keep on rocking that talent

give me an au where lance and shiro are in a band and they meet keith who plays violin and they try to get him to join the band cause hes s o good and keith goes “a violin isnt a band instrument, its for orchestra. i cant be in a band”

and lance looks him dead in the eye and says “not with that attitude

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Interesting that when people send you hate, they do it anonymously. How cute. Also, if they don't like the selfies, there's an unfollow button that might be of interest to them. They can throw out their anonymous opinions all they want, they ain't got shit on you. You're fabulous, talented, and wonderful. Keep on rocking on, love.

Thank you



today rock’s one and true frontman completes 72 years, thank you for all these decades of rock and roll, for your incredible talent, great voice and best moves. keep on rocking the crowds all around the world mick! we love you ♥

Let’s grab the world by the scruff of the neck
And drink it down deeply, let’s love it to death
So button your lip, and button your coat
Let’s go out and dancing
Let’s rock and roll

Subject: Roadhog gets intrusive thoughts
Ship: Junkrat / Roadhog (can be read as platonic/romantic)
Notes: Violence mentioned, blood mentioned, intrusive thoughts (they’re fairly tame though)

There’s a lot of Junkrat dealing with different disorders and his disabilities which is some good content but Roadhog seems to be 100% fine in most of it. So here’s some Roadhog who deals with impulses and intrusive thoughts.

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Hello! I'm sorry for bothering. I'm planning to introduce my friend to 1D - just basic, she lives in reality where nothing after WMYB happened. That poor soul... And I'm thinking, PowerPoint is my friend, right? But I don't really know how to start, what to include and all... If it's not much of a trouble, maybe you could link me somewhere or give some tips? I thank you so much in advance!

well, I would definitely check out my vocal gymnastics tag which has some of the best of their live performances. but if I were to try and convert someone, I would probably do it with these videos.

I would start off with the wmyb acoustic. everyone already knows it, but they’ve only heard it on the radio and you can’t really appreciate the harmonies or anything from that. it was one of the videos responsible for my spiral, so it works. I’d also throw in the one thing acoustic to cement the HEY THEY WERE TALENTED EVEN BACK THEN idea. I would then tie up the uan era with use somebody.

I would use videos from tmh to start being like LOOK AT HOW ENDEARING THESE IDIOTS ARE. I would start off with the kiss you music video and then the she’s not afraid where they jumped off the stage. I’d also throw I would and rock me in there to keep up the HEY THEY ARE REALLY TALENTED. I would round it out with the one way or another music video because nothing says “endearing idiots” more than that video.

okay to start off mm I would have the acapella soml (bc I’m trash but also bc it’s super impressive and yes I know it was technically during tmh but w/e) and the strong acapella. I would put in the snl through the dark and this snippet of dfwyb. I would also throw in the bse music video and happily.

and I would close out with girl almighty, night changes at the amas, snl ready to run, and wdbhg on the x factor. I would probably also throw fireproof and no control on there, but we don’t have live performances of that (yet?).

but that’s basically how I would try to convert someone with just the music. throw in a couple of their better interviews in there and I’d say anyone could be a goner.