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It's true! Chocolate not only tastes yummy but does good too...

There’s no denying everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure! Although it should be enjoyed as a yummy treat, there are some surprising health benefits to tucking into your favourite bar of chocolate…

Heart health

A study undertaken by the University of Aberdeen found that people who eat 100g of chocolate a day are 11% less likely to have a heart attack, stroke or any other heart problems, compared to people who eat none. This is due to an antioxidant found in chocolate called flavonoids, which help to stimulate blood flow, and also act as an anti-inflammatory!

Brain food

Chocolate is rich in magnesium, a mineral essential in keeping the brain healthy! As well as nourishing our brains, chocolate’s caffeine content also helps to boost our concentration levels and alertness.

Immune boost

The cocoa found in chocolate is an immune-boosting food. Research has found that it can also help to increase the good cholesterol in your body (when eaten in modest amounts!).

Skin saviour

Flavonoids in chocolate not only get the blood flowing, but also help to protect the skin against sun damage thanks to their antioxidant properties. Helping to protect your skin from UV damage also means fewer wrinkles - a definite reason to smile!

No Stress

Nibbling on a piece of chocolate is proven to increase serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain, helping to relieve stress. Aaaah!

Wakeful Presence

‘Our society would have us believe that inner satisfaction depends on outer success and achievement. Yet struggling to “get somewhere” keeps us perpetually busy, stressed out, and disconnected from that essential inner resource - our ability to be fully present - which could provide a real sense of joy and fulfillment. Our life is unsatisfactory only because we are not living it fully, but instead we are pursuing a happiness that is always somewhere else, other than where we are right now…

Cultivating the capacity to be fully present - awake, attentive, and responsive - in all the different circumstances of life is the essence of spiritual practice and realization. Those with the greatest spiritual realization are those who are “all here,” who relate to life with an expansive awareness that is not limited by any fixation on themselves or their own point of view. They don’t shrink from any aspect of themselves or life as a whole.’

- John Welwood, Ordinary Magic; Everyday Life as Spiritual Path.

It was while writing a Diary that I discovered how to capture the living moments. Keeping a Diary all my life helped me to discover some basic elements essential to the vitality of writing…

Of these the most important is naturalness and spontaneity. These elements sprung, I observed, from my freedom of selection: in the Diary I only wrote of what interested me genuinely, what I felt most strongly at the moment, and I found this fervor, this enthusiasm produced a vividness which often withered in the formal work. Improvisation, free association, obedience to mood, impulse, bought forth countless images, portraits, descriptions, impressionistic sketches, symphonic experiments, from which I could dip at any time for material…

The Diary, creating a vast tapestry, a web, exposing constantly the relation between past and present, weaving meticulously the invisible interaction, noting the repetitions of themes, developed in the sense of the totality of personality, this tale without beginning or end which encloses all things, and relates all things, as a strong antidote to the unrelatedness, incoherence and disintegration of the modern man. I could follow the inevitable pattern and obtain a large, panoramic view of character.

—  Anaïs Nin
Training Ground 44 (The Forest of Death)

So I read a headcanon about Training Ground 44 (and heck if I can remember where, but its been eating at me…) which states thus: The tower in the center of the Forest of Death is the original Hokage Tower and the Forest of Death was created by Hashirama due to an assassination attempt on him and his family.

The following canon facts are what keeps me coming back to this though:

- Hashirama and Mito have at least one kid as evidenced by Nawaki and Tsunade’s existence

- The Senju Clan is essentially extinct barring Tsunade by the series start

- Kakazu is the only known person to survive an assassination attempt on the First Hokage

- Hashirama died during the turmoil preceding the First Shinobi Would War


tiltedsyllogism  asked:

Hello! I am in search of information about the kind of lung damage that is caused by extended exposure to coal dust (or any of the other crap one breathes while in a mine.) Actually, all I need to know is whether there is some sort of illness or disease that is minor for most people, but would be fatal or life-threatening for someone who had spent a lot of time in a mine, and what their deaths would look like. (These characters will have access to only the most basic medical care.) Thank you!

So this is a really cool ask, because there is exactly the disease that you are looking for! It exists! In the real world!!

It’s called Black Lung, or Coal Worker’s Pneumoconiosis (CWP). Basically, as someone keeps working in areas with coal dust, they develop essentially chronic bronchitis, which progresses more towards fibrosis, where the tissue in the lungs actually becomes tough and fibrous (and not so much soft and breathe-y).

There’s a really good description of the disease on Medscape (my go-to, Mayo Clinic, is fresh outta Black Lung info, so I’m reccing some provider-level material here):

In the end stages, it’s gonna look like any other horrific lung disease: lots of coughing. Black sputum is typically associated with lung cancer but would make a good dramatic element in this case; coal miners tend to cough up black anyway from all the dust that lives in their nasal passages. They’ll probably have barrel chests from exercising their respiratory muscles so hard to breathe in. Oxygen might help them at home but without transplantation there’s not much to be done. They’ll struggle to breathe, have barely any exercise tolerance, and, in the hours before they die, might turn pale and/or blue at the lips, gasp, and more.

It’s also worth noting that increased pulmonary strain can cause pulmonary hypertension, which is its own separate beast entirely.

I’m sorry your characters are gonna have a very, very bad time, but at least I can help you write about it! Good luck with your story, we need more coal miners in fiction.  

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Hi! You sometimes give people tips on how to webcomic. Do you have any suggestions on what fonts are good? I want to start a webcomic in English, and I consider my art, writing and work ethics fairly decent, but what is a quality font supposed to look like? I have no idea :( Also keep up the good work! I've been folowing Unsounded since chapter 5, and it's only getting better!

Oh, thank you, precious Anon!

I have a bias towards the fonts on - most are essentially free to use but I threw money at him a while ago anyway. Unsounded uses Anime Ace 2, which I think looks pretty nice, but you’ll find a lot of different dialog fonts to choose from. There are even a couple specifically designed for webcomics and to look good on a screen. He also has sfx fonts, title fonts, and all kinds of goodies! You shouldn’t need to look elsewhere.

Now I’m kind of a traditionalist and I really prefer the all-caps comic booky font look, with bolded words for emphasis, but I’ve seen people using serif fonts too. I know some people hand letter (lunatics) and some people do experimental, illustrative dialog balloons, like that old comic HINABN. Very cool looking.

It all comes down to design and how much time you want to put into it. And how confident you are in your abilities. I am no kind of designer, I can barely address an envelope, so I keep things simple. I also tend to have a lot of dialogue I need to get out there, so traditional is best for me.

There is one hard and fast law though - keep it legible. Don’t give your readers eyestrain. Good luck!

Team Leave Bruce Alone or

Why Bruce Could be on Team Cap Even Though He Probably Wouldn’t Be.

(or why you shouldn’t call anyone’s theories in the fandom ridiculous. Don’t shame people for something they believe, no matter how stupid or ridiculous you think their ideas or theories are.)

Most likely, I think Bruce Banner would just not get involved. He spent some number of years hiding out prior to the current MCU (the Edward Norton film is canon, remember that), avoiding taking accountability, and it would be just that easy to keep repressing the Other Guy and hide out somewhere, whether in Hawaii, Bermuda, or somewhere in New York under everyone’s noses with an assumed name.

For that reason I don’t think he’d  sign the Accords, which essentially makes him Team Cap by default, mostly because if you’re not signing it, you’re automatically not Team Iron Man.

And am I the ~only~ person in the fandom who finds his unmitigated hate for Wanda, who’s maybe 19 and wasn’t working under her own recognizance, a little out of character? I mean, he doesn’t spend The Incredible Hulk trying to kill General Ross, and he certainly has more reason to. He’s pretty much a pacifist. So the idea that he would seriously consider strangling a teenage girl because of something she did that was out of her control and claim he’d “never change a shade” well… that kind of out of character behaviour is another reason why AoU (despite being fairly good overall) is the low point of the franchise.

That’s not Bruce talking. That’s not his character. Yes, everyone has their breaking point but he would be intimately familiar with the concept of something being out of someone’s control. (Which is why I personally believe that he’d be one of the first to forgive Bucky after Steve, Civil War aside). And she’s a child and he knows it, even if she’s not 19, she’s certainly young enough that he’d be aware that she’d have the chance to change. He gives General Ross that chance (and he ruins it but that’s another story), but not her? Bullshit. Especially knowing she had been under someone else’s control and orders for so long, and tortured and made, just like he was. He’d have a deeper understanding than maybe he’d want to admit.

But anyway, the reality is, Bruce would rather hide out than sign the Accords.

anonymous asked:

hey! it's starting to finally get into the low to mid 70s (°F) where I live, and I'm going to do a closet purge soon, so what staple/versatile spring/summer pieces should I get to build back up my wardrobe? I'm hoping to keep my closet down in size too, so really only pieces I can make a million outfits of, please. thanks! x

Hello! For this time of year (which I consider to be the best), there are a few essential spring/summer pieces that I like to have on hand:
-high waisted shorts (plain or colorful, as long as you have neutral things to pair them with!)
-day dresses for casual events or everyday looks
-comfortable sandals
-plain shorts
-plenty of tank tops and short sleeved shirts to stay cool
I hope that was helpful to you and everyone else out there who was wondering. :) 😄

simple home cleaning

Forget the Febreeze, Windex, soap solutions, and other chemical alternatives for cleaning your home. You only need four ingredients to efficiently clean the surfaces of your entire house: baking soda, vinegar, bar soap, and essential oils. I keep a spray bottle of vinegar cleaning solution and jars of baking soda and rags at the ready in kitchen and toilet cabinets. Cleaning becomes easy, simple, and quick.

Baking soda

I use baking soda for removing grime on porcelain surfaces such as the tub, toilet exterior, and sink. Baking soda is mildly abrasive, so it removes stuck-on dirt like burned residue on your gas stove efficiently. Further, baking soda neutralizes odors and leaves surfaces clean, which is why it’s great in the kitchen and bathroom. I also sprinkle a little bit of baking soda in bags or shoes to remove odors. Leave a small bowl of baking soda in the fridge and freezer to remove smell.


Vinegar is a versatile disinfectant. Use it for cleaning surfaces, disinfecting electronics, cleaning the toilet seat and bowl, cleaning the sink and shower, washing windows and mirrors, and mopping floors. Additionally, vinegar can be used for disinfecting handkerchiefs (soak for a day in vinegar) and as a softener in the laundry machine. 


For minimal environmental impact, use a multi-purpose bar soap such as Aleppo, Savon de Marseille, or castile. Buy a bar that comes unpackaged, rub it against a moistened cloth or brush, and use on dishes and surfaces

Essential oils

Forget the Febreeze. Use essential oils in a diffuser to freshen the air, or open windows to let in some fresh air.

Cleaning tools

Use cloth rags from discarded garments to clean surfaces around the house, including the kitchen and bathroom. Dedicate a bin for dirty rags, and soak in vinegar before laundering to disinfect. For dishes, you can use rags, brushes, or natural sponges (sea sponge, loofah are some examples). For hard to reach places such as lid grooves, I use an old toothbrush. I also own bottle cleaner (horse hair and metal) and a copper rag, the latter for removing minimal rust from metal surfaces or scrubbing off labels on jars.

Recipe for an All Purpose Vinegar Cleaner

Mix ¼ vinegar with 1 cup water. Add a few drops of essential oils for fragrance (lavender, orange, eucalyptus, or lemon are some options). For cleaning windows and mirrors, use pure vinegar to avoid streaks. Think the smell of vinegar is too overwhelming? Windex doesn’t smell any better. The fumes from vinegar dissipate quickly.

This all purpose cleaner can be used for the bathroom, kitchen surfaces, floors, and other surfaces. Use warm water instead of cold water for cleaning the floors.

The Zero-Waste Checklist

- Compost natural sponges when they becomes mouldy. 

- Dispose of unusable rags responsible (natural fibres go in the compost, synthetics in the trash).

- Use upcycled jars for storing vinegar and baking soda.

- Buy products unpackaged as much as possible. Baking soda that comes in a cardboard box can be recycled or composted if cut into small pieces.

Back-to-School App Lineup

Well, MS2.5 ends for me in a couple of days, so I decided to prepare my phone for the coming academic year. This means weeding out the useless apps and clearing out the old files. Well, I thought I’d share the apps I’m definitely keeping (aside from the obvious default apps).

1) A Soft Murmur
For when I’m tired of the usual binaural tracks I have for studying. A recent addition I only downloaded last May, it gives a pretty calming ambient BGM you can customize to your preference. And it’s free!

2) Adobe Acrobat
I haven’t used any other PDF reader except this. It gives me the essential tools (highlighter, markup), which does its job. Apparently it does desktop syncing now, but I haven’t gotten around to trying it out. Should be quite useful if I can get it to work, though.

3) Akebi
For my Japanese dictionary needs. The interface is friendlier (for me) than Aedict and has a great system for looking up unknown words! It also has a list feature that allows you to save previously searched words for review and reference.

4) AnkiDroid
My go-to app for cramming and review. I am a die-hard fan that believes in the power of SRS. I use cloze deletion to recall phrase concepts discussed in class. In my free time (I wonder when…), I make cards of MCQs (cough, sample questions) and study them on the go.

Short for ‘Burn Your Fat with Me! For Girls’ (otherwise known as Nenshou! For Girls), this is a moetivation exercise app. It makes use of the phone’s proximity sensor in counting your sit-ups. Now it has other exercise modes like squats and push-ups. It’s also been recently released in English (the translation bit I’m proud to have helped with).

6) CamScanner
Introduced to me by a classmate. This is extremely helpful for me in making the bootleg pictures of lecture slides more presentable. But the processes take time, so I take pictures first then edit them later, if necessary. Now I just use it as a keeper for important reference slides (like tables, formulas, flowcharts, etc).

7) Chikka
A free text-messaging app that uses the internet to send costless SMS to mobile phones. I often use this when my prepaid balance is no longer sufficient.

8) Clinical Sense
An amusing interactive visual novel(?) with multiple routes ideal for medical students and practitioners. It’s made by the same creators of the Prognosis series, which will appear later in the list.

9) Clockwork Tomato
I cannot stress how important this has been to me. It keeps track of the amount of time I spend on a task, using the Pomodoro method. This has had significant influence on preventing my burn out.

10) Clue
The only cycle tracker that does not come in pink! The interface is simplistic and easy to use!

11) Crossy Road
-cough- The only recreation app I’ll probably keep.

12) Easy Voice Recorder
I use this to record feedback sessions, some high-yield lectures, and my vain singing.

13) ES File Explorer
I like this because of the Encrypt feature, and it felt more responsive to me compared to ASTRO. Plus it has its own music player and image viewer.

14) Evernote
I have not been using this for a while as it’s been laggy recently and small screens aren’t the best for notes, but I do have a couple of important lists in this app which look more presentable than Keep.

15) Facebook
Because our class announcements are posted in our Facebook group. …among all other reasons. I personally don’t like posting things on my FB…aside from drawings and other nonverbal forms of expression.

16) Financius
It’s the best expense and income manager I’ve had so far. Been using this app the longest, and it only fails when I’m too lazy to update my expenses.

17) Fit
Google’s default fitness app. Well, it’s only good for counting my steps right now since I don’t have any fitness accessories (a Jawbone would be nice…), but I like how it graphs out my activities throughout the day.

18) Forest
Kind of like Clockwork Tomato, it’s a time management app. It looks really cute, so I kept it.

19) Godville
It’s a zero-person game, so I don’t need to play it frequently. I’m keeping it cause my hero’s at a pretty good level and age now. And the diary entries are amusing.

20) HabitRPG
My best friend for the longest. My only fault is that I sometimes fall asleep forgetting to check the task I accomplished.

21) Heart Sounds & Murmurs
A very helpful reference, especially during the Cardiology module.

22) Inbox
My go-to email app after they phased out GMail.

23) Instagram
For times when I wish I were on vacation. Vicarious living it is.

24) InstaMag
For when I want to post a single image instead of several. I like this collage maker cause it doesn’t watermark.

Just to test my proficiency though I have no intention of taking the JLPT any time soon.

26) JLPT Words
For Japanese reading and vocabulary practice.

27) Keep
My favorite app for keeping lists and jotting down quick reminders. I like how light and responsive it is compared to Evernote.

28) LayerPaint Zero
The lightest drawing/doodling application I’ve since encountered. It supports lots of layers, custom brushes, crop and select and mirror…basically a really, really beautiful and wonderful thing.

29) LINE Tools
I’m keeping this for the QR reader and other tools it comes with. But otherwise, I don’t use it much.

30) Medscape
For SGD and pimping reference. Plus it’s offline.

31) Merriam-Webster Dictionary
My dictionary app of choice.

32) Messenger
So I can chat with people on FB without disturbing my YouTube buffering.

33) My Boy!
For when I’m traveling and need something to amuse myself with.

34) Notes
My favorite “word processor”. Has a password-protect feature which keeps my writing from prying eyes. …not that I’m hiding anything.

35) Now for Reddit
Until someone recommends a better Reddit viewer app, I’m sticking with this.

36) OnExam
A med student’s OSCE wet dream. I think. It’s a very, very handy reference for performing physical exams.

37) Osmosis
I have yet to avail of the paid features, but it’s a very promising app which tackles vital topics in med school.

38) Perfect Ear 2
In preparation for chorale practices this November-December.

39) Perfect Piano
Same reason as above.

40) Pinterest
Cause the app is more convenient than online.

41) Pocket
For offline reading and bookmarking.

42) PokeInfo
In case I need to look up type matchups and Pokemon types on the go.

43) Popup Japanese Dictionary
Akebi is one useful tool, but this is very helpful for when I’m reading a Japanese article on Chrome and don’t want to switch screens as much.

44) Prognosis (and all its specialties apps)
No better learning than handling a patient’s case. This teaches me ideal diagnostic modalities and treatment plans, and discusses the DDx rationale. At 450+ cases, there’s a lot of diseases to explore!

45) Quick LabRef
A quick reference of normal lab values. Though, they tend to differ from the values we’re taught.

46) Randomizer
I keep this because my friends and I have a hard time deciding where to eat, among other things. A random draw seals the deal…most of the time.

An ice breaker and is great for taking your mind off a droning lecture. But I’ve solved all the ones released for now, so it’s now only for reference.

48) RescueTime
I downloaded it based on a studyblr recommendation. Goes to show how careless I am with spending my time on my phone. Oh, well.

49) SharpMindMap
A free mind mapper I use for organizing concepts, sometimes. I prefer LucidChart on the desktop, but this app does a good enough job on mobile.

50) Skype
I don’t use it a lot, but it’s there for when family wants to cam and such.

51) Speedtest
For checking whether internet intends to be cooperative.

52) Translate
Has a couple of languages for translation offline. I find this handy.

53) True Color
A mind-twister good for waking me up in the morning.

54) Tumblr
What can I say?

55) Twitter
My favorite feature is the multiple account capability, so I can tweet using my personal account, my public account, and the college publication’s account, without having to log in and out.

56) WordPress
For updating my personal blog.

57) Youtube
For videos, obviously.

58) Tae Kim’s Japanese Grammar Guide
For a quick grammar reference.

…and there we have it! My interests are many and varied, which is why I’ve got a lot of apps listed. Now to start removing the useless apps…

samurai-esquire  asked:


Lana speaks first.

“Frankly, we admire your coat. We agreed that we didn’t wish to replace it, nor did we believe it would be possible to upstage it. I, personally, am fond of how military it looks.”

“Essentially, we didn’t think we could improve upon it, so we opted to find you something casual.”

“Admittedly, it breaks your… aesthetic. Still, it’s merely a suggestion. You needn’t follow it, but we did agree that with your striking hair, most colors would look good on you.”

“The bandana, of course, is for Taka.”

Winnie officially has her own camp! 

Her camp is mostly based on gardening. She relies on flowers and carrots and mushrooms for her magic, which in turn produces more food. She is very minimalist on her own and only keeps that which is essential, all very neat and tucked away. 

Bonus Camp:

Winnie and Wilson’s only real, settled camp in Book of Shadows. It’s largely the same as Winnie’s camp on her own, but with more science stuff everywhere - which does, in fact, include Wilson. They play their skills to their advantages. Winnie is good at foraging for food and Wilson is an inventor. She largely takes care of cultivating a comfortable food supply with her magic, and Wilson takes care of tinkering and inventing things that make it easier to live in the middle of nowhere that wants to kill you.

Wilson doesn’t really sleep and Winnie doesn’t particularly feel comfortable sleeping in flammable things, so if either of them doze off it’s on the ground, probably with some silk-and-fur blanket Winnie managed to throw together. 

What’s in my bag! I know it’s not super adorable but I find that I like work things to look work-like. It makes me feel more efficient and lots of patterns mess with my head and make me feel unorganised. I have my iPad (which was given to me by my uni), pencil case (no colours bc I don’t need them at uni), bullet journal, small box folder for any paper I get given, cheap spiral notebook for making messy notes in lectures (I only take notes to keep focussed I don’t really use them other than that), purse and a clear makeup bag that contains essentials I might need (deodorant, paracetamol etc.)

It really bothers me when anti choicers use that example about killing people for being in your house because that’s not the only option. And a house isn’t a body but let’s ignore that for a minute.
If someone is in your house and you don’t want them there you remove them from your house. By escorting them out. Now, when you’re pregnant and don’t want to be, you abort which is essentially escorting it out. We don’t have the technology to remove a fetus and use an artificial womb of sorts to keep it. At this point aborting is the only option, if we had the technology to remove it intact and continue letting it develop, we’d be doing that.


In which you accidentally fell asleep on his shoulder on a plane ride (third person point of view)

Words: 1,530 words

Plane rides could be one of two things; Annoying due to the infuriating presence of children who scream, shout, whine, cry, essentially disturbing the comfortable silence, whereas their parents have completely given up trying to keep their children under control as they continue to ignorantly sip a cup of delicious cold served tea. Or quiet, where the sounds of trolleys rolling, engines loudly working and the other passengers snoring be the only ones there to accompany. 

The latter seemed better; and to his luck, that was the plane ride Mark was fortunately on. Little to no children crying, less people kicking his chair, no one seemed to be throwing a fit for the cold airplane food served, however he was not so much comfortable with the passenger sitting beside him.

This passenger wasn’t some threatening-scary-250-pounds-50-year-old male who lacked manners and was ignorant to the idea of “personal space”, this passenger was more of what seemed like a delicate, tiny sized female who no one would ever be intimidated by. 

At first he did not mind. He’s used to the stares given to him when he walks - well - anywhere. So he decided to sit still throughout the whole plane ride with earphones plugged in, ultimately determined that this time, he shall have his rest. A few minutes flew by with the stewardess walking around offering blankets and snacks to sleepy passengers - sadly as usual, for a fee - however, other than that, nothing much happened yet. 

Confident with how well he would be able to rest tonight, with a relaxed smile on his face, he thought of just how well rested he would feel when he would awaken from his slumber. His eyes shifted to a close - until his reflex startled him so much he woke up. 

He felt a sudden heavy weight on one of his shoulder and a fuzzy like texture that tickled his neck. He pulled off his earphones and looked to his side who seemed satisfied with her new pillow - him.

Mark likes to think of himself as a kind man, however like how everyone knows, he does not do well in what we call - talking. He found himself stuck in a dilemma; should he wake you up? but that would be rude. should he gently shift you to the other side? but if you suddenly woke up, he knows he would have a hard time explaining how you both have gotten to that position. 

Have you ever heard of a phrase that goes along the lines of “If someone stares at you for a long time, you’ll start to feel it”? well thats exactly what he decided to do. Stare at you for an obnoxiously long time until you become subconsciously aware of his gaze and wake up on your own. Then he again thought of how ridiculous it would be if she woke up and see a random stranger staring to her very soul.

After deliberating for a long time, he thought ignoring your fuzzy hair and breaths would lead to a more friendlier outcome.

2 hours left until the plane has reached its destination and you were still not awake. That fact that you were asleep was fine, what was not however, was his shoulder. He grew restless and the ache on his shoulder accumulated with you asleep on his shoulder the entire time, disabling him the freedom for movement. He had pressed ‘next’ far too many times on his phone and all the movies provided does not interest him. The only source of entertainment for him was watching you asleep. He never thought someone’s shoulder could be this comfortable, especially his, but the small huffs and puffs that escaped from your mouth and the relaxation on your face was enough proof for him.

With you sleeping on his shoulder, he had somehow managed to get himself an overbearing responsibility of not waking you up, even though, he actually has every right to be able to. He didn’t seem to mind it that much, the thought of him being able to help someone sleep comfortably was enough for him to get by. 

There were things during this time that he could not avoid. The noises of the engines, the disability to move, and smelling you. Sounds weird but having someone so close to you, you are bound to smell them. He didn’t hate it. It was not too strong as well. It was a very conventional scent.

He didn’t know how long he was letting you sleep on him nor did he know how long he was enjoying your scent, or the incoherent sounds that escaped from your mouth, or how long he took staring at you. However by distracting himself, he did not know you were slowly stirring to consciousness. 

As the pilot’s voice echoed throughout the plane, the sudden loudness from the silence you were busy relaxing in, caused you to wake. When you did, you found yourself directly staring onto another mans’ eyes which caused you to jerk back. 

“Oh!” You said, a bit too loud for the quiet ride. Mark felt how quick his left shoulder turned cold and how you jumped so far back he could no longer smell the familiar scent of yours anymore. He saw your appalling reaction and how your cheeks painted a light shade of pink, your small hands covering your mouth as you leaned back to the window. 

He knew he had to look away, occupying himself by watching random strangers passing by, playing his phone, fumbling with his hands. Doing anything he can if he meant he did not have to look at you, for if his eyes meet yours, he wouldn’t know how much redder his face could get. He sensed it though, he sensed how you were nervous, he sensed how you were trying to talk to him but was unable to start a conversation which he understood. How is someone going to start small talk to a person who lets them sleep on their shoulder and watched them like an absolute creep? He couldn’t handle the heavy silence to continue to linger, maybe he was desperate for accompaniment? 

“D-Did you, uh, sleep… well?”

You stared at him in shock. Did he realise? Did he found out how long you were staring at him? You fumbled with your words. His stutters made it visible for you to know he was equally as nervous, which made you feel slightly better. 

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to sleep on.. well.. you?”

Your seconds of silence in the middle of your sentences made Mark relieved that you were not mad at him, in fact a bit too much embarrassed. 

“Its cool”

And there it was again, an awkward silence. Mark mentally slapped himself. “Goddamnit you wanted to talk to her and instead you replied her with a short ass answer that would totally end a conversation? way to go Mark.”

“I feel terrible though. It must have hurt. You probably didn’t even get to sleep right?”

“Uhm, no. But its alright, I wasn’t that sleepy anyways. But it would be nice if you coul-” 

“could what?” 

And that did it, he could no longer hide the faint blush on his cheeks. 

“ - if you could accompany me through lunch after the flight, I didn’t get to touch my food yet and they took mine away.” He chuckled a bit, his eyes now failing to look at yours. He somehow found more interest finding dirt off his shoes and pulling bubbles off his sweater.

“Well I mean that’s the least I could do right?”

He shot up, a bit too fast but nonetheless he was in a state of disbelief. 

“Alright then” He said

“Alright then” You said

“Okay” He replied

“Okay” You repeated what he said, giggling a bit.

He advanced to look away from you, and stared at the empty runway, but this time, with an authentic smile.

Hope you enjoyed this! Its quite long but well its quite cute. 

Request and submissions are open so go drop anything you’d like. 

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Do you know of any affordable dupes/options for the MAC fix+? Or any other sprays that make my make up instantly look settled (like I've had it on for a few hours)?

You can buy super affordable hydrating setting sprays or even make your own!

To make your own you can use any mixture of rose water (soothing, antibacterial) , vegetable glycerin (moisturizing, binding, sets your makeup, you only need a few drops), aloe leaf juice (calming), witch hazel (anti bacterial, mattifying), filtered/distilled water. You can even use essential oils or cold pressed rose oil if you want it to be more moisturizing and more like a treatment. Just keep in mind these DIY sprays expire quicker and only last a few weeks and you want the bulk of the spray to be filtered water or rose water. Fix Plus is basically just vitamin infused water and glycerin. This is super customizable so pick and choose which ingredients you want to include. Also remember to shake before using!

As for sprays you can buy…


There Was No Shortage of Condoms at Stalingrad,

During the first stages of the Battle of Stalingrad it seemed that he German Army would soundly defeat the Russians and overrun the city.  However on the 19th of November the Russians launched Operation Uranus, a massive counterattack in which the German’s themselves were surrounded and held under siege.  The situation in the German pocket, called The Kessel (the cauldron) was very desperate as the German’s quickly ran out of food, ammunition, and other essential supplies.  Worse yet, the Germans had little winter clothing, and were still wearing their regular summer uniforms.  Despite the situation, Hitler demanded the German 6th Army hold their ground and fight to the last man, rather than attempting to break out and escape.

To supply the beleaguered troops at Stalingrad, Luftwaffe (air force) head Herman Goring devised a plan in which supplies would be airlifted and airdropped to keep the 6th Army going.  Such an endeavor had been done before, only on a 1/10th scale.  In reality the airlift was not feasible as there were not enough large aircraft available to supply an entire army.  As a result, the 6th Army always suffered a terrible shortage of badly needed supplies.  Worse yet, the items that were shipped by airlift were not always the most necessary items.  Due to rivalry between the Luftwaffe and Heer (army), there was little to no cooperation on what supplies were needed in The Kessel.  Worse yet, the horrid disorganization of the Luftwaffe resulted in the shipment of the wrong items.  

As result, a saddening but hilarious array of items were airlifted to Stalingrad.  Such items included oddities such as fish food, ground pepper, schnapps, and vodka.  In one bungle up cellophane casings for grenades were delivered containing no grenades.  Winter clothing was a badly needed commodity, however the Luftwaffe delivered endless amounts of summer uniforms. In another bungle up, 20 tons of vodka and schnapps were delivered. On Christmas day, cases of wine were delivered to cheer the men up for the holidays.  The wine froze and the bottles exploded before delivery, resulting in a transport plane filled with red slush.  The most bizarre mistake occurred towards the end of the battle when the Luftwaffe para-dropped cases of condoms directly on the Kessel.  It must have a hot time in Stalingrad that night.

Without the vital supplies needed, the men of the 6th Army suffered from frostbite, hypothermia, malnutrition, disease, and ammo shortages.  Finally, on the 2nd of February, 1943 the most of the 6th Army surrendered.  Around 110,000 German soldiers were taken prisoner and marched of to Soviet labor camps in the east.  Only around 5,000 would ever return home.


A Few Skin Care items Kae Uses/Does:

Kiehls: She loves Kiehls. She uses alot of products for her skin such as: Kiehls Ultra facial moisturizer, their lip balm, deodorant, and spray. I’m pretty sure she uses more but these are her fave products from them…
Nars: She uses items from Nars for her face; beauty. (Not sure which products so don’t ask; Idk a thing about makeup)
Water:  She drinks alot of water to keep her skin clear. Drinking water is important. Not only is it essential to the body but it clears the skin, clears breakouts and rids toxins. 
Mac: She uses Mac products. Such as their lipsticks, mineralized water, and other products. (Again I am not a makeup person please don’t ask. LOL!)

Hey, NRA. About That Second Amendment...

If you don’t happen to have the Bill of Rights memorized, here’s the text of the Amendment:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

So, the Amendment’s argument is this: we need to keep the state secure, which requires a functioning militia, which requires the people be allowed to bear arms. Fine.

If we cut out the ambiguous middleman, the word “militia,” it’s clear that the Founding Father’s saw the right to bear arms as essential to the security of the state. However, security is also the only (explicitly stated) reason to protect this right.

So…I don’t see how the amendment necessarily protects the NRA’s objective of “furthering the shooting sports”—that’s a recreational thing, not a security thing, which was (seemingly) the whole point of allowing gun use.

And if recreational gun use can actually undermine national security, limiting the right to bear arms wouldn’t be unprecedented. After all, even the First Amendment is limited by the “clear and present danger” test.

Anyway, I’m just throwing things out there. Do with it what you will.