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Let me start off by saying that I agree with the OP. Someone who tells you that they’re the only one in the entire world that gives a damn about you may be using it as an abusive tactic… HOWEVER, that’s not the point of this post.

The point is that I don’t agree with the add-on that I circled.

A lot of mentally ill people, a lot of people with BPD, really, truly, believe that nobody cares about them. We really, truly, believe that our FP/SO/Best Friend/Etc are the only ones in the world who give a damn about us.

If we tell you that you’re the only person who cares about us, we’re not saying it as an abusive tactic, we’re saying it because it’s GENUINELY how we feel. Hell, sometimes we feel like NOBODY, not even YOU care about us!

If somebody tells you something similar to what I circled, maybe step back for a second and take into consideration that that’s what they genuinely may think. Please PLEASE don’t abandon someone who thinks you’re the only one who cares. Try to dig deeper. Try to convince them that it’s impossible for just one person out of the millions in the world to care about us.

Try to make us see that people DO care. Don’t abandon us if we genuinely believe you’re the only one in the world who gives a damn.

Cause if you leave, we’ll just believe that nobody cares.

One is better than none.

“But god, just notice you’re both looking at the sky”

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the new flat i moved into must be a fairly old building anyway if you want a shower you really want to switch the hot water on for half an hour before you go splash so in a morning, already alarmed by the time (I’m a heroic procrastinator) I’ll fling a book in a corner and wipe away toast crumbs and purposefully head to the bathroom with real zeal and impressive intent but ofc I’m almost immediately defeated because I’ve frog rotten about the hot water switch (ribbit) so after seeing to that I go back to the book and the crumbs and four days later I have my shower

what sound do frogs make? it is ‘ribbit’, right?

Whatever you do don’t picture Regina looking out the window and spotting Emma and Killian kissing and looking genuinely happy. Don’t think about how Regina feels kind of… Empty? Sad? Angry and confused at the same time. Don’t try to imagine Regina thinking about all the times she and Emma accomplished the impossible together by using magic, transcending realms, defeating enemies, raising a child together and constantly making sure the other is safe. Don’t picture Regina getting teary eyed while thinking about the time Emma sacrificed herself for her - which only deepens her frown because she doesn’t understand. Doesn’t understand why she… Feels things… When she looks at Emma. Really, don’t think about Regina’s lips parting when she finally understands - when she finally realizes why she’s not in Hook’s place. And definitely don’t think about Rumple coming up behind her, a dangerous smirk tugging at his lips while he says “I told you, dearie. Magic always comes with a price.”

Imagine telling Woozi how amazing he was as a goalkeeper during the futsal match at ISAC.

BONUS: Woozi gets a little flustered when you say he looks sexy when he’s focused.

Finally the courage to post some of my own work ♡

“They sat across from each other, talking for the first time in months, in the room where it all started.

“If you could only keep one memory of us, what would it be?” he questioned her softly.

“Out of all of it,” she paused for a minute, “I’d keep the first time you told me you loved me. It was a time when it all felt real. It felt true. I’d keep that. It was my favourite part of you; the real part of you.” She struggled to keep her breath steady.

“Oh,” he stared deeply into her eyes, “I can see where you’re coming from.” Her stare turned blank. She would never be able to tell him that he doesn’t understand; he WILL never understand. She tried to calm herself, fight every urge to cry.

“What memory would you keep?” She stumbled to find her words.

“Honestly, I’d keep our old friendship, your jokes, your smile; I’d keep all of it. But I can’t and you know I can’t. I can’t toy you around like this when I think of you as only a friend. You’re just a friend to me. I want to love you, but I can’t and I don’t. Not in the way you love me. I’m so sorry.” And with that he stood up and walked out the door of that room where they shared so many memories, so many firsts, as if it meant nothing.

She sat alone on the bed, she let her body fall into the duvet. Staring at the ceiling, the tears finally able to fall. “Friends, it feels a lot more like strangers these days.” she whispered.“



agents of shield season two extended scene: agent skye in quarantine

It’s so sad that parts of the fandom of Loki can’t take him for what he is. A trickster who’ll do anything if it plays into his plans. He is no innocent guy who gets controlled by others. Even if others use him he still thinks he’s the one who pulls the strings. Don’t insult him by making him a helpless victim.


I think that maybe if he doesn’t want to talk to you about his work, it’s probably because he wants to keep you in the light.