keep plowing

For New Year’s Eve I went to a Conspiracy draft among friends (and did very silly things with white/blue fliers), introduced them to Monster Factory, and returned home to keep plowing through Paper Mario.

At the stroke of midnight I was wrangling with an utterly bullshit paper-airplane puzzle, but before long I kept blazing through the ranks of the Glitz Pit.

I hope this is a good omen.

Gotta keep plowing through that ttv challenge when I have time–12 point articulation and still looking forward to popping out some better shaping on the legs and feet (shut up I know they are mostly plagiarized it’s a work in progress). I may also switch the elbows to model joints to give more flexibility. Loving this so far!

I’ve even got an awesome lore friendly hard reboot that I think would work…now if only I could figure out a way to get more helmets in…