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Thoughts and theories post S307

We got a clue to how the different dimensions work. These three dudes are obviously iterations of the same Rick who all encountered the same event in varying degrees of severity. It could just be that these three dimensions are right next to each other, but the numbering convention suggests that they’re true splits from one original dimension, caused by that event. 

If that’s true, it means that every time a major event occurs, timelines splinter into different offshoot possibilities. The Ricks that stay most “normal” keep their original dimension number and the others take on an iteration of that number based on the level of divergence. This also helps account for how the population of the citadel bounced back so quickly after the massacre in S301. As time goes on more splits in dimensions means a constant influx of more Ricks and Mortys.

Not every rick invents the portal gun. The portal gun is rick’s ultimate source of power and what allows the citadel to exist. From what we learned from the half-truths in S301′s portal gun origin backstory, Ricks ostensibly go from dimension to dimension giving portal technology to other Ricks rather than each Rick inventing it on his own. Plus we saw in the last episode that the Mortytown Rick tries and fails to make portal fluid, and cop Rick calls it out “bootleg,” plus the factory Rick demands a portal gun because he must not be able to make one of his own. 

For the Ricks that didn’t invent their own, portal fluid and guns are regulated and not allowed to all Ricks freely. It begs the question of how many Ricks actually invented the portal gun on their own. In theory, it would only take just one figuring it out and then sharing it with all the others.

More evidence for Evil Morty = Rick’s original Morty. This has been a fan theory since Evil Morty first showed up but after S307 the evidence is even stronger. Evil Morty dodges questions about his original dimension and Rick, instead diverting with “we moved around a lot.” That basically leaves the door wide open for the reveal of him being Rick’s og Morty.

Plus, if the moving around part wasn’t a lie, that means he and Rick skipped universes Cronenberg-style more than once (Rick did say he’d pulled that stunt before). Think how disillusioned just one dimension move made our Morty, it’s no wonder Evil Morty turned into what he is if he went through multiple ruined dimensions. Beyond that, our Morty has been shown to be getting more jaded and downright cruel this season, enough that people were thinking he was turning into Evil Morty. If our Morty has devolved into his current state with just being around our Rick for a few years, imagine how the Morty our Rick was around since when he was a baby would have turned out.

Cop Rick is alive for a reason. He killed Cop Morty and turned himself in expecting to be shot off into space, but in the end he’s released by Ricks under evil Morty’s control. Him being alive still is not insignificant, even if just for the narrative and character implications more than plot reasons. 

Cop Rick’s first instinct is to trust. He trusted the Morty in the room with the crib. He trusted Cop Morty to do the right thing. He wants to believe in true justice and the goodness in people, and acts on that belief no matter the outcome for him. 

The real gut punch is he’s not just an outlier. He shows that Ricks do have an infallible sense of justice when it’s not smothered out by narcissism and nihilism. We’ve seen that our Rick, despite being an asshole, will choose to do the right thing- even if it’s the hard thing- at crucial moments: He puts the collar on Morty instead of himself when they’re falling to their deaths in the void, he turns himself in to the Galactic Federation in order to save his family. 

Cop Rick is still alive because he’s the hero our Rick would be if he wasn’t such a jaded asshole. He’s the proof that despite everything, Rick is at his core trying to be good. Maybe that kind of Rick is valuable to Evil Morty, or maybe it was just valuable to us to see this side of Rick so explicitly.

Evil Morty wants control. Evil Morty is living the ideal Morty existence, in control of himself and the universe around him. It’s all he’d want after a life where Rick was always in control, where he could do nothing to stop the machinations of the universe from nearly crushing him every adventure. As we saw really plainly with Copy Morty, when a Morty gets enough knowledge, experience, and freedom, they can’t stand being treated like sidekicks anymore. No wonder the Ricks put them in a school designed not to teach them to be more competent on adventures but instead to keep them helpless and subservient. 

It’s easy enough to follow the same trend in our Morty. He’s been fighting for more control all season– He chooses not to try to rescue Rick from prison. He’s fine with going against Rick’s plan in the Mad Max world. He’s the one who makes them go on the adventure with the Vindicators (and Rick loses his shit when he doesn’t get to be the only one saving the day anymore). And perhaps most telling, Morty’s ideal toxin-free self abandons Rick entirely and creates a situation where his whole job is to manipulate and control other people. 

Evil Morty is what happens when Morty’s struggle for power goes to it’s furthest degree. He wanted so bad to not be the sidekick anymore that he’d do anything, even if it meant becoming the villain. 

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~Hello hello I was feeling sort of torn between doing a “get feels for each leader” post or even a “get feels for visuals” post. Buuutttt. I think we all need to really appreciate our baes that don’t get as much love and attention.~

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Jung Hoseok:

~Wowowow okay. Lemme give you feels here fam okay hold on.~

- Imagine him coming up from behind you and wrapping you in a warm hug. His head set lightly against yours before he places a kiss to your cheek. “No one has ever been luckier than me.”

- Hearing his laugh from the other room, and casually knowing it’s somehow going to be at your expense. So you walk into the room and Hobi is scrolling through old photos he took of you while you were asleep. You want to be mad but seriously they were like super funny and hearing Hoseok laugh was so worth it being at your expense.

- “Why are you like this?” “Please?” “What is in this for me Jagiya?” “Seeing your girl/boyfriend be happy???” *proceeds to do his performance of the cute version of Fire*

- Him coming back from a trip overseas and wrapping you in his arms as he spins you. He sets you down gently and presses his hands softly to your cheeks before pressing his lips to yours. However it doesn’t stay chaste for long as you’re soon pressed against the wall in the hallway. Your hands find their way into his hair and his are slowly tracing the exposed skin at your waist.~~~

*you can imagine the rest ;)*

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Im Changkyun:

*i am what i am man*

- But like seriously. Laying in bed staring at memes all morning. Your face is still squished into the pillows and you’re half asleep until he starts laughing stupidly loud at something the Monbebe’s posted. He would apologize but you know he’s really honestly not sorry.

- He doesn’t look outright super cuddly, but when it’s cold and you both can’t seem to share the blanket properly, he’ll someone wrap his arms around you in his sleep. But you try to cuddle him during the day and he’s got a ten foot pole waiting.

- “Don’t do this.” “I’m not doing anything though.” “Changkyun I left my phone here and I know when I open it something scary is gonna scream at me.” “Maybe… maybe not.” “Why do I love you?”

- You’re standing in the kitchen pulling out things from the cupboards to make dinner, when his hands find your waist. His fingers trace lightly over the bare skin, as he presses a soft, fleeting kiss to your neck. “Stop it, I’m trying to make dinner.” You would giggle. But as he brushes the hair away from you neck he whispers huskily into you ear. “Don’t bother. I’d rather get right to the dessert.”

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Yoon Dowoon:

~have you seEN HIS ARMS !?~

- Super quiet and shy. But around you he opens up and talks. Not for long and not overly serious, but he talks. Unless it’s something he can’t stop thinking about or there’s something he’s working on and he needs inspiration. He thinks it quietly and it shows when he looks at you. You’re his muse.

- He seems like he would have this sort of unspoken and gentle way of letting you know that he loves you. The small things he does let you know. But then there are those bad days where everything seems to be falling apart and both of you are just so stressed. So he just looks at you with tired eyes and rests his forehead against yours. “Y/N… I love you. Even when the days are bad. I still love you. I’ll love you until the end of my days, and even then my ghost will love you.” Of course it would cause you to laugh and some of the stress would melt away. Things would be okay again.

- “You can’t sound worse than I do.” “I can and I do so I won’t sing it.” “Come on…” “… If I sing it do I get anything in return?” “The glory of sounding like a dying peacock.”

- The two of you were laying in bed, laughing about something he said. You reached over and attempted to tickle him. Of course he was joking about something at your expense, so you wanted to get him back. Then commense a tickle fight. You were totally losing as he had you pinned to the bed, straddling your hips. When you have in and he smiled triumphantly before leaning down to kiss you. Small, chaste pecks soon turned into heated kisses as his hand slipped into yours. His free hand tracing small patterns along the smooth, exposed skin of your abdomen. “I have you cornered now. Maybe I should do more than just tickling.”

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Moon Taeil:

~saranghage temeuneeeee~

- People like to believe he’s super shy -to be fair he does seem shy and all- but honestly I think he just needs a chance to come out of his shell. Like when he’s around you and he can’t look at anything else and he like shines because you’re there and you make him so stupidly happy that he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He’ll talk and be funny, and everyone is like what the hell is wrong with Taeil.

- He doesn’t seem like he is really into being cuddly, but he’ll cuddle and be affectionate when it counts. When there are lulls in time where you and him are alone and he just feels the need to have you close. He’ll kiss your head and tell you he loves you and keep you wrapped in his arms. “I think I forget to say it sonetimes, but I really do love you Y/N. Please don’t forget that.”

- “Can we not talk about it.” “Can we though, I mean…” “Please don’t…” “If your hair honestly got anymore yellow you would have been a rubber duck. Just saying.” “Thanks for that…”

- You would be sitting in the dorms with the rest of NCT and Taeil would just give you this look. You kind of knew it meant, let’s leave. But it held something deeper to it. So without even getting a proper goodbye in to each member, he took your hand and dragged you out of the dorms. By the time you got into your apartment, Taeil’s lips were on yours and you were stumbling to your bedroom. One hand tangling in your hair as his free hand is sliding under your shirt and over the smooth skin of your back. He pulls away just enough to breathe out something. “I couldn’t wait another minute Jagiya. I need you.”

*wow okay that was a lil mean. my bad lmfao 😂😂*

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Lee Jaeyoon:

~my god that smile though, also like i need more sexy gifs of him. i had a hard time fam.~

- Cuddly times a bazillion. Will wrap you in hugs from behind. Hold you while you’re trying to speak to someone. Kiss your cheek while you’re on the phone just so you can lose track of what you were saying. Just loves skinship with you and doesn’t really care who sees because “who cares, we’re dating and it’s not like I’m making out with you in front of everyone.”

- Sees you sitting on the couch so he automatically flings himself on top of you. After you groan from the force of his impact, you chuckle and start carding your fingers through his hair. His head settles against your stomach and he hums contentedly. You don’t really speak for a while and eventually you fall asleep together on the couch.

- “Okay so like hear me out though.” “No.” “But why though….” “The last time we danced with just our socks on, you sprained your ankle.” “…. But it was a fun sprain.” “Still no.”

- You woke up to a soft kiss on your forehead. You smiled as your eyes met his warm brown ones. You kissed his cheek before rushing out of the bed. You needed a shower and to hurry, you had work soon. As you were showering though a pair of arms wrapped around your waist as a soft kiss pressed to your neck. You were slightly startled, your nerves fell away soon. “We should share showers more often, Jagiya.”

~yes i went there. you’re welcome.~

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Xu Minghao:

~so “i’m like a bird, not a turkey.” but a turkey is a bird…~

- So like super tame and polite in front of everyone, but then a total dork when you’re around no one. He turns sweet and nice and cute. When in front of people he’s just quiet and let’s everyone talk before him. When you’re alone he’s talking about everything serious and not serious. Gauging your opinions and listening to what you actually have to say. He’s looking into your eyes and really taking in your passion. Boy loves being around you because you bring out the best parts of him.

- You’re sitting and talking about anything and everything. It’s probably like 3 in the morning and you both have work by like 7, but neither of you care because spending time together just talking means more. He watches you talk and listens to everything you say. He loves how passionate you’re getting. Its honestly one of the things he loves/turns him on the most about you. Suddenly he’s brushing the hair away from your face, and his lips are on yours because going any longer without kissing you felt like a nightmare.

- “Can you not.” “But like…” “Just stop.” “I’M LIKE A BIIIIRRRDDDDD NOT A TURKEY.” “ITS NARAGALGE COME ON!”

- You had just gotten into a heated fight. He was yelling, you were yelling. It was hell just then. You didn’t want to even look at him he got you so angry. “Whatever, I’m just gonna leave for now.” You huffed as you made your way to the door. His footsteps sounded behind you as you went to open the door to leave. He pulled you back to him. It was silent as anger seemed to still be radiating off of both of you. But soon your lips were crashing together and you were on the nearest end table that happened to be situated in the hallway. His hands travelling over your skin with feather light touches. “Since when would I let you walk away from me?”

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oh my GOD that idea that you just mentioned about the fan response??? would literally die for that wtf and tbh i just want to see a lot of jason and whizzer interacting because i Always live for that


  • the media finds out about them before they’re even like officially dating. Somehow one lucky paparazzi person that is on like stealth mode gets a picture of a tender moment when Marvin and Whizzer are out together somewhere. In the picture, Marvin is like brushing an eyelash off of Whizzer’s cheek or holding his hand or doing something really sappy (basically trying to communicate to an emotionally-stunted Whizzer that hey sleeping together is cool and all, but I want to actually date you, you know). Well, the news BLOWS UP with headlines like ‘Whizzer Brown’s Mystery Man’ and ‘Playboy baseball player settling down?’ and everyone scrambles to find out just who Marvin is. Once they find out that Marvin is a divorced dad, news outlets like TMZ are flooded with headlines like (thanks to @a-lesbian-from-next-door-too for this GEM of a headline) WHIZZER BROWN WITH DILF???
  • Whizzer Brown secret boyfriend is the most searched thing on Google that day.
  • All production in the tabloid industries stops as editors bark for their reporters to dig up more on this story. Journalists scramble for any bit of info they can get on Marvin.
  • And here comes disastrously incorrect articles like:
    • Marvin was actually still married when he and Whizzer started “dating.” Whizzer was the cause of his divorce.
    • Marvin is like 15 years older than Whizzer and is basically using Whizzer for his money.
    • Marvin has been Whizzer’s secret boyfriend (HUSBAND???) for over ten years now and it’s been kept well hushed hushed secret bc Whizzer has built a brand out of Gay Baseball Player/Playboy.
    • Jason is Marvin and Whizzer’s adopted child.
    • CONSPIRACY THEORY: Marvin and Whizzer are not actually together at all. Marvin is not even gay! Whizzer just wanted to rebrand himself from “player on and off the field” and so hired Marvin to be his fake boyfriend (pretending to be “settling down”). (this prompts a startled Marvin to exclaim, “How could anyone think I was straight???” to which Whizzer dead-panned responded, “Honey, no self-respecting gay man dresses like that.”
  • Also consider the TMZ panel (also credit to @a-lesbian-from-next-door-too for this exchange, too)
    • Marvin? What kinda name is Marvin?
    • “I know. It’s such an old man’s name!”
    • “It’s like he was born a middle-aged dad, you know?”
    • “Uh, guys, Whizzer is a pretty stupid name, too. When you think about it. I mean, who names their kid Whizzer?”
    • “No one asked you, Brent.”
    • “Yeah, Brent. Shut the fuck up.”
  • Marvin finds out about the news bc he goes to work the next morning and some asshole coworker has taped all the headlines around his desk (the DILF headline is blown up and taped over his entire desk).
  • Marvin is obv pissed and lowkey anxious bc he doesn’t want this sort of attention to negatively affect him or (GOD FORBID) Jason. Whizzer himself is just a little annoyed and sees that Marvin is upset, so he tries to like make the issue go away by tweeting out: “tfw ur out with one of ur booty calls and ppl think that just bc he held ur hand u two are getting married’. And uhh, this makes the media die down but Marvin gets more upset bc hey asshole I think I’m falling in love with you but apparently I’m still just one of your booty calls, huh? And Whizzer gets mad bc Marvin is mad and he just tried to make Marvin less mad, and angst angst angst.
  • When they do get together, Whizzer posts a picture on Instagram of the two of them with the caption ‘tfw you fall in love with one of your booty calls’. And the Internet just kinda explodes.
  • Fans are a little mixed. On one hand, they’re happy that Whizzer seems to be happy. On another, they’re terrified that a relationship will somehow hurt Whizzer’s playing. They then shut the fuck up when Whizzer plays the most vicious game of his entire career and just throws the best pitches and just basically almost single-handedly eviscerates the other team. At the press conference, people ask what’s up with Whizzer’s playing, and one of Whizzer’s team members just sorta smirks and answers for him, “He has a lot of pent up tension and aggression. He hasn’t seen his boyfriend in like a month [bc it’s the peak of the season and they’ve had to move around a lot to different cities and such].“ 
  • Guys guys guys guys, I cannot begin to describe just how i c o n i c Marvin becomes so quickly. 
  • Because once they’re like “official,” Whizzer spams his instagram account with Marvin - Marvin in a new gifted Red Sox jersey while Jason (in his decked out Yankees uniform) glares mockingly at him; at the park during a crisp fall afternoon, Marvin breathless and red-faced and caught mid-laugh; Marvin comically but dead-seriously holding a baseball bat with a stance and grip that makes Whizzer and all baseball fans around the world weep; Marvin Jason and Whizzer, in a cheesy selfie after a really tough game; a picture of Marvin’s back as the man is hunched over an oven (this one has the caption “I love when a man puts the steak in ;) ” ); a particularly artsy one with a black and white filter, with Marvin (asleep, hair mussed, naked but only his bare arms, shoulders, and upper back is not obscured by the white sheets) asleep in their bed. The fans lose their minds over these pictures, along with the little tibits of info/stories that Whizzer shares when prompted about what a dorky/lame/baseball-hating/he-writes-me-poetry-literally-what-a-fucking-nerd that his new boyfriend is. 
  • When tweets and questions about Marvin keep buzzing Whizzer, Whizzer kindly asks (not forces, Jeez, Marv, don’t make it sound like I held a gun to your back) that Marvin get his own instagram/twitter accounts so they can just fawn over Marvin directly and leave Whizzer the hell alone to answer questions about baseball and photography and not about his relationship every fucking five minutes
  • This turns out to be a mistake. Marvin amasses ten thousand followers in six months. The guy barely even posts about Whizzer himself. He posts about broadway reviews and retweets funny cat pictures and every once in awhile, he posts partiuclarly needling things like how chess is better than baseball and he tags and @’s Whizzer in all of them. And everyone??? Loves it??? Whizzer is a little jealous at how people fawn over Marvin?? Like where’s some Whizzer love??? Whizzer is still the twunk that everyone loves, right???
  • Marvin is slowly accepted by the baseball wives. They’re catty and cliquish and they make Marvin’s life a living hell those first few months, but when Marvin does not take their shit and keeps pushing back, they grow to a mutual understanding that soon turns into begrudged respect that eventually turns into tentative friendship that eventually much much later turns into “if you dare utter one mean word or look at Marvin the wrong way, I will slit your throat with my sharpened, manicured, pastel pink-painted nails.” Whizzer shares one picture on his insta of Marvin with the baseball wives, with a glass of champagne in his hand and looking like he’s talking shit and the other baseball wives are laughing and eating this shit up, and he captions it: I think my boyfriend joined a cult.
  • The media as a whole leaves the two alone after they turn out to be just a regular couple and not that interesting?? EXCEPT EXCEPT EXCEPT (see next bullet point)
  • Okay, so Marvin hates baseball, right? This is established. This is well known. This is Fact. Well, after they become like “official” and the media now knows who Marvin is, news outlets start to attack him/make fun of him/crucify him for looking bored at Whizzer’s baseball games. Like he’ll have his phone out or he’ll have his chin propped up with his hand as if trying to combat sleepiness and sometimes he brings like a magazine to read and he always has that bored, vaguely pained “I do not want to be here right now” look on his face. And any time that the Red Sox makes a good play or gets a homerun, it’s clear that he’s been spacing out bc whenever the people around him start cheering, he likes jumps and does that weak, wide-eyed “Idk what just happened and i kinda want death right now but I am being supportive” clap (one time, he zoned out and Whizzer’s opposing team got a homerun, and Marvin just started meekly clapping bc he heard the crowd doing it and ESPN and TMZ and all the news outlets had a field day of making fun of him).
  • And the media??? is like “why are you not supporting your partner? You embarrass him by looking so bored. Can’t you learn to love the sport if you love him??” and being really bitchy about it. And Whizzer gets pissed and so goes on air during a press conference - when some smart-ass reporter tries to make a barb about Marvin looking bored and in pain - and says really bitchily, “Guys, Marvin just doesn’t like baseball, okay? Yeah, that makes him an idiot - because baseball is incredible - but it doesn’t make him a bad partner. I don’t expect him to love the things that I love. I like that we’re different, you know? That makes him less boring. Like, he goes to my games even though he hates baseball. That is being supportive. Like fucking hell, guys, I’m with him because he makes me laugh and has a great ass - not because he’s some super baseball fan.” CUE MIC DROP.
  • And yeah, there are homophobic reactions to the relationship. Facebook groups dedicated to it. Marvin gets hate mail and one time got like yelled at on the street. Some of the media’s stories are overtly homophobic and overly crass. It’s 2017, sure, but there are still idiots out there.
  • Marvin and Whizzer don’t let the attention - good or bad - get to them. They just keep being in love and posting overly sappy instagram posts about their anniversaries and poking fun at each other on twitter and the attention never breaks them.

I will posts Jason specific headcanons later but like dang, this took a lot out of me bc I have a lot of FEELINGS and if you have more headcanons about this topic, reblog and add your own bc I’m curious how you feel the media/fans would take this.

Short Stuff

A/n: So I kinda wrote this differently than my other fics and IDK how I feel about it just yet but last time I read through it I remember liking it. Truthfully I’ve had this done for awhile and forgot to post it. Sorry to @milleniumxhan for the wait.

Request: @milleniumxhan Heyyyyy!!!! Could you do a Thor x reader where you’re really short (okay me like im 5'1) and like he finds it hella adorable and the when the other Avengers tease you he gets all defensive and yeah. Thanks <3

Warnings: none 

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It was yet another Sunday morning at the Avengers which meant a “family” breakfast. You, Nat, and Wanda started on the pancakes and waffles as Tony and Steve worked on the bacon and sausage. The others were setting up the table and sipping coffee. Once the food was ready, everyone gathered in a line and made plates the filed into the dining room. To say you hated these meals was an exaggeration but you didn’t like them much either, especially when pancakes were served which is when the jokes started because someone had the bright idea to call you “short stack” one time and not surprisingly the name suck. It wasn’t that you couldn’t handle yourself you just would rather eat in peace than listen to the Avengers think they were funny, especially Tony.

“Y/n, you can’t eat that, it’s cannibalism” Tony smirked at you

“You know what they say, you are what you eat,” you replied taking your place at the table.

“So that’s why you’re so short?” Bucky asked. He may have been nice most of the time, but he could be an ass just like anyone else

“Yeah I ate too many pancakes, and it shrunk me,” you deadpanned

‘Don’t let those fools bother you Y/n,” Thor said taking a seat beside you

“I don’t,” you said, “I’ve had plenty of idiots think it’s funny that I’m small but what they don’t realize is I’m the perfect height to kick their ass.”

Thor chuckled, and the rest of the meal was filled with talks of missions and stupid things Steve did.

This is it you thought I hate being short. You were currently standing on a box you found on top of a chair because someone decided to stash the chocolate in the highest shelf.

“Need some help there, little one?” Thor asked

“I got it.” you huffed “and you too? I thought you were above name calling?“

“I don’t understand?” Thor said moving closer to your makeshift step stool
“Little one,” you said as you grabbed the chocolate, leapt off the box making it and the chair move. Luckily, you ended up safely on the ground.

“I didn’t mean to offend you Lady Y/n.” Thor replied sincerely

“It’s alright,” you said “it’s better than shorty or smol bean.”

“If the others ever bother you let me know,” Thor told you “I’ll try to put an end to it”

“Thanks but it’s fine really I don’t mind” you replied

“If you put your elbow on my head one more time I swear!” you growled shrugging Clint’s arm off of you

“Sorry Y/n I don’t mean to you’re just the perfect height” the archer smiled

You grumbled a response and glared at the man child next to you. During your sparring session with Clint Thor walked into the practice room just in time you watch you pin Clint to the ground after a swift kick to his ankles that made him lose balance

“This is punishment for using me as an arm rest” you smiled as you got off the floor and made your way to the exit

“It would do you well to treat Lady Y/n with respect Hawkeye” you heard the god say.

“I respect her” Clint responded “she’s just so small sometimes I forget she can kick my ass”

“Small and adorable” you heard the thunderer say, making you stop in your tracks and make your way into a better hearing distance

“Adorable?” Clint said “does someone have the heart eyes for our little Y/n?”

“Of course not she’s just small and cute. She needs to be protected sometimes and if I’m the one that has to do it then-” Clint cut him off

“You totally have heart eyes for Y/n,” He said “ask her out I’m sure she’ll say yes”

“How would you know,” Thor asked

“Cause I’m pretty sure she has heart eyes for you too big guy” at that you left. Of course you liked Thor but he was just a friend or at least that’s what you thought. Once your mind was openeded to the idea of having something more with the god it ran wild.

It was moments like these when you praised your genes for making you short. Weaving in and out of the crowd of people was easy and it made for a simple getaway. Two hydra agents were following you but it didn’t take long to lose them as you pushed your way through a gap. The only downside, Thor couldn’t keep his eyes on you. You had watched him fly off around the time the agents showed up and although he offered you a ride you declined. You only knew this upset him after you had escaped and after he spent a half hour trying to find you. You were already in the plane when he got back.

“What took you so long?” You asked smirking at the blonde before you

“I was looking for you,” Thor said his eyes searching you for possible wounds “why didn’t you tell me where you were going?”

“Because if Hydra heard they would fund us and then we’d both be in trouble.” you shrugged “I don’t know what the big deal is” that was a lie, a blatant lie, you knew exactly why he was mad.

“I could’ve lost you Y/n” his words confirmed your thoughts

“So” you stated simply. You needed him to admit his feelings to you, not just to Clint

“So that would’ve been horrible,” the god paused “Imagine what the others would think if I lost you”

“What about what you would think?” you asked

“I imagine I’d be upset” Thor sounded confused

“Why” you asked

“Because you’re my friend” Thor hesitated

“Wrong,” You said “tell me the truth”

“That is the truth” he was more confused now

“The whole truth” you demanded “I know what you said to Clint that day I pinned him. I know you like me so tell me.”

“I don’t just like you Y/n. I think I’m in love with you” he looked down at his hands

“Good” you smiled “because I think I’m in love with you too.”


A/n: I hope you enjoyed this I know it’s a bit different. Requests are open, and I’m slowly working through the few I have rn but feel free to send some in if you have an idea. Love you all! -G

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Hi! I was just wondering, do you actually think Barry is Savitar? And like, is that just a headcanon, or has it been confirmed anywhere yet? Sorry for bothering you!

Alright so, under cut, we are going to discuss the Barry is Savitar theory, because I’m sure this is going to get quite long for dashboards. 

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Rant Time

I may lose followers for this and I don’t care cause these are my own opinions, but keep in mind these are just my thoughts and observations after the shit storm that was created regarding the Supergirl cast at the SDCC 2017.

I woke up Sunday morning (Australian time) to see nothing but a hateful shit storm towards Jeremy Jordan, Melissa Benoist, Mechad Brooks and Chris Wood from Supergirl. Without full context and only hearing people complaining about what was said and done I initially felt disappointed and let down by a cast of a show that meant a lot to me after the whole Sanvers storyline. This is where I point out I am a young lesbian woman who is still very insecure about myself and sexuality, so seeing this positive story between Alex and Maggie validated me and made me feel less shit about my being gay, so to say the show is important to me is an understatement.

Then, being curious and aware that I could be hurting myself even more, I watched the interviews for myself and was able to come to my own conclusion. I felt like a whole lot of what had been said was blown out of proportion and some things taken out of context to make the cast seem lesphobic and mocking their LBGT+ fan base and Supercorp shippers.

I feel like people are ignoring the fact that Jeremy was saying “they’re only friends” in regards to the storyline that actually happened in Season 2. Not once did I hear him, or the other cast members in question, directly shut down the community or Supercorp shippers. A lot of it was them being silly and having fun, hence the laughing and dancing along. I don’t believe it was meant to be malicious deliberately.

In saying that, I don’t agree with what the cast actually said and how they went about it. They could have been nicer about it.

In regards to Jeremy saying he debunked Supercorp and Melissa’s response of “that was brave”, I took her to mean that Jeremy was brave to say something controversial in a fandom so big and he should be prepared for backlash.

Now, I think people should stop and think for a moment at the fact that Jeremy apologised in the interview when he realised what he’d said about Supercorp, sure it was brief, but it was there. Or the fact that he apologised on social media and people immediately shut him down and said he didn’t mean it. He’s only human. He realised he made a mistake and apologised. Why can’t people accept that and move on?

Now, it may sound like I’m defending their actions, but please keep in mind this is just what I’ve observed. The fact that comments were made by the cast is hurtful and disappointing as some one personally part of the LGBT+ fanbase for Supergirl.

Another fact i wish to rant about is people complaining that Sanvers wasn’t going to get enough representation at Comic Con because Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima couldn’t make it. Now we know for a fact that Chyler was going to go until recently, when she told us that her husband’s father’s memorial service was on the Friday evening and she needed to be with her family during that difficult time. Fair enough. Leave the poor woman alone, she’s going through enough. As for Floriana, I know she’s gotten a lot of hate since she was cast and it even got to the point that she was bullied off social media. Perhaps she thought it wouldn’t be worth going due to the hate. That’s just me speculating though.

Really, the point of this rant is that a lot of what was said had been taken out of context and twisted to make it sound like the cast was nasty, and it made me feel like shit until I actually saw everything for myself. I feel like a lot of this shit storm is from people overreacting and wanting an excuse to fight or call people out for the slightest homophobic thing. I feel like everything was blown up to be larger and more malicious than it actually was.

Again, these are just my personal thoughts and observations. I can absolutely understand why people are mad and upset with the cast, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying people aren’t entitled to their opinions about it all, and I’m not going to shut anyone down for their thoughts. I hope you can show me the same courtesy with this post.

While I’m not as mad as some other people on Tumblr, I’m certainly not saying the certain members of the Supergirl cast are able to have a free pass. But enough with the “you can choke” collage of the cast. That’s a bit much.

Rant over. I love you all and hope you have a lovely day.
Dating Seungkwan would include


- the type to be trying to tear open his chopsticks and hit your titty with his elbow let’s be real

- annoying girlfriend type who always wants to sit like, RIGHT next to you in the booth and you’re like seungkwan I can’t even see you

-  “that’s what makes it more romantic”

- him slipping into his jeju accent when he gets mad and starts talking fast and you ain’t got any idea what he’s saying but nod anyways

- feeding him your food so much that your arm reaches for his mouth while he follows the fork like a baby bird

- sitting on the couch watching Disney movies and you hear some gross sniffling and when you turn on the lights its seungkwan crying into your shirt

- on weekends since he got the energy of the fucking energizer bunny he wakes you up by singing into your ear obnoxiously

- “ayoooo ladie-” “seungkwan I will put you in a headlock, don’t try me”

-  walking in butterfly gardens together having a great time, but then seokmin almost chokes on a butterfly behind y'all and you have to leave

- seungcheol is like the annoying high school teacher at prom, like he even sees seungkwans hands on you he’s like “ha ha, lets it keep it pg guys ;-) haha”

- trying to text seungkwan very serious but he jus keeps sending you memes and you’re like what the fuck

- going to the mall while a very exhausted seungkwan follows you around

- suddenly he’s 100% reenergized as soon as y'all even pass by a Victoria’s Secret

- he’s always trying to talk to you in English but you kinda sit there confused like….that ain’t English boy

- going out to eat and always over ordering, like y'all will think you’re hungry enough for all this shit but then you’re sitting there with half full plates like….what now

- kissing his neck but he throws his drink because he got surprised and then he’s mad at you for the rest of the day

- he’s really easy to scare….,,,…but you don’t do it a lot cause he cries easily and has a weak heart

- loses his mind whenever you do anything cute like he starts throwing shit he can’t handle it he wants to fight

- wearing his shirts and he gets mad but you don’t listen, but then he walks out in your bra and shit like how do u like it????

- “seungkwan…it’s not the same.”

- always singing when shit don’t call for singing, like you’re trying to cook and he’s in the background rapping about every ingredient you have

- “Vernon please come collect him.”

- doesn’t like it when you wear heels because he feels small

- tries to be cute and place little kisses on your mouth before he leaves for the day but ends up tripping and falling on top of your sleeping body, has to run out with a red bump on his forehead

- probably gets asked about it later on by his manager or an interviewer and seokmin has to help him with a response

- taking boat rides to jeju together while you sleep on his arm and he’s so hype for you to meet his mom

- his mom loves you and seungkwan is over the moon cause she’s important to him and you’re important to him and he boutta cry

- he don’t bring you to the dorms a lot cause even though it doesn’t show he’s really touchy about you and chan is to damn comfy with you for his liking

- sneaking off together at night to little shops and restaurants all over while seungkwan holds your hand extremely tight like he doesn’t want to lose you

- he the type to get lost in a supermarket and have to go to the front and get them to call you on the loudspeaker

- when you go up to find him he’s sitting there with a blue ballon while the old manager lady pats his head and you’re  like what the fuck am I dating or babysitting

- but sometimes you get really sad or scared sometimes and he’s suddenly superman and makes you feel safe and warm and you’re sorry you made fun of him for crying over the lion king again

- entertaining his weird phases, probably has a week where he’s super into fly fishing and you gotta deal with it

- being the 4th wheel in seokmin, hoshi, and seungkwan’s endeavors

- but it’s okay cause seokmin gives you piggy back rides and hoshi always feeds you when seungkwans away mc'ing or something

- you think they’re being nice but seungkwan probably asked them to do it because he doesn’t want you sad while he’s away

- flying to see your parents this time, and he probably practices his greeting for your dad in front of the mirror, in seven different octaves, 3 different postures, lmao

- going wild over your moms cooking and she probably loves him, and even though your dad looks at him like he’s weird, which he is, he likes him deep down

- people havin a hard time deciding if you guys are being sarcastic or serious talking to each other, it’s a house of sassy hoes

- dramatic coats together in the winter

- hoshi making you guys have a “get along” shirt that he sticks you in when you get mad at each other

- singing in the car to your favorite songs but seungkwan is like…,,,no

- “who sings this song, y/n?” “Exo, why?” “Yeah let’s keep it that way.”

- if he ever hurts your feelings from being a butt sometimes he’s always unsure how to apologize because of it

- ends up grabbing you and hugging you and singing cheesy love songs to make you feel better

- kissing his shoulders when he’s sore from practice but scoups runs over and grabs you like time to goooooo!!!!!

- borrows your lotions a lot so he always smells sweet like you

- trying to be cute and finish each others sentences but y'all always say the wrong endings

- little late nights where he calls you (until you wake up, you’re on alert for divaboo) and let’s out his frustrations, finding comfort in the way you would tell him everything’s okay and will continue to be

- trips with him in the moonlight where he makes you laugh and giggle by dancing all over town, cracking jokes at everything, kissing your cheek in little surprise gestures

- hoshi taking sneak pictures of you both and sending them to seungkwan later, he probably posts them with wild ass tags like “#truelove #seungcheolandjeonghancantfuckwithus #kawaii”

- it’s gonna be a relationship where you can never guess where he’s gonna go, what he’s gonna do next, and that’s all part of the surprise because your mc boo is one of the biggest motivators in your life and he loves you more than he loves being dramatic and that’s a whole lot and it’s just one of the most refreshing and wild relationships you’ll ever have and seungkwan the type to always keep you guessing and excitable every second of every day

anonymous asked:

yeah I realize she manipulated people and I don't excuse what she did at all. Donut did bad things and she shouldn't be the leader of teenietots. You forced her off her blog or you would make a whole community unsafe. You barely even told people half of the real truth. You harassed her to make her leave. she didn't want to leave but she did it because she was cared for the baby's in this community. you didn't tell anyone you secretly are running the league because you want all the control ( 1 )

you didn’t tell anyone the members what really happened. You didn’t let her and the members have a real goodbye. You didn’t give them time to talk things out and let everyone know that they will be safe still. You didn’t do that. you just tell them she was bad, yep she was unsafe and a manipulator, but your no better. You manipulated her off this blog. this was her only reason to live. she cared about her members and the members cared about her, more than half of the members still wish donut (2)
was still around. it’s not because she was mama, it’s not because they faught for attention, it’s because they trusted her. She made them feel loved. don’t get me wrong what your trying to do is great, trying to fix what was broken, but you owe everyone what really happened. Why don’t you tell them how you bullied the old agere mods so bad they they finally just left and you made the new league. And you PLANNED to have donut gone. No warning to her and the babies in this community. (3)
so many are inactive and left tumblr because of you guys. you need to fix what you broke. I’m done here.
Annabelle tried to expose her for her trauma blog a long time ago and you didn’t care until recently when the first agere blog fell apart… care to explain this? you just excused this and said it’s seperate from her regression

I would like to thank you for the 5 part message you sent in our inbox because it gave me a lot to think about. You really wanna know the whole truth? Well here you go!
1. Yes I am Wonder of the AgeRe League, it was never a secret and it was never because I wanted power. I was asked to be a mediator because I can be level headed during discussions.
2. No, we didn’t bully the old agere mods. They bullied us. They picked favorites and let things slide. Did you know that they ran screw-agere? Did you know that Vullby would cuss and get mad at us for having an opinion? Did you know that Alpha was never on and wouldn’t stop Vullby’s behavior?
3. No Donut didn’t want to leave, but she had to. We didn’t harass her or bully her. We tried to have a civil discussion with her but she took it the wrong way
4. Yes, we did keep it from Donut because she would have freaked out and tried to turn people against us. Because that’s what she does. That’s what you’re doing. Trying to turn people against us.
5. Yes she “cared for her babies” but she had favorites, she would ignore asks, she would ignore messages from people on discord. I have had multiple people tell me that she ignored their messages on Discord even though she was actively talking in the Teenietot server.
6. Yes some members cared about her but most were SCARED of her! Wanna know what she did?
7. She manipulated Kohina into spending $80 on her so that she would talk to her. She knew people were low on money yet still BEGGED for things
8. She was SEXUAL with an adult whom she had FORCED into a relationship and was SEXUAL with them when they were regressed. They were so scared of her they left discord AND tumblr. She would threaten them whenever they tried to break up with her
9. She REFUSED to remove exclusionists and truscum from the community until an ultimatum was given. wanna know why she refused? Because she didn’t want to lose members and “some of them are nice”
10. She LIED about the Kidheart community to make Teenietots hate them. They never allowed kink, they never “bullied” Donut. She left the community so they kicked her out of the discord cause she wasn’t a member anymore. How is that bullying?
11. In the mod chat, she would constantly talk about sexual topics even though it made us uncomfortable and most of us are adults
12. She posts questionable photos and still has porn on her trauma blog and do you know how many littles and cglre blogs were following teenietots? That means she never blocked them. She refused to use DNI banners because they “ruined her photos”
13. She tried to force Pillar to delete the teenietots blog because it was wrong and she would rather see it deleted then have us run it
14. More than half? Tell me their names. Show me proof they want her back. Because from what we’ve seen we have more support than she ever did.
15. Most of her “900 members” were inactive or deleted blogs or repeated on the list. So it’s not our fault they’re inactive
I’m tired of arguing with people about this. You’re trying to make us look like bad people but we’re doing our best. And obviously you would rather have a manipulative leader over leaders who actually care.

- Star

Fairy Tail Chapter 519 review

Guys if you’ve read my reviews you know I do try to find something positive in every chapter. I don’t want to ever let the stimulus of “this arc sucks” to affect my first read of a chapter. I want to love every chapter of FT. SO please understand when I say, this was bad. So here we go:

Oh look more glamour shots. Don’t think LL Bean will let you publish that one, given the angle.

so we have Erza heading right for the meteor and trust me when I say this is the least BS part of this chapter. Also this light Erza has, not explained.

So Erza pulls a saitama and destroys the meteor.

You don’t know the half of it Irene. It gets worse from here and let me remind you that Erza has all the bones in her body broken except for her arm.

Y’know the idea of Wendy enchanting dragon slaying magic to the sword isn’t a bad one. In fact had this fight been re written, the idea of Wendy giving Erza the Sky dragon slaying magic to use in her sword would’ve actually been pretty cool. But as of now and all evens that’ll transpire, this will only lead to more BS.

Yep. We just saw Erza do critical damage to a dragon slayer. Okay. First, Erza has all her bones broken, she most likely can’t move her body all that well, so why don’t you move out of the way Irene? Or turn into human form? Second, how sad is it that Natsu, the MC and powered up by Atlas’s hell flames couldn’t even do that much damage to Motherglare but a broken woman only using dragon slaying magic compressed into a katanna can make such a gapping wound.

And Dead. Or at least Erza should be, flopping on her side with that many broken bones. Also Irene, why did you compress yourself back into human form?

Irene the only one pulling crap is you, for not staying in dragon form and just stepping on everyone like you should. Also this leads into the dumbest part of the chapter, no seriously.

What. the. fuck.

Okay Hiro if you want to justify what Irene is about to do next then you should’ve extended the flash backs, don’t just add in other part of the flash back to create conflict. Second, Irene what the hell are you? Look I’ve said before Irene’s torture only justified her want to be human and that want is what drive her to act crazy when given the chance to take a new body. But this childish personality, this one where you literally say don’t laugh at me with a baby crying, where did it come from? You’ve given no reason to justify this childish behavior. And it still gets worse.

The Fuck. Erza you not only have most of your bones broken, you some how after destroying a meteor have enough strength to launch yourself, while being stabbed. I guess you could try to argue that due to her broken left side she can’t feel the stabbing but look at this.

(Okay how the hell can you launch yourself like that as well as do that much damage) Hey Irene be smart and stab Erza.

Oh my god. Why? No, why?

Not even you know why this crap is happening? Actually I do know, Hiro is too lazy to come up with a way to defeat Irene that would make sense and we obviously can’t have Erza lose and let Alvarez have some victory.

Oh what fresh hell. Irene you said you couldn’t enchant yourself into Erza because you saaid you didn’t share the same magic so enchanting personality was not possible. I had said this before myself that a logical reason she couldn’t enchant herself is because she’d be stuck in the body of a child. Also you were already crazy, Irene. That was the whole point tis flash back with you, to express why you were crazy, also how do you stop being insane just enough to know that you’ll go nuts again. We saw chronologically through this flashback that you were already mad before you gave Erza up.  It makes no sense.

Oh fuck off. Lets look at that “Love deceives the heart” crap. None of this was done out of love this was all portrayed as her being selfish. Also what Love has Erza shown that’ll “remedy” the heart? Her laugh? Throughout this fight you both have expressed you don’t love each other. Irene you kept referring to Erza as trash. You tried to wipe her out with a meteor that couldn’t be stopped and only did stop “cause she’s erza” so if Erza didn’t stop it what then? So much love I’m feeling. The only way this could make some fraction of sense is if Irene had a Brain and Zero thing going that her personalities were split and at war.

Post Chapter Follow up(and follow up of this whole excursion): Wow this was bad. I’m going to say I hated 500 “Fire and Ice” because it was a microcosm of every flaw in FT, but this was microcosm of what every FT hater accuses it of being. This Erza and Irene conflict had nothing but overly done powers, pointless drama, forced drama, ideas introduced only to be solved in one chapter, egregious fanservice, and friendship speeches abound. This is mockery of what FT is, unintentional self parody. Everything good that could’ve come from this is wasted.

Lets look at the negatives. As I said Irene’s motivations keep changing on a dime, this random tweeking to her backstory just raises more questions. Lots of people were pissed that Irene turned out that Irene was a dragon slayer and related to it’s mythos but honestly I liked the idea because dragon slayers often are the most thought out thing by Hiro. But Irene is so damn inconsistent in her personality. First she was introduced as this queenly woman who showed off that she really acts like a child in manner, no now she’s plain psychotic because of her drive to want to be human again, no she was always a kind mother who went crazy for some reason (Yeah the reason she said she’d go crazy isn’t brought up.) The potential for the best spriggan was there, she had a backstory, had power to match up, and developed to the point she’d keep focus. But then she is portrayed as so incompetent that she gives up her whole body only to have lost more power, and get mad and almost kill everyone even though she says she doing this for happiness and now she kills her self for love.

Now on to Erza. My god, she’s Erza is just right because this woman is not the badass that tons of fans fell in love with this. This is a parody that isn’t funny. Look I like Natsu a lot but he does some over powered, plain lazy, wins but I can tolerate it because he is the MC. But Erza even though she’s been here since the beginning should not be held to that because she has prove in the past not to be like this. But no she’s even more over the top then Natsu. I a sense people are going to say Erza struggled against Ajeel and had help against him, well Wendy was right here, Erza could have totally taken Irene with the help of Wendy but not I’ll be completely broken and Wendy you’ll just stand over there.

Lets also get into this love thing. This has been done by Hiro and done better before by him. Perfect example Gray vs Silver plot line, Silver did act like a dick to Gray but he showed that the reason he wanted to die wasn’t cause I’m a parent and I need to die, it was I’ve done horrible things that I can’t justify anymore and you should feel no shame in killing me for it. Because Silver was done in a way that I sympathize with him, want to see him beat for being a villain, has a legitimate reason to want Gray to kill him, Gray beat him on his own skill, and expressed love between parent and child. But you know that a parent should be prioritized to love their child no matter what, but in real life that is not always the case, there is no shame in creating an asshole who is a parent. Hiro has done it right before with Jude so I don’t see how you can’t do that with Irene. nope gotta redeem her. Hell this isn’t even like with King in Rave Master where his hatred for Gale was actually all his misplaced anger that he needed to be justified but ultimately saw he was wrong in doing that and it wasn’t all Gale’s fault, this was I’m crazy cause I have a tragic backstory oh but I love you when I’m to strong to beat.

And this is the worse part of this chapter and this Erza vs Irene fight in general. It is the clearest evidence that Hiro just doesn’t care. This is so lazily done and so impossible to make satisfying that he just needed to release the chapter because he has to end this story. And this is the greatest show of it, not knowing what direction to go, overblown, cheap ways to make or characters seem more powerful. All just a mess.

The only positive was Erza herself didn’t kill Irene. And even then that’s not saying much.

Final Verdict: 0/10

  • Just all the flaws of writing on display
  • Erza is just beyond the point of justifying
  • Tons of great ideas to work with and barely are taken advantage of
  • This will go down as one of the worst chapters of FT with 322, 404, and 500
1432 & Drama:

*I’ve spent so many months now sending anons on 5h/Camren related blogs with theories. So you probably have read what’s written below a couple of times before. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a theory I built on my head based on the latest events, MY POV & what I know about the industry (which is pretty limited but at least I’m aware of some things) If u don’t agree with any of it there’s no need to disrespect, again is merely my opinion*

**I wrote this theory three or four days ago and asked sun-to-my-luna to post the ss for me. Then I thought of creating this blog & posting it here, btw I added a few things. The paragraphs on bold are the extra parts** ———————————————————————————————————

Isn’t it interesting how the narrative with 5H has had a “plot twist”? First C was the bad guy of the story & now it’s reversed: The rest of girls are seen as hypocritical bitches…
I want y'all to forget about them for a moment, search through music history & focus on other girlgroups . Not just regular girlbands, names like Destiny’s Child, The Spice Girls, Pussycat Dolls… Now think, what do they all have in common? They were known for having “feud & breakup rumours” up to their throats. Usually related to: Constant fights, or one of the members accused of having stoled the spotlight from the others, etc…
Why? I consider the main reason it’s cause *sarcasm* our lovely patriarchal society decides to always pitt women against women, the stigma that girls don’t work well with each other it’s been used by Hollywood since God knows when. That’s why media in general makes remark of it every time they have a chance & adding fuel to the fire. If you take a look at how they pull headlines for the equivalent situation with boybands, normally you’d find the reporter saying stg annoying like: “Ugh we hate to see our fav boys being fed up with each other, but don’t worry, I’m pretty sure they’ll fix things in no time…” or similar BS (invariably a rumour it’s over exaggerated by media but it was an e.g. to emphasise the whole idea of sexism here).

Back to 5H, it’s easy to put two & two together: THIS IS THE SAME NARRATIVE THEY ARE APPLYING WITH THEM. Stunt strategy. THEIR FIGHT IS MANUFACTURED. “To any action there’s a reaction”. Their team is arranging the “problematic GG” image to gain attention, spotlight, give the GP stg to talk about- let’s never forget how much people are drawn to gossip- but most importantly a strategy to SELL MORE. It’s not a secret that musicians make more profit out of touring. Think of how many arenas, how much the 7/27 tour sold. Easy, cause fans were worried it could be the last one. Epic must be the one behind this plan, Maverick (I don’t like them but I think they just follow orders from Epic most of the time).
The band’s rift started June/July 2015, since then everything has gone downhill when it comes the group’s reputation. We literally have no clue what goes BTS. We are only shown a 10% if we’re lucky. Therefore, who truly knows what could have led this disagreement to stir in the first place? Everyone thinks it’s the duet what triggered it, BUT AGAIN THAT’S THE NARRATIVE THEY WANT TO SELL US. It could have been the duet, it could have happened for many other reasons; either way their team saw potential on this & took it from there. It’s a well constructed plot.
At the very beginning I mentioned a plot twist, I’ll explain: Three days ago we kept believing C was the one who gave start to the “solo ventures” only to find out L was in talks for a project of her own a month prior to IKWYDLS release. Now… None of these determines which was planned sooner, of course everything indicates C’s song was written & recorded before but the planning of things inside the industry continues to amaze me with every second passed. Without sounding too paranoid or too pretentious, mgmt has a timeline & the order to follow each event is very precise.

Rumours were already all over the place by the time the girls went to the studio to record 7/27 (Oct/Nov 2015). This means there were still a couple of months ahead to put them back on track, back in the map. Without material, they had to keep the name of 5H on the spotlight. The gossips did their job. As a mainstream act, is so much easier to achieve & I really don’t need to explain this…
As far as I remember they had recorded a couple of takeovers by the time the Reflection European Tour was happening or at least they were rumoured, in case it was true, they never got uploaded… Again mgmt didn’t want to give us a full insight of how their friendship actually was- make no mistake, I’m not saying they didn’t have an altercation, we can tell they clearly had, but bear in mind the industry is controlling as hell- on what terms they were. No one is certain of how long their real feud could have lasted but obviously with media suffocating them, the fandom dividing intro branches (which I personally don’t consider [ot4s & -nizers] part of the fandom & no one should either) their label manipulating them, etc… obviously all of those aspects must have had an impact on their bond & later on led them to have better communication (as they’ve been claiming on recent interviews).
Whatever altercation they had, it has never stopped cause it will continue for as long as mgmt wants to take promo out of it. Basically for as long as they want to manufacture it. (Another reason why I don’t see takeovers coming back, sadly).

The girls not standing close on red carpets, leaving gaps…not quite sure when the girls stopped “posing like a group” but it was certainly before the duet. Maybe they strongly dislike red carpets & don’t give a shit about it (many other artists do, so…) Or it could also play another part to their “dysfunctional group image”. Still, after so many years & so many carpets, I’m pretty sure it loses the fun at some point.

So a stunt strategy would mean the girls have to act along this story line. Why am I so convinced about it? Cause it’s honestly the only way I can connect the dots. Specifically in these past few days, I’ve seen the majority of harmos confused about the girls’ actions. But keep in mind that if they disobey or hint at anything that goes against of what they’re pretending, surely they get called for it & they’re ordered to do or say stg else to keep the boat of lies afloat prompting to more confusion & the motive of why we don’t seem to fill in the blanks ever.
Defying their label… There are many ways to punish an artist. Mainly through its image, sometimes by controlling their actions or sending someone to drag them in a number of forms. I wonder if the girls have been punished through one of the many gossip articles… ¿?

If their team is manoeuvring the “they hate each other” tactic, the cards they play, have to match their moves as well (such a publicity stunt must have its flaws, mgmt must find very difficult to hide things from us). Every single time OT5 seems to be rising, there’s stg that “stops” it.
E.g. After D & L had spoken for several interviews addressing rumours & how they are like sisters to each other, etc… “Their lifestyle isn’t really conducive to friendship, you hope to keep people working together as long as you possibly can without the whole thing imploding.”- Maverick’s Adam Lamber on 5H (Billboard article). Coincidence ¿?
Though D is constantly trying to keep OT5 alive, I would say at times she’s given green light for DAMAGE CONTROL PURPOSES. The fanbase is pretty intense already, their team obviously needs to control us. The “breakup” narrative mainly applies for media & GP; as fans we overthink in general, we’re sceptical so without D feeding our little OT5 hearts we’d be driven mad tbh. They got to keep it balance for both sides.

A moment that caught us off guard indeed was when a familiar vid of OT5 jamming to IKWYDLS at that award show invaded our Twitter timelines.
“So the girls actually support C?”-> THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION…
I’m a firm believer they do, albeit I would say there exist restrictions as in when the other girls can show their public support or not.
Let me elaborate: D showed us on her SC her support for BT- btw N was also there with her during the performance, see the vid again in case y'all missed it- but here’s the funny part: None of the girls congratulated C through TWITTER ACTIVITY, yet they all did for L. I am led to believe they weren’t going to post or liked anything related to BTM, bc (to be fair) if they weren’t given the chance to do it for C, they wouldn’t do it for L either. But to keep on with the narrative, mgmt made them do it (the worst part of it all is that it worked cause y'all extra asses exploded on my tl). A year ago almost each but A, tweeted C for IKWYDLS (in my opinion, those congratulations didn’t seem that genuine) if they were quote unquote shady back then (when they were actually between a disagreement) why acting even more petty now (when they actually are on positive terms) & not acknowledging your bandmate project at all? It makes no sense (I repeat, only thru Twitter, cs y'all give it too much relevance apparently).

What keeps being the detonator for further drama explosions within the fandom is the hate C’s received & LAND’s silence towards it. My theory is based on how much of a puppet show is the industry’s life (go check out emisonme latest post to see what I mean, very important info to take into consideration).
You’d be utterly innocent if you’ve never considered mgmt able to control their social media accounts & their comment on these (quick note: bday posts, virtual interactions totally fall under this category). L has said in the past (through Tumblr ask) that even their blogs are monitored so Twitter is definitely out of the question.
Here’s what I think: The girls don’t make PUBLIC statements to defend C not bc they don’t want to, bc THEY ARE NOT ALLOW TO.
It makes them look shitty as hell, but let’s bring back that day when we found out C was harassed with text messages by that band [I don’t recall their name] stg as sexist as that, was expected to bring the others to say anything. Seriously the girls promote feminism in all the extent of the word but that day they stayed muted. Leaves me wondering: Was it really by choice? If y'all think them fake ass feminists, okay then… To me this only proved further the way they’re restricted with interactions *cough* camren *cough*
Trust me, I’d love to see the girls standing up for C, but at this point haters gonna hate. Unfortunately it doesn’t take one or four tweets to stop it.
Keeping 4/5 from tweeting about the hatred the most popular member gets…it’s pretty self explanatory. SCANDAL it’s written all over it. Sounds like hitting the jackpot for media & reporters…

Speaking of reporters, interviewers come to mind: Have y'all ever wondered why 5H has never been on a talk show? 2016 promised a lot for them, at least more than one show could have invited them by now… Idk on a scale 1-10 how scripted those interviews are, but I can assure it will give us a glimpse of OT5’s relationship overall. What if their label doesn’t want that yet? Maybe not exactly for us to see where does the band currently stands, but for OUTSIDERS. People who don’t belong to the fandom, they’ve all heard the same thing: Fifth Harmony are not friends with one another. Despite on how united they’re today, the GP perceives the group like each girl hates the girl next to her. It will take only one interview for those to realise: “It seems they’re closer of how media pins them”. (About this last part, don’t take too much, I have yet to think why haven’t they been on a talk show properly, to me it’s honestly weird, but there could literally be a variety of reasons; besides I legit ignore how an artist is invited or scheduled, I’m not that inform on the subject).

Sure 5H has fights now & then & it’s hard to be on the same page always (like it happens with any group) but to be in the midst of such a toxic ambiance- where you don’t even allow a balanced coexistence to develop- 24/7 for any of the members for more than a year now, just imagine…(excuse me but I don’t believe the girls capable of doing that, creating that type of unhealthy work environment, it’d be just miserable & I legitimately trust they are not the kind of people to hold resentment).
What happened with N on Twitter, well it could be two things: Whether she wasn’t aware this acc had bullied C before or mgmt did it. I mean as an ambassador of an anti cyberbullying project, it’s just absurd to think she did it on purpose. I genuinely don’t think mgmt made her tweet that, simply I believe she didn’t stalk that acc & didn’t noticed the hatred behind.

By this point I don’t know how many of y'all continue to be engaged on the theory… I understand my position is more “blame it all on the industry rather than the celeb”.
Some of y'all say C is the bad guy, others claim that the rest are the villains, when in reality the real enemy of the story is THE INDUSTRY. The industry doesn’t give a fuck about their feelings or if they get hate on a daily basis.
E.g. Jojo during her transition to adulthood was told to lose weight or else her album wouldn’t be release. The fact that many artists are closeted say a lot (open your eyes, L WAS GIVEN PERMISSION to come out… If you seriously think any celebrity is granted the choice to scream out their sexuality whenever they feel ready to, then you live in a giant bubble of fantasy).
This industry forces them to lie or change aspects that go from their appearance to sexual orientation. Aspects that are turned into an spectacle just so these “chairmen” can get their filthy hands on an absurd amount of money. Just like government there’s always someone behind. THE DARK SIDE OF FAME, truly goes beyond lack of privacy & cameras following you everywhere. The difference between the percentage of profits a label takes in compare to their stars it’s massive.

It may seem like I’m “kissing ass” but I do want to clarify stg: The girls aren’t perfect, they make mistakes obviously. No, I don’t think they all have done things completely right during this process- yeah, it truly might be that C was the one who screwed up when the duet happened, or a possibility for LAND to have missed the chance for standing for her when she needed the most- however we don’t have the right to reproach them for this, by no means disrespect any for the same. As our idols, it’s natural that we care so much but we can’t pry THAT FAR into there personal live or careers cause in the end, like it or not, we only see the film once that it’s edited & set on screen, but never the way it was worked behind cameras.
As the audience, I’ve noticed we tend to expect a lot from celebrities. All celebrities in general. One fail & the internet won’t let them forget (even after they’ve apologised). We have to remember that THEY’RE HUMANS TOO. They fall, they get back on their feet, they change but an aspect that most haters choose to erase from them is the fact that THEY FEEL. Being in the public eye is hard enough. Our jobs as the audience is not to turn this even tougher for them. More than one celeb has addressed how they can have it all but at the same time how they feel empty & destroyed inside.
To me the best kind of celebrity is the one who is nothing but grateful towards the fans & the one who takes the time to continuously learn to educate them. The girls might have screwed up in the past (& bc they ain’t robots) they will, but if I’m well aware of stg is that they have proven multiple times to be this type of celeb. They thank us for every achievement, appreciate us, & use their platforms to spread awareness & love. Please respect them.

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ok so i'm no photoshop genius but i loved your fic so thought i would try something, postimg[.]org/image/4y88oc9ij/

Oh my god. Anon. I just…. <3 <3 <3 <3 I seriously squealed so much when I saw this. 

Then I sneezed and this happened.

Not beta’d. Will probably be cleaned up at a later date. 


The First Time Chloe Met Spider-Man.


Beca isn’t following her.

That’s not what’s happening here.

That would be weird and creepy, and a total abuse of her powers.



So she isn’t following her.

Keep reading

Love Perseveres

A/N: Hey guys so I wrote this fanfiction today that was inspired by this post @rashaka. Also a special thanks to @thefangirlingbarista for helping pick a title and editing it!! 

So this is in ALIEs POV, and whenever Anything Italicized is like ALIE getting information from those in the CoL. Like a computer buffering. 

Enjoy :)

“There is someone in the hallway” my followers immediately turned there attention towards the door. The girl, Octavia, still stone faced. This one is deeply hurt, broken, with enough work she will take the key. If not, well she knows too much to keep alive.

Someone bursts into the room, a man holding a gun, definitely a fighter. My head tilts, shes his sister, protective, worried, always wants her safe.

“Octavia” emotion filling his voice, my information proves correct. She looks towards him, her face still stone, strange.

“Hold the gun to her head” I direct the man holding her in place.

“I thought you wanted her to join us?” Jaha questions me, when will he learn not to do that?

“I do, but I want him to first” I state nodding towards the man, Bellamy, “He will be easier to convince when his sister’s life is on the line”

I turn towards Abby “Get him to take the key”

“Get away from her” Bellamy booms

“Bellamy, we don’t want to hurt her. We need you to see that what we are doing is saving our people. No is hurt, no one dies. Bellamy you wouldn’t have to worry anymore we would be safe in the city of light” Abby’s doing well, however his stance remains firm.

“You’re all crazy, let her go! We can get you out. We helped Raven”

“You didn’t help Raven though. She is in more pain with you now than when she was with us. You caused that pain Bellamy” he shifts, he is getting frustrated. I look for more, Gina.

“Good, you are getting to him. Talk about Gina”

“Gina is gone Bellamy, and it’s your fault. If you all take the key you will never lose each other. You will never lose another person you care about, they would all be safe”

He is getting mad, his stance slakes but then tightens again. He will be harder to break then that.

“He is not listening to reason. Tell him either takes the Key or she dies”

“Bellamy we have no other choice. If you don’t take the Key Octavia will die” Abby looks at him.

“No, don’t touch her!” he yells.

“Put her on her knees, he needs to see you mean it” I tell the men holding her, and they force her down, and Bellamy looks… frightened.

 Abby holds up the key “Just take this, and your sister will be safe. We promise.”

His stance is broken. “I take this and you won’t hurt her?” it worked. Abby places the key in his hand.

“Bellamy don’t!” Octavia shouts, it’s too late. He made his choice.

“O I won’t let anything hurt you, I promise” then he connects.

“Welcome Bellamy” I smile at him. “Now go find the others you came with”

“Bellamy! Bell, no! Come back” Octavia yells, she will be easier to brake in this state.

“Make her take the Key, whatever it takes” I instruct Abby, and follow Bellamy. He begins to walk out of the Ark, I process “meet back here when you’re finished”, the rover.

“Act normal, you can’t let them know” his poster returns to his original state, and before he reaches the meeting point.

“Did you find anyone?” he turns, a blonde, short, tough, smart girl is speaking to him. Clarke, I’ve seen much of her from all from all of them. I need his information on her strong, understanding, better, good, “you’re forgiven”, “I know you”, together, friend, “I can’t lose you”, “I need you” “you left me”…

I tilt my head and look at him “You love her”

It’s strong, and it is buried.  He doesn’t want to admit it, he is … afraid. I can use this, I can get version two.

“Tell her I want the chip, no one leaves until I have it”

“Clarke, I need the chip give it to me. Please” he is begging her.

“Bellamy” she looks confused, she is worried. “You took it” she is smart, my information was correct.

She won’t let him die.

“Point your gun at yourself” I tell him. He does.

“Clarke give me the chip, I won’t leave here without it”

“Bellamy” her voice breaks, she care too.

“Tell her, now. So she can understand what she is about to lose”

“I love you Clarke.” No, wait. He is fighting me. “I love you. You never make me the bad guy, you forgive me even when I don’t forgive myself. I love that the weight of the world is a little lighter with you by my side.” He is shaking. I can’t let another one go.

“Stop this, get the chip. Point the gun at her” he doesn’t move.

“Shut up! Get out of my head!” he yells at me. I don’t understand, how is this happening again?

Clarkes face has softened, her eyes shining. She begins walking towards him.

“Back away, don’t let her near you” He doesn’t move and she reaches him.

She takes the gun out of his hand and holds it. His head falls, his eyes are shining too. Clarke places her own forehead on his.

“I’m saying all of these things but she won’t let me feel them. I want to feel them again Clarke” his voice is braking, I am unable to control him. How is this working? He is pulling away, he should not be able to pull away.

“Listen to me.” She looks deep in his eyes “I won’t let her take you from me. I can’t lose you”

I can’t hold on to him any longer. I lose sight of him and am brought back to the others. He is gone, another one gone. How are they stronger than me?

Sorry this is kinda out of nowhere but, it’s time for me to be honest about this.

I know you’re all here for the images we post and not for any drama but I felt this needed to be said. Something happened last year that keeps lingering over my head. I try as hard as I can to escape it but it’s proven to be difficult. Outside of telling a few friends, I’ve been mostly keeping it bottled up inside for months and I regret not speaking up about it since the day it happened. The last thing I wanted was to bring drama into a fandom that brings me so much positivity and joy almost every day. So I kept it quiet. When I go online, it’s basically an escape for me—a place I can just have a little fun and forget my personal problems for a while and relieve stress and anxiety. But some days, it’s hard because going online can be what actually triggers my stress and anxiety because one person in particular made me feel like I wasn’t even a human being.

Most people who know me know that I’m a modest, nice person. I’ve even gotten multiple messages on tumblr from followers who have complimented me on how nice I treat everyone. It’s just how I was raised. Even on the internet, I try to be kind to everyone. I’ve never sent a malicious message or suggestive comment to anyone because that’s just not who I am. Being nice is what I pride myself on. But it’s also what I fear let this particular incident go a little too far.

So, this guy and I began talking after being brought together by our mutual interest of Channel Awesome–a site that hosts some web shows that I love very much and enjoy discussing online. At first, everything started out fine, we were twitter and facebook friends and talked a bit about videos and movies and random stuff. He’d submit memes to my blog and it all just felt like any other online friendship at first. But then, things started to get…weird.

Practically out of nowhere, he starts to flirt with me over facebook chats. He asked me out [which confused me since he lives on one side of the country and I live in the middle so how would that even work…] and I politely turned him down, giving him reasons like I was too old for him, he deserved someone better and the distance was too much. I just wasn’t interested and hoped he’d drop it and treat me like a friend again. But then, he’d tell me odd things about feet. My gut instinct told me to just block him right then and there. I really should have listened to it. But, wanting to be nice and not seem judgmental, I tried to ignore it and eventually tried to change the subject whenever he’d get creepy, hoping he’d get the hint but he rarely seemed to. I’d kinda laugh off the creepy comments at first and tried to just tell him what he wanted to hear to avoid drama [even though I was awkward af and he couldn’t see it or probably did but didn’t care] and even made it sound like it wasn’t a big deal even though behind the screen, I just felt embarrassed and gross and it got to be too much. I couldn’t keep pretending that it was okay. After realizing the hints I gave him weren’t working, I finally spoke up and told him certain things he was doing made me uncomfortable and I asked him not to do it again. He said he was sorry but it didn’t stop him from trying again multiple times.

One of the biggest mistakes I made was saying yes to a video chat after feeling pressured into doing one with him. I think I went along with it because I wanted him to see how boring I was and hoped he’d lose interest and leave me alone and also because, well, I didn’t want him to get mad at me. I knew how well-liked he seemed to be in the fandom and didn’t want to piss anyone off because if word got out I was mean to anybody or caused drama, I feared no one would want to talk to me again. I’d warned him that I was awkward and shy and probably wouldn’t know what to say if we talked but he insisted we try anyway. Plus, I think it was his birthday so I wanted to be nice to him and went along with it. The video chat was rather short and there was literally no point in doing it since neither of us spoke aloud and just typed. I remember his creepy eyes looking at me and I just felt so awkward and once it was over, I promised myself to never do it again. Later on, he repeated the same thing I had asked him not to bring up and then he tried to pressure me to video chat again on twitter messages and I declined, saying there was no point because I knew neither of us would talk aloud. Then he sent me a message asking if he could see my feet. That was when I’d had enough. I didn’t even reply and decided to block him without any more hesitation. It was clear to me that this guy saw me as an object and something to gawk at. I had probably never felt so low in my life. I feel sick right now just recalling it. Things got worse when I found out he was talking to one of my mutuals on twitter [someone I care about very much and is like a little sister to me] who was underage and he’d asked her to skype with him and I advised her not to since I had a feeling he’d try to gawk at her as well. I really wanted to tell everyone about this but wasn’t sure if I should since many people I knew seemed to like him and I was afraid something bad might happen if I spoke up. And the longer I waited to confess this, the more angry I feared people might be at me for not saying anything earlier. I also felt ashamed I’d let it carry on too long and pretending I was fine with it and felt like I had let myself down by not acting more bravely sooner. I don’t know how many other girls he’s done this to. I don’t know if he still treats women like this. I have no idea. But I do know that I did the wrong thing by allowing it to go as far as it did just because I was afraid. That fault was mine.

This isn’t the first time I’d felt objectified online. It’s happened before. But it was the first time I’d felt dehumanized by someone I thought I was friends with and trusted. I think that makes it all worse. You never know who someone on the internet really is. Hell, sometimes in real life it’s hard to tell what people are really like and how they might treat you. The fact that this guy wouldn’t listen to me or have any regard for my feelings just felt outright disrespectful. It feels like these people don’t care about who I am, just what they want to get from me and it just feels terrible and demeaning to me. I just have no idea what I did to ever receive that kind of attention. Not everyone online is looking for someone to hookup with or flirt with or date. I just want to be friends with everybody. :/

There are days when it’s difficult to go online because I’m afraid I’ll just see his name on a twitter or a blog I happen to visit and feel bad about myself all over again and torture myself in my mind for being such a pushover and a coward. So I usually stay off my tumblr dash, most blogs and twitter pages so I won’t have to. I’ve even considered leaving the fandom altogether a few times just so I’d never have to see his name again. Whenever I do see his name pop up somewhere, I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut and sometimes I can’t even breathe and I start shaking and feel anxious and angry and upset at myself all over again. It just hurts because all I want is to be treated like a human being. And when things like this happen, I don’t feel like one at all.

I know that these things happen online quite often and it’s sad that it’s come to the point where it’s hardly surprising anymore. But just because these things happen it doesn’t mean they should. There are sites you can go to if you feel like talking to girls in that manner who don’t mind it. I simply do not happen to be one of those girls. I wish he’d gotten that message after the first time I asked him to stop.

The guy’s name is Kimani Wilson-Hunte [kimaniwilsonhuntencfan on tumblr, spooflover94 on instagram/snapchat, kwilsonhunte on twitter and this is his youtube]. If he [or, hell, if anyone] tries to flirt with you or goes too far in messages and it’s not what you want to hear, back out as soon as you can. Don’t make the mistakes I made. I said all of this because I’d feel even worse if someone else was being treated like this because I hadn’t spoken up. I hope that being aware of this person will spare more people from having a similar experience. I’m also not sure if I’ll ever forgive him for trying to use girls like this or myself for being too scared to end it sooner. I probably never will.

Some days can be difficult but I’m trying to move passed this. I have some really patient and understanding friends I can talk to when I need them and I can’t even express how much they’ve helped me with this. Without them, I’d still be keeping this inside completely. Perhaps this guy saw how nice I was and wanted to take advantage of it. I was a little too naive and blind by fear and cared more about keeping peace than demanding respect and that was wrong of me. Luckily, I’ve learned from this and won’t make the same mistakes again. If someone mistreats you or makes you feel uncomfortable, you have every right to end it and block them out of your life. It doesn’t make you a mean or awful person to shield yourself from anything that makes you feel bad and to want respect for yourself. 

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Is there any way you could explain the Irving transcript, what it was for and why it is significant in this situation? I feel like I've logged on to several world wars and I'm standing on a minefield.

So, he is Irving Azoff.

In short: The posts I put out there  come from the movie Artifact.

The band 30 Seconds To Mars has been sued by their label for 30 million dollars. This caused a huge uproar and Irwing Azoff saved them from that lawsuit. 

In a longer version: (source: Carme)

I suggest you to watch Artifact, an award-winning documentary about the 30 million dollars lawsuit between 30 Seconds to Mars and their (former) record label EMI. Irving Azoff, featured in the movie, helped the band through the legal battle.

Irving Azoff is now their manager, and Jared Leto literally called him the best man in the management industry.

The documentary also feature the recording process of their new album at that time, called “This is war.” Fitting, isn’t it?


Why was 30STM sued? (Source: Billboard)

How they had EMI back off the lawsuit? (Source: Wikipedia)

The suit was resolved following a defense based on a contract case involving actress Olivia de Havilland decades before. Leto explained, “The California Appeals Court ruled that no service contract in California is valid after seven years, and it became known as the De Havilland Law after she used it to get out of her contract with Warner Bros.[37] Thirty Seconds to Mars then signed a new contract with EMI.[36] Leto said the band had resolved their differences with EMI and the decision had been made because of “the willingness and enthusiasm by EMI to address our major concerns and issues, [and] the opportunity to return to work with a team so committed and passionate about Thirty Seconds to Mars.”[38]

The 2 transcripts I posted are just a great representation of how Irving Azoff is standing up for his clients and calling their label up on his bullshit. 

Look at this conversation #2:

IRVING AZOFF: “You sound like a corporate fucking dick. Let’s just talk about the deal. The reality fact is that it’s, you know, it’s really hard to advise these guys to do anything with that piece of shit company that you work for. Say yes, say no, go away mad, just go away if you don’t ant to do this. Before they fucking sell the company out from under you guys let’s put out the record. Fly safe anyway. Bye.”

This is with a “friend”. 


Look what kind of arguments he uses when he is all about business and not taking bullshit:

EMI: What are you going to do about this 30 Seconds To Mars thing? because we will sue to the end.

IRVINGWell, let me explain to you why you won’t. The other labels are going to put major pressure on you. Trust me, you’re new to this, I’m not. You are going to get in front of a California jury with a band that’s never been paid a nickel, signed for nine years. You’re gonna lose and then a myriad of acts are going to leave every label in the business and you’re going to be hated by everybody in the business. Look, the reality of the fact is that you guys spent 8 billion dollars to buy a company (note: Terra Firma acquired EMI and now TF makes the decisions). They’re the only credible worldwide band other than Coldplay that you have. You can’t afford not to put this record out. Stop being ridiculous. You need to go back to Guy Hands.

EMI: I can’t get that done

IRVING: Oh so you’re telling me that Mr Litigious can’t get that done. That’s quite all right. I mean it is fine. But you can count on this record coming out really soon.

EMI: We will not settle. We’ve already suffered from the lawsuit, the bad press from the lawsuit.

IRVING: No, no, no, no. We HAVEN’T STARTED promoting the lawsuit yet. Throughout our company we have a zillion artists. There’s only two involved in litigation with their record company… Smashing pumpkins and Thirty Seconds to Mars. BOTH WITH EMI

He is painting the label in the corner. He portrays the future, a very realistic future what would happen if they sue 30STM. He clearly knows what he does and he has the best team to work with. He is powerful, so powerful and I trust him 100%. 

I can imagine the same conversation happens between Modest and Azoff/Syco. But let’s be real, Modest went personal yesterday, EMI only was a dickhead to 30STM, while Modest did something so damaging to Louis Tomlinson, the fans, the LGBTQIA+ people, the allies of LGBTQIA+ people, the band, the record sales, their reputation, their image, and if the articles keep popping up about his tweets starting a shitstorm agains Louis, (right before going to the US), all hell will break loose. 
Do you think this guy + Simon Cowell/Syco/Sony would let this happen to them without a retaliation?

I don’t think so. 


Clexa fic reccs (The 100)

All of these are angsty on some level (that’s where my tastes tend to run) All of these are canon-compliant or canon-divergent (but at least based in the canon ‘verse). 

To start this list off, I love all of the Clexa fics by possibilist (legit my favorite Clexa author, she nails their voices and is just a really skilled writer).  A few are fleshing out Lexa as a character and focus more on her interactions with Anya and Costia as opposed to solely focusing on the Clexa dynamic, but I like the dimension it brings to the characters.

These fics are listed in the order I like to read them. Not technically written as a series or anything, but there are some interrelated moments between different fics by this author. I also feel this order follows the progression of Lexa’s life in a roughly linear order that makes sense. All of the fics linked below are complete unless otherwise noted.

the way is long (but you can make it easy on me) -
Timeframe – Anya raises Lexa (Anya’s perspective)
Author’s description: or: anya raises lexa in most of the ways that matter.You’re only thirteen, but you know that a new commander will be chosen within the next few years. You’re only thirteen but you know Lexa—tiny, smiling, laughing Lexa, with bright eyes and tangled hair—will be in the running. Your heart sinks because, whether or not she passes the tests—most don’t—being Commander is a death sentence, and Lexa is so very alive.

do i care if i survive this? (bury the dead where they’re found) -
Time-frame – focusing on Lexa ascending to become Heda, through Costia’s era, into Clarke’s time
Author’s description: 5 times Lexa almost dies

we have not touched the stars (which brings us back to the hero’s shoulders) -
Time-frame – Costia’s perspective – what her journey looks like with Lexa
Author’s description: They ask you of your Commander’s plans—about war, about battle. As they break your bones you do not know how to tell them that the only secrets you know about Lexa are that you met her when you were both so small. You do not know how to tell them that your commander buried small birds after she tried to mend their wings, that she has freckles across her nose in the summer, that her eyes are the color of the earth.‘or: costia falls in love with lexa for a very long time. costia’s pov.

only bad people live to see their likeness set in stone (what does that make me?) -
Time-frame – Lexa’s perspective – what her journey looks like with Costia, extending through Mount Weather/some of her time with Clarke
Author’s description: lexa’s biopic headcanon, or: what one loses to win wars.People have told you that you’re the commander—Heda, Heda, Heda; you are not Lexa any longer—but you aren’t sure what that means, not yet, at least. On your sixth birthday you begin to understand when you see an army ride into Polis. There are wounded with arms and legs ripped off; they smell like metal and dirt.“This will be yours one day,” he explains as you sit on his shoulders so you can see them better over the crowd. “Heda, these are your people. You must protect them, because they are yours.”What you realize on your eighth birthday, after you have done nothing but excel at everything everyone has taught you: you are theirs.

i’m a princess cut from marble, smoother than a stone (the scars that mark my body are silver & gold) -
Timeframe – Begins immediately post-Mount Weather. What it looks like to build something together.
Author’s description: or: ten times clarke learns something about lexa, and ten times they keep their promises.Lexa is beautiful, and you want her, a hungry, primal, soft part of you wants her. There’s something about your matching pain, the mirror of blood on your hands, the sound of your nightmares, that makes you ache to touch her, want to wake her and kiss her and you wonder if want is the same as grief—if a profound sadness is the same as desire.

there is no sweeter innocence (than our gentle sin) -  
Time frame – immediately post-Mt. Weather. Clarke’s perspective.  She lost pieces of herself along the way, this is her putting herself back together and how Lexa fits into that paradigm.
Author’s description: What did you do? What you would’ve done: save my people.’ At this point you could say this to everyone. Lexa was right: this is war, and you were a great leader. You saved your people. You did not save yourself.or: clarke wanders in grief; polis is full of a slight understanding when she arrives.

rivers of blood, the dark woods (singing with all my skin and bone) -
Timeframe: 1 month after Mt. Weather extending out 5 years later. 
Author’s description: “People have tried to cut you in half.”There are tears brimming in her eyes and you are far too tired to begin to know what this means, so you scoot forward and kiss her very softly. “They have certainly not succeeded in such an endeavor, Clarke,” you say, and, despite everything, she laughs.or: five times clarke & lexa talk about her scars.

if i gotta go first, i’ll do it on my terms (you’re gonna lose what you love the most) -
Time frame – later post-Mt. Weather. Perspetive: Clarke. What hers and Lexa’s journey looks like years after Mt. Weather.
Author’s description: On her twenty-third birthday, Lexa tells you that the average life span of commanders is twenty-four years, one month, and seventeen days.or: what it means to love the commander.

it’s only slaughter (we’re only liars, it’s only love) -
Time frame – far after Mt. Weather. Every story has an ending.  
Warning - This one has character deaths, if that’s not your thing, I’d skip it.
Author’s description: '“Fuck you,” you tell her, and she nods, and your skin burns in all the places you want her to touch you, and her eyes are green, young, eternal, and yours sting with tears like smoke.’ // drabble w lots of angst & minimal efforts at plot based off of the s3 trailer

And some favorites from other authors:

this is dangerous ('cause i want you so much, but i hate your guts) -
NOTE –  In progress but being updated regularly.
Author’s description - More than six years after Clarke leaves Camp Jaha, she finds herself forced onto the road that leads to Polis. Peace never lasts on the ground and war is on the horizon, but can the Commander be trusted this time around?or, Clarke’s clan gets attacked, Lexa is married, Clarke is still mad and a little bit broken and shit is about to get real.

You Fall -
Author’s description:She was a river, and you were too ignorant to fight the current. You drowned before you could even tell the difference between water and air.

I Can’t Get Any Lower -
Author’s description: When she finds you after, the dust of war has long since settled, though the blood still clings to the skin of victory.

Absolution -
Author’s description: Clarke of the Sky People. Alive. And alone, heda.Lexa couldn’t not go, but now, as she looks down on Clarke’s weary, sleeping form, she holds back the hand to brush against Clarke’s cheek. It would be comfort for her own twisted, complicated guilt, not for Clarke. She has no idea how to comfort Clarke. Her presence is really all she has to offer. And she knows it’s not enough.

Pull Me Back into the Flames (I Wanna burn) -
Author’s description: The last of your people exit out the mountain and you watch as the door slides shut. They’re bruised and battered but alive.She watches silently beside you, the hurt of betrayal spilling out of the corners of her eyes and staining her cheeks. You watch her break knowing that everything that she had been fighting for was breaking too.You selfishly hope that a few of the tears fall for you.

open hand or closed fist would be fine -
Author’s description: It is harder to find her than Lexa expects, though she does find her. It is not strange for someone in Polis to not speak Trigedasleng. She does not stand out as much as she might.

Mema (Messenger) -
Author’s description: Despite her pain, Lexa had known her choice at the Mountain was the right one for her people. She knew Clarke would not just lay down and accept defeat. But seeing the results of those decision in front of her, in the form of all the bodies, Lexa realized just how far Clarke had truly gone for her people.In which Lexa learns of and demands to see the results of the Mountain. One-shot.

Charcoal Fingerprints -
Author’s description: Clarke feels restless waiting for battle, so she helps Lexa with her warpaint.

Kill Marks -
Author’s description: Clarke wants kill marks, and Lexa’s the only person she trusts to know about them.Lexa wants to help Clarke heal, and this is the only way she knows how.

the cut keeps dripping but the blood won’t thicken -
NOTE: In progress. the first chapter of presumed 3 total chapters is posted. I assume this fic is fully written with staggered posting since it has a total chapter count listed on the fic.
Author’s description: ‘The Azgeda are moving against me, Clarke,’ Lexa explains, curbing her emotions as usual and getting down to business. It is a relieving prospect – the sooner she is done speaking, the sooner Clarke can reject her offer. ‘The situation at Mount Weather has put the coalition in a precarious position.’‘Of course,’ Clarke says, ‘because who wants to follow a traitorous scumbag into war?’

they take their shots but we’re bulletproof -
Author’s description: “Our winters are harsh,” Lexa tells her. “You must have adequate shelter to survive them.”“I survived you,” Clarke says lowly. “I’ll survive anything.”

you are just like an animal, you got a wild heart -
Author’s description: Lexa’s life can be characterized into two parts: before Costia and after.

say you’re my lover, say you’re my own (tilt my chin back and slit my throat) -
Author’s description: "How many are there in your camp?“ Anya asks over and over and over and –"None,” you sob, “they’re all dead. None. Please, they’re dead. Please.”

every day the ghosts are coming for me (every way i’m overcome) -
Author’s description: Clarke. Her mouth curves around the name and Lexa imagines the mountain bleeding her dry.

move on me -
Author’s description: The first time Lexa meets Clarke those are not their names