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A tumblr user, Haikyuubabee repost stuffs and they have 18K Followers, are you guys kidding me? You guys ok???


Stop reblogging reposted ART. It’s easy to differ the real fan artist and people who claim that they made things (a.k.a reposter):

  • Check their art consistency and style. Fan artists have their own styles, SO if you found a suspicious blog who post many arts with different art styles and NO SOURCE OR CREDIT, they could be a reposter. But please remember that some artists may still experimenting with styles, so I suggest to also check the watermark, descriptions and tags, so don’t jump to conclusion yet.
  • Many of you didn’t notice this (especially if you’re on mobile) but if you find a low quality picture, you might be more careful.
  • There’re some reposter who post multiple pictures in one post, and with different art styles. It’s pretty noticable sometimes (unless they repost from one artist only).
  • Always check their blog description and links on their blog.
  • Fan artist likes to make comment about their art. They usually like to make a little note about their art.
  • Check their tag. Fan artist usually tag their art as ‘my art’ or ‘insert-username-doodle’ or ‘insert-username-art’. But there’re some fan artist who don’t, but you can always notice that they’re a fan artist because their art style and or watermark.
  • Some Japanese artist/Korean artist didn’t tag their post at all (usually only with the ship name or fandom name, and they write fully in Japanese/Korean, they didn’t talk much either in their tumblr because they’re more active on twitter.

I’M NOT A FANARTIST so if I said something wrong please tell me! I’m so open to all your feeds and critics

BE CAREFUL. I just found a reposter WHO claim their arts they reposted as ‘MY ART’. The reposters are smart now so BE CAREFUL.

STOP GIVING THEM SUPPORT. If you accidentally reblog a reposted art, delete it right away. If you like the art you can always save it and go to google image or to find the original source

I list some reposter that I found. I won’t ask them personaly anymore to take down their reposted art because they didn’t listen. The thing that keep them alive is because POEPLE STILL REBLOGS FROM THEM. Note that.

Here’s the list


ps: if one of them already apologize and took down their art please kindly tell me. If I mistook them as reposter please tell me.

IF YOU DON’T SUPPORT REPOSTER, REBLOG THIS POST whether you a meme blog, aesthetic blog, art blog, fandom blog, WHATEVER IT IS JUST SPREAD THIS POST. Help our fan artist to keep enjoying what their do. Support fan artist!

PS: If I missed some reposters, feel free to send me an ask!

A little something for new artists, you can always tag your art in a #fandom edit tag or #fandom blog tag, your post will be reblogged because they help you to boost your art. I was new on editing and my edit was not really noticable because I didn’t know how tags work, but when I tagged it with fandom edit tag and fandom blog tag, my post get recognized fast. They exist to help you boost your tag. Also if I’m lucky enough, some popular tumblr user will reblog my post XD


Barry Allen trying to keep your surprise birthday party a secret.

“Barry, you’re acting a bit weird. Are you okay?” You touched Barry on the shoulder, who jumped startled.

“Yep, yep, I’m good. I always act weird. I’d thought you knew that by now, Y/N.” He shook his head, trying to not give anything away.

“You’re a terrible liar.” He laughed nervously, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“I’m fine, just thinking about things.” You looked at Barry again, then shrugged, going back to work. You’ll have to bug him again later.

gif credit: not mine. please message me if yours.

gif came from: google images

want to read more barry allen imagines? click me!


Don’t let me walk away from you 

Don’t let me walk away from you

Don’t let more tears dominate my eyes 

Don’t treat me bad 

Don’t make me feel like I’m the worst, because I’m not 

Don’t hurt me anymore 

I’m worth it, you know? 

Why are you doing this? 

Why are you making me feel like this? 

Why is it like you’re looking forward to argue? 

Why did you behave like that? 

Why have you been rude, vindictive and insensitive?

I have forgiven you lots of times. 

I don’t deserve to be mistreated and hurt. 

Remember that I can get tired of your crap.

I want to be loved, supported and respected. 

I gave my whole me for you. 

And I could have given you more. 

But you hurt me, you mistreat me. 

You aren’t appreciating my efforts. 

I am patient and loving, but if you keep being like that 

I will become cold and distant. 

I still love you, I really do. 

But I feel like you don’t love me anymore, 

it’s like you don’t care for me. 

You said you will behave, 

you said everything will be happiness, 

you said you loved me, 

you said you want to be with me. 

 And I have felt the same for you. 

But you’re making these feelings for you get weak. 

You’re making that I can’t count on you anymore. 

You’re making me sad, crying almost everyday for bullshit. 

You’re making me doubting that I can keep being with you. 

Please, don’t do that. 

Stop it! 

Because if you keep being like this, 

 I will have to walk away from you.

And I don’t want that. 

Because I love you

But I also love myself, and I wouldn’t want to suffer anymore.

No, not anymore, not again. 

So please, don’t make me walk away from you. 

Disclaimer: The images and the gifs are not mine. I just googled them in order to make the post. Credits to their respective authors. Yet the words are my property. Please give me credit, I will really appreciate you for respecting my creation. Thanks (^w^) 

1) Heroine -> “Amnesia”

2) Ema Hinata -> “Brothers Conflict”

3) Yui Komori -> “Diabolik lovers”

4) Tamaki Kasuga -> “Hiiro no Kakera”

5) Yui Kusanagi -> “Kamigami no Asobi”

6) Nanami Momozono -> “Kamisama Hajimemashita”

7) Risa Koizumi -> “Lovely Complex”

8) Erika Shinohara -> “Ookami shojo to Kuro ouji”

9) Mei Tachibana -> “Sukitte Ii Na Yo”

10) Haruka Nanami -> “Uta no Prince-sama”