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For Coldflash Week B, Day Six, 1920s AU.

               ….No, he isn’t perfect. He’s human and he’s flawed…..but he’s perfect to me and that’s all that matters…


Len knew when he took over the reigns of running Central City, and its twin Keystone, from his grandfather that his life wouldn’t ever be the same. He knew he’d always be looking over his shoulder for when his father tried to stick a knife in it. He knew he’d always have to keep his ears and eyes open for anyone looking to take his crown.

But he was thankful he didn’t have to worry about his heart, as he’d already given that to his Scarlet long ago.

Let me start off by saying that I agree with the OP. Someone who tells you that they’re the only one in the entire world that gives a damn about you may be using it as an abusive tactic… HOWEVER, that’s not the point of this post.

The point is that I don’t agree with the add-on that I circled.

A lot of mentally ill people, a lot of people with BPD, really, truly, believe that nobody cares about them. We really, truly, believe that our FP/SO/Best Friend/Etc are the only ones in the world who give a damn about us.

If we tell you that you’re the only person who cares about us, we’re not saying it as an abusive tactic, we’re saying it because it’s GENUINELY how we feel. Hell, sometimes we feel like NOBODY, not even YOU care about us!

If somebody tells you something similar to what I circled, maybe step back for a second and take into consideration that that’s what they genuinely may think. Please PLEASE don’t abandon someone who thinks you’re the only one who cares. Try to dig deeper. Try to convince them that it’s impossible for just one person out of the millions in the world to care about us.

Try to make us see that people DO care. Don’t abandon us if we genuinely believe you’re the only one in the world who gives a damn.

Cause if you leave, we’ll just believe that nobody cares.

One is better than none.

“But god, just notice you’re both looking at the sky”

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How To Eat Healthy While Living The Dorm Life

nahnah-loses-her-tahtahs asks… 

We’ve all heard about that dreaded “Freshmen 15,” and there’s nothing mythological about it. The biggest culprit of the first year weight gain is being forced to live in a dorm with relatively poor access to a kitchen, cooking supplies, pantry space or adequate funding. You typically can’t work full time (since, you know, you’re taking on 6 classes of gen-ed requirements and reliving high school all over again), so you’re stuck on whatever stipend the school or your parents can provide. 

Fear not! It is actually possible to come out of your freshmen year looking fit and fabulous and feeling like a million bucks. Impossibility is the champion of innovation.

Here’s a list of healthy food staples and preparation ideas for the microwave chef:


Unfortunately, most of the affordable stuff needs to be cooked on a grill, oven or stove, but there are some ways around it if you can stretch your dollars around.

  • Tuna - Canned tuna lasts forever, doesn’t require fridge space, and is packed with lean protein. You make a poor-man’s Salad Nicoise, mix it with hummus or olive oil and vinegar for a tuna wrap, or just eat it plain if you dig the taste.
  • Salmon - Did you know salmon comes canned too? A little pricer than it’s tuna cousin, but perfect for laying on a beg of spinach leaves with some balsamic vinegar.
  • Beans - You’ve got plenty of choices here. Black beans, garbanzo beans, white beans… they all go great in a salad, or you can microwave them together with some minute-rice for a  quick and filling Rice & Beans dinner.
  • Eggs - If you can’t afford the chicken, you can at least buy his eggs. Eggs are amazing. Did you know that you cook them in a microwave, too? Seriously, Buzzfeed lists 12 different ways to nuke them, so can have an omelet for breakfast every single day. 
  • Greek Yogurt - Opt for the plain yogurt or the kind that’s only sweetened with honey. Read the ingredients. A lot of the popular varieties are packed with sugar and high fructose corn syrup that you want to avoid.
  • Chicken Breast - You can buy it pre-grilled for a quick meal that just needs to be reheated, or even hit the deli and get some sliced chicken breast meat for your wrap or sammy. Deli meat is quick, 
  • Peanut Butter - PB is amazing on everything. On toast, on celery, on carrots, on a spoon. Just opt for the natural variety without all the added sugar. Read the ingredients. They should be: peanuts, salt. That’s all.


Veggies make great snacks and side dishes alike. 

  • Steam Bags - Pick up a box and you can steam anything in a microwave to go alongside your protein. 
  • Spinach leaves - Spinach is perfect for a salad, to fill out a wrap, or even steamed!
  • Fresh Celery, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes, Baby Sweet Peppers, Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Cauliflower - There are so many things you can do with these veggies! Chop them up raw and make yourself a bunch of to-go snack bags for class. Add them to a salad or a wrap. Steam carrots, peppers or broccoli to accompany a hot dish. Also, celery and carrots are amazing when dipped in PB. These things obviously don’t keep forever, so make sure you only buy what you’ll use in the next few days.
  • Salsa - It’s so perfect, it works for everything. You can add it to chicken and make a taco, you can add it to scrambled eggs and have a breakfast burrito, you can use it as dressing for a salad, or you can spice up a veggie wrap.
  • Sweet Potatoes - It might take a good 15 minutes, but you can microwave a sweet potato and pretend it’s baked. Just make sure you poke holes in it first. Please.
  • Canned Veggies - I’m only a fan of corn or peas in the canned veggie department, but if you fancy any others then go ahead and grab them up. Just make sure you check the ingredients list and make sure nothing shady is hiding in the can.


  • Fresh Fruit - Go nuts. You like apples? Bananas? Oranges? Grapes? Strawberries? Fruit is awesome and you should eat it all. Opt for whatever is on sale and in season when you go shopping to save a few bucks. Off-season fruit can get a bit pricey.
  • Canned Fruit - Please, please, please read the ingredients. Do not get any fruit that its packaged in sugar syrups. Only purchase canned fruit that is packaged in water.
  • Raisins - They are practically the only dried fruit that hasn’t been rolled around in sugar. Raisins are great as a snack, in a salad, or eveb in your morning oatmeal.
  • Avocado - The king of healthy fats! Adding avocado to anything will make you 100% more full and keep you satisfied for hours.


  • Rice - You can cook minute-rice in a microwave, and its a great carb boost after an intense workout session.
  • Oatmeal - The breakfast of champions. Get yourself a box of plain, rolled or steel-cut oats. Read the ingredients! If there is anything more than “oats” listed, you should find a better brand. Oats can be microwaved with water, and you can add a sweetener like maple syrup, honey or fresh chopped fruit & raisins. My favorite way to prepare oatmeal is mixed with PB and maple syrup. You’ll be full forever.
  • Granola - Again, look at the ingredients. Granola can often come with a big price tag, but if you find it when it’s on sale, score! Try to opt for a brand that doesn’t list “sugar” as the second ingredient. I opt for the brands that sweeten granola naturally with maple syrup or honey.
  • Wraps - Sometimes a salad just is not convenient enough. Pick up some whole-wheat, whole-grain tortillas to wrap that up salad and make it to-go.


  • Water. Unsweetened iced or hot tea. 
  • Listen, I know you’re a college student and you need a lot of caffeine in your life. If you’re going to buy energy drinks, at least opt for the sugar-free, no-carb varieties. Just remember, they’re terrible for you. Coffee and tea can be your friend.

Other Stuff

  • Become a Slow-Cooker Maestro - I don’t know if you’re particular school will actually allow a crockpot on campus, but if they do, you’ve just opened up a world of possibilities.
  • Approach the Cafeteria with Caution - If you’ve got a loaded meal card, then you’re going to need to be extra careful when prowling the school cafeteria. Stay away from anything fried. Ask the chef how the grilled foods are prepared (so often they are bathed in butter beforehand). Stick with a protein + veggie formula and you’ll be golden. Don’t even look at the greasy hamburgers, hot dogs and fries.
  • Don’t Forget The Condiments and Spices - Spices make food taste good. Salt, Pepper, Cinnamon and Garlic are a good start. Balsamic Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are perfect dressings for wraps and salads.

Good luck on your first college food shopping adventure!  Send me pics of your healthy carts and baskets, and I’ll share them on the blog.

Don’t Be This Guy:

Definitely Be That Guy:

Ok, so I just realized I know off the top of my head how many ear piercings each member has, and I am clearly so far gone, it’s ridiculous


agents of shield season two extended scene: agent skye in quarantine

It’s so sad that parts of the fandom of Loki can’t take him for what he is. A trickster who’ll do anything if it plays into his plans. He is no innocent guy who gets controlled by others. Even if others use him he still thinks he’s the one who pulls the strings. Don’t insult him by making him a helpless victim.

  • Me: *crying because of my cramps, begging for a chocolate to my parents who are going to get groceries*
  • Them: No, you are too fat.

Imagine telling Woozi how amazing he was as a goalkeeper during the futsal match at ISAC.

BONUS: Woozi gets a little flustered when you say he looks sexy when he’s focused.

So You’re Setting Up A Classroom...

This is the time of year that many first-year and returning teachers start venturing into their classrooms.  I posted about my first two days setting up my classroom here and here.  I got lots of nice comments, so I wanted to take a moment and offer a little advice to others.

Filter Through The STUFF And Only Keep What Is Necessary

Many new teachers inherit another teacher’s room and all the stuff that comes with it.  Many returning teachers have amassed their own collection of random things.  Really filter through everything.  Only keep what you know you will definitely use.  Don’t hoard things because maybe someday you will do some project that will totally require 58 egg cartons.  Don’t be afraid to throw things out or give things away.  A de-cluttered room is always easier to keep organized!

Think Hard About Flow, Purpose, And Layout

Take a hard look at the space you are given and brainstorm everything you want to have in that space.  Do you want a carpet area?  A small group work area?  A place where students can access supplies?  A computer area?  A library?  Write everything down.  Then go through and imagine yourself using those spaces.  When I first got my room, I thought I was going to put my carpet area in the back, until I realized I would want kids to see the projector from there.  I know I want my small group area in a quiet section where I can still easily survey the room.  I want my computer screen facing away from the other kids so one child on the computer doesn’t distract everyone.  I wanted my supplies in an easily accessible corner.  Spend a lot of time imagining how you will use each space and what your classroom procedures will be before you move a thing, and then try a few set-ups first before you commit.  A good flow to the room makes everything, and especially classroom management, easier.  Remember, form follows function.

Save Space

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from teachers about their classrooms is that they’re too small.  I’m fortunate that mine is pretty big (though it has to fit 30 kids), but there are also teachers in my school who have the exact same space but it looks much smaller.  There are lots of ways to economize space.  I recommend ditching the teacher desk.  Also, sitting kids in groups saves a lot of floor space (and is just my general preference regardless).  Put furniture like shelves around all the edges of the room.

Organization, Organization, Organization

I posted about my tips for keeping an organized classroom here.

On Decorating…

Theme or no theme?

Once you have your furniture in place, you get to start thinking about decorating.  I personally love this part, but if it’s not for you, don’t let it stress you out.  My personal feeling is that I spend so much time in my classroom, I want it to be a space I really love and feel comfortable in.  Some teachers swear by themes.  Honestly, some themes are downright tacky, but others are cute enough.  I personally am not really a theme kind of teacher, so I chose three main colors for my room: yellow, green, and blue.  I started with those my first year and it’s been easy for me to keep adding and changing while keeping what I already have.  I also ended up having a lot of chevron because I’m an elementary school teacher and everyone else was doing it (such a trend follower!).

Bulletin Boards

If you have the money and think you’re going to be in the same room for a few years, I recommend using fabric instead of paper on the walls.  It looks better and holds up longer.  Outdoor or upholstery fabric is especially great if you can find it on sale.  Use a staple gun and don’t worry about cutting or measuring exactly because your borders will cover up the messy fabric sides.  In elementary classrooms, there is never enough wall space, so try to make as much of your room bulletin boards as possible.  But then…leave it empty.  Do not start the year with mass-market posters and inspirational sayings everywhere.  Your walls will be soon be full of anchor charts and student work…

Buy Smartly

Just like with clearing out things you don’t need, don’t start buying ten million things for your room.  Save your money for things you actually require.  I love the $1 section at Target, but need to make sure I have a purpose for everything before I buy it.  If you need furniture, check with your school first, then see if you can buy used.  Some Ikea furniture is good (I like the “Kallax” shelves), but a lot of stuff from Ikea, Target, Walmart etc isn’t made to withstand the hard school use.  I’ve seen teachers successfully get big purchases like rugs and tables funded on Donor’s Choose.  

Add The Fun Little Details

 I get a little too into my latest Pinterest or Teachers Pay Teachers project, but there are easy, non-crafty ways to make a classroom more fun and inviting.  I LOVE having rugs of different sizes around the room.  It makes for defined group and individual work areas and breaks up the classroom space.   I have a lot of plants in my room (added benefit: they stay alive because the kids remember to water them, unlike my plants at home). I put a few little lamps around the room.  I get cheap picture frames and put out class photos.  Think about fun seating and reading ares: I recently made pillows and benches, but I’ve also always had a rocking chair and cheap disk chair that are always crowd favorites. Most of these things cost money (but you can get some great deals if you have your eyes open, or ask friends or family to donate extra things they have sitting around!) and aren’t necessary, but they make the room more fun.

Get As Much As You Can Done Before School Starts…

If you’re anything like me, once the kids come, you’ll have no time for decorating or moving things around.  Go in as much as you can before school to have everything how you want it for day one, then spend the year thinking about curriculum and your students, not your classroom.

…But It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

Pinterest or even just seeing other teachers’ classrooms can make you stress about having a “cute” a “perfect” room.  Don’t.  Your room is not the most important thing, and it’s really a work in progress.  Every year you will tackle another little project or change things around.  I was SO proud of my room before my first year, but it’s gone through an “upgrade” every year:

First got the keys:

First day of first year:

First day of second year:

First Day of Third Year:

Fourth Year (In Middle of Set-Up…Final pics to come in a few weeks!)

Good luck and have fun!  I’m happy to answer any other specific questions, too.

Tumblr's Social Heroes Strike Onision

Onision says you should not be mad at someone for mistaking your gender & you should not ask for special treatement if you claim to be equal = transphobic?

Alright keyboard warriors.

MEANWHILE, countless videos have been made on Onision channels promoting the LGBT community, speaking up for their rights etc - do you focus on that? NO!

Do you EVER quote ANYTHING positive said on Onision social outlets? NO!

Because you are dishonest people, who simply want to see someone who stated an opinion you disagree with suffer the wrath of your BRAVE misplaced desire for social justice on Tumblr.



Here’s AN ENTIRE PLAYLIST of videos made regarding homosexuality - keep running your mouth, it doesn’t change reality:


I think that maybe if he doesn’t want to talk to you about his work, it’s probably because he wants to keep you in the light.