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(I can’t believe how much I’ve drawn these past couple of days.)

Had to doodle Rhys and Vaughn because man, these two are such bros it almost hurts.



so i said i’d do this when i got home and i figured i’d lighten the mood a bit with a few pics ft. me mum (she kind of forced me to duckface bear with me ok)

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considering i never do these things i’m tagging a shitton of people to compensate

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I'm only telling you this so maybe you think of it the next time you’re beating yourself up about being “emotional“, and instead remember that you’re human, and feelings are not only okay to have but they’re also NORMAL because (and I hate to break this to you, but) you are not a robot.

If I cry, my eyes get bloodshot, my whole face gets puffy and blotchy, and it stays that way for awhile afterward. There’s no fooling anybody with that look. It’s entirely clear I’ve been crying.

Now that you know that detail… Once, a good friend knew just by looking at me that something was up, and when she asked me what was wrong—as I was still crying, eyes bloodshot and face blotchy—I tried played it off by saying my eyeballs were just sweating.

With a straight face! “It’s nothing. My eyeballs are just sweating.” 

What. Even.

Not excusing the way Robert has spoken to Aaron about his self-harm and issues in the past. He is a flawed, human character with so much double meaning behind everything he says- you never know 100 per cent what he truly means, and I feel like that is part of what makes the character and the storyline so compelling. But can we have a shoutout to the choice of words of ‘you need to let it out…because it’s making you ill.’ ILL. Finally an acknowledgement of some awareness of mental ILLNESS in this storyline, and that is so important.

also i feel like they purposefully kept some ambiguity around Robert’s meaning, but the obvious link between vic and aaron’s conversation about robert and his admittance of feelings- she said how deep down robert’s alright and how he doesn’t let many people in- REMIND YOU OF ANYONE? to me that is clearly implying that aaron’s the only person he’s genuine with- the writers do nothing by accident, so that conversation helped solidify my conclusion that ROBERT LOVES AARON ITS GENUINE NO ONE TELL ME OTHERWISE 


thanks to my friend who was patient enough to do this (this took so long tho)
and ignore my editing skills, did this with photoshop hahhaa Enjoy.

you’ll never notice just how many pictures and videos Chloe and Brett have together until you’re going through all of them for a video well let me tell you..


To anyone that is having a rough time right now:

I’ve been in a black hole for two weeks straight. In so much pain and overwhelmed with confusion that I don’t even know what to do with myself anymore.

I want you to know that we can fight together. Stay strong for me and I’ll stay strong for you. You aren’t alone and neither am I, and that’s why I will keep going.