keep on hoeing you hoe


“At the same time, in Miami, starting out it is difficult. You do get cast if you’re a Latin man, because you look a certain way. Casting directors, often – it’s easy just to see people of a certain ethnicity as just one thing. For me it was important to be an actor, first and foremost. To me it was the most important thing, I wanted to be able to play anybody, and where I’m actually from to be secondary”


Liam’s face = “Yes bitch we all know you have a secret which is why I’m busting my ass trying to cover for you and Louis. You think this is game, don’t you? I’m not playing. I don’t understand why you gotta be all rebellious Horton. "I got a secret.” Hoe plz. I heard you and Louis last night. That ain’t no secret. Boy stop playing with me, one day I’m just gonna stop covering for ya’ll. I’m losing my chill larrie rn.“

people really getting mad bc dan called a mii, not even a real living thing, a thot
s m h
guys pls get over yourselves like damn why does everyone always act like they’re so innocent?? I’m sure we’ve all called people thots and bitches and shit like that. Dan wasn’t even talking about a real person.
People just love to criticize. Leave him alone.