keep off the dunes

Tears on Jakku

Pairing: Poe DameronxReader

Setting: Rebel base, Jakku

Warnings: Fairly sad, separation, loss of a loved one

Word Count: 896

A/N: I had every intention to make this a fluffy imagine but as I kept writing it just became sadder and sadDER I’M SORRY

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You had been apart of the resistance ever since you were born. Your mother died giving birth to you and your father, a rebel pilot, dropped you off at the rebel base. Unfortunately, he died just hours after dropping you off, shot down by an enemy ship on one of his missions. From then on General Organa had made sure to take care of you, looking after you, and teaching you to fight. From the first time she told you the story of you father’s bravery before he died, you swore to devoting your life to helping the rebel cause. So, when the news about a map to Luke Skywalker arose, you immediately volunteered to be apart of the mission.

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