when no one else will. Not that the hyenas really notice they’re there, outside the enclosure, but Frisk is still convinced that they made a connection at the end of the day.

someone: Isn’t it super angsty to think about how maybe Thomas doesn’t fully accept James right away after all the shit that he had done?!

me: mhhmm. YES. But also: have you considered Thomas no longer being the innocent goodie guy he was? Thomas compromising his morals? Thomas swallowing his rage and keeping it quiet and letting it fester and finally seeing ti manifested through James’ acts?

Because if you have then you really shouldn’t think about James maybe not fully and not right away accepting this Thomas, because this is not the Thomas he fought for.


Bucky x reader

Notes: WARNING! physical abuse, threats, protective Bucky, fluff. 

A/N: I found this little thing hanging around on my phone. It’s a little dark, but fluffy too. 

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1 new text message from Y/N, 10:23 PM:

‘Bucky, can you please come over?’

Bucky checked his phone when he heard the familiar sound of an incoming message. His brow furrowed at the sight.

“Gotta go” he mumbled hurriedly, and jumped up, grabbing his coat as he ran out the door to the elevator.

“Hey! Where are you goin’? Thought we were going out!” Sam yelled after him; but the elevator doors already closed.

“Don’t take it personally, Sam. It’s probably Y/N” Steve quipped with a smirk.

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Be a d*ck to your freelancer? I'll have your job.

(warning: long story)


This happened about 3 years ago. I was still in college for digital marketing (like advertising and graphic design). Since I had no time to work even a part time job, I would do some freelance graphic design in the little time I had. Mainly in the later hours of the night, I would still answer emails during the day though. It was good money, a couple hundred here and there, but it wasn’t enough. The company that ran the cafeteria in my school went through bankruptcy and I was taken off our 21-meals-a-week plan. I had to resort to putting (very) small ads in the newspaper and started looking for more jobs online rather than posting a listing on Craigslist as I previously had. I got a few good jobs, everything seemed great at this point.

Then the fatal night happened. I received an email at about 10:45 at night. It was mid-week so it was a bit odd for someone to be emailing me this late, especially since I had school the next day and they probably had work. Right off the bat I had a sketchy feeling about this, as the subject was “I need an ad made” and the message was “Ok?”. As per usual, I respond right away asking for more details. He said he had ran a custom shower company and he wants me to Photoshop a picture, add text and then format it for billboard printing.

He sends me the image and it’s a “custom” shower with two shower heads that are on. He wants me to remove one of the heads. I tell him that it will be difficult due to the fact the streams are crossing. He replies with “So? Just f*cking do it.” I finish the ad for him and I’m about to watermark it so I can send him a final copy then request payment. Then I realize that it’s already f*cking watermarked, faintly in the corner by another shower company, and it doesn’t match his. This douchebag motherf*cker stole a picture from another local company.

I tell him that I won’t do the ad because he’s using a copyrighted picture, and that I can replace it and keep the text. He “rages” and claims that he took the photo with his phone earlier that week. At this point I have better things to be doing, so I block his emails, as they were getting to be harassment.

Fast forward two weeks.

I get a call from an unknown number saying that I f*cked up and that he just paid another designer “big bucks” for the same job. These calls continue over the next week and I just start ignoring them.

Here’s where something magical happens. He starts texting me, but it’s with his actual f*cking number. I think he tried to *67 me, but it doesn’t work through texting. This will come back to bite him in the ass when we get to the revenge part.

Here’s where the revenge comes in:

After the semester ends, I decide to drive around 2 hours to visit my parents for the week I have between the semesters. While I’m driving on the freeway I see something familiar. It’s the photo the guy wanted me to make into an ad for him on a billboard. Then I realize that the ad on the billboard is for HIS F*CKING COMPANY, although he clearly didn’t hire another designer. It looks as if he made it in MSPaint. I get off at the next exit so I can get a few pictures and write down the location.

When I get back from my parents’ house, I immediately start up my computer and try to get into contact with the company who owns the photo. I send them the pictures and location along with his emails. They thank me and I happily go to bed.

Fast forward a month.

I get a call on a Saturday morning saying that the company who owns the photo needed me to come in to their offices to discuss a few things. Turns out that they ended up filing a lawsuit over the copyright issue as he still claimed it to be his photo.

The judge told me while I was in court (as a witness) that I would be able to file for harassment and get a restraining order. Normally I wouldn’t care, but the harassment would go on his record.

Because of all the legal fees, his company went under. I later found out that he tried to start up another company of similar sorts but he would have to tell his employees of his harassment charge. That company went under as well because he couldn’t find anyone to work for him.

Get f*cked.

Pimp Health

Context: we were attempting to retrieve a party member and we’re about to enter combat. I’m a dragonborn bard and there’s a bugbear barbarian.

Seren (me) : I cast heroism on Magloret

Magloret (Barbar ooc) *after just raging to knock out a guard* well my rage ends if I don’t take damage or attack for a round. Someone hit me.

Seren ooc: fine, I’ll backhand Magloret. And since I have to touch to cast heroism I’ll cast it with the backhand.

Dm: Ok, you cast heroism and deal 1 damage to the temp health and he keeps his rage.

Seren ooc: I just pimp slapped health into him.

The Real Drug War

Drug Wars - You should probably read this first

mafia!Jungkook x Reader

Clever as the devil and twice as pretty.
-Holly Black

Warnings: There will be very explicit sexual content, violence, drugs,…

A/N: For people who read my J JK fic, I’m sorry, you’ll recognize one part - I just really wanted it here. None of these pictures are mine - credits to the owners.

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Confession: Arrow 5x17 Review (Kapiushon)

Episodes like “Kapiushon” are the reason I love Arrow.  Taunt, dramatic and emotional storytelling that is driving towards some larger truth.  We kid about Oliver’s manpain sometimes. Sometimes out of frustration for the things he does. Sometimes for Arrow’s laser focus on the central character, occasionally at the cost of a supporting character’s story. But Oliver Queen is the center of this story for a reason.  

Man or a Monster by Sam Tinnesz and Zayde Wolf

When you close your eyes, what do you see?

Do you hold the light, or is darkness underneath?

In your hands, there’s a touch that can heal

But in those same hands, is the power to kill

Are you a man, or a monster?

Are you a man, or a monster?

Are you a man, or a monster?

When you look at yourself, are you a man

Or a monster?

It’s so hard to tell which side you’re on

One day is Hell, the next day is the dawn

The lines are blurred, you keep rubbing your eyes

The tables turn, now it’s time to survive

Are you a man, or a monster?

Are you a man, or a monster?

Are you a man, or a monster?

When you look at yourself, are you a man

Or a monster? 

You can’t take back the damage you’ve done

Oh, you can hide, but you can’t run

No, you can’t take back the damage you’ve done

Afraid of what you might become

A man or a monster

Arrow is driving towards bigger questions with this character.  Who is Oliver Queen? Is he a hero? Is he a man at all? Or is he something much worse? This deep examination should force us to reflect on our own humanity, compassion and moral compass. It’s a lofty goal for a television show that’s “just on the CW” or “just a comic book show” but these are questions most shows are too afraid to ask. Arrow isn’t about Oliver’s manpain. It’s about his trauma. Real, excruciatingly painful, trauma and Oliver has to deal with it or he’ll never truly be free. 

Arrow is pushing Oliver, and us, towards these questions because they require answers. Since Oliver is the only one who can provide those answers, Arrow forced him to face the darkness tonight. So he can find his way to the light. Real, lasting, life sustaining, light. This show was never just about a man becoming a hero. This show is about saving a man’s soul… but first we have to start with confession.

Let’s dig in…

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Omega!Tony being hit on at a social event by a ‘big strong’ alpha who’s definitely trying to assert his dominance. Tony is slightly bothered because even though he’s used to this happening, it doesn’t make the experience easier to handle. His eyes wander around the room crowded with people and he takes a step back when the alpha tries to shift closer. There’s a sharp smile on the guy’s face and Tony curses inwardly for allowing the alpha to smell his sudden spike of fear.

The alpha tries to reach out and just as he’s about to grab Tony’s wrist, Tony looks behind the alpha’s shoulder and grins. 

“I wouldn’t touch me if I were you,” Tony warns him, and the alpha scoffs as he takes one more step closer. 

“And why should I listen to a little desperate bitch like you?” The man almost snarls and a loud, menacing growl is heard from behind him. 

Tony tries not to laugh but grins widely as the alpha turns around and comes face to a face with a murderous Steve. His usual warm blue eyes were as cold as face and his jaw was tense, not wanting to cause a scene but it was difficult to keep his rage in, especially since it was involving some asshole alpha trying to touch and harass his mate

The alpha falters at the sight of Steve, much bigger and stronger than him, his eyes wide as he almost cowers at the sight of him. 

“You should have listened to me because Captain America’s my mate,” Tony tells him, joyfully and that’s when Steve smiles, all teeth and terrifying. 

Tony is almost giddy and aroused, beginning to drip slick and his knees going slightly weak. 

He could never resist Steve, he could never be anyone else’s.