keep looking up guys

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.
Stoned love

Stop messing round with that fire,
Living like love is just a gun for hire,
Cos one moment its just messing round,
To your wiki saying she’s your spouse,
Oh but its not just girls,
Cos yeah one moment I was tearing off her blouse,
Now she says she’s living in my house,

Babe I know you said you’d never smoke pot,
Its just; that burned Like your first splif,
Now we just hanging around in the dark, you’re pale as a ghost.
Stop messing round now, cos am too stoned,
You’re know I can’t save you cos in this game am too gone,

She’s only seventeen, and thinks at sixteen am all there is,
But a degenerate kind, baby am definitely not what you need,
She wants to dance with devil, Mr brownstone is just grave,
Oh Y’know the drugs will drown her out, just too young,
Can’t believe this is my life, smoking and fucking in the back,

if people were elements,
then we are ice and fire.

your touch is frost upon my burning skin,
my breath melts your frozen heart.
your kiss is cool against my lips,
and my heat warms you all the way down
to the tips of your toes.

and although we could complement each other,
beckon the other away from the end of polarity
to come and meet in the middle,
too much of one

will eliminate the other.

—  and i’d never forgive myself if i caused your destruction, c.j.n.

An AU where Shiro is taking pictures of a party for his friend, and then he sees Keith playing the guitar–

(and we all know how Keith is when playing the guitar)


Another X-Men headcannon but this time with the big asshole/teddy bear that we’ve come to love.
These headcannons are really fun to do. I’ve come to enjoy doing them lol.
Anyways enjoy!

Logan Howlett headcannons:

-He has the tough guy/secret teddy bear look.

-Still kind of messed up over Jeans death, but loves you so much.

-You and him joke about how big a dick Scott was, but reminiscing about how angry he got when Logan stole his bike all the time.

-Always has your back, some times he’s just a tad bit too over protective of you and it gets really annoying, which later leads to unwanted fights.

-“Logan he just accidentally bumped into me, that doesn’t give you the okay to beat the shit out of him!”
-“I don’t give a damn if it was an accident, the asshole should’ve been watching where he was going”
-“Goddamn it Logan.”

-Him later feeling like a douche about what happened and making it up to you some how.

-“Get dressed princess we’re going out”
-“for what?”
-“Just get dressed”

-Low key melts every time he looks at you, like fuck, he let you tear down his walls, you’re his world.

-Spoils the shit out of you, and doesn’t give a fuck about what people think, just minor annoyed when people think he’s soft.

-He’s secretly soft, even though you’ve pointed it out.

-Still denied it.

-So whipped for you, but tries to keep up the tough guy look.

-Fails at keeping the tough guy look when you call him at one of his nights out with the guys and leaves to go to you.

-Down time is a must with him, he gets stressed easily, and usually keeps his anger/frustrations locked up. This usually leads to him accidentally blowing up on you.

-Because of this, it landed him a week on the couch, 10/10 tried to sneak back into bed, but you caught him trying it.

-This landed him an extra week.

-He thinks about what it’s like to have kids with you.

-This later leads to a long conversation with Xavier about what he should do.

-Dad goals to the max.

-Gets pissed if someone looks at you. But you reassure him that he’s the only one for you.

-Once got caught being all mushy and smiley with you by Kurt when he accidentally bamfed into the room you were in.

-Kurt was shitting his pants, he best keep his mouth closed because 10/10 Logan will turn into the wolverine asap.

-Later finding out that Logan threatened the smol bean, and lecturing his ear off.

-This lands him another long week on the couch.

-He probably thinks that he should just marry the couch because it’s seen him more than he’d like to admit.

-Long conversations about nothing, just ramblings about how your days been going.

-Logan always looks forward to these ramblings.

-Still suffers from extreme PTSD nightmares, this scares him because he thinks he’s going to hurt you one night.

-You have to reassure him that he’d never hurt you.

-Has a secret nickname that he has for you behind closed doors(like baby girl, or sweet heart) but out in public,it’s usually babe or love.

-Y'all probably gonna get married.

-Who am I kidding, you got married.

-Logan got his kids.

-Both of you are happy as fuck together tbh.

-Logan is legit husband/boyfriend goals.


Gladio groaned, favouring his right shoulder as he exited the camper. He was happy to be reunited with his friends again, and seeing all of their faces made him nostalgic for the good ol’ days.

But damn, they were loud.

Noctis and Prompto were sitting by the plastic picnic table just outside the trailer, their phones on high volume as they tapped away at the screens. Prompto pumped his fist in the air as Noctis groaned. They must have been playing King’s Knight.

Nothing ever really changes, Gladio mused.

Ignis sat with them as well, legs crossed with a small smile on his face as he listened to their idle chatter and trash talking. He chuckled here and there as an insult was thrown, followed by a less-than-witty retort.

“Hey,” Gladio decided to make his presence known. The breeze hit his bare abdomen and shivered ever so slightly, the thin layer of sweat that had coated his skin cooling against the wind. “You guys mind keeping it down?”

Noctis looked up from his phone. “Oh. Yeah, sorry, Big Guy.”

Prompto tilted his head, looking at his friend with curious eyes. “You turning in early or something?”

“Something like that,” he agreed, his eyes casually flitting back to the camper. 

Prompto eyed him curiously. He was about to speak when the camper door swung open and you poked your head out into the cool night air, a bed sheet wrapped around your middle like a toga.

“Please do as he says,” you yawned from the mouth of the camper. “I’m very tired and very sore and I would like my portable furnace to come back to bed.” You eyed Gladio, the sheet slipping ever so slightly. “Now, please.”

Gladio smirked and turned back to join you inside. He grinned over his shoulder at his friends as he set a foot inside the threshold. “Just remember. Keep it quiet, kids.”

“Yeah, you too,” Prompto retorted, rolling his eyes. He went back to his phone, and muttered to the others under his breath, “We have really got to find them a separate camper on the other side of Hammerhead.”

Cheaper By The Dozen [a E2!Barry Allen imagine]

Request: someone making jokes about e2!barry have too much kids like “wow you want a soccer team?” I think it would be sooo funny and cute

a/n: im dying lowkey haha this is…yes…….

Taking the kids to his workplace when you go to the doctors is something Barry isn’t used to. Walking into the CCPD, Barry holds Abby and Nico on his hips. His thin glasses drop down the bridge of his button nose and he sighs, looking behind his shoulder. “Come on guys. Keep up!” he pants, brown dress shoes squeaking on the waxed floor, gray slacks swaying. Sara, Jace and Luca follow behind, in a single file line.

The older teen has his eyes glued to his phone, signature blue Vans stomping behind Jace. Humming an Enchanted song, Sara holds onto the end of Barry’s olive green windbreaker, purple tutu flapping on her rainbow leggings. Barry almost topples over due to the weight of his three kids, but keeps pushing, ignoring when Abby steals his glasses.

“Jesus, Allen. Got enough kids there?” Eddie chuckles beside Iris, crossing his arms over his pale yellow Jitters polo. She scoffs, smiling at the group before going back to her paperwork. “You kinda… are you aiming for your own little soccer team?” he giggles, scratching his blond scruff, waving at the toddler.

A short breath of air puffs out of Barry and he stops, laughing when Sara runs into his lower back. “Well, erm, ha…” he mutters, cheeks heating up. “I love my kids? Y/N and I are, um, actually expanding…again…” he says awkwardly, fixing his hand underneath Nico’s bum while Abby clings to his neck.

Iris’ brown eyes enlarge over her paperwork. “Again? Wow…Trying to be like Cheaper By The Dozen, Allen?” she quips, black vest hanging open, exposing her cream blouse.

The two older boys snicker from behind their dad, making Barry sigh, watching Abby put on his specs and Nico babble. “Um, I-I’m getting there… A few more, am I right?” the brunette jokes, peering over his shoulder. Jace squints at him. “We’re getting ther- hey!” he laughs, bowtie now undone thanks to the two year old. Sara tugs on his jacket, giggling evilly.

Whistling, Eddie pecks Iris on the cheek, heading towards the exit. “Let’s hope Y/N’s not having twins…” he cackles at Barry’s wide green eyes. “Or triplets.” Barry chokes on his spit, cradling the two kids that are on his hips. Oh god…. “But, who knows?” Eddie grins, walking out the main door.

“Is mommy gonna have triplets?!” Sara yells, ignoring her older brothers groans.

Barry sucks in a breath, feeling Abby try to slip on his thin glasses on his face. “I… I don’t know, sweets-” A ring explodes from the pocket of his windbreaker. “Luca, can you grab my phone? It’s  probably your mom.” he pleads; Luca huffs, holding the phone to his dad’s ear. “Hey, sweetheart, how - what did the doctor say?” Barry grins.

Slow Dancing with Easy Company

A simple preference with some of the boys :’)

Richard Winters:

Who initiated it: him

Winters is very simple when it comes to dancing, just a simple sway. Every so often he will press gentle kisses on your forehead, just appreciating the moment he gets to spend with you.

Lewis Nixon:

Who initiated it: him

Once he sees everyone starting to dance hes like “um yeS” of course, following after Winters who starts it all. He loves staring into your eyes when you dance, it’s a intimate moment. There are times when you’ll glance eat your feet and tilts your head back up to meet his eyes and will not break it until the dance is over.

Carwood Lipton:

Who initiates it: him

A classic man he is, he offers you his hand and then guides you out onto the floor. His hand is gently on your back guiding you both, humming along to the song as he leans his cheek against yours.

Denver “Bull” Randleman:

Who initiates it: you

He immediately jumps up when you offer though. Bull will wrap his arms around you, hugging you to his chest. He feels safest when he knows he can protect you, plus he can kiss the top of your head alot easier.

Joe Toye:

Who initiates it: you

Asking him to dance might get you a smirk and a sarcastic “I would be honored.” Though it wasn’t his idea, he wanted to make sure he was doing right to impress you. He presses his body against yours and gets as close as he can to you, you ended up having to put some room between you two yourself.

George Luz:

Who initiates it: him

He makes a huge deal, strolling over to you and doing an overdone bow. “Would you mind taking my hand in this dance?” After agreeing, he pulls you out and he is beyond over dramatic. Constantly spinning you around, dipping you just to hear that laugh that he loved hearing.

Donald Malarkey:

Who initiated it: you

He’s taken a little off-guard when you ask him but he agrees eagerly while Muck sends him a wink. This sweet boy is really not sure how to go about starting it so he simple grabs hold of your sides, sliding his hands to your back as he whispers sweet compliments and such into your ear.

Warren “Skip” Muck:

Who initiated it: him

Muck is very sweet but can also be a bit goofy. He sways along with you but also takes time to dip you slowly, bringing you back to kiss your nose which leaves you both in big smiles.

Lynn “Buck” Compton:

Who initiates it: him

As soon as he sees everyone else out there he glances over your way and gestures, “Let’s show them how its done.” Buck make sure everyone’s watching, showing you off and how good the two of you look together. He goes for the all time “one hand on your waist and one in your hand” pose.

Joe Liebgott:

Who initiates it: him

Wow, can he dance. Lieb won’t tell anyone but he really knows how to work a dance floor. With that smirk of his, he takes your arm and you both just blow everyone away. Your bodies work in perfect harmony and everyone’s just like “that’s Lieb right??”

Eugene Roe:

Who initiates it: you

He’s super reluctant because he’s not used to being around all the guys all at the same time. You literally pull him out there and within a few seconds you become his main focus, his arms settling around your waist, pressing soft kisses to your shoulder and looking at you with those puppy eyes.

Bill Guarnere:

Who initiates it: him

Bill isn’t much of a dancer but as soon as he saw others looking at you he pulled you up from where you sat and took you with him. His arms wrap around your waist and pull you flush against him as his lips meet yours to make sure everyone knows who they are looking at.

Darrell “Shifty” Powers:

Who initiates it: him

He gets very little time with you so when an opportunity is presented he makes sure to take it. He’ll squeeze you softly and close his eyes trying to take in everything he can at that moment to just enjoy having you in his arms.

Frank Perconte:

Who initiates it: him

Really he just wants to have a good time with you. It doesn’t matter if you look like dorks as long as you’re both smiling. Perco will be spinning you around while whooping, “I’m blown away!”

Ronald Speirs:

Who initiates it: you

Ronald comes off as v v intimidating to the boys and wanted to keep it that way but when you asked he really could not say no. He attempted to keep up the tough guy thing until he looked your eyes and just melted. His face buried into your neck, rocking with you as your arms hold him in a comforting grasp.

Edward “Babe” Heffron:

Who initiated it: you

When you approach him he is literally looking around like “wait me?? mE?” Babe puts all of his attention on you, his eye studying all of your features as his hand comes up to interlock with yours, holding it against his chest as if it was treasure. Which you were to him.

Floyd Talbert:

Who initiates it: him

He’ll glance across the table at you, “What do you say, Princess?” He interlocks your hands, looking into your eyes as he shamelessly starts to list of how beautiful you are just to make you blush which only encourages him.

David Webster:

Who initiates it: you

This shy bean will be nervous to ask so when you do he just lets out this breathe of relief, “Yes, of course.” When you two start to dance, everything seems to fade away and its just the two of you. He presses his forehead against yours as his thumbs rubbing soft circles on your waist.

I picked up my old Tomodachi recently and it’s going well

First Time Seeing You In A Bikini - NCT

NCT (+Yuta, Hansol, and Johnny)’s first time seeing you in a bikini 👙


Originally posted by yonges

Doyoung would first giggle out of nervousness and excitement. He would then smile widely, coaxing you to come sit next to him. He would make a few remarks about your choice of swimwear. His giddy attention would only be focused on you and keeping you close.

“You look good in that color~”


Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Jaehyun wouldn’t be able to hide his sultry gaze as he watched you. He’d always stay close to you, wary of other guys. His hands would also always be on you, from little things like brushing hair from your face to wild actions like pulling you to sit on his lap.

“Are you sure you’re not too hot?”


Originally posted by taesyong

Taeyong would enjoy it at first, his thirsty eyes following your every move. He’d bite his lip, his intense gaze trailing over your form as he eye fucked you. However, he would get annoyed after awhile. He’d notice every guy’s stare, every whisper, and he’d demand you cover up some.

“That guy over there keeps looking at you-”


Originally posted by taesyong

Ten would try to become more manly instantly, offering to do many things for you or take care of you. However, he would ultimately fail, becoming flustered easily and blushing.

“I’ll apply sunscreen for you- on you, not on myself for you…”


Originally posted by nelliel66

Taeil would stare at you, his lips feeling a bit dry. He would pretend as though he wasn’t affected though, trying to show his mature side, but he would still steal peaks at you when you weren’t looking though.



Originally posted by minhyunq

Mark would be so happy, his eyes glinting like a child’s. Like Doyoung, his attention would be focused on only you, ignoring the stares of other men. He would be hesitant about initiating skinship, but wouldn’t be able to help himself.

“Aw! babe~”


Originally posted by y-ta

Yuta would be a blushing mess, smiling cheekily as you sat down beside him. He might be a little awkward, stumbling over a couple of his words.

“I- umm– left it… You can use my towel!”


Originally posted by shoyeonji

Johnny would enjoy himself, but become a little awkward like Yuta, his actions almost mechanical, avoiding skinship because he would feel nervous about making you uncomfortable.

“I mean- I can if you want…”


Originally posted by 94ten

Hansol wouldn’t say anything at first, he would just take in the sight of you before glancing around to see if anyone was looking at you.


anonymous asked:

Hi I’ve been trying to find a couple first, the 1st is one where Michonne and Rick meet up after he wakes from the coma and she helps him find Lori. 2nd is Michonne and her 3 sisters find Carl. Oh wait I have a 3rd Michonne finds Carl and look for Rick together. Thanks, keep up the good work guys.


Unfortunately we couldn’t find the 1st fic you were looking for. Please feel free to send us another message if/when you can remember any more details about the fic in question to help us narrow down our search in the future. 

FOUND! (thank you Anon!)

Call Me Rick Grimes by Tixxy

Rick has just found his family only to lose them again. What will he do and what will he be forced to do in order to reclaim his wife and his son?

On the bright side, we believe we found the other two stories you mentioned!!!

Originally posted by tv-teachermothersecretlover

In order of ask: 

Sirens of the ZA by IsisNicole

AU ZA Carl is left all alone in the ZA till he is found by Michonne and her family. A different Carl emerges. 
Rated T

Getting Into You by BigUnknownKingdom 

AU set in ASZ, where Rick and Michonne never meet at the prison but his road to Alexandria was relatively the same. Three years after becoming Alexandria’s leader, he and Michonne finally cross paths. 
Rated M

We hope this helps!

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Izana and Dwyer don’t even care that she just came in. Like it doesn’t even faze them. They just continue on relaxing.

But poor old Shura…i’m sorry to cause you so much distress. 

A Matter Of Truth

PAIRING: reader x Natasha Romanoff 


WARNINGS: tiny bit of swearing 

REQUESTED BY: @mcuimxgine​ You want nat? i’ll give you nat! (i love her way too much)Could you do a Nat fic where the reader and her a secretly dating and when ever one of the avengers or someone hits on her she gets really really jealous. And like they have to go undercover and the reader has to hit on some guy to get information, and Natasha gets really really jealous, so like once their target leaves she basically power walks to the reader and makes out with her. Making the avengers (expect clint bc its clint) shocked

Ayyyyyeeeee my first Natasha fic! Thank you Hannah for requesting this, I hope you enjoy it darling xxx 


Originally posted by loveholic198

You liked to think of yourself as an open person, you welcomed interactions with friends and strangers alike. Maybe it was your trusting demeanor that made people tell you their secrets, their fears, passions and desires. To say you were a successful spy was an understatement; you served the Avengers well in this regard. But even though you extracted other people’s secrets for a living, keeping your own was hard. Especially when you wanted nothing more in this world than to scream out at the top of your lungs that you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) were in love with Natasha Romanoff despite your promise to her to keep it a secret.

Keeping a relationship from your friends was harder than it appeared. You didn’t want to lie to your team makes but Natasha insisted, not that either of you was worried in the slightest at what the others might think of the relationship (if the far off gazes that Steve and Bucky gave each other were anything to go by) You both new that given the chance an enemy of yours or even Natasha’s could exploit your relationship, use either on against the other. It was difficult but the less people knew, the better. However sometimes that didn’t sit well with your girlfriend.

“I should clip his wings” Nat grumbled as she ran your fingers through your damp hair, massaging your scalp. You chuckled moaning in appreciation as her fingers found a pressure point.

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Officially dubbing them dumpster bros after i’m sure countless times both have been tossed in dumpsters post-battle. 

At some point they probably spotted each other and decided to treat themselves to slushies 

inspired by this post